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                       THE MYSTERIES OF SPIRITUAL TRUTH    1-4-65

                               By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift


            We are turning to discuss a subject which may be somewhat repetitious to  some of you and yet there is nothing over‑repetitious concerning the greatness of God's Purpose and your relationship, and your hours of origin. We  are talking to you this afternoon abut the Mysteries of Spiritual Birth,  and probably there is no subject which is more significant, and less understood, but more talked about. Some might say:..why is that? It is because  almost every Christian congregation that you know of will make the whole  emphasis of their message and discussion more or less surrounding the areas  of Spiritual Birth. In fact whole areas of Evangelical activity will surround the declaration that...'Ye must be born again.' And whole areas inside  of Christianity would that if even one decided to discuss this subject and  not agree fully with what they had previously said about this that you  would be a heretic, and they would write you off. But I think it is most  important that we know what the Bible does teach as to what God had to say.  It is very important that we understand what we have been placed here  for, and as to what the program of God's Kingdom really is. There is no   doubt that there is nothing more important in human understanding than to  recognize the embodiment of God as HE was embodied in earth. And also to  recognize that Jesus The Christ came in the flesh. To also recognize why HE  came is very important because HE came...because you were here. He came because HE sent you here, and before He sent you here He told you what would  happen unto your race, and its posterity until He came to rectify that situation. He also stated many things concerning your origin, your background,  your present destiny during the time of His Ministry.

            Probably therefore, as long as we are in bodies of flesh and dwell in  this physical world with the limitations which seem to be upon us, and remain upon us to some degree because while in the flesh, then we will be  sensitive to sense perceptions. The reasoning processes of our soul which  can draw from both the Celestial as well as the physical seems to be many  times over influenced by the decisions of the senses, and the pattern of  physical consciousness. And it must be remembered that whether you would  like to believe that the world is peaceful, that everything is at rest,  still there is a struggle against God's Kingdom which is animated by a rebellious Archangel, and by the hosts, which he in violation, propagated in  earth. And by those people of earth who he deceived and led astray which  caused the reason for God sending you into the world to begin with. Therefore you are not at Peace because you are at war with the powers of darkness. There will be no Peace until righteousness has triumphed, and our  Father which is in Heaven, rules the earth from one end unto the other in  the Kingdom which He has ordained. This being true we are therefore faced  with the understanding or the necessity of such understanding concerning  who we are, and what we are here for, and what the Kingdom of God has  offered, and what it will accomplish in the earth. In the first place we  have been told so many times that the most important thing men can do is to  give lip service to certain truths. But if they do not perceive it and do  not understand it then their lip service is a very empty thing. Many people  believe that by saying certain words that are prescribed, and making a confession that they believe these words, whether at an altar or wherever,  that this is the entire requirement for what they anticipate is the sudden  transition in that individual which marks him as now..'A child of God'....  whereas, before he made that admission he was supposedly an outcast or a  child of the devil. Or merely just a by‑product of organic development in  the earth by maybe some long chain of events, or at best in their ancient  pattern, a concept of creation.

            I want you to know that if you are a Child of God it is because you were  begotten by the Spirit of God before the world was framed. I want you to  know that you are a child of God because THE FATHER decided that you were  to be a child of His Spirit...when He begat you. I want you to know that no  child ever had anything to do with his birth. I want you to know that no  decision of any child ever had anything to do with his birth. This is not  only true in Spiritual areas, but also in physical ones. You are a child of  the ETERNAL FATHER after the Spirit, and a child of the Adamic race‑line  after the flesh. But I want you to know that the decisions of your birth  were dedicated by purpose before the world was framed. And there exists no  one in this room whose name was not written in the records of God before  the world was framed, unless there may be one, from the enemy who has slipped in which I have not beheld as yet. But God knows who he was before he  came in. You may think that when we talk about this that it is a sacrilegious thing to say when we tell you that orthodoxy has been supplemented in  some of its dogma to ideas set up in ecclesiastic authority when it was invaded by those who thought they would shape the church, to change the program of God's Kingdom so as to retain power, and to control. There are  those who know that they only rule by ignorance. There are those who would  be highly insulted if you said that their theology was born in any phase of  such ignorance. The fact is that it is important that you know who you are,  how you came into existence, what your destiny is, and what it reaches out  to in the endless pages of tomorrow. I want you to know that there is no  room for 'crepe hanging' in the program of God's Kingdom. I want you to  know that...that which is born of God has been born out of a vital life of  which there is no end.

            The whole discussion largely starts in the discussions of Orthodoxy.  Someone said:..But Dr. Swift you wouldn't oppose all doctrines of Orthodoxy  would you? NO...we will just say that what God had to say..in the way God  had to say it..is what we follow. And whether Orthodoxy agrees or disagrees  is of no matter. It is only important that we understand it when HE got  thru explaining it to them. And if it becomes shrouded in mystery it is because it became thus shrouded between Ecclesiastical barriers and walls,  and thru the process Ecclesiastical order has placed upon men in the organization of Institutions.

            I think of that man Nicodemus, a wise and very brilliant leader among  Israel in the days of Christ. He was in the land of Judea, was a Pharisee,  a teacher of theologians. Himself a theologian he was expounding the science, the knowledge, the lore which had belonged to the Race as it related to  their service of God. He was telling them of the things he believed, but  with that same finite limitation that belongs to almost all men while in  the flesh. And which gradually being eliminated with more and more illumination as we pass from generation to generation. Nicodemus sat day after day  teaching his theological students, aware that this man who walked the  shores of Galilee, and walked in and out of the city of Jerusalem was no  ordinary man. Aware that great power rested on Him, and that miracles were  being performed, aware that the deaf could hear, and the blind could see,  aware also that there were rumors as well as evidence that 'no man spake  like this man spake.' Aware that here was the first challenge to Priestly  Authority and Ecclesiastical Authority, that a hierarchy was suppressing  wisdom and truth. But aware also of his responsibility to the class which  he taught, and to his status which was also important.

            He said:..I must personally interview the Christ, I must talk to Yahshua  but it would be better if I go after my classes, and that I go at night.  Because then no man can identify me and say...this man is also a follower  of HIS until I have heard..until I have become sure. Some have criticized  Nicodemus for going to see Jesus at night, but God isn't disturbed whether  you go day or night to see Him. The fact is there was an impelling destiny  at work here, for as Nicodemus came to see Jesus he asked HIM the important  questions concerning the one thing which filled his life. Remember that  Nicodemus was interested in the Kingdom of God, he was interested in the  day when righteousness was going to rule from one end of the earth to the  other. He was interested in the prophecies of Daniel which said that the  Saints, or the believing offspring, of the MOST HIGH GOD were going to take  and possess the earth. He sought to bring down such truths to this generation, thru the race of which he was a part, as to the covenants which God  had made with his forefathers. He wanted them to know how to enter in with  all the fullness by which a person could make himself completely expendable  for the cause of God.

            Thus these are his questions as Nicodemus, a ruler, a teacher of theology in Palestine came to Jesus. He said:..'Master, we know that thou are a  teacher come from God, for no man can do these miracles that thou doest except God be with him'. There is one rather find fact here declared, and  that is that the type of miracle which Jesus performed was constructive.  The kind of miracle which came from the Christ was one that was co‑creative  and it healed, it illuminated, it relieved and removed pressure from the  minds and souls of men. Almost all of the miracles which come out of the  negative side of the occult, such as are produced by false teachers and  false Messiah's, and strange or pagan forces of deity and concept that we  find in Asia and down among the Witchdoctors in Africa are almost all of  them a pattern of trickery, merely to establish the power of mysticism.  They do not have creative forces, they are not spiritually healing forces.  But in the Ministry of Christ the miracles which He did, and the power He  applied demonstrated that this was not an attempt to merely say:...see what  I have done. But it was an attempt upon the part of those who beheld them  to see that in these things which Jesus did was a finality, a command, a  positiveness. Nicodemus said:..I see by the very miracles which you have  done that you have come from God. You can tell my friends by the kind of  trickery pulled off in the world where they come from. You can tell whether  they come from the temples of Kali, or the fakers of India by the type of  trickery they are trying to put over. But here Nicodemus said:..'I see that  thou art a man who has come from God.' Jesus answered him:..'Verily, verily  I say unto thee...except a man be 'twice' born he cannot...SEE..the Kingdom  of God.'

            Now:...here Jesus was telling Nicodemus something about himself. Nicodemus perceived the Kingdom of God, Nicodemus perceived that the Kingdom was  real, that it was tangible, that it was going to be built. He perceived  that it reached into the heavens and into the earth. Jesus said to  Nicodemus:...I perceive certain things about you also...verily, verily I  say that except a man be 'twice born' he cannot SEE the Kingdom of God. Except a man be born from above he cannot understand the Kingdom.   

Now:...you say, but that is not the way it reads in my version of the  Bible. NO..it does not say that. It says:..'Except a man be Born Again he  cannot see the Kingdom of God.' But the words...Born Again..never existed  in the text of the Scriptures in the early Alexandrian Version, in the original Aramaic in which John wrote. It never existed until Ecclesiastical  translators creating a doctrine transposed and revised what Jesus said, and  first placed this translation in their own texts as well as Greek texts  which were later translated by the Protestant churches.

            Jesus said:..'Twice Born'..'Except a man be twice born (born from  above..born in earth). If you were to take your Strongs Concordance and  look up this text, look up this..born again..as applied here, and you would  find that it does not say...BORN AGAIN..not at all. It says:..Twice Born,  born from above, and when it says 'Born from Above', it places this in a  different category. Thus Nicodemus said:..'How can I be twice born, could I  go back into my mothers womb and be born a second time?' And Jesus answered  him and said:..'Except a man be born of Spirit, and born of water, he cannot participate, or enter in, or partake of the Kingdom of God.' In the  original text there was room for another verse, for it clearly enumerates  the fact that when Jesus said:..'Born of the Spirit, and born of water'...  then in the original text Spirit precedes the word water. But here in the  translation it says water first to make water precede spirit, whereas in  the original text Spirit precedes water. Jesus therefore said unto Nicodemus:...'Therefore that which was born of spirit is spirit, and that which  is born of the flesh, is flesh.' 'Marvel ye not that I say ye must be born  from above, the wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound  thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goest, so is  everyone that is born of the spirit.' Nicodemus said:...'How can these  things be?' And Jesus said unto him:..'art thou a master of Israel and yet   not know how these things be?' In otherwords, are you a teacher in Israel  and yet not know how these things be? Where did you lose this wisdom and  lore known in the days of Enoch, and in the days of the Patriarchs, because  Enoch wrote of these things? Nicodemus said:..'but it does not say  all these things here in these texts I have.' Jesus replied:..but you are a  master (teacher) in Israel and yet you do not know these things? Why do you  say that you understand not, for these things are a part of the Scripture,  a part of the record, a part of the destiny of your race. Born in the  Spirit, in the heavens above, then sent into earth thru the Adamic household to build a Kingdom. Born in the flesh in the earth is how you enter  the Kingdom (of God in the earth), and this is how you participate in it. 'Verily, verily I say unto you, we do speak and we do know and testify  as to what we have seen, and ye receive not the witness. As I have told you  earthly things and ye believed not, how will ye believe as I tell you of  heavenly things? No one ascends into the heavens but they who come down out  of it.' There is no question therefore about the fact that as Jesus spake  HE was challenging this man, Nicodemus. He was challenging this Israelite,  and out of this conversation has come all this pattern of doctrine which  classifies an error which today is one of the great problems of all theology, and all Christendom at this time. This is that all an individual would  have to do is acknowledge a belief in God, and in HIS embodiment as the man  Christ Jesus, and that would make him a Christian if he believed this within himself, and he acknowledged that this was true, and that this Christ  was God. Automatically then they would say:..this man has been born again.  And having been born again, now they say:...he is a child of the Father.  And then having taught that he is now a child of the Father, there is no  reason then according to the modern problem for him not to be associated in  every avenue of living, even to inter‑marriage..inter‑mixing, and the  bringing of all nations, all races together as one household. That is why  you have trouble today among Holiness Churches, and among Methodist or  Baptist, or Presbyterian churches, because in the background of their doctrines they have been told that the acceptance of Christ, the recognition  of God, the willingness to serve HIM...is classed as being 'Born Again'.    I tell you this afternoon that this is not true. Now:..I recognize that  this kind of challenge by those who do not wish to know, and who are not  interested in the truth would be called heresy. But the Apostle Paul was  always faced with this when he tried to explain something which Eccleiasticism didn't like, and he had to say:...'by this way called heresy so  worship I God.'

            Now:..I point out to you that Jesus made it clear to whom and to which  people the Kingdom of God was in participation...for. 'Except you be born  of the spirit and the water'. Except they be born of the Eternal Spirit..  ..THE FATHER...the Father of all spirits, all light and power, they could  not enter in with spiritual perception to do the work in the physical world  that they must do. So first they had to be born from above, and then born  in earth. First they had to be born of the Spirit in the heavens, and then  born in earth into these physical bodies thru the Adamic race...for this is the KEY to the Kingdom.

            Everyone in earth does not inherit Administration of the Kingdom. Nobody  can inherit anything as an inheritance unless they inherit it from the  FATHER. And the Father's children inherit the Kingdom, the rest of the  world receive it by Grace. God has sent salvation into the world to the  ends of the earth, but He has first sent salvation into His own Household  for their redemption that they might then finish the task He sent them into  the world to do. That is one reason why I tell you that...those which have  been born in earth and not born first from above, their spirit cannot therefore participate in the administration or the spiritual illumination of  the people of the world. That is what is referred to here in John chapter  three. I want you to know therefore that He answered Nicodemus that he  could participate in the Kingdom for he was of the household, he was of the  line, and this was something that he should understand.

            When we talk about regeneration we are talking about a word which we  find cropping up in the Greek that did not exist. One of the things that  transpired early in our race was of course the loss of Light, and spiritual  power. You were begotten in the ages of yesterday, in the spirit. The antiquity of your Celestial or spirit‑being is beyond your ability to measure  at this time. God is in a compressing, begetting process at all times. The  Universe moves on the pulsations of God, and God in the essence of HIS  Celestial being is Light. This Light extends from the right to the left, is  Light which also extends from the extreme ultra violet to the extreme infrared, into those wave lengths of Light which you yourself cannot see. And  compounded together in this great compression of Light energy you have the  sheer 'White' Light so brilliant, so radiant...this Light of God that the  human eye is not able to comprehend its full value. It is the semi of Light  with its compression points on the other side, and what we know as negative  and its compression points on the other side. The Universe is made out of  the pulsing patterns of these great forces of energy out of the mind of  YAHWEH which is synthesizing the Light which He, Himself, has forced into  the substance of His Universe. And the Universe is made up of two factors  ...Light and electricity. Everything in the Universe is made out of Light  and Electricity which are pushed into form first by the existing idea of  what the form is to be in the mind of THE FATHER. It is the compression of  these patterns of energy which produced the processes of Life, and everything is formed under its compression. And motion moves thus, it moves, my  friends, not as we think in straight lines, but always in circles. It  spirals and moves in the curves of God's purpose, and reached out to time,  and everything is thus brought back unto Himself.

            In the patterns of spiritual law it is the law of Light which is the  life of men. There are creatures and beings of God's creation and all the  areas which He has created, that He has put there as He created them according to His desire. And they are made with the electronic particles of the energies and the substances which under God's compression..and this is a  law of God..which holds together the solidity of the whole physical Universe. I can quote to you from the physicist's who have outlined the strange  powers that hold the atom together, and the molecular masses together. And  it is with compression of the Divine Mind, and the factor of the mentoid  down to the smallest atom, to the most complex masses of substance which  hold it together, and without the Mind holding it together the essence of  the mentoid down in the nucleus...it would explode. There isn't some  mysterious nuclear cement which has been put in there to hold the atom together, it is, my friends, the very pattern of Divine Law, the very WILL OF  GODS OWN MIND WHICH HOLDS IT TOGETHER, and he has made a physical Universe  just like that. But has also produced out of Himself, a Light force, and  this Light is the Light of men. And this Light is also the spirit energy  which God beget with each pulsing vibration of the Universe. The Universe  then is pulsing like this all the time from God outward..in rings. These  great rings of form existed in the mind of God as everything exists in His  Mind. More than that I can prove to you that whenever there is a change or  a mutation...the rings become broken and catastrophe is the result.    You..are children of His Spirit, and every time there was the pulsing  Light pulse of heaven, then YAHWEH beget a son by His own purpose. Compressed the Light patterns of the sexes of Light which were existent complete  in His own nature, and thus He produced in His own Image..and Celestially...HIS CHILDREN. When YAHWEH designed to do this He begat a household in  the Spirit, different then anything created anywhere in the Universe, for  you are HIS offspring.

            There are great minds which caught this in part, some of them however by  the intensity of the technology which they found themselves embraced in,  could not catch all the pattern as it related to the Kingdom, but could  catch only the little phase they were involved in. This was true of Russell  and some who go way back like Oliver Wendell Holmes, and others, for they  caught a little pattern but they couldn't catch the whole picture. And as  they went farther and farther back we discover that the truth which was  kept alive was one of the mysteries taught by the Druids, and then all the  way back in the Masonic order, to the days of Enoch and Job. But there have  been those who tried to move into the illumination of the knowledge of the  spiritual law, and then so twist it so as to destroy the program of God's  Kingdom that to do this they formed an evil 'Illuminati' which became a  wall to the truth. I tell you that it is because of this design to throw  the world into disorder, and to rule it out of darkness, that finds you  today in conflict. You are the children of spirit, you were begotten by the  very essence and love of YAHWEH, and HIS Spirit produced you in HIS own  Image...in the Spirit.

            If God had children what would they be? We well know that they would be  Elohim like HE was. We know that your celestial existence had concept, had  shape, had form. We know this because we know there is form to YAHWEH, and  that the image of the Celestial‑being are these physical bodies in which  people dwell.

            In the Book of Colossians as we have pointed out before..we are told  that the body of the man Christ Jesus was the Image of the invisible God.  We know that one day in the hours of creation that God having created all  things of our earth order, created male and female..'created them Him'.. on  the sixth day. (Genesis I) And we know that the general shape which belonged to the general intelligent patterns of Deity were given to both male and  female. But do you remember what the Father said unto you? He brings it to  your remembrance in His WORD:..'Let us make these beings in our own image'.  And when on the seventh day He had none of His sons in earth, there were  however created people here and HE was the God over them. This I want you  to understand..Our YAHWEH..is the God over all the people of the world  whether they worship Him or not. I want you to know that this is demonstrated in the first chapter of the Book of Romans. People have been diverted  by Lucifer until the worship idols, and pagans have set up strange concepts  and funny images like unto corruptible images of their own people, and then  said:..this is a god. They stuck him on a pedestal and said:..this one is  god, or that one is god. The Scripture says:..'made like their own corruptible images.' Then He said:..'Know this not that YAHWEH who is the God  over Israel, and the God over the nations, is God over the whole world  whether they know it or not.'

            Now:...lets make this clear...there is no source of Light which did not  have to originate from HIM. There are no creatures or being which He has  created that He is not the God over. But there are a lot of people that He  is not the Father of. Let us understand this, for Adam was His offspring,  His life, and His Issue. And from the Adamic race came the Mystery of  YAHWEH, in sending forth a spiritual seed. This was a seed which would pass  from generation to generation until thru the increase of the Adamic race...the vessels would thus be propagated for Celestial children with spirits  already full grown, to occupy the earth, for the development of God's purpose in the earth. And the Soul consciousness, your resident conscious  being, which must be conscious of its existence whether in a Celestial  plain or a physical one, was now conscious of its physical existence. Thus  from earliest babyhood it took cognition of the dimension in which it now  lived. Thus it was that you, the entity and being were aware that you were  here, that you were in bodies of flesh. But you became less aware in early  childhood of your Celestial consciousness, and your Celestial being, your  body synthesized with Light, not made out of atoms. You were in a physical  body of electronic substances, of protons, electrons, and neutrons, and the  substances of the by‑products of mental energy patterns holding together  the physical body. Every physical substance which you see is thus composed  of this. You were conscious of your electronic existence but not always  conscious of your Light existence, or the spiritual pattern of the spirit  within you.

            When this Adamic race was started and God put Adam and Eve in the earth,  it was from Adam that there came forth a new household. This household was  established for the purpose of being the entrance of His Family into earth.  Eve was taken out of Adam so that this might still be One Household. Let me tell you this:...you will note that from the very beginning the  design of the Satanic forces was to destroy God's Kingdom. They are still  trying to destroy the Kingdom by the same process tried in the beginning.  They are aware that there is a quality in you that must be mutated, or the  Kingdom of God will take over the world. They know therefore something  which has been a covenant of history, that a lot of church people didn't know even tho they had a record of it because it is still here in the  Scripture. They just did not understand that inside of your race was a  spiritual, incorruptible seed. The Satanic powers know that if they absorb  your race by mutating, by mixing, that the offspring of such a mixing would  not have this spiritual, incorruptible seed. And I will tell you this, that  the moment you mix with another race, no propagated offspring has spiritual  seed...it ends right there. This is one reason why, even tho they may  follow, they may be instructed, they may develop...still the spiritual  seed cuts off right there.

            I would point out to you that the enemy wanted to absorb this seed, thus  the seduction of Eve, the violation of Adam in this pattern was the first  design to destroy, and put enough upheaval at the very beginning to block  the continuity of God's Kingdom. Adam and Eve were enveloped in radiant  Glory, the effulgent power of the Spirit which brought cognition to them in  relationship to their ability to occupy as the children of God in the earth  but they hadn't reasoned what was going on. But they were enveloped in  Light and Glory, and this is a part of the antiquity of the Ancient records  of your race. Even the enemy in writing concerning this records that Adam  and Eve were enveloped in this radiant Light and Glory, that they glowed  with Illumination.

            The first violation of law...because the Light of Spirit could not  cohabit with darkness at the first violation, then the Light and Glory went  off of your race. Adam‑man had lost the Life power that enveloped him which  would have given him, and maintained for him...Immortality. And yet inside  this race..deep inside of this race there was still a Holy Seed. God  Almighty had not only made a covenant and declared a Destiny, but said He  would bring it to pass. And He cleansed, He prepared, He selected, and used  His hand of Destiny from the beginning until Seth was the acceptable one of  our race. From the time of the violation of law, we come to the time God  now accepted the cleansing, and from Seth comes all of the White Race. Thus  you are the generations of Seth, you are the offspring of Adam's son..Seth.  This was the first son begat in Adam's own Image after that violation of  Divine Law.

            Now:...I want you to know that you were now a fallen race. You have  often heard it said that by the transgression of Adam, sin then passed on  to all men. The violation of Divine Law called..sin and death..can by synonymous. We had lost immortality so death rested now upon us. I want to tell you something which some people haven't thought about...the transgression of Adam didn't have anything to do with the transgression  of Negroes who rebelled with Lucifer in ages past, and who came to earth in  the hours of his rebellion. The transgression of Adam was not the fault of  the Chinese because their catastrophes in following Lucifer had taken  place millenniums before this. I want you to know that the Adamic race is  the offspring of God, they had been spiritually begotten in the heavens,  and were now being physically begotten in earth. The redemption of the  Adamic race was the program of God to put the Kingdom back on its full  scale, empowered course. It is for this cause that He came into the world.  Under the patterns of Divine Justice He had to buy the world to get the  treasure which was hid in it. He had to...in Atonement..as YAHWEH God...to  consummate for all of the errors of Lucifer, and to assume upon HIMSELF in  all righteous justice...assume all error to have the right to redeem HIS  own. So HE bought the world so He might have the treasure..your race which  was hidden in the field. And to make it very clear, He then said that the  field was the ...WORLD.

            I want you to know that the program of God is Biblical, it is restoration. He is going to restore everything to its proper order. He is going to  empower His many sons, and for this cause He came into the world.   

Now:...we have been given many Mysteries in the Scriptures, and some of  them the theologians have tried to explain. And they tried to help it along  when they didn't have discernment, and some of these examples we find in  the Book of John. He tells us something concerning the children of God, and  in doing this he said:..'he that committed sin is of the devil..the devil  sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose was God made manifest that He  might destroy the works of the devil'.  'But whosoever is born of God does  not sin for his seed remaineth within him, and he cannot sin because he is  born of God.'  John 3:9. You may say this is a mysterious passage but the  original text clarifies it for it says:...'That which is begotten of God  cannot transgress.' Oh, you say...but what does that mean? My friends, that  means that the Celestial spirit which is the part that was begotten of the  Father has never transgressed, can't transgress, it is incorruptible seed  and lives and abides forever. Do you really think that you could corrupt  the incorruptible seed? If you could then it was not incorruptible. It is  impossible to corrupt incorruptible seed. The only thing which has been  corrupted has been FLESH. So all transgression has been thru the process's  of temptation, thru violation of law which the spirit being perfect never  would have disobeyed, had the mind and the body stayed in synchronization  with the spirit then the fall would never have occurred. Therefore transgression has to be in the flesh, and the penalty had to be on the flesh,  thus this penalty was death. But that which was born from above had not  transgressed.

            Now:..I want you to know that as John writes he said:...'therefore we  know that we dwell in HIM, and HE in us, because HE hath given us of HIS  own spirit.'  'We know that which is born of God cannot sin, therefore that  which is born of God cannot die.' The Celestial being cannot die, the  spirit being then never dies. In it is all the power of the Light which it  is comprised of. 'The Light which is the Life of men', when He came into  the world we are told that He was the WORD. He was the great mind purpose  of all His Deity, and He came into the world to give His many sons...power.   

Now:..we point out to you then that the Apostle Paul understands this as  he says in the Book of Corinthians...'Being born of incorruptible seed,  that lives and abides forever.' That, my friends, is the difference between  you as a race, and the races of people made in the word as a creation, who  had the breath of life, and a soul consciousness, who had the spirit of  their creation, and could look to the heavens before their fall and say:...  'That is our God.' But..YOU..can look up into the planes of heaven and say:  ..'Our Father, which art in the planes of spirit.'

            As God restores remember you can restore everything to what it was. That  is one reason why I can tell you today that the doctrine where you baptize  by the spirit everyone into the family of God, is erroneous. The Family of  God starts with THE FATHER and are the children of His begetting. His name,  because He is the FATHER then is given to the Family both in the heavens  and in the earth and are thus named. He said:..'I have come for the Lost  Sheep of the House of Israel.' He said unto the Jews on Solomon's Porch:...  'Ye believe not because ye are not my sheep'...you understand not, you cannot perceive. This is a fact and He just states it as such.    The program of God, and His infinite Grace is promised, as all the Holy  Prophets record, and according to Peter has been proclaimed since the world  began. That He is going to restore all things, and in that restitution of  all things, He is going to bring all things into proper relationship unto  HIMSELF. It did not say that He was going to do it always in the dispensation in which people are trying, by preaching something He did not say...to bring it to pass.

            Someone said:..do you mean to say that a Negro or any of these other  people of earth cannot be saved? Salvation is a state of being, any individual who is in adjustment with God is saved....but saved from all the  errors of being out of adjustment. When man is in adjustment with God the  spirit guides him into the knowledge of truth. When an individual is in  adjustment with God then he does the things God has ordained. Violations of  Divine Law are a state of being, and laws exist because things are made  that way, therefore violations of law are called sin and transgression, and  such violations produce death. It is also possible for any individual who  gets into adjustment with God to be 'saved' from error, and to do the  things which are right. Jesus didn't come to save men from himself, He came  to save people from error or sin. He said:..I have come to seek and to save  that which is lost, to save people from their sins.

            You see...the church...has sort of reversed this and they started preaching the salvation of people from some kind of a catastrophe when they  die. But all the trouble you have found that men get into is found right  here in earth. You weren't sent here to save men when they die, you were  sent to save the earth from the catastrophe it is now in. You were sent to  build a kingdom, to work now while it is day.

            We point out to you that for regeneration there had to be life to start  with. So the Gospel story is re‑generation, and therefore you will note  that in re‑generation the children begotten in the spirit embodied in the  earth, lost their aura of Light by the fall of Adam, and are regenerated by  the Activity of God's Holy Spirit calling and stirring deep in the heart of  every one of HIS sheep...this knowledge of the Father. And the reactivation  or regeneration comes when they become actively aware so that they can feel  and know that Christ was that embodiment of God. To know that God has form  and that there is entity and being in His Universe. When that transpires  they have been regenerated. You would have had to of been begotten in the  spirit and generated with Light before you could ever be regenerated.    I want you to know that it is a 'Twice Born' experience which placed  your race in the earth. It is the regenerating influence of the Holy Spirit  that establishes you as the sons and daughters of God..with power. One of  the great catastrophes we find today in race relations lies in the idea  that a spiritual acceptance, as they like to imply altho this is not always possible, for sometimes it is a head acceptance, an emotional acceptance, sometimes a soulish acceptance is all there is to it, but your job  was to teach the entire world who God is and to bring in His Kingdom and to  teach His Law. For this cause then Asiatics and Negroes can be influenced  by your ministry when it is empowered with Light. They can form groups and  can worship the right God once again because He is also their God. But they  do it within the emotional or conscious limitation of the capacity to  understand, so remember this. And without your maintenance, authority, and  leadership they will revert back to the Witchdoctor or the communist revolution, or to the priest of Hinduism...whatever their background. It is only  when these high types of trees and groves of the paganism have been knocked  down that people outside of your race..are set free, and liberated.    I point out to you that as Jesus sent out His disciples He sent them out  to the 'Lost Sheep' of the House of Israel, sent them out to those of the  Adamic race. And He said:...Therefore I send you out, go therefore and  preach the Gospel to all the Kinsmen, baptizing them in the Name of YAHWEH  and His Messianic fulfillment which ye have witnessed by the authority of  the Holy Spirit. The original text makes it very clear:...'Go ye into all  the world and preach the Gospel unto all the Kinsmen.'

            You can go into any lexicon or the early text and you will see that  never was there any instruction from Jesus to His disciples to go into all  the world and preach the Gospel to every creature, and then baptize them  into a Babylonian and Trinitarian concept...Jesus never said that at all.  In fact go to your lexicon and you find the word is Kinsmen...and you will  find also that you are the kinsmen. The Holy Spirit didn't speak one thing  thru the lips of Jesus and then express it another way thru the lips of the  Apostle Paul. He sent Paul out to preach, but said:...'I forbid you to go  to Asia.' Therefore that part of the world wasn't for the ministry of the  Apostle Paul during his span of years.

            You now see, that this is a significant thing, for today the church is  preaching the Gospel to all kinds of people. And they are preaching the  same Gospel, but not identifying the Gospel God gave to them as...'go into  all the world and preach the gospel unto all the kinsmen.' You might be  able in the admission of the Gospel under some process to baptize a person  into the organization of the church but you cannot make a son out of some  person who was not first begotten of the Father.

            I point out therefore that it is not a decision on the part of the  person that determines whether or not he or she is a child of God. But it  determines that God has begotten him as now He re-quickens his spirit. I  point out also that in this same structure that preaching the Gospel to  every creature is not done in Protestant circles, and we don't go out and  preach to little dogs, or horses, or to all the creatures. There is of  course a denomination in Christendom which goes out and bless's and anoints  little donkeys, and have special days for that, and give holy medals out  for it, and take a little special collection for doing it, but we don't do  that nor do we preach to every creature. And if the word had been to all  creatures then it would have been all conclusive, but it was  not that way.  Instead it was to go out and preach to the Kinsmen.

            If you would turn to the Book of Hebrews it again talks about the marvelous fact that God had now put upon Himself a body of flesh, because all  the children of God were in bodies of flesh, then He said:..'he wasn't ashamed to call you His kinsmen', because you were flesh of His flesh and  bone of His bone, out of the same Household...thus we see that these were  His purposes.

            I want you to know that the great mystery of spiritual birth is the  mystery of God begetting you with the pulsing Light of His own being framed  up with His own mind, in the very image of your person. That is why James  said:...'He, the FATHER of all Light, all vibrations, begat us out of His  own WILL.' The most powerful force in the whole world is the mental wisdom  of YAHWEH. It is the essence of His Holy Spirit. It is the most brilliant  Light of all illumination. Isn't it a strange thing that Satan who also  would like to appear as an Angel of Light would seek to deny the Very  Christ?

            Herein we have also a denoting factor as it relates to the children of  God. We read again these words of John as he has his say concerning the  Household of God. He says:...'Every spirit which confesseth not that Jesus  the Christ is come in the flesh, is not of God. This is the spirit of  Anti‑Christ which ye have heard should come, even now, already is in the  world. Ye are of God little children, and have overcome them because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.' What is the great  marked evidence of the Spirit? That you can know Christ, can recognize  Christ, that you will confess that this is YAHWEH come in the flesh. The other day I was glancing over some of the advance writing of the  Illuminati for your time (quote)..super specialists of great human  understanding who would express the love of God in the great universal  pattern which makes every one the same. (unquote)  This is their story and  now they said:...No real true Illuminist would ever believe in God in  body. Or could ever conceive that God had form, and wasn't a great powerful  principal of illumination. And in this same philosophy they said:...even as  other have said...'No man..and man the unknown', trying to deify man, but  were not willing to embody God. They were not willing to give YAHWEH (God)  form or personality, and were talking of the evolution of the Universe,  evolving into something higher than themselves.

            I want you to know that this is how the Illuminati tries to destroy the  Kingdom...they teach that as we are filled with love and peace, we absorb  one‑another until all the world is one happy family. One inter‑married,  inter‑related, evolving family, then we will come by that process to the  greatest age of all times. Thus the devil speaks as a prophet, and talks  about life, and about love, but all the time seeking to destroy the Holy  Seed. Because the plan of God is not subject to adjustment to Lucifer, it  is not subject to any type of mental gymnastics by any philosopher, it is  not subject to change according to whim, thus you see the difference in  Lucifer's world, and the program of God for the Universe. The plan of God  was the begetting of His Household in the heavens, and the sending of them  into earth..embodied in earth..to build a Kingdom which is as tangible and  real as any other kingdom on the face of the earth. But to give it the life  and power of His own Spirit as well as to charge it with healing power, and  to finish a task in the earth such as the world has never known.    You are children of the kingdom thus there is no greater transgression  than the mixing of your race. There is no greater insult to the knowledge  of your destiny. There is nothing more important for you to know this  afternoon than that you have been begotten of a Spirit with endless Life.  That this Spirit which is within you cannot die, cannot sin, and because of  this you can get a guilt complex from the transgressions you have committed. He said:...I want to take this off of you also before it destroys you.  Because I have already assumed all that transgression to set you free, so  that you can stand up before Me, for you have been justified by your  FATHER. This is an accepted principal...established by God from the very  beginning, that no individual who thinks with the mind of the Spirit will  ever make a mistake. Because while thinking with this mind, in the Spirit,  and with the process of God, there is no transgression you would commit  because you know the physical factors, set and on balance, which are so  great in their detriment that in the wisdom of such knowledge..you wouldn't  do those things. That is the reason why the mind of the Spirit never err's.  It is when that is limited in its perception that the soul consciousness in  its reasoning by the flesh, over evaluates the temptations of Lucifer instead of the perception of the Spirit in its knowledge, which would have  caused the individual to say...no...with that determination which is a part  of their nature. Thus Lucifer sought the destruction of the spiritual power  of your race, sought this from the very beginning. But:...'Ye shall know  the truth and the truth shall make you free.' It is the power of the Spirit  and of the very Life of God which also exists in you in these earthen  vessels, which makes you free from the law of sin and death. Your Celestial  being possesses immortality, and your physical body also shall put on immortality, and be swallowed up once more in LIGHT.

            I tell you that you are in one of the greatest days of all human  history. I want you to know that you can be most happy in understanding the  perception of truth. To know that you have been born of THE FATHER, by HIS  own WILL. That you have been born in earth by the very Destiny which He has  decreed, that you are children of the Spirit and children of the flesh. Oh,  you say...but this isn't good enough, what about all these other people?  Why do you think that way down deep in you, that you are worried about the  fact that all the creation isn't the same as the God who created it?    I am going to tell you some of what is in the stored up picture just  ahead because even Enoch unveiled some of it, and in the Apocalypse of Paul...it was revealed. It is also hinted at as one of the Mysteries which you  will find in the Scriptures. For after the Kingdom has conquered darkness,  destroyed the powers of evil, and brought the earth under the regulation of  Divine Law, in the greater creative period...in the greatest creative  period in human history, it still does not eliminate the fact that there  are many beings, and many races of different order. It is quite obvious  that the other races do not have the spiritual capacity, and therefore cannot attain the Spiritual Order of your race. It is also true that because  of the extreme perversion and the darkness which enveloped the Negroid  race, that as they plunged into darkness then changes and mutations happened in the antiquities of yesterday.

            Do you know what you are going to participate in...in this new creation?  Do you know that in the ages to come you are going to make new creatures out of every individual‑created‑being that walks upright in the Image of  God? Do you know that at that time you will be a part of that co‑creation,  and Life shall go forth out of you? And as these become New Creatures with  this will come Spiritual capacity of receiving directly by inspiration, the  thoughts of God. And when you have consummated the New Creation, the world  will not have Negroes anymore. It is not going to have Chinamen anymore, it  is not going to have people so diverse. There may be differences in the  courses of all the pattern's of God's creation, nor are they the offspring  of the same genera (plural of genus), but they will have this same spirit ...will by this same spirit have been made new creatures, and will move  into a new area, but this is not for now, nor is this...in this generation,  nor in this dispensation, nor in this time. That is why the Laws of God for  this time tell you to live as God has placed you...for this hour...within  the law for this day.

            YAHWEH has the power to change, He has the power to create, He has the  power to make new things. I want you to know that it is..'first things  first'...which we must learn to understand. The Grace of God first will put  the world in order, and bring all men back to the recognition that HE is  YAHWEH (God). Bring all things back to the proper understanding, and  restore them to what they were before their fall. Then in the era after  their restoration comes the new creation, new developments in the patterns  of God's own Grace.

            There are too many Mysteries to finish in one message for YAHWEH is  lifting up the veil, He is opening up the majesty of His purpose. You are  His children, the children of His Spirit, the Household of THE MOST HIGH.  You are the Grace of God to the world, and He embodied all of this demonstration in His own embodiment, that He might make you conform to His own  Image. Children of the Spirit, of an endless Life, of Mysterious Birth in  the heavens above, now occupying the earth for the building of His Kingdom,  and thus He taught you to Pray:...'Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in  earth as it is in Heaven'. We cannot finish such a subject in one afternoon  because there is so much mystery involved, but we want you to know that you  are children of the Father, who are identified with HIS NAME. You are  children who can recognize, perceive, and understand the vastness of the  embodiment of YAHSHUA, as translated....son if you wish, who can stand out  as distinct and apart from the forces that would destroy this Faith, and  would even drive this NAME from your nation, would try to blot it out of  your National Life altogether.

            But this afternoon as you go forth then know this:...that you are  children by having been born from Above, and born on earth. Thus you have  been 'Born Again' if you so wish to thus translate it.



                            (End of this message)









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