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                   THE INDESTRUCTIBLE KINGDOM                                             By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift---11-25-62



(Tape Ministry)    

Introduction:.......It is thrilling to greet you each month by way of the Tape Ministry. We  are living in Bible times, foreseen and foretold from the foundations of the  Universe. The enemies of our race think they have the forces of Christianity and the people of our race, God's chosen, headed for complete destruction by godless Communism. They do not realize that God is mocked, that His  purpose, His plan will be carried out to the last crossing of the last 'T'.  Christ said: 'I shall establish my church and the gates of hell shall not  prevail against it.' Does that sound like defeat? The Bible says it is His  will to give the Kingdom to His chosen...Israel. It also says that the  nations shall be separated like the sheep and the goats, and Israel shall  inherit the earth. There is no defeat in the mind of the Eternal Father,  only how long until we awaken to our great heritage. And to return to our  God. We are so fortunate to have these great tapes in the Library of the  late Dr. Wesley A. Swift, and today's talk by Dr. Swift contains some events  which were current (1962) as he brought this message, and they are still as  current today as they were then. Thus we present....Dr. Swift speaking on  the Indestructible Kingdom.   

We turn in our thinking this afternoon to some of the areas of the  Covenants and promises which are most important for us to remember and to  understand. Of course with the realization of how God has put together the  Universe, especially your portion of it, and your understanding of it. When  we talk about the Kingdom of God as being an indestructible Kingdom, then  we understand that it is an indestructible Kingdom because it is made up of  indestructible people. It is made up of a people who are the possessors of  Eternal Life, and the source of that life and the purposes of God as it  relates to an Eternal people demonstrating in earth their power, demonstrating their achievement over the powers of darkness which is to ultimately  be accomplished. This is something that is not going to be stopped, hindered, or even destroyed by the forces of evil, altho at times they seem to  become so strong and so powerful that you almost wonder at them. One of the  unique things about prophecy is that God knew all about these things which  was to happen to your race before He revealed them to the prophets, and  long before they transpired, or before even they appeared in your local  newspaper. I think this had added significance as we see so many people who  are disturbed, disappointed, or over wrought because of the catastrophe in  the social impact of the forces of darkness, as they battle against God's  Kingdom that they sometimes feel small compared to the great numbers of the  enemy. One general in making his report yesterday said:..we have depended  upon technological strength, upon nuclear power, because we deal with the  Soviet Union, and Red China, and there is no way we can meet them face to  face in battle without superior weapons of nuclear power that they will not  have but will understand. There is more to that statement than might seem  to be apparent because there is a quality of spiritual vision and divine  leadership that the enemy does not possess. We do not have nor, could ever  attain the superiority from the standpoint of the normal patterns of  warfare, but we do have and we do need, and we do have certain technological achievements. Then greater than that is the spiritual force and a  divine power which is a defending force.   

The Scriptures declare that the Eternal Yahweh is our refuge, and in  this there is something that the enemy and the powers of darkness can never  possess, gain, or utilize, because this is one factor which remains with  you.......'God with us'.    Why is this a factor that is a part of your race? It is because this is  an indelible mark of an Eternal Covenant which has been absorbed and passed  from generation to generation. And as you understand this it is ingrained  in you, and you are on God's side, and your God is the God, and because of  this you are a part of everything He is doing, and everything He has covenanted. There is nothing in God's purposes that are dependent upon the  elements that human forces would depend upon without spirit. There is  nothing that is just dependent upon the immediate whims of human nature and  physical commitment. When we are talking with you about the Eternal Nature  of God's Covenants with you, as outlined in the Book of Deuteronomy, it  tells you that one of the things God states concerning you as a people  which He had chosen, a people He calls a Holy people which He sat above all  the people upon the face of the earth, a people whom He tells that He loves  you and tells you how He has made Covenants with you and they are to last  for a thousand generations. Even this thousand is not limited because it is  used here in the plural, tho there is no limit to the thousands of generations that this covenant covers.   

I want to point out to you that when God established His own people in  the midst of the earth it was for an Eternal purpose. One of the things He  tells the people of Israel is that as a household, as a people of the Lord  has willed that they...as a people in their operation and in the rise of a  Dynasty of His Kingdom, this is forever. There is no design in any of the  promises and covenants that Yahweh has made that indicates He is going to  take the Administration of the Kingdom out of your hands, or that He is  going to surrender you to defeat, or that any nature of the design of the  enemy would eliminate God's Kingdom.   

I point out that within that declaration and that purpose...HE..is  establishing this throne in the midst of the earth..forever. We get a clue  also of the force of power which is aligned with this purpose when we think  of the great creative powers of the Most High God. When He said He established HIS Throne forever...this is true. 'Thy Throne, O Yahweh, is forever  and ever; the scepter of thy Kingdom is a right scepter.' Psalm 9:45. Then  we are told in Psalm 11:4., 'The Lords throne is in the heavens.' 'Heaven  is My Throne, and the earth is my footstool.' But the word here is significantly in one of the celestial planes, and the spiritual areas of power,  and the physical areas of power, the areas of manifestation. We point out  to you the eternal transfer of the throne from heaven to earth just as He  taught you to pray:......'Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, In earth as  it is in Heaven.' Matthew 6:10.    That the Kingdom of God exists in all dimensions and in all planes of  God's creation. When we understand that..the sovereign of the Universe extends His creative power, and His controlling power, from one end of the  Universe to the other, in the tremendous areas of the sidereal immensity of  God's creation, then we understand that God's creation is the extended  power of the Sovereign who said:..'This is all mine'...He is your Father,  you are His children, He has expressed His intentions within this Book of  sharing with you the seat of administration over all this Universe. He developed you for this purpose. He said:...I love you, and I want you to know  that My purpose and my plan with you extends throughout all the ages of  Eternity.' Now it is one thing to have a throne in the heavens but there  came a time when the Eternal decided to have a throne in the earth as well.  I point out to you that this is especially true with David, because in the  89th., Psalm we read these words concerning this throne in the earth and  His servant David....Verse 28. 'My mercy will I keep for him forever, and  my covenant shall stand fast with him.'  (vs:34) My covenant will I not  break, nor alter the thing gone out of my mouth once have I sworn by my  holiness that I will not lie unto David. (vs:36) His seed shall endure forever, and his throne as the sun before me. (vs:37) It shall be established  forever as the moon, and as a faithful witness in the heavens.'   

How long was the throne of David to last? How long was this covenant  with your race, concerning the establishment of a seed line, and a household? For as long as we see the strength of the sun and the abiding  presence of the moon, as long as the solar system stays in balance, as long  as the Universe operates under the great mentoid Sovereignty of Divine Will,  which set the orbits from the large sidereal systems down to the smallest  atom, that is how long the throne of God will exist in the earth.   

Again we turn to the words of David at the time God makes this covenant,  we note this is the closing days of life for David and he makes this testimony....II Samuel 23. 'The spirit of Yahweh spake by me, the Rock of Israel  spake. He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of Yahweh.  he shall be as the light of the morning, as the sun that riseth in the  morning (David is talking about his house and this is the declaration)  Altho my house disobey, even tho they do not measure up to divine  standards, even if my house fall, yet He hath made with me an Everlasting  Covenant, ordered in all things and are, for this is my salvation.'   

This is an Eternal Covenant, an absolutely ordered covenant, even in the  face of human discrepancy. Every once in a while we have someone who tries  to tell us that because of human discrepancy, the Kingdom of God is going  to fall. And if you look out over this great nation of God's Kingdom and  see the leadership of this nation you might think this nation is doomed,  but even though you have leadership which would doom your nation, without  the staying of God's hand...still God will remove that leadership and carry  forward the Destiny of the nations of His Kingdom, and you of His  household.    In fact there are some of these people in such a mental maze of darkness  because of the forces of evil round about them, and one would say that they  are without recovery, but let me say...that everyone of the Adamic race,  the household of God is still within the scope of God's ability to reach  him. Some of them will be taken out of the human areas as they become  structured to God's plan but they will be reached never the less until  their consciousness and their spirit will come into synchronization with the  purposes of God, and they will know the Great Creative Power of an undefeatable ...Eternal God. We point out to you that the words of prophecy are  sure words. We turn over to some of the situations we pass thru and whereas  some of them are dangerous crisis conditions, still the word of God is....SURE. The mysterious forces under the power of evil is still trying to organize the whole world for their own design. They still think that their  world government is going to rule over all people on the face of the earth.  So in the days of Daniel the prophet...he said: 'Thou O Babylon art this  head of Gold.'       Their design to control all the world and its economy is symbolized  again in the Book of Revelations as God speaks to John and unveils the  Omniscience of God's knowledge and wisdom concerning this matter. But in no  area is there a concept that victory will not be the accomplishment of the  Kingdom of God. You will note that no man will be able to buy or sell in all  the world order unless he carries their card, has their permission, has  their seal. But I want to point out to you something you find on the front of today's newspaper...it says: The Senate and House Committees have been in session on special house duty, behind them are advisors and they are the International advisors for the field of world monetary policies. In the  field of International monetary funds, under Herb Jacobson, one of the most  powerful Jews in the world of economy, and behind this whole strategy is the House of Rothchild and the House of Morganthaul..Kuhn Loeb and Co.,  and all the financiers behind the C.F.R.   They come up with this as a  solution:...In order to balance the credits and exchange, in order to extricate America out of deep economic problems, from having given away so  many of its dollars backed by silver and actually by Gold, that it has run  out of the gold in the treasury as far as being able to reach all its commitments, and solve all its problems. Mystery Babylon says:..we have a  solution.....'We advise that all the nations of the world gather up all their gold and all their silver and put it under one treasury...the World Monetary  System....and put it all in one basket, and then we will issue out of that  system....gold and silver certificates to these nations complying. 'Babylon  thou art this head of gold.'   

Under the U.N., under the hands of a few Jews, under the hands of the  world conspirators, they want all the gold the U.S. has at Fort Knox and at  Denver, and all the gold and silver coins, and they want all delivered to  the World International Monetary Fund. Then they would be in a position  they say:....to balance the credits, set the standards, and the standards  of gold will rise and fall according to demands upon it and no nation will  say:...our dollar is worth so much today. They will take the economy of all  the nations to this one central bank of gold, and thus it will then balance  out the credits. This they think will be the mightiest weapon they have  ever had, because if they see some are getting out of control then they  will just remove their credit from this area of the world, until that area  bows to their demands. They won't be able to import or export, to buy or  sell, thus the entire movement in and out of the nations will be controlled  by the head of gold residing in the U.N.  Now they want the Senate and  House of the U.S. Congress to listen to these proposals and study them as a  solution to the whole worlds monetary problems.   

That is not a solution, that is a big noose. I wouldn't be surprised if  the forces in our country in their moves, to the left, would talk about the  surrender...of the gold and silver into the hands of the world monetary  fund...Mystery Babylon...head of gold, because this is prophecy in fulfillment. But let me tell you something. All the gold and silver they don't  have will be a most valuable possession. This is what God is talking about  when He says:...Come out of her O my people, lest ye be caught in her  judgment, for America is caught in this trap. If they put over this swindle  and it is very possible they will, because the advisors to this administration will urge this. If they put the gold in the I.M.F., then I am going to  prophecy to you that America of necessity, will come up with something  different than they anticipated. We will free ourselves from Babylon's head  of gold and live on currency backed by production.   

My friends, this just means that we are just one step closer to the day  when you are going to be in power. Just one step closer to the day when all  the gold and silver of the world will be under your administration. It  won't be too important however for you may use it to pave some of the  streets that you are wearing out, but then you would have to figure out a  way to keep people from slipping on its slick surface. So it isn't such an  asset as you might think.   

I point out to you that the indestructible Kingdom exists because its  origin is synthesized out of the sphere of patterns of divine energy. In  all of the areas of its physical manifestations, and the people who comprise it have their life, their vision, their creativeness, in the wavelength of His though and His mind. You know the physicist's support this  more and more in their discoveries, and the astronomers are also aware of  this...that the entire Universe is made of things of which it does not  appear. The Apostle Paul said:...that Eternal things are not visible, but  these energies grouped by the sovereignties of divine mind, and by the great  energies out of the spirit, are a great Universe. An electronic and a light  Universe, and that is all you can say of everything solid and everything  material. These protons and electrons, and units of electricity, only the  strength of the mentoid which holds and binds these elements together  making solidity out of these electronic substances until their molecular  masses can be touched and handled.   

So we are faced with the fact that as God synthesis and holds the solar  together, He holds the atoms together, and keeps their electrons moving  around the nuclei. So He says, as also the sun and moon, I am the nucleus  of this...I am the spirit of this wall of power, I hold together everything, even this throne which David His servant sat on.    When you recognize your eternal celestial existence, when you realize  that you were with the Father before the world was framed, that He wrote  your names in the family record, the Lambs Book of Life, before the foundations of the world, that there is nothing He has not added to your environment to bring certain things to pass...that He did not know about. Then  you rest secure in the soverignity of the Mind of your Father and as you  adjust your own consciousness to His purposes, the great spiritual flow of  force, and the essence of vision and ideas necessary for accomplishment  moves through you.    There isn't any doubt today as you study the world that the great creativeness and vision lives with your race. The great German Anthropologists  I.B. Lissner has just brought another volume off the press, and within this book you find the antiquity of yesterday. You find the movement of Empires and races and their existences long before the white man walked the earth.  You find that history and the sudden synthesis of the white man into the world picture, but there is something quite obvious about these patterns  which is that the entirety of liberty and vital force of power and truth  started to move with the coming of the Adamic race. This is still true  today, you look out over the world today and you see the impact of the  Adamic race as it moved into their environments. More than that you will  notice the sudden stimuli following the Resurrection of The Christ, and the  coming of the church, and then the timing of the last 1 1/2 centuries as  the most tremendous spurt of advancement in human history. We point out to  you that in these courses there are still factors that must be governing  factors. The Eternal nature of the laws of the spirit and of the Household  of God...the fact that you as a people are the Household of god, and your  greatness comes from the synchronizing of your searching and seeking the  Mind of God, and out of that comes the whole area of vision.   

For instance the other day an Internationalist was trying to give us a  whole pattern...a strange and unacceptable pattern..for he had just returned from India. He said that we must not let civilization wipe out the  background of pageantry of which India is made up of. he said it would be a  terrible shame if in the struggles in the world today that these picturesque Temples, and strange customs should be destroyed and not stand as a  mark of those people. That all cultures are essential and for the children  of the future generations the Temples of Brahma..Vishnu..Kali..and Siva  must not be wiped out of the scenes of the history of India.    But I tell you that the reason India needs your help today is because of  this strange pattern of Brahma, Vishnu, Siva and Kali. And all the pagan  gods with their superstitions that exist in their society. You can't stop  change and the Kingdom of God is progress. Before this is consummated there  isn't going to be any pagan temples, there isn't going to be a pagan priest  for every 5 people in India that has to be supported. This is true, every 5  people in India have to support 1 pagan priest or beggar associated with  their pagan religion and superstitions. Their corruption and their immorality, their problems are a by‑product of their worship of this idolatrous  system of pagan superstition, and then there will always be someone who  says...this is so colorful and picturesque so we must keep it. Well if the  devil is colorful enough and handsome enough and if he is picturesque, ...then we must keep everything Satanic in operation, just because it is good  to look at?? According to that way of thinking some would embrace...Dantes  Inferno..and say that is the most unusual volume on perdition, so lets keep  it.   

I want you to know that there are a lot of strange things, a lot of  peculiar things, and a lot of things from the standpoint of human interest  that might be curious of human history, but if they are errors and superstition and madness, the emancipation of people from those areas of darkness is the most important area of human conduct. Never will a people rise  higher than their concepts of deity, nor the activating force that effects  their society. This is true from one part of the earth to the other. Though  there has been 73,000 years of Negro history traceable by their artifacts, and their buried bones, still the evidence is that there was no Negro civilization in Africa. There has never been a Negro civilization which had  any impact upon the world, or contributed anything to it. The only traces  in Africa of civilization that you find is in Egyptian civilization along  the River Nile, and then that civilization was primitive until the impact  of the white man came with his expanded ideas of architecture and theology  and even the art of embalming their mummies was brought by the white man,  and it didn't have any effect upon them until the doctrine of the white man  and the resurrection made even the handling of their dead so important to  them. This can be found in the writings of Horus, and Seth and others  through the religious systems which existed in Asia and Egypt. We point out  to you that the civilizing force in Africa has been the children of the  Eternal Kingdom. It has been by vision and energy and with the application  to develop and improve and to create that we see the changes which hit  these areas of earth.   

I want you to know that when we talk about Eternal substances that over  in the Book of Isaiah 54., we have the Eternal Covenant of God which looks  upon your race as His wife. He looks upon your race as the source by which  His children are propagated into the earth. He says..'I am married unto you ...speaking to this race of People...Isaiah 54:5.   'Thy maker is thine Husband, the Lord of Hosts is His name. He is thy  Redeemer, the Holy one of Israel; He is Yahweh, thy El, of the whole earth  shall He be called.'    He is the one sovereign supreme God in the semantics of our race, and what  did He say?...'I am Yahweh thy maker, the Holy one of Israel.' We have lots  of types and symbols and a lot of people are all mixed up as they consider  them. The other day I listened to one of the most fantastic expressions of  Biblical interpretations, but I find that a lot of people get into these  different ruts. They had God divided up into 3 different parts, the Father,  the old man, God the son..the young man, and God the Holy Ghost..the  spirit. And they had God the Father, the old man, married to the Israel  race, and Christ the son, the young man, espoused to the Church and then  they had the Holy Spirit as the force for consummating all union, and this  then was supposed to be theology. Then I picked up the religious page of  the newspaper which carries the announcements of things which are to come  to pass, and one clergyman announced that he would speak on the subject...  'This time...the Father returns instead of Christ.' This time the Father is  to return for certain work before the Son could come. This is as fallacious  an idea as can come into mens minds. There is only ONE Eternal God, this  ONE is a great majestic personage...'The Lord thy maker..is thy husband, He  is thy redeemer, the Holy one of Israel.' And He says:...'I am married to  Israel.'   

When people wake up to this they will discover that the spiritual center  of God's Kingdom, the church, is also Israel, because the people who are  the believers are the seed. They will discover that the nations of His race  are a part of this as He builds His Kingdom, and even the throne is a part  of Israel...His Kingdom on earth.             I ran into a Clergyman and he wanted to argue, so we got into a discussion. He said:...Dr. Swift I wish you would come over to my church and we  would save you from perdition. I said:..well I am interested in perdition  also, but I don't have the time to come over to your church, but why do you  make a statement like that? He replied:..what we preach is spiritual, while what you preach is not spiritual. So I said:..what is not spiritual about  my preaching? He said:..You are introducing as fact that the church should do something about the political situation, the social situation. That the  church should step in and try to correct the degenerate moral and ethical  status in our society, and these factors are not spiritual. You are talking  about nations and people and you are moving the objectives of man from  heaven to earth...and this is not spiritual, it is natural.   I said:..Alright, then what do you preach that you want me to come and  hear? He said:..Well first you have to cleanse these people up so they will  be spiritual, so that a spiritual message tells them what to do and what  not to do. I said:..Well are you tell them what to do in heaven or here on  earth? He said:..Oh, here on earth. I said:..Well, what do you then tell  them? He said:..When I get through with the message I give them an altar  call and give them a chance. I said:..that is noteworthy...how many people  have you brought in since you came to this church? He said:..eleven. I  said:..Have you been given them this chance all this time? He said:..that  is right. I said:..well, I still want to know what you preach about that is spiritual? He said:..I tell them that they have to quit this lying,  stealing, adultery, and being intemperate...etc. I said:..well, I don't  want to come to your church. He said:..why not? I said:..well, I don't want  to mix with people like that. If that is spirituality and you have to go  through all the devils lying to tell them what not do then you are in a  bad spot. And you are apparently going through this process every time so  that you can given them a chance. I don't want to come over there because we who believe in the Kingdom don't live that way, we in my congregation  talk about the program of the Kingdom, and we aren't interested in those  things and in the chance. He said:..well to me, what we preach is  spiritual. I said:..well, it just doesn't sound all that spiritual to me.   

If he thinks that in the catastrophes and the climactic factors involved that there are certain numbers of casualties as God loses a certain  number of souls and spirits, or that God has a peculiar quirk in His nature  so that He has to exact a certain amount of torture throughout all times in order to satisfy the error men make in earth, then he will have to go ahead and think this way, but that concept of theology, to me, is very primitive.  If the church has still an unanswered area of future destiny, if they do  not see that the sovereignty of God is absolute, if they do not see Eternal  Life as Eternal, if they do not see the creative purposes of God that will  use any force necessary to thrust into the environment for any condition  necessary, then they have a god who is partly defeated, and who doesn't  know about tomorrow.   

My revelation of truth, which God unveils through His Word, can show  with clarity to each and everyone who will study these facts, that God  Almighty has point out what is coming to pass on earth. He has pointed out  these facts and the points that are important, such as the monetary, and  political scramble. When God does this and it comes to pass then you can be  sure that every detail was known to Him from the beginning.    He said:...I have known you...I wrote your name in the Lamb's Book of  Life, before the foundation of the world. I want you to know that destiny  and purpose of God has not changed. This is an indestructible Kingdom because it has Eternal Life. It is an indestructible Kingdom because it is  the Eternal Yahweh and thus the throne is also indestructable...in heaven  and in earth. He has attributed these Eternal values to His people in the  earth, and we have never had a period in which there is as much concentrated, vibratory energy of the darkness attacking the Kingdom. There has  never been a period when there has been as much spiritual force of Divine  vibrations of light and truth as moves upon the children of the Kingdom,  for victory. I am going to tell you that you are coming forth in triumph  and in Light. Isaiah 60:1...'Arise, and shine for thy light has come, and  the glory of Yahweh has risen upon thee.'   

Let someone else take those superstitions and theologies and gods with  their hells and torture, and even the idea that the devil is going to  torture people so as to satisfy God that he is fighting all those things  ...as for me I will take the promise of the Kingdom.   All those things are fantastic, the devil torturing men by the miseries  he creates, by the evils, by the distrust he brings, by the wars, the  darkness men live in, the superstitions he creates, the suppressed fears  and etc.   

This Kingdom is the way of life and emancipation, the truth, this is  Eternal Life. If you want to know the secret of it you must know the only  Eternal true Yahweh. You must know His own embodied manifestation, you must  know that you are the children of Yahweh, that you are His Kinsmen, and He has given you...Eternal Life. You are indestructible for the race of which  you are a part of will never be destroyed. The Celestial nature is absolutely indestructible, you can't burn it with fire even. The soul consciousness  within the purposes of God is completely redeemable because it is in the  areas of consciousness in which you think. The physical body may disintegrate, but it can be reassembled by the same spiritual power that holds together every atom and causes the Universe to remain in orbit. That is one  of the secrets of resurrection...it doesn't make any difference how much  disintegration, it doesn't make any difference how much change chemically or otherwise the atom can be reassembled. And how of the essence of the  Universe, synthesized by the spirit, bone can come to bone, and resurrection can be assured. There is a greater power that will forestall the  processes of death. It happened to Enoch, to Moses, to Elijah, and to John,  and a great number of others which you do not know about. We established  for a Clergyman the other day that Moses never died.          

Now some will say that their Bible says Moses died, but Moses wrote the  first five Books of the Bible and he wrote the Book of Deuteronomy, so I am  sure he wrote the chapter at the end about how he died and was buried????  No, in the first place Moses never died, because on the Mount of Transfiguration they saw the glory which enveloped The Christ, and then Moses and  Elias stepped out of the cloud and started to talk with Jesus. And if Moses  wasn't there and where Elias was, then he couldn't have been on the Mount  of Transfiguration. If Moses was dead he would have been in the Netherworld  waiting for the coming of the Messiah to set him free, because those captives were not brought out of there until the death, then the resurrection of the Messiah, and there on the Mountain...this was before the crucifixion.    Remember over in the Book of Jude how the devil was fighting with  Michael over the body of Moses, and he was contending with Michael, until  Michael started to tell the devil off and coined a few new names for him  but God said:...Just a moment Michael, you can't even cuss out the devil.  After all, Lucifer is still an Archangel and he has lots of power, besides  we will take care of the devil in due time. So Michael be quiet. But they  were arguing over the body of Moses. The devil who thought he had by his  fall, and by his power over death...a right to the body of Moses, and he couldn't find his consciousness in prison, nor his body so he wouldn't be quiet and he wanted to know where the body of Moses was. The fact that the  devil couldn't find him proves that Moses didn't die.    No, Moses did not die and neither did Enoch, nor Elijah, nor John. Jesus  said to Peter:...what is it to you if John tarry here until I come? You  carry out the job that you were given to do and I will see about John.  Well, John was seen in Asia, John was seen in India, in Alexandria, Egypt  and Thomas went all the way over to Persia with his Gospel, and John was  there to meet him. And of course years and years later, factual of your  race had visitations from John the Apostle, and this is a matter of  history. Way up to the days of Genghis Khan who records in the history of  the Empire, that this man John was moving around Asia, even when he,  Genghis Khan was out to conquer. The story that this man John, the Apostle,  was there was believed by whole communities. I believe it also, and I think  he is still around. One of these days you are going to discover that the  ability to sustain life through all conditions has also been given evident  examples right here in earth.   

One of these days you are going to see the greatest illumination of all  times, descending upon God's people, and you will be set free from the  fears of darkness, and the process of death. So therefore let us occupy the  earth and lets not try to transfer God's instructions as something not  spiritual. Whenever you try to build God's Kingdom on God's plan and work  for the overthrow of darkness, and the extension of His throne from one end  of the earth to the other, before which every knee shall bow...that is  about as spiritual a conclusion to an earthly existence as you could bring  to pass.   

When God Himself visited the earth He ate food, He conversed with  people, He went fishing in a boat. He talked to people on the mountain and  He was real, just as you are real. When people wake up to the fact that  they are real and they were put here in earth to do a real job, then they  are going to do something here that heaven sent them to do. Don't worry  about heaven, for it has been getting along real fine since you have been  here. Just finish the prayer:......'Thy Kingdom come, thy Will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.'                                   

(End of this message)




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