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                         A TIME FOR EVERY PURPOSE                                                            By Dr. Wesley Swift     1964                               


Time‑‑‑is a dimension in which something happens‑‑‑a measurement  between events.  We are in solar time part of the Universe, but in the program of God we are in the Sidereal time which is almost incomprehensible.  Everything is in orbit, in the Universe, around the Pleaides the  probable orbital center of the known Universe. The multiple millions and  millions of years that it would take to make one sidereal orbit in its  relationship to the Milky Way and to the bands of Orion are almost  beyond calculation. We understand that there are some which make such a  trip in one trillion years, but we also know that some parts of the  Universe are 150 million years in movement, all these things are  'Timed'.  We then can talk about Gods time, this is not a great cycle of  upheaval. HE has been putting things together, forming, but always  working toward ends of purpose which HE ordained way back before the  beginning of any creation.   

TIME is not a limitation upon our Father for he has always  existed. There is no beginning or end for HIM, thus this is also true  for those who are the Essence of HIS spirit, His household, His  offspring.    It seems as tho Time is moving faster today, since it is the end  of the age where communication and transportation allows you to move  all over the world. Today the Beast System can Talk to you‑‑‑The Image of the Beast speaks to you over T.v., and now both forces of darkness and forces of Light compete for your time and attention. This does not  change the fact of who you are and where you came from, or what you are  here for. It doesn't change the fact that it is your responsibility of  bringing the world into proper relationship with God.     

Ecclesiastics 3:1‑‑‑‑‑‑'To everything there is a season, and a  time, to every purpose under heaven, a time to be born, a time to die,  a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted.' God has  set the awareness of the things he has made in the hearts of his people,  so that they may become aware of the evaluation of His creation. But  only by the Spirit of God can these things be communicated to the  children of spirit‑‑‑‑‑‑what so ever God does, he does forever, nothing  can be added to it, and nothing taken away. He does it so that men can  love and serve before HIM. Thus this He requires, that His children war  on unrighteousness and darkness. 'For many things befall the sons of  men, and some that befall even beasts befall the sons of men, but God  makes manifest that they ‑‑ the sons ‑‑ are not beasts, they are the  children of His Kingdom.' Then this declaration‑‑‑ 'As all seem to go  to one place, (physically) into the dust, and that all by apparent  observation are dust again, still who knoweth about the spirit?' The  Spirit of man goeth upward and the spirit of beasts goeth back down  into the earth'‑‑‑‑‑The translation of Beast‑is referring to non spirit  men. Thus He synchronizes His work with the program of His Kingdom, and  there is then 'A Time for every purpose.'     

As to individuals‑after Adams fall, still they lived almost a time  of 1000 years of physical life, but thru these years when the time  since the spiritual aura faded has increased then physical life span  has been reduced so much. Today we are on the other end of a great  rainbow of ‑‑Time‑‑for we are now approaching the restoration of  immortality, which our father Adam lost, and which our Father in heaven  has promised to restore. ‑‑There is then a TIME for everything, a time  for the restoration of the Kingdom in its fullness. YAHWEH has already  settled in heaven just when certain things are to happen, and  Predestination is thus a Biblical word which we find woven into the  scriptures. God has Pre‑determined the course of events, and how they  shall come to pass. These events will come to pass whether we want them  to or not. There comes to the consciousness of His children a  realization that He intends to bring about the Victory of His Kingdom.                  Feb.4, 1962 we saw the sign of the Son of Man in the heavens, and  in the year 1963 we saw more signs of that measure come to pass. As  time moves forward then we will see more judgments of God come into  play as this end of the age moves forward and overlaps with the old.  This is HIS measure, not the measure of man, we cannot change it, we  just need to realize our place in this measure of 'time', and watch for  developments of this measure. God knew from the beginning that you  were his household, He then selected you to live at this time‑‑‑and  your time then to be born was know to HIM.     

Oh!  you say‑‑you don't like this 'Time to die'?  Well even that  time will be reached where there will be no more death, and this 'Time'  has also been predetermined. In the meantime we are dealing with an  Archangel who became very materialistic, who had opportunities and  great power, but in his desire to take over the universe he became  intrigued with babbles, and gold, and jewels. Pretty ‑‑ yes, but when  compared with the knowledge, wisdom and power he once had, it was not  worth it ‑‑ he gambled and lost. Even the chaos and assimilation in  earth today because of this rebellious archangel has also been known,  limited, scheduled ‑‑ 'Timed' and has its end. After that the kingdom  of God is to put and end to error, and put the world in proper balance.          

Since the great rebellion, the placing of Adam and Eve in earth,  the spreading of the kingdom thru out the earth‑‑all this has taken  'time' but we are on the other end of this time schedule and we shall  see the Rascals go where they will no more be able to create havoc in  earth. We thus see that in this 'time' period, event after event has  taken place, and always the Race has battled the darkness as they  spread out over the earth. And this battle continues, for we find there  there is a dimension of energy which takes form in the thought rays out  of the mind of God, into his children that are the tomorrows of  Destiny. In this dimension God is thinking, planning, and forming the  energies of tomorrow, and He sees it as clearly as what He wished, and  desires as to what you and I might do in the prophetic 'time' of His  program.     

In every conquest, as catastrophe overwhelms areas of society; In  every great transition, from one condition in society to another, there  is upheaval and there is loss. Little do we understand the balance of  the wind, and how the mind of the creator can set in motion event the  particles of the atmosphere until they move with a mighty wind and  storm. Jesus proved this with his words:‑‑‑'Peace‑‑‑‑‑be still'.         The most important thing for us to understand is that there is  'Time' for us to finish the task the Father has ordained. When we  read:‑‑‑‑'Time shall be no more' (Rev: 10:6) this did not mean there  would no longer be a dimension of operation in which these things could  happen. It meant God has ended 'The Time' for the enemy to keep on  harassing his kingdom. No longer is there time for the enemy to  accomplish all he has planned, his 'time' is short!. Lucifer then  walked to and fro upon the earth like a roaring lion, for he knows his  time is short, He's seen the measures, and if he cannot wipe out God's  Kingdom then the kingdom is going to take back the earth. We tell you  there is no ‑‑‑if‑‑‑in God's time. The measures have been set, things are happening on schedule. How does He bring it about? ‑‑ It is in the capacity of God to give such a cognition of shock treatment to the soul  consciousness of His children until that person will turn back unto  HIM, and do the things which they are spiritually intelligent enough to  do.‑‑‑‑How do I know:‑‑‑well, look at what happened to Zacchaeus‑‑‑‑he stopped him with a great impact, and he even stopped collecting taxes  and climbed a tree, to see God‑‑‑‑‑that is spiritual  power‑‑‑‑super‑natural power.     

Now; 'I call my sheep by name‑‑‑‑I lead them out, I give them  Eternal Life ‑‑They shall never perish. '  God can quicken his people,  and even tho a lot of his people don't know who they are, or what is  coming to pass, and will be bewildered when they see the kind of world  they are living in crumble and fall, all tumble down, still he has  promised to restore His Kingdom, and this 'time' shall come. And all  the world will be better off when the Kingdom is in place.     

God took men like John into space, into dimensions where they  could think HIS thoughts, and traveled with them into His tomorrows and  those men came out of these experiences with the revelations for us. We  then tell you that God will make up peoples minds when it is necessary for them to move in a positive direction, thus he control's the  movement of the enemy and there is no necessity for you to bow or  surrender to the enemy as we see even the organized church doing today.  But there will be ONE Baptism, One Faith, one great militant church  whose entire ministry and it's people are determined to fulfill the  whole program of God's Kingdom, to proclaim the Oracle of His Gospel,  and to bring out all things which are a divine mystery. We want you to  understand that there has never been a period just like this one. We  see great churches which even preach the communist doctrine, and that  makes it obvious that we have come to the end of the age. The True  church is the Oracle of God, it was built for that purpose, and where  God stimulates His people, then the true church will stand forth. There  is then a great struggle going on here in America, the enemy must  destroy the True church or they are finished. But the Great Spiritual  power of God is going to restore His church, empower his ministry and  empower his people.     

We tell you that Jesus Christ is going to take over the world.  There is no great power that will protect and raise the dead among the  'show' religions who deny the power thereof. I am going to tell you  that before long you will see miracle power bestowed on the true  church, bestowed on its people, because we have the super‑natural  power, we have a super‑natural God who says:‑‑‑‑‑‑'The Time is now'.  There is a time and a purpose for all things, and now is the 'Time' for  my kingdom, my church, my race, my nation to shine forth.             

(comment:   this message given by Dr. Swift in December of 1964)                *    




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