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       THE CHRISTIANS RESPONSIBILITY IN THE DAY OF THE LORD                                       by Dr. Wesley Swift    8‑2‑62


            We are talking today about the Christians responsibility in this day of  the LORD, with the full realization that we are arriving and historically  participating in the events and conditions related to that day. We spoke to  you before about the return of Christ, recognizing that a great number of  messages have been brought on this subject for some time. But we are not interested in views created as Church doctrines by individual denominations, but we are concerned as to what Jesus taught and to what the Bible  declared as the words of HIS mouth concerning that pattern of history. We  discover these words as Jesus imparted them to his disciples through out  the 14th chapter of John.   'If I go away, I come again'.

            This is assurance enough with all the other patterns and records of  history, which we will introduce to you from each one of the Apostles, and  from the testimony of Revelations, and out of the background of Prophecy.  One of the things we site to you once again as a foundation is the fact  that we have been taught from the beginning:.....'Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in Heaven'.            Very basically this Kingdom is the most important thing that you and I  as heirs of this Kingdom can be interested in. It is most significant and  important that we understand that the whole theme of the Bible is the establishment of that Kingdom, and the historical genealogy and background  from the Adamic birth unto this hour, of a race of people whom YAHWEH  intended should bring this Kingdom into being. To understand that this book is dedicated to a process of History and revelation, and that it is a record and a history of your race. The understanding that as children of the MOST HIGH YAHWEH, transplanted from heaven to earth and now established  in a course of time and history, and destiny, is a fact that we must  realize so as to know what we are to think, and what we are to do in this  day in which we now live. It is a fortunate thing for us that we do not  have a gospel and a message that was consummated several thousand years ago  and has no application for our time.

            None of you have as yet outreached the perimeter of these bound Books,  because in these 66 Books are prophecy not yet fulfilled, and there are vast numbers of areas of inspiration that were repudiated at Nicaea by ecclesiasticism that still contain truths that reach out into the days yet to come, such as some of the prophecies of the great Enoch, and also some of the revelations bestowed back in the time of Seth.

            It is important for us to know the facts concerning the pattern of the  Kingdom, and that it is not just a spiritualization of the idea of the administration of YAHWEH over the minds and thoughts of men, in a rather  unrealistic area, as far as the earth is concerned. The other day I  listened to a Clergyman expounding over the air, and he was saying:...that since this world is not his home, the only important thing was the areas of  heaven, to which he was assured he was going to go...if he behaved himself.  However I know that this Clergyman did not know that he came from there,  and was a stranger and a pilgrim in the earth when he arrived, but he was  very much interested in going there. There is no question about the fact  that he thought he was most orthodox in saying that the only purpose a  Christian has in living is getting ready to die and go to heaven. But I  want you to know that we were not placed here to die. It is not the  purpose, or the plan. We were placed here to carry out a responsible objective of the Father, and the purpose was to occupy the earth. I want  you to recognize that when YAHWEH talks about the establishment of a Kingdom that this Kingdom is a very literal Kingdom, and the Kingdom  relates to administration, and to a throne, and to areas of government, and  it was intended to be understood just that way. All the promises and  cognizance of God which relate to the establishment of His Kingdom in  earth, or the intended cognizance and promises are permanent and were not  to be spiritualized away at any time.

            Now; it is easy to understand why a great many people in our time would  be willing to spiritualize away a great many of the facts and promises as  they see them reiterated over and over again from the Old Testament to the  New, because they are operating under a mistaken illusion today that the  Jews are the people of the Old Testament, and the people of the book to whom the covenants and promises were made. Under this illusion, and knowing how the Jews acted toward Christ, and knowing how evil they have been in  all the history of their generations, they cannot fit this Kingdom on earth  into the Bible, so they want to eliminate the physical area of an occupying  Kingdom that would be tied to these people. To some extent we can understand and appreciate their dilemma for when one knows the background of  this Book, and the anthropology of this earth, and the history of the Adamic  race, then you have discovered the mighty truths of which some of them are  the great Mysteries that are being now made known unto you. Why? Because  YAHWEH has determined that in these latter days knowledge is going to  increase and secret things are going to be revealed. In fact...in that place where you have been called..gentile..by the enemy, it shall be known  that ye are the children of the Living YAHWEH, and are like the sands of  the seashore, and the stars of the heavens. Hosea 1:10.

            You will discover under this pattern of revelation, that it was  determined by YAHWEH, that in this period of time in which you live, that  the world is going to know that the Adamic race, the white race, is the  ISRAEL of the Bible. At no time is there any loop hole thru which Jewry can  make penetration into this area, for they were not begotten into that area.  And they have no capacity for its perception. Remember when Jesus said:...'You cannot hear my words, because you cannot understand My speech.' At  this time they could both speak fluent Hebrew, and both were speaking the  Aramic language of Palestine at that time. So why couldn't they understand  what Jesus said?  Because the truths that The Christ bore testimony to were..Spiritual Truths, and they had to be evaluated, and they had to form a  picture in the wave lengths of the mind of the receiver, exactly as those  pictures left the Father. To do that they had to be spirit of His Spirit,  and light of His Light, and that was not true of Jewry.

            Significantly to many individuals, they have only thought of the earth as  something very, very temporary, and that God's purpose in the earth, and  his plan are not nearly as important as what they are to seek for, namely  an entrance into the heavenly realm.  I tell you, that there is not an  individual in this room that could be barred from passing into the  spiritual plane, if something happened to this physical house you dwell in.  And it would be totally impossible for someone to bar you from passing into  the plane of spirit. So do not permit the superstitions that have been  transferred from paganism to Christianity in the early invasions of the  Christian Faith, to make you think that there would be any other destiny to  which your spirit would be capable of passing, other than back into the  presence of The Father from whence it come. There are no perdition in  which there are powers of darkness that can take hold of the spirit of any  son or daughter who passes out of this physical field.  There has not been  since the resurrection and ascension of Christ, any power to hold in  bondage in any permanency, the spirit of an individual which has left the  physical body. And that is why one of the great mysteries we see consummated by the Apostle Paul's testimony tells us again, of that which was wrought  by Christ. We are told in Ephesians 4, that it becomes known unto you by  the great gift of YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA, when he ascended on high, that he brought  forth all who had been captive...he took all in captivity..captive and he  ascended. After he had first descended into the uttermost parts of the earth. And HE who descended is also HE who ascended far above the heavens  so that he might fulfill all things in all. Therefore with that descent  and with that liberation of every soul consciousness of the seeds of the  sons of Adam...therefore there cannot remain any captivity by a Luciferian force, or a Satanic power over anyone of the sons and daughters of YAHWEH.   Therefore your major goal is not to find an entrance back into the  heavens, but your major goal is to bring the force, the power, influence  and concept of heaven...to earth. You major responsibility is to transfer  the wisdom and the knowledge with which the spirit of God bears witness to  your spirit, and which your spirit was begotten in its frame and form, to understand. In the beginning, in the foundation of this cosmic order, you  had already been begotten in the Spirit by the Father before the world was  framed, and Paul tells you that you were blessed in all spiritual blessings by the Father before the world was framed.

            These are things which God promised you, and which he told to you before  the creation of the world, even as Job saw the creation, but didn't remember it until God challenged him as He said:...'Where were you when I laid  the foundations of the earth?' And he referred to the antiquity of His spirit as being of ageless condition, where his body was not yet in the  physical world, yet he was there and beheld these things.

            The background of the ancient texts, such as the Alexandrian text that  Mark had, and some of the earlier texts bore in more clear voice, than the modern translations of today, the Eternal capacity of the children of God  to have witnessed with the FATHER, the things that had happened. It is of great significance, again, that in the promise of sending a wave length of  the Paraclete to the Greeks, and the bringing of the very mind of the thinking of God upon his children that he would bring all things to their remembrance. He is going to lead them to the knowledge of all truths, because he was to quicken their consciousness.

            The Apostle Paul as he told of the renewing of the mind said this:..that we were not to be formed to the way that the world thinks, but that we were to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Romans 12:2. The  reason you are not to think like the world order is because you are not a  part of that world order. You were not born as a part of that world order,  for you are born as the transference of the Celestial children to earth.  Thus you are not of this world anymore than Christ was of this world  because Christ was also the very LORD from Heaven, the Father of Creation, but he was not relation to creation as those who form these world orders.  There is nothing wrong with the fact that an individual was born as a  Chinaman or a Negro, for they cannot help the fact that they have arrived  thru the identity of these races, created in their original condition under  different situations than their now fallen state has brought them into. So  we are not against people on the basis of their origin, for we realize the  situation, but we are not related to them nor are we a part of them, because we did not come out of that creation. Instead...we were the begotten offspring of the Most High God. Begotten in the spirit, and  begotten in the earth. And as such therefore we have a different  relationship with HIM, than the world does. We were sent here to bring the  Kingdom from heaven to earth, and that is what we are doing here. That is the purpose of our being here....TO BRING THE REALITY OF THE KINGDOM OF THE  MOST HIGH GOD INTO BEING. Since you are the seed of the Kingdom, the  offspring of the Most High God, then this Bible relates to you, and the prophecies, and the knowledge and the promises relate to you, and  eventually the development of all the nations in the world is dependent on  the activities of the children of the Kingdom, as they carry out the plan,  with the manifestations of the presence of the Most High God, as they carry  this program forward in the earth. So I tell you that the Kingdom is real.   When God made a covenant or recognition with a race, he unveiled great  mysteries to great men of that race, such as Enoch and Job, and the great  and mighty spiritual power was demonstrated in an early age of your  existence. At the same time we watched the recognition which God bestowed  on your race as he selected Abraham to break up the mongrelization  strategy. God selected this man and carried down thru his generations a  major part of his purposes, and from the seed of Abraham, which was the  seed actually of Seth, of Adam, of The Eternal ONE, he brought forth all  the great Christian nations of this earth. And when YAHWEH made promises  and covenants to these Patriarchs HE meant them. When he established in the  original city, states of his selected posterity, then the throne which was  temporarily a symbol of administration of man under God...this purpose was  carried out with greater perpetuity when David sat upon that throne. Then  HE made a statement about that throne and if you will turn to second Samuel  you will find that he said this about that throne...speaking thru his  prophet Nathan:..thus saith YAHWEH....'I took thee from the sheep cote, from following the sheep, to be ruler  over my people, over Israel. And I was with thee as thy God, I have cut off  thine enemies out of thy sight, and I have made thee a great name unlike  unto the name of no man of the earth. I also will appoint a place for MY  people Israel and I will plant them so that they may dwell in a place of  their own and move no more and neither shall the children of wickedness  afflict them as they have in the past. At this time I will appoint judges  over my people Israel, and have cause to rest from all thy enemies'. Then  Nathan goes on to say:...'And the Lord telleth thee that he will make thee  a house, and when thy days be fulfilled and the time comes that ye shall  sleep with thy fathers, I will set thy seed after thee, and I will  establish His Kingdom, and he will build a house for My name, and I will  establish the throne of his Kingdom forever. I will be his Father and he  shall be my son. If he committeth iniquity, I will chasten him with a rod  of men, and with the stripes of the children of men, but My mercy shall not  depart from him and from thine house, and thy Kingdom shall be established  forever.'

            I want you to recognize this pattern of purposes, and promises, and  covenants, The Father made with David, because David was of the household,  and the race, and because he was the selection of the Father from this race of Israel, to carry on the purposes and plan of The Father. The Most High  said:...I make this a permanent covenant concerning David's posterity,  concerning their dwelling in the earth. A permanent alliance by blood...those of the same stock, nature or quality.

            When YAHWEH spoke concerning Solomon He said:..Solomon shall build me a  house....and we know that Solomon built the Temple. Then YAHWEH also said:  ...if Solomon be disobedient, I am not going to break this covenant, this  alliance, this recognition of MY family, here in earth, but I will chastise  Solomon with the troubles of men. In otherwords:..what he sows he will  reap, but he is still MY son, and this is still MY household. This is still  the throne, because I have a purpose in all these events that relate to MY  family in earth.

            When Nathan under the guidance of YAHWEH, talked to David there in  Jerusalem, then Nathan said that YAHWEH had a place where eventually HIS  people, Israel, would be planted and there they would no longer be there in  Palestine and Jerusalem as they were when Nathan was talking to David.   That which is in Jerusalem today is not Israel. what is there today is  Israeli...and it is a lie from one end to the other, it is a mighty deception. There are children of Anti‑Christ in this false Israeli, in  Palestine today.

            YAHWEH caused a migration after the captivity of the people of Israel,  and we know that they settled all over the map of Europe, and then God  inspired some of them to go even further West, to this great and glorious  land carved out of the wilderness, and which prophecy declared would come forth. In this country there has been a gathering of Israel out of all of  the tribes of Israel. Someone wrote me and said, 'Dr. Swift', Is this  British Israel?' By no means is this British Israel, for the term British  Israel is too restrictive. The Anglo‑Saxons are not all of Israel, because  there is much more of Israel than them, the Anglo‑Saxons are of the House of Joseph, which is of Israel, but every Anglo‑Saxon, Scandinavian, Basque,  Lombard, Germanic, Nordic person on the face of the earth is also out of  the seed of the House of Abraham, and they are all Israel of today. Every  Christian nation on the face of the earth today is Israel.   Galatians 3:29....'If ye be Christs, then are Ye Abraham's seed?' This  wasn't some mental gymnastics, this was a literal statement concerning a  people that God had a perpetual covenant with. Thus when he talks about a  Kingdom then what it? Some say, Oh that is just a philosophy, an  idealistic concept of obedience in the mind to the will and the thinking of  YAHWEH, and you have to die to get the greater reward of this Kingdom. But  I want you to know that the rewards, the promises, and the covenants work  all the time. You don't have to die to appreciate God, and to receive His  blessings and promises...you just have to wake up.

            Our problem today is that we have to many people who don't know how to  thank God for what he has already done for them. The significant thing for us to remember in this hour is that God established a throne and called it  His throne, and re‑identified the seed upon it as His son, and He as their  Father. So when we talk about the throne and a Kingdom, realize that this is the basic theme all thru the Scriptures. For all thru the Scriptures  they talk about a Kingdom, and the time and the hour when all the nations  of this world shall be ruled over by the posterity of the Most High God,  and by the Christian nations, and the throne of the Eternal...in the earth.   In the Book of Luke chapter 9, we listen to Jesus and they heard these  things as he added and spake a parable, because he was near Jerusalem, and  they thought that the Kingdom of God should immediately appear. What does  this mean? As they spake of the Kingdom of God, they spoke of the rising to  power, and the administration rule of the people of God, and the household  of God, the covenant line all over the earth. Their MESSIAH had come, thus  this was what they had expected.

            Stop here to consider again the identification of this Messianic pattern,  (Isaiah 9), and we find that Isaiah talked about this child which was given  to...Us...and the government was to be on His shoulders. The name of this  babe would be wonderful, counselor, the Almighty God, the Everlasting  Father, and the Prince of Peace. Of the increase of this government in  Peace, there was to be no end, and upon the throne of David and upon His  Kingdom to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice,   and with the zeal of YAHWEH of Hosts to perform this.

            This was what was in the mind of Isaiah as he spoke here with the  inspiration of the Holy Spirit....when YAHWEH would be embodied in the  earth, then their Messianic expectation was that he would come forth out of  this race, and as a child born...to be identified with this race and yet to be the Eternal YAHWEH, the Everlasting Father. That HE would identify  himself with this Kingdom which was to expand and grow and eventually it  was to rule the earth, as a permanent and visible Kingdom. This was then  what was in the mind of Isaiah, and the Holy Spirit put it there.   Turn to Luke 1:30, where the Angel Gabriel came to talk to the Virgin  Mary. It is a very interesting thing as we consider the declaration of  God's purpose at that time and we hear these words:...'Fear not Mary for  thou hast found favor with God. Behold thou shall conceive in thy womb and  bring forth a son and thou shall call his name YAHSHUA...Jesus'. Alright:..this means by the words of Isaiah:...I AM YAHWEH THY YAHSHUA, The Eternal One, and Thy Savior..There in none else. So therefore the word to  Mary is that this son to be born to her, not only shall HE be great, but HE  shall be called the son of the Highest, because YAHWEH shall bestow upon  this child, this embodied vessel, the authority and the power and the throne of David, who's genealogy and lineage he now identifies himself  with. In this declaration it says:...HE will now bestow upon this embodied  man that God is now forming, the throne of his father David, and HE shall  reign over the house of Jacob forever and HIS Kingdom...and of his kingdom  there shall be no end.

            I think this is significant and important for he is talking of a Kingdom  in the earth, symbolized by the throne of David. Because Davids throne is  not in the sky, it is not in the center of the Universe, it is not in  Orion. And when God talked to Job and asked him where he was when God laid the foundations of the earth, he talked about the days of the creation when  the sons of God shouted for joy, and the morning stars sang together in the  days before the Luciferian revolution. And HE tells Job in that pattern of  revelation:...I want you to remember that I am controlling the influences of the Universe. That I control the great bands of Orion, the great central  center of all power in the Pleiades, the known center of the Isle of the  Universe which is visible to all the great telescopes, and all their  circuits related to the Pleiades, and all the elliptic forms of the oval  cycles of the solar systems of the Milky Way are governed by Orion. Thus in  all this instances of the vastness of the solar systems there was not a throne of David in the Pleiades, but there was a throne of David in Earth, and the covenant was made in the Earth. The administration for that throne was made in the earth. This is a blueprint of the Kingdom, and you find  that God was to transfer his sons and daughters from heaven to earth, to establish their race, and then in the development of this Kingdom, the  blueprint called for a selection and the development of a household in this  society, and then the creation of an administration, and a government of  which there would be no end.

            We pray:...'Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in  heaven'....by this we are meaning that every last nation on the face of the  earth is going to obey YAHWEH. When we pray this prayer:...Thy Kingdom  come, thy will be done in earth as it is in Heaven, we mean that there will  not be any force out of synchronization, we mean the Law of God, and the  Will of God, and living in a righteous standard will prevail from end of  the earth to the other, and that includes even Africa and Asia. We mean the  day will come when the administration shall go forth from the center of  God's people to the ends of the earth...for their benefits. It does not  mean that they become our brothers and sisters, or that we take them into  the family. We are the heirs of the Kingdom and these are the areas we are  to reign over. Now:.someone always says, but that is not fair. What do  you mean not fair? YAHWEH has invested His own Household in this earth to  put it back into order....so how much Grace do you want? Then I hear some  people say:..I won't settle for less than the fact that God makes all  people sons and daughters of God. Well I must tell you this:...that is not  in the plan or the promise.

            One of the most important things, and one of the biggest responsibilities  a Christian has today is:...to speak out, to know the Will of YAHWEH, to  know the mind of YAHWEH, to know the purposes of YAHWEH, and to help carry  them out. In so doing you will not always be considered as Orthodox, for  you see Orthodoxy is the accepted positions of the various denomination of  the Christian church, and they come in many forms and shapes and sizes.  Today it is hard for a Methodist and a Baptist to reconcile their  doctrines. The only thing they can agree on is that Jesus was The Christ.  One denomination wants to consign their people in one direction, under  classifications of responsibilities and errors. One wants under their  doctrines to accept some areas of Grace and not others. but at the same  time both denominations can miss great truths of the Kingdom and yet there  are in both denominations Clergy that know great truths of the Kingdom but...you can be in most every denomination and see that they have put a  corner on a set of ideas, and shaped up other ideas and they say that this  is what God has said, and this is the purpose, and this is the plan. Then  if you discover that God does have a blueprint, and it is bigger than their  idea, and you don't go along with their thinking, then they get pretty  cross with you.

            Today we aren't concerned with the differences, but with Truth. We are  concerned with every word out of the mouth of God, and we feel that it is  the responsibility of a Christian to discover what God has said, what he  has promised, and what is HE working out in the earth. To discover what is  my relationship to this plan, and realize that it is far more important  that my concept and your concept and our minds be reconciled to God than for us to have the approval of any ecclesiastical hierarchy on the face of  the earth. To realize that God is working out something to wake His people,  one at a time, and some of them be greater speed, and the shock treatment  God is going to give them before this is all over is going to end up with....ONE Faith, ONE Lord, ONE Baptism, as the Holy Spirit of God wipes out  the errors and gives them a clear vision of what is going on. I'd like to  see that happen tomorrow, for it would change Washington D.C. in 24 hours.   Now some say:...but Dr. Swift, the church is not going to wake up and do  this. Well if the True Church, which is the Spiritual center of this  Kingdom does not wake up and change things, then no one else will do it.  For one minute do you think that Satan's children will do that for you?  Remember that they are the ones who brought you into this trouble, and they  aren't going to deliver you. Then some of you say that the Church is not  political, but the responsibility of the church is to proclaim the Kingdom.  It prays every day...'Thy Kingdom come'...'Thy will be done, in earth as it  is in Heaven'. So do you think it doesn't have any responsibility to help  bring in that Kingdom it is praying for?

            Lets go back to Luke:...There is one thing about the disciples, they knew  who HE was...they knew that He came as THE MESSIAH, and now He was in  earth, so would He at this time set up the Kingdom? This was their question  to HIM. The Holy Spirit had brought them the knowledge that HE was the MESSIAH...the embodiment of YAHWEH‑God. As they walked with HIM, they saw  the miracles that He wrought and they saw those raised from the dead. They  saw the wind and the waves stilled, and no one could do this unless HE be the ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. So when they saw all these situations they said:..at  any moment now, He will proclaim the Kingdom. Whey they thought of the establishment of the Kingdom they thought it meant the Universal rule over  all the earth, by the Saints, and the Household of the MOST HIGH YAHWEH.  Knowing their thoughts then YAHSHUA (Jesus) wanted them to understand the  situation, and the plan, because the Kingdom was not to come to the front  at this moment in time. The Kingdom was in solution, it was forming, the  people of the Kingdom were here, the throne was here, but the actual hour  of that administration was still some distance away. So Jesus explained in  this parable about the plan of YAHWEH, and how there were more thing to do, and more suffering ahead, and how He was going to take a journey, but He was still going to receive the Kingdom. So HE intrusted certain responsibilities to his servants, and when HE came back he would take possession of  His Kingdom, and assume administration just as He had declared, and just as  they were looking for, it would still be this same Kingdom.  

Now:...HE told thru His parables that there were certain citizens in this  Kingdom that didn't want the Lord to rule over them, and today unfortunately we are plagued with so called citizens here in these United States,  who do not want Jesus the Christ to rule over them. Some day we will learn  how to deport them.

Now:...some will always say:...NO, our political life  should have no spiritual foundation. Well one of these days we will even  have a new Supreme Court. We are going to rediscover that the very life  and foundation of this nation is YAHWEH, and the light and spirit...His  revelation. There will come a day when every anti force is going to be  deported out of these United States, and if we do not deport them, then  this is where they are going to die.

            Some will say:...Dr. Swift, don't say that, don't talk that way, but let  me read one verse. I suppose I should throw this out, but I'll throw it in  for good measure..Luke 19:27.  The LORD returns and calls His servants to  account, and then he beholds this enemy who didn't want him to reign over  him, and this is what HE says:..‘And those of mine enemy who do not want me to rule over them...Bring them  before me and slay them, here before ME.’

Now some will be charging the  CHRIST with Anti‑Semitism. The trouble with that is that there was not a  Shemite among the Enemy. They were not the household of Shem, they were not  the household of the holders of the covenant. I only pointed this out  because it demonstrates one thing:...That Christ in the hour of His return  is not going to put up with this revolutionary front for one minute, this  group trying to destroy America, and seeking to tear up every Christian  nation upon the earth. Some say...Oh its a terrible thing to destroy them.  Well! its better to put them back into the orbit they from than to  leave them in the destructive area they are in now.

            Now:...when Jesus was talking about that Kingdom, HE was talking about  the fact that the final establishing of that Kingdom with all that glory  and power would be consummated in the hour of His return. So what are you to  do in the meantime?  Jesus points out the fact that HIS servants do not  know the exact moment when He shall re‑enter, but HE tells them certain  things.  Such as, Blessed are those servants whom the LORD when HE comes, will find watching, and carrying out His instructions, and doing the things HE told them to do...watching, expecting, and looking for the return of  their Lord. Therefore HE said:...be ye ready for this embodiment of God in  the flesh, for HE cometh in an hour when Ye think not.

            Now: I point out to you that back in this declaration in Luke 19, that  you have certain instructions given to you. He said that when the Lord of  the Kingdom went away He was going to come back and possess the Kingdom,  and He said to those who were His household....'Occupy until I come'. Look  up the word occupy in the dictionary, and it means...to take possession of.  So God told you as a people, as a race, as a church, as members of His  household, and...obedient to His instructions, he told you to take possession of the earth until...'I Get Back'.

            Now:...we made a pretty good beginning in following His instructions, and  we did occupy and make great progress, but now under this world program and  under the United Nations, and the New Deal, and the New Frontier, and all  these world planners, we are reversing that program and that progress. They  are telling us today that we made a mistake, and we must get out of all  these areas of development that we started and let the world planners take  over with their pagan rule. I listened to a Clergyman on T.V., and he said  that we could be most thankful today that the world is becoming a better  place than it was under our forefathers. Because every one is becoming  responsible for our brothers, and we are to see that they are taken care of everywhere. And He said the United Nations is in our day the greatest  demonstration of Christian development in any time. This U.N. is the very  thing John warned us about in Revelations. This is the World Government  that joins light and darkness, the Temple of God and the temples of idols.  This is the government that takes away your liberty, and your power because  you are out numbered, and out voted by Satans children, and those they  influence.

            When you talk about a Kingdom don't overlook that it meant Christ would  eventually rule over that Kingdom, and that it was made up of people  already here, and nations that were in formation. All the forces of Spirit  were also concentrated upon this area of development. You go back to  Isaiah, and you find that Isaiah makes a proclamation concerning his  purposes, and one of the things he pointed out was Elijah the prophet, and what this prophet was to do...which was: This messenger was going to  proclaim the development and the proximity of the Kingdom, and he will come as the voice crying in the wilderness, prepare ye the way of YAHWEH....Make  straight a highway in the desert for Our God.

            Remember the days of the ministry of John the Baptist, then see how  Malachi says:...that in the last days:...HE will send you a prophet who  will declare....'Prepare the way of the LORD'. Then Isaiah says the same  thing. One of the first things that John the Baptist did was come out of  the wilderness and preach:...saying, repent Ye for the Kingdom of heaven is  at hand'. This is HE that is spoken of by the prophet of Isaiah, the voice  of one crying in the wilderness saying....Prepare Ye the way of YAHWEH,  make his path straight.

Now:..John the Baptist was an unusual person. He  was crying out proclamations as a baby, before most babies can talk. He was  a miracle child, and his name was given to his father before he conceived,  but also he was the fulfillment of the Prophets...Malachi and Isaiah, who  said one would proclaim that this embodied...born..individual would be the  King of Kings, and that this was YAHWEH, so get ready to prepare the way  for the Kingdom of God.

            In Matthew in the 11th chapter we find that Jesus made a statement  about this as HE said:...when you went to the wilderness to see this man,  John the Baptist, what did you go to see? Did you just go to see a man  dressed in skins? Then he went on to say:...There was never a man born of  woman greater than this man, you won't understand this, but this is Elijah  that was supposed to come. This had never happened before, as this was a  man taken up into the heavens and then sent back, so that embodied, he  could proclaim the unveiling mystery of the Kingdom in the earth and that  Christ was the King of Kings, and that YAHWEH the Eternal God, was YAHSHUA  here on earth to establish HIS Kingdom and to take the throne of David.  Jesus said one day to some of His critics:...How is it that you say the  MESSIAH is the son of David, but in David's time he called Him Lord, and  God? This they did not know how to answer for THE MESSIAH was the son of  David, and was the very YAHWEH, out of the line of which David's line was  begotten. This was the Miracle they were not understanding.   Significantly out of the whole background of prophecy, the recognition  was there, of the fact that God's Kingdom was sent down from Heaven to  Earth. First he sent down the children who were his heirs, and who would  make up the structure of HIS government, and then he established the  throne, and called it His throne, and then HE promised that he would take  that throne and dwell among his people, and share it with those nations  that are of His household all over the earth.

            There is no way for a Christian today to carry out his responsibilities  unless he works for...supports, and thinks of his relationship to this  design of YAHWEH'S work, which is the establishment of this Kingdom in the  earth.

Now:..you say, but all we have to do is recognize Christ...well  anyone who doesn't recognize His Father is in a sad state. One of the first  things a Christian must know is...who YAHWEH is, and who you are. The  second thing is to find out what you are doing here. If your Father sent  you to do a certain thing you better find out what he sent you to do. You  were sent here to take over the world, and to bring in righteousness and to  rule.

            Now:..you will say, suppose the world won't accept conversion? Well they  are supposed to get an administration whether they accept conversion or  not. You are going to have a hard job converting pagans into children of  God. All you are going to do is convert pagans and change their worshiping  of superstitions and darkness, to worshiping the white Man's God, and that  will be the best day they have ever known. The reason that people live in  fear and hunger, and worship darkness and superstition, and the reason for  the terrible tyranny of the Steppes of Asia, and India and parts of Africa  where ever the Witchdoctors rule, is because they worship devils. They  worship devils of the blue sky, and the trees of earth, and they have great  concepts of these devils. Look at some of the grotesque shapes of gods that  they worship, and look to the testimony they impute to these gods. People  never become any greater than their concept of God. These people have gods  that would torture them, and bring them unusual and intense pain, and do  every mean and fiendish thing to them, including torturing and killing  their children, and destroying their societies. Their gods bring them  immorality, corruption, degeneration and confiscate even their very  livelihood. These are their concepts, and they have produced a people who  thru fear and superstition, let fall into their priesthood those who keep  their people in permanent hunger and poverty. Their practices are immoral,  and corrupt, and they have no nations because they have no vision, from the  Great YAHWEH of the Universe with His Wisdom and Truth. They worship  darkness and the devil which results into situations that are self  evident, and the by products of it. Their attitudes toward other people are  like the attitudes of their gods toward them. That is why in their fiendish  background all they proceed to do is confiscate, to kill and to destroy and  they never have the vision of production.

            The difference in your race is that in your background is a history of  YAHWEH, of which you can say:...'Our Father which art in heaven'. Of course  there are some of the people who have contributed to him some fiendish  ideas, that they inherited from the pagans as they sowed these ideas into  the early church as they tried to destroy it. All the errors we have and  all the perdition and all the flaming torture chambers that make up the  purgatories and other patterns of thinking was sowed in there as the pagans  tried to condemn the doctrines of the church. Therefore the nature of God  is one of love and greatness and one of vision and knowledge. One to whom  you can hold respect, and one whom you can love, and you reach for the  heights as you try to attain to the character of your Father. That’s why the  Christian civilization moves with character and with spirit, the difference  is in Our God. The reason why we are blessed, and why God continues to  bless us is because HE is our Father, and He has made covenants and  promises concerning this. He also has made promises to people who will  serve him, and to people who will turn from paganism and worship HIM. He  has said:...'Ye are MY witnesses, not only here in Jerusalem, but to the  uttermost parts of the earth'.  Witnesses to what?  That I AM...YAHWEH,  that I AM in earth and here embodied, but I AM YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA, and I will  be back and that I want the rule of MY KINGDOM.

Your responsibility is to bear witness to this pattern.   In the past we have gone out over the earth and we have helped every race  of people, of every color and background, and we taught them truth, and  civilization and culture, but today the trend of the Anti‑Christ is to  reverse all this. But in those days when we went out we established the  flag, and the missionary schools at the same time. We started to promote  culture, agriculture and industry, but at that time we might have had the  theology mixed up, but we knew who the right God was, and we didn't let  anyone eat the missionaries as they told them which was the right God,  because we had some warriors of the Kingdom there also.

            OCCUPY....now. Some think to occupy until I come means to be in Church  Sunday morning, afternoon and evening. We aren't trying to discourage you  from assembling yourselves, but occupy is much more than that. It is the  going out from assembling, to occupy the earth, and to proclaim the  doctrines and declarations of things which God has willed, and purposed.  There were days when the great nations used their strength to protect those  who went out to the far corners to proclaim the message of Truth.   Here in our time we say:...oh we want to bring the world to a better  understanding, and a better relationship with one another, so we send out  the Peace Corps. We take our young people trained in our colleges, in great  areas of technology of our society, and we send them out into the raw  earth, but we told them as we sent them out:...you are not to tell these  people about our God. You are not to tell them that their worship of these  superstitions, and monsters is not right. You....are to bow before their  gods, you are to show respect for their pagan gods. This is one of the  things that brings judgment on a nation. You do not have to show respect to  any devil on the face of the earth, because some man is fool enough to  worship him. God has never organized a program of hoaxes and errors, and  you are the standard bearers of the Kingdom, and of the Truth, so don't  separate from that.

            I have here a little demonstration of what has happened in the character  of America. Justice Douglas of the supreme court...and don't expect to much  out of him...for out of the 107 cases on communist subversion, he voted 79  times for the communist party position, but he is still on the supreme  court, and his speech was carried on T.V. and in newspapers and he said:...'There is a danger in thinking that American ideas of liberty and justice  and equality necessarily must go along with the export of American goods.  It might have been true at one time, but now it is just an ideological  error. There is nothing ideological about a jeep, a tractor, or a cement  truck for the man who can read an instruction book can use them just as  well under a communist manifesto, as under any other standard. You don't  therefore have to export American ideas with American goods. And perhaps  the best place to start would be in the schools with the study of the other  languages of the world. 56% of the high schools and colleges do not teach  foreign languages.'

            Well! I think that is good, even 56% may be to much. I think we better  quit teaching foreign languages, if we are going to end up with the kind of  America envisioned by the New Frontier planners. The only languages you  need to learn is those of the white race, so you can swap instructions and  information in the battle you are heading for. Here is more of what Douglas  went on to say:......'I think that our goal should be to turn out 100 thousand students who  think like the Chinese, and talk like the Chinese, and think according to  Chinese standards'.

            Now:....what would our children need to be able to think and talk like  Chinese for, or to uphold their standards? How would that help us? Maybe  they could talk us into raising up a Chou Enlai, or a Mao‑Tse‑tung, well  its bad enough to have a Kennedy. Then Douglas said something else....He said:..'We also need 100 thousand that can think like the people of Vietnam, for  I do not see anyway we are going to expand knowledge and culture, and  understand the great knowledge and culture of all the countries of the  world, so that we can interpret their society unless we learn to think like  they think, and come down to this common level.'

            Well!  that is common alright, when you have a justice on the supreme  court who wants to see you export American wealth, and goods, but not  American ideas and ideals....something is wrong! Those who do not support  the American ideals should not receive American food. If they don't like  that let them plant their own corn, and try working for a change. Your  responsibility is not to support the world and carry it on your shoulders...and then stay silent about Our God. Your responsibility is to carry the  message of Your God to the ends of the earth. And when you teach people  what to do, and how to support themselves. You tell them that the great‑  ness of your society comes from the worship of your God, who is not a God  of viciousness and tyranny, but a God of Light, knowledge, and love. If you  can't bear testimony to Truth...don't put your labor into error. It is the  Christians responsibility to think in terms of coming events. Do you have  something in your possession that a materialist who doesn't know  anything  about this book would understand? They don't know that this program of evil  is not going to go very far, they don't know that this whole United Nations  program is going to end in the biggest war this world has ever seen.   A lot of people say:...maybe we should learn how to avoid it...No...we  cannot avoid what is inevitable, but we should learn how to win it. Instead  of disarming America, we better put every one to work getting ready for  what is to happen. It is the responsibility of the Christian to oppose  Peace conferences with the devil in which we surrender our defensive  ability. Instead of praying for Peace with Russia based on the surrender of  our weapons, let us pry for the abolition of world communism, and the  raising of the standards of God's Kingdom. Let us be willing to march and  to make it true, as well as pray and preach to bring in the Kingdom. Let us  anticipate in this hour of our needs that God has said He will bring in  reinforcements, cause the Father has said:....I am concerned, that is my  throne, and I am going to take it.

            Someone wrote to one of the congregation the other day and said:...this  story of the Kingdom is British Israel teaching. Well I'm glad there are  people who know about the Kingdom, but they said we can establish and prove  that the throne over in England came down from David, but it is all mixed  up. Well! I am sorry there is any mixup, but the throne is still there, and  God says he is going to cleanse again the blood of MY People. I don't have  to give allegiance to that throne in Britain, but when Christ takes the  throne I'm willing to give allegiance. I would rather be aligned today with  Britain, Germany and Scandinavia than to see us lined up with India, and  all the other pagan nations of the earth, with which we are not to be  aligned with. I liked India better when the British flag flew there, and  the Congo when the Belgium flag flew there. I would like to see Christian   people back in every office in America including the Presidency. I would  like to see these people with their evil superstitions rolled away. It is  the Christians responsibility in this day of the Lord, to proclaim...'Thus saith the LORD'.

            It is the Christians responsibility to give testimony to the Truth. But  there is no doubt in my mind that when the untold Anti‑Christ advisors sit  around the President that the influences are not that of a Christian  society. The Church of the President is even embarrassed by his selection of  appointments. And we can see why in the appointment of Mr. Goldberg to the  Supreme Court bench. It was bad enough in the days of the New Deal when  they made the mistake of putting a Frankfurter on the bench with his left  wing background and his red association. After we have suffered thru the  administrations which brought into the government Alger Hiss and Harry  Dexter White, it is time to recognize that the only way to improve this  situation is to put Christians back in places of power.

            Once again this is the hour for you and me as Christians to recognize the  Word, and to occupy the earth. The least you can do is to occupy your own  country. You are the majority, and this country has been built with inspiration, so look for that inspiration once more.

            Someone said:..we better get ready to go, buy my friends, first you must  get ready to stay. Never before has it been so important for Christians to  understand these mysteries, and prophecies, and covenants, and purposes,  and to know who you are, and what you are here for. When you talk about the  great glows of Spiritual power and revelations, when you thrill to the glories of the revelation of YAHSHUA THE CHRIST, and the Majesty of His  presence, then remember that same spirit was pre-dedicated to us, in this  greatest development in all the earth..'Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done'.

            Then think about....Thy Kingdom..and talk about it, work for it, even if  it is anti‑social according to Mr. Khrushchev, for it is alright with OUR  FATHER.


                   COMMUNION SERVICE:

            Let us remember in the Eternal purpose of the Father, even in your  embodiment in the earth, the transference of Spiritual power in life, the  conscious quickening of life in you, is part of the Divine Purpose.   The Communion was a table for the nourishment of the Spirit, soul and  body. It was for the synchronizing of all areas of your consciousness. It  was for the fulfillment of the concept that if thy eye be single thy body  be filled with Light.  You have often heard it said, and the words of the  Scripture declares, that if we had the fellowship of His suffering, we could know the power of HIS Resurrection. But flesh does not stand the  fellowship of that suffering except as HE has prepared it for you, as you  partake of this table set for you, and these elements of the communion  consecrated to its use become, by declaration of The Christ, and  reiterated by Paul...as flesh of his flesh, as the very life of his being.  This is my body...this is my blood.

            By your acceptance of its consecration for this purpose, by the  transition that takes place as you receive this communion, you are joining  yourself...one with Him...in the element of HIS sacrifice. Thus you have  had the fellowship of HIS suffering, thru the communion which he hath  prepared. That you might know the power of HIS Resurrection, and when that  power is applied, you don't have to die to receive it for it is life unto  you. The Apostle Paul tried to made clear the fullness of this revelation.  There are people who are sick and people even pass away, when they could be  charged with Life and live by the very element and power which the consecration of God's Spirit puts in the Communion. Understand this and live.   So God set a table before you, more important than any table you have  ever been before. So we urge you as you take communion to take this  reacceptance of power under the consecration of YAHWEH'S Holy Spirit, as  YAHWEH has conveyed it to you, in the element of communion. As you receive  this communion let us realize that it is a Communion open to all YAHWEH'S  children in this great and Eternal Church which knows no barriers because  of denominational divisions.


            Thru the words of the Apostle Paul where he said:...This I received of  the Lord, and which I deliver unto you:.....The Lord Jesus the same night in  which he was betrayed, took bread and when he had given thanks he break it  and said:...Take and eat, this is My body which is broken for you, this is  your remembrance of ME. At the same hour also he took the cup and when he  had supped saying:...This cup is the New Covenant in my blood. This do Ye...as often as Ye drink it in remembrance of ME. For as often as Ye eat  this bread and drink this cup Ye participate in the Lords passion until He  returns.

            Almighty and Eternal Father we invoke the unction of thy Holy Spirit to  consecrate this assembly with thy broken body. As we receive it we shall be  joined with thee as in the hour of thy Crucifixion, and in the hour of thy  Resurrection, charged with Light and Power in this body as we beat witness  and testify.

            May thy blessings rest upon those who have received this element of  Communion in thy Name.


Remember as He took the bread and break it...YAHSHUA said:...take, this  is My body which is broken for you. Remember that YAHSHUA The Christ died  in your place.....Holy Father we elevate before thee, and before all the  hosts of heaven...the emblem thou brought...saying the unction of thy Holy  Spirit, do now consecrate this emblem of the communion. As we receive this  symbol of the fruit of the vine, charge with the emphasis of Thy Holy  Spirit, that it shall be as tho we are united with thee,...in thy blood.   Cause thy blessings to rest upon each one who receives this element of  Communion, and knowing that as life was in the blood, so as now, the life  of thy spirit shall fill each one of thy children and coordinate all their  facilities in thy service.  We ask it in thy Name.

Almighty and Eternal Father we invoke the unction of thy benediction on  these thy children...In the Name of YAHSHUA...The Christ....Amen.

                                  End of sermon






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