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                                    By Dr. Wesley A. Swift----12-14-61 


Today all Christendom is in meditation on the great things that God has  wrought. There is no doubt that all of us who are assembled in this  auditorium know who we are, thus the whole Christmas message takes on added  significance. It is good that all Christendom pauses to celebrate the Birth  of The Christ, and it is more important that they pause to celebrate the  Birth of The Christ amidst all the affairs of life, than that they get the  right day. There is no question about the fact that he was not born on the  25th., of December, but the important thing is that this is the day when  all Christendom has been recognizing the birth of The Christ, and continues  to recognize the birth of The Christ in face of all the opposition that  does not want the recognition of the Birth of The Christ known to the world  or witnessed to it.      THE SIGNIFICANT THING IS......WHAT TOOK PLACE THAT DAY.  

I listened to a minister over the air who said:...'It isn't important how  Christ came, it isn't important who he was, it is just important that w  follow his example and that we accept his teaching. Well that is the  trouble with the church today...there are a lot of people who think that  the most important thing...ISN'T IMPORTANT!, We have a lot of people who think the same thing...the most important phases of their independence and  their national life and their constitution. But this Clergyman says that it is not important who HE was. But we tell you that the most important  about the birth of The Christ is who HE was. The second most important  thing is that HE came...the way He said He would come. And He came to a  people, and for a people HE had promised he would come to.  

Thus, Clergy today was trying to divide the message in the Book of Matthew  and the Book of Luke. He was trying to say that the two messages had two  different significance. The one in Matthew was a Jewish story and the one  in Luke was a Gentile story to all the of the world. Well that is why we  have so many Christians who don't know whether they are coming or going.  They don't know what it is all about. However there isn't much in the Book  of Matthew for the Jews to want. The Book of Matthew does give the house of  Joseph...the genealogy of the husband of Mary the Virgin to whom was born  ...THE CHRIST.  

Now; I want you to consider for a moment, the background of the Bible,  which God caused Holy men to write, and they wrote a record of great  history. And in the early texts as these Scriptures were brought together  they were the greatest compilation of the words of God that man had before him. And they went thru much testing and great attempts by many for  changing. In fact when in the early church of Rome they had attempted to  copy many of the manuscripts we find that a fifth column invasion took  place in the Church of Rome as the enemies of the church of Christ moved in  and tried to obstruct the truth. And their original Alexandrian text was  changed, yet in spite of this that church still carried the testimony of  The Christ, and the story of his birth. Still carried this message even tho  inside their version of the Scripture there was now two accounts and they  are slightly different, one in Matthew and one in Luke.  

Then when Protestantism started and Martin Luther had established the church in Germany, and even tho the great Abboteries of Britain had existed  long before, and the free church had been there from the beginning...still  Protestantism took the same sets of Scriptures as Rome used, even tho the  earlier texts were known. So thru the course of time all Christendom had  accepted the great basic facts of the story as true. But there were great  areas of the panorama which they had somewhat confused, because of the  effort on the part of the enemy of Christianity to obstruct the truth, and  try to change the story and have men believe something which is not true.  

The enemies of The Christ today are the same enemies that he had at the  time of his birth and his ministry. Do not forget the prophetic significance of this...that 'The Dragon stood before the woman to devour this  child as soon as it was born. And we remember how Herod the King and his  soldiers tried to fulfill this at the time of His birth. We must remember  that in their animosity they wanted to dissuade the world that this was the  embodied YAHWEH (God).   

Now; either today this was the birth of God in a miraculous program which  He had prepared for Himself, before the foundations of the world, and  prepared for you...or Christendom is built upon a fraud and had no greater  life than the energies of its people. There is no room today for  vacillating Christianity with the challenge that lies before it. And there  is no greater power than the great instrument of catalyzed Faith in the  hearts of the children of God, when they recognize what God has accomplished and what he has purposed.   We would then turn to the Book of Isaiah and read again the words we find  concerning God's purpose for there was never a greater panorama of God's  covenants that is satisfactory to you...and you alone...than those words  found in the Book of Isaiah:...'Therefore YAHWEH himself, shall give a  sign:..behold! a Virgin shall conceive a bear a son and thus call his name  IMMANUEL.  

Now; the word Immanuel was not his name...the word Immanuel meant God  embodied in the Flesh. So when it says thou shall call his name Immanuel, it should have said:..'Thou shall call Him God...YAHWEH embodied in the  Flesh, the reigning Supreme ruler of the Universe.' This is the declaration  of the prophet Isaiah. Therefore turn to the 9th., chapter of Isaiah and  this is written specifically to a people, and that people..Israel..the  Adamic race, now having passed into the beginning of its national stages  and its prophetic Destiny. 'Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is  given'...Not unto Asia, Africa, or the world but unto us..the white race,  the Adamic Race, unto the children of His Household, unto His Kingdom, and  the government shall be upon His shoulders.           

I was talking to some Clergymen a few days ago and they were discussing  the world crisis and they said:..Dr. Swift what do you think our government is going to evolve into? I said:...'It is not going to evolve into  anything, it is going to be liberated and in the transition of our government you are going to see it grow into a great world centered government  of Jesus the Christ...a Theocracy. In which the entire parliamentary  procedure will rest upon a group of great statesmen of the white race. In  which every nation of YAHWEH'S kingdom shall exist as a nation, and in  which they shall provide the service of that nation to one throne, and in  that hour it shall be Incarnate YAHWEH REIGNING OVER MEN. If there are any  who have any political opposition to this you might as well surrender, for  it won't make any difference, for its going to come JUST THAT WAY. And  until that hour comes, when THE ETERNAL assumes that throne, which is one  of the great days of your race, it is your responsibility and mine to carry  out the destiny which YAHWEH has ordained, and to preserve the ramparts of  this nation for the protection of this leadership in YAHWEH'S kingdom, that  the prophecies of the Scriptures have outlined for these United States.               As I turn to this passage it says:..'Unto us'...a child is born, unto us  a son is given, the government shall be upon his shoulders. I want you to  note this prophecy of Isaiah:...'His name shall be called...Wonderful,  Counsellor, The Mighty YAHWEH.' Lets look at that part of the prophecy for  it says:..'HE shall be the Mighty God..the Everlasting Father'. I think it  is significant that we recognize that this is the fullness of YAHWEH who was  born in Bethlehem of Judea. That this was to be the Everlasting Father, the  embodiment of YAHWEH our YAHSHUA (Savior), the Prince of Peace and of the  increase of His government there is to be no end. And if you want the final  pattern of this, HE is going to rule in the earth with everlasting righteousness.  

Then in the Book of Malachi, chapter 3 it gives us the events which were  here prophesied concerning...THE MESSIAH.   'Behold! I shall send My messenger and he shall prepare the way before  me'. These are the words of the Almighty YAHWEH...speaking thru the lips of  the prophet Malachi.  'I will send my messenger and he shall prepare the  way before Me.'  Malachi 4:5..'Behold! I will send YOU...Elijah the prophet  and he shall prepare the way for ME. The miracle of events that we  recognize at this time of year includes this story, and includes the  miracle of the coming of Elijah, out of the heavens, born also as a babe,  for one of the greatest mysteries and phenomena of the Scriptures!  

Before we go into the phases of that event, I would go back to the  ancient Patriarch Enoch, for among the history supplementary to the things  we have in the Scriptures are the writings of Enoch which were Scriptures  in themselves. The Book of Enoch tells of his experiences. We will talk  tonight on the subject 'The Star of Destiny', and we will touch on this  subject of Enoch more fully, and of his measures and what he was shown. But  I think it is important that we remember that there was a man who found  Angels at his door. They were not wearing wings, but there was a strange  craft at his door. They said:...Enoch we have come from the presence of the  Eternal, and we are to take you into the heavenlies and into HIS PRESENCE  and we are to show you things that the Eternal wants you to know. Well,  Enoch just said...O.K., let me close up my house and tell my children goodby, and he told them he was going with these men out to see YAHWEH, and  that he would be back soon. I wonder how many men would walk out their door  like that today and not feel any fears?   Enoch went out the door of his home and met the two men and he entered  into their chariot which is described in the Book of Enoch as their vessel. 

And they left the earth and they traveled over earth, and continents and  oceans and out over the icy pole and into the space above, into the Majesty  and beauty of the Galaxies, in which the light which shown around about  them was described by Enoch in a beautiful way. Finally after he had transversed the heavens, he moved into the Pleaides and he talks about the speed  of the wind, and he talks about the streaks of flames and fire that went  behind him. He talks about his arrival and about the people who were coming  and going all over the Universe. And he talks about how he was taken into  the presence of the MOST HIGH AND THERE SAT ONE ON THE THRONE. The thing  that thrilled Enoch the most was that YAHWEH said:...'My Son'..in speaking  to Enoch, then HE told him that he had brought him there to tell him things  that Enoch was to go home and tell his kinsmen. Thus in the day of Enoch...YAHWEH called your race..His kinsmen, and He said to Enoch:..As I have  promised unto Adam and to his children thy fathers...I shall visit My  Kinsmen and I shall redeem them from the curse of their errors. I shall  establish them again in the light of My Glory and they shall accomplish My  purpose, and they shall build My Kingdom. Then HE said:...Enoch I shall  show you when these things shall be....and then an Angel showed Enoch how  the formation of the stars looked from the earth, showed him where to find  the wandering stars which you call planets, at the time of the coming King.  Told Enoch that this would be the very embodiment of YAHWEH, and the  fullness of HIM would dwell bodily in this manifestation. Then Enoch  returned from the heavens and wrote many books telling of the many  mysteries shown to him. And out of the wisdom of those past experiences and  with the instructions received in the heavens, then Enoch fulfilled those  instructions given him.  

Out of Oruselem he gathered 144,000 Wisemen of your race and they went  down into Egypt, there were in that group Savants, Architects, Builders,  Designers, and they laid out the city of ON in Ancient Egypt, they built  the Sphinx and the Ancient Temple beneath the Sphinx and then finally they  erected the Pyramid. And Enoch and Job the two great Pillars of your race  worked together in significant wisdom of revelation, for they knew when  they built...that the hour was coming when YAHWEH would visit his people.  They knew when they built that they were the children of the LORD of Life  and Light. They also knew what this was going to bring forth, and that the  enemies of YAHWEH'S Kingdom were going to be confused. Enoch and Job and  those of your race in this great work were known as the children of Osiris  ...the LORD of LIFE and RESURRECTION.  

The Egyptians picked up a part of that story, and wherever the white men  migrated, whether they were the Manu of India, the Aryans of Persia, the  story of the Messiah, the Incarnate coming of YAHWEH was upon their lips.  That is why the Scriptures bears this testimony as Timothy writes:...that YAHWEH was The Christ, for Christ was embodied. There is no short cut to  the truth. The story had been unveiled by our forefathers, and told and  retold with anticipation. And even tho we have been thrust into contact  with every religion on the face of the earth, and even tho we have been  carried into captivity, we have been shoved by migration into other areas  of the earth, still these traditions remained among the great schools of  wisdom and mystery of our race.   It is significant thing when we turned to the scriptures to see what did  transpire. We will talk about the astronomical measures and about the  tremendous events that took place and the timing of all of it, as we speak  tonight of The Star of Destiny. But I want you to turn to the Gospel of  Matthew and to the first chapter and the 18th., verse:..Now the birth of  Jesus the Christ was on this wise;...Here we are told that his mother was  Mary and that she was espoused to Joseph, and before they came together she  was found to be with child...OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. This is a foundation  cardinal point of the Christian Faith. The great creative Holy Spirit of  YAHWEH, the Mighty power...creative energy force of His Universe. The very  life force of all life having emerged forth out of the Eternal, had  accomplished the purpose of embodying Himself in the womb of a Virgin.  

You will note that an Angel appeared unto Joseph and said:...Fear not to  take Mary as thy wife for she has conceived of the Holy Spirit. She is  going to bear a son, and thou shall call his name YAHSHUA. This is translated as Jesus in your version, but the word Jesus comes from the Greek  word...YA‑ZUSE....thought to be the Mightiest God of the Heaven in Greek  theology who was Zuse, and YAH was the oldest Universal word for God....  thus Zuse was the Savior God. Ya Zuse, was the word in Greek and Ye‑Souse  was the word used in India. Thou shall call his name YAHSHUA...in the  43rd., chapter of Isaiah it says:...I YAHWEH AM THY YAHSHUA...The Holy One  of Israel, I am thy Savior. Then the Eternal says in Malachi:...I shall  send forth my messenger and he shall go before me.  

Now; turn back to Matthew I....HE shall save His people from their sins.  That is why The Christ came into the world, not only to fulfill a redemption but to save His people from all their errors, mistakes, and catastrophes, of all violation of laws and principals that are undertaken because  of the conspiracy of Lucifer and the process of temptations and the  conflict of the world order. To establish the righteousness and fulfill the  destiny for which we had been sent. Now it was fulfilled, that which was  spoken by the Prophet of YAHWEH who said:...'A virgin shall conceive and  bring forth a son, and shall call his name Immanuel, which being interpreted is ' YAHWEH with us.'  We discover that it was in this way..and Joseph  received the message from the Angel and accepted it.       There is one thing we discover that surrounds the year of Christ's birth,  it is that Angels were coming and going from the earth. Important Angels  and that all the forces of heaven were focusing on this coming event! For  Angles like Michael and the Hosts of Heaven were bending low...and Gabriel  who was also a Chief Angel, being a Great Archangel had appeared unto Mary,  and unto Joseph and other also. And then Gabriel in the Book of Matthew  tells how the declaration came and how Joseph accepted it.  

Now turn to the Book of Luke, for this Book gives us a record of the  narration, tho other early church writing such as the writings of Clement  contains the whole expanded story. But we are told here in the Book of Luke  that the Angel Gabriel first came to a priest by the name of Zacharias who  used to burn incense in the Temple at Jerusalem of Judea, and now served in  the Temple at Bethlehem as well. He was of the House of Abia, and his wife  Elizabeth was a daughter of the lineage of Aaron, and a cousin of the  Virgin Mary. This Zachariah was an aged man as was his wife and she had been  barren. But now the Angel Gabriel came to the house of this aged man and he  told Zacharias that his wife was to bear a child and that child would be  the Messenger that YAHWEH said he was to send. But Zachariah did not quite  realize just what was to happen and he just could not believe what he was  hearing. So the Angel Gabriel said:...because you do not believe then you  will be unable to speak a word unto this child is born, and then you shall  call his name John. And it all happened just the way that the Scriptures  declared, for Elizabeth conceived and was with child. Then in the 6th.,  month of her pregnancy the Angel Gabriel was sent from YAHWEH into the city  of Galilee, named Nazareth...to this Virgin espoused to Joseph of the House  of David, and the Virgin's name was Mary. The Angel said:...'Hail thou that  art highly favored the LORD is with thee:...blessed art thou among women.  The Angel said unto her...Fear not Mary for thou hast found favor with  YAHWEH. Thou shall conceive in thy womb and bring forth a son and thou  shall call his name YAHSHUA.  

When you go back into the patterns of this translation you will discover  that this name is the same as in the 43rd., chapter of Isaiah. This is my  name...Thy YAHSHUA...thy Savior. Thus He was to be called YAHSHUA...HE was  to be great, and HE shall be called the Son of the Highest, and YAHWEH, thy  Savior shall establish this embodiment upon the Throne of David, and He  shall reign over the House of Jacob and over his kingdom and there shall be  no end to this Kingdom. Then Mary said:...'How can this be for I have not  known man? And the Angel answered her and said:...'The Holy Spirit shall  come upon you and the power of the highest shall overshadow thee, therefore  this Holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called... Incarnate  YAHWEH'.   Then Mary went to the city of Judea to visit her cousin Elizabeth, and  when Mary came Elizabeth said:..'blessed art thou and the fruit of thy  womb. And whence is this to me, that the mother of My YAHWEH hath visited  me?'  

Now; we are protestants and our form of service is different than that of  Rome, but I want you to know that this is one area within their Faith that  they often repeat, but it was not without foundation, for an Angel came to  this woman of your race and he did say:..'Blessed art thou among women'.  And her own cousin moved by the spirit also said:...'Blessed art thou among  women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, that the mother of YAHWEH  should come to see me.'  Yes, we know that YAHWEH was the Eternal One, and  that by him all things were made. And for His embodiment in earth, He had  selected a mother, thru whom he was to be born, and that physical body of  the man we call Christ Jesus would be formed in the womb of a woman of your  race, and that the fullness of YAHWEH would abide bodily with in that body.  This is one of the purposes of the MOST HIGH WHICH HE DECLARED FROM  MILLENNIUMS BEFORE THAT EVENT.      Now; every young woman of Israel, from the tribes of Judah and Benjamin  had hoped that they might be the one chosen for this great event.   We listen to the dialogue:...'Blessed is she which believed; for there  shall be a performance of those things which were told her...from THE LORD.  And Mary said:..My soul doth magnify the LORD, and my spirit hath rejoiced  in YAHWEH, who is my Savior....the original text says:....rejoiced in  YAHWEH my YAHSHUA. He hath regarded the low estate of his hand maiden, for  behold! from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed. Then in the  declaration of all this, in the things that are involved, is the conformation that He hath spoken to our fathers, and Abraham and to his seed for  ever. This was his fulfillment of prophecy.  

We then have another record which I think we should recognize, for it is  involved with this story. Our enemies try to say that he was just a man.  Our enemies and YAHWEH'S enemies have sought to deny his Virgin Birth. They  have sought to challenge and say that he was an illegitimate son, this has  long been their story, for they hated him and they lied about him. They  wage religious warfare upon him, but to this date they have not prevailed,  for Christians unto this hour still believe in His Virgin Birth and recognize that Jesus is the Christ. We have prophecy of His opposition and what  they would say, and how they would feel, and who they are and where.  

Among those magnificent events, it must be remembered that his enemies  killed thousands in order to accomplish what they thought would be the  liquidation of the Christ child, but they were not successful.  

Remember that the Angel came to Mary...to Joseph...to Zachariah and to  Elizabeth. The Angel forces were bending low to earth, they were getting  ready for this great event. There were shepherds on the hills, the night of  this great event, and suddenly the Angel of the LORD came down among them.  And when they heard this challenge their hearts leaped with gladness. 'Glad  tidings of great joy, for unto you is born this night in the City of David,  a Savior who is Christ THE LORD'. Great space crafts hovered over that  hillside, but I want you to know that all the forces of the Universe were  involved in this happening in Judea. Then suddenly the shepherds heard the  great heavenly hosts singing above and around them, and I know you don't  move all the heavenly hosts without preparation.  

Then I think back to the 33rd., chapter of Deuteronomy and how it tells  that when YAHWEH gave the law to Moses, that not only was YAHWEH, Himself  there, but also thousands of heavenly hosts were there also, in their great  crafts. And in their great crafts they shown great lights down on those of  earth. The Aramaic text makes it very clear, but this one is clear enough.  The Shepherds on the hill suddenly found the air filled and the hills  around them were also filled with the heavenly crowd and they were singing,  and Praising and then shown their spotlights of Glory down upon the  shepherds.   The Shepherds were told....Leave your flocks in YAHWEH'S protection and  go see the child. Clement said:...The Shepherds were suddenly filled with  amazement and with joy and they went to the manger where the child lay and  then they returned to their flocks and their flocks were safe. But the  Shepherds tell of the heavenly hosts bending low to earth and of the  Majesty and the Power and the Glory that surrounded the Throne of God,  which now was transferred to earth around a manger and a babe.  

I think again to those words:...'All things were made by HIM and without  HIM was not anything made. I think of the fact that prior to this in the  home of the Priest of the Temple in Bethlehem, that a son was also born,  and that night of the birth...Zachariah did finally speak and he said:...  'his name shall be John'. And we remember that at the birth of John the  Baptist, this babe did prophecy that the visitation of God would take  place, very soon. And then I remember the words of Jesus as he spoke to his  disciples and he said:...'What did you go into the wilderness to see?'  and  he was speaking of John the Baptist. Then Jesus said:...'Did you go out to  see a man dressed in goat skin who would prophecy? Did you go out to hear   his gospel? Did you know who he was? If you can understand this...then this  man was John the Baptist yes, but he was also Elijah who came to prepare  the way for me.  

Then I turn to the writings of Paul who also went into the dimensions of  spirit, and did not know whether in his body or out of it, but he came back  to write of those events. He wrote about the mysteries of this in the Book  of Hebrews. And he wrote that YAHWEH was Incarnate...embodied, born into a  physical body so that he could be just like his kinsmen, and wasn't ashamed  to call you his family, and that his embodiment in the earth was a part of  that covenant and a part of that promise.   I think of Jesus as he talked to the Jews and he said:...'He who hath  seen me hath seen the father'...for this was YAHWEH walking with his  people, redeeming his people and taking them back into himself. No wonder  that Jesus said:...'Thine they were in the heavens and mine they are in  earth'.  

Redemption is getting back what you once had. Redeeming it and this is  ... 'Unto you'. This whole Christmas story and all that it tells is...  YAHWEH being born into a physical world the same as you were born into a  physical world. Only he...by power of Divine energy of His Spirit concentrating the life force, and presenting his own life spirit thru this  process of miracle, emerged  'A MAN AMONG MEN'.   There are men today who try to attack this story that we find in Luke and  in Matthew and they are trying to say there is a discrepancy in the two  stories, because in the Book of Matthew it tells us that after the visit of  the Wisemen that Joseph was warned in a dream to take Mary and the child  and go down into Egypt because the King of the Jews and his armies would  try to kill the child, and the Scripture tells us that Joseph took Mary and  the child and went into Egypt, so that the Scriptures could be fulfilled...  'Out of Egypt have I called my son'.         

If you will turn to the Book of Luke there is a little different story,  that on the 8th., day they took Christ to the Temple according to the  manner of the ordinance of the law for the dedication of Christ, and for  circumcision, and for the fulfillment of all the ordinances of God. Then  they waited until the completion of the ordinance of the law of purification and then they went back to Nazareth and there Christ grew up, and  that every passover thereafter they went to the Temple in Jerusalem. The  enemies of The Christ say one of these stories isn't true so maybe neither  is true. I'm going to tell you that the enemies of YAHWEH...the Jews..tried  to garble the story. It was not this way in the Alexandrian text. And we  have out of the writings of Clement the whole story and there isn't any  error, only added knowledge to complete the sequence of event. For the  Shepherds came in that hour of that birth, and they were there the same  night, and the Wisemen did arrive by the 5th., night, and Christ was now in  the home of Zachariah and Elizabeth, so after the Wisemen came and on that  5th., night an Angel came to Joseph and told him to take Mary and the babe  and leave that place, so Joseph took Mary the mother and the babe to the  home of Joseph of Arimathea in Jerusalem, and then on the 8th., day they  took Christ to the Temple, but none of this was known to Herod, for he was  not a religious man, and also he was a Jew. On the 21st., day, Mary went to  the Temple of ON. And there Christ stayed at the Temple of ON between the  Paws of the Sphinx until the death of Herod the king. There is not any  discrepancy in either of these stories because at the death of Herod the  king they went back to Nazareth and there they stayed until they went tot  the Temple...and then Christ's ministry started as he astounded the Masters  and the Scribes of the Temple with His knowledge and His Wisdom.  

The enemies of today have sought to garble and confuse...why? Because the  great story of this testimony is that he came as YAHWEH to visit his people  and do the great things he had promised to do.  

I want you to know why as Christians, we worship and enjoy Christmas so  much, it is because YAHWEH did visit us and redeem us, and was born a baby,  grew up as The Savior‑YAHSHUA and did save us by his own work on the cross  at Calvary, and no one can lay any transgression to your charge. I want you  to know that it was his purpose to build a kingdom, and to build it with  your race, and he is going to see that this is done. And it was his purpose  that the children of his kingdom would carry his name, and they would be  known as Christians. It was his purpose that of this Kingdom there would be  no end. And it was to his purpose that out of Abraham was to come these  nations, and the company of nations, and this great nation and they have  come forth as prophesied. It is his purpose that they be Christian nations,  charged with the impact of his life and the power of his spirit, and the  spiritual center is his church. He has accomplished that, and there isn't  anything startling about the fact that today the hoards of evil are trying  to destroy his kingdom. That they would do this was also told by the  prophets of old, but I want you to know that the story of YAHWEH'S program  is one of ultimate victory and triumphant power.  

I think there is no reason for any man of your race to ever fear again...  when he realizes that promises made to our forefather 7400 years ago have  been kept. Promises made to us in Celestial plane, before the foundation of  the world have been kept.  

The Incarnate YAHWEH brought forth a miracle...a Virgin brought forth a  child and that child was Immanuel...YAHWEH IN THE FLESH..with us, and  because of that he is our father, and because he accomplished this then we  know that he can do anything else he said he would do. As long as you and I  know that...we know that everything he said he was going to do will be  accomplished thru you and in you. If there had never been a Christmas we  might say there was nothing we could be sure of and we would be battling  without hope.   The Kingdom of YAHWEH shall triumph and we can do all things, thru the  Incarnate Spirit of Life that YAHWEH hath begotten, which resides in that  house of Light which is your body. This is the story of YAHWEH embodied in  the flesh. You are the story of YAHWEH'S children transferred from heaven to  earth and the Christ in you is your Hope of Glory.  

No wonder then that the great corner stone of the Christian Faith lies in  the identity of who..The Christ was. And there are some who say...we don't  have to accept this for it is just dogma of the church. There are certain  positions of truth that you can argue with, but cannot reason away, nor can  you book an attack upon these, and these could also be called a dogma but  they are true, and if there is one important point in the identity of The  Christ it is this account of who he was and how he came. If that is not  true, then Christ was not telling the truth and he was a deceiver. If this  account is not true then all Christianity is built on a myth. If this  account is not true then he could not say:..'Before Abraham was...I AM.. or  HE who has seen me hath seen the Father.' Either we accept the word of  YAHWEH and we grow with the strength and the power of his truths, or  Christianity will crumble like an empty thing.          

There is also a second document which is also an arch and a keystone of  the Christian Faith. It is that altho his enemies thought they had  destroyed HIM when they put Him to death..still the power of His resurrection had conquered death. This testimony was of Ancient Rome and still  today...with its rulers and government...a testimony of people and witness  that YAHWEH permitted his physical body to be crucified, by His enemies and  then triumphed over them by the challenge of His resurrection. That is why  the two most important days in the Christian calendar are Christmas and  Easter...we call it Resurrection day. One commemorates the birth of YAHWEH as  YAHSHUA, and the other His Resurrection. The great dynamics of your race  and its culture lies in these two events. For this was Immanuel. There is  no doubt of the miracle of this birth and the Glory of the birth of This  the Christ, nor of the effulgent glory that shown around that manger that  night. Nor of all the hosts of heaven who stood on guard roundabout. All  the animosity of the enemy showing thru their hatred, and turning it upon a  child...still is futility.  

Today the world is in a dark tossed night, and everywhere there is fear.  I see some are digging holes in the ground and giving them as Christmas  presents. Bomb shelters for Christmas!!!!! Means hearts are failing them  for fear of what is anticipated that is coming upon the earth. But I want  you to know and remember the words of two Angels who stepped out of a cloud  and you should also remember those clouds, because they were of Shekinah  Glory....effulgent Glory which was hiding something which was not to be  seen at that time. And as Christ and his disciples walked out to a hill at  the climax of his ministry that cloud settled upon that hill. And Christ  stepped into that cloud and they could not see him, then the two men  stepped out of that cloud, but they could not see what they came in and out  of. But these two men said:...why are you disciples staring into that  radiant cloud of light for? Remember that the same Christ will come right  back as you saw him go. Now you go back to Jerusalem and occupy and wait  for your power as he told you to do.  

I am convinced that the sign of the son of man is in the sky. I am  convinced that we are in the very last remaining moments of an era closing  and of a new one beginning, when we shall see the kingdoms of this world  becoming the kingdoms of our LORD...and you his many membered body of  Christ. For you are the body of Christ in the world today, for he unveiled  this truth to the Apostle Paul for you to understand.   I cannot help but thrill to the realization that YAHWEH is my Father.  That He took a body of flesh like I have, and out of the race from which we  have come, and then dwelt among us, in the fullness of YAHWEH, and yet  looked at us and called us kinsmen and family. Then ascended into the  majesty and glory of the dimension of spirit, and took a transformed resurrected body into the planes of spirit, into the heavenlies, from whence he  had come, and left you strangers and pilgrims in the earth looking for a  great new day.   Because of this you can say...MERRY CHRISTMAS! Did you know that YAHWEH  wants you to be Merry? He wants you to rejoice, he called you children of  laughter because you alone of all people in the world know that in this  dark hour you have something to rejoice about. That you are going to  triumph, that the spirit is going to stir you, and that you are going to be  quickened to do a great work, and mighty exploits and the power of darkness  is not going to prevail.  

The forces of evil will be rolled back and the kingdom of YAHWEH will  come in and Christian nations shall rule all over the world. There will be  no more experiences of retreat to the forces of darkness in this world. No  more burning of Christian cities. There is going to be the law of YAHWEH  going out from one end of the earth to the other and righteousness shall  cover the earth and the kingdom of God shall be in power and the nations of  his kingdom shall rule. The Sheep nations shall be in power and the goat  nations under their administration. Then the world will know what is meant  when the Scriptures say:...'KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS'   Christmas is made for you...it is time for you to rejoice, and to lose  all fear. His name shall be called Wonderful..the Almighty YAHWEH. And when  we remember this then we will know that the cry:...'O Israel...THE LORD THY  GOD IS ONE LORD'...is true! For He dwelt among us in a human body and He  was tempted with all temptations, and was touched with all the feeling with  which you can feel infirmity. Then met all these things and with Incarnate  Triumphant Deity and Righteousness...gave you an example. He is your  kinsman and you can say....OUR FATHER. And more than that...in spiritual  relationship He is your Father...a father unto the Adamic race from whence  you have come. Paul said:..'We are flesh of his flesh and bone of his  bone'. So with these matters being studied and weighed at each Christmas  time, thru out all Christendom as they are singing the songs of Praise and  triumph, there are two days when we are Triumphant...those being Christmas  and Easter.  

This proves that the majority of your race can say:...MY LORD AND MY  GOD.. and because you believe there is not enough darkness in the world  today to overthrow this kingdom of Light of which Christ is KING!             

We are living in Biblical times, living in historical times at the climax  of an age, living in the midst of the threat of final Armageddon, and in  the hour of great victory for the kingdom of your race. And you are going  to look for signs that will soon be made manifest.                                               (End of Message)                                                                     




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