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                    IN THE TWINKLING OF AN EYE......8‑26‑62                           

By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift                                       


This afternoon, we are speaking on a subject that some people think is  controversial, but like the word...without controversy...Great is the  Mystery of Godliness. I assure you that without controversy, Great is the  Revelations of God's Purpose. But there isn't any controversy if God says  this is what I am going to do. If God tells you He is going to do something  and it is not just the misunderstanding of some man, then believe it. We  discover that in many areas where it is repetitious, it is not just the  work of man, but many men, each hearing and recording...writing down that  which the Holy Spirit caused him to receive. And those which heard what  Jesus said, bore record of it, they bore record exactly of what He declared  His purpose to be. And in this instance we have the four Gospels and we  have the witness of three or four men. So there is no question about the  fact that these men have been accepted as to their declarations, and the  veracity of these men is unquestioned. There not only were the Apostles,  upon which the foundations of the early Church were very clear on, but  these men are men whose records stand the test of comparison. So in this  instance the subject we are discussing relates to a tremendous event which  is still ahead for this age.    As we speak on this subject today there are a number of people who...  because of their religious background have been given different aspects and  different concepts concerning what the Bible teaches on this subject. This  is a subject as to whether or not Christ will or will not return to earth  again. It relates also to what is in store for individuals whose bodies  have been laid away in the grave, and whose spirits have passed into the  Plane of Spirit, or to such destinations as their origin had part, or determined.    Now:..I realize that there has been a lot of teaching scattered over the  last 25 to 30 years because we have been living in the time that I would  classify as the great apostasy. During this time as we have watched the  strange trend of events, and the invasion of our society with an assimilative people who have come in, who are enemies of The Christ and His Kingdom. And with their higher criticism have sought to destroy the whole concept and basic foundation, and blessed Hope of the Christian Church. They  have also sought to change your concept and constitutional Liberty, and  what you thought was Americanism, and they would like to make you ashamed  of Patriotism, and Americanism. And even try to give you a guilt complex  for your success, because you are a 'have nation' by....YAHWEH'S guidance.    So you are in a period when so many thoughts challenge so many facts  that have been historic, and that we find that it is not considered unseemly that these same forces having invaded the church, for the exact  purpose of condemning its doctrines, just as they did so many years ago.  One of those designs on the part of these people as they join the Church is  not to work for the body of Christ, not to carry out its spiritual work for  the development of nations of His Kingdom...instead it is for the purpose  of driving away what expected hope they might have for Divine intervention, or for God taking a hand in anything that is earthly. They would  like also to take every spiritual force, and every supernatural element out  of your religion and end up with a philosophy of just a good man. And they  do admit He was a good man, when they try to influence you, but when they  wanted to crucify HIM, they laid everything they could think of to His  charge.    So I point out to you today that the Apostasy of our times has been to  start to deny God on the things that are verities and on the things which  proceed from His mouth. And I also know people who cite that we no longer  believe in this as a literal event when we refer to the second coming of  Christ. And they say this is but a spiritual transition that comes to the  consciousness of man. Then with a battle of words, they try to prove a  point. It is most interesting to watch people, and theologians especially,  battle with words concerning the consciousness of Christ's presence. 'I  WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU'...and the return of Christ is consummated in some theologians opinion when the Holy Spirit was poured out at  Pentecost. They sound those words which He expressed in the 14th., chapter  of John when God having revealed to John that He was the Everlasting  Father.  'He who hath seen me hath seen the Father'. And when He promised  to send the great consciousness of His own inner thinking and renew to  their minds...renew their spiritual minds with the very Wisdom out of His  Own Mind. This is called the inner consciousness of His abiding presence..  ..so in this instance He said:..'I COME UNTO YOU.' Thus the theologians  think they have a position on this, that with the spiritual outpouring of  the energy of God's Mind, and the mighty power, and the Divine energy of  YAHWEH as it descended on men at Pentecost..that this was the second  coming.                Now:...I am not nearly as interested at the number of the comings of the  Christ, as others are. I want to point out to you that when He sent the  great Divine Wave‑length of His Own Mind, and His Own Holy Spirit down on  Christians to energize them, and to give them a renewing of their minds, to  charge them with an understanding of His purpose, it was not the advent of  ...Spirit, Soul, and Body...the fullness of YAHWEH. When YAHSHUA walked the  earth He fulfilled prophecy...Prophecies which had been promised to us all  thru the Old Testament and promises He had made unto us before the world  was framed. It also embodied promises He had made which we can see in  Isaiah 9., 'And the government shall be upon his shoulders'.    This is the government of the Kingdom of God. This is His Administration  in the earth...and the government shall be upon His shoulders. 'His name  shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Almighty YAHWEH, the Everlasting  Father, and the Prince of Peace.' This confirms what we were pointing out  to you in the 14th., chapter in the Book of John as we listened to YAHSHUA  as they asked him to show them The Father, and He replied:..'He that hath  seen me, hath seen the Father, how saith thou...show us the Father?' This  Son, this child born unto us was to be none other than the embodiment of  YAHWEH...for MESSIAH could be no less than this. And we the offspring of  YAHWEH were awaiting His joining us in the flesh as the Apostle Paul in His  Celestial experience was to recount as he said:...That since the children  of YAHWEH were embodied in the flesh, then YAHWEH...TOOK UPON HIMSELF THE  SAME FLESH THAT HE MIGHT BE LIKE HIS KINSMEN.'    Now:...since the prophecies that YAHWEH gave to the prophets, and the  experiences of His own revelations from His own Word was...that He was  going to come to earth, and be embodied as a man, then we were to see  YAHWEH...in Spirit, Soul, and Body, and we were told by the Apostle Paul  that the fullness of YAHWEH dwelt bodily in the Man Christ Jesus..YAHSHUA  THE MESSIAH. This was all of YAHWEH Spirit, Soul, and Body except for that  extension of Spirit that is Omnipresent which fills Heaven and earth. But  this was the embodiment of YAHWEH, and upon this cornerstone and foundation, the whole structure of the Christian Faith rests. If this was not  YAHWEH, then My Friends, there is an error upon which all Christianity has  been built, and it is like all other Faith's...just the ravings of Men.    But we do not have to question the wonders of Christian civilization,  and establish its ability to work, the great spiritual forces involved and  the history. We don't have to worry about the truth of this record because  we have that truth. We have the covenant and the prophecy of when this  MESSIAH was to be born. We know He was to be...ALMIGHTY YAHWEH..The Prince  of Peace, and at the increase of His government, after the spiritual power  He was going to send forth, which was going to re‑energize this nation and  this race which He had placed in the earth, and to this government...there  would be no end. Eventually this government was to see this very embodied  YAHWEH seated upon the Throne of David, and upon His Kingdom to order and  establish it with judgment, and justice forever. And the very Zeal of  YAHWEH is going to perform this.    Now:...get this clear. Isaiah revealed that MESSIAH was going to come,  and that He would be revealed as the Eternal YAHWEH...The Almighty Father  and that He would also establish and energize this Kingdom, and it would  not decrease but rather increase and spread. And that the culmination as it  relates to this manifestation of the Messiah...was that He was going to sit  upon the Throne of David, and rule upon the earth, ruling for a cycle of  His own purpose. Now:..I think that in the life of Christ, He has fulfilled  great areas of this prophecy, but He has not as yet assumed the Throne of  David, and He has not established an earthly administration which reaches  out over all the earth wherein every knee has not bowed. Also the nations  of this earth have not become the nations of our LORD and His Christ, which  are the Sheep of His Kingdom...these have not been fulfilled.    Prophecy can be progressive, and some prophecies have a long time element for their fulfillment. There is no question however that this is what  the record says:...but now we turn to see if there is any relationship to  this, and to the purposes Christ expressed when He was here on earth.    Today I noticed that one of the Patriots with great and able explanations of this conspiracy which is directed against God's nation, and recognizing that out of Jewry and Communism, and Zionism, is coming this  great evil. And He said one of the great problems that we have today is  that a great many people in the world are torn in finding what to do, because they believe in the doctrine called the 'second coming of Christ'.  This he said was largely developed by a man named Scofield, and a man named  Larkin, as they drew up charts, and then had a whole lot of bad interpretations which said that Christ was coming back to earth again, and of  course it is not based upon the Scriptures. Well, there are thousands of  people who hear this man, and think he has a fine and able analysis of  world events. But in this statement this man demonstrated that he did not  know as much as he thought he did of what the Bible contains and what God  has said.                Now...no one will take anymore latitude than I when it comes to  going down into the processes of whence ideas originate, even to challenge  areas of this Book where we feel it has been tampered with...thus there are  doctrines that we know Jewry put inside Catholicism and then eventually  they seeped over into Protestantism and has been effecting all Christianity. All doctrines concerning Hells..Purgatory..Limbo..and many traditions  never existed in the original. We have gone back and checked, and by comparison of records, demonstrated that this is not compatible even with the  nature of God, or the things that relate to Him or His promises, or the  things He talks about. We have found that on several occasions translators  have changed the Shekinah Glory of God, and have purged whole areas of  something good, and substituted flames of fire and whole lakes of hell. But  they created that misconception for when they go back to the old records it  says:...Shekinah Glory...and flames of torture chambers are a whole lot  different than Shekinah Glory in my book.    Now:..I point this out to you only to show you that we do not take a  dogmatic position, and would never change for merely a prejudice toward a  set of ideas, but I am interested in only one thing..and there is only one  thing that will help your civilization and your society, and there is one  thing that you can build on, and that is...TRUTH. We must know the truth,  and the truth alone will SET US FREE. I am not interested in any principal  or doctrine merely because it has been considered Orthodox, and been preserved throughout the years by Churchology, unless it is founded on something God said; and there is witness to the fact that it is not just a whim  of a man, but something here, and advocated over the centuries.    Now this opinion of the Second Coming which is held by quite a few  people is suddenly shaken, and all their thinking that all the reward and  their expectations are amiss. They seemed to have believed that men were  placed here to be as good as they can, so that when they die they inherit a  heavenly reward somewhere far out in space. Now this reward system has its  admirable traits, and they seem to think this is how justice is to be  wrought. And they also have within it the same torture chambers that they  picked up from the superstitions of the Pagans round‑about them. But in  this instance they cite that the spiritual coming of the Holy Spirit is the  Second Coming of Christ, and that is all there is to be. That this is an  appearing in the seat of the consciousness of an individual and that  is all there is. And beyond that, this world is not our home and we are  going to get out of here and go somewhere. Then they don't even know that  going into the plane of spirit is going back to where we came from. There  are Scriptures that talk about the re‑entrance of the spirit back into the  presence of the Most High. There are things that refer to heavenly areas,  heavenly blessings, and heavenly rewards, but in the matters of translation....the church has reversed them.    Before we go any further we want to tell you that we don't agree with  these individuals who say if there isn't any hell then there isn't any  heaven. Then they try to say that are no heavens. But we know that heavens  are...dimensions and planes of spirit, and areas of God's creation. And the  Universe has many areas and many planes and many dimensions, and your  spirit, born of the Most High God, can move into even the very dimension in  which the Most High God exists, and in that plane where that Eternal Celestial being has its field and vibration and operation. If your body was to  suddenly wither and die, your consciousness passing into that plane of  spirit will go back into that plane.    However, since which Christ is dwelling is Heaven, then Heaven can be a  state of being, and anywhere Christ is would be Heaven. That can also be  true for you, and can dwell in you when you realize this is a Christed body  and the Christ in you is the Hope of Glory. No wonder Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. But He was not separating this from the creative plane of dimensions for He said:...In my fathers house are many mansions, if it were not so I would have told you. His House...The Universe.    The reason we are concerned about this is because a lot of people have  strange ideas about their responsibilities. Some of them feel,...we don't  have anything to lose anyhow, so we just as well throw ourselves into this  fight and if we get killed we are going to heaven. Well...there isn't anything to fear as far as the enemy is concerned, and people should be willing however to expend themselves for the program of God, but the idea isn't  to see if you can get killed in the process, the idea is to wipe out evil,  establish the Kingdom, and stay as long as you can. I'm not to sure that  the children of God are expendable, so I think it is time you started to  think in terms of occupation...of the Kingdom of God.   

Now let us consider this process:...the church is torn again as they  started to once more study the Scriptures, and out of the translations, and  out of whole circles of theological opinions that grew up around Luther,  and a great number of others that raised up at that time...such as the  Wesley's and under Calvin...these were God fearing men, and each had a  great drive to do something for God. They knew that He was The Christ, and  they knew that Christ was the embodiment of God, tho how much of the doctrine of the past they were to be involved with, they did not know. Each  one of these men had a great drive to do something for God...a great  spiritual source followed their fervor, and they had a great impact on the  lives of men. Great institutions were started, and their names were put  upon them. Of course that was a sorry day for the earth, when we started to  hang the names of religious leaders on the Church. You say why? Isn't it  alright to have Lutheran Churches and Methodist churches etc.? There is only  one name for the Church and that is Christian. There is only one institution and that is the Great Church of YAHSHUA THE CHRIST. And all these  others are just names they hung over the doors. They do give honor to men  but that is all, for the only name for the Church is Christian. You are  going to see the day when there is...ONE FAITH..ONE YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA...ONE  BAPTISM. This will bring about the greatest unity of spiritual strength the  world has ever witnessed.    As related to these doctrines, the great impact that has descended upon  the church has been the design, by the Jews...that since they could not  destroy Christianity, or hire Emperor's to liquidate it, or murder all  those that bore testimony of Christ, then the design was to join the church  and change the doctrine. And that has been the basis of their plan ever  since they joined the churches. Also when they joined they brought in pagan  doctrines, and sought to influence, and since we were in the period of time  when there was no printing presses, or fast communications, that such  Scripture which was selected at Nicaea, and even what we call the Bible today were copied by individuals who gave their life of service in order to  preserve the Scriptures...then they did great damage in places.   

Now some people are so hostile to something they have been opposed to,  because somewhere down the line in their background, people protested areas  that they think the Monks changed as they copied the Scriptures, they don't  want to give those Monks any credit. But let me tell you that those Monks  in their cells and in their Monasteries copied Scriptures so that there  might be a multitude of the Scrolls. And they did this with an evangelistic  desire. In the Abbotries of England they were copying Scriptures, and the  individuals had resigned themselves to this type of life to preserve the  Scriptures in those days when there was no printing press. And I am sure  that there is one thing you can say...every white man on the face of the  earth owes a debt of gratitude to these men who in a sacrificial life wanted to preserve...for you...THE WORDS OF GOD. Now we do not say that they  copied them all, for many of them stayed in manuscripts undiscovered after  the decisions at Nicaea, and many of them were copied in an almost frenzied  rebellion against the hierarchies and then distributed. But the fact re‑  mains that they bore their testimony.    Then descended over the Western World, the dark ages, and the dark ages  came because of the lack of the ability to have communications in the areas  of spiritual vitality. So this area was a period of illiteracy for your  race because normally you were a race of literate people. Go back to the  days of your beginning and normally you had scrolls and records, even in  the days when Enoch and Job were erecting the great Temples in ON, and in  the days of Zohar there were also scrolls, and then scrolls were kept in  the Temple. In the background of your race your young men and young women  were taught to write and to read and to understand. And while scrolls were  not in everyone possession, yet they were some thing's every one saw, and  that your race were able to understand to interpret. The number of scrolls  increased, and in the days of Solomon, almost every household possessed  them showing you that this was one thing the young men did in the course of  their education. They copied the scrolls of Isaiah, and they copied the  scrolls that related to the great fundamental teachings of your race. And  thus it was that almost every home had the records within it that the sons  of the household copied in the course of their instructions, and the number  of scrolls told you the number of sons of that household. But during the  dark ages, the normal speed of the spread of literacy was stopped. It had  been thru that time mostly spread by word of mouth, and it had been under  the impact of forces stirred with evangelism, and the design to suppress and  control, from various areas, the whole structure of civilization. The results were that it wasn't until the advent of the printing press in the  days of Wycliff and others, that we watched the printing of Bibles and even  the teachers translations, and reconstructions of the Hebrew and Greek,  which they had assembled because of the errors they felt and protested. The  protests made by Martin Luther over doctrines he could not accept concerning the fact that you were justified by Faith, and all these processes of  penitence, and self inflicted pain, had nothing to do with His Spirit, and  certainly it wasn't very good for his soul, and just gave him pain and  consciousness of it. And that if a man accepted the atonement of Christ  there was no use for him to afflict upon himself any further pain to supplement that which was wrought on Calvary.    That became a sound pattern of doctrine and available to them by authority in the majority of the Scriptures they then had, and there were some  things even by interpretation and translation that were written in to enforce this abomination of self inflicted pain...so they changed it. They  had copies of documents of the Alexandrian text, and that was what Calvin  used as well as others that went before it, and when they saw that it  wasn't in the original text they gave you later translations of Greek and  Hebrew, and they removed these areas they saw which were directly opposite  the original Scriptures. But there was also some things they weren't willing to surrender as yet...among them were the doctrines in which they  thought they were going to make people be good, ..by fear..rather than to  have them live by spiritual transition and desire.    Now...in the early church in the days of Christ, they spoke and taught  and thought as Christ had instructed them. They thought also of the great  cultural background of the race, as they had interpreted them thru the long  tradition of service and worship which had followed your race from Adam  down to Christ.    It is also true that in the period after the hierarchies was first  formed, and in the days when Jewry first invaded the church to change its  doctrine that only the studying ecclesiastic officials had a conversant knowledge of the doctrine that made up the church. Then gradually a suppression was being brought by the hierarchy who were replacing the purpose that  Christ declared He was to fulfill...with His own hierarchy. Then gradually they stopped telling people about a bodily return of The Christ, and  they built up a system of responsibility to the orders of the church who  now took possession of the souls of their people..to grant unto them admission into the heavens with some kind of a concord they must have with  St. Peter, and to withhold it from their people if they were not obedient to  the church and to its collection basket.    Some of you will say:...you shouldn't be that frank, but that is exactly  what happened, without going into a long explanation of it.    During that period of time there were in Europe millions of people who  knew that YAHSHUA WAS THE CHRIST. They knew that their Messiah had come.  They knew about the sign of the Cross, they knew that they were Christians  because they believed this. They knew that they had traditions passed down  to them thru their generations that were still alive in them and that this  was a part of this tradition. But they did not know about the factors of  doctrine, and they did not know about the return of Christ, as only a few  Evangelists once in a while talked about the fact that Christ would come..  ..and that the Kingdom was going to come in, and judgment was going to fall  and generally the judgment was going to fall..so they thought..on the other  church they were disagreeing with.    Then after the dark ages were ended, we went thru a period of fallacies  and errors, then we started to reconstruct, not completely brought out into  the light and truth, but as far as they could go with such knowledge that  they possessed. But there was a covenant and God had promised that He was  going to speak to these people line on line, and precept on precept. He  promised He was going to restore unto us the knowledge of the truth. He  promised that before the climax of this age that He was going to bring all  things unto our remembrances and lead us into the knowledge of all truth.  And we were told that knowledge was going to increase, and wisdom was going  to descend, and the force that makes this possible is the great flowing invisible wave‑length of Divine energy that stimulates the souls of the sons  and the daughters of God. Re‑erects in their consciousness the images of  God's thinking and supplements it with the witness of the Spirit as it is  found for them in the Scriptures. This is why I can tell you as a Minister  who has preached the Gospel...that YAHWEH unveils the whole panorama of  ideas, and they pass like whole tabloids before a minister of God and you  sometimes stand amazed at the thought of the panorama of pictures, and then  you start looking for it, and sometimes you don't find it right away, but  then the Holy Spirit brings it to your attention...and you discover that it  was there all the time. But they hadn't talked about it in the Methodist  seminary, and they hadn't talked about it down in Louisville, Kentucky, or  down here in Chapman College because the Spirit hadn't stimulated their  consciousness, and they were still holding on to the tradition of the  church.   

Now I am well aware that in this instance there came a great rising  doctrine, the doctrine of holy living and responsibility to the Laws of  God. Spiritual stimulation, high moral standards, and the church went thru  an Evangelical Renaissance, and we came out of the dark ages, and back into  the age of the Printing Press and the declaration of truth, and with the  preaching of the church, when it was a great and spiritual and moral influence, and we started a great restoration, and we went into this climatic  period of the end of this age.    We are in the end of what we call the Church Age, or the end of this age  which started with Christ's Ministry, and is now in its final areas.

Now we  are back not only into a period of literacy, but with the spirit and knowledge, and the spread of the knowledge of God which is going to cover the  earth as the waters cover the sea. Back with it came spiritual guidance,  technology, ability, and know‑how, and great power. And also with it came  the ability to carry to the ends of the earth an Evangelistic program that  has been in the works for 200 years, by the white nations of the Western  world. Now we can look back and you cannot conceive of living in a time  when people didn't know what you know. And yet you know that in your own  lifetime God has been opening up the Book and you discover that what you  thought as a young person is no longer valid today because it has expanded  with revelation, and you have many foundations shaken in this great expansion of truth. But in the beginning of this period, they were working on  behavioral standards and other factors, and there was not too much said  about the Second Coming of Christ.    There were individual Evangelists who point it out as they came upon  Scriptures and puzzled over them. A man by the name of Blackstone wrote a  book...'Jesus is coming'...and the Moody Bible Institute circulated it, and  the man had filled the book with texts that referred to the fact that Jesus  is coming back. Automatically the church started to divide into two branches over this...into post‑millenist, and pre‑millenist. They positively knew  that the day was now apparent that at sometime or other God was going to  step back into Human affairs. They also saw all thru the Bible prophecies  of the triumph of the Saints, the breathing offspring of the Most High.  They saw that Christian civilization was going to conquer and it was going  to rule. And so some of them said:...when we have done our job, and made  the world a fine place to live and conquered everything that is wrong, and  we have it all in order then Christ is going to come back, and these people  were called Post‑Millennium people.    Then with Blackstone's book and with the advance of the study of things,  then many began to see that the forces of darkness were not suppressed,  that we were still battling them, that they were not overthrown when Christ  came, so a great and vital need brought the cry...LORD JESUS COME QUICKLY.  The need was for Divine assistance, because we were in the midst of a mesh  of darkness, in a trap, for we were only 1/6th., of the worlds population.  We were mighty sons being empowered, but the climatic pattern of events was  going to be intervention of Christ into the battle, and the re‑entrance  into the physical world, and the establishment with power of His Kingdom to  take the throne of David, as prophesied by Isaiah and these people were  called...pre‑millennist's.                   Now that basic Orthodoxy had started to study this thing, and then large  areas of Methodist and large areas of Calvinist's, and the Armenian Gospel  as well as the Calvinist started a general acceptance of Pre‑millennium  acceptance. But they didn't go much into detail because most Ministers  couldn't tell you what they do believe about the return of Christ. Here in  the last days there has seemed to be also an intent to move in and knock  this out. In the last 25 or 30 years this has happened, and you can't go  into many churches in the denominations today and hear any messages on  whether Christ will or will not return. In fact some do not even talk of  HIM. Then if any minister talks about His coming they say he is just believing in superstition, in bedtime stories and anyway its old fashioned.  But if it is old fashioned to believe in what Christ said...HIMSELF..and  what the Bible says about His return, then you better get an old fashioned  Bible, because you won't have any Bible left if you take that out of it.  You say...how do I know?    Well, its in the Book. Lets turn here into the Book of Matthew and 24:27  and Jesus says:...'As the lightening cometh from the east to the west, so  shall the coming of the son of man be.'  He was already on earth when He  said this. He was participating in a ministry that He had not finished. So  He was telling His disciples and the crowd that just as fast as lightening  speeds across...so shall the son of man come into world affairs again. Then  He says:...In times of tribulation, times like now with nuclear bombs, and  the darkness of the sun, and the blood of the moon, all of these signs in  the sky. In times of tribulation, when powers of darkness are creating  problems for the Kingdom, then shall appear the sign of the son of man in  the heavens. We told you what that sign was, and Enoch told you centuries  and centuries before the birth of Christ just what sign to look for.    You have already passed that one sign that was in the measure of Enoch,  and that was February of this year...2‑4‑62. 'Then shall appear the signs  of the son of man in the heavens, and the tribes of earth shall mourn.'  This means the world order. Do you remember when that sign moved into the  sky, last February when the planets lined up, and the pagans over in India  started to wail and the Witchdoctors said the end of the world has come?  All of them saw the sign of the son of man and they started to weep and  wail. Now it is all a matter of History, but we kept those headlines and  they said:....that the nations of Asia, and India mourn and wail over the  signs in the sky.    Some of the farmers laughed and said: it won't have any effect on that  part of the earth..but it had an effect upon their brain.   

Now the Scripture says:...then you shall see, meaning that not long  after this event and in its measure of time...(Matthew 24:30) 'Then they  shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven, with power and  great Glory.' I asked several friends who are very fine on spiritual things  but they don't seem to understand the background of simple semantics, and  they say:...well, nobody is going to see Christ when He comes...nobody is  ever going to see Him again. he is just up there in Spirit, and nobody is  going to see HIM. But Jesus while here on earth said:...these tribes of  earth, who are not spiritual, who worship Buddha, and all these other false  gods...ARE GOING TO SEE HIM COME IN POWER. He even told some of the Jews  that they are going to see Him and I tell you for sure, that there is nothing spiritual about the Jews.   

Now...they shall see the signs of the son of man in the heavens, and the  tribes of earth shall mourn...then...when they see the son of man coming in  the clouds of heaven with power and glory, HE is going to send His administering spirits, His great Angels, and they will sound the trumpets, and He  is going to gather His Elect from the four winds, of one end of the earth  to the other. The sign has come...and they are moving in.    The thing I want you to note is...'When you see the sign of the son of  man coming in the clouds of Heaven.' Matthew 24:27‑34. Then Matthew 25 continues also with this declaration, and here Jesus is talking to His disciples, unto whom He is revealing the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven and  He says: (vs: 31)...'When the son of man shall come in His Glory'...so  there is an hour when Christ comes...not as He did during His Ministry to  work and carry out His ministry for His people. Because He carried it out  with great spiritual vitality as YAHWEH would do...performing miracles, and  transforming mens lives with the power of His Spirit. But here He let them  whip Him, and He let them scourge Him, and He let them crucify Him, but  then He demonstrated by His Resurrection that He was still master of the  situation. Then He left in one of those great crafts of space and went into  the heavens, but he left 2 men to bear witness that He would be back as  they saw Him go. This was not the hour in which Christ was to establish His  power and rule the earth. He did not take the throne of His Father David at  that time, so no one can say that there will not be an hour when that is to  happen.                   Now listen...He says:..'When the son of man shall come in power and  Glory, and His Holy Angels are with Him...then He is going to sit upon the  throne of His Glory. If you remember the promise made to the Virgin Mary,  it was that this was...THE MESSIAH..who was going to gather the nations and  the whole United Nations will be in one spot, then He said...I am going to  separate the sheep nations from the goat nations, with a segregation that a  good segregationist would use. He said..I am going to segregate them,  separate, divide them as a good shepherd is supposed to know how to do....  separate the sheep from the goats.  I tell you today that the white race is  as far apart from the rest of the world as sheep are from goats today. Any  biologist knows that...so surely Preachers know that. And as He separates  them and puts the sheep on the right and the goats on the left He is going  to say....'come ye blessed of the Father, receive the Kingdom, the administration and the dominion, and rule, that has been prepared for you from before the foundation of the world.' I just wanted you to know that Matthew,  one of the Apostles, one of the foundation stones of the church, put this  in his record as he told us what Jesus said.   

Now turn to Mark and we discover that what Matthew heard wasn't an error  or illusion, for Mark heard Jesus as He laced down the High Priests, and  the world order they represented, and here Mark head Jesus say:..I AM  YAHSHUA...I AM YAHWEH.., whenever you see the words I AM..it means THE  ABOVE, and so Jesus said:..I AM YAHSHUA, AND YE SHALL SEE THE SON OF MAN  SITTING ON THE RIGHT HAND OF POWER COMING IN THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN. Mark  14:62.  Now:..this right hand is just a matter of interpretation because  the other texts say:...'Ye shall see the son of man with the scepter of  authority coming in the clouds of heaven.' The right hand carried this  distinction of authority when men sat on the throne, thus they translated  it as...you shall see the son of man seated on the right hand of power. But  it should read:...'Ye shall see the son of man coming with the scepter of  power...in the clouds of heaven.'    So:...Mark heard Jesus tell off the High Priests that were over this  world order, and tell them that one of these days there was a surprise  coming...because YAHSHUA, the son of man, the I AM THE MESSIAH...I AM  YAHWEH...was coming with power and glory in the clouds of heaven. I just  wanted to put Marks testimony in here so lets go on and see what Luke has  to say about this.    Luke 12:36‑40.  This is a parable. It is also speaking of the coming of  the son of man, and is another witness to this coming to earth. And apparently when He comes to earth, His servants, His people are still going to  be here.    John 14:3 also bears witness to His coming. 'If I go I will come again.'  If you are going to believe anyone, then believe Jesus...and if I can't  believe Jesus then I can't believe what any preacher who comes after Him  teaches. When I think of these words...after the mighty power of His Resurrection...when He had spent 40 days after that Resurrection instructing  His disciples, then He goes outside  the city. In the Book of Acts, it  tells how Jesus told His disciples to go to the city of Jerusalem and to  wait there for this mighty power to come to them, then when He is finished  speaking He was taken up. But how did He go? He was taken up...something  carried Him. In almost every instance where God comes and goes, or where it  is recorded in the Scriptures, there is an enveloping cloud, and it is so  brilliant in its Glory that you can't see on the inside. This was true when  God was traveling in a great flagship of heaven, and it appeared like a  pillar of light by day, and a pillar of fire by night, and He traveled with  them as He brought them out of the Egyptian bondage, and it tells you that  YAHWEH was in that cloud. Then as YAHSHUA stepped into that cloud and the  disciples stood looking up...two men stepped out of it and they said:..'Now  don't stand there looking at the ascent of this enveloping cloud of Glory,   but remember that this same Christ shall come again...as ye see Him go.' He  was taken inside this cloud and out of their sight.    The first chapter of Acts starts out by telling us that Christ is coming  back, and one of the first sermons that Peter preached...he talked about  heaven receiving Christ until the time of the restitution of all things,  spoken of by the Holy Prophets, and the Prophets spoke of when He is going  to come back.    The Apostle Paul is one of the best of informed men in the entire area  of the New Testament. He wrote more letters and more Epistles which we  still use today, for instruction, and for evaluation, and the full under‑  standing of the revelations of that time. He was not only called by YAHWEH  but he was taken out of the trap of Jewish propaganda and brainwashing and  energized with the knowledge and wisdom he had been raised in, and which  was his destiny, and there he had unveiled experiences. Paul was a  Benjamite (Light Carrier) and not a Jew. He was caught in their religion  until he was saved out of it, but by race he was not a Jew. Paul was a man  of great scholarship and a great Faith. A man who loved his Faith enough  that physical problems did not matter as he carried out his Destiny. He  knew no fear for in the Coliseum he took a short sword and fought with  beasts. He stood as a Gladiator and fought the beasts of darkness of the  world order. He threw back his coat and said:..'Look at these scars, look  at how many times I bear wounds for the Gospel of Christ...Have you resisted yet to blood?'    This Paul was a mans man, with courage and with power, and he must have  been a pretty good looking specimen for when he went to Greece they said:  ...'Look, here comes Apollo'...Paul had been carried into the heavens by  one of the great space crafts, and he didn't know whether in the body or in  the Spirit, and he said God alone knew, and there he received direct instructions...more than any man outside of John, in the New Testament record..  ..so what did Paul tell us?    Paul was told all about things that were to come to pass. He was told of  the Mystery, he was told about the conquest of death, and about the power  of the Resurrection. Paul wrote to the people of Thessalonia and said:...  'I say unto you by the very word of the LORD.' And when Paul says:..the  very word of the Lord...you can believe it. Paul is about the only writer  of Scriptures that says:...I speak as a man, and then in other places he  says:...I speak as the Word of The LORD...and when he speaks thus, then you  better believe it.    Here in the King James Version then Paul says in Thessalonians 4:15..  'For this we say unto you..by the Word of the LORD, that we which are alive  and remain unto the coming of the LORD shall not prevent them which are  asleep.'    Now:...the word asleep was not in the original text, but was put in by  the church for it had another doctrine it wanted to pass up. The original  text says:...'Those who are alive shall not hinder those who are dead, unto  the coming of the LORD.' Paul believed this:...'For YAHWEH shall descend  from the heavens with a battle cry, a mighty shout, with the voices of  Archangels, the trumpet of God, and even the bodies of the Saints that are  dead, are going to rise first..transformed..the very element of their being  into a glorious illuminated, incorruptible body.' Physicists know that the  activating of elements can be done with one lightening flash of light electrical discharge. You can gather every particle of every atom that ever  existed, and put it into its own orbit.    Listen:...Therefore those of us who are alive are going to be changed in  the very element of our being, in these same hours that we are here recording now. We which are alive, or remain at that hour are going to meet...THE  CHRIST..in Shekinah Glory. And we shall all at that moment be in the  presence of the Eternal YAHWEH.   

Now I point out to you over here in Thessalonians that it tells you that  at such a moment and in such an hour that this transition is one of the expected hopes of the church...the spiritual center of the Kingdom. Based on  what was told Paul, and what Jesus said, and what His disciples said then I  turn to Corinthians 15:51 and it says:........    'Behold, I shew you a mystery; we shall not all sleep'...alright we  aren't all going to be silent in death permanently. The body that was the  outward witness is not going to be a failure. We aren't always going to be  silent in the grave...but we shall be changed, transformed, in a moment, in  a twinkling of an eye. 186,000 miles per second is how fast the speed of  light moves at the earths surface. That's how fast that this twinkling,  this transition will be...the twinkling of an eye. That pretty fast. And  now then....when? At the last moment of that hour when Christ descends with  Power and Majesty and Glory...at the sound of that trumpet. They could  sound it right now and I would rush out to see. Always they sounded the  trumpet to gather ISRAEL.    Here in Hollywood when that trumpet sounds they will run out into the  brush and try to hide. Don't doubt it for one moment, because when the  trumpet sounds, the skies will fill with the armies of heaven, and you may  run out with rapture on your face, but there are a lot of people who will  run and try to hide in the rocks, and in the basements, and in the bomb  shelters, for they don't want the Light, and they are going to be afraid.    One prominent Jew who lives here in Hollywood, when asked what he  thought about Christ's coming said:...'if He comes, we've had it'. Well,  when He comes....WE'VE GOT IT.    I want to turn to Phillipians and again it is the supporting position of  the Apostle Paul, and he is talking about the fact that our conversation  ought to be in line with heavens purposes and programs. 'Let our conversation be in alignment with heaven and its purposes, from whence we are looking for our Savior..our YAHSHUA...our YAHWEH SAVIOR...who shall change  these bodies that can know sickness, and pain, and death, until they are  fashioned like unto His own glorious body. And according to the working  whereby He is able to subdue all things unto Himself.'    I want to add to this:...putting a number on the comings of God to earth  is a rather silly thing anyhow. For He put the whole thing together and  without HIM..how many things were made? How many times He walked the this  earth I cannot remember. But before this cosmos was finally formed He walked, and you were with HIM, before this world was framed. You stood like Job  when He laid the measuring line out. I know that He walked the earth when  He placed His own issue...Adam...in the earth. I know He walked the earth  when He challenged us in the hour of the fallacy and seduction of Eve, in  the great fall of our society when we lost the aura and Glory that He has  promised to bring back to us. I know He walked the earth in the days of  Enoch and Job because they received Him, and there between the two pillars  they erected in Egypt, in the Temple of ON...He served that great company  of Scientists and Wisemen of your race the Communion and that is a matter  of record. They knew HIM then and even the Egyptians talked about how He  visited these strange white men as...O Siris...Lord of Life and Resurrection...the Ka of Ra. Yes He walked the earth many, many times.    I know that YAHWEH is not just a principal. I know that He is not just a  radiation of Light without form. I know that He is not just a strange force  that works in nature. I know that all these forces and patterns emanate  from Him, but He is an individual, He has shape, He has form, and the whole  physical structure is in the image of the spiritual. He is..spirit, soul,  and body. And you were begotten out of His Light, and out of His seed, and  out of His Image.    Now remember how He talked to Moses out of the Burning Bush, and how  with a very great host of space crafts, the mighty fleet of the heavens  with thousands of breathing offspring, gathered over Paran, and descended  over Sinai when He came to give Moses the Law...and I can show you this all  in Deuteronomy. Thousands of the offspring out of the heavens came with HIM  when He came to give the Law to His family in the earth. Then Moses said:..  Oh, if I could just see you...the things I want most of all is to see you,  to see your shape, your form, your Glory. So YAHWEH said to Moses:..You  cannot take this Glory but I'll tell you what I am going to do. I'm going  to come down off the mountain and as I walk by, then this you are to do.  You get down there in those hollow rocks, and there is a little crack  there, and you can look out of that crack as I walk by, but you wait until  I pass by for you cannot look at the Glory (Light) of My face, because as  of now you cannot stand it. You just wait until I retreat and you can see  the back of YAHWEH. Well, Moses went down and got into the rocks and found  the little crack to look out through, but YAHWEH knew how curious Moses was  so as He approached He put his hand over the crack in the rock where Moses  was, so as He approached He put His hand over the crack in the rock where  Moses was looking out. If He hadn't done this Moses would have burned himself up with Glory, but as He walked past then YAHWEH removed His hand and  Moses beheld the Glory of the back of YAHWEH. I will tell you this..YAHWEH  is your Father, and he had a hand, a form, a body. He had a back, He is a  person, and when He comes to earth He has a body. He was a person, He was  the son of man and when He comes to earth He is going to have a body and  you are going to see HIM, you are going to know Him, and you are going to  be able to touch Him, just like Thomas, after His Resurrection..because..  He is the same today, yesterday, and forever.    When the Apostle Paul bore record of that in Hebrew 13:8., he was  bearing testimony to the Eternal Majesty whose Glory from Sinai was to  Light His Resurrection, and will be even greater eclipsed in that day and  they will say:...KING OF KING, AND LORD OF LORDS. When sweeping out of the  heavens, according to His own prophecy, and His own words, will come the  greatest reinforcements your race has ever had. The great hour when YAHWEH  is going to place Glory on the white race, such Glory as the world has  never witnessed in all its history, so much Glory and radiation, and you  are going to see what Moses couldn't look at that day, but what Moses has  seen many times since. And in that hour you are going to hear these words:  ...KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS. You are going to see every obstacle  melt away, and you are going to see them break their swords, you are going  to see them bow the knee...you are going to hear YAHWEH declare:...These  are my sons and daughters, I put them here and you better listen to them. I  have developed them for the development of the earth, and for the administration of My Kingdom. This Kingdom is here forever and no one is going to  destroy it. ...Just remember that this is what the Bible teaches.    Never mind how much politics somebody understands, never mind how much  they think with their theology, they transcended the reality of what YAHWEH  said. I can't think of a better picture, a finer promise. I can't think of  a more important historical event. I know God appeared before Joshua. I  know Gideon saw HIM. I know that He comes and goes, when He wants to and  our Father Jacob wrestled with HIM. I know that He will come in and out of  human affairs any time He wants to, and the more He comes the better I like  it.    I want you to know this..it doesn't change anything, because you are  operating on Faith that can move without fear, but that doesn't relieve you  of the responsibility of occupying the earth, and battling the darkness,  and of establishing the Kingdom, because this is your task as sons and  daughters, but do it with your Faith...and not defeat. Faith that He shall  add such a victory as the world has never known, as He has already covenanted the seed that is to accomplish this.    You are going to be happy to say as did John of Revelation...after he  saw the things of Revelation..after he saw...the Majesty, the Beauty, the  harrow of events, and the reconstruction...the victory, and then John just  lifted up his face and said simply:.........               Lord Jesus come quickly, even so come Lord Jesus. Meaning  YAHWEH SAVIOR come quickly...even so come.     If any church has lost this Glory then I tell you that they have lost a  large part of their Life.                                   (End of this message)                                              .




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