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      OUR INHERITANCE AS SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF GOD  1-6-63                                                             by: DR. WESLEY SWIFT   


We are speaking on the subject of inheritance as sons, this is the third  in this series which started with redemption, and consummates with this particular area of thinking. As we talk to you about our inheritance as sons,  it is most important that you understand our relationship as sons of god.  When we talk to you about sons and daughters of god we are not talking  about a process which by mental gymnastics, by the acceptance of an individual pattern of persuasion, or by any area of development which comes by  applied ministry, changing...transforming, or making you something that you  were not before.  

I want you to know that truth is eternal. Truth is based on face, and for  you the ultimate truth is the things god knows, which emerge from his mind.  We are more interested in all the things in the mind of god, all the knowledge that is in the mind of god. For incidentally this mind which was in  christ‑jesus is also in you....in your celestial consciousness. Therefore  we are really interested in truth, and we are not as interested in dogma,  unless it is built on truth. We are not interested as to whether the opinion is orthodox or not, but we are interested only in truth. The apostle  paul found that when he unveiled truth which was revealed to him in his  heavenly experience..and in which he said:..'whether in the spirit or in  the body he could not tell', because the conscious existence in the celestial plane he was carried to was so real that he could not tell whether he  was in the body or in the spirit..he found that men were not always ready  to accept that truth. He found as he returned to earth, and wrote that  great...'apocalypse of paul' which is almost impossible to be found as a  document, and when writing his epistles based on the revelations he received..he found that a lot of ecclesiastical opinions said that this is  heresy...heterodox. The apostle paul said:..'after the way they (orthodoxy) call heresy, so worship I yahweh, the god of my fathers.' acts 24:14.  

I therefore am interested in truth..interested in these things which  god's word unveil's, that which his spirit bears witness with, as to its  being true. Thus it is that this afternoon as we tell you that a person is  a son or a daughter of god, this is not built upon any process of persuasion. Not determined upon any word heard at any church, not determined by  the work of any evangelists, for you do not make...sons of god. But sons  are determined by the only function by which sons come into existence... by  birth. Determined by birth in the spirit, determined by birth in the physical world. This is one of the reasons why we must understand the apostle  paul, as writing in his epistles, writing to the peoples of ephesus, to the  people of galacia, that at any time when he talks about the sons of god,  the saints of god, the heirs of god, the very words that paul selected  either in their greek form or in their latin form as he wrote to rome....  In any of these words which he selected he did this for a purpose. He selected words to carry thru the conscious realization that this was an offspring, biologically, and spiritually an offspring. Not a process of the  transformation of an idea, but a process of begatting out of the consciousness of the father. Now again we would call back to your attention a  passage we have used on several occasions, and we realize its importance  this afternoon..(galatians 4:5)..'because ye are sons of god..the eternal  yahweh, sent forth the spirit of sonship into your hearts, because you are  sons.' he didn't send forth the spirit to make sons out of you, he sent the  spirit unto...the sons..because unless you were sons you couldn't have received it. You wouldn't have had the wave length of consciousness to have  taken the impact of what this spirit means.  

Therefore one of the great rich inheritances of the sons and daughters of  god is that they have inherited a rich relationship to the father, by birth  ...which there is no other way to receive. The sons and daughters have also  inherited the family name. They have inherited the intellect which is received only from 'the father'. This is a celestial‑spiritual intellect, and  the capacity for the coordination of every conscious area of understanding  by this spiritual force that can synchronize mind, soul, and celestial  spirit.  

Thus your inheritance as the sons of god relate also to the purpose of  the father. You have inherited your part in the fathers kingdom because you  are...heirs. An heir is not made by persuasion, an heir is made by sonship.  If you are not a descendent of god, if you are not a descendent of the  father, then you are not an heir to his kingdom as sons. The scriptures do  not tell us that he makes everybody, irrespective of their origin, heirs to  his kingdom. He tells clearly throughout the old and the new testament as  to what the kingdom is made up of. eventually we are told that all the  nations of earth, and all the people of earth are going to come under the  administration of god's kingdom, but the kingdom is going to be administered by sons. The kingdom is going to be administered by heirs, this is your  inheritance. And you inherited a kingdom which shall never be destroyed,  and never left to other people. This is good...whatsoever god has planned  is good, because whatsoever god has purposed is good, whatsoever emanates  from him holds the universe together. He made the universe, and the law by  which he composed the universe..and that law is good, that is self evident  because it is here. Because every area of it, from the smallest atom to the  molecular masses, to the vastness of the sidereal systems, he put it all  together.  

The consciousness of his creation reaches out to the consciousness of the  creatures that he created. He knew what he was making and he said that it  was good. And above all created beings, created in his image, he brought  forth an issue which was begotten by his spirit in the heavens, transplanted into earth by his own will, to build his kingdom..thu the adamic race.  That it might bring into the earth an administration of his sons transplanted from heaven to earth. We point out to you then that you are heirs of  the kingdom. You have inherited the kingdom, and as such you have inherited certain powers. He has granted unto you powers as sons to carry out in  earth, as a family of sons..the establishment of his kingdom, and the overthrowing of darkness, and the defeat of evil. The development in every  area of pursuit of understanding, and wisdom with the by‑product of the  great waves of his spirit.  

When I tell you that it is important for you to know that you are sons..  There is a supporting pattern of evidence throughout the scriptures that  you are the sons. And because you are the sons you have become recipients  of this intellectual wave of divine understanding which is his own wave of  spiritual knowledge. His own holy paraclete or holy spirit.               Now the spirit as, we have told you before, is not the spirit that the  world order round about you has. It is not the spirit of africa or asia,  but it is the spirit of the sons of god. We have not received the spirit of  the world, but the spirit of god. Because of this we can understand the  things of god. A natural man without this particular perspective can never  understand. Let us correlate for you then these words again that we find in  the 14th., chapter of john. Here the word translated from aramaic to greek  ..is paraclete. Jesus said that he was going to leave this physical dimension but he wasn't going to leave them alone. He would leave them the  essence of his consciousness...this paraclete. And this is sometimes translated as the holy spirit. It is the essence of the abiding consciousness of  god. And he said:...even the spirit of truth which the world cannot  receive. But you can receive it, you can receive it because you are sons.  You can receive it because you are his offspring, you can receive it because in the endless yesterdays in which you were begotten by the father,  you were essence of his essence, children of his own being.          There is nothing I could tell you this afternoon which is of more significance than this identification of sonship. When we referred in the first  of this particular series to the matchless pattern of redemption we proved  to you that the word redeemer in the old testament was..kinsman redeemer,  that he had to be your relative to redeem you from bondage. And in order to  restore to you your inheritance which you could have lost by many processes  ...the inheritance of the kingdom, and of the earth, and the many facets of  intellectual and spiritual powers which was yours...and which was lost to  the degree that you surrendered to the power of the thinking of lucifer in  the original temptations of your race. You lost great celestial glory, and  lost it as far as control of the earth under the kingdom..lost this power  of inheritance...which had to be returned to you.   We brought out to you..that when he referred to himself as kinsman redeemer that he said:..since the children of god were down here in bodies of  flesh, that he took the same type of body for himself. He took the same  flesh as his brethren so that he might redeem them from death, and the powers of darkness. This is found in the second chapter of hebrews.   Now:..again, we note that he redeemed a people who had also been under  the law,..what he did is that he redeemed them from the curses of the law  which had been by the processes of their disobedience. He did this to restore them to their full status in their inheritance as sons. I want you to  know that the apostle paul tells you in the book of romans that the spirit  bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of god. We told you  that the greek word for the children here is...teknon, which means a child  by the process of birth, not by any mental process of reaction. What I am  telling you this afternoon concerning your inheritance, is that no amount  of evangelization in africa or asia, or in this country makes sons and daughters of god. But it awakens people from their ignorance as to who the  right god is, and it is supposed to guide them out of their superstition  into the knowledge of who the true god is, and from worshiping gods who are  no gods. But you as a race possess capacities which can be renewed in the  thinking of your consciousness only by the spirit of god which you can receive. Now I point out to you the declarations of the apostle paul:...we  read in the book of ephesians chapter 1., verses 6 and 7........   'In whom therefore, to the praise of his glory, and his grace'....'in  whom we have redemption thru his blood, the forgiveness of all transgressions, that he hath abounded to us by all the riches of his grace, with all  his wisdom, and prudence.'  

All wisdom is omniscient, and prudence is this quality which omniscient  requires, in which you do everything with the knowledge of it. So when god  has all power, he has to act in all prudence which is to do everything  right according to the knowledge.   Now:...in this instance he has abounded unto us with all his wisdom and  prudence, and 'now has made known unto us, the mystery of his will, which  according to his good pleasure which he hath purposed in himself, that in  the dispensation of the fullness of time, he was going to gather together  in one all things in christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on  earth...even in him: in whom we have an inheritance.' how do you get an  inheritance? By being born a son. We have an inheritance which he has predestinated before the foundations of the world, and we are very interested  in this inheritance. 'We have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated  according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of  his own will; that we should be to the praise of his glory.'  'In whom you  also trusted, as you hear the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation.'  

The gospel of your salvation is not saving you from something which is  not a part of your destiny. Salvation is when you wake someone out of their  sleep...change them from the course of their catastrophe, and identify them  with the processes of blessing. When you take a great nation like america,  made up of the sons and daughters of god, and wake it up, and cause them to  stop following all the forces of darkness, and cause them to once more reassert their faith in divine principals, in liberty, and in justice, and  oppose communism and all those behind it...that is one kind of salvation.   I tell you that salvation is not to stop men from some terrible destiny  when they die, it is to bring men when they live into awareness so that  they throw off the bondage of evil. If my salvation has to wait until I die  to prove it, then my salvation isn't founded on something very practical.  

Let me assure you of this:...that the thought which god pours into the  minds of his people, are the very words of his purpose. And 'therefore whom  ye trusted after ye heard the word of truth, this is the gospel of your  salvation in whom after that ye believed.'  And 'ye were once more sealed  in your consciousness.'  Sealed with what?  'That great force of intellectual revelation...the holy spirit of promise.'  

Now: I want you to know that this regenerated, reactivated consciousness  is your security, its your bond from god, that he is going to not only  accomplish the purposes of restoring the entire inheritance of his kingdom  to you, that he is going to use your empowered strength to carry out the  entire process. But this is your security of the redemption of the purpose  conveyed. You may pay the price of a legal document consummated, but it  takes possession of it..in fullness...then it is consummated. And you are  waiting today and participating in the operation of seeing this world liberated from the powers of darkness. The forces of evil overthrown and the  administration of the kingdom of god brought into its full, by, thru, and  with the processes of the sons of god..empowered by the father, and with  his presence.   Therefore you have security this afternoon, and that security is this  holy spirit conscious awareness of the things which are in the mind of god,  which spirit being...is an essence of your own being, thus you can receive.  Spirit of his spirit, breath of his breath, and life of his life, that is  what you are. The ideas and the thoughts of god can be a stimulating force  in you, can be the inspiring force which moves out upon the household of  your race to carry out his objectives. Now, I point out to you that as we  turn to the 3rd., chapter of ephesians we find in the name of our eternal  father that:...'the whole family in heaven and in earth..is named.' what  family?  The eternal father...you are the children of yahweh, of his embodiment yahshua or christ...and you are christians.  

You may say:...we may persuade men to follow christ, they may be in  principal, christians, but you...you are a part of the family household.  Eventually when that name is revealed, it will be the name of the father on  you...his children.  

I point out to you that according to this declaration of paul:...'that he  will grant you according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with  might, by his spirit in the inner man.'....to carry out this occupying  objective of his kingdom.   We think as we read these words of ephesians 4:23...'be ye removed in the  spirit of your mind.'  You are a people who can be renewed because you had  it before. The celestial conscience which was before the father, before the  world was framed had complete knowledge. This spirit which resides in you  has complete knowledge. And because you are born of the spirit of god, you  were born of incorruptible seed, which lives and abides forever. You can't  corrupt incorruptible seed, the spirit is perfect. It is the soul consciousness, and the physical brain which is not acting in perfection, and is  waiting for this completion. But the celestial consciousness is perfect.  That which is born of god...as john tells us in his epistle..'is perfect  for his seed remaineth in him.' that part which god begat is spirit and is  incorruptible, and unbroken at birth.   Now I think this is an important thing for you to understand:..your inheritance is that you shall be renewed in the spirit of your mind. That you  shall be re‑empowered to carry out the objective which the father had in  mind. When we talk about inheritance, we must know more about this inheritance. It doesn't matter what the world thinks this afternoon, it doesn't  make any difference how they oppose, or how false their premise, or how...  Because there is more of them that they would like to make you appear as  wrong. The only important thing for you to know this afternoon is all  truth. There is no advantage to knowing error, it brings catastrophe. If  you know all truth you have all power. If you know the things known by your  father, things in the mind of god, then there is nothing else important to  know. If you therefore can be guided by such patterns of truth, there is no  objective which is coordinated with his plan which you cannot accomplish.   Let me point out an understanding pattern of why god tells you things he  sometimes tells you to do. It is because you are embodied in a physical  body in an area where you have already been brought under submission to  lucifer by yielding to violation of divine law and temptation. The atoning  work of the christ, the redeemer has set you absolutely free. It has broken  the power of darkness, but there are certain things he tells you to do. He  knows that knowledge is power. He knows that to have the mind of god and  the wisdom of god is to have the most important thing that you can possess.  

Now: therefore to understand this is the most vital thing and related to  human conduct. You have a soul consciousness residing in this physical body   ,and you store out of the patterns of experiences and out of the patterns  of the senses, all kinds of ideas which you record. You record these electronically using the brain and the tendrils of the brain as storage areas  for ideas, but the electronic patterns can stay with the soul. And the soul  is the sum total in its growth and development, of all these patterns of  ideas and thoughts, the added spiritual force of the celestial consciousness which you have with you that carries the impact thru to the consciousness.  

Do you know why there is a difference between you...the children of god,  and the children of the world? It is because there is a different set of  conscious ideas for living in awareness, living is consciousness, living is  awareness. We point out to you that the world order today is filled and  stored with the purposes of lucifer, which are in error. It is knowledge  incomplete, or knowledge mutated. And thus that area of error is the knowledge of the world order.  

Sometimes I stand amazed and sometimes almost to the point of awe, at the  ingenuity of man. When I recognize the tremendous range of instruments that  today man has put together, I am amazed. We have computers today and great  electronic brains...great ibm machines and others like this into which you  can feed all kinds of information. You can feed tape information into these  wonderful machines with their wiring systems which amaze as you wonder if  man can even hold the pattern of his mind. These instruments store up immense amounts of data and then questions are asked..buttons are pushed, and  the machine comes out with the answers. And when we see this situation,  with these great machines everywhere, and the world depending more and more  on these machines, then we see the great probability of error. Unesco and  the united nations have whole floors of these big machines. Big companies  have whole floors of these machines and they are all stuffed with data. As  we look at these machines, at this tremendous intricate electronic process  of this stored memory, which now mechanically feeds back an answer, we  realize that the answer is not always right. Oh! You say, it has to be the  right answer. Mechanically, if the machine doesn't short circuit it is the  right answer as far as the material which was fed into it was concerned.  But do you suppose you could go down to unesco and push the button on  katanga, and come up with the right answer? Do you suppose..or do you know  why it wouldn't come up with the right answer? In otherwords if you feed  the machine material that is incorrect, the machine which is a mechanical  object, feeds back an answer which is only comparable with what you put in  to it. This is also true today in the areas in which we are watching the  attempt to fill mens minds. And this makes it reasonable for you to understand as why there is in the process of your retentive electronic memory..  In the development of your soul..an important thing, as to what kind of  data you are storing up. Because if you are pouring the same kind of data  into your soul as unesco is pouring into their machine...on africa and  asia, on concepts of government and standards, you are not going to be able  to come up with any right answers either.   And so today that is why you are told several different things. The scripture says:...don't leave off assembling yourselves together as sons and  daughters of god..as christians..and why? Because the catalyzation of worshiping together, and the reception of things which god provides thru his  ministers, and his prophets to catalyze the thinking of his people..guides  you to things he has said. You start storing when you worship, and thinking  concerning the purposes of god's kingdom. You are storing into your great  computer, into your great computer in the background of your consciousness.  You are storing facts which emanate from god, facts concerning origin, concerning purpose, and concerning his kingdom. And when you have stored these  facts you know that he intends to see his kingdom rule. You know that he  intends to see that every knee shall bow, he intends to see that his sons  administer, that the sheep nations administer over the goat nations. That  the purposes of god are good, that he is omniscient, omnipotent. I could  talk about the multiple of facts that worship, and assembly keep catalyzing  and storing, putting together in the seat of your consciousness. And around  you, coming in thru the senses are ideas, and the format, and the concepts  of the world order. And you can feed in world concepts but there is something in your consciousness that when it differs with what you know about  god, and comes out of his word, and this is stored as opposite opinion.  

Now: some people say, dr. swift it is not important for me to go to  church. I can stay at home and read my bible..yes, you can do that, but 80%  of the people don't do it. That is why it is important that people worship  together, or by the catalyzation of tapes know the processes, and start  thinking of the things god wants you to know. Because you are only to evaluate out of the things you know.  

Now: the celestial consciousness in you knows everything in the mind of  god. That is fortunate for you, because it comes thru out of that celestial  pattern which guides you with that strange intuition which is called discernment. Which can effect your soul consciousness, and that spirit which  is of god in you which vibrates in the wavelength of understanding in areas  which you don't even perceive, for your enlightenment. The apostle paul  tells us about this in the book of romans, so lets take a look first at the  world order, and see how this system of the world order builds up all kinds  of false ideas. Today the world order builds false ideas on mass programs  thru racial integration and religious integration, and surrender of liberties, by acceptance of social slavery for some kind of promise of some kind  of false security. All carefully designed by luciferian forces to hold men  in bondage. But the truth of god is designed to set men free, to raise men  to their position of sonship to carry out his objective.  

Now: there is no doubt about the fact that whether you understand or not  the process has been going on in you for some time. The process of your  association with truth, the assembling of yourselves together the application of studying to discover the things which god has said. Me..i am only  interested in the things which are in the knowledge of god's mind, and the  truth which god has expressed. That is what I am talking about storing in  the computer. That is what the holy spirit of god as he renews your mind,  stores in you...line upon line..precept upon precept, sot that when you  push the button on any decision you come up with the right answer. And you  follow it thru because men with intelligence follow thru to knowledge. It  is by this purpose that you have been renewed in your mind to the same  consciousness you had in the spirit, to restore that which you lost. And  christ redeemed you to give you back your inheritance. You by nature inherited the mind of god, and he said:..i have restored it to you.   In this same process he said, 'let this mind be in you which was in  christ jesus, be not conformed by the way the world thinks, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.' as we point this out to you we also  point out that the world order is not operating on the order of god's kingdom. They are trying to tell you that you must mix all the races, all the  religions, and you have to destroy all the capacities in you, because of  who you are, in order to have peace. That however is not the kind of peace  we are looking for. We are not looking for the kind of peace which reduces  all to mediocrity and destroys god's purposes for the earth. We are looking  for the kind of peace which destroys evil. We are looking for the king of  peace..the kind of peace which brings the standards of righteousness,  defeats evil, and places the administration of the kingdom in the hands of  the sons of god. But our computers have something else stored up...we know  that god is going to finish this, that he is going to have his way, and  this is the way it is going to be no matter how the world order tells me  that this is coming out. So since I know this is the way it is coming out  then it is foolish of me to take the wrong course and be swallowed up in  catastrophe of error.  

We point out to you today that there are many people who have impartial  and incomplete information stored up, because they haven't been listening  to...'thus saith the lord.' they have permitted many of these areas to be  developed for them...by their enemy. We have right wingers for instance who  want to see liberty and independence for america, but they are guided by  the forces of darkness because they have filled their minds with the wrong  material. We tell you for instance that you must be spiritually led, that  the consciousness requires spiritual food just as much as the body requires food for its organic development. We tell you therefore that what you  feed into the soul consciousness determines the kind of answers you come up  with, and what you know, and what you understand.  

I am not only ashamed but I am disgusted by the demonstration of the intellectual immaturity of dr. fielfield in the congregational church for instance. You say what is that? Well, I am holding in my hand his bulletin  for lent. I always believed that since this man doesn't believe in the  deity of christ that he lacked all the requirements for the ministry. I  just want to show you something about this as it effects everyone in the  right wing. This man with others thinks that you can mix a world idea and a  kingdom idea and come out with a kingdom answer, come out with a christian  victory for a children civilization of which this nation is a part.   Let me bring this to your attention...we have freedom clubs and activities on the right, and congregational churches, and others have been interested in overthrowing socialism, and getting away from communism, with  determined and constructive leadership. But my friends let me show you  where they are mixed up, and defeated. They will never identify the enemy  because they embrace him. They will never find the 5th., column because  they can't tell one of the 5th., column from a son of god.

I am now reading from this article...the 40 days of lent:...during the pre‑war visit to  china by dr. fiefield jr., he saw the painting of the 'eternal supper', in  which jesus, buddha, confucius, and mohammed were all seated around a common  table. From this inspired canvas..which is a satanic pattern..an evil computation..the work of the devil. But this man says that out of this inspired canvas, he conceived the equality of inspired ideas for the congress of  faith, in which christian and jew, buddha, mohammed, and confucius will...  Without deserting their particular order, amalgamate an army that presents  a united theistic front. Taking the 'eternal supper' as their theme the  lenten committee of the board of directors of the congregational church  have arranged what they believe to be an inspiring program for the lenten  season. And now the annual congress of faith has been wrought. Among the  dedicated world are men who will join in this series of events, and they  are such spiritual leaders as dr. preston bradles of chicago, and toynbee  of england, mccormick of whitier, rabbi kronski, chaplin usar, veterans  administration, dr. ralph stockton with a whole re‑pinko background. And  then on the list we come down to gustav buenebah, a buddhist, and then an  authority of israel, and a swami of india. So the tableau now is set... the  congress of faith for the last supper. And they say that jesus recognized  the fatherhood of god to which all people of any race or color, or country  can be brought. Therefore he never taught that the fatherhood of god was  limited to those who took up the cross. In this spirit they say they approach the lenten season knowing what deep spiritual meaning lies in the  heart of this picture out of china of this 'eternal supper'.  

Now:...you see what I said as I told you that you feed the wrong stuff  into the computer, you get a wrong answer. You feed the wrong stuff, and  don't feed in 'thus saith the lord.', but feed in what unesco was trying to  give you for religion. You say you are going to fight communism and socialism, but you are using the devils weapons.  

Someone says: what should you do? You should come out of her, o my  people. That is the only thing you can do with something as bad as that.  Someone said:..dr. swift, we hardly ever attack any other church from this  pulpit, but...my friends I cannot accept that as a church. Maybe we will  awake enough patriots until with a little intelligence they will see what a  false policy can be conceived, not knowing what the plan of the kingdom  consists of.  

Yes, jesus taught the fatherhood of god, but not the brotherhood with any  jew. You say..what do you mean? Well, jesus said:..'i am of my father and  you are of your father'..that isn't a common fatherhood, that is a division  and how can you get a common fatherhood with different fathers? There was  no fellowship between christ and jewry. They sought to kill him, and  thought they had accomplished it, and were defeated by the power of his  resurrection!   I tell you this afternoon, that any time you bring each of these with  their own faith in, and amalgamate them as theists, and you have the  enemies of jesus christ, and those worshipping all prophets of the witchdoctors, and every pagan foul form of religious superstition, then you can  never raise that symbol of culture you are working on any higher than the  spiritual concepts and ideals of the people you are amalgamating. Do you  want to know what is the matter with india?..hinduism is what is wrong with  india, they will never come out of the depraved morality, overpopulated  problem they are in until they are turned to truth. If you want to know  what is wrong with africa today, it is witchdoctoring. God almighty does  not want you integrating, amalgamating, inter‑marrying,, and bringing out  one great social order for the destruction of the spiritual capacities of  his sons. This my friends is esau selling his birthright for a mess of  pottage, and that was not a bowl of soup. It was intermingling with the  people who were the enemies of god. Making it impossible for his posterity  to carry out the inheritance which belonged to them.  

When I talk to you about sonship and inheritance, the only way you can  get the right answer is to store up the words which come out of the patterns of god. As I read this article, something stirred inside of you. I  don't have to tell you that this is wrong, for everyone of you knew this  was wrong by what process you obtained your answer. Because you had stored  in you for generations...'thus saith the lord.' you had stored the word of  god as you had heard it, meditated upon it, and catalyzed it together. This  strange gift of discernment is a part of your inheritance, a renewed mind.  It is the most valuable asset which you can possess. You can watch t.v.   You can pick up your newspaper or listen to the radio and the world order  is pouring out propaganda that is brainwashing people who haven't stored up  anything inside their system that would tell them the difference. And as  these words come over the air, you are starting to classify them. You say:  ..this is unesco propaganda, this is communist, this is anti‑christian,  this is mongrelization. You heard something of truth, and then automatically you say...they have a good point there. What is this which is going on  inside of you? Who is doing this?...this is a son of god operating out of a  restored, renewed consciousness.  

Now:..there is no doubt but that there are multitudes of the sons of god  and daughters as well, who are living in the apathy of sleep. Who have  never consciously started storing..'thus saith the lord.' they go inside a  church once in a while, and maybe at christmas and easter they are inspired  and if you ask them any questions they can tell you about the resurrection.  If you ask them about the birth of god they can tell you the whole story.  But if you ask them about the kingdom of god, they can't tell you anything  about it. They can't tell you anything about their inheritance of the  covenant. They can't tell you anything about the planes of spirit, or where  they come from. And they even have the vague idea that they might not get  where they are going.   I talked to a fine young man the other day, and he was very disturbed,  because he didn't want to go to hell when he died, but...he was in trouble  now. He wanted to be guided in the right decision. I asked him...why can't  you make the right decision...why can't you compute this? Why doesn't the  answer come to you? Why?  Because he hadn't stored anything of 'thus saith  the lord', to work with. And there was still something in him that said the  answer of the world order wasn't the right one either. That is where that  protecting wall of the spirit works for the preservation of sons, when they  are not even conscious of their own needs. I want you to know that you have  a great task before you, which is to move into your inheritance. God has  given you the spirit, it has been begotten, and is constantly being stimulated under the great wave of energy god is now pouring out on the earth  for this latter rain, and for your rejuvenation. Your task is not only to  spread as fast as you can spread these areas of truth, so that men will  start catalyzing theses truths in their consciousness, so that the next  time these errors come along and there is any question on getting an answer, the answer comes out selecting that which is right. I don't have to  worry if I were to ask this congregation a question about katanga, or about  the congo, or the u.n.  I would get the right answer, because you have  stored truth. There is one factor the enemy has been unable to suppress  which is the truth concerning god's kingdom. Concerning the nature of god,  the purpose of god, concerning his ultimate victory. This the enemy can't  take away. That is why you can live right in the midst of problems, right  in the midst of apparent chaos, you can move thru wars, and apparent catastrophe with serenity of spirit. You can carry out the objectives of the  father, you can seem to stand alone with a whole lot of people fed with  world opinion and this error, and you move on schedule...why? Because the  opinion you possess has already been settled by the truth of god's energies  and purpose carrying out his objectives. And out of this comes truth, and  not confusion. And now there is a responsibility that belongs on the sons  and daughters of god, and that is to see that it is truth which prevails in  our nation. To see that it is truth which is stored in our nation. To see  that it is truth which is stored in the minds of our children thru the  educational system, and see that it is not error which is stored in this  great electronic computing system, which is memory. It is your responsibility to spread truth, to see that the amount of truth in the areas of  things with which men should discuss is so spread...that the error has no  chance to compete with truth.         This is why, as we spread truth, from one end of the nation to the other,  with your tithe, and offerings, we are helping to reach people. We are now  reaching 1 and 1/2 million people, and the catalyzation will not stop. It  is already disturbing the enemy because people aren't thinking like they  want them to think. They have poured all this propaganda into them over  t.v. and radio, and they have been pouring this into america for 30 or 40  years, and now the answers are not what they want, so they say they have to  do something about it. The president this week was alarmed about his mental  health program. But what was he worried about? He is worried because the  right wing in america, which is 35% of the nation, now are waking up and  their computers are coming up with different answers than that which the  world order has been feeding into them. It must be a short circuit in the  mind, so they say...let us run them back in and give them another shot, or  a lobotomy to throw back their opposition to the world order as they are  trying to build it. This great guarantee of social security from one end of  the earth to the other, or of leadership of highly intellectual guided and  determined men, under the principals of super government. And they say if  you disagree with this there is something wrong with you. All we then need  is to have a mental hospital and take them in and give them a little adjustment. If they don't feel that the opposition to their program is in the  seat of their consciousness, it wouldn't be a mental hospital they would be  after. I don't care if he gets his mental hospital, then we will put all  the lunatics into it. I think the senators of the u.s. should put the  president and his two brothers in for a mental adjustment. If that disturbs  you this afternoon then be a realist. It is much better they take their own  treatment.  

You know you can be sorry for some of these people, they don't have anything stored up with which to meet these problems, other than that which  has come out of the areas of the enemy. That which came out of a textbook  of those who wanted to crucify christ, to destroy his kingdom, who wanted  to mongrelize the race that god poured into the earth. What these men do  not know is that a great wave of power, that great dynamics energy of his  holy spirit, which only the great force of god's own household and family  can truly receive to carry out this objective is what they are facing.   And I am going to tell you this, we have had men raised up by god who  became a balance of power. This happened in the days of old when god lifted  up some of the patriarchs..men like enoch, like noah. We watched this  carried down into the age of god's leadership under men like moses and  david. We have watched this come on down thru men like isaiah, and then  into the militant area of the church. We have watched god raising up men  for great purposes in nations all over the earth. But I want you to know  that one man moving under the divine destiny of god can overpower all the  opposition against him. And can start catalyzing by bringing to peoples  attention...truth..that they will never forget. You know you can come out  and try your program of martyrdom, and the enemy may martyr a great patriot  but they will never stop these great stored truths, these men produced...  From catalyzing.  

Now: there are powers which god also has promised the children who have  capacitates to understand, and to thus claim them, powers of protection and  security like a wall of fire about them. I want you to know that your inheritance of victory in the earth as a son and daughter of god...is an inheritance. Someone said:..but what about the africans and the asiatics? Well..  You are the sons and daughters of god or I would not preach this sermon to  you. If you were asiatics or africans I would not preach this message to  you because there wouldn't be anyone who could understand it.  

I am not interested in what some people call spirit just because it is  emotional. I am not interested in their abilities inside the wavelength of  their nervous system to syncopate vibrations. Some people call it music,  but I call it uproar. Some people are effected by vibrations because of the  nervous system of the physical body which is effected by vibration, but you  have a spiritual capacity to evaluate the difference between the majestic  music of vibration, and the tom tom beat of desperation. We are not just  interested in stories or narratives, we are interested in power which  comes thru great truths. I point out to you therefore that your inheritance  is that you inherit the capacity to think the thoughts of god, and to store  up in your being...'thus saith the lord'. And then as you know the mind of  god you may apply it. Remember that the mechanical systems which man has  invented are not as great as the men who made them.   Some men are becoming more lazy, instead of using their retention of  knowledge they want it all stored up for them so they don't have to remember it. The world is like that to, and it is easier to control. The kingdom  of god is not going to be ruled by computers my friends, that have been  made by the hands of men. It is going to be ruled by the great spiritual  capacity, the intellect of the sons and daughters of god, into whose capacity all things can be brought to their remembrance. And they can be led to  the knowledge of all things.  

We are not against progress, but we are beginning to tell you today that  great areas of misinformation are not to be depended upon. Tomorrows future  is not in the hand of people to determine, but in the power of god to develop. And as sons and daughters that the whole creation awaits. We point  again to these words of the apostle paul in the book of romans, in which he  then makes this statement:.......   'The whole creation is waiting the manifestation of the sons of god.'      

I think we can see a little evidence of the fear of the enemy. They  don't want you to talk or discuss in your own church service the truths of  your father. Mr. yorty..the mayor of your city, not by our selection, but  by the political circles, he is your mayor. And this very week he ordered  the city attorney to bring out an ordinance that would prohibit you or anyone else in public assembly....that would deny you or anyone else the right  to discuss in opposition, or even to criticize any color, race, or creed,  or national origin. He said in order to get tranquility and community relations, and religious relations this must be done. You say what does that  mean?  Oh, some of his relatives..for one of the magazines this week, and  not one of the right wing publications, said or referred to mr. yorty as a  jew. And there is no question that he bows to their kind of pressure which  they are frantically trying to now mount, as a way to suppress free speech.  But you have been brought up with a heritage by which you can speak your  mind, and the first amendment guarantees it. You have freedom of speech,  and freedom of the press, and freedom of worship, but do you realize that  this attempt is to suppress truth from being released. Then the governor  gets into the act and he wants legislation to prohibit all this which the  mayor is screaming about. That you can't criticize or discuss in any way  anything which disturbs anyone, and any race, color or creed..or political  opinion. There couldn't be a democrat or republican convention where anybody could disagree with anyone else under a set up like that. You could  affirm the christian faith...but without opposing buddhism, hinduism,  communism and all the philosophies arrayed against it?? you couldn't take a  stand for christ and not be against anti‑christ. You couldn't carry out the  functions of your religion under those regulations.  

Someone said: what are we going to do? We are going to keep right on  preaching...'thus saith the lord'...and let the chips fall where they will.  Because even the supreme court would have to get their backs right against  the wall, to fall for that, and they wouldn't be able to last the first  session of congress before impeachment, it they try to curb the right to  participate. There isn't anything which disturbs the enemy of christianity  quite like the re‑affirmation of christianity. A great spiritual revival of  the faith of our fathers sure shakes them. That disturbs those who want to  take over our country. They would like to suppress your right to stand for  your faith, and if you followed the request of your mayor and governor, you  could never be against communism ever again. You could never make an anti‑communist speech. This is what the enemy would like.  

Let me tell you something, they are never going to be able to impose this  program. The sons and daughters of god are going to proclaim god, are going  to proclaim truth from the housetops. The rest of america that are of the  household of god are going to come out of their sleep and the great new...  Revised army of israel will come together...bone to bone...sinew to sinew,  and stand on their feet.   Do you know that your praying is already dedicated...to praying:...   'Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven'.    When I catch this pattern of this promise of glory, and this power and  glory which was manifested in the face of the christ...the power that belongs to the father. When I realize that I am the fathers offspring, and  that if there is any lack of power it is because we have not acquired all  we need to know...then I remember that he said:..greater things than these  will you be able to do when you understand how.  The word belief is also..  ..to know.   We haven't time to finish all the facets of this, but remember that he  has purposed something for you. I will speak on the subject 'conforming to  the image of the son',...as this is also a part of your destiny. We will  speak on that subject next sunday afternoon as we continue this series,  because we want you to know how far reaching god's plan is for you. We know  the grace of god, we know the love of god, and we know that the god who  knows all things, and who operated with all prudence, that there is just  one answer for him:.......   My kingdom must rule over all men. My kingdom must produce the strength  necessary to hold this world in its proper relationship. Just as the atom  is controlled by the elements and the energy of the menitoids deep in the  nucleus, so does he hold this world in its proper relationship.  

Someone said:..but this is force...yes, but divine force.    We are speaking tonight of the subject 'the covenant race', it is vitally  important that we continue this series of the subject...'god, man, and  races,' for this is the subject of the flood, and races, and now the  covenant race....the emerging of a great and divine plan. This is the truth  of the scriptures, and this is also the truth of archaeology, and anthropology. These are the facts of signs and of times, and there are the things  that you must know to understand your destiny. This you must know to be set  free from ignorance, and from darkness, and be free in the knowledge of  god, to carry out that which he has purposed for you to do.                                     End of message.                                                                                                  




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