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                                     WE HAVE SEEN HIS STAR


                                by Dr. Wesley Swift.......12‑21‑62


            As we turn to this great event which we celebrate we realize that it is  a good thing for Christians to recognize the Birth of The Christ. For this  is the greatest individual event which happened in the course of the  history of this earth...without a doubt, and there was nothing more important to our race since we were placed in earth than the return..by the  coming of The Christ....to our relationship with God. It is a most significant thing that the events which we celebrate in our Christmas observance were almost one‑quarter of a million years in their development.   What do we mean by that since our race has only been on the earth about 7400 years ...since the day of Adam to the time of The Christ was 5400 plus a few years, then it was because of the events which were involved.  Let us turn for a moment to the second chapter of Matthew as we read... 'When Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the King,  behold, there came Wisemen from the East to Jerusalem, saying:...'Where is  he that is born King in Judea, for we have seen his Star in the East and  have come to worship HIM?' 'We have seen His Star...in the East'... how  would they know what star to look for? In the East there are thousands upon  thousands of stars. A multitude of ten times 126 trillion fill the sky from  the east to the west, from the north to the south in a single 24 hour day.  How then would the Wisemen say:...'We have seen His Star'. How would they  say:..We know that He is to be born in Judea? What strange wisdom would have  given these men this knowledge?

            Again this is the part of the history of our race, for we know that such  a Star did appear. Out of the records of Rome we know that there was phenomena in the sky at this time, and a phenomena which was recognized as  tremendous..occurred at the time of His birth, and this was observed and  recorded, and Rome has those records in its civilian government unto this  day. In fact in those records in Rome they carry the testimony of people  who lived in Bethlehem at that time, and they tell of the things that  happened in their city, and also in Jerusalem, and they tell of the visit of the Wisemen, and who these men were and from whence they came.    Today modern archaeology confirms all the history that took place around  the time of Christ's Birth. And we discover that the Hearst Newspapers recently published some of the findings of Archaeology, as facts and  records of the time when the birth of The Christ took place. Thus we say  that we can historically establish the mystery, the events of unusual  happenings which took place, and thus the Biblical reports are now  certified as true strictly on the basis of civil evidence produced.   

We tell you that this is a most significant thing because we look back  to this record which says:..'We have seen His Star in the East'. A great  number of astronomers over the years have sought to find a solution to this  problem, and by the modern process of using sidereal calculators we may now make definite tracings of certain conditions to find out how far back  certain things and certain conditions happened. Calculators have been used, and it has been learned that certain things did happen at the time of  Christ's birth, and the evidence has been now well established.           We go back now to...How did they know? And from whence did these Wisemen receive their knowledge? We have told you in the past that the great Star  prophecies of your race commenced with the great Patriarch who God singled out for the unusual honor which was to show knowledge and wisdom, and to become the great master teacher in this area of spiritual knowledge and  understanding concerning God's plans for your race. We find this great  teacher some 400 years after the leaving of the Garden, after their  violation of Divine Law, a descendent of Adam thru Seth...the Mighty  Patriarch diligently applying himself to all the knowledge and wisdom he could obtain, and this was none other than the Mighty Patriarch Enoch.   In fact almost all the deep mysteries we find running thru the ancient  wisdom schools of Israel, and in the Old Testament started with the Mighty experiences of Enoch.    

Significantly we know that it was Enoch who wrote the  'Gospel of the Stars' as such, with symbols and with interpreting understanding, which was taught so long in the wisdom schools of Israel. It must be remembered that Enoch had understood and laid out the foundation of this  knowledge long before the flood which occurred in Noah's life time, in the  upper Tarim Basin, and which effected so much of that part of the world. We  also know that Enoch's knowledge and understanding was not something that he guessed at, for he had been instructed by the HIGHEST. We know that a  great ship arrived outside of his door, and those who summoned him came  directly from the MOST HIGH GOD. Their vehicle of transportation took him  outside our solar system, and he described the exact number of planets in  our solar system as he passed them.

Again we cite to you that this information was never actually consummated by our telescopes and instruments until 1931‑32..but Enoch knew about Pluto and about Uranus long before it  had been estimated by our astronomers that these two existed. The fact  remains that Enoch had written of this and the ancient Essenes understood  this, and the Temple at Zendera had all 612 stars from first to seventh  magnitude, all the processions of the equinoxes of both solar and polar  equinoxes, in their proper relationship. They had the exact number of  wanderers moving thru the sky in that Zodiacal house of measure built in  Egypt by your forbearers. The Maya also had this knowledge bestowed upon  them by the coming of these wise Savants of your race as they visited that  land. The Mayans had never included Uranus and Pluto in their solar system,  but they added them after the coming of the Wise ones, which they referred to  as 'White Gods'.

            This knowledge was given to Enoch, and if you will go back to the  'Secrets of Enoch' and 'The Pillars of Enoch', you will discover that he  tells about the things he saw in the heavens when he went out to that great  central area of the Universe...the Pleiades. And as Enoch came to this  great area of the heavens in which the seat of the Throne of God was  located, he told about seeing the great activity of this wondrous headquarters of the Universe, and then he tells of how he was ushered into the  headquarters of God, and how YAHWEH looked at him and said:...'you are My  son'. And then it dawned upon him once again, as it was brought back by the  Spirit, the realization of the days when he had walked in Celestial realms, and had walked in the courts of the Heavenly Kingdom. How he had  volunteered as well as others...for YAHWEH had declared that you  volunteered to go into earth as he told of His plan for the earth, of  establishing His Kingdom, and bringing back this area into proper relationship with the Almighty, and you volunteered. And then Enoch tells of his  remembrance, of why he was brought there, why he was told that he was brought there in the flesh so that on his return in the flesh he would  remember in the flesh what he had forgotten in the spirit, because of this  veil of flesh around him. And then Enoch was told again of God's great  plan, for this earth.

            If there is one great truth you need to know and to remember, and  understand, it is that each and everyone of you here today was begotten of the Father (spirit) and was the entity of God's purpose and love. And tho  your kinsmen number in the multiple millions, God has known each and every  one of you. And there is nothing He has not known or has not planned concerning your destiny. HE wrote your name down in the Lamb's Book of Life before the creation of this cosmos, and has a direct relationship in understanding...with you who possess today, this spirit of His Spirit, life of  His Life, and this is a force of the essence of His own consciousness. As such you can draw out of the mind of God, and as such receive instruction  and guidance from HIM. But there is a portion of Divine quality that is in each and everyone of His offspring, for you are the children of the MOST  HIGH GOD.

            Thus Enoch was to tell his kinsmen in earth that this was true, and more  than that he was to tell them that they had lost a certain amount of their Divine power when they violated Divine Law in the first instance of their dwelling in earth. Thus God promised to restore the mighty power of full  glorified Sonship to his sons and daughters. For every man and woman of the  Race...an absolute and consummate redemption, a mighty program for the overthrowing of the darkness, and the establishment of the Kingdom, and the  lifting up of the standards of Light. He was to tell them that all of this  was in the knowledge of God, and was in the great Plan. Then Enoch was told  that the mighty event which was essential to start again the fullness of  this development of release, and this mighty power to descend would require  that HE...God himself, be born in earth. That HE join His Race, that He be  born as a babe out of the very race he had begotten in the very creative  purposes of establishing the Adamic Household. Thus Enoch was told that He  the Eternal YAHWEH would be born as a babe among men, and that this child would be incarnate YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA. That this would then fulfill the  prophecy spoken by Isaiah under inspiration:...'A Virgin shall conceive and  bear a son, and thou shall call him Immanuel'...meaning God with us.   

We point back to the fact that Enoch was told what would be the signs  which would mark this event so that those watching would understand and  know the measure..he was told that:...long after you have returned from my  presence, shall my visitation to earth be. Certain signs shall there be for  a certain Star shall move out of Aquila, a star shall cross from Aquila  unto the head of Virgo, and it has been long on its route. And when this  star is above Virgo and Virgo is in the measure of promise, then you will  know that the hour is very close. For you will know 3 months after I have  started the miracle of my birth, for a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter  shall occur, and then three months later another conjunction, and then three months later another conjunction in the sky as I enter the earth in  birth by route of a human body.  So Enoch returned and he reported these  factors and even more, for there shall come as these signs bring their measure, and as the sighting measures conclude that the Star is in proper place, then it shall transverse from the head of Virgo to the womb of Virgo. This now will be very quick as we see it pass thru the alignment of  that sidereal system. But when it was told to Enoch, it was also told that  those who would watch following the instructions Enoch brought back to  earth would be rewarded by being guided to HIM...to the presence of the  Miracle.

            Thus Enoch was to record this, and there were other things which Enoch  was to record as we have cited to you before. But we want you to remember  that the year 1962 is a great and tremendous year for you because Enoch was  told that in the latter time, at the climax of this era, and as you are  entering into a new one, when the Kingdom of this world were to become the  Kingdom or OUR LORD and His Christ...when the Mighty Kingdom of God would  be triumphant over the power of darkness, that God would again join in  earth with the second manifestation of His power. This would follow the  sign of the Son of Man in the heavens (Matthew 24:30). Enoch was told that  this sign of 'The Son of Man' in the heavens: was to be...when seven  planets or wanderers in the sign of Aquarius...and straight across in exact  opposite...squaring it would be the other two planets of the solar system.  And from the earth we would look in both directions and see this tremendous  event. And when you see this you will know that this is the sign of 'The  Son of Man' in the Heavens. That sign was seen February 4, 1962., and this  is the first time since even before Enoch was told 5000 years before the Christ that there would be such a sign..a symbol...in the sign of Aquarius,  all planets lined up in this sign with the complete squaring, in opposition  to it. More than this all the planets of the solar system were lined up,  straight across. This was the sign given to Enoch, and the knowledge of  these signs were taught among the Essenes. They were taught in the great  wisdom schools of Israel.

            After Enoch had returned to earth, and told his story and written his  books, then he was to fulfill all these things he was told to do, and he  moved in that work to establish the great city of ON, and to build the  Temple of Zendera. Job was also to work with Enoch and they would also build the Pyramid of measure. When these things were accomplished there were within this great mysterious structure as well as the other  structures, many times the symbol of lore that we have told you here  tonight. Because in this was involved also the measures which God had marked  as the great Star Gospel of the Sky, and from earth you were to see it, as  it was making a routine pattern of measure. In this we were to note that a  great Dragon symbolically known as Dragonis was in this picture in the sky.  This great Dragon is referred to in the 12th., chapter of Revelation:....'There appeared this great wonder in the heavens'...this Dragon...here  the symbolism is of this Dragon with 7 heads, 10 horns, and 7 crowns, and  'His tail (tale) drew one third of the stars of heaven and cast them  to earth. And the Dragon stood before the Woman who was ready to be  delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born. And she brought  forth a man child who was to rule the nations with a rod of Iron', and then  be caught back into the heavens as the empowering, ruling God. So the Book  of Revelation tells you this same thing that the man Enoch was also told.   

The sign of the Dragon in the heavens is now the symbol of Lucifer in  his fallen power. One‑third of the Angelic hosts of the heavens rebelled  with him, and at the time of Christ stood ready with his minions in earth  to destroy the embodiment of God at the time of His birth. Thus the symbol  of the Dragon, and the symbol of the Virgin, or Virgo, and the Seed of the  Woman which was to become the head of the nations were all involved in the  Great Star Gospel, of the messages received by Enoch...directly from YAHWEH  (God), and His Archangels. All this was recorded in the records of Enoch,  and this was taught in the Schools of Wisdom which came down from Job and Enoch, through the Temple of Solomon, on down to our time. In fact the Apostle Paul said:...'I am a Mason, a wise master builder...and no other  foundation can any man lay but that which his laid in YAHSHUA...or the incarnate embodiment of The Christ. I Corinthians 3:10‑11

            There was also Joseph of Arimathea, the brother..or uncle of Mary a wise  and brilliant Master Builder..a Mason who not only owned the tin mines of  Britain and the lands scattered all over Glastonbury, but his ships were  plying the seas as well. They were moving in trade thru the pillars of  Hercules and into Palestine. He also knew and was taught much concerning  the 'lore' for this 'lore' was known deeply in Britain. In fact our race  and its wise Magi were those who had been studying astronomically all the measures of the sky. In fact almost all of astronomy and most of its greatness is a by product of the white race. For the white race had accomplished virtually everything which has been done in the areas of Wise Astronomy, and made the instruments to measure it. Today you have the instrument where as you ground the lenses to study the heavens, and have  produced the capacity to view the 126 suns, which has been the by product  of the intelligence of the Kingdom of God in earth. And in America and in  Germany, and in areas of Scandinavia, and in Britain are some of the finest  of instruments which men use to observe the heavens of today. We have  electronic scopes which go beyond this by a multiple of times, the area we  used to bring in by lenses, for now we can sensitize the camera plates. We find that God gave to His children the knowledge they sought for, as He had  given them the vision to produce the machine, and the instruments with also  the vision as to what they would find if they produced those instruments  with which to look.

            Thus it is that in these modern times we have produced great instruments  with which to view the Universe. But in the earliest days of our race as  they migrated from the High Tarim Basin we find they were at work in  measuring the sky. From the very days of Enoch up until this time of our  days men have been looking for a most vital and certain spot, and they had  a very valuable wisdom by which to make these sightings. It was for this  purpose that men of our race in those earlier days moved into the high  mountains close to Tibet in one of the high plateaus of the Himalayas, and  there they built an observation post. They set up a great circle of stones,  with sighting stones and grooves, and this was a unique 'do‑ring' of stone  high in the Tibetan planes. Then over in Medo‑Persia again was set in  place a great circle a 'do‑ring' of stones. These were great settings of  stones for the purpose of charting the processions of the equinoxes and the  measurements of the heavens. But here also was a sighting plane, and why this great sighting plane?  Why its grooves? Why was it aimed at a certain point in the heavens, where Virgo would top a certain point in the heavens?  And why was it that this sighting plane was geared to Aquila? There was a  reason for all this.

            If you were to go to Britain to Coventry and to Avebury you would find  two great circles of stone, one is Stonehenge, and one is Avebury. Both of  these were set with great multiples of stones, with inner and outer circles, and they also had been set to measure the sky. They are not as some ignorant people write in this hour, pagan superstition, or spots for human sacrifice. No, my friends...these spots were for astronomical observations. There were no human sacrifices at either Stonehenge, or Avebury, these were modern instruments of that day, and they were geared to look at  the same spot, and measure the same thing as was being done in ancient  Persia, where the Aryans had built their site, high up in the Himalayas.  Here it was said that the tall Manu had come to measure the sky. Aryans,  tall white men had come to that area and they were talking about their God,  about this Mighty King who would come, and they set up their circle of  rocks and watched for the measure in the sky.

            Over between the Vail of Kashmir and India the white men had come in,  and in ages gone by they had set up their circle of stones, and this one  was just exactly like the one in Tibet, and the one in Persia, and the two in Britain, and all were for the measuring and aligning the patterns of the  Stars. But what were they waiting for? The people of India said they were  waiting for the coming of Krishna who's Glory shall fill the sky, and whose  marks are in the heavens, this is what the tall Manu wait for.   

Over in Persia the people said...yes this is what they are waiting for..the embodiment of the King of Heaven, who is to come to earth. Then there was a later prophet by the name of Zoroaster...who was to site that the  Eternal God who was the Light of Life, and Resurrection, and who had power  of the dead, was to come to liberate his many children. Was to come to  establish His Majesty and Power...and We wait for His Star, and we know  that the heavens shall proclaim His coming. Thus spoke Zoroaster who wan  not only a wise prophet of the white race among the Aryans who lived in  Persia, but they knew the gearing of the relationship of these prophecies  to those things brought out by Enoch and Job. Zoroaster quoted Enoch very  fluently, and among the Aryans of Medo‑Persia in the land of Persia, there  was a great use made of the records of Enoch. And their astronomical body  which set up the measuring of 'Do‑ring' and their observatories were  referred to by Avargus in his records as well, for all related to this  watching of the sky for the 'Sign of the KING'.

            Significantly with all their observations they made many, many records  of astronomical observations which are supported even up to this time. To show exactly what these men were waiting and watching for thru the years,  and we see from their records that they reported every eclipse, every conjunction, and did it accurately. And out of these records which were  recorded and beheld by men in ancient Persia has come sidereal calculations by men of our time, and they have by this method checked back and found that those ancient observations were accurate, and conclusive of the  continuity with which these 'watches' had been set. In fact it was known as  well in ancient Druidry, and ancient Masonry, and in the standards of the 'Light Carriers' among the Essene company at the time of Christ. It was  known that 'Wisemen' were gathering every seven years and comparing notes,  and that they then returned once more to their far flung outposts to watch  and to wait for more signs. These men were called Magi...Why? Because they  were men of wisdom who studied the phenomena of the sky, and waited for  'the sign of the King'.

            When the Creator of the Universe...HE...who holds everything together by  the very power of His own Spirit, and the very energy of His own mind..when HE who is Creator of all things and by whom all things consist...on the day when he was to be born a babe in earth..into a human body in which all the fullness of God was to reside...THAT WAS A GREAT EVENT. Therefore it was not only a great event but the greatest event which was to shake the earth, and more than that He was to identify Himself with your race..HIS race in  earth. HE was our Father, and would prove He was our Father...how? By  identifying with OUR RACE. We point out to you that in this instance...that  by such a phenomena as the Creator of the earth coming into such a small  speck of terrestrial...as this earth..that it would be natural would it not  that there would be tremendous events told in the sky?

            Now; we know that these things did happen, and one of the stories which  today has become popular is the Van Dykes story of the 4th., Wise man.  Actually the text from which these ideas first came is from the writings of  Avaragus who was one of the leaders of the astronomical schools of Persia.  In fact in the writing of this man concerning the coming of the King were  some of the most valuable records of the Alexandrian church. For the Alexandrian church was pastorate by Mark who wrote one of the Gospels. This church not only had the records of ancient Persia and of the Wisemen, but  they also had the Books of Enoch, and many of the records and traditions  that helped keep alive the truth of the past. Of course Van Dykes story is  an interesting one, and it may be part fictional but its foundation came  out of the writings of this ancient Persian.

            There is something that you must remember about all this:...'We have  seen His Star in the east, and we have come to worship Him'. No one can  gainsay that these men were superstitious, and wrong, because you don't  wait for an event like this one, and then arrive and say you are wrong.  These men saw that they had waited so long to see, and then they were there on time. Thus there is no better accuracy for the prophecy which they had sought, or no better proof of the thing they believed in than their coming  to say:...'We have seen His Star'.

            Now; someone always says:...but what was it that they watched for? Well!  It was a Star which God had told Enoch long before, that He had set in  motion. And Harvard University scientists and others had sought to answer  the questions of astronomers, thru their astronomical cycles of what had  transpired, and they are well aware that there did occur major conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter, as their Sidereal calculators show. And that the time of the birth of The Christ there was a major conjunction of Saturn and  Jupiter. But this My Friends, is exactly what God had told Enoch would  transpire. He said:...that three times would come this conjunction in the 9  months preceding His birth, and that the last climactic time would be at  the time of His birth. And this all took place exactly that way, for there  was a Star and it was coming in, and our ancestors were watching and  charting its course.

These ancient observatories were charting this course,  and now the calculators used at Heidleburg, and in Europe also prove that  the Star was making a curve, and that it took 243,000 years for the Star to  complete its ecliptic and move to the head of Virgo which was again a part  of the end of the ecliptic, because it fast transversed Virgo, and went to  the womb of Virgo, and then went back into its ecliptic. So in this cycle of form then God who had set the measure in motion, knew, and established with Omniscient knowing the planning of all these things, even the Star crossing from Aquila to the head of Virgo, and it had taken one‑quarter of  a million years making its cycle. And this so that it would measure an  event for only this planet, and you worry about whether the Kingdom of God  is going to survive? Or whether you had thought this thing out? Let me tell  you...Our Father had thought this thing out, because he had started this Star which was to be one of the measures of His birth, and it had  already been 238,000 years on its way at the time He told Enoch about it,  and then it would be about 5000 years hence when its course would be  fulfilled in the heavens. And exactly on time it happened just the way God  knew it would happen, so I tell you that He knew what He was doing.           I am rather interested because some of the Harvard Scientists were  trying to ponder over something which was a sidereal impossibility. Of  course the reason for this was that the translators of the King James Bible were many times advised by men who wanted the Scriptures to appear foolish.  These men who helped to advise in this matter were many times... Jews...who were seeking to destroy and cover up the real message of the Scriptures. In  fact the early Masoretic test, and the early Septuagint text have been  tampered with, to such an extent that 1400 years of the King line were  taken out of the way in order to make it appear that Christ was born ahead  of his time...ahead of the time when the Messiah was to come. Because of  this manipulation, from the year 5404 B.C., as supposed Adam's birth time,  they shoved this up to 4004 B.C., thus removing 1400 years from the King  line, and this was to throw all measures out of line, and this was done  exactly....on purpose.

            Thus in this instance we point out that as far as the knowledge was  concerned, and the measure, the strategy was to obscure some of these  facts. But what the Scientists could not understand, or figure out was this  translation which said:..'We have seen His Star'...and 'That Star went  before them'. Reading from the Book of Matthew these Savants of our time  said:...How could a Star have gone before them? A Star is out there  millions of miles away, and if it moved the distance of the transverse of  the earth, you couldn't possibly see it with the naked eye, so never could  it have been defined as moving the distance from Babylon to Egypt and back  to Jerusalem and to Bethlehem. Therefore the Scientists said:..This is a  phenomena that is not related to the Star, and we do not know what it  means.

            In the early text, and even in the Alexandrian Version it said:...'Behold! a great light went before them, and this my friends is understandable. And now as we talk about this so great a Light going before the Wisemen, then let us understand that other things happened that night also.  If there is anything great and important that happened in the history of  our race it was when God who is our Heavenly Father, and literally the  begetter of our race, as we are children of His Spirit, then it is when YAHWEH (God) became ONE with us..born out of the same body of flesh which He had set in motion when Adam was brought forth as the son of God.  Therefore God joined His race...born of a woman...he emerged God incarnate  in human form. This then was a most important event, and this event would  naturally have had a most significant set of measures surrounding it. The Wisemen understood this thoroughly as they said:...'We have seen his star  and have come to worship HIM'.

            What then was the pattern of their movements? One of them came from the  Kashmir Temple on the edge of India. One of them came from Persia, and one  of them came from Britain, and one came from Egypt where he had been  waiting for his friends. Every 7 years these Wisemen and their savants who  numbered many more than these four would gather in Egypt to compare their  notes, and the measurements of the sky. Then they would make their trek  back to their posts, and again watch the heavens. Then 7 years later would  come a new replay to compare notes of what had transpired in the heavens.  Thus it was that Aravargus wrote:...'We have been watching this Star and we  note that it is very, very close to the head of Virgo, and then we realized  that it would transverse Virgo...in our lifetime. This crossing of Virgo  would demonstrate how very close that great event was, as we also noted  that there were unusual events which were in close sequence, and the  conjunction then came, in the very place we were told to look for it, by  the Wisemen who was taken into the heavens and returned.' He was talking of  course of Enoch who never died. The same great vessel which came to take  him on his trip into the heavens, returned to take him back.             

Remember that Enoch was one of the first of your race who we have  Biblical history of who rode in one of the great Celestial chariots, or one of the great space ships of the MOST HIGH GOD, and who moved out thru the vastness of His Universe. He went up in the body, and they brought him back in the body, and when he finished his ministry they came back and took him into the Celestial realms of the vastness of God's creation. Then 5000 years  later came a Persian astronomer, a man of renown, and he says this was the  man who told us all these things. We have been studying the sky, and in all  the generations of the Wise ones we have followed the voice of this Wise One  who had gone into the heavens in a chariot, and who came back, then later  went back into the heavens.

            We cite unto you that in this measure he was talking about Enoch, that  Wise One who had imparted this knowledge to these astronomers of our race,  and here in Persia these men were seeing the time approach when this would  all come to pass. Van Dyke when he talks about this fourth Wise man also  tells us about this ancient Persian who when conversing with his friends,  told them that he was about to go on a long trip, to meet the other  Wisemen and how they would then go to the spot where 'The King' was to be  born. How they had watched the conjunction, and they note that the stars  tell them that THE TIME IS NOW.

            This is true for a fourth Wise man did leave the great observatory in  Persia. He did move to go first to Babylon where he was to meet the man  coming from India, and there they had planned to go on to Egypt. He did  know that in the course of these events that the Wisemen were going to  behold 'The King'.

            I want you to know that the gifts brought by the Wisemen as described in  the Scriptures were:...Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. These give you some  sense of whence each man came. The Gold was out of the Druid Libraries of  yesterday, and tell us of one of the contributions which had been made by  this house of Master Builders. They were simply preparing the purse for the  Messiah to use thru His ministry. The second gift was Frankincense and that  comes only from India. Thus that man of your race who traveled high  Himalaya observatory, from the veil of Kashmir on the edge of India had  brought the Frankincense which was to be used for Christ's Anointing. The  Myrrh came from the land of Egypt and was used in the burial, and the  Anointing of the body for death. Thus you have the gifts brought by the  three Wisemen for the Christ....but what about the 4th., Wise man? This one  was bringing a beautiful robe, one of the most beautiful robes which could  be prepared in the Mid‑east. This was a robe which was developed from the  beautiful purple, red, and white of that region. And in the beautiful  crimson and purple involved was also the 'Golden Fish', for the opening of  the Piscean Kingdom, for the coming KING. For these men had anticipated  that 'The King' had started an administration that was never going to end,  and thus the robe included this symbol. And with it came the Pearl, the  Great Emerald, and the Ruby. The Great Ruby and the Emerald would find  their way to the crown which was to be presented to Christ, in the day of  His coronation ceremony as His people would try to crown Him King, on that  Palm Sunday. As Christ would reject that crown at that time they would use  the Chalice, but that is another subject. But the Pearl had a very  significant value, even tho they did not know at that time as to the use of  the Pearl.

            Thus you have the story of the travels of these 4 men, and three of them  waited at the Pyramid, but there did not come to this Temple of Zendera  which our forefathers had built and established this measure of the sky,  there did not come this 4th., representative of the outpost in Persia. And  not wishing to be late for this great event the three Wisemen started with their caravan. A strange phenomena had occurred over Egypt which had even been recorded by the Romans. A strange illumination of Glory, which came down out of the heavens, and the translators said:...'A Star came down'.  But it was a 'Great Light' in the old Alexandrian text, and this Great  Light went  before these men, and it traveled in the direction of the  birthplace of The King. These Wisemen knew that this light was hovering  between heaven and earth, that it moved slightly above and before them, but  it stayed just ahead of them. More than this as they came to Jerusalem they  went to the Palace of the King, and I want you to note exactly what the  King James Version of the Bible says:.....

            'For behold when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, in the days of  Herod the king, behold, there came Wisemen out of the east'. Then the  Scripture says that Herod was king of the Jews, and even Scofield says at  the bottom of his translation of Scripture that Herod was first put on the  throne 40 years before the Christ, and was 15 years of age when put on the  throne, and was a powerful king of the Jews. So now we have in place Herod,  king of the Jews, and with him his Jewish soldiers, and his Jewish minions.  Wise men were given protection under Rome, for these Wisemen were  virtually Princelings of the land of Knowledge, and Wisdom. They  represented the schools of knowledge, and they represented great wealth and  power. And because the great Master Builders organization which they represented was strong, then Rome said that all Savants‑Wisemen, Astronomers, Magicians, Astrologers and Doctors were to come and go out of the Roman  Empire, and from province to province, and they were not to be touched or  hindered, nor a hand laid upon them. You go back to Roman history and you  will see that this is true. Thus these Wisemen came before the court of  Herod and they said:...'We have come to behold HE...who as a babe, is now  being born King in Judea.

            Never mind this word Jew for no Wise man traveled halfway around the  known world to see any Jew baby. They didn't come to see a child of a Jew,  they came to see....THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORD'S...to see God born  in the body of a babe. And later even the Apostle Paul was to say that the  fullness of God dwelt here bodily in this babe. Thus spoke Wisemen of the  Master Builders organization. But when these Wisemen looked in the face of  this king...Herod, when they looked at this terrible visage they were  disturbed. As they asked their question Herod and his men were terribly  perplexed, for no baby was born in this palace. But the Wisemen then  explained how this is a matter of record, that HE was to be born in the  flesh, and how they had been waiting for this event for years. They said  that even Wisemen of this kingdom which Herod ruled over also knew that  this was to happen. Then Herod said:..no one is going to take my kingdom,  but I want to know about what these men are talking of. So the Scribes and  the Priests searched the Scriptures in the Temple, and they came back to  Herod and said:...yes HE is to be born in the city of Bethlehem of Judea,  in the city of David.

            Now:...I want to prove something to you. The Jews did not know the Old  Testament. They didn't know where or even that He was to be born, for they  had to inquire and to search the records. But if they had been men of  Israel, and this had been a king of the king line of the House of David,  and these true Priests of Israel, they would have known that 'The Messiah'  was to be born out of His household, out of His race. But this was not of  HIS Race, this was Herod King of the Jews. And whether he realized it or  not what he was identified with was...The Dragon standing before the woman  ready to devour her child as soon as it was born...Revelation 12:4. This  was the endless Satanic seed, the house of Jewry seeking to destroy 'The  Messiah' at His birth.

            Then Herod called the Wisemen in and said to them:...this is what I  read.. ..he is to be born in Bethlehem. You go to Bethlehem and find him,  and then you come tell me where he lays as I want to go down and worship  him. OH!....as a good member of the B'nai B'rith, and loving everyone I  want to go down and pay homage to the King. Can you imagine a Jew, on a  throne and in power, wanting to go down and worship THE CHRIST? Did you  ever hear of a Jew who worshiped the right God?

            The Wisemen left Herod, and I know that they were Wisemen for they  talked of this man Herod, and they did not like the visage of this man, and  they didn't like the attitude of Herod, for they could not believe he was  going to worship the Babe. The closer they came to the manger at Bethlehem  the more they felt assured in this matter, and we are told in the Book of  Matthew that they came to Bethlehem, and they found the house, for the  light had gone before them, and then stood over the place where the child  lay. The Wisemen rejoiced as they found 'THE CHILD', with his mother Mary,  and they fell down and worshiped HIM. Then they presented their gifts of  Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. And being warned in a dream about Herod,  they returned to their own countries by another way.

            More than this Joseph also was warned in a dream, and now under the instruction of the Wisemen...took the child and Mary the mother and went down  into Egypt. There in Egypt at the great Temple of ON, built in the days of  Enoch and Job there in the great white race culture which had been  preserved by Divine Destiny...Mary and Joseph and the Babe remained until  the death of Herod.

            But let us turn again to the panorama of this event. What is the mystery  of this Star? In the translation as star was the mystery of a heavenly  vehicle of THE MOST HIGH GOD, sent from heaven to earth, to guide the Wisemen thru the Destiny and prophecy, known to the Father from the beginning.  'For the steps of a good man are ordered to the Lord, His going out and his  coming in are known unto HIM'...thus the Scriptures declare. As it was  given unto Enoch it was also known unto the Father, that these Wisemen  would keep these sayings. That they would gather to serve, and to honor  'The King' at the time of His birth. That they would fulfill their mission.   

Thus it is that a great light also went before the children of Israel in  their exodus. These great lights are generally surrounded by illuminous  clouds and they reflect the Glory, but what is in them is not visible. Back  here in the Book of Deuteronomy we have a little pattern of this, for here  Moses writes in the 33 chapter of how God came from Sinai, and rose up from  Seir, and came to them. How He shined forth his great Light down from mount  Paran, and He came with ten thousands of His Saints, believing offspring  if you will, and He brought the fiery law out of His right hand. In the  days when God met Moses on Mount Sinai, he came with a whole host out of  heaven. He came in with mighty super ships of space, and landed on that  mountain. The same kind of crafts which go out from before His throne by  the thousands, times thousands, times ten thousands, and the Great Light  from the ships above that caused this spectacle were there on Mount Sinai.   

Again let us remember that the same thing happened to Elijah that had  happened to Enoch who came and went on these great vessels of space.  Remember that Enoch said that there was a great cloud outside his door, and  that two men stepped outside the cloud and said that he was summoned to  visit the Most High God. And Enoch said that he closed his house and said  good‑by to his children, and then walked out and got into that chariot of  God.

            Remember that it was Elijah and Elisha who followed him, as Elijah was  summoned by God, after he had finished his ministry. Elijah was not to  taste of death for he went out, and Elisha kept following Elijah, and he  saw the great chariots of space, come down, and one picked up Elijah and  carried him into the heavens.

            I point out to you that in God's personal manifestation of His presence,  in His ministry over His people, and out of the records that we possess  that God said:...I was with you by day and by night in the exodus out of  Egypt. I was with you by day and by night for I was the effulgent cloud.  There was no strange God with you...for that cloud was an effulgent cloud  of Light which was covering the shape and the form of that Great Celestial  craft, and God was in that craft, not sitting on a mass of vapor, but in  one of the Great Flagships of the Kingdom. He was there during the Exodus,  and he ran the Universe from that spot. More than this we know that in this  instance these heavenly ships moved about as they did at other times. And  in the days of the ministry of Ezekiel we are told that he saw these great  circular ships, wheels within wheels, with their portholes and with the  living creatures in these ships. How God came in with His great plane and  talked to Ezekiel, and ave him his commission. Thus Ezekiel tells the story  of the visit of the MOST HIGH GOD. Of how the great ships then whirled out  into space after this visitation of the heavenly hosts.

            But back to Judea, at the time of the birth of THE KING. Shepherds were  out on the hills of Judea watching their flocks, and suddenly a great Light  shown down on them, and an Angel of the LORD, a heavenly messenger speaks  to them. In the Book of Luke, the Angel was before them and above them, and  they were afraid as this sudden phenomena occurred. But the Angel said:..'I bring you glad tidings which shall be unto all people, for unto You is  born this day in the city of David, a Savior who is Christ the LORD. And  this is the sign you shall find:...behold a babe wrapped in swaddling  clothes and lying in a manger.' Who was this babe?' He was incarnate YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA THE LORD. Let me point out to you...suddenly there was a multitude  of heavenly hosts right there above them, and they started to sing the  first Christmas Carols the world had ever heard. They sang:...Glory to  YAHWEH in the Highest, and on Earth Peace to men of good will.   

You say:..where did the Heavenly hosts come from? They just came sailing  in. Do you suppose that God moved into human form as a babe, the most  defenseless of all creatures, and there was no heavenly hosts around? Do  you suppose that God, now born among men as a babe, but with the fullness  of God dwelling bodily was not surrounded by a heavenly host from His own  kingdom? The Omniscience mind of His own Spirit was more active than the  consciousness apparent in that day, for the fullness of God dwelt fully all  thru his lifetime. This was the reason he could confound the masters in the  Temple, or in far off London, or wherever he went to speak. From the time  he was a babe, a boy, a young man, to his ministry, the fullness of God was  dwelling bodily in this consciousness. This was the fullness of God now by  this miracle of identity‑joined with his race. He was your kinsmen, and as  you read the second chapter of Hebrews...you the race now embodied in the  flesh were visited by your Father...the very God who was not ashamed to  call you his kinsmen. He took upon himself a body of flesh like you had,  like his children now embodied in the flesh, and he took upon himself a  part of the same, thus a miracle.

            Now; there is little doubt in my mind, and many of the observers of  today who see that we are in this point of measure, are sure that the Star  that went before the Wisemen was a Light. That this light moved ahead of  them out of Egypt, a great Light that moved right thru Jerusalem, and on  down to Bethlehem. And when they went to this spot they found what they  were looking for. Yes they watched a star, and then they followed a light,  for no star came down to move thru the sky so quickly that men could follow  it. But the Great Light from the heavens moved before them.    God had said:...'I will be a lamp unto thy feet'...'I will go before  thee' ...and 'I will illuminate thy way.'

            These Wisemen were led of God, by a hovering protecting leadership like  your race had as they came out of Egypt. I know that the sky was filled  that night with ships. The great and mighty legions led by Michael were  standing by. There was not enough power in all the Jews in the world, to  have destroyed The Christ that night, altho they might have thought they  could do it. There wasn't enough power in all the Universe to upset one  small part of God's plan. And no one has ever upset God's plan, from that  day to this, and he is not heart broken because his plan is upset, he  victoriously, purposely, is preparing the plan for the final victory of His  Kingdom.

            I want you to take this thought with you tonight, that God who started  the measure in the heavens a quarter of a million years before it happened,  and then probably a couple of million years before that as he put some of  processes in formation...ON TIME brought them to the right place, On Time  had timed the conjunctions, and On Time had timed the Great Event. Thus it  was that these great crafts were carrying out their responsibilities. They  were announcing that God was being born in earth. What an amazing thing had  taken place, and the Angels had sang their carols of this event. Then later  the Angels were to say with amazement that here God was born in earth, but  was so poorly received by some of the people of this earth. How could this  happen, and they looked at earth, and they bore the testimony to these of  the Wise Essene shepherds who were on the hills. These who were a part of  the house of Israel who were expectantly waiting for the birth of their  King.

            Let us turn back then for a moment to the measure of the fourth Wise man,  for he had traveled thru his cycle, and had passed thru Old Babylon, and on  to Egypt, but his friends had gone on without him...why? We go back to the  records of the Savant of Persia, and he tells us that this man like the  other Wisemen had a knowledge of healing, of the use of herbs, and of the  practice of medicine. That in his journey he had come across a poor  Israelite who had fallen sick in his journey of a great fever and was dying  by the roadside. But when he called out the Wise man paused and went over to  him. The Wise man was impatient to get on his way, to meet his friends, and  to go with them to the birthplace of the KING. No greater event had  happened in all human history than this one, for God would be born among  men. His Glory and His power so close to human man, and the Wise man did not  want to miss this event for any reason. He paused for a moment, should he  aide this man or hurry on? But then he was compelled by that spirit of greatness which fills those who study God's heaven, and walk with him in  inspiration and in anticipation of the work of God. This Wise man stopped  and turned and gave such assistance as he could give this man. And in the  course of this he was delayed several days, but finally he brought the man  out of his dangerous fever, and then he said to this sick Israelite:...'I  have been delayed, but I hope you will now be alright. I will leave food  and herbs with you, but I must rush ahead and catch my friends lest I miss  this event which I am hurrying to. This sick man, also of the House of  Israel was also a Levi and he said:...'What is this that you seek?' 'The Magi replied:...'The time and the measures are in the sky, I go to find  'The Messiah' who is to be born...King of Israel...in the earth'. How and whence do I find him? The Levite replied:...'This one is to be born in  Judea, do not expect to find HIM any where else'. The Magi hurried on to  Egypt but now no light would go before him, the Wisemen had left and he who represented Persia would have to gather a separate caravan, and go his own  route.

No star before him as he approached Jerusalem the capital of  Palestine. Herod, the king of the Jews, was a man of great power and Herod  the King of the Jews had built the Golden Temple, and this was the Temple of Herod that now stood in Jerusalem. Herod was a Jew by race and a Jew by  Faith or he would not have built the Golden Temple. More than this he hated  everything which related to the true God. He was a Talmudic worshiper of  the Babylonian house of Evil. A conspirator against all of the things which  were good. Strangely enough as the fourth Wise man approached the Palace of  Herod, he finds an angry Herod who says:...three of your co‑patriots have  come this way, but they never returned to tell me where the child lay.  

This fourth Wise man felt warned to say no more, and he left and headed  for Bethlehem. Upon arriving in Bethlehem, there was no light over a  manger, or over the town, so he made his way directly to the rectory of the  local Temple. This part of the Temple worship of Israel was at this time  under the administration of Zacharias the husband of Elizabeth with the  child...John the Baptist in her arms. You remember that this child she bore  was born before Jesus, and he was to be called John, for the spirit of  Elijah was sent to prepare the way of THE LORD. This messenger of the King  was born in the house of Zacharias to this wife Elizabeth. The Wisemen  talked with Elizabeth about the measures of the Star and about his friends,  and she said:...yes, their caravan had come several days earlier, and they  had already left. They were men from far countries, they were men of 'The  Light Carriers', and that her cousin Joseph knows about these things. They  came from the centers of wisdom of our people, and they brought to HIM..  gold, frankincense and myrrh, the rich gifts of our people. The Wise man   said:...'yes, I know these things and I bring the great robe, and the  Jewels for his crown.' Elizabeth said:...'I do not know exactly where they  have gone, but I have heard that they have gone into Egypt.' But they left  here fast being warned of Herod for some reason, and Mary and Joseph and  the Babe have also gone into Egypt.

            While they were talking here, there came a cry of violence in the  streets, as Herod King of the Jews and his Jewish army were marching upon  Bethlehem fulfilling what is referred to in the Book of Matthew as that  terrible night of events which was to take place in Bethlehem. As you turn  back to the writings of Jeremiah he also talks about a great day of Pain,  but here in this city of Bethlehem there would be a day of lamentation, a  day of weeping and mourning for .....'Rachel weeping for her children, and  would not be comforted, for they were not.' Matthew 2:18. This was the prophecy, and the weeping was caused by the forces of Anti‑Christ, the  forces of evil, the dragon of the sky, Jewry on the rampage. The Wise man  looked out from the Rectory and saw the soldiers of Jewry running thru the  streets of Bethlehem, pulling the babes out of their houses, and taking  their great swords and slicing them in half. Orders were to destroy every  babe up thru two years of age, so as to make sure that they did not miss  this babe ...The Christ. I want you to know that there is no more ruthless  people on the face of the earth than they who would kill babies to satisfy  their political ambitions. As they moved upon Bethlehem they proved  something else that most Christians are not thinking of tonight. It proved  that the Jews are not Israelites, that they were not relatives of the House  of David, or the true House of Judah, or they would not have been killing  their own. It proved also that there was no relationship between the king  of the Jews, and their false king line, and the House of David, for their  design was to stamp out and utterly destroy the king line of the House of  David. Let Christians not forget this part of the Christian lesson, for it  was placed there for a permanent record for you. For that Dragon in the  Book of Revelations stood before the woman to destroy her child as soon as  it was born, was none other than the power of organized Jewry, the offspring of Lucifer, taking commands directly from their director father,  to try to destroy God's kingdom in the earth.

            The fourth Wise man now knew why God had made him arrive late. Sometimes  we get impatient as we want to get away, and something delays us, or we  seem compelled to do something good, and then are delayed in getting to the  place where we thought we should participate in something, at a given time.  Remember that there is a great Grace of God, and a Sovereign pattern of  Destiny which works out a greater good than you understand. So don't become  impatient, just accept what transpires as you work toward your goals, for  there is a greater power. It was essential that the 4th Wise man be late. It  was essential that John the Baptist prepare 'The way of the LORD'. It was  essential that he bring his message thru out that land of Palestine, until  The Christ was ready to start his Great ministry and to fulfill his  mission. It was important then that this babe...John the Baptist...live for  if this Wise man had not come at this time, there would have been another  story. Thus taking the Great Robe the Wise man had brought for the  coronation of The King, he put the robe around himself, and then went over  to the crib where John the Baptist now lay, and tenderly he picked up this  babe and folded him under this great robe.

            Now; the soldiers were dashing into the courtyard of the Rectory of the  Temple of Bethlehem, and the Wise man advanced and said:...'Why do you come  in here with your noise, and with your swords? Know ye not that I have the  protection of Rome, that I am a Magi, and I and my caravan do not wish to  be disturbed? Why come ye here with your dripping swords to disturb me?  They answered:...We are under orders of Herod the King, and we are looking  for babies. The 4th., Wise man replied:...Think that I have a baby traveling  in my caravan? But I do have a great Pearl of great price that a Wise  captain might like to have, and disturb me not. This Wise man understood  well those who stood before him, and the look of greed in the face of the  captain as he reached out his hand for the great Pearl. And the Jewish  captain then said to his men...go on, there is no child in this house, and  away they went little realizing that under his robe this Wise man held the  babe...John the Baptist. This same one of whom Jesus was to later say:....  'Never was a man born of a woman as great or as mysterious as this one...  John the Baptist. As these Jewish soldiers went their way the Wise man  turned and handed John the Baptist back to his mother.

            Thus we have a realization, of how with all the murders of the Innocents  which took place in Bethlehem that still the Jews did not get John the  Baptist, and of course Jesus had already been taken out of that area, and  down unto Egypt. Thus the fulfillment of that prophecy was:...'Out of Egypt  (the world) have I called my son (my embodiment)'.

            No doubt of the magnitude of that event, no doubt about the measurement  of the sky, and as the 4th., Wise man hurried into Egypt he also would find  the fulfillment of the promise, as he would reach the feet of The Christ,  and thus would participate in this one thing he had ever dreamed of, for he  would behold,...he would feast his eyes upon the MESSIAH.

            One of the stories that we have been told abut this fourth Wise man was  that he never found the Christ until he was being crucified, but this was  not true. He journeyed down to the Temple of Zendera in the city of ON, in  Egypt, and there he found the Christ Child who was to remain in that place  until the death of Herod. Thus it is that we have a story of time, a story  that has been fulfilled by Divine measure, by astronomically and physically  participation in the earth. A Great and Tremendous event, for God had been  born in earth, embodied as a child. And in the majesty of that, the Glory  and the Light and the radiance of his effulgence was seen around the place  where the child lay. The very Light and the Glory of Heavenly hosts  proclaimed his birth, and the phenomena of the Light which went before the  Wisemen was born out in the testimony of the Shepherds who came. And then  later the Romans going back to check the records testified that all of  these things written were true. Pilate writing to Caesar after he reported  about his meetings with The Christ was to say:...'I also have searched and  pursued all the facts since the coming of this ONE, and there is no doubt  that this ONE was the Eternal God of the heavens. We call him Jupiter, but  they also call him YAHWEH, BUT TRULY THIS WAS HE.

            I tell you tonight that we as Christians celebrate the birth of our  God... into our race, as he begat us for the purpose of building His  Kingdom, it is most important because it imparted back to us the beginning of a restoration. It took away from us fear, and darkness, and a guilt complex. It consummated with one atonement the price for our errors.  Guaranteed us Eternal Life, and put back upon us the assurance of Power.  That as this era which we are now in brings to its climax the second advent of The Christ.  There will be a restoration of such Glory upon you as the  earth has never witnessed since you walked the streets of heaven.    I tell you that as HIS first coming was important, and the advent  surrounding it which we celebrate each Christmas time, HIS second coming is  also going to be important, for it will be the greatest historical event  the world has ever known. This is a part of the mystery of a great and tremendous event which is only for you. Again we say:...'Unto us a child is  born, unto us a son is given.' He was our kinsman, and of our race, and His  name shall be called....Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and  Peace, there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his  kingdom to establish it with justice forever.'

            I tell you that upon the increase of His Kingdom there shall be no end.  When the last Hammer and Sickle has been stricken from all the poles from  which it flies, when the last emblem of the powers of darkness have been  destroyed...when the last synagog has crumbled into dust, and the last Jew  is a forgotten memory of Gods deliverance of earth....as HE gathers the  tares, and carries them out to their place of adjustment, I tell you when  there is no longer one visage of these forces of darkness, and the nations  and races of earth are administered by the Kingdom of God, and the Kingdoms  of the earth have become the Kingdoms of Our LORD, and His Christ then the  radiation, the radiation of the Light and the Glory of the event which  accompanied that birth will have come to its fulfillment. And we will sing  that Carol which they sang that night:...'Peace on earth to men of  goodwill'.

            There is no doubt that this measure of the heavens, and the mystery of  The Star was accompanied by the visitation of heavenly hosts. For together  with HIM were the heavenly hosts who sang the Praises of His Birth.   I tell you tonight that from one end of Christendom to the other,  Christians sing the heralding of His Birth. And thru out this time of year  Christians are working, singing, and praising, as well as rejoicing on this  great Christian feast day. The enemies all over this land are trying to  stamp out the symbols of Christmas in our nation, and I looked in vain in  the Newspapers for the story of the anger of Christians over this  destruction of their symbols of Christmas, until the windows of a Jewish  synagogue were smashed as they realized that this was where the vandals  came from. But there was no follow up on that story for they did not want  that situation to spread. I tell you that when the enemies of God's Kingdom  try to destroy the symbolic emblems of the Glory of this High Holiday of  Christendom, then the relenting anger will fulfill that which is spoken of  in the Book of Zachariah when he said:...'Wrath will rise up in their  countenance and there will not remain a Cainanite in the House of God'.    As we are celebrating with happiness the birth of Our King, your enemies  are planning on a Christless world by eliminating Christ from your National  life, and from all of the world which you are a part of. And thus they have  tried to strike out this National Holiday, for it is good that this great  Christian nation like other Christian nations recognizes the Birth of The  Christ as a NATIONAL POLICY. That we revere the KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS. I tell you that it is time that Christians rally around the symbols  and the standards of our Faith. That no unassimilatable minority, hating  out background, and our history, and our traditions is going to take the  richness of the Celebrating of Christmas, or the implanting of the  knowledge of the birth of The Christ which is deep in the hearts of this  people. We are going to determine Americas Destiny as God by His Spirit  leads us to a great new day, and a new era.

            The Light is not about to go out as last week our mariner probe reached  out to Venus. It will not be long before...first your solar system, and  then the Universe, as again you take to your wings and move in and out of  space. For unto you it is given to sit with THE FATHER, in the seat of  administration. I am going to tell you that HE is going to use you to teach  the Angels and the people in the far flung corners of the Universe.   

No wonder then that we say:...'Unto you a child is born, unto us a son  is given'. When you can walk out of here and say tonight:...Our Father which  art in Heaven' and know that as you say:...'Hallowed be thy name', that you  can also say this was my kinsman, and my relative, then no wonder that the Apostle Paul could say:...'His spirit bears witness with our spirit that we  are the CHILDREN OF GOD.

    (End of Message)        




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