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           THE KINGDOM AND THE LAKE OF FIRE....BY: DR. WESLEY SWIFT                                                                  (4‑1961)


                I would like to talk to you for a little while about this subject. The  Kingdom and the Lake of Fire. Probably there is nothing more important for  you to know than what the Everlasting Gospel consists of. To know that when  we talk about the Everlasting Gospel that we can truly understand that it  is Peace on Earth Good Will to men. And that within this Eternal Gospel the  Angel could thus say:..I am bringing glad tidings of Great Joy which will  be good news to all people.

                There are a great many people who do not know how they can fit that into  the theology by which they challenge the Gospel of the Kingdom with. Those  who preach the Gospel of the Kingdom know that this Gospel is the transference of God's Kingdom from heaven to earth with a spiritual seed..with the  very sons of Glory..with the very purposes He has of establishing a Kingdom  in the earth forever. And that His Grace reaches out to the ends of the  earth, and to people of every race, and every kind. That it has been His  purpose to bring them all into proper relationship to Himself, to teach  them the errors of their way, and to give them the capacity to think correctly. And the Administration of Righteousness in the earth was to be conducted by the children of His Kingdom. His children, who had a spiritual  capacity to think His thoughts, the offspring of THE MOST HIGH, having been  begotten in the spirit..in the beginning.

                There is no question of the fact that a great number of these truths are  not taught theologically in a great number of our denominations..because  they do not know them. A great number of the teachings which they do think  they know, have come from a long continuity of superstitions. They have  been extracted from doctrines, changed and made in conformity with theological institutions which wish to control, and direct the conduct of their  people, their attendance, and their acceptance of their authority, and to  utilize fear, to help to manipulate this.

                Altho I can tell you that generations of Clergy under these institutions  have fallen into this category, still they are not aware that the thing  they use to try to make men behave, is not the way in which God intended to  make men behave, and conform to His image. And thus in this they with  honesty carry forward a whole series of doctrine, which are nothing in comparison with the truth. And which do not show the Great nature of your God  and our Father.

                It is very hard to introduce the Gospel which is GOOD News to all people  if we cited that a great part of the people of earth, some hundreds of  millions of them that have lived inside of Adam's time, and shall live in  the House of the Kingdom, and those who lived upon the earth many, even  before the time of Adam..just because they do not know the proper God and  do not know His teaching, because their minds have been carried into captivity by evil and fallen angels...that they are going to be destined, and  have been ordained by the very processes of the things they did not know,  and the experience thru which they pass..to eternal torture, and eternal  torment. And the only solution to this would be their acceptance of the  things we believe. But things which would be impossible for those people to  have even heard long before this condition, or these periods of time came  into existence. We have been told that the very nature of our God requires  that if people do not accept His offer, and these opportunities to say  these magic words, and given an acceptance of these great truths that then  it must to satisfy His judgments..be that they must thru out all ages, pass  into Eternal torment.

                This my friends: is the doctrine that is taught in its many phases by  denominations everywhere. Even some who do not accept HIM as the Deity, The  Christ. But think of Him as basically a great philosopher instead of the  Eternal God that HE was..even they still hold a certain pattern of torture  reaching out into the tomorrow, for those who do not measure to the Ecclesiastic standards, which they themselves believe in. What I want you to  know is that the Gospel of the Kingdom is the greatest news the world ever  heard. It is an Everlasting Gospel and therefore it cannot brook Ancient  errors, or modern ones as well. This is because you have passages in your  King James Version which in their translation situation seems at times to  support these doctrines, but this is no excuse for carrying forward these  doctrines which contain error, when there is a passway to understand what  should have been said. More than that, if you were to read the content of  the King James Version, and to discover the great promises, and the mighty  words, and the nuggets of truth that are hidden therein, you would discover  that it would make impossible the acceptance of error, that has been passed  down from generation to generation.

                If you today were to claim any spiritual acquaintance with the nature of  your God by the activation of His Spirit, or you were stirred or stimulated  by His Holy Spirit, it is impossible that in your inner consciousness that  you can pour God into such spiritual revelation, to this format that some  men are trying to pour Him into. He won't fit that mould, for you are not  going to change God. The great thing the world and the Universe needs in  their nature is to be changed like unto Him.

                Sometimes the great forces which are at play, greater than some mens  abilities, or possibly their attention to evaluate do not make the impact  that they should. The great powers which move across the earth, and seem to  effect so much the durabilities of cities and civilization, or the impact  which destroys them..are measured by great forces of Energy. This energy  released by the very suddenness of the fury by which it moves. The earthquakes, the fire, the floods, the movements of air and wind, thus it is elementally the Ancients referred to as the 4 elements of the pattern of force,  of air, of fire, of water, of earth. And when one recognizes the vastness  of the Universe..as staggering as it is, still it is held together by the  great organization of every units, out of the very personality, and the  Deity and Mind of HE who holds all things together. When one recognizes the  tremendous energy released into such a molecular mass, that of all substances in the Universe which are visible, are made out of it, then one recognizes that the Will and the Mind, and the bookkeeping element of the atom  energies out of the common spirit of the Eternal.

                When one sees those forces that are at work in creation, and out of the  vastness of time, there is one thing about this Universe..it is constantly  growing, expanding, changing, according to the Will of HIM who makes all  things operate according to His own council. This is not a static situation, it is an expanding, continually growing, continually developing  Universe. And it has always been this way, and always will be this way. My  ...the forces that are released in just one explosion of the nebula. They  are not forces of hate, they are not forces of destruction. They are forces  of new creation, and when they have finally reached their stability for the  temporary cycles of their existence, even tho this might seem like eternity  to you, they will meet the form that the Father planned.

                When we talk about the forces which are in earth, we are talking about  human forces, like emotions. Like the very forces of the elements which you  place inside an individual who has sensitivity to feel, and even carries  the whole impact of the energy and vibrations of the Universe around them,  and the powers and forces which moves in their midst, are the powers and  forces of organized thought. When you have great masses of people in the  earth who think in an area diametrically opposed to truth, then you have an  explosive function already at work.

                Among the peoples of earth there is an explosive force among all the non‑white races of today. And the very race of which you are a part..you the  children of heaven transferred to earth, by spirit, into bodies of the  Adamic race...are to multiply and increase as God has ordained. To bring in  'Thy kingdom come', for which you pray. Inside of you is a force, a dynamic  force. It is a force of knowledge and wisdom and ideas which flows out of  the mind of the Eternal. It has within it creative vision, knowledge, power  and understanding. And that force is the force of creation, and has given  us a sense of Divine Law. And that spirit within you was begotten of the  Father, who is the very LAW, Himself. And inside of your race is the very  essence of all things, light and flesh. We do not say that all conduct is  this way, just that it ought to be. But there is a tremendous factor in the  world today, for God Almighty has poured your race into the earth as a  stream of light, to build and to establish His Kingdom according as to how  He Willed.

                The powers of darkness had been taken over by Lucifer himself, who in the  hours of his rebellion went out to try to sweep the whole Universe under  his control. And had so effected the peoples of earth and those peoples  brought in by the changes Lucifer sought to make, until in their muddled  captivity, their minds have worshipped superstition, and darkness, and  witch‑doctors, and devil gods. And they have been directed with animosity  against you, and everything which represents light. If you do not think  that is true then look around today, and you will find that all these  explosive elements of revolution that sweeps the world is an attempt to  harness all this force, for the extermination of your race or the subordination of your race to slavery..that is the force at work. It is a flow  of ideas, one negative and the other positive that has the world today  caught in a gigantic struggle. And out of that struggle will come the impact of what has been going on in the world, in this sum of 7400 years out  of millions of years of life on earth, and you are right now reaching a  climactic point where out of this gigantic struggle effecting the world  today is going to come the Administration of Divine Law, and the Kingdom of  God. And the world is going to end up under the leadership of the white  race, which the forces of darkness think they are going to destroy.   So it  shows you that out of the great cataclysm which is at the head of it... the  great earthquake of men and people is a pattern of Divine purpose.   There might be some who would say even tho prophecy had declared it, that  this is cruel, this is hard. My friends...this is a molder of substance,  and of wills. It is not merely as hard as to permit evil to continue, with  its world cycle of destruction, and its tyranny.  When one understands the  law of life, you will understand that the consciousness exists in the plane  of spirit, and in the soul consciousness of individuals. Their residence in  a physical body is essential for them to have any impact upon the earth.  It  is far more important that some of these bodies be destroyed, that the  powers of evil be removed from the earth, and that the Kingdom of God come  into fullness.  That is not cruelty, that is just a better destiny. This is  just a better destiny than they would carve for themselves. When we talk  abut the Kingdom of God we find that the Kingdom of God has been a continuing program of righteousness, for the earth under Divine Law.   The Bible tells the story of your race, and how the violations of Divine  Law occurred, and because of this death came upon this race. I think it is  important that you understand the law of death. When organic creations are  in perfect harmony with their creator, and when the organic balance is  chemically maintained, and there is no principal violation of Divine Law,  there is no death in the higher orders. When the spirit is enveloped in  Shekinah Light of Divine Presence there is no death. There is no aging of  tissue, there is perfect glandular balance. When your race in their pattern  violated Divine Law, then death came upon your race. And yet in the plan of  the MOST HIGH GOD, from before the foundation of the world, HE told you  that He Himself would take on a body like you had..be born out of your race  ..and then redeem you and give back to your race everything that you had  ever lost, and give you everything necessary to finish the task. The wages  of sin was death, and violation of Law creates an explosion whether it is  chemical law, or nuclear law. Disintegration and death passed upon your  race, this was the price of transgression...the wages of sin was death.   Someone said: I wish they would take the word sin out of our vocabulary.  I wish we could take sin out of the world. SIN..is simply this: a violation  of Divine Law. And all have violated Divine Law, and come short of the  Glory of God. If that wasn't true, then if one of you hadn't violated  Divine Law, you would be shining so bright that all of us in here would  fall flat on our faces...remember that.

                Now; I am going to tell you that before you have finished your Destiny,  you will shine with such Glory, and you will be as stimulative even in the  concept of your ideas, as the Father who begat you. But within such a process the wages of sin are death...violation of Divine Law.   Now;...what happens to someone who dies? They go to hell.  Oh, you say,  what do you mean by that? Well, I mean that the word hell in the Old Testament, except I believe in only 2 separate places, is the word Sheol, and  it means the Grave. And about 75% of the quotations used in the pulpits  today to send someone to hell is the word Sheol, and should have been translated..the grave, because that is pure and simple what it means. Now you  know there is one Book that belongs in every Christian home..I have a multitude of books that do the same thing, but one would do it just as well  and that book is 'Strongs Exhaustive Concordance.' Every word in the Bible  is in it, and when you come in the Bible to where that word..hell..is used,  then you look it up and discover that there is a little number in the reference column of the concordance, and it may not be such a little number,  for it does run up into the thousands, but that number runs you over into  the Lexicon, whether in the Old Testament in the Hebrew, or the New Testament in the Greek. And you see what the word hell is translated from. When  you look into the Old Testament, every place the word hell is used except  in two places, it was...grave. So we can't found this fantastic torture  doctrine that some people have accumulated in their theology from..The  Grave. Because every body had been going in, and will continue to go in,  until Light swallows up death.

                Now: in the New Testament we again have the use of certain words:...  Hades is a word transferred into the Greek, and generally speaking it was  just transferred from the old mythology of the Greeks for a description of  the Netherworld. The place where the spirits of the Beast system and the  Luciferian house dwell.

                It was also used to show that the spirits of the Adamic race..captured by  Lucifer, were held captive until the resurrection of the Christ set you  free. There wasn't any fire spot where they tortured you with fire, or on  sticks of flame. And since the resurrection of the Christ there is no spot  within the heart of the earth where they hold the white man..the children  of God. There has at no time been a suggestion inside of the theology of  the early Christian Church that anybody was going to be tortured in any  fiery perdition.

                There was talk by the Prophets of the Old Testament, and by those of the  New, that the Kingdom of God which was made up of men, and of nations was  going to finally be victorious over evil. And that the spiritual transitions and even with the intervention of God Himself, with outpouring of  waves of energy out of His own nature called the Holy Ghost, or Holy Spirit  was to come. He was to cleanse, and develop His own children back to their  Celestial likeness, until they conformed to His own Image, and ruled the  world with the final righteousness that He has ordained.

                But you were told that there were hells in all but two of these instances  ..and they were only the grave. In one of these instances it was Gehenna,  and that was the city dump outside of Jerusalem, where all the refuse was  thrown. It was burned, but it wasn't so hot for it never burned up all the  worms, as they always had something to work on. It was never intended to  convey the idea that you were going to be put on a fire block, and the fire  would work over you, but you just wouldn't be consumed. Any time you try to  make God as barbarious as that...with even superstition, then you need a  whole new revelation concerning HIS Nature.

                Do you know that sometimes people for years and years have just accepted  error and thought it was truth, and they thought that was why they behaved  ...from fear. But as a Christian why he behaves himself, and he will say:..  ..I just do it because that is how I feel. I do it because I think that is  what God wants me to do, and I want Him to love me. You don't really find  any Christians doing anything just because they are afraid they will be  burned up by HIM. God out and look at these Christian people, they aren't  doing things, or not doing things because of this doctrine, that they think  they will be burned up. They are just a little disturbed because they are  about to die, and they don't know what is ahead. If you get anyone to behave themselves today, and conform to Divine standards it is because you  stimulate them with the spirit of God, with the response to the truth, that  has made their natures change. You don't change the nature of an individual  by giving him a torture chamber GOD.

                There is a great difference between torment and torture.   Someone said:..it tells me in My Bible that there is a Lake of Fire. That  is what I have been telling you, so get your Bible and go back to your  concordance, and you will find something which will surprise you. Look it  up, and you will find that the translation..Lake of Fire, is 'Cloud of  Glory'...'Shekinah Glory'..the essence of the Light wave length and vibrations of God's own Holy Nature. Thus we find in Revelation 14, in the 20  and 21st chapters that this great Shekinah Glory. Someone said:..but why  these translations? I want you to know that God has a great plan and we  mentioned it before..look in the 45th chapter of Isaiah verse 17., Know  this..'All Israel shall be saved in YAHWEH with an everlasting salvation,  ye shall not be ashamed, nor confounded world without end.'   Verse 18:..'Thus saith YAHWEH that created the heavens and formed the  earth: he hath established it, he didn't create it in vain, he formed it to  be inhabited; and then said: 'I am YAHWEH: and there is none else.' In  otherwords He said:..this is my business, and I will do it my own way.   Then you come over to the 46th chapter of Isaiah and He says:..verse 9  'Remember the former things of old, for I am YAHWEH, and there is none  else: I am YAHWEH AND THERE IS NONE LIKE ME.

                Verse 10:..'I have declared the end from the beginning and from ancient  times things that are not done, saying:..MY COUNSEL shall stand; and I will  do all my pleasure.'

                Now:..hear this:...'I will do all my pleasure.'

                Could you love a God who would put a hundred million people in Eternal  torture to satisfy a fact that they hadn't repeated a sentence or two, or  didn't know or understand? Could you love such a monster? YAHWEH isn't like  that..if He was like that you would all be like that, the most sadistic  devils...individuals the world has ever known, because you are His offsprings.

                Now Listen:..'Look unto me and be ye saved all the ends of the earth, for  I AM YAHWEH, THERE IS NONE ELSE.'

                Look unto me and be ye saved all the ends of the earth. Why do you think  God put His Kingdom into the earth? He put His Kingdom here to bring light  to the ends of the earth, to rule over the earth with righteousness, to  save all the ends of the earth. Alright:..Now, is He going to do it? He  says:..'I am going to do all my pleasure as well.' time isn't any problem  with HIM. He said:..'I swore by myself', He didn't take you into this, He  didn't make you take the oath, for He said,..'I swore by myself'. 'My word  has gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return unto ME  void. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall swear.' Then in the last  of that chapter talking about your race it says:..'In YAHWEH shall all the  seed of Israel be justified, and shall Glory.' Isaiah 45:24   Now;..God knowing the situations that you will pass thru, knowing the  number of the enemy, the environment, the pouring out of His Grace then  says: I am going to justify everything you did, and make one atonement for  you...forgive you, and then I am going to pour out my light and life for  you, and return you to your God‑like nature. That is what He said.   Someone said:..But that is in the Old Testament. Well if you can get  Grace and Salvation out of the Old Testament, you surely don't have to  worry about the New.

                You say:..how can I know that is what it is talking about? Well, if you  have a Strongs Concordance then go to page 352 in the heart of the center  column and start looking up...LAKE OF FIRE. You will discover that Lake of  Fire, and fire and brimstone as it is used in the translation, and this is  a concordance for the King James Version,...so what does it say? It says  that the same words which are translated Lake of Fire, and fire and Brimstone, are the same word used in Matthew in the 3rd chapter and the 11th  verse, where it says:...'HE who cometh after me shall baptize you with the  Holy Ghost and with FIRE.' this Holy Ghost Fire, is the same word translated as Lake of Fire, and fire and brimstone in the Book of Revelations.   Now I want to take you over into the Book of Luke in the 3rd chapter and  the 16th verse. I want to prove to you that there wasn't just an error in  that one Book. Luke says:..Quoting John the Baptist.......   'I indeed baptize you with water, but one mightier than I cometh, the  latch of whose shoes I am not worthy to unloose: he shall baptize you with  the Holy Ghost and with fire.' These words Holy Ghost and Fire are the very  same words translated...Lake of Fire and Fire and brimstone. I wouldn't  tell you where to find it, and give you the exact numbers if I didn't know  what I was talking about, it would be very foolish, for you could all go  down and get the concordance and look it up if you wanted to.   Now:...if there was ever a Mighty Spiritual power that ever descended  upon the children of God's Kingdom it was after the revelation of The  Christ...it was the great spiritual flow of illumination and courage which  moved upon the children of God..because they were His children, and the  essence of His Spirit and it descended upon them after His Atonement. this  Atonement by HIM put them in Oneness with HIM. Atonement is..at Oneness  with God. There is nothing against you anymore, no judgment, nothing to  keep the power off you, and those who are ready to receive it only have to  look for it, to take it.

                That spiritual power descended at Pentecost and transformed the courage  of Peter, until he stood before the enemy of Jesus The Christ, and before  he was afraid, to even admit he knew HIM. It so catalyzed the energy of  those early Apostles and disciples until all Christendom was moved by it,  and the Great and Mighty Christian Church was founded, and the institution  of spiritual life within Christendom was swept over the entire western  world.

                Now: we have mentioned this to you, and it is essential that you understand this. The Book of Romans continues to carry this out. The wages of  sin is death...and therefore by one man Adam, by his violation of law  brought this on the race, for he did not maintain at the original point,  the law of no contact with the race of evil. So by one man..Adam entered  into transgression, and so came death, and by this violation of this law  then death passed to all men of Adams race, and now all men were under the  law of sin and death. And thus as by that one man came death so by one man  ..Jesus the Christ..came Life.

                We are told in the Book of Corinthians as well that by a second man:..  The Incarnate Christ..life is come. 'For in Adam all die, even so in Christ  shall all be made alive.'  I Corinthians 15:22

                Now: in this instance you will discover that in the Scriptures as judgments are taught that the word..HELL..or SHEOL..is brought out, which is  the grave in the Old Testament and is also descriptive of death in the New  Testament except for its description of the Netherworld where the consciousness of men were held captive until Christ's Resurrection. You will find  also that the Lake of Fire is explained as Shekinah Glory and we will show  you how it is going to work. And then you have some other words which need  explanation..you have Second death. And there are people who say:..Oh, that  is the second, the final one. To the people who are disobedient, and to the  races which are not of the Kingdom, and all the pagans who by the billions  have died, they are dead. And at the resurrection...well they don't take  place in the first one, but at the second resurrection they are raised, and  they stand before the court of THE MOST HIGH GOD and The Christ sits on the  that throne and He judges them, and anyone whose name is not written in the  Lambs Book of Life..well look out!

                No my friends:..this Book of Life is for your race, and your name was  written there before you came into the world. All not found in that Book  are to be thrown into that Lake of Fire, and that is the second death??? Do  you know what it tells me here in this Book of Revelation? It tells me that  all those thrown into the Lake of Fire which is the second death, are then  going to be tortured in the...Presence of The Eternal God and all His  Saints forever??? My what a time we will have doing that..Is that how you  want to spend Eternity? Throw them into the Lake of Fire and they will be  tortured in the presence of the Eternal God and His believing offspring  forever???

                You say..alright then what does it mean? In the first place I think there  are some things you should know about this second death. The individual who  comes into the world dies and is dead, and then he becomes dead to sin...  thru Christ, and when a man becomes dead to error..thru Christ, as the  spirit of God's consciousness takes over his intellect, he has gone thru a  second death, and has died to transgression, for he now has a sense of what  is good and will be perfected by it. And you and I in these very moments,  in the trials and situations thru which we are being passed, are being chastised, but purified and refined. Thus we don't have to go thru the second  death that is described in the Book of Revelations.

                Let me show you something here also in the Book of Revelation. We are  told in Revelation..'He that overcometh', in otherwords, he that hath been  chastened, and he that is developed, he that the spirit has brought to  fruitition, doesn't go thru any second death. In fact none of those whose  names were written in the Lamb's Book of Life, before the foundation of the  world, will partake of the second death.

                Now: the first death is just death, that is all. And the second death is  just death, that is all. But it is not death to the existence of the spirit  which never dies at any time, nor death to the soul consciousness. But in  this instance it is death to transgression.

                You say:..How does it work? There is nothing which purifies your nature  and adjusts you to the Will and Mind of God like the constant moving action  and function of His Holy Spirit in you. It is a refining process, it goes  on in your thoughts, and in your consciousness. It has so adjusted you that  the whole course of error, whether it is World Communism, whether it has  penetrated your schools, or whether it is against God or against His Name.  Whether it is in your churches and denies His Deity...something rises up in  you, and you are already purified...on that point.

                If there is anything which still needs purifying as far as the children  of God are concerned, it is little things of their nature where natural  patterns of selfishness still effect them. But the fact remains that their  consciousness gives a sense of proof that their spirit is already perfect.  Their mind is getting adjusted, and God is doing a chastising, cleansing  work on you.

                Do you know what God says He is doing? He said:..I am subduing you unto  Myself. Now that is what is called...the enveloping work of God's Holy  Spirit. You have an aura, a wave length of life, and it stimulates that ego  consciousness in you, and He brings that light to flow more completely thru  you. If fills your nature, and becomes the burning pattern of your life.   But there are people in this world who were not begotten by God's Spirit  when they came into this world. They were creations which were sent to  save, and the only thing which will adjust them must come from without, not  from within. And it must effect the consciousness of their being, and it  will be the refining and purifying of God's Holy Spirit that does the job.   The Apostle Paul said that you were saved with fire...and you say but  what did he mean by that? If all our works are burned up we would still be  saved by fire. The Apostle Paul is talking about the fact that the Holy  Spirit in you burns out the dross and the error. And if everything you  thought was right turns out to be wrong...but you still know who the Father  is, and still have a desire to know that which is right because of who you  are, thus you are still saved by the fire. The thing that saves you is the  taking away of all error. Salvation is saving you from your sins, not to be  saved...from God.

                People are worrying about being saved from some torment somewhere in the  future, but my friends...the thing for them to realize is that God wants to  save you from error. He wants you to conform to Divine Law, He wants you to  do what is right. He wants His Universe balanced. He is going to bring the  earth back into balance and everyone is going to be balanced in it as well.   I want to show you something:...when you throw them all into the enveloping situation which is developing in the earth, it is going to purify  them. It may take sometime but it is going to do it. God never punishes  unless it has an effect as to produce something. Chastisement and punishment is for correction, not for revenge. Even in your own nature it is not  your nature to hold on to revenge. You get into a big war, and you destroy  and defeat, and even wreck terrible destruction on whole cities of your  enemy. And then you turn around, and bind, and patch them up, and try to  put them back in business with better ships, better material than even you  have. And even give them one of your best statement to rule over them while  you took second best. It is not your nature to keep on destroying, for you  have Grace in you. But do you think you are better than God?   Let me tell you something, if you think you are better than God then you  better go out and convert HIM. You couldn't begin to measure up to the  vastness of His Nature, until that day when you are enveloped with the completion of HIS Spirit. But the thing which purges out the errors in mens  hearts, and in mens minds is the work of His Spirit. And the Apostle Paul  said our ideas go on alone to sacrifice, and our concepts have to be put  aside for truth. Then we discover that we throw out superstitions, and  throw off bondage, and we walk in to the light. And if all the things we  thought were important are instead burned up, still we are saved by fire.  The Shekinah Glory.

                Lots of people have built on a good solid foundation, and there are lots  of things which they don't have to surrender, because they just, by inheritance knew that THE FATHER was like this anyhow. When God gets thru, there  are certain things which will be done. He said that He is going to reconcile the whole world unto Himself. He said: I am not willing that any shall  perish, but I have ordained that all shall have Eternal Life. He said back  in the 45th and 46th chapters of Isaiah:...'I do all the pleasure of my  Will.'  I am willing that all flesh be saved, from the ends of the earth  ...All Israel shall be saved. Then in the New Testament in the Book of  Romans He says:..'All Israel shall be saved as it is written.'   Now; I want to take you into the second chapter of I John as he said:  ..He the Eternal YAHWEH, now as the man Christ Jesus the righteous, he was  the propitiation for our sins. He settled all necessary accounts in all the  pattern of legality, he was the propiation (the atonement) for all our  sins, and not for our sins only..not only for we the white race, the children of the MOST HIGH GOD, but also for the sins of the whole world.   Hear this now:...'He was the propiation for our sins, and not only for  our sins but for the whole world.' Do you think He did all that for  nothing?  Do you think he can't have His way? He can hold all the Universe  together...trillions of sidereal systems. He can pour out His Spirit, and  He can call His sheep by name. The Psalmist said:..where can i go that you  couldn't find me?  I can go the highest mountains, I can drown and go to the  depth of the sea, I can be in any situation or any condition, but there is  no place I can go that you can't find me. I can go into Sheol, into the  grave, and my spirit into the nethermost realms, but you could still find  me. Do you think that anyone can deny HIM?   I want you for one moment to  think about these words of Peter:...I want you to know that this Gospel is  preached, and the declaration of it was being proclaimed, and HE, His own  self bare our transgressions in His own body, that we now being dead to  sin, would live unto righteousness, and by HIS stripes we are healed, and  thus by this process He is consciously bringing upon you death which is the  second death unto transgression. The first death being under transgression.  One is death under sin, the other is death to sin. That is why you never  have to participate in any final situation, where you are thrown into any  condition which will torment you..until you accept.

                I what you to know that the Apostle Paul tells us as to what God is doing  and it is shown over here in the writings of I Timothy and in the second  chapter. 'That this Eternal YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA our Savior is going to have all  men to be saved, and come to the knowledge of the truth.'..Do you believe  that? Then come with me over to the 4th., chapter of I Timothy and the 10th  verse., 'Therefore we are trusting in a living God who is the Savior of  all men.'

                Then over in the Book of Colossians I find these words by HE who created  all things, and is eventually going to bring all things into reconciliation with Himself. He said, all things were made by HIM and for HIM. He has  absolute power. He can pour all the energy of His Spirit to bring His results into being, don't you think He is going to finish it?   I turn over here into the Book of Philippians 3:24...He not only has  changed us inside our body which can know death, but as also promised to  change it, to fashion it like unto His own glorious body, enveloped by His  Spirit, at the time of His resurrection. Accordingly to the working where  by He is able to subdue all things unto Himself.

                Here is a declaration that God is going to subdue all things unto Himself, this means that He is going to pressure them with the Spirit, and  torment them with the Spirit, and envelope them with its glory, until He  has subdued their rebellious spirits, until they all get down on the knees  and say:...'HE is the Eternal YAHWEH.'

                Lets take a look at this Book of Philippians again, for in it I discover  the declaration concerning this purpose. This is the triumphant Gospel, the  Everlasting Gospel, so lets think about it:...'That at the name of Jesus  every knee shall bow of things in heaven, and things in the earth, and  things under the earth:..2:10. 'And every tongue is going to confess that  Jesus The Christ is the Eternal YAHWEH, to the Eternal Glory of YAHWEH  forever.'

                Now listen:...'At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow', Where? In the  earth, and in the nether region which is in the area where spirits of  fallen Angels, angelic beings, superstitious Asiatic spirits dwell waiting  for redemption.

                Someone said:..You will never redeem the devil. Maybe you don't have a  God big enough for that, but I do. I have a God big enough to get an  Archangel back. You say what do I mean by that? The day is going to come  when Lucifer is going to worship at your feet. The day is going to come  when the whole synagogue of Satan, these unassimilatable people that are  the offsprings of violations of Ancient Divine Law, from the fallen Angelic  hosts. Who today war against your civilization, and your society, and who  could be swept from the earth with the blessings of God. The day is going  to come when everyone of them are going to be on their knees saying:... you  are the children of God, and God has loved you, and we were a fraud, and a  lie, but we acknowledge now...the spirit from which all life comes. He is  the Father and we will obey. Yes the synagogue of Satan is going to worship  at your feet.

                I can take you over to the 5th., chapter of Revelation and I am talking  to you whom God has made kings and priests to reign on earth, and you are  going to hear the voices, and all the Angels, and you will see all the  numbers of those around that throne...Ten thousand times ten thousand,  times thousands and thousands. You start to multiply that and you are up  into the hundreds of millions before you know it. Listen to what it says:  ..'Worthy is the Lamb, to receive all the power, and all the riches, and  all the wisdom, and strength, and honor, and glory and blessing, and the  service of every creature.'....'Every creature which is in heaven, and on  earth, and under the earth and such as are in the sea, and every one of  them.' This means the Leviathan, the strange creatures of the fallen  netherworld. Isaiah 27:1...Job 3:8 ect....'And I am going to hear them  singing:..Glory, and blessings and power to YAHWEH who sits on the throne.'  That is going to be one of the greatest days in all the history of the  earth.

                Now: lets take a look at this, after you have got everybody repented of  their error, all of them singing the praises of God in the eras to come,  and even in the netherworld they have made it one of the great resort  places of earth, to go in the netherworld and see what it is like. Now,  everyone is on the right side, so what are you going to do...take everyone  of this right‑happy, singing people, and torture them for ever and ever?  You only fight a war to make them say UNCLE. There isn't any victory in  accomplishing what you have achieved, and then torture them because some  one has a sadistic idea you couldn't get them to pay enough to get them out  of Purgatory? Let's fact it that is where a lot of this started. It was to  get all these shekels coming in. But it is Shekinah Glory, in the presence  of all the Saints of God, and The Lamb. In the presence of God Himself,  this is where the torment is.

                Do you remember the day when Joshua was being called by the MOST HIGH GOD  to lead the Hosts of God? The Scriptures tell us about it over here in the  5th., chapter of Joshua, and here Joshua is being directed to move out. And  now the forces of men, and the impact of arms and metallurgy, and the achievement of his times comes into use. But why was God sending Joshua out?  Because these forces who were seeking to create pain, death and torture,  and to rule with superstition and tyranny, led by Luciferian people were  not to control the earth. God is not against sending men out with arms to  wipe out an evil so that other men might be free. And that doesn't mean  that an evil wiped out was exterminated. But they were put out of this  dimension for making this trouble which is in God's way at this time. And  when they get resurrected, and purified they will be useful, but not now.   At the time of the Exodus, whether smoke or cloud, the word is Shekinah.  It was a mist of radiant effulgent Glory which went before you, by day, and  by night it was a flame of fire, and a cloud was hovering above. And inside  that cloud was the vessel of God, and the person of the MOST HIGH, and His  Glory just came down. When your cities had an encampment, and you were in  tribal state, there was a cloud over you which just radiated Divine Glory.  It didn't hurt you, it was a purifying, spiritual impact upon you, and it  was already effecting the inner consciousness of your own race.   When eventually the Tabernacle, and then the Temple was built, then  Isaiah went into the Temple and beheld YAHWEH high and lifted up, and His  Glory filled the place. When Christ took His disciples upon the mount of  transfiguration, He let that inner Glory come out over Him and envelope Him  with Shekinah Radiance, and His disciples saw the Shekinah Glory of  YAHSHUA, The Christ.

                I am going to tell you that the Glory of God is in you, and that seed is  going to develop, and the Glory of God is going to spread over you. And  you are told in the 60th chapter of Isaiah concerning the end of this age  ...After you have rolled thru your might victory and right in the midst of  your greatest conflict, you are told...Arise and shine for thy (your) light  is come, and the Glory of YAHWEH is risen upon thee.' 'For behold, the  darkness may cover the earth, and gross darkness the people; but YAHWEH  shall arise upon thee, and His Glory shall be seen upon thee.' In fact so  glorious shall be thy countenance, thy illumination, thy radiation, thy  aura that it shall be unto thee an everlasting light...Thy God, thy Glory.  And Isaiah said:...You won't need a sun or a moon, for there will be an  effulgent light coming off God's children, because the spirit has activated  them.

                Do you think that is going to make the unrighteous and the evil happy? It  tells me that there will be captains and kings, and they will cry to the  rocks, and the mountains...hide us. Well, hide them from what?  From the  Glory, from the Light, from this brilliant radiance that searches out and  subdues us to His Will.

                Let me tell you something, if the full perfection of the Glory of God  were to move out upon you, if the full perfection of God's Glory was to  leave your lips, every Jew in America would get out of here. In fact they  are thinking of getting out of here now, if they can't suppress what is  happening in the John Birch Society, let alone the great revival God has in  store for them. Did you know that revival comes this way?...God just stimulates people to do things, not to just fly away, this is the place we have  to put in shape. Nothing else in the Universe needs to be taken care of,  just the earth, and He sent you here to do that. And this is where you are  going to do the job.

                You may think that a lot of people died and got out of doing it, but they  are not going to get out of their job...they are just going to be resurrected and made to do it, and they will finish their job. You don't have to  worry abut the job being undone because the job is going to be finished. If  God isn't big enough.....then you better find out how big HE really is.   That is the reason I like that song we sang today...'How Great Thou Art',  because it is just that great. Men haven't begun to measure the depth of  this song, or the width, or the height of it. That is why this is the  Gospel of the Kingdom, this is an Everlasting Gospel, a Gospel of glad  tidings of Great Joy.

                And in the fullness of time, when you have swept down the last hammer and  sickle, and tho you have swept thousands and thousands of the race away in  doing this, because of those who came against you, to kick themselves  against the stone of His Kingdom, still later comes even for them a resurrection. There shall come for them a time when they shall be tossed alive  ...thrown into the refining purposes of God's developing Spirit. Do you  know that as you rule the world, there are a lot of people who will see the  Light which comes out of thee? And there are a lot of people who will be  tormented out of their errors, day and night because there is no way to  hide from it because the Glory of God is going to fill the earth, as the  waters that cover the sea.

                Now;...there is just one other place where there was a word called Ara,  that is a Constellation. In one of the older testaments that is translated  'Lake of Fire' and the word Ara..Lake of Fire..is just a spot way out there  in the edge of the Universe. It is on all the star maps. It is just a group  of planets just like yours around its own central sun. And there are some  of these people who in the course of their education are going to be picked  up by the gathering Angels who will come into the world. And they will be  taken out there and put in isolation wards where they are going to have to  behave themselves by being parasites on one another. And there will be a  whole lot of Beverly Hill Mansions empty, and that area called the Bronx  will be like...well almost as uninhabited as the area around a defense  plant that is closed down. Because there is something God is going to do.  He has in store for them, and it is the best thing that could happen to  them...isolate them.

                And they will be surrounded with a developing purifying agency. You may  not see them for a million years or two, but that isn't very long, for you  have already beheld creation after creation, and they are still going to be  brought back to that orbit which God has ordained and they will say:....   Our creator..Holy Father..creator...we will worship you.   We haven't time to finish a subject like this, for the whole Bible has  been written about this subject. But the people have read all around it,  and took out all the verses that could keep them up all night worrying. He  said:...perfect Peace I give to you......Perfect love casts out all fears.  Knowledge disperses out fears, darkness and superstitions.   They call us hate‑mongers, but let me tell you something we have more  Grace than some of these people who say they love the world, but want to  torture it with self righteous sadism.


We say:...'Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in  heaven.'






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