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HAIL TO THE KING:....3‑22‑64

                          BY: WESLEY A. SWIFT   

Wherever Christian communities live, wherever they carried out the  activities of their faith, their thoughts somehow converge around a pattern  of events which is very vital to historical Christianity. It is very vital  to you and I, the children of the Kingdom...the sons and daughters of God,  to realize that in this period which has been classified as the Lenten  period, that we are participating in what is known as Palm Sunday thru out  Christendom. This of course dates back to those historic events and conditions in the life of Christ, and were a prelude to the events which were  quickly to follow. Those events led up to His trial, crucifixion, and His  resurrection. So we also would think upon some of these events, especially  as they relate to us, because thru out one end of Christendom to the other,  as they think and discuss the acceptance of the Christ by the people who  desired to Crown Him King...they remember that these people shouted Hosannah to the Son of David, Blessed is YAHSHUA who comes in the name of YAHWEH.  This was there declaration, and of course it was an acceptance of the  mysteries of the embodiment of God. It was an acceptance of the declaration  made in the Book of Isaiah chapter 43.   'I YAHWEH am thy YAHSHUA. I the Lord God art thy Savior.' Here He was  saying:...you are my people, you are to know that I am thy Savior, that I  am thy redeemer. These are the declarations recorded by Isaiah, and recorded just for you.  

This was an acceptance that day when the crowds gathered around the gates  of Jerusalem and along the road as the crowd shouted to Jesus:..'Hosannah  in the highest, to the Son of David...Blessed is YAHSHUA who comes in the  name of YAHWEH.' But in the instance of this many people have also been  told by their pastors, that people in the masses are very fickle. They have  been told that here one week before the great events were to start in their  sequence, that the crowd was calling for the crowning of The Christ, and  then one week later, they were calling for HIS death, and saying:...'Let  His blood be upon us, and upon our children.' I want to totally repudiate  this area of error which has moved into the Christian narrative concerning  these events, because the people who stood at the gate to Jerusalem and  along this highway and shouted:...Hosannah to the Highest, were not...I  repeat...were not the people who stood before Pilate's Court and said: 'His  blood be upon us and upon our children.' Matthew 27:25  

I do not want you to think..for one moment..that this was due to the  changing of the mind of the mob, and the pressure of the status of this  situation. Because there was never at any time in these people  who  thronged around Jesus, and made up the masses you listened to His every  word,..never at any time was these they who called for His blood, and  repudiated Him because of the pressure of Jewry, or of Rome.  

One must understand the backlog of conditions which led up to this day  because, from the very hour of the Birth of The Christ, and the mighty  manifestations which had surrounded His Birth, these events had become a  tradition from one end of Palestine to the other. The heavenly host had  after all, sailed over the hills and had heralded the coming of The Christ  child to the Shepherds and others. The great megaphones which shouted down  to them what was about to happen was part of this story, as well as the  great searchlight which shown down upon the hills to illuminate the area  around about. And the Shepherds were told that being born in the city of  David was a Savior who was YAHSHUA, or Christ the Lord. And in those  instances this had become not only a historical tradition, but it had  followed the ministry of The Christ, with whom they were identified.   

There existed in this land of Palestine ever since the days of the reentrance of this remnant of Judah and Benjamin with their quota of Levi,  this Essene company. And these Essenes were a very vital force in what was  transpiring. These people were Bible students, and theological students.  They were the true Priesthood which should have been properly serving as  Levites in the Temple. And with them also were members of the inheritance  line of the government of Ancient Israel. From the days of the return from  Babylon to the land of Palestine there had been an infiltration into that  land, for the take over of that land. And this had taken place by the time  of Christ, because now...Herod, King of the Jews was in control, and the  Temple was largely in the hands of those who were enemies of the true  Faith. They were false Pharisees, as well as Cainites, in high positions of  Power. And Jesus was one of the first to identify them as to who they were,  and what they are, for Biblical records. Thus it was that the Essene company who were of the Israel Priesthood itself, and was made up of families  who had come down from the days of the captivity, and had been formally in  the Military service, and in the areas of instruction such as teachers. 

They were also of the true schools among Judah and Benjamin for knowledge,  wisdom and technology, and the two great mystery schools of wisdom, where  they were teaching the application of natural law, under spiritual guidance, and also teaching the spiritual law which was so vital in the wisdom  and knowledge of our race. And so these of the Essene company had recognized what was transpiring in their land, and that it was no longer safe  for them to be identified in the center of the community.

So out in the  outskirts of every major community, in Palestine, and even outside of  Jerusalem, you found these of the Essenes, in the caves and hills where the  old caverns had been cut from the water courses of the past. And in these  caves and caverns carefully disguised out in this wilderness the Essene  company had built their libraries, their assembly rooms, and even their  arsenals. And they were prepared for one dedicated task which was to bring  back the Glory of the Kingdom of Israel. Their design was to help in every  way that they could by scholastic report, and record by keeping alive the  Ancient Scriptures, and all the Ancient areas of truth. And by preserving  their manuscripts because even in their time there was already the intent  to change, and even to remove whole areas of the King line from these  sacred documents, and to change the records, as they would try to sell this  false and fraudulent area of instruction to these people who inhabited  Palestine...as to the chosen household of God.  

Thus it is that these we call Jews, and who Jesus called Jews (Yehudin)  were a fraud and a hoax even in that time. But they had gained control of  the Temple and they were giving lip service to its doctrine and were waging  war against any status of the kingdom.   But the Essenes were still dedicated to the Kingdom and its process. But  when we deal with these people who were a fraud and who have no design for  the program of God's Kingdom, these then are those who have no spiritual  capacity, no spiritual leadership, and no creative capacity, thus no answer  for the peoples needs. All they have is the preservation of their own  authority and their own power. Thus it was that the Essene company had  anticipated that MESSIAH would come. They were the ones in carrying out  most actively, the instructions, and maintaining the people in this hope,  that MESSIAH would come. In fact when the events surrounding the birth of  Christ took place they were one of the first of the peoples of Palestine to  see the great significance involved in this, outside of Mary & Joseph, or  those who had been in close connection with Zacharias the High Priest. You  remember also at the time of the announcement by the Angel Gabriel to Mary  as to the fact that she would bear the child which would be the embodiment  of God...'YAHSHUA who would save His people from their sin.' ...you remember that the Angel had also appeared to Zacharias the father of John the  Baptist, and to Elizabeth his wife, the cousin of Mary. And in the instance  of this the Angel declared to Zacharias that he would be the father of a  child, that Elizabeth would be blessed with a child, but Zacharias spoke up  and said:...my wife is to old for this, and I am an old man, and he laughed  at the Angel. He was immediately stricken dumb, and couldn't say a word,  and the Angel said:...you will be the father of your wife's child, and when  he comes you will call him John, for he shall prepare the way of the king.   Now;...we discover that there is much in the ancient narratives, but in  the Scripture also you remember that people came to ask Zacharias as to  what to name the child, and he took a pen in his hand and wrote...John...  and thus John the Baptist was named.   You say:...but what has this to do with the background of today, and our  celebration of Palm Sunday? It is a vital pattern for the beginning of a  tremendous pageantry of events which Christianity should know and should  understand, from the smallest child to the most developed Clergy.   I tell you that this was a unique situation because this child, John the  Baptist, was speaking and praising God and he was putting word together  when most babies are just cooing and having nothing to say until they have  learned their environment and have began to pick up words at a later point.  But this child, John the Baptist, came in with all the wisdom in the eyes  of babies, but he had a voice which was already declaring the praises to  the Glories of God.             

When the birth of The Christ took place then Christ was taken to a place  of safety, and it was only by Divine providence that the life of John the  Baptist was spared. You know the history, and the record of how the Wisemen saw the star and came to the place of birth. We know that the Wisemen  came later and that the 4th Wiseman's story is also a historical pattern.  But when he arrived in the city of Bethlehem Joseph and Mary had already  left this city and gone down to Egypt, after being warned in a dream, and  also by the Wisemen concerning the animosity of Herod, and their own  strange feelings about all this. And being warned by this then Joseph and  Mary took Jesus into the land of Egypt, and there by the Pyramid and the  Sphinx, then Jesus is maintained for the security of His person until the  death of Herod.  

At this same time John the Baptist was at his home of the Chief Priest of  the town of Bethlehem, and we are not talking about the Chief Priests and  their households at the Temple of Jerusalem which are under the control of  Anna and Caiphas who are largely Cainite households. But we are talking  about the father of John the Baptist the Priest of this small Temple of  Bethlehem, who is a true Levite, and a proper Priest. You remember how this  4th Wiseman came to the Temple of Bethlehem to the home of Zacharias, but  he was looking for the manger, for the birthplace of the King. Instead now  he hears the cries of Bethlehem as the army of Herod King of the Jews comes  into that city also hoping to kill the MESSIAH, so HE would not rise and  build a kingdom. Killing babes because of a desire to keep the power over  this land in the hands of these usurpers, but was also fulfilling Biblical  prophecy which was for this hour.

Thus it was, this Wiseman reached out and  took out of his cradle this baby, John the Baptist, and he folded him under  his great cloak because as a great Potentate of power they would not put  their hands on this Wiseman. They would not even question his authority  because Rome would not even stand for that.  

Thus as the army rushed up to the home of John the Baptist then this tiny  babe was folded under the robe of this great and stately Priest...this  Wiseman of our race, and thus they were not able to kill John the Baptist. 

Thus from the beginning John the Baptist was an unusually marked person,  because his father was worried about his security and his life. But knowing  that the true supporters of the Kingdom, and the Faith were out in the  hills and the caves outside of Jerusalem, and even tho many of them had  jobs or professions and were identified with the city of Jerusalem, still  they would always retire to the areas of their libraries, and to where  their Savants were hiding and thus to these people then John the Baptist  would be taken to safety. The Essenes were hiding, all the way from the Sea  of Galilee to the Mountain tops, all thru the old water courses and the  cavern systems beneath the hills, and this was their underground movement  at work. There is a great history and a panorama of events that surrounds  these Essenes, and these situations at that time, because John the Baptist  was raised in that atmosphere.  

There is something about John the Baptist you should know....men like  Polycart and Clements and early Church Fathers knew about it, and it was a  very important part of early Church history, because from the time he was a  small baby, John the Baptist was telling these people who were taking care  of him what God was planning to do. He cited that God was himself going to  be embodied in the earth, born of a virgin, grow up among His people, but  he was....KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS. And that he...John the Baptist,  had been selected by the Father to come to tell them and to prepare the  way. And John also told them that they would be surprised because they  thought that HE would restore the kingdom at this time and would gather the  children of Israel that were scattered. That he was going to throw out  these usurpers and even Rome, and build the kingdom once again. But John  said:...I know different, because I have been told that He is to come first  because He made the Covenant with our Fathers. And He has promised there  are certain things which He will do. He will not take the Crown, He will  take only the Cup, and in that Cup shall rest all the guilt of the errors  of our race. And having set us free, then He builds His Kingdom at a later  date. But this purpose for which He comes is a most important purpose, and  I have been sent to prepare the way before....HE who is KING OF KINGS AND  LORD OF LORDS. THE MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE, WHO WILL DWELL IN THE EARTH...  as a child.  

We are told in the Essene records that up until he approached 12 years of  age that John the Baptist talked to them about the majesty of heaven,  talked to them about the vast Hosts who went from one end of the Universe  to the other. The Essenes coordinated what this small child said with the  Mysteries which came out of the Books of Enoch, and later these things  would be confirmed by the Revelations of the Apostle Paul, and he recorded them in his Apocalypse.

Thus it was that between the age of 10 and 12,  the memory of John became more foggy as to the things of heaven, and more  important became the ministry soon to descend upon him. By the time he was  12 years of age we are told that John the Baptist could no longer recall  the things of heaven, or the events that has taken place in the heavens,  but a great strange and driving urge descended upon him to call upon people  to repent of their error, and get ready for the Kingdom of God was at hand.  The King of the Universe was about to take manifest Himself. The King of  the Universe was about to come to earth. So John the Baptist rose up, from  the age of 12 as a son in Israel, and at the age of 30 he was well known  thru out the land of Palestine. True he was dressed in skins which had been  tanned, and he was referred to as a Prophet who was out in the wilderness  dressed in goatskins, and preaching to the people. Later Jesus was to say:..  ...what did you go out to see...A man dressed in Goatskins who was preaching? Then Jesus said to His disciples..I want to tell you that never was  there a man born of woman, greater than John the Baptist. Why?  Because  this was the first time that anyone had ever dwelt in earth, and then later  came back to be born in a physical body..for a specific purpose. Jesus  said:...if you could but understand..this is Elijah who was to come.   Remember the Mystery as in the words of Malachi 3:1...'Behold! I send my  messenger, and he shall prepare the way of the LORD.' So even before the  first incarnate revelation of The Christ, a heavenly messenger had been  sent, and John the Baptist was this child.               We have the historic record of how John the Baptist was out baptizing  people, and in those days he was preaching:...repent for the Kingdom of  Heaven is at hand. And when he saw the false Shama Pharisees, and the  Sadducees coming to his baptism he said:...'oh, ye generation of vipers,  who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?'   I am going to say one thing about this Evangelist, John the Baptist, He  wasn't trying to convert this generation of vipers like a lot of our modern  preachers. He just said:...I know who you are, for you are the serpents,  the generation of vipers. You have come out of the fallen Angels, and you  are of the Luciferian line. And then he identifies them as the generation  of the serpent and the vipers, and asks them who warned them to flee from  the wrath which was to come? Then under the power of his ministry, John  looks up and sees Jesus coming toward him and he said:...'Behold! he who  approaches, the latches of His shoes I am unworthy to un-loop.' The Spirit  moved upon John the Baptist, and he identified HIM as the MESSIAH. Then he  heard these words:...'I would have thee to baptize me.' But John said:...'I  have need to be baptized of thee.'  But Jesus replied:...'Suffer it to be,  for I have ordained it.'  

In fact my friends:...these plans were deep rooted, for even among such  men as Joseph of Arimathea, one of the wealthiest and most influential of  men in Palestine, this brother of Mary who had a great town house in  Jerusalem, and a high seat upon the Sanhedrin, was also reassured in his  heart. This Joseph of Arimathea was also dedicated to the true Priesthood  of Israel, and to the restoration of the Kingdom of Israel. And he was most  proud of his sister who they now had testimony of, as the MESSIAH...the  embodiment of God. Tho it was that the Essene company who had searched the  records, and had made long preparations were also the holders by trust, of  things that were of significance to Israel. They possessed the golden crown  which had been taken to the home of Joseph of Arimathea, and there had been  placed within this crown the sapphire and the emeralds, and the ruby which  were a part of the gift from the 4th., Wiseman as he came. The Essenes were  preparing for a coronation, and they had every expectation and every hope  that this would come about. The coronation of the King was their hopes, for  this Essene company like a political machine was setting everything ready  so as to crown Jesus as King.  

I want you to realize that they worked night and day at this task, and  there is a historic area of fact as to this, and we will discuss this  tonight for it contains a very vital part with a lot of things which were  to follow, and will yet come to pass. Because there was also a military  order which moved out of the underground, it was in every community of  Palestine, and it was made up of patriots who were nationalists, and who  wanted to build the kingdom of Israel ...now. It was also led by a brilliant young ruler among this group who was descended from the Captain of the  Kings host in the days when Babylon took their people into captivity. And  generations of these descendants had continued to be the military hope for  the rebuilding of Israel. And thus it was that they also had hoped and  worked for this day. But still there was something strange about this which  was still talked about among the Essenes. What were these strange words  which this child John the Baptist had told them? Did he not say that at  that time HE would take the Chalice and not the crown? Did he not say that  at this time there was some strange cup he would take, and that this cup  was very vital for Israel? That HE must take this Cup first, for this was  His covenant and His promise? They searched the Scriptures, and they pondered all these things. And Joseph of Arimathea said that since this John  was sent from heaven, and that now they even had words of Jesus that there  never was such a man...born of a woman..as this John the Baptist? Therefore  if this is the Prophet who is to make way for the LORD, then we must be  ready for all things.   

Thus this wealthy man who owned the tin mines of Cornwall, and whose  ships prowled the Mediterranean sea going all the way out from Palestine to  Britain, must help in these preparations. This is the man whose hides of  land were given to the building of the first Christian Church in Britain,  and this Joseph of Arimathea was a man well known thru out the Mediterranean area, and to Corinth for a Silversmith. And out of Corinth came  Demetrius who had also served the Roman court as a designer, a silversmith of great renown. Thus none but the best would satisfy Joseph of  Arimathea for this task which must be performed. Demetrius was brought to  the home of Joseph of Arimathea and here in this great dinning hall was a  table at which Jesus often sat with His disciples. This is where HE talked  to the people of Jerusalem and the surrounding area as they came to talk to  Him of their problems, and to be advised. Often Jesus would stay at the  House of Joseph as He was historically an Uncle of Jesus after the flesh.  But here in this home was also the main headquarters for Jesus altho he was  prone to go down to the house of Zebedee, and among those of His disciples,  but the home of Joseph of Arimathea was always open to Jesus.  

In the instance of this there was a small alcove at the end of the  dinning room, and there behind draperies sat Demetrius the Silversmith, and  as Jesus and His disciples sat and talked at that long table, then  Demetrius was constantly studying their faces, and engraving them on a  Chalice. He was to carve or engrave them seated around this table, and this  would be a perfect likeness of those disciples...all but one. For Judas of  Iscariot was also seated there, and this disciple caused problems, as three  times Demetrius tried to engrave the face of Judas and three times he polished off the likeness of Judas, as he could not get the evil features of  that face of Judas to stand still, and finally he depicted the face of  Judas as turned away. And if you were to look at the Chalice today you  would recognize this evil Jew who would sell Jesus for a few pieces of  silver.  

In the instance of this, when he engraved the face of Jesus I want you to  think of this, for it has a beautiful significance. If you were to look at  that Chalice you would understand.  Incidentally that Chalice has been here in  the city of Los Angeles, and I understand that it is right now in the  Metropolitan Museum of Arts. It had been bought by a Philanthropist and  given permanently to this nation. It was found at Antioch and its authenticity is well founded because it was found at Antioch after it had been  buried there, to hide it from one of the great raiding attempts to wipe out  Christianity at that early day. This is also the Chalice whose inner cup  was the ..Holy Grail..which people had looked for so long. For an inner cup  had reposed in this Chalice, and it had been rumored that it was taken into  the heavens by an Angelic Host who came to the garden. It is also rumored  that there was a cup hidden away at the time of the hiding of the outer  cup, or Chalice. There is a silver cup inside that Chalice, but whether it  is the original is not known, but it has been established without a doubt  that this outer Chalice is the original one that was hidden at the time of  the destruction of the Church at Antioch. And it is the original outside  cup which Joseph of Arimathea had made at that time, and one the outside of  this outside cup there is no engraving in color. So when you look at this  picture of Jesus and the disciples they don't have brown eyes, or blue  eyes. You can't tell what color the hair is because it is all engraved in  silver, but...I will tell you something very remarkable about this, and  this fact has always existed. It doesn't make any difference whether it was  an Italian painter or a German painted or an Anglo‑Saxon painter, it  doesn't matter whether it is Todd's Christ, or Michael Angelo or who ever  paints HIM, whether they paint HIM according to their kind, whether with  brown hair, and brown eyes, or whether with blond hair and blue eyes,  closer to HIS revealed identity, the fact remains that as you look at that  picture...immediately you know which one is Jesus. It doesn't matter wherever you go in the world, if you look at a picture of Jesus you know who it  is.

Oh! you say, there is something about it. Yes, that is surely true, for  no man can paint a picture of The Christ without an inspiration. No man can  carve it into the silver without feeling the impact. Probably no one was as  inspired as Demetrius the Silversmith who looked at the face of Jesus and  carved into the silver...the beauty, and the Majesty of THAT FACE. Even  today, as you look at that Chalice you will recognize..'That Face'..right  away, and no one has to tell you which one is Jesus. Perhaps this is one of  the greatest of our historic evidence...for the face of Jesus always looks  as you expect Jesus to look. That the spirit seen within your heart is the  image of God, and is also accurate because we have this confirming  evidence, even in our time.   So there as the disciples met to talk then Demetrius carved this Chalice.  Altho they did not fully understand its purpose, they were beginning to  think that this related to a dual area of Christ's background. That he was  not only King of Kings and that verily this was MESSIAH, and that they believed HIM to be God, but HE was also of the Household of David. He was a  proper descendent of David of the lineage of the Throne, but also there  existed behind this Patriarchial background this feeling that this was...  VERY GOD. And if this was VERY GOD, then HE was the High Priest of the race  and put all other Priesthoods in similitude. And this Chalice which He would  hold would be the symbol of the His Priesthood,...the ability to assume in  the ministry of this Priesthood the ultimate service for His people. And  there was never a Priest like this Priest, because other Priests had to  make atonement for their own transgressions before they can make atonement  for the sins of the people. We are told all this in the Book of Hebrews as  well as in the Old Testament records, but this High Priest being VERY GOD  ...to fulfill His destiny had to be the very Lamb of God slain before the  foundation of the world by His own purpose, and plan, for the accomplishment of the Great Atoning work for your race. On the other hand this was  the Lamb without spot or blemish. This was the embodiment of God without  transgression or without error.  

So it was that the Essene company waited for that day, and as they waited  they contemplated the animosity of the Jews, who plotted, and consulted  constantly as to how they would put HIM to death. All thru out the Gospels  is this especially brought out but more especially in the Gospel of John as  to how they plotted to put HIM to death. How they piled stones down in the  treasury, to even try to stone HIM to death. And at that time He unveiled a  great pattern of His identity and the program of His Kingdom, they listened  and then went away plotting how they would put HIM to death. They had one  of their own OGPU..ADL agents with HIM all the time, but of course Jesus  knew this for He said:..'I have chosen you 12 but one of you is a devil.'  Under this instance never forget that Judas carried the money bag, and in  this instance the Scripture tells us of the nature of Judas. We know that  when Mary brought forth the fine ointment that she had been preserving,  that in her love for The Christ she anointed HIM, and immediately Judas of  Iscariot said this:...because he was a thief. There is one thing about  Biblical records, in this case it recorded that Judas was a thief.  

I think this is a good identification of the Jews anyway, I think they  are thieves in so many ways, at least they are all deceivers, and thus here  we have a pattern set. For here was Judas of Iscariot working in their  midst, and listening, and always reporting back to the High Priests, but  also always watching all these functions.  

Among the disciples they were always most earnest for here was HE who  could raise the dead, unstop deaf ears, still the wind and the waves, and  they wondered when He would re‑establish the Kingdom, and then their race  would assume their authority and their power. To show you how far this  reached into the hearts of these people then you have an example in the  mother of Zebedee's sons...James and John. You can understand a mother  making her desires known to The Christ, for Jesus had been in her home, and  her two sons were very close to Jesus. In fact John was known to be the beloved disciple, and John probably sought more than any other disciple the  great spiritual institution and meaning that might come out of many of  these sayings. In fact this mother knew what she was hearing, and what was  going on, for many meetings had been held here in her house, and many  things had been planned in her home. All the designs of the plans, and the  Essene company contact with the community, all the underground organization  and the raising of the money for the coronation of Christ was all discussed  in her home. So she said to Jesus one day:...LORD, my sons have been your  disciples and very Faithful to you, and I want you to make me a promise.  When you take the kingdom and become our King, make my sons...one a Prime  Minister and one an Executer of affairs, so one will sit on your right  hand and the other on your left. And I will be the proudest mother in all  Palestine.  

Someone said:..but you don't  ask someone like Jesus for something like  that? Oh! Yes you do, if you believe like she did that the Kingdom was  about to be set up, that this was the MESSIAH, and if you were ambitious  for your sons. Yes you ask, if you want your children to sit side by side...one on the right and one on the left of the LORD GOD..the MASTER AND  KING. Yes, you ask, and that is exactly what she did. But Jesus said to  her:...My kingdom is not for this era of time, and the thing you are asking  for is not of this timing. Of course she couldn't understand this because  they were busy making preparations everywhere, and the Christ seemed to be  moving nonchalantly thru all this without any idea of what was going on.  But don't you worry about all this, for HE knew every thought that was  going thru their minds, and He knew every process of their thinking. He  knew what was transpiring and He proved it, as He even took time out to  look up in the tree and discover Zacchaeus, the man who was short of  stature, who climbed up the tree to get a better look at Jesus. And Jesus  just walked under that tree and said:...Come down Zacchaeus for I am going  to have dinner at your house, for this was planned before the world was  framed. Thus it was only Zacchaeus who was surprised, never Jesus.  

I point out to you then that this day we call Palm Sunday takes on added  significance, for it was only a short time after this before the ultimate  events for which The Christ came to earth were to materialize. His disciples were in touch, the uniforms had been secured by Joseph of Arimathea  which were the blue tunics with the golden crossed fish, for this army of  Christ, and even the short swords had come from Damascus, and thus this  defensive army was ready and would be there for this crowning of the King.      Thus the plans were ready and the disciples said HE would come to Jerusalem  as far as they knew, on the first day of the week, but they would keep them  informed if there was a change of plans. Thus for an intent and for a purpose, the people started coming to Jerusalem from all over Palestine. And  this was to be a big day, for as Jesus came into the city, they planned to  crown HIM King and then the armies were going to cleanse the Temple, they  would also even drive out the Romans. And no doubt they thought that HE  would give commands, and the lightening would flash and the thunder would  roll and the Hosts of heaven would come in, and they would go out to conquer the world for God. These people here in Palestine...these true  Israelites, really thought and hoped that all this was very close. They  knew that ONE who could raise the dead, and still the winds and the waves  ...this MESSIAH would have all the armies of heaven at His command.   And yet did not this John the Baptist say that all heaven obeyed HIM? Did  John say that HE was to come down as a baby...and now they were ready for  the coronation..this was their expectation and this was their hope, and  they were trying to forget all else. Then the morning came and Jesus said  to His disciples...we will go to Jerusalem, and the disciples knew that  everything was alright. They would not have to run and say that plans had  to be changed, no everything was right on schedule.

Thus Jesus and His  disciples were moving toward Jerusalem, and the people were also moving  toward Jerusalem. One of the disciples said:...Master we should have a  chariot for you to ride in as we go into Jerusalem today. But Jesus said:  ..now you know that we have never rode in chariots before this, we have not  moved in pomp so what do you mean that we need a chariot. But the disciples  said:...it isn't right that you should walk into Jerusalem today. Jesus  said:...Well alright, just over the hill a man is tying up a small ass to a  tree, so you go over to the other side of the hill and you tell this man  that your Master has need of this little donkey, and he will give it to  you. This bothered the disciples somewhat, but never had the Christ told  them something which was not true so they went over the hill and sure  enough there was this little donkey, and they said:...'The master hath need  of this', and the man said:..take it, but they were also fulfilling a  prophecy. 'Behold! thy King cometh riding an ass, and the foal of an ass is  running along side the mother.' This is the Scripture concerning the  entrance of The Christ into Jerusalem.  

There is no question of the fact that as they moved toward Jerusalem they  heard the crowd also moving on Jerusalem. And as they came down the hill  toward the gate of this portion of the city of Jerusalem which they were to  enter that a great cry rolled out as the people also poured out of the city  to flank the road. And little children ran before HIM scattering palm  branches, and a great cry went up:...'Hosannah in the Highest, to the son  of David. Blessed is YAHSHUA who comes in the name of YAHWEH.' They knew  who He was and they called Him YAHSHUA. Of course we call Him Jesus but  this is the Greek for Azuse, as the Apostle Paul tells us. But in that day  it was, 'Hail YAHSHUA...BLESSED IS HE WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF YAHWEH'.  Behold He comes in the name of Savior‑God, just exactly as Isaiah had  prophesied.  

Thus it was that the people shouted...All Hail to the King, and they ran  before Jesus and He entered Jerusalem, and moved toward the Temple. Here  was the money changers, and all the activities they had been engaged in,  for so long, every since they had taken over the Temple activities. But as  Jesus came closer to the steps of the Temple, now came forth a special  robed group of Priests, and these carried a beautiful pillow, and on this  pillow was a beautiful Crown, and the sunlight reflected off this Crown and  on the Temple steps, the false Priests were watching all of this.   Behind the true Levi Priests came more of them carrying another pillow  and on this pillow was the beautiful Chalice like Cup, this was the Essene  and the true Priesthood of Israel, and as they approached the people crowded around, and the disciples were of course very expectant, and Joseph of  Arimathea, one of the Sanhedrin was here also accompanying this strange  procession. The anger upon the countenances of these usurping Priests was  great, for they saw the possibility that something spectacular was about to  happen, and they might lose their power. Then as Joseph of Arimathea signaled to the bearer of the Crown, he and the other leaders of the Essene as  well as the crowd cried:...'Take the crown...Hail to the King.'   Then they said to Jesus:...Thou art our MESSIAH, the son of David for  whom we have waited and our deliverance has now come, our suffering has  been high, and they now held out this Crown to Jesus. But Jesus was to say:...yes this crown is my right, and thou art my people, and I am thy King,  but I have come in this ministry for something more important than this  crown. If I was to take this crown at this hour, I would rule you in  slavery of guilt, in slavery of transgression and sin. Therefore I must not  take this crown, instead I must take this cup, for no man can drink this  cup of which I shall drink. For in this cup I shall take upon myself all  the transgression, and all the areas of accountability upon which judgment  shall fall. And when i have taken this cup, and have finished this purpose  for which I have come then Ye shall be free. And then hence will I take the  crown for my kingdom is not of this hour. Then he went on to say:..'If my  kingdom were of this hour my servants would fight, and the kingdom would  not be delivered to the Jews. The day will come when my servants will  fight, but that day is hence, but that day will come and the kingdom will  be delivered, and I shall take the crown, and I shall be thy King.'   In this instance then HE reached over and took the Chalice. How strange  was this tension in this hour, for as He took the Chalice, there was a  great disappointment that filled the masses round about. They had been  shouting for their King and great expectation had been built up and all  their preparation, their activities had been leading up to this hour, and  all had been done with great hope of deliverance...yet not realizing of  course the type of deliverance.  

I tell you that great crowds like this do not just happen spontaneously,  they come from planning and any politician knows this, for here Israel had  been planning and preparing for the Crowning of their King.   And here in the midst of all this was Judas of Iscariot, and he hears and  sees these people wanting to crown Jesus as King and he sees himself as  carrying the moneybag, and he also cries out to Jesus:...take the crown,  take the crown, for all of a sudden he saw himself a treasury department  employer of the King of Kings. But Jesus turned and looked at Judas, as He  was to look at him also a few days hence, and He just reached out and took  the Chalice. Then holding the Chalice up, He turned to His people and told  them of its great significance.  

Then He turned and handed the Chalice to John, and John then turned and  handed it back to Joseph of Arimathea. Then Jesus turned back to look at  the Temple and He saw this scurvy lot of usurper Priests upon the steps of  the Temple and He reached down and picked up a hard rope, and knotted it  together. Then He turned and climbed the steps and flogged them off the  steps of the Temple, and He said: Ye have made my Fathers house a den of  murderers, thieves and liars. So in the hour when they would have crowned  Him King, He acted like one. For on this day when they would have crowned  Him King, He took the Chalice, and then turned and drove the Jews off the  steps of the Temple. And these usurpers were in such great fear that they  never lifted a hand to stop HIM.   After the disciples and Jesus were gone from the Temple, after the Blue  Tunic army had faded away, after the disappointed people were gone, then  Judas went secretly to the Temple, and told his masters:...if you want to  capture the leaders of this secret army, I will tell you where they are.  

Strange as it may seem this was a day of strange preparations, for these  people would have crowned The Christ...KING. And I want you to know that  these people were not among those who later killed HIM, those who plotted  to put HIM to death, they were not those who would have crowned HIM King.  No, they were those who said:...if we do not kill this one, He will gather  the children of God who are scattered abroad, and we will lose control of  these people. We will lose our influence and power over this nation, if we  do not kill HIM.   Thus it was, that in this instance these events of Palm Sunday were to  seal the total and complete dedication of our Father, which art in heaven,  Hallowed by His Name, who not only came to earth as Lord of Lord's...KING  OF KINGS, AND MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE, but who made that atonement the most  important area of His Ministry. For this reason you and I can look God in  the face today, for He has set us free. And when He returns to rule His  Kingdom as He shall...then He will rule over free men. Not man under bondage, not under guilt complex's, nor under partial bondage, or earthbound.  He rules a Kingdom which reaches thru out the Universe, He rules a Kingdom  whose many sons and daughters of their Father share with HIM this administration. For you and I his sons and daughters stand before HIM without  transgression, without guilt, without fear, because He has removed all  these things, and consummated it in atonement, and then established the  evidence of His Mighty power WITH HIS RESURRECTION!  

There isn't any question of the impact which would follow from that day  onward concerning the works of that day. It was the announcement of the  great and mighty field of the work of His atonement in the selection of  that Chalice. This is why I think that Christendom is most fortunate that  this Chalice was preserved in that little church of Antioch, and was buried  their in its ruins, until it was found. And now it is back in circulation,  for when this great Cathedral was dedicated here in Los Angeles, which is  one of the most beautiful in all Christendom, as this church was dedicated  they had this Chalice right here. This Chalice which was once held in the  hands of Jesus, and it was right here in this church in Los Angeles. It has  been shown in world fairs, it was shown in various places, but now it  reposes right here in the United States, because a philanthropist was led  to decide that it should always remain as one of the great treasures of  Christendom.  

I tell you that if all Christians knew on this Palm Sunday this great  story of the preparation and the purpose that surrounded this day of  Coronation, and of the rejection of the Crown, and the acceptance of the  Chalice and the purpose of this Chalice, they would be changed people. I  tell you that there would now be a might host of men dedicated to defend  Christ, and would move at His command just as did those who rose to His  defense in the early history of Christendom.  

In these days as we observe the events of today, we realize we are at the  other end of the story. That was the beginning of the Christian era, and we  now stand at the end of that era. And the day will soon come when no longer  will we see the powers of darkness carrying out their objectives. We are  about to see the total victory of God's Kingdom. We have often heard these  words:...the Kingdom of God suffereth violence, and the violence taketh it  by storm. But at the end of the age, my servants will fight and my kingdom  will not be given to the Jews.  

It would be totally impossible for a Christian minister to tell the story  of what transpired at the Crucifixion of Christ, in the great hour of His  Passion, and not identify those who planned to destroy HIM, not realizing  that they could not destroy the Eternal and Almighty YAHWEH‑God. I point  out to you that even at this time we have the same enemy fighting Christ  and His Kingdom. They have taken prayer out of our schools, and now they  are moving with suits to take away the tax exemption of our churches, and  your exemption for your tithe to your Faith. This is the design to crush  Christianity, and they were not satisfied with the Crucifixion of Christ,  they are now to destroy Christianity, but God has another plan. For  Christianity moves thru your race, it moves thru your nations, and it has  reached out to every white Christian nation. And today this Great Church of  Jesus Christ with its spiritual center is an indestructible people, and an  indestructible institution because from the power of His Resurrection to  the mighty dynamics of His Holy Spirit you cannot put out any institution  God has given birth to in this manner.  

So we point out to you that this is a part of your heritage, and we rise  to the challenge of this hour, to join ranks with Christians everywhere,  with a great solid opposition to the hosts of Anti‑Christ, and the powers of  darkness.   Knowing that we are now at the other end of a great cycle we look forward  to the greatest events of our History. We look forward to that mighty  challenge of all challenges...that reflective declaration which comes forth  out of that old hymn:...'All Hail the power of Jesus' Name, ye ransomed of  the fall. Bring forth the Royal Diadem and crown Him Lord of all.'   Do you know one of the most important facets of that? It chosen seed of Israel's race, ye ransomed from the fall.'   I tell you that the Priest who produced the redemption shall be King over  His Kingdom, and in that day there shall be no Cainanite in the House of  God, and we shall be free from all the curses that Lucifer has brought in.   So we tell you that it is good for all Christendom to commemorate the cry  ...Crown HIM King. But let us not forget all the areas of Biblical record  which were left for our instruction, so that we might not only know our  responsibility, but that we might know our enemy in this day. That we might  lift up a standard against Lucifer, and all his works. That we might be one  of the first to answer that mighty Trumpet which shall blast forth one of  these days. Behold! thy King cometh, and we shall call for His Coronation.   

Do not forget that if there is any opportunity to resist the enemy it is  now. It is a call for the children of God to victoriously rise, and triumph  in Armageddon, do not forget that.                                                 End of message.                                                 YAHWEH  BLESS                             




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