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                           THE POWER OF CREATION...

                          12‑16‑62...By DR. WESLEY SWIFT  


PRAYER....Almighty and Eternal Father. Again we come before you to worship you in  Spirit and in Truth, recognizing thy abiding presence which is with us thru  out all ages. Which is not only with us but the essence of thy Spirit is  also in us. We are thankful for the witness of thy Spirit concerning who we  are, and from whence we have come. For the testimony of the Apostle Paul  with thy assurance said that we are the children of God. For thy assurance  that we are thy household, for the realization that thy Kingdom is an  Eternal Kingdom. That what you shall accomplish with it is what you have  purposed and ordained from the beginning, and made known unto us. Grant us  to possess in our Faith the continuing assurance of achievements, and  victory, of righteousness over evil, for thy purposes which shall be  established in the earth. We pray our Father that you shall lift up and  sustain thy people, giving them that serenity of Peace which can come upon  their consciousness in the midst of conflict, so that they can carry  forward the opposition against the darkness with the assurity, and the  essence of their being, and in the accomplishments of their purpose may we  recognize that all the conditions of fulfilled prophecy, as the events  transpires, some of which are in the areas of opposition have been known  unto thee from the beginning, and that the end is also known unto thee.  Because of these things we have an assurance of victory and we press on to  its achievements. We pray our Father that as we meditate upon thy purposes  and our relationship to it, that we shall see why it is our obligation  within this hour to lift up thy standards, and make sure that thy people  maintain a continuing identity with thy mind, and with thy presence. Thus  we commit ourselves into thy hands, we pray that thy Will be done in earth.  Praying for the awakening of thy people, for the declaration thru out the  earth in all ages to come. Knowing that as we adjust ourselves and work to  this end that it shall be accomplished because you have told us that every  knee shall bow, and every tongue proclaim that thou are GOD. So we commit  ourselves into thy hands saying:...'Thy Will be done'...and in thy Name we  ask it.  Amen.    As the minds of our people turn at this time of the year toward these  great and intense developments which transpire all over the world, at the  same time we cannot blot out that spirit of The Christ and of Christmas  which dawns in the hearts of people every year. We want to point out that  it is very important that we retain Christ in Christmas. It is very  important that we retain and identify as it relates to our identity, and  our society, with these great, great traditions of our household and our  race. As we have cited to you....intense pressure is being placed on every  area of our life to try to drive out the concept of the Christ and every  thing which relates to HIM, to drive all that from our Society. We call  your attention to the fact that the Supreme Court in February of 1892  decided that this is a Christian Nation, and with that declaration and the  unprecedented amount of tradition and evidence to prove this, then came  forth this statement and there has been nothing to change fact. We have  been observing Christmas from Colonial days to our time, but the enemy is  trying to take Christ out of Christmas, and to destroy all recognition of  these facts. We consider the attempt to take prayer out of our schools, and  Christ from our minds of our youth as a very definite program against the  solidarity of our society, our civilization and our culture, and that the  foundation that The Christ was YAHWEH embodied...from our religion. If  there is any important responsibility that we have it is ingrained in our  youth, and it is our responsibility to see that it stays ingrained in our  youth...this knowledge of The Christ and their responsibility toward HIM.  The idea may be presented to you at this time that Christians are not the  only balance, and that we are to recognize all types of interpretations of  the separation of Church and State, and this is to divide us from an  official recognition of this holiday.   We want you to realize that a majority of people in our land, from  Colonial times to now were Christians. This nation was founded by  Christians. There was designs by pagans and sociologist's to try to tell us  that it is not true. More than that we have had a national holiday that  reached from the beginning of our society, that on Christmas we close  government buildings and schools. We have closed everything civic in our  land and most businesses so that everyone can celebrate Christmas, this  great Christian feast day which we recognize and celebrate as the birth of  Christ. The reason I am putting quite an emphasis on this is so that you  may notice that the Jews are putting quite a bit of pressure on our schools  to take Christ out of the schools. Here in Los Angeles they put so much  pressure on the schools in their areas that the schools and teachers have  canceled out the Christmas programs. In part of the area of Antelope  valley the Jews made the schools and churches remove the Manger scenes from  their displays, and by threat, by fear, and by every means possible they  are doing this.   I hold in my hands a copy of the California Jewish press, this is calling  all the Jews in the city of L.A. to try to stifle all religious services of  this Christian Christmas festival. I am reading this, and it is intended  for you to recognize who your enemy is. This holiday is a nationally  recognized Christian holiday, and we nationally celebrate this as a Holiday  commemorating the fact of the Birth of Jesus the Christ. Since this is our  heritage, then those people who don't like it can find places to travel to  where they will be most happy I am sure. I understand they aren't going to  celebrate Christmas in Israeli, so maybe they would be happier there.   I notice in the U.S. and World News another case with Father Daniel..I am  not going to interpret Father Daniel, but it seems he considers himself to  be of Jewish origin, and they are willing to accept that pattern, but he  became a convert to the Catholic Church, and became a Monk, but when he  wanted to enter Israeli under this right which all Jews are supposed to  have...thy refused to let him come in. The reason they gave...If a Jew  converts to Christianity he cannot come into Israeli. Now you can be a Zen  Buddhist as was Ben Gurien, or a Pagan of any kind, but a Christian cannot  enter except as a short staying tourist. This is most interesting and I  think the day has come when we also should make regulations as to who we  let into this country, to destroy our way of life. They would have a hard  time attacking Christianity for those values, since those who would attack  us, already have claimed the right of Anti‑Christianity in their own  society. I just wanted you to know we are holding another one of the 11  pieces of evidence in our hands as of now, that are of Jewish origin, where  we told you that they are moving to strike out all recognition of Christmas  from our schools and everything that relates to our nation.   We tell you that we can do without these who would strike at the heart of  America, but you cannot do well without Christ in America, for unto you a  child is born:...oh, how I like the words of the Prophet Isaiah:....   'Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government  shall be upon his shoulders; His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor,  The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, and the Prince of Peace'. If there  are those who would say that this cannot be said to us...then my friends  they are not a part of our society. Because this is our portion, and our  Supreme Court has found that Christ is LORD in America. In fact our  Congress has ruled that this must be ingrained in every mind, and so we  added to the pledge of allegiance to our flag....'This Nation under God!'   Today the world is beset by a constant attack upon the structure of our  Faith, and this process is a design to subordinate and soften our Faith, by  an intense program to destroy. The processes of destruction are moving with  great speed everywhere. The stepping up of the developments on the part of  all nations to produce the most destructive force possible, and we are told  that this is to deter war. Well, my friends it isn't so much a matter of  deterring war, it is a matter of building up strength to deter the enemy  when he moves. But there is no question in our minds that the enemy intends  to move, even tho we have heard a lot of messages over T.V. and radio  telling us that we have moved into the greatest area of peace...after all  isn't Christ the Prince of Peace? Even Russia is talking Peace, and Tito of  Yugoslavia is to sign a pact between two warring communist nations, so this  must be the time of Peace. Mr. Tito said at that time that Mr. Khrushchev  was the greatest figure on the international Peace scene, of all times.  That makes me think of the traitorous position of what International  business company did when Mr. Khrushchev came to America. The I.B.M. company  in San Juan had a big sign which read:...'Welcome Khrushchev..Prince of  Peace'. I want you to know that we are not taken in by this, for I well  remember that Mr. Khrushchev said:..'We will never give up our conquest of  the world for communism until the shrimp whistle's on the mountain tops'.  Well, we haven't heard any whistling out of the shrimp and we are sure you  haven't either. In fact this is the strategy of the enemy; to compromise,  to socialize the world and drive Christ out of all true and proper Faith...  from the lives of men. I want to point out something to you before we go on  with the areas of our message, and one of them is that pagan communism will  put up with every religion except Christianity. I want to point out to you  that Jewry as it determines what can come into Palestine will put up with  Buddhism, Hinduism, or the Witch doctors, and there has been a school for  Witch doctors in Timbuktoo for years, but if you are a Christian they will  not put up with you. The line of demarcation is clear, this is Christ and  Anti‑Christ struggling for the world.   Now; there is Peace on earth, but it is to be found only by those  individuals who by their conscious realism have their minds tuned with the  Great Truth's of God's purpose. With absolute assurance of his ability to  carry out the projects and objectives of his purpose.   We are talking this afternoon on the areas of the Powers of Creation, and  it is most important that we understand that with every attempt of today to  subordinate our society and move it into a second class place, or to seek  to tell us that the day of the white man and his civilization is over, that  Christian civilization must now step back because out of Asia and out of  Africa shall rise the new forces who shall determine the destiny of the  world...I can assure you this afternoon that the destiny of the world was  determined before the order of the world was framed. I can tell you that  the destiny of the world was determined before the Solar system was  consummated. I want you to know that altho it may not be in the seat of your  recollection...there is not an individual in this room this afternoon, who  was not with the Father when He put out the great productive programs of  creation, and when he created this Solar system.   Oh, you say: what do you mean by that, for I wasn't born then? My friends  you were not in physical bodies in earth, but you were with the Father when  the world was framed, and this is a fact...God even assured Job of this as  he talked with him. You were not only with the Father, but I can assure you  that the Apostle Paul in the first Chapter of Ephesians told you that you  were already blessed with all spiritual blessings before the world was  framed. These are intense truths and they may not have been dwelled upon in  most churches because they never considered the depth and the value of what  is declared. If one goes back into the original texts in which these truths  are framed, you will see that every attempt was to demonstrate that the  people who make up the Christian society, the race of which you are a part,  was intended to convey in the thinking of the people that this was a Divine  Household, a Spiritual people who existed before they ever dwelt in earth.  I think it rather significant that as we consider the measures of this  declaration that I happen to have in my hands a Scofield Bible. This does  not mean that we approve of all of its interpretations and opinions,  however here in the first chapter of Ephesians, it tells us in verse 3 that  we have been blessed by the Eternal Father, the Great Spirit who is the  creator of all the Universe. The Great Spirit who is the Father of his own   Embodiment, the man Christ Jesus, and that he had already blessed us with  all spiritual blessings..in Heavenly places, in our spiritual existence as  his child, before this world was framed.   Now; I read a footnote in this Scofield Bible..it says:..The believer is  a heavenly man, and a stranger and pilgrim in the earth, and Scofield  quotes Hebrews 3:1 and I Peter 2:11., which we have used from time to time.  Thus we are heavenly people, and are strangers and pilgrims here in earth,  thus we came in as strangers and pilgrims because we are a part of a  heavenly order, which was higher and with greater capacities and greater  abilities than the earth orders we were sent here to develop. I want you  to know that the program which every Christian prays for every day is:...  'Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven'. It is  with this realization that the laws of spiritual power which ordain the  control of the Universe, are far superior to the activities, and the  processes by which men live in earth. It is with this realization that we  come to an understanding of God's purposes...of his sending of his  Celestial household from heaven to earth, of his embodying them in physical  bodies, of his projecting as a creation...not my friends as making out of  nothing, or forming out of a substance of earth, but by progeny, he begat  unto himself a household. That is why the ancient word...a Hebrew word...  Bara..meant to begat, or to produce out of himself, and we find that Adam  was a son of God. When I introduce this fact unto you, it is to give unto  you a household and an origin, for Woman was taken out of Adam and this way  this Divine Family was placed in earth. Placed where creations and  civilizations had fallen under the catastrophe of the influence of a fallen  Archangel. It is a rather significant situation that out of the  superstition and all these patterns of darkness and evil, that God with all  His Grace intended to transfer an administration of a Heavenly order from  heaven to earth and the way to do that was to embody them.   Even ancient prophecies which were included in the book of Horus from  ancient Egypt demonstrated that they looked forward to the day when the  Eternal YAHWEH of the Heavens...Putah would send his own household from  heaven to earth. This is why when Enoch and Job were building the great  city of ON that the Pharaoh's of Egypt came to the acceptance of the fact  that these men were the children of Osiris, the very soul of Ra, and they  recognized Ra as the symbol of the God of Light. When you go into the  background of the impact of our race upon these people you will discover  that at that time...Monotheism was again introduced into earth with the  coming of the sons and daughters of the Eternal YAHWEH.   We think it rather significant that we understand that two of the great  sources of these things of Revelation concerning the pre‑existence of God's  household were given to Enoch and to the Apostle Paul. Both of these men  had unique experiences, different dimensions and planes. That these men  described what they saw and heard. He translated the technological wisdom  supplied to him...to a physical world. We always thrill to Enoch's  description of what he saw and heard, of the ease with which this man.. in  Faith..left his house to become the great revelator of the heavens. He  tells us of the cloud that came down outside of his house. He didn't know  at that time that this cloud which arrived outside of his house contained  ...on the inside of the cloud a great chariot, but he stepped into the  cloud, after two men had come out of the cloud and said:..'Enoch, the  Eternal Father has bid us come to take you unto him, for he has things to  tell you that you must pass on to thy brethren'. There was no fear in  Enoch, for he just pulled down the shutters, locked up his house, and told  his family that he was leaving on a little trip. He then walked into the  cloud and then found therein a chariot, and he tells about his journey over  the earth, and out over the ice pack and into space. He talks about how as  he goes out that he sees the wanderers which you and I know as planets.  This is first record in literature that tells us of Uranus and Pluto,  because we thru our science did not establish them until in the 30's. We  had to wait for our electronic telescopes to be able to find them, and  knowing where to find them then of today we can find them quite easily, but  Enoch in his travels out into space told us that they were there. Strangely  there are many things about the Book of Enoch, like those of The Book of  Revelation, things that tell us about who these great Patriarchs of our  Race were, and that shows the tremendous experiences which had been had,  and those were accurate, and scientific details that were far beyond the  ability of our day, and yet this was 5000 B.C., when Enoch was having his  experiences.   You must remember also that in the course of Enoch's development, as he  saw the massive palaces of THE MOST HIGH AND THE GLORY OF SPACE, Enoch told  of how he went out to this cluster of seven stars we call Pleiades which  Job also confirms. Remember when talking to Job HE said:..'Canst thou bind  the influence of the Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?' Today our  scientists know that to this area of the Milky Way and perhaps further,  that the Pleaides is the gravitational center around which all these forces  move...in slow orbit. That the bands of Orion are responsible for the great  ecliptic which form the great oval patterns of certain Solar systems, even  effecting our Solar system. But Job was told these things to record, and he  did that in ages that proceeded the scientific and technological development of our times. When we consider that we also can know the things that  God said to Enoch...then we find that God told Enoch that HE would bring  all things to his remembrance, and especially that Enoch went to work  because he volunteered to go, all of the household volunteered. Here in the  heavens Enoch saw the tremendous numbers of people from every part of the  Universe. He saw them coming and going before the Throne of God. He  discovered that many of them were his kinsmen, the offspring of God, his  brethren, and some of them had not dwelt in earth, and some of them had  done so. And when he saw all these things Enoch was told:..you were sent  into earth to build a New Order to establish once again the rule of righteousness, and that is why your race after volunteering went down and were  embodied into physical bodies. Enoch was assured that if he did not then  stand before the Father in his physical body, he would have remembered all  these things without being told.   Do you see the significance of this situation? The Apostle Paul tells us  that he did not know as he was taken into the heavens, and into the  presence of The Father whether he was in the physical body, or out of his  physical body. We think this is very important for this household of the  family of God because it relates...it proves that the Celestial plane and  the Physical plane are so alike in form and activity that it was impossible  for the Apostle Paul to tell whether he was in or out of the Physical body.  He had every sensation of conscious existence, and the immortality of life  was being born testimony of permanency by the experience of this great  Apostle Paul. I think it is rather significant that in these writings of  Enoch he talks about how God brought back to his remembrance how the Solar  system was formed. He brought back to his remembrance things which related  to conditions in the Universe, and we are sometimes challenged by the  impact of the Universe.   I talked to a clergyman the other day who had no ability to conceive that  there never was a beginning, and when he talked about creation he thought  it was some kind of a small little circle and God went around the circle.  Well that is to be understood because of the limitations of this mind  inside of some craniums, and sometimes that is all they can obtain.  Sometimes because of this we find it hard to realize that the Father is the  perimeter of the Sidereal systems, which now we can behold and photograph.  Thru our electronic telescopes we find that beyond even the range of anything we have produced, that there are still Sidereal systems after  Sidereal systems on out there. But when you want to know something about  our Father, remember this, He has always been in the business of creating  and existing. More than that he was before all things that were created,  and the Apostle Paul bears this testimony in the Book of Colossians.   Today there is a realization that there is in the world, a force that is  seeking to destroy every thing that is constructive, every thing that has  emerged out of the developing civilization of God's Kingdom, and is seeking  to materialize and to destroy. But the technological developments of our  times are throwing more spot lights on the formation of the Universe, and  greater evidence of the Creator is being demonstrated every day. I also  point out to you that there is a quality of co‑creative ability that exists  inside of you. Everything God's Universe that you can see existed in idea  and in form in the mind of God before he ever put it together. And he  compressed with great circles of creative light, and placing in the heart  of it..HIS mind...to balance its form. And under the compression of HIS  Light and the electronic elements which were within the structure of such  formation, and under the electrical compression, then formations were put  together from one end of the Universe to the other. There isn't anything in  the Universe which you can see or handle which isn't put together with  electrons, or protons, or neutrons, and down in the heart of this is the  mental..or mind quality of this..or as we would say the book keeping factor  of the atom. Strange as this may seem all that you can see has to first  exist in the intelligent conscious form of mental or mind of the Creator,  and the Creator not only put together all the things of the Universe, but  the quality of this capacity to know and to think, and to drive and direct  such forces...also in YOU. This is why the Apostle Paul tells you some‑  thing in the Book of Philippians that YOU SHOULD NEVER FORGET:...He said:  'Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus' 2:5.   The original text said:...(vs. 6) He in this physical body was in the  form of God, and he was consciously aware that he was equal with God  because the Spirit within him, the Celestial form, was YAHWEH (God). He was  thus saying as the Apostle Paul speaks:..you are also children of God, so  let this mind be in you. For you are life of His Life, breath of His  Breath, bone of His Bone, and you are going to start thinking on the level  of God to accomplish God like results. That is the reason why the 82nd.,  Psalms says:..'Ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of YAHWEH'.  The King James Version says:..'Ye are gods and all of you are the children  of God'. But this is to much for some people to absorb in one statement  like that, but if they would just study the patterns of truth they would  know that they came from somewhere, for the Apostle Paul said:..'Ye are  strangers and Pilgrims in the earth.'   Now; when you come to church, you come to assemble with people of your  faith, your race..but what really did you come for?  Did you come to Church  just to be coming to Church? You here in this congregation come for a  little different reason did you not? You come with a little different  understanding of the order than when the Israelites came to the mountain at  Mount Sinai. You didn't come to the mountain burning with fire, for you  were told over here in the Book of Hebrews, Paul will tell you what you  have approached:..You have come to a gathering of the first born, who were  begotten in the heavens. You have come to the church of the first born  which was also formed in the heavens. You have come to this church because  you were also formed, begotten in the heavens. Thus you have come to the  church of the first born which was formed in the heaven's and you have come  to an in‑numerable company of living spirits. You have come to the New  Order of the Ages, to the Heavenly Jerusalem. That is what you approach as  you come to the true church. So therefore the church is a very dynamic  spiritually embodied organization and an organism, It is the great stimuli  of a New World Order, it is the heart center of God's Kingdom, and you have  come to a group of citizens who are of a Celestial Order, who are transplanted into earth to build His Kingdom. And this is a kingdom which shall  never be destroyed. You are a part of the people begotten by the Spirit  before event the creations of this earth were made. We point out to you  however that in the process of this declaration that the Apostle Paul  continually reports the things that he saw and heard. We point out to you  that as this blueprint and his ability to see, and to catch the vision of  things that have not been made or formed are revealed, they are just a part  of the process you receive out of the Father until you can pick up  tomorrows trends. Until you can pick up ideas that are in his mind, and  things which are to develop in the earth. Things that he talked about, and  which he gave to his Prophets as he talked to them, and as such you are  thus co‑creators with THE FATHER!   There are some individuals who do not like the word co‑creator because  they think some things are made out of nothing, but I want you to know that  there isn't anything that is made out of nothing. Everything that you see  is a part of something, and everything is made out of something, even electricity, for it is a part of electricity. Even a particle of light moves  with velocity and has substance. The pattern of it is however the synthesis of the Universe, out of the fields of energy, and out of its wave  lengths of energy, and its electronic particle, and is held together by the  mind of God, from the finest vast Sidereal system, for a counter part of  the fact is that this mind is also in you. And the continuing and making of  things at your disposal is a part of your destiny. Everything that you  create, and everything that you are co‑creator with the Father is not  always made out of substance. There are principals and ideas of course that  are formed with milliamps of energy generating in the seat of your consciousness, and received there in that great receiving set of your intelligence, but they had to come in. The Father has been relaying wisdom and  knowledge to you and has opened up the vein of receptivity of anything in  His mind.  'Let this mind be also in you that was in Christ Jesus'.   We should stop to think a bit about this one who was born, whom we are  told was the Eternal ONE:...'Unto us a child was born, unto us a son was  given..Wonderful..the Mighty God the Everlasting Father'.  THIS IS THE  MYSTERY....THE EMBODIMENT OF THE EVERLASTING FATHER !!!   In the Book of Colossians there is the declaration which is almost significant concerning the person of Christ. It tells us that by HIM were all  things created, both in the heavens and in the earth..both visible and  invisible. Wavelengths of energy, spheres and dimensions of power, whether  they be thrones or dominions, principals or powers. All things were created  by HIM. He the Eternal Embodied Christ was before all things, and by HIM  all things consist. He is not only the head of the body which is the  church, but He is the beginning, the first formed of all substance by Spirit, and you also are a part of that first formed because you are the  children of that Spirit. You are the Celestial children of the Father,  before the world was framed.   Now; the Apostle Paul makes this declaration, that all things were made  by HIM. Now there is only one race of people who were ever able to find out  by the guidance of the spirit and their own initiative how far out this  creation reaches, or how infinite and small it can be. You never heard, my  friends, of Africa, or Asia grinding great lenses to probe the distances.  The lenses of the great telescopes, even the 200 inch scope, who made them?  What was the wave length that caused this reach for knowledge? First you  have to know that there is something out there, and then you have to want  to find it before you develop the instrument to find it. Secondly you must  have within you a pattern of inspiration which gives you a little concept  of the bending of the light ray, and men of your race developed and use  this until today the technology by which you have ground lenses has probably reached the highest point of efficiency which lens grinding can obtain. There may be future combinations, but probably no addition of pattern  and power in this field, for we have explored all the conditions of the  curving of the lenses, and the bending of them, as to the attaining of  power. We have increased its size to gather more light until we now possess  tremendous telescopes. We have been aware that there must be a way of translating into form, so that we can look at it in photograph and emblem,  beyond our now ability of these lenses to resolve light.     Now; what made you think there was anything beyond what you could  resolve? It was a deep ingrained capacity within your race which did this.  It was a deep ingrained technology which moves with metallurgy and lens  grinding, and you started to produce something else. You started to  discover that the wave lengths of energy which are not only patterns used  in thought, but are also capable of bringing to you the reactions which  prove that there are things out there, both visible and invisible according to planes or dimensions. And the people who developed the radar, and  the people who developed the technological ability to harness the vibrations of energy now started to produce the electronic lenses. We were now  able to take the impressions of invisible objects, invisible because they  were so far away. Objects visible if they had been close enough, but far  beyond the ability of our lenses to resolve or capture the light to show  them, and then our race therefore designed a lens to capture the electronic beep of anything beyond the ability of our lenses to perceive. Then  we started to get a new pattern translating these impulses into photographs and now we are able to photograph the Universe beyond the ability of  any mechanical instrument, to see, other than our electronic eyes reaching  out. We call this our electronic telescope and with it we multiplied our  horizons ten times. 120 trillion suns which can be picked up by our Sidereal system is now multiplied into ten times 126 trillion suns. This my  friends is the work of those who are co‑creators with the Father.   You look out of the Sidereal system and see the vastness of what your  mind can behold, and then concede the fact that there is no way that you  yourself can mathematically and by comparison, set up an understanding of  numbers and have them show you what you are able to photograph, and by  mechanical calculators that you have made be able to measure all of this My  Father's mind has not only put together but has held together and directed.  And beyond all that has sent upon you who have sought...these words:...  'Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you'.  There is  nothing which has been retained in the Wisdom of God or in your ability to  know from your race, which you have sought. You say:...well of course there  isn't anything to racial superiority in our time because all races are the  same, they are all equal, because they have just told us so in the United  Nations. This may be the reason why that as they told you that all races  are equal that they seem to have designs on your check book. They want you  to get your check book out and write a lot of checks out of your tax money  to pay for all these races that are equal. All this to help raise them up  to your level. In fact they made a statement in the Council of Foreign  Relations, which is sort of a traitorous organization, and they said they  want to restrict any further development in the western nations until the  rest of the world caught up. I think that is an admission that you are way  out ahead. This statement by the C.F.R. in this October edition of their  magazine on Foreign Affairs saying that they want to suppress you until  they raise the rest of the world to your level before they permit you to go  forward is quite a statement.   I am going to tell you something:...there isn't anyone in the world who  is going to say what we are going to do, or going to permit us to do. Some  people may already believe and accept that if they have been whipped or  brainwashed but the rest of us are not going to let them fall for this  thing. There is only one blueprint, one program, and the Bible is filled  with that one program which is...THY KINGDOM COME..It is that those which  God has begotten and sent into earth shall be elevated to leadership, to  carry out the great Blueprint of God. To bring righteousness and justice,  Peace to earth with Divine Law and righteous Administration.   We are well aware that we cannot accomplish this without Divine Assistance, that God himself is going to participate in this, and we wouldn't  have it any other way. But we have no other idea except that it shall be  accomplished. Nor are we going to become a party to any intermediate steps  such as going into reverse from this objective. We are watching this  process and we are well aware that this brain washing process is largely  stemming from the kind of advisors that the President selects. When out of 160 of these advisors, 80 are the enemies of Christianity, they are Jews  and socialists, communists, and un-absorbable. The only thing we wonder  about is what kind of a loop they threw around the President, or how they  influenced him when they Harvardized him into selecting this kind of  leadership for America. We point out to you that the day is going to come  when either he is going to be eliminated from this mental bondage he is in,  or he and they will be eliminated by the election of better men. Don't put  aside an act of God, because God is mightily interested in the development  of His household, and in its programs. As we look out over the earth  itself, and the ability of our race to put things in form, we see that you  have interpreted your desires, and the things which you wish to do with the  functional pattern of architectural designs. You have created the image of  the impact of the things around you in your environment in the areas of art.  However around you in this area there is also a peculiar pattern of  derangement, which is a sort of insanity, which they call modern art. My  friends the person who can interpret modern art is as insane as the painter.  You can't say that there is anything in the Universe which goes along with  it, however we are talking about that which has been art. We are talking  about the ability of your race to pick up the temper and waves of the law  of the octane, and translate it into the most beautiful of all combinations  in the areas of sound. To catch little symphonies of the heavens and to  pass its patterns on. The ability to probe into the microbism of it, as we  have probed into the vastness of the Universe. The lenses we have ground  have become very minute, and their component parts, and curvatures has made  it possible for us to probe into those things which are so far beneath the  ability of the eye, that we think nothing of three or four thousand power,  and with oil emergence, but we discover that was not enough, for we could  expand into the Universe with the electronic lenses, and now with electronic telescopes we can photograph viruses too tiny to be visible to the  human eye. But we can blow up those photographs as big as we want them to  be. Yet I didn't hear about anyone down in Africa doing that did you? I  didn't hear of any witch doctors school developing that did you? I didn't  hear about the ancient Peking man, or other fossils that we have found  being accompanied by any instrument like that in ancient past of Asia,  altho 14,000 years of the past are buried in Chicken bone Hill outside of  Peking. Chicken Bone Hill and Dragon bone Hill are the names which science  has given these hills out of which we have produced this knowledge. There  is no question, as with the use of radio carbon confirmation that this is  the antiquity of ancient China.  

Now; we are not against Chinamen for they can't help being Chinamen. We  are not against Negroes, nor are we trying to Put Chinamen and Negroes in  the same category, for the Chinamen are as far ahead of the Negroes as you  are above the Chinamen. But I am going to determine that this pattern of the quality of administration...superiority of God's Kingdom are related to  spiritual waves of capacity, and this my friends is only bestowed upon a  people who have been begotten by the essence of that Spirit and whose mind  is of the same wave length of THE FATHER.   It is true that your enemy challenges you today with technological  developments and some equate this as signs that they are as able as you,  but remember that almost all the secrets of the areas of their developments had to start with the areas...with the idea which was received in the  mind of your race. They had to steal your nuclear secrets using Greenbergs  and Goldbergs, and Greenglasses, and astonishingly all these people were  not Christian. Now we didn't make this record, we just reported it. Of  course if you report it twice you are anti‑Semitic. But the fact remains  that this is they way that the Soviets got the nuclear secrets. They went  into space first, not because you could not get into space, but you were  busy with other things. Then also they had German scientists who they  captured at Pumonday, whose families were held as hostages, and their minds  picked as they were forced to develop something which their pagan society  was never able to develop for themselves.   Today out of Scandinavian, Anglo‑Saxon, and Germanic people we have the  scope of a society which emerged out of one man's family who have become  today the great white nations of the western world, whose Christian civilization and culture and society has been Christ based, God inspired, and  even God directed in these avenues in which men found that they had to  apply themselves to search, because of their destiny. And within these  areas there is nothing which when you have applied yourself to seek, which  has not been found. Oh! your enemy took a shot at Venus but he missed. You  can look at another technological pattern of achievement this past week, as  your Mariner rocket raced in close to Venus with the technological instruments which God gave you along with the technological vision to develop,  and design, until you were radioing back to earth messages significantly  important to fill in more knowledge of our own Solar system, and the  conditions of Venus.   If there is anything that was rather significant, and informative it was  the Mariner shot. They said:..This is not successful, but we have learned  more about Venus than we have known for thousands of years. What do they  mean? My friends what we have relearned about Venus is what the Spirit in  the mind already knew, but men just don't remember it. What they have  learned about Venus is what men of the Adamic household have retained. As  far as the rest of the world is concerned, they didn't know whether it was  black or white, they didn't know anything about science, and they had  superstitions which had even moved in our race back in the dark ages. But  the foundations of these factors reach back into the antiquities of  yesterday, and you are the children of the Eternal, you are co‑creators  with HIM, so we can well say that we have probed the thresholds of new  areas and of a new earth.   We were speaking to you the other day about the patterns of co‑creation,  and of passing from death unto life, and we have also talked to you about  the powers of immortality, and the tremendous age which is developing upon  you, and we talked about how this has been assured unto by the Apostle Paul  and the Patriarchs of your Faith and race, that you are on the edge of a  great age of immortality. Even now; they had a rather interesting article  in the Medical journal and several publications picked it up, like the  'Times' and so forth. This article was concerning the fact that by stamping  out diseases and sickness, by gradually rolling back the abilities of great  epidemics that have swept the world, by improving areas of nutrition, by  making available everything that is not supplied in the balance of the  body, that life is thus extended, and not only extended, but far more  alive, and in areas that do not have the capacity to take care of themselves will be protected and preserved. The resulting factor is that  because of the technology which has emerged out of the White Christian  society that life has been prolonged outside of this society, and even  those who are projecting their energy against us are also being preserved.  Today whether Asia or Africa are being considered, they are prolonging  life, and now the experts are beginning to worry as tho in this  preservation of life, we may over crowd the earth, and produce a catastrophe in the areas  which are not able to support so much life. Also one of  the objections raised by a Clergyman who was a little short on Light was  that he would not like for immortality to be restored to earth because  there would not be room for all the people. Well, who said anything about  you having to stay right here? I want you to know that in each area where  something is about to happen, and in each era where God is about to turn  loose new areas of horizons, he starts to place his sons and daughters to  react accordingly. We are already preparing for the greatest development in  the history of the human race. We are preparing also for not only just the  probing and the areas of transportation, but before you have gone thru many  decades, moving thru the Solar system will be as accepted as your Grandfather would have accepted these great gliders that move from New York City  to L.A., and on across the Ocean. If you had told your great, great Grandfather that this was only a few generations away he would have said:..that  can't happen, those ships are to big to fly, they won't stay up there. His  doubts were, because he never applied himself to solve this problem, as his  descendants did. I point out to you that today we take things as a matter  of course which would have been as miracles to our great grandfathers. And  I tell you also that as we are probing the thresholds of space, that there  are no problems that we are not adapted to conquer. Nor my friends are we  going to find the earth ever so populated that there will be no place to  go, for the children of God's Kingdom will be traveling in and out of space  and into the farthermost extremes of the Sidereal systems, and time will be  the element problem, because you will discover that time is not the limitation, and today we do not have the time to discuss the Biblical solution  of this, but time as you know it is to disappear with your horizons of the  outside, expanding, and time shall be no longer due as to how long the  world order has to be under this negation which opposes it.   Do you know what it tells me over in the Book of Ephesians?...it tells me  that you, because you are the children of THE MOST HIGH will do as the  Apostle Paul who had it brought back to his memory:..He said, I just wish  the mind which is in you would activate the whole seat of your knowledge  until you would realize that the potential is in you, and realize what the  potential is that you have. He said:...I want you to know that in the plan  of the Father you are going to teach these living spirits called Angels, in  the far outposts of the Universe. It tells you in the Scriptures that you  are going to teach Angels. It tells you that the sons of God who have had  experience in the earth are going to be educators, and administrators, and  masters over the Universe before this is all finished. You say:..How many  people will there be of your race before we are all thru? I'll tell you how  many people will be in the household of Abraham, in the descendants of the  Adamic household. We are told that there will be as many of this seed as  the Stars of the heavens and the sands of the seashore. You are also told  by this directive that there will be from this race, the Administrators who  will sit with the Father thru out all the Universe, and that he shall  continue to increase HIS Kingdom and of that Kingdom there shall be no end!   Today we are sometimes swallowed up by fears of what seems to be  temporary environment victories upon the part of our enemies. Almost all of  his victories depend upon the brain washing of some of your society, and  civilization which requires that you give acquiescence to the falsity of all  that he is seeking to apply. And many of these things inwardly you know are  not true, and even the technicians know they are not but you are asked to  accept the design which is to subordinate your society, to mongrelize it,  integrate it, and take it over, on the part of those who are your enemies,  by Faith, and their ancient destiny as it relates to who they are in their  background. Because of this today all the problems you see, and all the  things men fear is now the great oppressing take over of communism, or the  fear that this thing will come to pass. In the first place this great  nations of God's Kingdom is destined not to be taken over but instead the  world is destined for a New Order. This New Order will be in Celestial   Administration, and a New Order in the earth. The world order is going to  change, and that is why..as co‑creators you are helping to build this new  order. Your civilization is the highest the world has ever known, and it is  going to emerge with Spiritual guidance, and it is going to rule the world  irrespective of the resistance the enemy will bring. It is not going to be  settled by Peace conferences, but by the victory of God's Kingdom over the  destroying forces of earth. And the world will then know Peace and also  know success.   We point out to you that it is the purpose and plan of God to accomplish  this, and this is also the reason we are told from the beginning of the  scriptures to the end of Revelations that this is the purpose and plan of  God. The Book of Revelation is not a mystic Book which is not to be  understood, it is to be understood by the children of God. And there is no  question concerning this in God's planned design. Kingdoms are not so  unreal that they just radiate substances of Light which are never visible.  The Kingdom of God is not just an idea, but is emerging as a substance and  form and eventually shall be complete, as an Administrative force in the  heart of the earth.   When we talk about these climactic factors as they relate to earth we  want you to know that this new creation is talked about in the scriptures.  Peter talks about it, and then it is referred to over here in the Book of  Revelation as John says:..'I saw a New Heaven and a new earth. The first  world order of administration had passed away, and I saw this Holy city the  New Jerusalem descending out of the heavens, and I heard the voice saying,  Beloved the Tabernacle of God is with men'. Now; some people as they think  of this city only think of the walls of architecture, but actually a city  is made up of people. And John saw it descending, this great Living City of  the House of God, and it has been coming down since the days of Adam, and  thru this Adamic race down thru the house of Seth, Enoch, Noah, Abraham,  Isaac and Jacob and then on down thru their many sons. Thru their tribes,  their cities, their states, thru their development as the great nations of  the western world. You here today have watched this expanding, developing  Kingdom come to pass.   Some people have their eyes on the sky, and are watching to see a city  lowered, but my friends, you may see the reinforcements come in, but the  city has been gradually coming in as the people are born into this world  out of Celestial realms. For you are a part of a New Order, and more than  this..this new order is going to accomplish its destiny, and we are told  that in the climax of these events, the very body of God will dwell with us  in earth.   The Scripture tells us that he will join himself with his people, and He  will wipe all tears from their eyes. There shall be no more death, no more  sorrow, no more pain, for these things will have passed away.   You say that is superstition..No my friends that is DESTINY. We would  point out to you that the Book of Hebrews catches the significance of this  coming of Christ..in the second chapter and the 9th., verse:..This YAHSHUA  (Jesus) was made a little lower than the Angels, because Angels have  immortality, they never die, but physical bodies do.' Thus The Christ took  upon himself a body that could taste death when He was born a babe out of  your race. That HE should be able by the very Grace of His Nature, to taste  of death for every man, and to conquer its power that ultimately man would  be released from the power of death.   Verse 14; 'For as much then as the children are partakers of flesh and  blood He also, himself took part of the same that thru death He would  destroy all the power, and that which was involved around it which was laid  against men.' He was to deliver men of the fear of death which all their  lifetime has laid on them as a bondage. He did not take on himself the  nature of Angels, but he took upon himself the nature of your race, and we  are told that He was  not ashamed to call you His kinsmen, His brethren,  the Family of YAHWEH‑God.   One of the Apostle Paul basic differences between the Apostles and you  is, that he knew that this is not a mental gymnastic that suddenly develops because you believe this or that, but this relates to you and to your  household, and this is something you will remember because the spirit of  God will bring this back to your consciousness because he says:...I call my  sheep by name, I lead them out, I give them Eternal Life, and they never  perish. I point out to you that the greatest possession you have, and it  may be that here in earth you are rather unaware of it, but this mind in  you is also in Christ Jesus. I want you to know that this physical mind  will reach out into the senses to find all the physical requirements and  needs. It may also be deceived by the physical senses because we do not  always see things with a perfect perspective. The soul consciousness of man  where your innermost being resides...the real living mind where you dwell..  this my friends is as we have told you before..the sum total of thoughts  and remembrance, and recollections, these concepts, these balances, these  things to which you give accent. These areas where you recognize error, and  you put it to one side in the filing cabinet of your consciousness, and say  this is wrong. These ambitions unto which you aspire, and this great blueprint of God's Kingdom above and beyond to which you work to build, and in  this inner consciousness this is the resident YOU. This is who you are..the  sum total of these driving and formed energies. But not without form for  you are the image of the Father, just as the body of the man Christ Jesus  was the image of the invisible YAHWEH, so this body is the image of the  consciousness of the soul.   I tell you this:...that you are co‑creators with the Father of this New  Order of the Age, that the way you get into this New Age..this new order of  the age is thru the Twelve Tribes of Israel. You have descended out of this  Adamic Race, to be a creative participant. That does not mean that you will  lift the world and guide and assist the world to a place above you, but it  does mean that you consist of this household of God in the world today, the  children of the Eternal, and that is THE MOST HIGH GOD. That is why the  Apostle Paul said:..His spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are  children of God..Elohim..thus co‑creators with the Father! 'Ask me of  things concerning my sons...command ye me'.  Isaiah reports that, and HE  also says:..With my sons I will do all these many things. It is therefore  with you and thru your hands that these things have been developing. Just  remember that all those who would wage war on your Faith and your race come  face to face with this inevitable conclusion whether they like it or not,  that there is a dynamic creative area, out of which these things come.   Today we must awaken people who constitute the great Christian society  out of their apathy. Not apathy in the areas of technology, not apathy in  all areas in which they apply themselves, but you must stimulate to them a  great desire to know more about themselves. To know more about their Father  and their relationship to HIM, and their reason for being here. I tell you  that theology may be the most neglected science of all, and it is going to  have to learn to keep peace with our technological ear, or we will be in  trouble in all times. The Father has determined to show a great expansion  that knowledge shall increase, that Spiritual Light shall pour out upon  you, this is why you are now in the age of what the Bible calls the great  outpouring. This is the latter rain, and outpouring of spiritual guidance,  wisdom and knowledge, which will free you from superstition. It will give  you a concept of Immortal Life...Immortality. It gives you a greater  understanding of your Eternal Father and the Mighty God who rules the  Universe, and it makes you know more and more than ever before, and realize  that He does all things well, and of his creations...before His is thru, He  is going to lose nothing. It makes you realize your responsibilities as  instruments in His hand..as co‑creators with the Father.   We want you to know that in this understanding comes the great spiritual  serenity of Peace which can fill your hearts and mind. There comes the kind  of strength that means life. Medical science has been studying these  factors and are aware also that people who understand...people who have a  feeling with them of the future in face of great obstacles want to survive.  We have talked to you about the fact inside the mind was a sort of thermostat which starts the death processes according to the expectancy of life.  This has also been found to follow thru relating to agility, vision, and to  energies. They discovered this as the medical scientists connected with the  largest military machine in the world made studies of those who went to the  front lines. Some of them never expected to come back, and many of them  didn't. They discovered that those who had plans that reached into tomorrow  went into the thick of the most intensive types of destructive fighting and  came out of it without a scratch. We have all kinds of evidence of this...  we have David holding back three thousand of Philistines, and all he had  was an armor bearer on each side. Then we have Samson bearing evidence of  this as well as many of your friends, those whom you know who have met  every crisis. We have this assurance:..Tho thousands fall at thy side and  ten thousands at thy right hand yet no harm shall come to thee.  But you  have to synchronize this mind with Faith in the process. Some people are  ready to abandon the whole process because of fear they see, or the  temporary success of the enemy. My Friends you have to look beyond this..  you have to see the point of victory, to note the great explosive resistance which can always over come the world, that is dwelling in you. We are  going to tell you that there is no greater dynamic to carry you into  tomorrow and to see consummated this age, and move into the next one than..  to plan for it, work for it. If you plan to leave you will leave, if you  plan for your defeat you will get it. But I am going to tell you that the  kingdoms of the world can never defeat the Kingdom of God. The only thing  the Anti‑Christ can take over is the World Order. The only mind that he can  capture is a mind which he can synchronize with his own. He cannot capture  any of us who believe in the program of God's Kingdom. And the World Order  is DOOMED TO FALL. The only ones in this great country who can produce a  majority are those who came out of the heart of Christians waking up and  marching forward to their destiny. Always the enemy runs up against this  seat of resistance in a Christian country, and thus comes his downfall....  YOU ARE DESTINED TO RISE....AWAKE AND MARCH FORWARD TO YOUR DESTINY.                                              End of This Message.                                                                                               




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