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               WHEN FLESH PUTS ON LIGHT                                           by Dr. Wesley Swift   9-24-61


We are speaking this afternoon on this subject....'When Flesh Puts on  Light', and we recognize that never was there anything more significant for  us to understand at this time than to know the Power of Light, and the  Glory of Truth.   How often we have heard the words:...'The Glory of the Lord shown round  about.' The Light of the countenance of the Most High...'The Glory of the  Lord'....'And the Glory of the LORD shown round about'...'And the Light of  the Most High.' There is something most significant for us to understand  considering, and concerning Celestial beings, that is...that the plane of  God's Spirit exists in the synthesis of Light. And the particles of Light  are the substance out of which Celestial planes are made. And the Light  exists in the wave lengths beyond the capacity of the natural eye to  behold. That the spectrum of light goes beyond the video plane and the  Celestial planes can surround the physical planes as well as the whole  vastness of God's Universe, thus having within it the dimensions of Spirit.     When we talk about the Celestial planes and Spiritual realms, we are  talking about realms which exist in planes of Spirit, of light, and of  Glory. When we talk about the great realms of consciousness we are talking about a soul conscious realm, a realm of dimension in which the planes  of thought and understanding, and meditation dwell as such, resident wherever it may be, and able to be resident in a physical body. As we look upon  this physical world we are well aware that it is tangible, and we are adapted to living in it. And we remember only those things which have transpired since we have arrived, except for the light and illumination which moves  out of the plane of spirit into the seat of our consciousness. It is for  this reason therefore that we are most interested in the synthesis of these  two planes, with soul, Spirit and body, being brought together in a common  harmony. It is this which we have referred to as:........   'Thy eye being single, thy body be full of light.'   What do we mean by that? We mean that the concept of our soul and the  pattern or our seeing, as we evaluate it in our minds, and the spiritual  vision of the things which are in the Mind of God shall be so synchronized  that our eye is single, and there is complete affinity with the things we  understand, and the things we know. There is nothing more important for us  to maintain in the seat of our consciousness than the fact that we are the  children of the Eternal. That we are offspring of the Most High God, that  we began our existence in dimensions of Spirit, begotten by His Spirit, in  dimensions of Light. Because of this therefore we are the children of His  Spirit, and the children of the ETERNAL. It is only the Grace of God which  has caused the transference of the children of the Most High, from heaven  to earth. It is only the Grace of God which has placed you as a race...in  the physical earth. Because of this you have found yourself in a new dimension, for you, as far as experience for you is concerned.    In fact we have mentioned this before, that as we came into the world we  may have had more remembrance than we realize. The babe may be much wiser  than you think, but as he adapts himself to his environment, and to his  needs, and as he tries to communicate with you, and to learn the language  and begins to speak, and becomes conscious of his environment, then a  forgetfulness has closed off the background of the things he might have  told you. And he is becoming adapted to the earth. But that does not change  the fact that the life within him, the spirit that dwells within him is the  spirit of the Eternal...if he is of your race, and of this household. And  it is because of God's Grace to the people of His creation, those of the  6th., day creation that is referred to in Genesis, that God sent His Celestial children into a physical world to accomplish His purpose.   If you were going to transfer heaven to earth as you pray:.......   'Thy Kingdom come thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven'....,   then the logical process would be to transfer people from heaven to  earth, to help build such a system, and that is exactly what God did. If  you had been transferred to earth totally as Celestial beings, totally invisible and intangible, you would have surrounded a physical world, but  they would never have known that influence came. For this earth is a part  of this Solar system which long since lost its concept of its proper relationship with the Most High God. The effects of what had transpired in  the Antediluvian history of the Luciferian rebellion, and the catastrophe  as he had inter‑mingled and mongrelized the peoples of earth as he reduced  them to the darkness and to the worship of evil concepts, had lost for them  the connection of earth.             Now:...there isn't any doubt that in the Omniscience which belongs to the  Most High God that He knew before it came to pass, as to what God would do.  He knew before these things came to pass what Lucifer would do. He knew  before they came to pass that out of all the suns and solar systems which  were under Lucifers control in this area of the Milky Way, and down here in  this solar system of which we are a part..HE knew that these things would  happen, and they would develop. And knowing this, knowing what would  happen, knowing what would develop, the Most High knew that it would be  worthwhile for the Universe, as then they would know the difference between right and wrong, between righteousness and evil, and that they would so  appreciate righteousness that they would be thankful for it. And under its  understanding they would be guided to higher heights. The Most High is not  in any way experimenting with the Universe, He did not anticipate in any  way that He would lose anything. Or that even the Arch Angel who rebelled  would get beyond the capacity of His Grace. I want you to know this afternoon that there is nothing in the Universe that is not held together with  the knowledge particles that proceeded forth from the energy of His own  being. Because of all that you and I find ourselves on the time track of  earth measuring the day of our years by our traveling in our ecliptic  around the sun, measuring the course of time by your time. But we are here  as a people only because we were sent into this earth, not only for the  lesson that the earth had to give, but that we might restore this part of  God's creation to its proper balance. All the Universe looked on at this  spectacle of the great rebellion and the catastrophe which resulted, and  Our Fathers decision to send His Family into this situation.   In the Book of Ephesians, and in other writings the Apostle Paul tells us  that not only the Angels look aghast, but that the people of other portions  of the Universe have beheld this spectacle taking place on this earth and  they stand in amazement that anything like this could transpire anywhere in  God's Universe. But with it also has come to them a comprehension as to the  distinction between righteousness, and unrighteousness, between good and  evil. Never would it have been possible for the Universe to have appreciated the GRACE...the GLORY of THE MOST HIGH, never would it have been possible for them to have appreciated the rightness and goodness, and as to why  it is of tremendous value to understand, and to know the blessings of  righteousness. Before they took these things for granted as they never knew  anything else. They had never witnessed the Grace of God in its operation,  until they beheld how God would treat with this course of the Universe.   Looking down upon a world torn with catastrophe and struggles for thousands of years before your race arrived, you...were children of spirit with  the Father, and you were of those who volunteered that you would come into  this earth to carry out these activities as sons and daughters of God. You  were clothed in Light, whose body had form, and who had never experienced  anything but that which was akin to His Own Great Creative Nature, and His  positive force in Light and in Love, and in Glory. And as you also beheld  the earth, you thought it would be a short and easy thing to put in order.  This is one of the reasons that the Apostle Paul said that you were already  Blessed with all Spiritual Blessings in Heavenly places with the Father,  before the world was framed. Looking down upon this earth, and the catastrophe that came upon it, then it was hard for you to understand why people  were acting as they did under the rebellion of Lucifer. You were clothed in  Light and were like unto your Father, and this we have Biblical knowledge  of. For as the body of the man Christ Jesus was the image of the invisible  God, as we are told in Colossians...so also your Celestial being and your  physical body, are counterpart. Your Celestial body dwells in planes of  Spirit, and exists in the spiritual substance of Light and energy in which  the Celestial plane is for. You not only possess this, but the Apostle Paul  understood much about that. He not only discussed this, but in the 5th.,  chapter of the Book of Corinthians, he says:...'Now we know we have an  earthly house (a physical body) and it is essential we have it our we could  not dwell here, among people, and carry out the program we have been taught  to pray for, and which has been the great driving force from the  beginning.'   'Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.'   With this same significance, then you read the words of Job as he talks  about how he arrived. He said God had poured him out and put him here in a  physical body. He had clothed him with skin and with flesh...'Thou hath  fenced me in with bone and sinews.' (Job 10:10‑11) Yes..HE who sent you  down here, out of the heavens, has put you down here and has clothed you  with flesh and skin...fenced you in and put you here on earth...what for?  Since you are His offspring He put you here to build His kingdom. And in  order to do this He went all the way in the establishment of it.   As you turn into the Book of Genesis you discover that the 6th., day  creation of man was made in the general image and the shape and the form of  the Celestial beings, and they dwelt in the earth, but still they were not  Adamites. For in the next reference to God's pattern of creation..the 7th.,  day...it says that The Eternal Yahweh (God) looked upon the earth, and  there was no Adamite to till the soil. So God begat Audaum in His own  image. And thus the offspring of God were sent into the earth, and the  house (physical body) was to fence in the children of the Most High...this  fence was FLESH. But there was something else that surrounded this picture,  and this was the soul consciousness of these sons and daughters which were  resident in these physical bodies. And here they were altho resident in  these physical bodies..but still enveloped in something which belonged to  the Celestial house. If you go back into the old records, and writings of  Adam and Eve, and the Ancient Zohar, and the knowledge of Ancient Israel  you find they were surrounded with Light and Glory. That this effulgent  Light and Glory was so bright that it shown around about them wherever they  went. It was so bright in its Light and Glory that the forces of darkness  did not like it. the Witchdoctors and the false Priesthood didn't like this  Light and Glory which emanated from Adam and Eve when they were first  placed here in earth, and they appealed unto Lucifer to blot out this  Glory, lest it change the world. And that in the background for that attempt to destroy that Glory then came the violation of Divine Law, which  effected the first Adamic family, and your forefather and mother fell. And  the violation of this attempt to destroy your race by mongrelization lost  for them the aura and lost the Glory as the Light went off Adam and Eve.  This they lost was an effulgence, that was radiation and it was a brightness which shown out everywhere they went. They did not know that as this  Light went off of them that the immunization of all patterns of death was  gone. And thus came death, and it passed upon all Adamites, from that day  unto this, and Adamites have not been resplendent in Glory. We have not  radiated a Divine effulgence that glowed out of the countenance, and off of  the presence of an individual. A Glory and a Light which was not only a  protection against all germs, and things which would destroy, but a light  of Light which would re-synthesize every portion of the tissue of the mind.  if there was an injury or anything like this, it would be re-balanced, reformed, regrouped, and the healing power of the Light of Life, the creative  force out of the Spirit of God was no longer enveloping the children of  God.   Someone said:..we have lost it...but we only lost the outer enveloping  protection, the Shekinah Glory which was to shine forth. For we had not  lost the Spirit of Light and Life which was within. For inside everyone of  the children of God, inside of this physical body is the form of the child  of the Eternal, the Spirit of Light and Life. Now:...the soul was dwelling  there aware that it was alive, but perhaps not aware as to all that related  to its past, it would take the Spirit of God to bring back the quickening  consciousness of this individual anything which had existed before, as well  as the vision of things which must come in the hereafter, and because of  this therefore, we must say that the children of God dwelling in physical  bodies did not show forth something which was around them. But modern Photography and infrared photography and other experiments have discovered  that they can photograph this Celestial aura. They can photograph a field  of light of emanation which surrounds an individual. They have proved a lot  of things to us, for instance...spirits do not grow you..there are not baby  spirits. There isn't a single spirit in the Adamic race which wasn't a full  grown Celestial son or daughter throughout the ages before. In fact it is  proven in photography, when photographing a living child, will show that a  spirit emanation as tall as an adult is in the background of that child,  all thru the time when he grows up. So the Celestial being is with that  individual throughout the entire course of his existence. The soul itself  is not what you are beholding..you are beholding the Eternal Spirit. You are  beholding the Living Spirit which has moved out of the heavens. There is no  question of the fact that this is a full grown house. And because of the  phenomena of this, it has been recorded and it has been studied by many,  and they say that apparently there is a much greater field of energy, much  greater than the size of a babe. But these men are not dealing in spiritual  science as far as they know, all they are trying to discover is why all  this emanation is as large as an adult. They may not know the answer today  ...but they are the children of heaven transferred from heaven to earth, and  because of this as the child grows up, he grows up to his image, and his  whole form has actually been determined by his Celestial being of which...  his physical body is but a physical counterpart of his Celestial being.   Because you have this capacity then the Apostle Paul who had been introduced to the heavenlies, and was carried out into the mysteries of the  planes of spirit, and there, was told and taught once more about the planes  of spirit, and as he was ushered into the presence of the Most High, he  tells it in...'The Apocalypse of Paul', and then again refers to it again  as he tells something about it in his individual Epistles. He had already  written tremendous things about this journey into the heavens, and thus his  Epistles were written and he draws on this earlier writing from time to  time in his discussions and admonitions. The Apostle Paul had brought back  to his consciousness, and to his memory the fact that he was of age, and  that he was of Celestial stature, and that he had been called of God, for a  purpose. That he had been sent into the earth, and that the world had  sought to engulf him, and separate him from the consciousness of Sonship.  But God took him right out of that situation and put him back on course in  the responsible job for which he had been sent.   You may remember the History of the Apostle Paul, he was a brilliant  student. He had sat at the feet of Gamaliel, he was well versed in languages and in philosophy, and knowledge. And he sought to do with great force  and power the things he thought were essential for him to do. But even  under the influence of Jewry and because of his not having the opportunity  to have beheld The Christ, as the Jews dominated the church or synagogue of  his area, and had railed constantly against The Christ, and had given him  the wrong idea of Christ, in otherwords the world order had captured his  thoughts. And his thinking was mixed, and they had dominated Saul's (Paul's)  thinking until he was mixed up. But then we are introduced to the Apostle  Paul, as Saul, as we saw the persecutor who rode with a Jewish army to  persecute the Church, and we know the Destiny God had for this man. Then HE  separated this individual from this evil power, and put him back on his  course. And God stops him on the way to Damascus, and a great Light shown  in the heavens, and the Glory of God was visible there on that road. But  the others beside Paul didn't see it, and they didn't hear the voice, they  said it thundered. But Saul saw the Light and he heard the voice, and from  that day onward then Saul went in the direction for the ministry which God  had selected for him. You couldn't talk to Paul and say that there is no  Pre‑destination, that there wasn't sovereignty, or Destiny. That God can't  stop you, and put you on the right course which He wants you to follow, because Saul had this as an experience, and as Paul he now understood this  experience. And when Paul was taken into the heavenlies, the Father said:  remember how I stopped you on the road, and how I have brought you unto  this place, and now you must do this work I have ordained for you to do?   And so again the thinking of Paul was clarified and he didn't know  whether he was in the spirit or in the body as he was caught up into the  3rd., and the 4th., heavens. This must be a factor in your thinking..that  conscious existence in the dimension of spirit, or in the physical body..  both are so alike as to the senses, one in Celestial planes and on in  physical planes that the Apostle Paul could not tell the difference. This  is the story of an endless life..the story of a race of people who will  never die. Oh! you say...their bodies die..yes, the bodies may dissolve and  break down under the attack of disease germs, warfare, catastrophic trouble, but for your race these children of spirit who's spirit has descended  out of the heavens there is no ceasing of consciousness, and no death to  the spirit. When you were begotten in the spirit you were begotten of incorruptible seed which lives and abides forever. You can't destroy that  which is incorruptible, for it lives and abides forever.   In the physical world you were begotten of the Eternal, and everything  which would have come forth from HIM...when staying in proper balance would  have possessed Immortality. But immortality ceased to be immortality when  the individual violated Divine Law, and lost this enveloping aura, and  Glory which surrounded it. And thus they became as mortals as the people  round about. That is why in the 82nd., Psalm you have these words:....       'Ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of YAHWEH.'....'Why do  you die like men (mortals)?'....You are therefore...many Gods in the earth  so why do you die like mortals? This is not the pleasure of THE FATHER, for  He says:...I want you to rise, and I want you to stand, and I want you to  do these things.   Now:...in the instances of God's purpose He planned a great and Mighty  restoration for your race, a restoration of Sonship, and for this purpose  He came into this earth to re‑empower His sons. To clothe them again with  their Glory, to triumphantly climax the age you are living in with the  greatest triumph in all the history of the world.   Now:...we turn from our thinking to the words of the Apostle Paul, and  these words are translated in the Book of Corinthians, in a way which can  be understood even tho the translation is not perfect. Paul said in  II  Corinthians 5., 'We know that if our earthly house, this tabernacle were  dissolved, we have a building of God, a house not made of hands.' but the  moment the Apostle Paul used the semantics of a building, then people think  of carpenters and brick layers, and all these things. And most people have  been building mansions..over there..for us. You have heard all your life  about these mansions over there. They have been telling you how God is  building mansions in the heavens for His children, and how there are re‑  cords stored up over there. Now:...there is no question, no doubt that  throughout all the planes of spirit, throughout all the great creative  areas of earth, that there are all kinds of things that have been built and  founded. In fact Enoch told about the great and glorious Celestial Temple  he saw, and all the things in it. But the Apostle Paul wants you to understand as he talks about mansions that he is not talking about houses and  mansions being built for you somewhere...over there. He said:...we have a  house...this body...it is our earth house, and we live in it.   Then being a little realistic he said:..If it dies or dissolves we have  something else to live in, we have a building to live in that is built by  God. But don't go thinking of bricklayers, or Angelic hosts or otherwise.  The house is like this one, for this one was synthesized in the physical  world by birth, and this other house we have was synthesized in the  Celestial realm...by birth also.   The Apostle Paul is just telling us how it is, he says therefore we have  a Celestial body not made by hands, and it is made in the heavenlies. It is  translated here in the heavens...but it is..heavenlies. It is the plane of  spirit, but it is not necessarily somewhere out there...but it is the plane  of spirit and that is also right here.   Someone says:..just because you can't see it doesn't mean it is not right  here...That is right, because you can photograph it, so listen to what Paul  says:........   'For in this we groan (vibrate) earnestly desiring to be clothed upon  with our house which is from heaven.'   You say:...why do we desire to be clothed with this house?...we have it  with us...and since it is from the plane of Spirit it is a Celestial body.  In the hour that Adam and Eve were placed in the earth, them being the begotten offspring of the Most High...then the life of Adam and Eve..the  enveloping Glory of the Celestial body radiated from them, and clothed  them. And with them then they had this developing Glory and immunization.   Now:...the Apostle Paul knows that when mortal puts on immortality it is  going to be clothed upon with Light. And for this we desire therefore... we  groan...wanting to be clothed with our house from the heavenlies, or out of  the spirit. And so being clothed we will not be found naked...or not found  short of anything necessary for survival in any dimension or any plane at  any time. Now:...some people say, Paul just said he wanted to die and go  into the heavens. But..no..Paul didn't want to die, he makes it very clear  that he knows what he wants. He said:..'Therefore we who are in this tabernacle do groan, being burdened, not that we want to be unclothed with this  body...(we don't want to die)..but that mortality might be swallowed up  with Life.7   Now:...if there is any one thing we are waiting for in this generation it  is to see mortality swallowed up with Light. It is your inheritance and  don't forget that. There are no other people on the face of this earth who  are equipped to swallow up mortality with Light, at this time. There are no  other people on the face of this earth whose bodies are clothed in Light,  at this time. There are no other people of whom Jesus said:...'Thine they  were in the heavens, and mine they are in earth.' And He said:..'I have  given them thy word, and they have received it.' The capacity of understanding and response is still sealed up with the fact that unless a man has...  feeding...his soul consciousness, the wave length of spiritual perception  out of the Celestial mind, or Celestial consciousness...he cannot take on  nor understand the fullness of the things which God has said.   How many times have we come upon...the illumination of the Light of knowledge. For instance over there in Ephesians we find the declaration of the  Light of knowledge, and we find this also in Corinthians (II Cor. 4:6). For  God who commanded the Light tot shine out of the darkness, hath shined in  our hearts, to give the Light of knowledge of the Glory of God that was in  the face of Jesus The Christ. 'We have this treasure in earthen vessels,  that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us (flesh).' We  the children of the Eternal, we have the same Light, the same treasure in  these earthen vessels, that was the Glory resplended, on the face of Jesus,  when in that hour of experience, he took Peter, James, and John upon the  mountain top, or the Mount of Transfiguration and was suddenly enveloped  before them in Glory, in effulgent radiance, until it emanated from Him.  They felt the tremendous power and the esthesia, of such Glory. And they  saw Moses and Elias now also, in the same video field. For what God had  stepped up and made visible to them, enabled them to now see Moses and  Elias talking, and visible to them. They were so filled with ecstasy and  purpose that they wanted to stay there. They didn't want to come down from  the mountain, they just wanted to build three tabernacles and just stay  there.   Today there are a lot of people like that, when they are moved with some  emotion because of some great spiritual power, they think that is all of  ..spirituality, and they want to stay right there. There is nothing that is  spiritual that you can understand or call spiritual that is not...but to  fill you with power, so that you will do something in the earth. After all  peter, James and John had been with HIM in the Celestial planes before the  world was framed. There wasn't any Celestial thing that their spiritual  consciousness had not known. But what He was bringing back to their consciousness, or attention was...the continuity of endless life. The very presence of Moses and Elias was the verification of continuous life..life in  the dimension of spirit...thus the program of the Kingdom was going on. The  effulgent Glory which came out of HIM and covered HIM had..transformed from  a physical plane to a Celestial plane, the image of the Glory of God. These  disciples were filled with the impact of this.   But Jesus said:...you aren't going to stay on this mountain and build a  tabernacle, or three of them, we came here so that I might show you something, and now you have beheld. Now:...you get down off the mountain and  don't you tell what you saw until after my crucifixion and resurrection,  but I want you to know this:...I wanted you to see that Light from the  Celestial plane, and see how it envelopes, transforms, and re‑constructs.  And the disciples had beheld that Glory. And now we are told by the Apostle  Paul that we have that Glory, that it is in this earthen vessel we call a  body,..on the inside..and it is in this Celestial seed, it is the point of  contact between the consciousness and the Celestial being. And the Apostle  Paul also tells us that we have this Celestial house in the heavens, it is  not stuck somewhere off in space...it is right here!   If it hadn't been pretty close this scientist without spiritual understanding would never have photographed and recorded what he did. Nor would  there have been as many evidences now coming forth in this generation as  knowledge is increasing concerning these things.   The most important thing which you can know and understand is that you  are a child of the Eternal, that as a child of God you are a separate  entity in the earth. You have been sent into the earth to re‑build it, to  throw down the darkness, and bring in the Light. To close up the Witchdoctors and superstition, and set the captives..free..from one end of the earth  to the other. And it is going to be done with Power and with Light.   We become so sophisticated with the tangible things we make in the technological world that without His guidance, His spirit, and His stimulant  our consciousness would never have developed so far ahead of the peoples  round about that we never could have produced these things. But we get so  taken over with these developments of our times, the electronic calculators  and the electronic brain that we have created, that sometimes we overlook  the fact that the most powerful creative force on the earth is the Life  Force of Our Father, and is totally reflected in your capacity to create  and produce things. And that the magnitude of this has a phenomena which  surrounds it, which is ordained by the Will which holds the Universe together. And one of the things which has been ordained is that within this  time span, we have been transferred from heaven to earth, and we are running  around in the sun, on a time track like earthlings, on a time track such as  they are. But you are children of the Spirit, children of Eternity. You are  children, something greater than this. This is a residence that you have  adopted, but it is not your original home, it is only the place where you  have been planted. It is only your residence while you are here. But you  are strangers and pilgrims in the earth, as the Apostle Paul tells you in  the Book of Hebrews. You don't remember how you got here or else you  wouldn't stay.   I know a lot of people who wouldn't stay if they knew how to leave. In  fact I know lots of people who would step back as an experiment if they  knew how, because the more people know about the plan and purpose of God  the less fear they have. And the moment they know that they are a full  pledged son or daughter, a product of His Grace, and His Majesty, that they  are Light of His Life, then they lose all fear.  'Perfect love casts out  fear.' You know that if everyone of the children of God's Spirit knew how  to step back into the plane of Spirit, this place would be empty in the  next five seconds. I know because I would go also. I don't want to die...  but you just want to get back into that Light for a little while. We would  just want to recharge the spiritual battery of Celestial consciousness.  Every last one of you would like to do this, besides it has been a long  time since you were there, and as far as your earth consciousness is concerned, you would like to see that day.   So the LORD said:..I have to clothe them with forgetfulness because these  strangers and pilgrims in the earth would have gone right back where they  came from it they had remembered how they got here...from that land, and  what the secret was as to the passage.         Someone said: Well of course they were born here, and even like the man  Nicodemus who talked to Jesus, and Jesus told him he must be twice born.  but Nicodemus was wanting to know how to participate in the Kingdom of  Heaven..which has to come down thru the Household of the Royal Line... the  Royal Family. And Jesus said:...you have to be born twice, you have to be  born in the heavens and you have to be born in earth..twice born. That is  the secret, and you have all the credentials. But Nicodemus not understanding said:..how can I be born twice, can I go back into my mothers womb?...  no you can't go back that way, you can't retrace your steps that way, to  get back into the plane of spirit. Christ was telling Nicodemus of the fact  that he was a Celestial born son, and an earth born son, and that the Kingdom of God belongs to Celestial sons and daughters who have come thru the  Adamic race, and the House of Seth, down thru Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and  on down to your time. That is why you are different, and that is why God  wants you to stay different. Because you are the source of Light and Hope  for the world.   That is one of the things which has been hidden from this world, and the  Apostle Paul tells you about in Colossians:...'It is the Christ in you  which is the Hope of Glory.' Do you realize that the whole world could be  put together with Glory? Everything in this whole world has been synthesized out of the Light and energy and dynamics, which have come out of the  Light of God. HE is the Light that is the Life of men, and that Life is in  you. And what we are waiting for is to see that enveloping Light, envelope  the whole being. And we have been told that it shall take place. The only  thing right now that hinders this Light of Life from taking place, has been  blocks of the concept of the world, which we still permit to block us from  entering into our Glory.   Now:...that seems to be a hard statement, but always the obstacle seems  to be much harder than it really is until we have bypassed it. We go back  then to this declaration of the Apostle Paul as he says:..we are all vibrating together, but we don't want to die. Very few people want to die.  They will want to live and because of this God didn't put us here in the  world to die, He put us here to live. He consummated death...once and for  all of us..and tells us of a great day, a mighty day, a day of Glory. A day  when all of life is going to be enveloped in His greater Life and Glory,  and death is going to be swallowed up in victory.   Now:...that seems to be a hard statement, but always the obstacle seems  to be much harder than it really is until we have bypassed it. We go back  then to this declaration of the Apostle Paul as he says:...we are all vibrating together, but we don't want to die. Very few people want to die, unless they are so in misery, in pain and agony. But enveloped by Light and  Glory, with its synthesizing force and healing they won't want to die. They  will want to live because of this God didn't put us here in the world to  die, He put us here to live. He consummated death...once and for all of us..  ..and tells us of a Great Day, a Mighty Day, a Day of Glory. A Day when all  of Life is going to be swallowed up in victory.   Now:...the thing that makes this so significant to me, is that it is not  something I am anticipating as going to take place in 1980, or 1990 or  something which will take place in the year 2050. Or 5 millenniums out there  ...that we are looking forward to. We are watching the developments around  us, among the nations of the world which by the timetable of God's declaration, show us that we have arrived at the great and final testing time, and  the hour of the final revelation which God is about to bestow upon you....  which is your Inheritance!   When you see the battle lines being drawn up, when you see the power of  the form of Anti‑Christ in world government trying to exert himself, when  you see the attempt to control everything until no man can buy or sell  except you operate thru their minions. When you see the things that are  transpiring at this minute you know that you have arrived at a climactic  hour.       Now: that doesn't cast our hearts down, that builds our hearts up. You  say why should Christians be so happy at this?  Why? Because we are just  about to enter into the greatest Hour of Glory, Revelation, Majesty and  Power the world has ever seen, when you are going to demonstrate...God. In  otherwords that can't come to quickly, and we do not fear, but rather we  welcome tomorrow. In face we become impatient for that tomorrow. So within  this realization there is an hour and the Apostle Paul tells us that this  hour is..absolute, it is sure, and speaking the truth in Love, he knows all  about it. The Apostle Paul tells us that it shall transpire, and when this  thing shall have been wrought, we here in this earthly tabernacle shall  have been enveloped in Light, and Glory.            Let me tell you...that the inner person in you, that soul consciousness  has resided in Celestial planes, developed as an entity and ego in the  physical being, and it is now capable by contact with the Celestial consciousness to be filled with Glory. It is capable of re‑directing that Glory  until it re‑envelopes the being. The seat of illumination which starts this  Glory is in your intellect, the souls intellect. Someone said:..how do I  turn it on?..By starting to think and meditate upon the thoughts of God  which you are capable of doing..and then the mind picture is illuminated  with the Light of God's purpose, and when it dwells on HIM it is illuminated with the Glory of His countenance. That is one of the reasons the  Apostle Paul tells us in II Corinthians 3:17., that...'The Eternal YAHWEH  is that spirit, and where the spirit of YAHWEH is, there is liberty. And we  all with an open face behold, as in a glass, the Glory of the Lord.' In  otherwords it is as tho you were looking in a looking‑glass and you see your  own reflection. Now in your minds eye interpose that reflection to the  Glory of God. Behold His countenance, and His face where yours is, behold  each new revelation of truth as He brings it to you, and behold the countenance of the LORD each time you make this mental reflection. You say what  is going to happen?..I'll tell you...as you behold it in the place where  you are standing, looking into that glass, and as you behold it in the  place where you are standing, looking into that glass, and as you know that  inside of you, where you do your thinking, is a resident son, in a physical  body...then knowing that you are a son of God..know that you are entitled  by His having begotten you to the Glory of HIS person.   Someone just said:...now that is going to far? No..'Those He did foreknow He did predestinate...To conform to the image of His own embodiment.'  Every one of those He predestinated, the Apostle Paul tells us..'He  called.' And everyone 'He called, He justified back there at Calvary. And  everyone He justified He is going to Glorify.'  So, what does that mean?  ...return to his own effulgent, Divine Light of Life which belongs to a  son, even in this earth house we line in. and from that time on there isn't  going to be anything which will be able to hurt or destroy this earth house  which you live in.   The fact is, that the Apostle Paul, is telling us that as we look into  this mirror, and instead of seeing ourselves, we are starting to behold the  Glory of God. We start to behold His Glory, and we think upon His Majesty,  His Glory, and His effulgence, and then there is one image which will arise  in your mind. Any time you start to talk about the things of God, about His  person, about His Majesty, His presence, then the Glory of God starts to  fill your presence. And now you are told that you are transferred from Glory  to Glory, even by the same spirit...YAHWEH THE ETERNAL ONE. And therefore  as you recognize this inner position, that you are a son, that as He was in  the world the fullness of God dwelling bodily, and that He has predestined,  that you conform to the image of that body, then the fullness of God that  dwelt bodily was transfigured on the mountain for the disciples. And these  sons and daughters of God are going to be transformed before the world at  the pleasure of The Father. And the speed of that hour is fast dawning, and  He is bringing that hour closer. It is the hour when flesh is swallowed up  in Light. It is the hour when Glory shall be made manifest, and shall reach  out over all the earth.   We cannot help but think of when Moses climbed the mountain, he went up  to get the law. This was a law which was essential for understanding of  proper conduct. A law with blessings and with chastisement, but it was a  codification of law. But when he was an Adamite, an Eternal son climbed  that mountain and came in close proximity with the Most High, and the  whole mountain was covered with Glory. And one of the things this son had  requested was:...Oh! Eternal YAHWEH I so want to see thy face, I want to  behold thy Glory. But the Eternal said:..Moses you couldn't look at my  face, but you are going to get all the Glory on this mountain that you can  take. No man can stand to look upon my face..not yet..but I will tell you  what I am going to do. You get over there behind those rocks, and look out  thru that little hole in those rocks as I go by, and you can look at all  the Glory that you can stand to see. And the ETERNAL came by will all His  Grace and Mercy, and He reached out and covered that little hole with His  hand. And Moses couldn't see until He removed His hand, but then Moses saw  the back of God as He walked away, and he beheld HIM in His Glory. And when  Moses came down off that mountain he was saturated with HIS GLORY. The  effulgent emanation which came down with Moses was like the Majesty of God.  He was so charged with it that it was as tho he was walking in another dimension. And he became aware of the Light that shown out around him, and he  covered himself because he knew that his associates or kinsmen couldn't  stand this Glory. That God had been immunizing him for this contact, but  that God had protected him, and charged him with this power, and thus when  Moses came down off that mountain he was shinning like the sun, he was  charged with power. It was temporary because it gradually wore off but he  shown as he came off that mountain.   Someone said:..was it radio active?...It was Divinely active with the  Light of Life. It doesn't make any difference if it was in one or another  field, for every electron in his body was moving at a higher rate in every  field. And Moses came down from the mountain partially clothed with immortality. In fact I am not to sure but that Moses ever died. I don't care  what it says over here in Deuteronomy. I think that was just added a bit,  just like they added to what Luke and others said, I think they just added  a little more to the Pentateuch and said Moses died. Because the Devil never  had to hunt very far for the body of anyone who died, but the Devil  couldn't find the body of Moses when Moses disappeared..couldn't find it,  hunted for it high and low and even pounded on the gates of heaven hunting  for it. Oh! You say somebody probably hid him. It says over here in Deuteronomy 34:7...'Old and full of years without loosing any natural force and  with all vitality....he died.' But Moses didn't die, for on the Mount of  Transfiguration Jesus had His disciples with him...Peter, James, and John,  but who were the two fellows talking with Jesus in the plane of spirit,  when all this had such an effect on these disciples? There were Moses and  Elijah, but if Moses had been dead he would have been in the Netherworld  waiting for Jesus to keep His appointment. That was where everyone else  from Adams own time down to the time of Christ were, except Enoch and those  who had been translated. The only way you could escape death was to be  translated into the plane of spirit. To be so enveloped in Light and Glory  that you didn't die. And I am going to tell you that I don't believe that  anyone who got so saturated as Moses did on that mountain ever faced death.  I think his Celestial spirit like that of Elijah went into the dimension of  spirit, and there they were in that day talking with the Christ, and the  disciples beheld them...and they were bathed in Glory, effulgent Light and  Life, dynamic power. Everytime anyone met the Celestial they found it charged with Life and Light. And when you go into the story of the Birth of The  Christ child you find the same thing.   The Shepherds were out on the hillsides, and then suddenly a Light shown  around about, and the Glory of God shown round about. the effulgent Glory  was there and the Shepherds knew what it was. The records tell us what it  was...a Celestial company was heard singing a carol. And here was a great  Celestial company, and they were singing, and these Angels of heaven were  right up there. And then there was another light moving ahead of the Wisemen. People said that it was a Star, but no, that light went right down  every little crooked turn in the road, for it was guiding them, and thus it  was a lot closer than a Star. The only thing that men could know as they  saw the sign in the heavens was that the time had come. The only thing they  could measure by planets far out in space was to know from these conjunctions that the time of the Birth had come. But when it came to being guided  right to the door, that my friends took a Light of Life, and the Glory of  heaven to do that, and that led them to the right place. I want you to know  that always when Celestial creatures come, when the Glory of God shines  around His Celestial children this is Life!   I want you to know that just because He transferred you from heaven to  earth, and this Light is apparently not shining now, that there is a Glory  that is inside of you...inside these vessels of earth, and the climax of  this is that Light is going to envelope the earth.   Again..tho you have heard it many times, and you cannot wear this Book  out, and repetition doesn't even hurt it...'Arise and shine for thy light  is come, and the Glory of Yahweh has risen upon thee.' (Isaiah 60:1) It has  been here all the time, it needs only to go back and re‑cover the Household  of God. Behold, the darkness covers the earth, gross darkness upon people,  but YAHWEH shall arise upon His Glory and shall be seen upon thee. The  Glory of God is your inheritance, and everyone He has called, He has justified, and those He has justified He is going to Glorify. And that is the  greatest transition which yet awaits the sons and daughters of God. And  death shall be swallowed up in Victory, and we will not take that coat off  ...ever again.   The enemy has held the world, and he has been trying to capture you by  absorbing you into it. He has been trying to bind your hands and the hands  of your nations. He has been seeking to capture your thoughts. He has every  means at his disposal, with radio, press, and T.V.  He seeks to even be‑  little your concepts of great Spiritual Light and Power, but all these  things don't change the Universe or change your Destiny. But with all these  things he hopes to eventually envelope the kingdom. He is again trying the  original transgression of seeking to intermingle, and interlace the races  of earth to destroy that capacity which is in you.   But that which is in you cannot be joined into the world, and produce a  continuity. They do not have therefore this Spirit of Light and Life and  could not project it into their progeny, and that is why there was absolutely no mate in the earth for Adam. That is why Eve was taken out of Audaum,  and then Adam said:...now, this is alright, this is flesh of my flesh. Even  as God said concerning this same Adam‑man, and also of you...You are flesh  of my Flesh, and bone of my Bone. So therefore again it required a great  spiritual re‑constitution of life understanding to know that this hour that  we live in is charged with great purposes which are Divine. And in the  midst of all that is happening, you are also going to see a miracle start  to happen. And you are going to see people start to measure years and count  time, and wonder how long it is going to be. And they are going to be charged with Light and Vitality and Glory, and they will know that the hour is  prolonged permanently in Gods purpose and plan.   The Apostle Paul said:...we are waiting to be clothed upon. We must understand that we will be clothed with the Light which we had when we were  with HIM before the world was framed. Now remember these words which this  man...Christ Jesus said, and which you can say also:...'Father (Spirit)  clothe me with the Glory which I had when I was in thee before the world  was framed.' Because you have already been blessed with all spiritual  blessings in heavenly places before the world was framed. This is why we  pray:....   'Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.'   Don't let anyone pollute the race, don't let anyone swallow you up, don't  let them determine your destiny, don't give any attention to their thoughts  for you must think with the thoughts of heaven. Separated by this constant  consciousness that God placed us in, here in earth, a race...that was to be  masters in the earth because He created and begat it so. They were children  of His kingdom transferred from heaven to earth to bring in that Kingdom.  You as children of that kingdom must never forget that tho you are resident  in the earth, yet you have a Divine Nature. That you are Divine children,  and that you must do a Divine work.   I talked with a Clergyman who admitted to me in the course of our conversations that he had no answers for the problems surrounding us. This  Clergyman represented one of the largest churches in one of our great central cities. In fact he came to interview me because he wanted me to talk to  a group of businessmen, and we were going to talk to them. But he came in  wringing his hands because of the passing of Doug Hammarskjold the head of  the United Nations. He said:...the earths been rocked, and it may be destroyed, our last great hope is gone. I started to talk to him about Hammarskjold, and about Stalin, and our planet, and I said:...I assume that you  are a Christian Minister, and that you still believe in the tenets of  Christianity? Do you believe that the thing you are proposing, and that you  believe in is the best thing that you know how to advocate? Do you believe  that Christianity is better than all the religions round about? Do you believe that it is the only solution to the problems of the world? And if you  don't then you shouldn't be a Christian Minister. He said:...yes, I believe  that. Then I said:...when you believe that then the United Nations is not  our last best hope. It doesn't even compare with the hope which we possess.  More than that we are falling into a trap, we begin to think that all the  world substitutes for God's Kingdom have hope, when they don't have any  hope in them. When they are only filled with catastrophe, for the world has  not produced anything which isn't a catastrophe.   Therefore we have to control our thinking. We can't let the world control  it. We have to think under the guidance of His Spirit, and we have to think  under the will and law, and concept of heaven, and not my friends substitute the Will of earth.   Because we must take over the earth with the Will of heaven, and with the  knowledge of heaven.            The United Nations is not the last best hope, it is the world entrapment of God's Kingdom. It has been made to look as tho it was good, but it  is not.  Now:...I discovered, and I know that this mans great heart has a desire  to be good to everybody. It was just a natural goodness which belongs to  everyone of the Anglo‑Saxons that you know. They just want to help and they  aren't very sensible with what they would give away, especially everyone  else things. In fact he just wanted to be a good fellow, he wanted them to  pat him on the back at the Lions Club and other clubs, and to come to his  church and pack it. And it was the biggest church in the whole city that he  was trying to fill. And this man was crushed because he thought the worlds  best hope was gone.   This is what I want you to see..you better get mind back over on the side  where the power is. And you better start growing in the Light, for you can  face any situation with Light, and be Victorious in it.   For you are children of Light, and not the children of darkness, but if  you live in darkness it is because you have the shades all pulled down. You don't have to do that, it would be a good thing if you would start  looking in that glass every morning, and then just transpose that picture...  ...interpose the best recollection of the face of Jesus, and envelope it in  the kind of Light that He had on the Mount of Transfiguration, and in the  seat of your consciousness...HE is going to illuminate your soul.   Then remember that you are begotten of the same spirit, that consummated  the miracle of His coming. And then know that the Glory which you see....  belongs to you because He gave it to you, knowing that this is going to  change the world. Then go out into a bright day, instead of a dark day.   I just want you to know that soon all flesh is going to be enveloped in  HIS Glory...for you day, and in your time.                                End of Message.                                                                                                     




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