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                    APPLYING THE LAW OF THE SPIRIT OF LIFE                                                                   By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift ---- 9‑10‑61    


Around this subject we find one of the most important discoveries which  you can make as you dwell here in the flesh. We are talking about the discoveries concerning the hour in which you live and the great things God is  about ready to do with and through you, and in you. There is a passage in  the Book of Romans which we have called attention to may times which says:  'The law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the  law of Sin and Death.'    There is a passage in Romans 8:5 which if not read with its proper rendering is not always understood:...'They who are after the flesh do mind  the things of the flesh, but they that are after the spirit the things of  the spirit.' The proper translation of this passage should be 'They who  comprehend the things of the flesh do not understand the things of the  spirit.' In other translations it reads thus:...'They who are only aware of  the things of the flesh, do mind the things of the flesh, but they who are  aware of the spirit do mind the things of the spirit.'    The most important thing for us to recognize as Children of God is that  we are dwelling in earth, dwelling here in physical bodies, and when you  understand this fact then you understand this mystery. There has been so  many sermons preached concerning this law of Mystery,...they have made it  apparent to those within their congregations that there is something wrong  with dwelling in the flesh, and responding to its needs. But every constant  living creature is dwelling in the flesh, his senses tell him when he is  hungry and when he is thirsty. They tell him the process God has ordained  for sights and sounds, and for the capacity to discern by odor or the capacity to reach out and touch. All the 5 senses are the by product of the  way we have been created, and we are dwelling in a creature body.    But with the Adamic race there is something different...we are the offspring of THE MOST HIGH, and while we are the issue of the Adamic race,  still this Adamic race was fathered by God Himself. All of everything in  God's Universe that has form in an atomic world is made up of electrons and  protons, and is a creature of atomic creation. The Eternal Father put into  form by the organization of particles of electricity, this Universe that  you see to the fartherest star, to the most distant constellations. And  then beyond the perimeter of your eyes to behold the video frequency and  now only by electronic discernment, through the electronic telescope we  multiply the distance to ten times farther to the perimeter of the Universe  that no one not interested today would even attempt to measure in the ext‑  remity of it. Time is one of the vast and incomprehensible realms of existance that reach beyond the mind of men to actually get a picture of, because everything we have a picture of is by comparison.    We only think of daytime..years of time...a lifetime, or we may conjure  up our concept of the millennium, and after that we just see figures. All  you have to see in figures of form after you have passed the pattern of ex‑  perience, is the dimension of time...endless dimensions with no beginning  or end, and out of the vastness of the existance of you Father...by whom  all things were made and who was before any existing form of His own crea‑  tion, and who was the very existing ONE. He summerized out of the thinking  of His own mind, out of the fiat, out of the Living Word...He created every  thing that is made up in the electronic Universe. And that electronic  Universe is the Universe of substance, and of chemicals, some animated now  by the factors that are relating to the content within their assembly. But  you, as you look out over the world, everything that you see or that you  touch, or handle, is made up in that electronic Universe out of particles  of electricity.    But do not worry about the permanence of it because God has grouped to‑  gether with the permanence of His WILL, and the intensity of His mind the  Universe....according to HIS Pleasure. And here in this earth you are now  dwelling, quite aware that you are here in a physical body. But this phy‑  sical body is definitely an electronic body, and is made up in this wave‑  length of vibrations of energy of electricity, but it is also the creature  body that you dwell in.    We will say this again because we must lay this premise...before you  came into this world and into this physical body you had a Celestial body  which is made out of LIGHT...made up of particles of LIGHT. And this Celes‑  tial body was begotten of your Father, and thus you are the begotten off‑  spring of the Eternal God. The laws of light, and the laws of electronics,  and the laws of dwelling in this electronic body are the patterns of the  law of this physical life. But you have resident in your Celestial consci‑  ousness the knowledge of when you were with the Father, and an awareness of  your existance. And you operated with a Celestial mind which could receive  all the thinking and the thoughts of God Almighty. Since you have been  placed in the earth..in the flesh..your soul consciousness which developed  at the hour of your birth has been resident now in a physical body, but has  the capacity to draw off the wave length of impressions and remembrances of  Spirit.    Your soul is your earth existance consciousness. It is a part also of  your yesterdays because it is influenced by it. And it is a part of all you  have experienced since you have been here in earth. As we talk to you as  individuals then your thinking power is listening, is storing up or reject‑  ing ideas, but what you are really doing is...you are taking in through  audio frequencies both truth and ideas. And you are storing them in your  consciousness, and if you never heard them before then you may forget some  of them as you go out from this lesson, but you will no doubt remember at  least some of what you have heard or read. This is because as natural elec‑  trons they are stored in your physical body, but your consciousness will  remember them, and that consciousness is your soul.    Every once in a while we find someone who does not discern between the  spirit and the soul. But there is a vast difference between the two. Your  Celestial consciousness was resident in a Celestial body as even your soul  is now resident in this physical body and can reside in either one. That  soul has a remembrance even before it came into this world. Often as you  look at a baby, you think that it looks a lot wiser than it should for  those few days that it has lived, and you may hear someone say that this is  an old soul. In fact the baby might say a lot of things for he has not   learned the earth language and adapted to the enviroment that he is now in,  he has forgotten a lot of things he used to know. But those things are  still there in the discernment of the spirit.    You say:..how do you know? Well...He is here, he is now in the world,  but he came from the bosom of the Father and from the dimension of the  spirit. And the important thing which discerns the difference between a  member of the white race and the creatures of earth outside this Adamic  race has always been...THE POINT OF ORIGIN. The capacities which each have  and the nature which is with them tell the story. Therefore there are two  different kinds of people in the world, there are creatures of creation who  never had a Celestial consciousness from the plane of spirit, but had their  origin right here in earth. And all they have then for a background is  earth itself. Then there are people here in earth who had their origin in  dimensions and planes of spirit in the heavens. Because of this FACT these  people have been dwellers in two planes, and there is this capacity to  bring to them every spiritual necessity out of the patterns of yesterday,  and every vision in the Purposes of God..Himself..for tomorrow..since they  are the Children of God to begin with.    One of the most important things for you to know in this generation...  if you are Children of God is this pattern of origin and this relation‑  ship to HIM. We realize that in the Orthodoxy of Christianity we have had  through church developed doctrines through out these last 2000 years the  concept that men by principals of conversion, and the acceptance of ideas  move in and out of the great vehicle called the church or among the people  who constitute God's Kingdom. However we want you to know that people may  move in and out of the cognition of these facts, but you do not move in and  out of the Family of God. You do not move in and out of the Race of which  you are a part, nor do you move in and out of Destiny which God has outlin‑  ed for you. If you are a child of the spirit it is because you were begot‑  ten of the spirit, it was not something you conjured up in your mind. The  soul does not begat spirits by the spirit stores up wisdom and knowledge,  and the soul consciousness or the resident consciousness of the spirit can  pass into the soul consciousness the waves of truth which it possesses. You  are thus spirit, soul, and body and you have become a permanent entity. You  may dissolve this body but you will not stay its being resynthesized by  Light, and power, and rejoined to you with immortality.    One of the greatest Mysteries of our times is that people are dwelling  in the body, and as they dwell here in the body they are aware that they  are in a body of flesh, and they are aware of its needs. And at the same  time a great number of them have no conscious perception of their Celestial  being, or of any spiritual capacity whatsoever, and this is a very sad sit‑  uation. But there are other people who can have no perception because they  have no Celestial consciousness, and they are the reason why you were sent  into the world.    We would call you attention to these words:...'THE LAW OF THE SPIRIT OF  LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS MAKES ME FREE FROM THE LAW OF SIN AND DEATH.'  This  law of sin and death is not a spiritual law, the law of sin and death does  not work with the spirit but only with the body, and is effected by the  soul. Your soul comes into the world with no conscious remembrance as it  develops into the ability to make itself known, and to be able to commun‑  icate. Then as the child grows up he is aware of his body, he is aware of  its needs. He is aware of those around him, he is very basically effected  by the most basic emotion which the body can receive, which is love. He  responds to this love and the second most powerful emotion he can exper‑  ience is fear.    There comes a time in the lives of a great many people when fear is a  greater triumph over their consciousness than is love. And when it is then  they live in a state of misery. We have a lot of miserable people in the  world today because they are afraid of everything. They are afraid of  everything which has been threatened by the Communist World, this causes  them to fear. They are worried economically, they are worried about every  possible disease that comes along. In fact by the very process by which  they absorbed fear...this is one of the most sinister things which des‑  troys them physically that can possibly exist.    On the other hand the very law of Love and of Life is a law of the  Spirit, but its emotions can be transferred physically, and by the soul  consciousness. Because of this therefore if they have been brought up in  the realm of love, they are not living in the realm of fear, altho fear may  be a coming and going experience.    We want you to know that as God is Light, he is also Love. For the high‑  est emotion that has been expressed toward us which the senses can perceive  under spiritual guidance is the Law of Love. That God so Loved His creation  and the world itself, THAT HE GAVE HIS EMBODIED FORM FOR SACRIFICE, for the  redemption of his sons and daughters, that they might finish the things he  sent them into the world to do. It is essential that you understand the  events of history and the events that are now transpiring, that you know  the difference between the children of this world, and the children of the  Father. It is a matter of translation as theology translates texts to make  it conform to the documents, and concepts of individual denominations, that  we have a lot of ideas which we sometimes call Orthodox. That is why when  the Apostle Paul was preaching that they said he was a 'heritic'.    Here was a man..stopped on the road to error, called of God Himself,  taught the truth, called into the heavens, and taught the wisdom that he  was to bring back to the church and to the nations of Israel, and when he  started to talk to them about heavenly wisdom they said:..'Heretic'. Why?  Because what he was telling them was not Orthodox...according to those in  power.    We would like for you to remember that in the experience of the past,  that truth is one of the hardest things to bring forth to release men from  fear and from darkness and from superstition because someone has all their  thoughts set into a form which makes God smaller, or more inferior, and  therefore wants to suppress every TRUTH as it appears. That does not mean  we accept all ideas, for you can carry the interpretation beyond its  design. When the Scripture says:..'We believe all things', that does not  mean believe every error. It means you believe every vibratory spiritually  endorsed truth which comes out of the Throne of God.    You ask:..How do I do that? This is one of the secrets that you are to  discover in understanding the 'Spirit of the law of Life' and start apply‑  ing it, a great spirit of discernment comes down over you and that discern‑  ment separates the right from the wrong and the good from the evil. And it  gives you an identifying factor which protects you through your life time  and you are never taken in by those rascals ever again because when he  begins to talk you will discern that something is wrong. In fact every  business man when he prays should as God for the spirit of discernment,  then no Jew will ever take him in..ever again. There are a lot of people  today who never know when they are hearing the truth..that is a pattern of  discernment. You say:...but that is in the natural field. We want you to  get this clear in your mind, we want you to think relative to the two  planes that you dwell in. That you are a Celestial child, that you are a  spiritual being, and that you have spiritual capacities far greater than  you have ever used.    This age which we are standing on the edge of is going to see the use of  spiritual power the world has never before witnessed. But do not cast aside  the fact that you are a physical entity, that you live in a physical body.  That the physically designed purpose of God was the transference of His own  Family, HIS children from heaven to earth. You could not do the things you  are to do unless you had a physical body, thus God wants you to live here,  do not forget that. This is why we have to repudiate some of the positions  that Orthodoxoy has taken, as they try to continually separate you from  this body to the point that they want to send you off somewhere else. In‑  stead of keeping you here in this body to do the task you were sent here to  do they want to send you off somewhereelse If we could have the whole  church wake up and start to occupy the earth today as God ordained that  they should be doing, then we would make this heaven on earth in a genera‑  tion of time, or even quicker than that, because it is going to happen in  that generation...which shall not pass away untill all is fulfilled. But we  have so many christians who are just dying to go to heaven. Oh! you say....  that is a good thing, well that is about what it ammounts to. This is their  objective, and you get exactly what you expect..right back where you came  from. But you don't have any more to show for it than when you left. You  have dwelt in the dimensions of spirit, but I cannot describe it for you  because you do not remember, and I do not remember your past experience.  But God brings it forward every once in a while in discernment..the ex‑  periences HE wants us to remember, or He gives us out of the vastness of  those He has made..as monumental patterns of discoveries for us...in this  race...those things that bring us back to remembrance.    Men like Enoch, the Apostle Paul, Elijah or John...any of those that He  has carried out into the dimensions of spirit, and once more oriented them  into the areas where the spiritual planes exists, then sent them back into  the physical world to keep telling us about our kinsmen, or origin, and our  Destiny...for we are not to let this body which we dwell in make us forget  that we are the children of Spirit.    In all instances remember this:...'Spirit is the master.' A God of  Spirit put all things together, and by the very fiat of HIS WILL...HIS own  WORD He put everything in operation. He determined the ultimate fulfillment  of all things. Because of this the God of Spirit created this Universe, and  you within it are the benefactors of His Great Love. As far as the earth is  concerned because you are children of HIS Spirit, whom He has now absolute‑  ly organized in a physical world, you are to accomplish a Heavenly mission.    Now; as we turn to this passage:..'They who are aware of the flesh are  mindful of the flesh.'  Is there something wrong with that?  Only to point  that if a child of God is not aware of his spiritual origin, his spiritual  power, and is only aware of the flesh, then he lives in a world where  everything must be worked out without guidance, and he is aware of every‑  thing which creates problems and troubles for him, and is not aware of  anything which brings promises, deliverance, and liberty. If you live after  the flesh there is nothing wrong with eating and drinking and giving in  marriage. There is nothing wrong with everything which operates in the  pattern of compatability with the laws of God.    But what about the Law of the Spirit? Remember that this Spirit is  perfect, the spirit is accurate, the spirit knows without error. The Spirit  operates in the wavelength of knowledge as the mind of God. But there is  something about a spiritual body that you ought to know. A Spiritual body  has never known death at any time. A Spirit body has never been defeated by  any power resident in the Universe. A Spiritual body, and a Celestial being  has lived in a pattern of perfection, and while there it was filled with  joy, laughter, and everything which you think is normal to this dimension.    Then someone says:...but you can't eat while there? Who said so? Who  told you that? There is apparently Celestial food, and the wave length of  the absorption of that Celestial food, because the Apostle Paul when he was  in the heavens didn't know whether he was in the body or in the spirit.  Paul said:...God alone knows whether they took my body or just my spirit,  for there were certain things that he remembered. And John was taken into  the dimensions of spirit, and he ate, he tasted, he saw, he touched and he  walked. Every known sense that he had in the physical body was also spirit‑  ually alive with John. We are told in the Book of Revelation that 'the door  opened into the heavens and John was told....Come in hither.'    We are in the period of time when we need to know these things, for all  the forces of natural earth are out to destroy the Kingdom of God which is  here in earth. Even if it will kill them under the sway of Satanic organ‑  ized design of resistance....the world order does this because it does not  live on LOVE. Oh they may have a comparable emotion as it relates to their  own kind, and their own offspring, this happens in every level of existance  ,but there is no actual force that motivates their relationship one to  another as it relates to nations and to people that are moved by Spirit and  Love. The Tyrants and the outlaws of communist nations would liquidate one  another or even their own people to accomplish their own purposes. This is  also true among the enemies of Christ who will eat their own children to  stay alive. This would not happen among your own race, or the Christian  civilization. There was a vast compelling power that seems to be driving  all forces that are in the earth and that are not under guidance of the  Spirit, to seek to destroy this Kingdom of God, even tho by doing this they  are destroying themselves.    You are the Rock upon which the water may beat, and beat, but it will  never destroy that ROCK. It will remain because it is a ROCK and it poss‑  esses something which can never be destroyed by this ever seething force...  by this mass of Darkness which today is in motion, but which is so differ‑  ent than you the Children of God's Kingdom.    We want to bring this to your attention, there is something that is very  important for you to know, it is that you are a child of Eternity, that you  have existed in Eternity, and that you have been in the furthermost reaches  of this Universe. You have been with the Father before this earth was fram‑  ed. And this period of earth dwelling, this time you call your life span is  still on, and fortunately this generation is not going to pass away untill  God's purpose for this earth is fulfilled.    There has been a lot of your forebearers who have passed away, and a lot  of your kinsmen who plan on leaving because they are operating on a Law of  sin...which is death...and which the world lives by, and they think this is  essential for them to remember and retain. But if you want to be free from  the Law of Sin which results in death, then start thinking that from  Genesis to Revelation there is something which relates to you and to your  race other than that which relates to creatures who are walking around upon  the earth. Remember that you are surrounded at all times with spiritual law  and spiritual reality. Remember that altho you cannot see the dimension of  Spirit, or the spirit which you possess it is still there. Remember that  all through the background of the Scriptures that there has stepped out of  that dimension and made themselves visible...individuals who looked just  like any other man. All through the Scripture we have talked about the fact  of 'The Son of Man' or someone who looked like the 'Son of Man' or a  Messenger, or God Himself. And each time He appeared He looked just like  you look in this physical body because the physical body is the image of  the spiritual, and the body of the Man Christ Jesus was the image of the  Invisible God.    Out of the dimension of Spirit has moved those to guide, to lead, to  instruct and to encourage your race, with identity knowledge that you are a  people who are indestructable. Here is a dimension which came to your age,  which was related to you, was also a part of you. And you know that the  very appearance of these Angels, the very appearance of God who came at  various times to speak to the Race of this Book was an assurance that you  were a part of it, and because of that vitally interested in it. No wonder  then that YAHWEH, the Eternal ONE said that He would give Africa or Egypt,  or anyone else for you, because you were His children down here in this  physical body. No wonder that as God spoke in the parable..that He came  into the world to buy the world so that He might redeem His own precious  treasure which was hidden in the world...that this treasure was you of His  Race.    It is important for us to remember that we are never operating in a game  of chance, or in a game wherein the skills of God and Lucifer are pitted,  in which there is a possibility that God will not win. You see there are a  lot of people who think that God and Lucifer are playing a master chess  game for the souls of men. And that if Lucifer wins they are going to be  lost and gone and swept into some imaginary torture chamber, altho imagin‑  ary to them, and yet it becomes so real to them that they fear it. And if  God wins they see man lifted from this Eternal Darkness out into some  Eternal Bliss, some far off mansion. The least you can say for this is that  they are aware of dimensions of spirit, and that there are entities of  power, and that God and the planes of spirit do exist. But here is the  danger of that line of thought. They are thinking in terms of God losing  something. But we want you to know that Jesus said:..'of these I shall lose  none'. We want you to remember that, and remember that everything in God's  Universe is going to brought back in proper relationship unto HIM. Every  knee is going to bow, and all flesh shall proclaim.    We are talking then about all Flesh...for 'all flesh is going to be  saved'. Do you know that the only place where there is trouble is right  here in the flesh? The only thing which dies is the flesh? The only thing  we are waiting for, we are told in the Scripture is, the redemption to wit,  of the body? For the Spirit can quicken and adjust, and change your mind.    Someone always suggests that the spirit cannot change the mind if the  mind is not thinking the things of the spirit. We want you to know that the  spirit can change your mind in the twinkling of an eye. Did you know that  the wavelength of the spirit can break through and wipe out the error of  your soul consciousness just like wiping the electronic memory off of one  of these tapes? Did you know that God could call and stop you right now? In  fact it doesn't take much if God wants to intervene and stop you, just like  He stopped Saul on the road to Damascus. He can stop you right now, He can  make you hear, because He knows that deep down inside of you and each and  every one of His children is that wave length of reception, that Celestial  inner man, that cannot only effect all the inner conscious thinking of the  soul, but can bring it right up to awareness.    One of the things the agnostics hurled at one time against the church is  ...why..if God has the power did He allow or permit Lucifer to rebell and  do these things? Why let all these catastrophies happen to the earth, and  then have to go to the bother of saving it? Not understanding the Agnostics  say...we will just throw it all out? But the agnostic cannot throw anything  out, they just go as far as their thinking will allow. Probably one of the  most advantageous things that ever happened is the rebellion of Lucifer.  You see, as you dwelt in the plane of Spirit everything was perfect, and  all was surene, but you also had no capacity to know the Greatness of God's  Grace, the vastness of Righteousness and were not able to discern with full  appreciation of what 'God Likeness' was all about. But YAHWEH (God) under‑  stood this from the beginning after all with Omiscence He foreknows all  things and had purposed that there would come a time when Lucifers rebell‑  ion would start an orbit of events which would be one of the most impor‑  tant events throughout all the Universe. And one of the most important  things for you as a Child of God is to recognize that you were to come into  the flesh to dwell in this cycle of designation of evil. To dwell here in  this time of Darkness as a 'Child of God', but to triumph over this evil as  God has ordained that you shall, and to emerge into the tomorrows with a  knowledge of the distinction between Righteousness and Unrighteousness  ...to the point...that you will appreciate GRACE, and will appreciate the  decision of righteousness which YOU will be required because of knowledge  ...to make.    This is the reason people wondered about that intense love that Mary  Magdalene had for the Christ because the improperly translated passage did  not bring this out to well. But Jesus said:...'She who hath sined Loveth  much.' This was not an admonition to go out and transgress, but it was be‑  cause of the Grace of God and the Love of God, and the great spiritual  awareness of the close presence of God that brought upon Mary Magdalene the  utter appreciation of Righteousness and goodness, and made everything evil  so abhorrent to her, since she now understood why she was here and who HE  really was.    We tell you today that God has outlined for us in the restoration of our  memory, all things which happened from the days of Adam until our time,  outlined it all in the Book we call the Bible. And a great ability to app‑  reciate was given with even the measure of Divine Law, and rightness to  compare by looking at the process of disobedience and error which brought  catastrophe and unprecedented trouble into the earth, and how obedience to  this Divine Law brings upon earth...Life, Blessings, and the realization  that the law of rightness and righteousness is the best thing for the  Universe.    For almost 2000 years Christian Ministers have been preaching sermons on  these mistakes, and they wanted you to look at the mistakes so that you  would not make them again. In fact the point of even giving the law to the  children of the Kingdom at Mount Sinai..this law which they were to func‑  tion under and to develope and operate in earth over all the nations of the  world was not hidden from them. The Scripture was to say:...'This command‑  ment which I command thee this day is not hidden from thee, neither is it  afar off. It is not in heaven so that thou shouldest say, who shall go up  for us to heaven and bring it to us, that we may hear it and do it. No, it  is not beyond the sea, that thou shouldest say, Who shall go over the sea  for us and bring it to us, that we may hear it? But the WORD is very nigh  unto thee. It is even in thy mouth and in thy heart that thou mayest do  it.' (Deuteronomy 11:14)  What did it mean? It meant that the law for the  rule of the earth was the law of rightness, and it existed in the spirit‑  ual consciousness of every son and daughter of God, and now that He dwelt  in earth he could perceive it and would learn to apply it.    We have been praying:...oh God do this for us and do that for us, and it  is a good thing when we are in trouble to appeal to THE MOST HIGH GOD, but  why get in trouble in the first place? After all...the WORD is in thy mouth  and you can command and the creation will obey. The moment the conscious  comprehension reaches you that you are the sons and the daughters, and you  have power and when God visited you in the flesh and dwelt among you as the  Man Christ Jesus He imparted this power to you for He said:..'Greater  things than I have done, you will do when you understand how..the word is  when you believe. This comprehension is aware of spiritual qualities which  we possess because we are a child of God. Not after our own abilities in  the flesh, but after the power of the spirit.    I want you to retain this in your thinking...many people when they start  to talk about Spiritual Law get on some kind of a floating cloud that has  them separated from all the realities of the earth. In fact some of them  get up so far they cannot laugh, they cannot enjoy living in this world,  but as that happens my friends they are out of balance. You say:...but you  cannot be spiritual and hang on to the flesh, at the same time. But if you  don't, you die. You can be as spiritual as the spirit which is perfect  within you, and still stay in this body, and enjoy every part of your  existance in it. And even keep the body from getting sick and keep it well,  and keep it alive. In fact if you will find in your consciousness the Law  of the Spirit, with proper application, you will find that this is true.    The Apostle Paul said:...'I know this....but I haven't been able as yet  to apply it.'  Someone always says...Dr. Swift, do you know anyone that has  been able to do this yet? Time will tell if any of our generation has been  able to do this. We know that we are reaching for something we have been  stirred to reach for a few years ago, but the time has not come for the  manifestation of the Sons of God. I know that this body which is liike the  bodies of the Adamic race is also like the bodies of the creations around  about, vibrating in the same plane of electronic energy, subject to the  same conditions round about of sickness, diseases, trouble and death...but  I also know that the consciousness within 'immunizes' this body with the  Law of the Spirit'.    We want you to understand that you are dwelling here in this creature  body subject to everything of the creation, unless your consciousness will  use the Law of the Spirit to immunize this body, with the Law of the Spirit  with which this creature vibrates. And now you say:..Is this Biblical? Has  God ordained this? Look over in the Book of Romans 8:16., for a moment and  we read these words:...'The spirit itself beareth witness with our Spirit.'  This is not an...and, or an if, or a but,...it is just simply 'The spirit  beareth witness with out spirit.'    In the Old Testament, in the 82nd Psalm., we are told that we were  begotten of the Eternal YAHWEH as His Elohim. Thus if we are then children  we are also heirs with YAHWEH, and joint heirs with YAHWEH as He dwelt in  earth as YAHSHUA...The Christ. Let this word always come into our consci‑  ousness, let us break through this wall of semantics for all times as it  relates to the WORD...The Christ. YAHSHUA is the name of the Eternal God as  Saviour, and YAHWEH is the name of the Eternal God in the plane of spirit.  But YAHWEH of the plane of spirit is also YAHSHUA in the body, and God em‑  bodied is in the Greek..CHRISTOS..or Christ the Embodied ONE. Thus Christ  is the Eternal YAHWEH Saviour God..your Father embodied as YAHSHUA in the  earth.    You say:..but is this important? Yes, because I see many 'Christs' out  there right now. Being found in the form of the Eternal God is just a fact  ...this in identity as to your spiritual capacities, and God alone is above  all. Do you know what your Destiny is? Everyone of you are Christs. Anoint‑  ed Ones. You are spiritual, embodied sons and daughters of God dwelling  down here in physical bodies and you got here by the route of physical  birth. Alright then how did God get here as YAHSHUA or Christ as He is  identified today? He came the same way as you did, He came in by Birth. Oh!  it was an immaculate conception, a Divine miracle, it was as great a  miracle as the emerging birth of Adam. But we tell you this, it was still  the identity of God with His Household, His race, His children of Spirit.    Jesus makes no problem out of this, for He makes it quite clear as to  the difference between the children of spirit who dwell in the world, and  the children of flesh who dwell here in the earth, who never came by the  same route as did Adam or Christ Jesus. He said:..'All that the father  (spirit) giveth me I will in no wise cast out. No man cometh to me except  the Spirit send him. Thine (spirit) they were in the heavens and mine they  are in earth.' Then He turns to these earthlings who have emerged from  Lucifers progeny and He said:..'you have no capacity to hear my speech or  to understand my words.'    Now:..let us for one moment know what the Scriptures does say:..'The  spirit itself, beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of  God'. Alright..if children then heirs, and joint heirs in this physical  body with everything which God had while he was in the body, and 'if we  suffer with HIM, then we shall be Glorified together.'    The Apostle Paul said of this suffering and persecution and the fact  that the enemy did not like him...he said: I don't reckon this to be com‑  pared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.' Glory is the Divine  effulgence which starts to move out as the spirit takes possession.    'The earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation  of the Sons of God.'  See? This body is the creature. This dimension of an  electronic creation is your creature body which you dwell in, it is your  house. This is not the master, for the consciousness inside of you is the  master. It can be governed by the law of desire or by the law of exist‑  ance, or it can be goverened by the Law of Spirit. This does not mean that  if governed by the Law of the Spirit that it will not love, that it will  not hear, or know joy, that it will not create, or gather, or build or  assemble. We have a lot of silly minded people who think that as someone  gets spiritual that they do not build houses, that they do not extend their  holdings, that they do not try to acquire the things they want, and they do  not have any thing to do with that which belongs to this world and its  dimensions. If you think like that then you are mistaken in understanding  what this Law of the Spirit really is.    If I were to say that in some Holiness churches of today they would  throw me out, or they would leave. That is right, they are so upset by the  thinking of the world order that their mind is twisted. But God did not put  you down here to just walk through it, He put you down here to rule over  this earth, to consolidate it and to gather what you need out of it. To use  what you want and give yourself anything your heart desires. There is noth‑  ing wrong with success in any field, there is nothing wrong with wealth or  accumulating it. The wrong begins when the soul starts to worship wealth  and becomes so miserable that it starts to worship the accumalation rather  than be aware of the power of the spirit, the intelligence of that which  did it...this is when you get on the wrong track. When God becomes second  place to the things you have acquired in the physical world...then you are  warped.    When men learn the secret of the Law of Life and know they can apply  themselves to anything, and want to amass and to accomplish for a good pur‑  pose, it is yours and you can do it, just as easily as that, for you are  master of that plane. If you say:..I can't do it, we would tell you that  you can. There isn't anything which you say you can't do but what you can  do. There is nothing under this Law of the Spirit of Life that you will not  be able to accomplish when you understand how. There is nothing more impor‑  tant for you to learn how to do than for you to learn how to dwell in this  body, and to think like a son and a daughter of the Kingdom of God. Every  time that you have an ache or every time you start to worry about the grave  or are filled with grief because someone you knew just went by headed in  that direction, then think of why you are here, and what you can do, in‑  stead of where your mind was heading.    Do you know what the creature is waiting for? The creature (this  physical body) is waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God. You  say:..What do we mean? When the Bible says that the creature is waiting for  the manifestation of the sons of God, and this creature is subject to  vanity, to emotions (vs 20), and is not always doing the thing, or acting  as you might want it to do then the Apostle Paul said:..'I find myself  doing something I don't care a cent for, and other times I find myself not  able to do the things I want to do, and I find my consciousness warring  against my body. Then I wonder what kind of a miserable creature I am be‑  cause my body doesn't want to behave.' You say:..but that is not what Paul  said. Well go back and read it again for that is what he said...in plain  words. Then he said:..'One thing I do know...I delight in the Law of God in  the Inner man.'    I (Dr. Swift) have known a lot of people over this nation as a young  minister. I pastored in one of the toughest mining camps which we had in  California, up at Randsburg. They used to fight in the streets and they had  some of the toughest brawls in history and it was a hard frontier town. But  do you know what happened? I was teaching things of Divine purpose instead  of condeming, and in opening up the things of God it was not long before on  Sundays we had a Legion Hall packed with these hard bitten miners, and  cowpokes who drifted in from Nevada. And I am going to say in what trans‑  pired, that they were all giving accent on the inside to things which were  good, even when they could not measure up to the standard, or hadn't found  the secret. But I never found a man in the toughest parts of those mining  camps who wanted to live again in a town without a church. For something  happened to their thinking, to their feelings of responsibility, as men  started to congregate together and started to think of the things of God.  When men start to think of the things of God, of the laws of God, and of  spirit and of heaven and earth, then they start to move in their thinking.  I do care how high or how shallow, how much of a press they seem to live in  something then starts to happen to them if there is any spirit there to  work with. If they are white men its there, and it starts to move. And  gradually they start to dwell in the consciousness of the spirit.    I want you to know that there is nothing more important than of you to  get over in the middle. We have a lot of people who are dwelling just be‑  low the middle as far as their consciousness of spiritual power is con‑  cerned. If you were aware of what God wants you to do for this hour, and  what God has in store for you, then let me tell you that the Great White  Nations of God's Kingdom...the Anglo‑Saxon..Scandanavian, Nordic Basque,  Lombard and Germanic people have stored up in them the most explosive world  transforming power on this earth. It does not mean it will be a peaceful  transforming, for some things go through a crucible, and some things go  through the forge, but there is enough power and enough fire to put all the  world through it, including those behind the Iron Curtain of World Commu‑  nism. You will not make Christians out of those people who are not Spirit  of His Spirit, but you will bring them to their knees. You say:..How are we  gong to do that? With a revival? NO...First there is a victory for the  Kingdom. I talked to a preacher the other day who said:..Dr. Swift? I want  nothing to do with carnal weapons. I don't want to be carnal minded. I  said:..Well, are you cowardly minded? He said:..I just want to see every‑  thing done with the spirit. I said:..Well, the spirit has to work where  there is something to work with. The spirit will work and move where there  is a spiritual consciousness to be activated. Because the spirit itself is  perfect, in everyone who possesses it, then those who do not have it must  have come from another origin, and all of your revival's, praying and  singing and weeping is not going to do a thing for them.    Oh! you say. Then spiritual power won't work? Yes it will! Spiritual  power will work at the head of a regiment one day, when it says:.Surrender.  But you have to deal with everything in its own order. I heard of a fantas‑  tic thing the other day..a Christian was suing a Christian. Two children of  spirit were suing each other battling for substance. But if you are dealing  with other generations and dimensions around you there is no other way to  reach them...but for Christian suing Christian...No. But if you get into a  law suit with a Jew you sue him for he does not have any spirit, so you  have to bring him up before the law, but you should be activated by a law  which reached beyond that and this is the Law of the Spirit.    Thus this creature (physical body) is waiting for me to become a son of  God..in power..in the earth. It is waiting inside of you for you to be a  son or daughter of God in the earth..in power..and that power will be  correct, it will be a power that will not let you weaken..in otherwords it  will not let this die. Power that corrects all its problems, power that  takes everything in its stride and just goes out and does its work in the  world, that is the application of the Law of the Spirit.    Now this creature body is waiting for me to be a son of God in power in  the earth. Let me show you what the Scripture says:..'Because this creature  itself shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the Glorious  liberty which belongs to the children of God.' Spiritual children, without  death, Life without constant disruption, continous, and without pain, with‑  out aging.    Now; listen to the next passage:..'For we know that the whole creation  (whether it is known or not) growneth together unto now.' And we know that  they,..and here Paul is dividingthe whole into their brackets, 'not only  they, but ourselves, which have the first fruits of the Spirit'. Meaning,  begotten in the Spirit in the beginning. 'Even we ourselves also vibrate  within ourselves, waiting for that positioning to wit, of the redemption of  our body.'  The reason why we stress this is because this is why Paul then  said:..'All things work together for good to them that love God, to them  who are called according to His purpose. For whom he did foreknow he did  predestinate to be conformed to the image of the son'..(His own embodi‑  ment)...'That he might be the first born among many brethren. Moreover whom  he did predestinate, them he also called, and whom he called he justified,  and whom he justified he also glorified.'    Now; do not let yourself be condemned by self condemnation, and don't  let yourself be overwhelmed, and don't be driven into fear concerning your  Destiny. 'For He who spared not his own embodiment, but delivered it up for  us all...who shall lay any charge to his elect? Who is he who condemneth?  It is Christ who died, yea, rather that is risen again, and is even now in  the scepter hand of authority. Even also maketh intercession for you...who  shall separate us from the love of The Christ? Shall tribulation or  distress or persecution, or famine, or nakednes, or peril, or the sword  separate us? ....As it is written: For thy sake we are killed all the day  long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. Nay, in all these things  we are more than conquerers through HIM, and thru HIS LOVE.'  This is the  finality of Paul's argument. 'Fro I am persuaded, that neither death, nor  life, nor Angel's, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor  things to come, nor heighth, nor depth, nor any creature shall be able to  separate us from the LOVEA of YAHWEH which is manifested in his own cruci‑  fixion, and Resurrection'...this is all for you.    I want to turn to a passage that relates to God's plan and purpose for  you. We are told that as we think, and as we learn and as you know (Ephe‑  sians 4) that the Almighty God who came down out of the heavens, and out of  the plane of Spirit, and dwelt in a physical body,..that after the cruci‑  fixion HE descended into the Nethermost realm, and while there released  every soul consciousness which was imprisoned (of Adams race). 'He that de‑  scended is the same also that ascended up into the heavens that he might  fulfill all things, that He purposed to do.' In otherwords He took His many  sons into Glory, and you are told this in the Book to the Hebrews. Here  Paul says:...'I want you to know that for this time of operation He has  given Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and teachers who are work‑  ing for the perfection of the Saints (believing offspring) for the work of  the ministry, for the deifying of the body of Christ', which is the physi‑  cal body of all the people who constitute Christianity in the (Adamic)  race. This is your destiny, in the unity of the Faith, and of the knowledge  of the Incarnation of God,..until we all come into a perfect individual,  unto the measure, and this is the biggest sentence of your destiny which we  find in this whole Book...'Until you come to the measure of the stature of  the fullness of THE CHRIST.'    You say:..Do I believe that?  Yes..I believe that everyone of you in  this auditorium is going to come to the measure of the stature of the  Fullness of THE CHRIST, whereas..if it was called for, the miracle at your  command would be just as complete as HIS. I believe you could do it now if  you knew fully The Law of the Spirit of Life. Knowing that there is no con‑  demnation, not a hinderance, resting upon you by what has been wrought.  That the great block which holds men is in the seat of their soul con‑  sciousness where they THINK. For they think after the flesh which has fail‑  ed, and they therefore think they cannot do it. If they think after the  Spirit they would say:..'I can do all things through The Christ which  strengthens me.'    We want you to know that this is an important hour in our history, for  God is changing us from one Revelation unto another, and from one Glory  unto another until we conform to that image, and until you measure up unto  that stature. As we have said before:..'There is going to be a short work  of Righteousness, but there is going to come also ..the sound of the trum‑  pet, and in the twinkling of an eye, your race is going to be enveloped in  HIS GLORY, and you will be transformed in a minute. This is going to envel‑  ope all the race, because God said:..'That is my pleasure, that is my re‑  ward, that is what I have been purposing to do.'    Now:..I know that every once in a while, because there does not seem to  be sufficient abmonition here to hold everyone in fear over some terrible  torture chamber, that there are a few people who get distressed. However,  if you become distressed because of the Grace of God..my friends..then  learn to live with it. If my Father wanted to have everyone to reap what he  has sowed He would have kept us in heaven and let the world have exactly  what it received. But that was not His purpose. For He said:..'I am not  willing that any should perish'..but..That all flesh should be saved'. This  is not only yours, but all flesh. Let us understand then just what Salva‑  tion really is. To some of us it is just a real awakening of our own con‑  sciousness as to who we are. It is the putting of us back on the Divine  path to which we were ordained. It is paying the complete price..and tell‑  ing us that we stand guiltless, absolutely free, without any fear. For  others it means taking them out of their superstitions, and telling them  who the right God is. But to you to whom this Book is written, to whom  Jesus spake as He called them out by themselves:...it is, 'OUR Father which  art in Heaven, hallowed by thy name.'    We want you to know that if you are as a child of heaven and are related  to a Law of Spirit which works around you...then Angels come and they go,  and for this reason you are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses that  you cannot see. For this reason, and it may happen in your midst, the in‑  tervention of Spiritual forces will happen. There is no power in earth,  among the world order that can stay the manifestation of spiritual forces  to intervene in your behalf. If the fullness of Divine knowledge was in  your power...if you were to know all the things which belong to you, there  isn't anything which could put a hand on you.    Remember when the enemy wanted to get Jesus before HIS time, that He  became invisible, and they could not find Him. You say:..I don't believe  that...but I believe it for He passed right out of that treasury building  and came up outside and spoke to the people. His enemies did not like to  admit it but they did, and it is written down. Remember this was before His  crucifixion when He had a body just like you have with its so called limit‑  ations. But there is no limitation on the body of a child of Spirit when he  understands this.    The application of the Law of the Spirit of Life starts with this:...You  are a child of the Father, He has redeemed you in the physical world, HE  HAS PAID THE PRICE. Your body has the right to immortality, and you know HE  is going to give it to you. So start thinking about LIFE, and IMMORTALITY,  about VITALITY, and POWER. Start remembering that the Spirit of Life is not  ...way out there someplace..it is near..even in your mouth. HE said:....  'Command me, and I will obey..command the creation because you are a child  of the Father who may command.' Great forces are at work in the world today  but they who are flesh..and flesh only, can never conquer you who dwell in  the flesh but are mindful of the Spirit.    We want you to know that 'The Law of the Spirit of Life' makes you free!  ...as an individual dwelling in this body from the law of flesh with its  promise of death, and will make this flesh subject to its healing power.  Therefore be sure your soul has something to eat. Don't let melancholy or  distress disturb you. Think of who you are and what you are here for. This  is God's purpose, this is 'The Gospel of the Kingdom' in your day, which is  charged with God's WILL to Understand.                                    



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