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                          HEALING A SICK AMERICA                                                              By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift----12-3-1961


            Col. Greer speaking:....when Dr. Swift and I were in Washington D.C., in  1959 we got from the Archives a just 'Classification' State Department report that was sent from New Communist Russia in 1918., and I would like to  quote a couple of sentences verbatim from that report:.......There are 384 Commissars, including more than 300 Jews and of the latter  number 264 had come to Russia from the United States since the downfall of  the Imperial Russian Government. It is probably unwise to say this loudly  in the United States, but the Bolshevik movement is, and has been since its  beginning guided and controlled by Russian Jews, of the greatest type. They  have been in the United States, and there they absorbed every form of the  worst type of our civilization, without having the least understanding of  what we really mean by Liberty. (unquote)

            Is it any wonder our country is in such a state, with Christ‑hating  devils in all branches of our Government, and in complete control of our  money system? This message by Dr. Swift given in December of 1961 outlines  our problems.

   Dr. Swift:...........

            As we take up the subject of healing a sick America we are not talking  about people being ill from time to time, or the necessity of them applying themselves to their health problems. Because if we could make America   as aware of the sickness of our nation as they are to their physical health  then we would be well on our way to recovery. We recognize that there are  two factors which may contribute more than any one realizes, to the structure of our society. For we have well been told that sin is a sickness be‑  cause it operates out of the error of human concept, and then out of the  disobedience of the violations of Divine Law, thru that error in human  thinking. The results then is the catastrophe which descends upon a society  and a nation or a race; and comes out of the violations of these great laws  of things..as they are..as the Almighty created them.

            When we turn to this great nation of ours we are proud of our beginnings. We look back on the heritage which was ours, of a great society. The  great Spiritual moving force of God's selecting out of the nations of His  people, and out of their great desire for religious freedom and spiritual  liberty...the selecting of those who in their inspiration and in their hope  for new freedoms, had applied for the right to settle in a new land, and  establish colonies around their faith. Even tho the hand of Destiny was  moving according to Divine timing on this Household and race from which you  had come, still this nation was originally founded by the children of God's  Kingdom moving into this nation for religious freedom. And our early forefathers established their churches, Pilgrim churches...in the land where  they would have their religious freedom. And that freedom was founded on an  obligation which they felt was that they should live before God according  to the pattern of His instructions, and with their desire to worship with  freedom. And out of it came men with vision and determination and to whom  were added...many as they came...until this nation was developed with colonies, and by men who moved by vision to build with courage and initiative  ...a new society. Another nation of white men of the white race, but one of  those destined under the Most High God, and with their symbol of the Outstretched Wings of the American Eagle, according to the prophecy of Revelation in the 12th., chapter. Destined to be the great leader of free men,  to be the defending leader of God's Kingdom in the climactic hour in which  we live.

            We are well aware that as we look at the world today, one of the most  powerful forces which the world has had to lead it, in the last 1/2 of this  century or more, has been the rising to this Destiny that has moved out of  this great nation of the Western world. We are also aware that the background and the greatness of this nation has come from the principals and  the concept of the truths of the Holy Scriptures. Our Forefathers dedicated  our society upon this Faith, and when they gathered together in the  'Articles of Confederation' they recognized the Sovereignty of God, as they  confederated themselves together for the purposes of standing strong  together for the great principals by which their forefathers had also been  guided. And upon this they advanced into Constitutional work, and the Constitution was the framework of the Declaration of the people, their principals, ideals, and their freedom. And anchored by the authority bestowed  upon the Federal Government...by the States...to bring this to pass. And  thus this great nation came into being and was anchored to the foundations  of freedom. So it is quite obvious that from the very beginning, that the  enemies of God's Kingdom who are also the enemies of Christianity are determined to seek ways to destroy the freedoms of this nation, under their  manipulated slavery and eventually under the tyranny of their control. So  from the earliest hour of our Liberty the major pattern of the tyrants were  not necessarily the Kings from whom we had secured our independence by  battle, but they were the forces who held the King captive, and had long  sought to wage war against your race, and against God's Kingdom.    We have watched this nation come from those days in 1776 down to our  time, and in the course of this period, we have watched it develop, and  saw many things take place. We may say that in 185 years of history that  this great nation has come a long way in growth and in development. But at  the same time, and from the very beginning...from the high principal that  was in the minds of our forefathers, unto our day, we are aware that something else has been at work on the body of our nation and in its body  politic. Something which has sought to change, to set aside the foundation  established by our forefathers. Something which has sought to sell our  young people and our national life, concepts which were not the concepts  which made our great nation, altho it stands in stature, high above the  nations of the world, still there is seen today a great sickness in our  land. And this sickness lies in the thinking of our society, which is  plagued by a very deadly virus, in the fields of its thought and its economic and political action. There is no question of the fact that when one  approaches the problems of a sick patient, it becomes the problem of the  doctor to make a careful examination, and then diagnose the problem. And  then to eliminate the disease, or the virus that is hostile to the patient,  and when this is done, then the patient benefits. And so there is no  trouble when arriving at that conclusion that you decide that the patient  must be healed.

            There are those who say it must be by prayer, and that is a good thing,  start praying for the patient to see that all spiritual application is  made. There is no doubt of the ability of God to produce miracles of all  kind, but at the same time there is continual process in our society, which  leads to the finding out of what is the proper nutrition that people need,  what bio‑chemical balance is essential, and what kind of assistance they  may get from any kind of practitioner, from the medical doctor down thru  the chiropractor to the local health doctor, or the Christian expert, to  try to get the body in proper shape and in proper balance. And it is well  understood that you are what you eat and that you have proper nutrition for  the balance of the body. This is also true in the body politic.    It is important that we find out which is making our nation sick, and  find out where and what that virus is which is making it sick, and then  when we find out what that virus is then do anything, and everything that  is necessary to stamp out the virus. Having eliminated the virus from out  of our nations blood stream, we may then move to see that we as a nation  get proper nutrition, mentally, politically, socially, and economically,  and let all of the spiritual power apply to the transition because God has  ordained that every problem effecting your nation is going to be righted,  and the powers of darkness are going to be eliminated.

            The other day I listened to a great exhortation over the radio as to the  crisis of the hour and the great dangers which a world wide Evangelist was  pointing out. He named different places of these trouble spots and he finished by saying that the whole world is about to explode and what the world  needs is Christ. Now;...there isn't any disagreement with that, for what  America needs right now is The Christ. But the amazing thing is that he  recognized that Jesus is The Christ, for this is what the world needs. That  would be perfectly satisfactory if everyone had the capacity to understand  that. But the Asiatics and the Negroids and other people of the world with  their Witchdoctors, and Idol worshiping Temples have not come to that conclusion, and they cannot as long as these powers of darkness hold sway over  them.

            You in this great nation..you are a majority in this nation who have  been brought up, and have believed from your mothers knee, that Jesus is  The Christ. In fact the great majority of our people in this nation, as  they go to church, and they sing the hymns of God's Praise, and they recognize the Atoning work of The Christ, they have accepted the fact that Jesus  is The Christ. They have made a certain spiritual acceptance of these  truths, and they are not all that worried about their Destiny, because they  believe that God has provided for that also. But a great number of people  don't know what they mean when they are talking about The Christ. So in  this they have been thinking about the work which God has wrought for us,  and have been worshiping the Name of the Eternal God as YAHSHUA, or Jesus  The Christ, who walked the earth and this is good, but when I tell you tonight that America needs Christ...then I mean that they need to think like  Christ thought, and they need to do the things which God would have them to  do.

            Now:...if that is what they mean when they say our nation needs Christ  then my friends we are on the road to deliverance of our society. Jesus  said:...'Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.' And  Jesus anticipated that as men knew the truth they acted upon it.    Some people have a strange picture of the Most High God as He dwelt in  the earth. They think of Him as only meek and kind, and gentle, and they  think of He who would look upon His own persecutors and lift not His hand.  They think of Him as one looking down from Calvary's Cross on a group of  Romans not knowing what they were doing, and saying:...'Father, forgive,  for they know not what they do.' And then they take all those things out of  the sequence of events, and tell us that it doesn't make any difference  what kind of forces are fighting against our civilization, we are just to  look down and say forgive, and forget, and take no active part in the thing  which God told us to do.

            In the first place this is the wrong aspect for Christians to take because one of the instructions which you have been given is....follow me.    Now:...I want you to know that there were many developments in the  history of our race, and experiences not the least of which God prophesied  He would do for us as He gave us mental and spiritual relief and then consummated all in the day of Atonement...for us. The Great Day of human visitation was when God was born among men, and then grew up among men, living  in a body like His kinsmen, for the children of God were embodied in flesh,  so we are told in the Book of Hebrews. Thus HE took upon Himself a body  just like ours. But in this instance Jesus told us something which was to  come to pass. You see He did not predicate a Crucifixion for 1961, because  the crucifixion took place back in the 33 years of His life. He did not intend a second crucifixion, for the events of that day had come to fulfillment. The Bible clearly tells us of the problems effecting the people of  our race in Palestine at that time. There were people from two tribes of  the nations of God's Kingdom, these were the tribe of Judah and Benjamin  with some of the Levi, and thus these were the Israelites present in Palestine at that time. There were others present in Palestine as well and  Jesus clearly identified at least their leaders. But those of Judah who  were in Palestine at that time are today the Germanic people, and later  they migrated into Europe to join the Goths, or that portion of their tribe  which had gone out in migration much earlier. As we talk about Benjamin we  are talking about the Normans, and the Scandinavians are part of this migration. We recognize that these two parts of the basic structure of your  national structure of your racial life and tribal origin were in Palestine  back in those days. But also there in the days of Jesus the Temple was in  control of a people who are now called Jews. They had usurped the authority of the land and falsely claimed an identity they did not have, and they  usurped political power by the use of their purse and their gold. They  established by their manipulation of gold, the political, economic power,  of that region as well as even over the Roman Empire, and they could by  that power buy the position of King over Palestine...thus Herod was King of  the Jews. Herod ruled at the time of Jesus' birth, and the period that  followed carried on the same type of rule.

            Now:...Jesus, altho He was very God, and all the Grace and love of God  dwelt within HIM, and tho He dwelt among men in a physical body, still He  knew the events which were to happen at this time. And in His ministry He  at no time tried to hide the truth. But in fact He proclaimed it with great  vigor, with all the Life of God, and with all the revelation of His Spirit.  He spoke to those who needed the comfort of His message, and to those who  needed the healing touch of His hand, and to those who needed a miracle in  their lives He reached out. Those who heard HIM said:...that never a man  had spake like this man spake, even his enemies had this report from those  they sent out to seize him.

            If you will read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and especially Matthew  and John, then as you read these Gospels you will discover that the Jews in  Jerusalem were always trying to capture The Christ...they planned to stone  HIM...to kill Him any way they could...but to do away with HIM...and you  are told of incident after incident of how they plotted and plan this deed.  But...how many Clergymen of today when reading the New Testament overlook  the fact, or never mention the fact that it was the Jews who were always  trying to Kill Christ? They tried to smear His Name and they tried in all  ways to destroy HIM, but these things are overlooked today...why? Because  they are trying to seal an obvious fallacy based not only on this translation and obscurity of fact, but they are also utterly ignoring what Jesus  had said upon this subject...as they try to tell you that the Jews are the  chosen people of God. That anything they do must be ignored, and you must  just bless them, even in the evil which they participate in, and you must  not lift up your hand to do anything about it.

            I think for proper understanding of your relationship to this problem,  and its effect upon your national life that you must realize that Jesus did  not tell you to do nothing about it. He spoke to those of His people at  that time who were under the bondage of the Roman Empire which ruled somewhat benevolently, and also under the more dangerously controlled world of  Jewry which was suppressing the people of Galilee and Judea, and the disciples of The Christ, and the true people of Judah and Benjamin. Now:....Christ spoke out on this matter and He identified these people in the Book  of John, and He did this thoroughly. And as He pointed His finger at them  He wanted all to know that these were not of the House of Israel, for whom  He had come. We have cited to you that Jesus said to these Jews:...'Ye are  not My sheep.' more than that He identified them as being of the household  of Lucifer...thru Cain, and that this was a household of evil, and was responsible for the evil of the earth.

            We told you last Sunday evening that in identifying these children of  the Serpent and the Viper, that Jesus pointed His finger at them and said:  ...that they were responsible for the death of the prophets, and then these  people whom He was talking to spoke up and said:..'If we had lived in the  day of our fathers...we would not have killed the prophets'. Then Jesus  said:...'Ye have just identified yourselves as the children of your fathers  and you will live up to the full nature of your fathers because you are  going to be just like them.' And then Jesus said:..of this people..'I hold  you guilty of all the blood of the righteous slain upon the face of the  earth, and the judgment for these catastrophes falls upon you.'   

Now:...at no time...let no one criticize or intimidate you because you  are pro‑Christian, because you are for a Christian society, a Christian  civilization, or a Christian Destiny on the grounds that is not right to  be opposed to anyone. For today the enemy against you is trying to get you  to take such a position where you will not take any position against anything. He is trying to do that in your colleges of today. He is trying to  take away your Faith in God and the knowledge of moral ethics and moral  standards, by saying:...you are just an evolutionary product, you have no  moral responsibility,  no God, you have to answer to no one, so just don't  get excited about resisting anything. Just let everything take its course..  ..why does He advocate this? Because Satan would like to make pacifists out  of you. Instead of letting you find a cure for your nations sickness, he  wants to give you a tranquilizer. He wants the whole nation tranquilized,  and he wants you so pacified that nothing makes any difference. And the  Christians today who are fooled into thinking this is the way to follow  Jesus, in no way are fulfilling the responsibilities required of His  Church, or the nations of His Kingdom.

            I want you to know that you have to look at the things spoken by the  Most High God, and of the things which he had to say about the things which  are to come to pass, on the basis of time...when they were to take place.  There were some things which were not to happen before a certain time, but  throughout the course of time, and by the manipulation of evil, by the domination of the economy, and the political life, and the putting forth of  false gods, and evil philosophies over men...we find that this has been  going on for ages. During the time when Christ walked the earth, it was  going on, and it continues to go on from that time to your times...it  continues.

            But Jesus looking out over this evil power laid the foundation of  declaration, and then introduced John in the Book of Revelation, to the  evidence of it. And he records this in the Mysteries of 'Mystery Babylon'.  We use the term...'Mystery Babylon' always as a blanket term for the political, economic, and social evils that operate as a massive machine, and a  tremendous conspiracy in the world, in the hands of Satans own offspring,  and always they were identified as such...by Jesus The Christ. Anytime  someone wants to turn against the positions of this Church, or the position  of this pulpit, they are not merely arguing with us, or seeking to dispute  what we believe and say, but they must argue with what God has said in His  own identification and His own Holy Word. And we will stand or fall concerning the enemies of this Kingdom, or the position this Book has taken,  and the position that The Christ declared Himself as He pointed out these  evils, and when He revealed these things unto John who was to record them  and tell it to HIS Church. This Church was to receive this knowledge and it  was to act upon it and to know where these powers and forces of evil are.  Jesus made it quite clear just before the Crucifixion that the Kingdom  of God was suffering violence, and the violence was taking it by storm. And  He also made it quite clear that the powers of darkness coming against Him  were from organized Jewry...and were known by Him. And tho they thought  that by Crucifying The Christ that they were accomplishing a victory, still  Jesus said:...'He laid His life down, and He took it up again.' And these  powers little knew how they were defeating their own god (Satan). But they  were to wage a relentless war against His Church, and Jesus said they would  deliver many to their synagogues. Now:...I don't want you to think that  there are any but one people who have synagogues. But Jesus said they would  deliver you up to the synagogues, and unto the magistrates which they  would buy, and control, and unto other seats of power which they also control. And they would Martyr and hound the people of the Kingdom of God. So  completely did Jesus understand the secret animosity of the evil, as well  as the outward plan of His enemy that He told His disciples:...if you don't  have a sword, you better sell your coat, and buy a sword, because when I  send you out, then you will be as lambs among wolves. There are evil powers  and they will not stop at murder...they will not stop at assassinations, so  don't go out without protection, for I do not want you cut down without resistance. Jesus never told anyone to buy a sword as an ornament. And they  didn't wear a sword as part of the dress uniform of a Christian Missionary.  He told them to get this sword to protect themselves against these evil  forces, and if Christ told you to buy a sword He expected you to have sense  enough to use it.

            Someone said:...oh, we are not to resist in any way, for 'Those who take  up the sword will die by the sword'.   But the full meaning of the text...Matthew 26:52....is: 'They who take up the sword to do violence, to do the  work of aggression, to do the work of theft or murder...they shall die by  the sword. But they who take up the sword for Righteousness, and for a  righteous cause, are not my friends.....under that measure of judgment.    I Think it is most significant as Christ warned His disciples about this  evil, that He told them what the situation would be. But looking with the  eyes of Omniscient down thru the course of the years that were to follow He  also made certain prophecies for the ends of the age, and for the hour in  which we now live. He said:...'The day will come when my servants will  fight, and the Kingdom will not be delivered to the Jews.' I think that  time has come when we better take back the Kingdom and send the Jews packing. Now if there are one or two startled faces because they didn't think  we would speak that frankly,...we have only just started. I do not believe  you ever solve a question in a political discussion by going around it. I  do not think you approach any great problem of evil by going around it  either. I don't think you approach any problem of evil by avoiding it  whether from the pulpit, or in open discussion. Some people say:...we  cannot discuss this subject or that subject...it is taboo, or it is just  not done. But then I look around and I see something not done, and I think  there are some things which should be done.

            In this hour there isn't any question of the fact that we have trouble,  and I am going to turn to the Scripture and find out just where the troubles are coming from. In the first place we have in the laws of God certain  instructions. He told us that when we built our cities in the land that He  gave us, that He wanted our cities to grow, and be populated with our own  people. He wanted them to look as white as you are. he wanted the offspring  to look white. If strangers came to visit, He told you that they could  visit, and tend to their business, and then they were to go away, but they  were not to live, or to stay there. If because of their business, or their  representation they were to stay, then they were to dwell apart, not to  dwell with you. Then you were told not to let these strangers come into  your land and get in positions above you. They were not to teach in your  schools and they were not to instruct your young people. The instructors  for your young were to be teachers and educators who have had the vision  and background of Your Faith, and your race, and thus they will teach the  foundation of Faith in Your God, and the responsibilities of the moral  standards, and the ethics which come out of HIS Commandments. Your instructors were to teach the knowledge of the basic sciences which God has given  you the intelligence to understand. To be able also to write, and to read,  and communicate with your society, to multiply, divide, and subtract, and  use all the patterns of mathematics, and then become wealthy in knowledge  concerning the earth into which He placed you because He gave you the understanding as to how to progress. That is why His race..this Adamic white  race has more vision, more knowledge, than all the rest of the world. I  challenge you tonight to find any advanced science on the face of the earth  which has not come out of the white Christian Nations of this world, within  the process to retain the leadership that God gives you for the adaptation  to the earth, and the changes which you make within its surface are for you  benefit. You are to retain this control over your youth, and to retain control over the preservation of your culture, to maintenance of your society  and the building up of your standards. You are not to permit the lowering  of all these to satisfy the perimeters of your horizon. Too long has it  been policy that we must please everybody, that we must get along with  everybody. That is not a Christian virtue, It is a Christian virtue that  you proclaim truth with unswerving devotion, that you change the things  that need changing, that you build the Kingdom of God with knowledge, and  wisdom, that you roll back the darkness and superstition, that you enforce  law, based on righteousness, but not that you surrender to evil, but rather  that you resist it.

            You live now in a different age than in the days when the Gospel first  went out to gather men of your race, wherever they could be found. And the  Apostle Paul was told not to go to Africa or Asia, but the Spirit, sent him  to Europe and thus the Disciples went into Europe and into Britain wherein  early times The Christ as a young man had helped to build the Wattle Church  at Glastonbury, on land that belonged to Joseph of Arimathea. They went out  to Western Europe and unto the nations God was developing out of the background of your race. No student of Racial History today will gainsay the  great common migratory patterns and that those of vibrator background dwelt  in Europe...that those who dwelt among the nations of Europe had something   in common, and that you also of the white race are a marked type. Any  student of today with knowledge of the structures of heads, and skeletons  of the beings dwelling on earth can identify the different marked types.  Any doctor of anatomy can tell in a moment whether he is looking at the  skeleton of a Negro, an Asiatic, or a white man. So we know there is something different in our background and we are not arguing those points tonight, but we are merely stating that in your nation there is something  wrong if this cannot be established. It is essential that people be taught  correctly, and then secondly as our forefathers designed this nation based  upon Divine Law, and Liberties, and Freedom, they sought to conform to the  pattern of the NEW ORDER OF THE AGES, which we have placed in our Seal and  which God intends shall be built. We did not intend to seek to please any  other Government on the face of the earth when we formed this one. We  formed this Government in hopes that our Light might shine abroad, but we  were not trying to please anyone by curbing our freedom and liberty and  .....civil rights were a great issue at that time.

            I am going to tell you that I think that the great majority of the  people in these United States haven't found out how important the civil  rights issue really is. It is the civil right of millions of Christian  Americans that are being infringed on, in the name of civil rights today  which are not for you. I think that you are being interfered with in your  rights to serve God at the dictates of His own ordinance. When they tell  you that you don't have the right to hire your own kind of people to run  your own factories or your own ranch, or your own store that you can't have  all Christians to work for you or even all Baptists if you want...to work  for you, or if you want to select any of your race to work and associate  with you, then it is your right under the direction of God for you to do  this. And when any nation interferes with this right then they are tampering with the civil rights of the Children of God, and a God given privilege.

            Someone said:...but it is the duty of our times that we secure the civil  rights of the Negro, or the Chinese, or the Jews and so forth, that their  rights as minorities may not be abused. And therefore giving them civil  rights is their due.    NOW WAIT A MINUTE! Rights is something quite significant...A RIGHT IS GOD GIVEN...you can recognize it, but you don't bestow it at all. You try to uphold what is right, but in a nation of God's  Kingdom it should function under a prescribed Divine pattern. Suppose I  tell you that Asiatics, unless they come to visit here, don't have any  right under God's Law. Oh! you say!..they have constitutional rights. Well!  of course we don't abuse them, and they may have rights where they come  from, but here they have....PRIVILEGES...granted to them, but not at your  expense. California had a law that forbade Asiatics from coming over here  and buying up property and settling down, but under the Anti‑Christ world  government plan...the United Nations says that the laws of the State of  California have been set aside. More over, under the United Nations interpretation of the law, Asiatics or anyone on the face of the earth can buy  and hold land in any country on the face of the earth. And the Supreme  Court of this State of California set aside the law of your State on the  grounds that the United Nations now holds the interpretation of the law.  But the United Nations is the organization which God told you not to join,  and of which He tells you now...TO COME OUT OF.  

            Then someone always says:...but we must respect this law of the United  Nations, but I don't respect it. I recognize that this is something such as  a tyranny of world power which has been put over us by men of no vision,  but I do not respect it and I will work as long as I live to change and  bring these patterns of declared law to the foundations God has ordained.    Someone said:.....then you don't like Asiatics?..I don't have anything  against Asiatics..in Asia. I am not anti‑Japanese, or Anti‑Chinese, but I  am pro‑white Christian American. Then someone said:..but there is the Negro  problem and it is different, for we brought them over here, and we owe  them something. WE DID NOT BRING THEM OVER HERE!!! Do you know who brought  the Negro slave ships to America? The Negroes came to America on the Slave  Ships of International Jewish Bankers and they boast about it in their own  book...'The Marranos'. They set up the first slave market and the first  dealing with slaves in the Western hemisphere. They had set up slave traffic first in Europe and then expanded over to the Western Hemisphere. Now I  am not here to stand and discuss the pros and cons of slavery itself. I do  not believe in slavery itself because it does not result in a proper benefit to anyone, but I am going to make an assertion tonight, that Negroes  who lived in black Africa under conditions of Cannibalism and Witchdoctors  were actually better off in Christian Nations, where they were under the  conditions of civilization and culture. They possessed and lived better  there (Christian nations) than they did back in the jungles where they were  free to eat one another. There has been more progress made by Negroes under  white leadership, in any circumstance, than by Negroes who did not have  that leadership. As I have said before:..I am not nearly as interested in  how they got here as I am in how soon they are going to leave. It is very  close here in our time and in our society that they are better off among  their own people. I point out to you that if the Negroes were interested in  Negroes, and if they had that capacity of spiritual acquaintance for the  lifting of people to Divine Law and spiritual understanding, if the heart  of the missionary was in the Negro, then they wouldn't need any urging.  They would want to do so much for Africa that now since they have been  given education, and they claim to have equality and concept and move in  the church and religious realms of Christendom then they should be openly  willing to go down to Africa and raise the standards of their own people,  and to build a greater civilization. Very seldom do you hear of Negroes  dedicated to building in Africa a Great Christian civilization based upon  the foundation of Christianity...and Divine Law...the law of God and the  Love of God. In fact about all the missionary activity you have ever heard  of is paid for by the Methodist, the Baptist and others of the Denominational Churches who sent white missionaries down there to do things for  them, and to give them the things they now have.

            Now:...we don't oppose doing things to help anybody, or to carry truth  to the ends of the earth, or to preach to all these creatures. But we want  you to know that is not the basis of all our problems. And on the basis of  Divine Law we should be re‑settling them over there. And if we want to  spend money on foreign aide or 'lend lease' then the most constructive program we could enter into would be to rehabilitate American Negroes over  there in Northern Africa, or any other place where they might be rehabilitated with their own people. Some Negroes say...but that isn't fair...but  my friends he has just spoken his own piece. They are not as interested as  you might think in their African brothers.

            Now:..I am concerned about something that is being disturbed in our  society. I am disturbed by the increasing agitation among them to demand an  entrance into political and social, and economic opportunities in areas  where they do not have any patterns of majority balance, and where they  should not be in such positions of leadership. I am going to make a statement from this platform which is Christian...whether it is acceptable or  not in American political tradition:.....There are no Negroes in the United  States or anywhere in the world that fulfill the capacities and qualifications that Christ ordained as essential, to become an administrative leader in the Kingdom of God. They cannot under any circumstances therefore,  and under the pattern of Divine Law for administration be in places of  leadership over a white man, and a white nation. Over their own people...  yes...but not over white men. I want you to know that our forefathers were  bound by these concepts, and when they wrote the Constitution for these  United States they wrote that Constitution for Adamites..white men..and  they never even considered the Negro within this capacity.  Someone said but how do you know this? Because almost everyone of the  signers of the Constitution was a slave owner and if he had considered the  Negro as the HU‑man, or spirit‑man race, then the Constitution would have  automatically freed the slave way back then, without any civil war. But  this Constitution was not written for the Negro, and it was written for the  Household and race of white men, which was developing this Nation under  Divine Destiny. If this is too hard for you then my friends...examine the  Scriptures and see for yourself.

            One of the great problems in the body politics of today is that we have  been trying to overthrow the balance of white Christian civilization, and  these unassimilatable minorities who are identified by Christ again and  again in the Scriptures are today identified by their attitude as they seek  to mongrelize our race, and force upon us a loss of our liberties and our  freedom, by making us accept into our lives, and our social contact people  whom we have been told to be kind to, and to assist in every way..but....  whom we are not to absorb, or accept into the social level of our society.    Someone said:..but I believe in the equality of all men. Well, I do to,  I believe that God made of One Blood all the men who dwell upon the face  of the earth..made nations of them, and I believe that when He is speaking  here (Acts 17:26) of one blood that He is talking of Adamites, the white  nations founded by this Adamic race. If that were not so then all men  white, Negro, Asiatic, would have come forth looking the same. If they were  all of the same blood there wouldn't be any difference in their structure  or in their background because the life which is in the blood (Lev. 17:11)  and in the seed would make them all alike. The fact that all people are not  alike proves that all people are not what is classified here as He said:...  'I have made of one blood all nations of men.' If they were all of one  blood then you would surely run a strange chance as you decided to add a  child to your family, for you wouldn't know whether it would be a Chinese  child or a Negroid child in your family then you have a general supposition that something is wrong. There is no question of the fact that you are watching in this design for  the degeneration of the race.

            Let me turn to another pattern for we have watched the evil influence  these powers have gained over areas of our government. One of the most  powerful forces which seeks to corrupt men is turn them in their desire for  power and great riches. Men have been given a false pattern as to what  riches are...and a false idea of what real leadership is. They look at it  as a pattern of power, but...'He would be greatest among you must be  servant to all'....if he operates in the proper capacity.

            Now listen...I charge tonight that America is sick because we have retreated from the great standards of individual freedom and free enterprise  we established in the beginning...until we now have an increasing power of  Federalism. And that federalism is not the freedom of state and individual  that was designed in the Constitution, but is a seizure of power and the  encroachment of it. Also it is a separation from Congress with each passing session its powers, and is a denial of that basic concept of government in which we had checks and balances against tyranny. Congress in the  beginning was given certain powers and the executive branch had certain  powers as well as the Judicial branch of Government. But those powers were  delegated to them by the States, and they were defined in the Constitution.  Today the Executive Branch of Government is surrounded by these strange advisors and has been since the days of Roosevelt, and even before to some  extent. But they have from the time of Roosevelt right down to today..been  seeking to take the powers of all branches of our Government. We are facing  a growing standard of attempted tyranny in our society.

            Now:...just let me pause here for a second. There is something seriously wrong in the Judicial Branch of Government, for their well defined  basis of authority said they could only render their judgment on the basis  of what the Constitution said:..which Constitution was designed by the  people and their representatives. And today we see the Judicial Branch of  the Government, the Congressional, and the Executive Branches as well determine what America is to be by....any revolutionary concept and whim that  comes into their minds. The Judicial Branch instead of basing their decisions upon the Constitution have based them upon the beliefs of Communists  such as Du Boise who is now an open member of the Communist Party tho secretly he has been a member all of his life and there are others whom we  could name as well. But when your Supreme Court turns to Communist thinking  rather than the God given Constitution that you have, it is time that we  healed the Judicial Branch of this Government by removing each one of these  men from their position and putting men of Faith in America and its Constitution, and in the Faith and Destiny of our society on that bench. This is  a hard thing to do, it is sort of like surgery at times, but just go ahead  and do it...impeach every man on the Supreme Court, and put on some Christian American Judges, and see what would happen to American life.    One of the most significant things is that this pack of strangers....  advisors is getting bigger all the time. They were bad enough in the days  of Roosevelt when the first brain trusters began coming in under the  Morganthal, Frankfreiter plan with their followers, but today they are so  firmly entrenched that we have 76 of them out of 116 surrounding the President. And every time he opens his mouth it sounds as tho they were whispering in his ear. Someone said:...Kennedy is a likeable young man so give  him a chance. Yes, he is a likeable man, but he is not performing like he  should. And the most significant thing we could do for him is to force the  elimination of everyone of these advisors who hate your Christ that do not  like your way of life, and want to make you a socialist, liberal American,  and surrender your country to the Communists. It is far better that you  sever them from your National life than to ship our nation into slavery to  satisfy the power of just a few men.

            Now these strangers in our nation have been trying to get a strangle-hold on your economy, and they have taken quite a hold over it. These  parasites live on your work and your production and they don't do anything  except let you in a war after war of futility and against your own people.  Then set you up for conquest and full enslavement by armies they have  raised up in World Communism.

            I think it is significant for you to realize that as they talk about you  not having the proper spirit of brotherhood, and how you are anti‑social  because you love all your Christian brothers, and want this to remain a  free Christian American society then...they...say that you are Anti‑social.  They saw we are the good fellows we are out first on every Cancer drive,  dancing a jig and singing a song, and trying to get you to look and to  bring your money in to help cure Cancer. Well! You say...that is a good  program. It is a good thing to fight any disease, but I challenge that most  of that money is not going to find a way to cure Cancer, but it is just  going to find ways to keep the Cancer victim alive a little longer so that  the rascals want to get in the midst of any and every one of these feasts  of charity.

            A 'feast of charity' is where you are raising money to support or finance or alleviate some condition. You have Cancer drives, and heart drives,  and drives for this and for that, but always out in front are these boys,  dancing a jig and singing a son. You say is something wrong with that? I  think there is something most significant here as the Scripture tells us  about these people and their strategy. Peter tells us about the evil of  these people who are engaged in this, and Jude in his declaration tells us  that there are unassimilatable people here in our society and nation. That  strange men have crept in unawares, (II Peter 2:11...Jude 4) who were be‑  fore of old, ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the Grace  of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only True God and our  Savior Jesus The Christ. They were ordained of old..to condemnation, they  are an ungodly people, but not only do they try to act as tho they had a  religion, and a God‑like front, but their lasciviousness, their immorality,  their evil and corruption marks them and they all of them deny our Eternal  YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA.

            God says:..I want to put you in remembrance of this situation, and these  people, altho you once knew this. They are evil as the Angels who did not  keep their first estate, and propagated them. Sodom and Gomorrah, and the  cities round about had given themselves over to all types of immorality,  immoral life. Jude tells you about this, and there was mongrelization, and  movement after strange flesh, and all attempts to upset the moral standards. Then again today the attempt is to upset the moral standards of a  nation and reduce it to their level.

            These filthy people defile the flesh, despise the dominion of righteousness, and righteous law, and speak evil of those dignitaries God has  raised up among His people for government. 'Woe unto them for they speak  evil of those things which they cannot understand'. God says of these  International Jews, that they are natural brute beasts for they corrupt  themselves. 'Woe unto them, natural brute beasts'.. that is what God calls  them. They are a part of the Beast System of course, but I have more respect for him than for those powers which are trying to destroy America. He  is rightly called brute man. Did you know that about half the time that the  word..man..is used in the Scriptures that it means...Enosh...that when God  talks about the other races He calls them Enosh? They have a soul consciousness, but they do not have a spirit consciousness because they are not  His children...the children of HIS spirit. God is not angry, nor is He  trying to destroy them, but He put in His children for His Kingdom in earth  and you are this race set apart, and you were to bring Light to the world,  to rule them and correct them. This little creature who rode around the  world, at least did what He was told and he pulled the right levers and  when the red and blue light came one he pulled the lever and came down in a  parachute. He did everything that a Russian Astronaut did, so when an American monkey is as smart as a Russian Astronaut then you don't have to  worry about that part of the worlds problem.  It is said that they have  control of space...No..the last one up there was an American monkey.    But these evil people they are sowing rottenness into your society to  demoralize and deprave it and send depravity upon your people. Do you know  why we have such trouble tonight in this city? We are about the third  highest in crime wave cities of our nation. The F.B.I. says you are about  No.3 in murder, rape, and violence, so where is it coming from? It is  coming out of the evil Satanic powers in our midst, these immoral and depraved forces which are seeking to destroy our society.  It is not only  coming out of them, but thru their influence over the more affluent portion of our society. They move to influence and stimulate the thinking of  those who are not under the guidance of the Most High. We find the situation of a car load of Negro youths driving up to a corner, jumping out and  slashing a mans throat and then jumping in the car and driving away as you  saw the other day. I was told by law enforcement officers that about 600  crimes of intense violence and rape were taking place every month, that you  never hear about. I could tell you of things that are shocking, and we are  not going to waste the time doing that, other than to cite to you that  actual cannibalism has been happening here in California, and murder, and  violence and rape.

            Do you want to know why it is? It is because of the immorality and depravity of these powers that are not trying to do anything to assist in  stopping this. Behind the thin veneer of a couple of centuries of spiritual influence and guidance of the white man lies behind the African 70 some  thousand years of Witchdoctors, savagery, and Luciferian service and cannibalism. And that cultural inheritance of darkness which he inherits, which  is his background is not only in the electrons around the nerves in his  mind, but he has inherited it in the same pattern which the chromatin received the pattern from your forefathers...which they gave to you from the  days of Adam...7400 years of culture adherence to One God, of spiritual  Life...and this is natural to you, just as it is natural to him what he  inherits. You just don't have this thin veneer over your background as he  does. If you go back to any depth of your background, then that depth is  tied in with the Destiny of God, and spiritual values...yes there is a  difference in Adam‑man and Enosh‑man.

            Don't let them tell you, my friends, that we can ignore these things for  we are told here by Jude that these people go the way of their fathers...  they go the way of Cain. He says:..these are the spots who stand out in  your feasts of charity, and we have had nothing but Eddie Cantor and his  likes in every drive for any of these causes..they are always dancing a  jig in front. Don't think it makes any difference whether it is a T.V.  front or whatever the drive is, but right out in front of the scene is  these people who make merchandise of you.

            In fact I have always been dubious of how much of this money reaches  any research of these causes to do any good. I remember that at one time  there was a program for the relief of paralysis and the President and his  family participated in it. And the whole secret behind it was that they  leased the whole grounds of Warm Springs Georgia to the foundation that was  supposed to be fighting Polio and they got a great big cut, the biggest cut  of every dime that marched down there to help in that cause. I think it is  a matter of interest for you to know that here we read concerning these  strategies of these people who feed themselves on you without any fear because they are parasites living on you.

            'They are the raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame;  wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever.'  Because in their capacity, they cannot see.  Jude 13.

            Do you want to know what is the matter with America? There are too many  of these dark stars without vision moving around America corrupting it with  their concepts, with the amount of money that Babylon pays them to dance  the jig in front of you they are elevated to the status of heroes in your  midst. Then the heroes and the heroines of Americas life of amusement, become under the background of this, people who lives will not stand the  scrutiny of the standards of morality which are expected both by your  society and the church of which you are a part. But they have become the  spectacles of leadership in the hero thinking of the youth. Babylon did  this on purpose. I am not against motion pictures, or plays or anything  that is honest, right, and constructive. But when they become a propaganda program for evil, and when they take people under evil to make them  heroes of this prospective, then they do you a disservice.    I want you to know that in capturing the mind, that there has been more  propaganda to soften you on Communism, and to build up development of pagan  Asiatic Godlessness, as it exists in Communist countries, and it has been  portrayed to you in a new light in films. I want you to know that the great  nations of Western Europe which includes Western Germany and Central Europe  and which has tried to expose Jewry and to eliminate this scourge from  their body politic and their banking economy, were smeared and lied about  all over the Western World by the children of Anti‑Christ. And then the  best way to prove how evil they are was for Babylon to come over here and  make a lot of Motion pictures, from false and evil scripts and then get  people to say:...I know it was true for I saw it with my own eyes. I had a  man argue that with me about some brutality, and I said:..this is unnatural  for your race...where did you see it, and were you there? Did you see it  with your own eyes?  No..he replied, but I saw a whole motion picture presentation of it.

            There isn't a doubt, but that Babylon has tried to give you the picture  of life as they want you to think it is, but they also have lied about the  foundation of it as they expressed it on film. The Scriptures I would turn  to now are back in the writings of Peter, as I just read you what the  Apostle Jude had to say about the evil forces in your society who would  make your body politic sick. These are the false prophets who are among  you, and they bring in their damnable heresies, even denying the very Lord  that bought them, and bring upon themselves destruction. II Peter 2:1.  Now:....these people who deny that Jesus is The Christ then deny His  Atonement and deny His relationship to your civilization are the ones who  bring catastrophes into your nations so what does the Scripture say?    'Many follow their pernicious ways; thus the truth is evil spoken of'.  These people are covetous, and they have with false ways made merchandise  out of you. Their judgment has lingered long, but their damnation slumbereth not.'

            Now:..the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of the  same evil that these people carry out. They are filled with the thoughts of  evil, and seek to reduce your thinking to their level.

            Now: God said they are natural brute beasts...now listen to this, and  don't go out of here and say that Dr. Swift ordered a program on these  people. Listen to what Peter said as the Spirit of God moved on him:....'But these are natural Brute Beasts. made to be taken and destroyed, for  they speak evil of things they do not understand; and shall utterly perish  in their own corruption.'

            Now:..apparently the best way to save the body of God's people is to  find the actual Antibiotic which kills the germ that attacks us. Listen...'Their eyes are full of adultery, and they cannot cease from sin, they  exercise their covetness against you, and they practice their work against  you, for they are accursed children of the darkness.'

            Did you know that the word Adultery is a most misunderstood word, as to  its original origin. There were other patterns and words that meet the  social and unethical crimes of your society. But in the 10 Commandments the  word was...ADULLAMAS..and it meant those shalt not cohabit with another  race. That is how it used to be written, and it is how the Zohar interpreted it. For to mix two kinds of fluids or two substances together is to  adulterate it. You don't water milk or add water to gasoline or you have  adulterated it. Thus you don't mix two races, or you have adulterated each.  Adultery was the co‑habitation of two races, the mixing of bloods. I only  show you this because it was a part of the Commandments.

            These people who have sought to mongrelize God's people in every generation are in our midst today with their B'nai B'rith and their brotherhood programs, for the mixing of the races. I want you to know that this is  only a part of this declaration. God talks about how they try to lure  people into lust which they picture before them all the time with wantonness. At the same time while the promise is for liberty, they themselves  corrupt and destroy and take all the liberty from men. You know that is the  way they talk..liberty, and equality, and fraternity among men. But they  have taken those words and changed them from true liberty and equality and  fraternity among brothers to try to involve the fraternity of the world.  And equality of people who do not possess it, and then they would take your  liberty while talking about it.

            We have mentioned several things at different times, but this love of  money is listed as the root of all evil. Your nation has descended down the  long road to socialism and socialism is the political philosophy started  ages ago...out of error, and always has been pushed by International Jewry  but not by the people of the Bible. Karl Marx gave it its test book called  'Das Kapital' in the generation which proceeded you, and in its course you  will discover that Kuhn Loeb and others help develop it, and finance it.   

Listen:..I only add this so that it may go out over the tape to the many  thousands who will hear this:...The great curse of the program of Great  Evil, is that they plan to gain control of all the production and all the  blessings, and all the life, and substance of our nation. To do that they  try to gain control of something which they call money, and then they tell  you that you can't understand it so you let them take care of it for you.  And then they train Presidents to say...let trained money experts handle  the money, and then all those who are given the power to do this belong to  the private Banking systems of International Jewry of the House of Rothchild. From the days when the 1/2 Jew..Col. House persuaded the Congress to  turn the money of the U.S. over to the Federal Reserve Bank System you have  been in the hands of the International Banks, who distribute your money at  60% profit.

            Someone said:..but that is not true Dr. Swift. Yes it is. Understand  this:...Col. House was told that he did a good job turning the money system of the United States into the hands of his mothers people, and then  those people thanked him and promised him a reward. But every time that  they circulated money for development, and to meet payrolls, and for the  building of America, its backed by the production of things produced, and  is then retired by them for the profits. Or every dollar they get they  print 10, and then they don't just loan out 1 dollar, for 10% interest but  they loan out 10 dollars at 10%. Then they loan out anywhere from 3 to 6  dollars on shorter runs and get much, much more. If at the end of the year  when they turn back the dollar for remeasure and balance out the dollar,  they have already made the interest on 10 dollars or more, instead of on  just one dollar. So on the one original dollar they received approximately  60% interest. They had already made because they had loaned the ten dollars  out and then they brought the ten dollars back which was their own Federal  Reserve notes and re-balanced the one dollar with the Government, but they  have taken that out of America's substance and out of America's life by  that manipulation 60 cents for every dollar your government put in circulation....thru their hands. For this 60 cents they did nothing. Someone  said:...but Dr. Swift, I don't understand that. But that is because they  told you that you couldn't understand it. Yes...I understand it perfectly  and I understand exactly what they did, and you can understand it also. I  think Christian America ought to stand and say....They are not going to do  that anymore.

            Franklin D. Roosevelt was surrounded by these money masters and one day  they took away your gold and said you couldn't have it. Said we will raise  the price from $20.00 to $35.00 per ounce, and that meant that you now had  to have $15.00 more to be equal to the ounce, but now you couldn't even   own it. All the world could get it, but you couldn't have it. Your money  was devalued 40% that day, and savings were immediately devalued because  all over the world the American dollar would not buy as much gold, only a  per cent of as much as it did the day before. Who had the power to do that?  When the President demanded and got more power put in his hands by Congress  he suddenly, for Babylon's sake, took your gold away. And from that date your gold has ben going out of your nation at a terrific rate every since  that date. No matter how much you get, or how much you buy...out it goes.  Do you know that you cannot ship it to other countries unless they can exchange dollar credit for it, but these Jews who have been milking America,  and foreign enterprise all over the world are never satisfied, but they  want more and more of it.

            I was made aware the other day of this fact, that powerful men such as  Barney Baruch had power to buy gold for export and all purposes, but you  try to get it and you find that only a handful of Jews have that power  today. Do you know that they can buy that gold in your country at the going  price, but its a lot higher outside of your country on the world market.  But they can use this gold here to manufacture things and then they ship  the goods out. The great conspiracy's goal is to get all the gold they can  out of this country and into Israeli and Russia. Someone says:..my, that is  a terrible thing, it will destroy us, as our law says that we have to have  so much gold here to back the Federal Reserve notes in circulation, and we  have to have 25% of all the currency in circulation back by silver. But do  you know that with the influx and out‑go of silver, and with the consumption as we use it commercially, as we use it and with our ability to buy it  from the government, even then at a rate that has been lower than the national, international rate...then our supply of silver has also gone down.  We lost 300 million ounces of it just a month ago. We have less, my friends  than the 25% that is required for backing. I believe there is only 63 million ounces of silver left in the treasury...not very much.    Today International Finance snapped its finger, but it wasn't in the  front news, but it was on the financial page. Mr. Kennedy said that he was  going to require that the Treasury Department stop the out‑go of silver at  the present price. And that silver should become a free commodity sold on  the market at the price it would draw which is about $1.25 or $1.30 per  ounce. Which means that freeing it from the monetary silver certificate is  stating that the only money you have in your pocket is a silver dollar, or  certificate, or any coin that you have. Outside of that the only money you  have is a paper dollar which says:...this is a silver certificate..this is  United States's money redeemable in silver, and then you will discover that  now these are off the market. No longer will you have a silver certificate  of any denomination, or even a silver dollar. But the plan of the President  is that you will only have the golden certificate of the Federal Reserve,  but you can't have the gold it represents.

            So now...off of silver and back on the golden paper. The President waits  now for the Congress to abdicate more of its power. I will show you the  real danger in all this, for the Congress to go along with this they have  to relieve themselves from the act which empowered them to establish and  coin money. And they determine the silver content of this dollar, but the  President wants them to submit that power to his hands and then your dollar  will lose 30% of its value. Labor which prides itself by its liberalism has  been led around by its nose by its leadership, and have inflated themselves  out of their share of the markets of the world, but now they think they  have a certain stabilization, if they can just hold where they are but the  President with a single stroke...if this power is given to him...can take  30% out of every dollar of the workers, but their taxes will go on up  anyhow.

            This just happened in the past week. This is your dollar and if Congress  abdicates, as Mr. Ball who now is moved from Economic Advisor to the  President to the position of Assistant Secretary of State...and he says  that there is no doubt that the Congress will give the President his way,  even to the tariffs. They are trying to remove the wall of your tariffs  around your nation which is to protect your laborers, and protect the  market of America which pays for what it gets, and keeps the money at home.  And most of the money you think you get for goods sold to foreign countries  ...you first had to give them the money to buy it with.

            Someone said:...but see the large volume of business we do, that keeps  things going. This is not true my friends, if you have to give away a large  part of the volume that you sold. You might as well have taken that time  off and enjoyed yourself, for you didn't receive anything for the labor  that you had to provide the money for to buy the goods. The great Unimark  of Europe is strong tonight, and it is manufacturing good goods of quality  at 30% less than what we are producing the same for. Then it puts up a  tariff that makes it even cost more, so we aren't selling anything in Europe. So the President is worried about this market, so he tells the  Congress...I want the power to make any agreement, I will tell them that we  won't put any tariff on your goods, if you don't put any on ours. In an  instant that would mean that the rest of our American Business would go  into the European, or Japanese Market because we cannot compete with their  wage scale being 30% lower than ours, with the same quality of goods being  produced and their purchasing power being as high. But the President says:  ...It is only your money, so we will take care of that, and we will just  take silver and throw it loose. That will knock down at the world price...  the American dollars amount of silver in its content. 305 will put it down  to their level, and everything will go along smooth, and America by this  route has dropped another 30% in her living standard, and we are getting  closer to the Mexican people all the time.

            This is 'Mystery Babylon', but I am going to tell you again that behind  this...behind all your economic problems, and most of the catastrophes  that invade your economic field are the manipulations God said...was  Mystery Babylon.

            There is only one thing which I cannot understand, that is...there is  this intense desire upon all parts of Satans children to corner all the  gold and silver in the world. And if they had it all in a pile down in  Jerusalem, and they sat on it...still they couldn't eat it and it wouldn't  do them any good, but they would sell their souls for it.

            Now:...people think this is a terrible catastrophe, their taking the  gold all out of here. We have more people worrying about the gold in Fort  Knox than we do have worrying about what they are putting in childrens  heads in school. But let me tell you this...you: are about to see a great  wave of spiritual power move across your nation, and when America suddenly  realizes that their money is founded on a Reserve System that is not founded on reality, they will then know that their body politic has been bought  and moved into avenues of chicanery. Namely by those avenues of expenditure  and money. And they are going to know that all this influence and power has  helped to corrupt our society, and they are going to remember that the Constitution gave the power of this control to the Congress and they are going  to tell the Congress of the U.S., to once more establish an American currency system with a U.S. Bank, and they are going to have to issue the money  ...against production. And production money doesn't need gold and silver,  but it will buy food, and houses and clothes, and it will have the same  value 20 years from now, that it has today. You will have just weights and  measures under that system.

            Do you know what Babylon is going to find out? That they have just  cheated themselves out of their own control. And the cry of the people is  going to end their control.

            Someone said:...do you mean that my isn't going to be worth as much in a  little while as it is now? It means that your money is only worth as much  as Babylon says it is...right now...and unless the Congress asserts itself  to protect you this will continue. It means also that the cry of prophecy  is that a great and strange economic upheaval is in the making and that  these things are all a part of this world conspiracy on the part of your  enemy. The Soviet Union is in this conspiracy on the part of your enemy.  The Soviet Union is in this conspiracy, and World Jewry is in it. Did you  know that World Jewry has been moving their wealth and their families to  Rio De Janeiro, and Mexico City, and other areas? They are getting their  families wealth out of the area where they are afraid the fall is going to  come, and where they think they will get the blame for what they have done.  Did you know that the 'guilty flee' before any man pursues them?    I tell you this...that this sick body of American politics and policy is  quite demonstrated, when in an open acknowledgement the enemies of Christ,  and of World Communism move to make war on our nation. And we call up our  military to train our people and to rise up against Communism, and then the  power and influence of these forces of evil would actually demote our generals and chastise them for their leadership in this field, to satisfy the  voice of the Internationalists. The other day I was in San Francisco and  the B'ani B'rith issued a call for its members to fight anti‑communists,  and against the left wing were also against Jewry. They came right out and  said that in the local paper.

            I want you to know that you can accept the words  of Jesus, that you can  give a re‑affirmation to the morals and standards of your race. Society is  built around the home and around God's Blessings, and that cooperation of  thrift that makes a home a solid bulwark against the problems of the whole  world, and then joins the community with its association, and the church  with its fellowship, and with its people. And the whole structure of  society with a mutual respect toward God, and toward the principals of that  society..until men are willing to die to defend it. That is a society that  remains strong. I want you to know that God has called for you to awake. He  said that the wrath is going to rise in your countenance, and the Cainanites are going to leave your nation, for fear that they have been found  out.

            As we look at these problems of our times, as you discuss it, and tell  it, tell it, tell it then as you awaken everywhere as to what is going on.  And as people discover that they are being exploited and being taken by the  enemies of Your Faith and are seeking to change the next generation by controlling the minds of their children. And even turning them against their  parents, both in discipline and in the things they have been taught from  their youth, them My Friends, it is time for you to rise and look after  your posterity, by rising to stop this evil. Going right to the root of it  and sending every pagan teacher back where they came from. Deport them as  undesirable's...aliens.

            Someone said:..but isn't it a wonderful thing, the Attorney General is  going to process Communists and if they don't register then the Supreme  Court says that have to register by December 20., and they have Gus Hall  under indictment, so we are moving in the right direction. Well...anything  that is against Communism is good, but I wonder what happened to that court  that postponed it so long, and didn't follow out the full intent of the  McCarron Act that was made so that all Communists had to register. Now, we  are just going to have the leadership register, and they are juggling  around until only a few of them will actually register.  What we need in America is not the registration of Communist's, we  should have the imprisonment of Communists.

            You say why is that? Because they are trying to overthrow our country.  They are trying to overthrow our country with force and violence, and revolution, and they are not a rightful Political Party, and everyone in this  country knows it.

            Now we are faced with the fact that God has a program for all this. He  tells His people to turn the whole influence of their Faith and their  culture to the development of the kind of a nation which God wants to lead  the Kingdom. And He is calling for white men to build a white Christian  society and to sustain it.

            It is right that you think Christian, buy Christian, vote Christian, and  let me assure you of this...you must eliminate from your society and by  every means at your disposal, the Power that is destroying you. You say...  how do we do that? We have a process by which to do that, and it if the  machine has broken down then build a new one. But you are a majority as yet  for there is 140 million of you. They tell us there are 40 million more...  5 million more than in the last 6 months. There are 185 million people in  America now and it is important that you determine that your white Christian civilization rules, to determine Americas Destiny before it is too  late.

            It is Christian for you to believe in Christ to follow His instructions.  The Blueprint of this Book calls for white Christian Nations to rule the  world, it calls for them to rule their own Administration, and to stand by  the standards of Divine Law, and to build a New Age. They way to heal the  body politic is to go right to the source of its sickness.    This process is totally Christian, we believe, and you can eliminate  Jews from every sphere of your lives, by cutting off the source of their  supply. Don't let them be elected to any political office, and remove anyone from office who appoints one. Do not then let them teach your children  or hire any of their agents to teach them. Do not pay them for anything,  and cut them off economically, and if they have to live on their own parasitical selves they will leave.

            Someone said:..But they are not the only solution...they are the beginning of evil in America.   We don't have time to discuss all the great evil taking place in the  economic world, but we will have more to say about it later, for it has its  relationship to even the measurements of the Heavens, and the patterns of  the Most High.

            What America needs tonight is the Christ. To think like Christ, and act  like Christ did. If anyone in America acted like Christ you would get a  great big scourge and then you would go out and drive them off the body  politic, and out of the banking business, and the seats of Administration,  because Christ drove them off the steps of the Temple, and He said they had  made the house a den of thieves, and murderers, and you would be doing His  work. Someone said:..Maybe we should go out and preach to them, and bid  them come. You can't...because Jesus said to them...'Ye are not my sheep,  and you cannot understand me.' For they would deliver you up to their  synagogues and to the rulers whom they control. But thank God tonight for the  assurance, when this thing is over, that it is going to be a great New  World Order, built on the principals of Light and Liberty which no one can  destroy.

For no one can break the Freedoms of God's People.  (End of this message)




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