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                                                THE PRODIGAL SON   1-12-65                          

By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift   


This message is a part of the subject which deals with great mysteries  ...with the mystery, the secret of Sonship. There is nothing you may know  this afternoon that is as vital and important to you, as to know who you  are, and your relationship to the MOST HIGH GOD, and to know and to understand this not as a presumption but as a reality. To know and to understand it because it relates to your Destiny. The knowledge of the Will of God  as it relates to you is one of the most important patterns of understanding  which you can attain.   There are a great number of creatures in God's Universe, there are also  many kinds of species in His creation, and there exists also many planes of  existence in the Universe of the MOST HIGH. But here today you find yourself in an earth body, dwelling in physical bodies. You see around you  other races also dwelling in physical bodies. You find yourself not by a  matter of chance, but by a matter of Ordained Destiny which you will sometime understand, dwelling in the bodies of the White Race, and here today  in a Christian Church. These things are a part of your Destiny as well because there is a vast difference in you, and those with their Witchdoctors  and the Pagan Temples with their Evil Priesthoods, and strange backgrounds.  They are where they are because of the patterns in their background and  their environment. And you are where you are placed in your environment by  your Father. You are a part of a great pattern of history, and this you  must understand.   It is more important today than ever before that people be released from  the things which are superstitions and fetishes, and learn to know the  'Truth', than any single factor that we might support. It is more important  today that you know the truth than any church doctrine...just because the  Church taught it. I want you to know that the Churches have not been infallible in their declarations, nor have the hierarchies of religion been infallible in their declarations. In fact sometimes for 1000 years they have  followed an historic superstition because this superstition was either  placed in the areas of what they thought was Holy Revelation in the processes of translation, or in the patterns of Church theology which definitely  slanted the interest of interpretations. We are not particularly concerned  today as to whether the things that we find as we search for 'Truth' are  given the approval of all orthodoxy, as we are to find that it is in approval of God. It is more important that you know...'Thus saith the LORD',  today, and to know every word which came from HIS mouth, and every wave of  His Spirit that He intends for people to understand, than to have the  agreement of any segment of society, or any segment of todays ecclesiastical authority. We are not at war with the ecclesiastical authority when  those authorities as a part of the great Living Church carry out the objectives of God's Purpose. Today, we would only say we would be at war only  with superstition, and ignorance. That we might be well aware that to know  the things which relate to God, is to know the order of His Creation. We  know the difference which exists between peoples, and we want our theology  adjusted by His Mind, and not by opinions of Priestcraft which can exist in  Protestantism, or in any other branch of Christianity...and sometimes does.  

We point out to you today that almost all the National problems we find  ourselves entwined in today have come thru the lack of...'Thus saith the  LORD' ..at the proper level. And when the Church has a true Oracle of God  revealed, the purpose of God..in that society which follows the things they  believe...leads them to apply themselves to these practices. And when you  have a decadence in the blueprint of God's pattern, and we go into cycles  of which there are lapses of misunderstanding of it, the following of that  misunderstanding generally leads that society into Catastrophe, because  there is a program in the world to hold the world apart from the program of  God.  

When you pray that prayer which you were taught to pray by Jesus:...'Thy  Kingdom come, thy Will be done in earth as it is in heaven'...You are talking about a blueprint of Divine Destiny which has been ordained of God to  be channeled thru His children, and thru the ultimate revelation of His own  Person. Because this is one of the foremost factors in the prayer which The  Christ taught His disciples to pray, It is most important for us to understand that it is a diametrical object to the design of the forces of darkness, and the power of Lucifer. I point out to you today that it is a  strict design upon the forces of darkness, to retain control of the earth.  They not only work for this but they have subordinated whole areas of  peoples of the earth, and peoples inside the creations of God's Universe  for this purpose. They wage continual warfare to control the earth, and to  block the development of God's Kingdom. They have a war continually against  the Spirit, because the power of the Spirit is the power that can change  the world. They are also aware of who you are, for the enemy knows more  about you than you know yourselves. Lucifer and his fallen Angels know more  about you than most creatures, and it is because of this that he is seeking  to bring about the subordination of your society, and the cutting off of  its vision, so that they might retain control of the earth. After all....  an Archangel who once controlled one‑fourth of the Universe is now reduced  unto only the control of the earth, and he wants to hang on to that. But it  is the Will of your Father to see that he is broken even in this ambition,  and because of the error of his course he will be brought...to the recognition...that the sons and daughters of God are above him. He is going to  worship, one day, at your feet. The day is going to come when the powers of  righteousness are going to subordinate the processes of evil, and in the  instance of this, then there are a lot of things that you must know. The  Scripture makes it rather clear even tho translations sometimes obscure it,  that this will take place. We have discovered that there is no doctrine  that is important and aligned with 'Truth' which we cannot support even  with the category of translation which we have here in the King James  Version. So we are not My friends:..Bibleolotors...for this is another form  of idolatry where in people can worship paper and ink after it has had the  world Bible put on it, must be so. But the Devil writes in this book, and  some his children helped translate parts of it, so that it would be  obscure. There is something more important also than the positions which  might be filed from time to time, in paper and ink, and that is the WORD  ..which God makes a Living Word within you, with the work of His Spirit,  and His continued Oracle.  

The LORD‑GOD (YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA) does nothing except He unveil it to His  prophets and His ministers! It is not something which ceased at revelation,  it continues. I point out to you that the reason why we have such a majestic volume in Revelation is because it reaches back so far into antiquity  in its course of Revelation. Then it reaches so far ahead that you haven't  fulfilled all its content as of yet, so it is a very valuable Book. The  great principals that are involved inside the writings of the Apostles are  abiding principals, but all the instructions which were given for various  periods of time are not necessarily the most effective ones for you. Why?  Because you are not living in the time when the Roman Empire was a great  power. Nor are you living back in the time when they would deliver you into  the Coliseum to be destroyed with lions because of the power of your enemy.  They may work on you in a different manner, but the fact that the same  enemy is trying to destroy the Church, and the Kingdom is quite obvious.  However you don't need the same instructions today.   I point out to you that there are many places where the great abiding  'Truths' are vital, but the message of God must be a Living One, a vital  one, and must reach this hour, for this time. That is one of the reasons  why we say again, that we are aware of The Spirit, which will lead us to  the knowledge of all Truth. And when the Apostle Paul talked about how  every secret thing is going to be made known, in the Revelation of His purpose, he tells us that His Spirit will make known unto us the Mysteries  which have been hidden since the foundation of the world. It is then quite  obvious that theology over 1900 years did not bring all these mysteries,  and all the applications of this knowledge...all the things which can be  brought by the Spirit to your remembrance has not been brought in the past,  but are now being made known unto you in his hour. Because this is true...  then you could not find in the Scriptures..written or spelled out, all the  patterns of knowledge and wisdom which will be revealed, and will be spelled out in the hour in which you live, as God makes these things known. That  is why theology must remain flexible to the revelation of God, and only  stays sound and of one foundation which does not change..which is the relationship of the identity of The Father, and the identity of His Household,  who are children of His Kingdom. HE has declared this, and when we talk to  you of this important factor we have been talking about Sonship.  

We have pointed out to you in the past that the sons and daughters of God  are those who were begotten of The Father in His own purpose. And that it  is important today that you know the difference between a Son of God, or a  Daughter of God by having been Spiritually born of The Father, for this is  where birth begins. It is important that you..here in earth..know the difference in Creations, and the Spiritual children who were Begotten in the  Heavens before the foundation of the earth. It is important that you know  the difference between a child of God, and a Christian. Someone said:....  what do you mean by that? Well, the word Christian came into being at  Antioch, and if you turn to the Book of Acts (11:26) you discover these  words concerning Christians, that here at Antioch people were first called  Christians. 'And it came to pass that for a whole year they assembled themselves with the Church, and taught much people. And the disciples were  called Christians first in Antioch.' Then I turn over to Acts 26:28., and I  read:...'The King Agrippa said unto Paul:..Almost thou persuadest me to be  a Christian.'   The fact remains that you go out to the whole world to try to persuade  men to become Christians...Why? Because a Christian is a follower of  Christ. This is the revelation by the true God by whom all things were  made, and who was before all things. And bringing the world back to following the true God is one of the important missions of your Race. A man may  be a Christian...he may be following Christ according to his Spiritual Capacity and intellectual ability, according to the impact of his reaction to  the message which has been witnessed to him, and still not be a Son of God  by Birth. Oh! you say:..this is not Orthodox..No it is not, but it is true.  This is why I point out to you that there is a vast distinction in the relationship of various people, and this is why it is very important that you  know who you are. It is important that you understand this difference. We  say that any follower of The Christ can be a Christian, that any follower  of The Christ can accept the fact that the Eternal God created the heavens  and the earth, and can accept the Atonement of The Christ which paid for  the sins of the World, and determine if there is an impact of destiny  strong enough that he will follow this course of instruction of this teaching and turn from idolatry. For when he turns to the Right God then blessings will descend upon him, and he will be blessed in the activities of his   and whether he is working in the field, or whether he is working in the  arts as an artisan. It will make little difference in what he is doing...  the blessings of God will fall upon the man who turns, and worships the  right and true God.   But I want you to know that the acknowledgement of the individual of the  recognition of The Christ, makes this individual in his philosophy, at  affinity, but does not make this individual my brother or sister as it  relates to spiritual birth in the Celestial planes from above. And as they  become like unto the rest of the children of God's Kingdom..in their philosophy and truth, it still leaves them different from the Family of God in  their Point of Origin. It does give them a different capacity to an extent,  but I point out to you that there are many things which are different concerning this fact. One of these thing which stands out today, is the error  we see among many of the teachers of the Church, where in it is taught that  an individual who give lip service to the fact that he believes that Jesus  is The Christ, is then immediately assured that he has broken down all partitions. And since there are no longer any partitions then you can marry  into any race of any color, and we can work toward one Universal Government  and one Universal Kingdom, by this policy. Some even say...produce this  Universal Kingdom first, and we will make the converts afterward. That is  what they are trying to do today in World government strategies. These are  violations of Divine Law, these are the processes which work with the  Prince of Darkness who would like to subordinate all the people of the  Kingdom into a great Universal program. He is not as much worried as you  think about the concepts of theology, if he can get you to integrate in a  physical world, or bring you into union with that which you have nothing in  common, in background, or spiritual origin.  

I point out to you that in the writings in this Epistle to the Ephesians  that there are some things which are rather significant concerning this  matter. When we see this design of darkness, you will note that the Apostle  Paul said:...'Where as speaking of yourselves as a people, you walked in  times past according to the course of the world, and according to the  Prince of the powers of the air. And the spirit which now worketh in the  children of disobedience.' Ephesians 2:2. 

Now you also walk in these  errors, you also were effected as a people by the design of the Prince of  the powers of the air, in his drive to hold the earth. And his philosophy  was the philosophy of the World Order.  

Now:..this is one reason why you are so remarkably identified with the  Scripture, are different. There is a big difference between the Kingdom,  and the World Order, in background and in purpose. Because of this, there  lies this distinguishing factor:..which we have pointed out before. You  were begotten of Spirit, of the Father before the world was framed, and you  are a son or daughter of God, and when God brought forth His creation in  the earth, so that He might project His sons and daughters into a physical  world thru the Adamic race, you were His workmanship. You were His household, you were His transplanting of His Household from heaven to earth, but  you were still His children. I can point this out rather clearly, for when  God addressed you in physical planes, even in the hours of His creation, He  consulted and talked with you His children...in that time:...'God said,  unto the Elohim, Let us make man in our own Image.' Then I can turn to the  82nd., Psalm and read:...'Ye are Elohim, and all of you are the children of  YAHWEH THE MOST HIGH.' This was revealed to the children of Israel, in the  earth who are Elohim..Celestial children,...children of YAHWEH...sons and  daughters of God.         I have told you in previous messages that there is nothing more important  for you to understand, than that you are sons and daughters of God. And  that being transplanted unto earth was a process of the building of the  Kingdom. It was for the illumination of the earth, and to overthrow darkness. To spread Light, Truth, Freedom, and Liberty as well as the Blessings  of God to the ends of the earth, as they come into adjustment with God. It  was to save the world from its catastrophe, it was to be leaders, in leading the world back into proper relationship with the MOST HIGH. This is  also good for you to understand:..that the knowledge of what was to transpire with your race, as we have previously observed, was known to the Father  before the World was framed, and was even discussed with you in Celestial  planes, before you were born into a physical world. Your names were written in the Fathers Book of 'Eternal Plans' before the foundation of the  world. We point out these facts because the Father controls the Universe. 

It is most important in our times that we remember these final factors, and  thus we discover that in the course of the operations of history that we  have Bible History to give us this background.   By violation of Divine Law our Race lost its Glory, and its power, but it  still retained within it the spiritual seed which could be quickened. For  the Celestial consciousness of every child born into the Adamic race had to  come from The Father, had to have existed with HIM before the world was  framed.  

The fact remained however that it still required the work upon the part  of the Father which part HE fulfilled. And that is why it is talked about  in the Old Testament, and it comes up in the New Testament, that this was  the Messianic embodiment of our Father, and we are told that Jesus was the  embodiment of Our Father, and that He came for a very definite purpose. He  explained it in His parables..that He bought the world to find His precious  treasure in the world which was His Household, His people. He planned to  buy the world, He planned as God to put everything into adjustment by a  Divine element which could only come from His own being, and His own Existence, a replacement area that would redeem the ends of the earth. Redemption upon the part of God is for the welfare of His creation, it is to put  them back into proper balance, it is to accomplish the things in the heart  of God. To stop the terrible retribution which descend with all punishing  judgment, because the very laws of life and living are violated, not because we have to satisfy God's anger for the anger of God is the process by  which the Laws of God...violated..take their toll. So I point out to you  that it was the Grace of God which reached out to the ends of the earth to  pour in elements of adjustment by Divine intervention, to put into proper  order, a Universe gone astray under Lucifer.  

You say:...why did He do that? Because He assumed the responsibility for  Lucifer having not only created him, in the beginning, but having known his  capacities, and the ultimate course he would take. And he had planned how  to turn this into profit and Glory for the Universe.  

I can assure you this afternoon that you wouldn't have any proper appraisal of righteousness..you today would not know how to compare righteousness  with unrighteousness...you would never be able to evaluate that Great Grace  of God, and the final purposes of God, if you never had anything to compare  it with. Someday you will discover that even tho you fight the darkness,  and even tho you oppose the forces of Lucifer as you must because of who  you are...there will be an appreciation someday of the experiences thru  which the Universe has passed, for a proper evaluation of the future which  is still ahead.   I point out to you in this instance that as the sons and daughters of  God, it makes no difference what you have passed thru, or where you are  today in the world as we see it. You are a son and daughter of God, begotten of His Spirit before the world was framed. If you are a Holy Seed that  He has planted in the earth, you are a son or daughter, and there is nothing on the face of the earth which can change it.  

Now:...the Prodigal Son was rather an extensive parable, it had always  been a normal process of heritage in your race, especially when there had  been...under the blessings of God, the accumulation of property, that as  the son became of age, and evaluation was made, and a son could have a  portion of his inheritance if he wanted it. He could apply it to his business, or place it to his cause. Thus Jesus tells the parable of a son  having attained his normal adulthood, and then turned to the father and  said:..I would like to have a portion. In the original text this is actually what it amounted to...I want a portion of my inheritance. This was  always referred to as an adult portion which a wealthy father could bestow  upon his son, or even could be bestowed by a poor farmer as he gave to his  son a part of the herd. And here this son took the part that he had received and immediately departs to a far country. We are told in the Scripture  that he spends this in riotous living, that he does not lack for acquaintances. I don't call them friends because someday you will discover these  people who are only interested in what you have to spend..are not friends  ..they are just people who you are acquainted with. People don't know the  difference when their minds are giddy in the cycles thru which they pass,  but there came a time when these people..associates..had helped this Prodigal son spend all the money that he had. He had wasted the portion of his  inheritance he had received from his father, and now he didn't have anything, and was even hungry. And we are told that he finally found a job,  and for a son of your race, this was the most sad job of all. Altho most  don't know it, still he was out there tending swine...tending swine.   Then because he was hungry he even ate part of the husks of the corn he  fed to the swine. He may have gotten part of an ear of corn now and then,  but the food he was eating was Swine Food. And as he was in this situation  still there was one quality which lies within him, whether he knew it or  not, but when a man comes to himself, it is because the Spiritual consciousness reaches thru and jogs the soul. And as he began to think he said to  himself:...what a silly fellow I am, here I have wasted my money, and all  my acquaintances are now gone, no longer interested in me, and here I am  out tending swine. There is not a servant in my fathers house who isn't  better dressed, or better fed than I am. After all this was my father's  house, so it is a better thing for me to arise and go back to my father's  house, and tell him I am no longer worthy to be a son, but I'd like a job  as a servant because they are better off, even as servants, than they would  be anywhere else.   

Someday I hope the servants who came here find that out. They are better  off in the Fathers House than anywhere else in the world.   And the son arose and started back for His Father's house. Little did he  realize, or know of the great spiritual destiny of the attacking forces  which were at work to bring him back to his father's house. Nor did he know  of the relationship of the father's mind to that son. But the father watched down the road every day for the return of that son. And when he saw him,  he ran out and kissed his son, and he called to his servants and said:...my  son has returned. Oh, the son had his speech all ready and he said:..my  father I am no longer worthy to be called a son, I am willing just to be a  servant in thy house. But his father said:..what ever put that idea into  your head? Thou art My Son...you were lost, but you have returned. You were  as tho dead, and now you are alive, but you are MY Son. You never ceased  being my son even out there in the swine pen. You were my son out among the  pagans, and you are still my son..LOST..FOUND..Away, returned, Dead or  Alive..still my son.   Many times you have heard this story told, and this is one of the ecclesiastical problems..for they say that the whole world are prodigal sons, but  when they accept the teaching of the Church, when they follow the formula  ..they are sons. Now:...the formula isn't such a bad one for it has been  extracted out of the Scripture, so they came forward to confess with their  mouths that Jesus is the Christ, and say we believe with our heart..whether  they know what that is or not. And they are pronounced immediately...a  Christian. Then they go further than that and now say this person has just  become a son of God. They kiss their hands and they sign the Church book,  and it doesn't make any difference which part of the world they came from,  or what race, color or creed, they have suddenly become a son when he returned to the Father.  

I want to straighten this out:...to begin with a son is a son because the  father begat him. Nothing the son did had anything to do with the fact that  you are a son or daughter of God, and that is the most important thing you  can Never learn or understand, irrespective of what you ever do.  Because  there is nothing greater than Our Father.  There is nothing greater than the  powers of the Essence of His Spirit which is in your spirit, and dwells in  you. There is my friends, no greater power. When the sons and daughters of  God come to a full understanding of this hour, and when the unction of  God's Spirit finally accomplishes the purpose which He is going to do in a  short work of righteousness, the manifestation of the sons and daughters of  God, in this age, is going to be the most important event that ever happened in human history. Apart possibly from the consummation of the atonement  ...was the Resurrection, and many sons were to come up out of their sleep,  or virtually out of their graves.  

We point out to you:...This is My Son, was the declaration of the Father.  Nothing had changed the status of Sonship. For Sonship was not predicated  on obedience, it is predicated upon birth. There was another son, and this  son stayed home. This son had never asked for his portion, he just developed the portions of the family. He had worked everyday in the presence of  the Father, and had never left the family household. Then he returns home  and sees a feast being prepared, his father says:...bring out the fatted  calf for my son has come home. My son who was lost is found. And the son  who stayed at home turned to the servants and said:...what is going on  here? He is told that...your brother has come home, and they are having a  feast. He went to his father and said:..now look, I never even had a kid  slaughtered just for my friends, why, is it now that we have this fatted  calf, and all this celebration? The father looked at him in surprise and  said:...son, you have always been in my presence, you have always been  sitting down at this table, all the time you never missed a meal. Son, you  have shared in all the administration, and all this blessing. You have  never lacked for anything, you could have had anything you wanted at any  time. You have always been in the center of blessing. Are you a little  disturbed because your brother has come back, and we are celebrating? This  remember is thy brother, this is My Son, he is home again. I think it is  important that we understand this, but a lot of churches want to get categories of Sonship. They want to set categories of destiny based upon a  little Priestcraft which developed as a status of service.  

I want you to know that as far as what God has bestowed upon you in  spiritual inheritance, that the Grace of God has brought this into reality.  And here in this instance the brotherhood to be made known as his knowledge  came to him..the important thing to be made known was that he hadn't missed  anything. Any time a church, or a Christian thinks they have missed something because he hasn't gone to the end of error, that he hasn't properly  evaluated righteousness, then think it over.  

I point this out, one day a Clergyman who was a Pharisee...and I use that  word in proper identification, came to me and we were discussing a message  I had delivered. He said:..Do you mean to tell me Dr. Swift that after I  spent 17 years in the ministry, that someone can come along and accept  these things, and step in now and share in just as much as I am going to  share...after all my 17 years? I said:..don't you want him to? This person  said:...you mean that I can serve all my life and then someone can come  along in the last few years of his life, and he is still going to have  Eternal Life? That right I said, don't you believe that? He said:...Yes,  but I don't think he is going to get as far. Then he said:...I might just  as well go out and do as I please, and do everything this man has been  doing, and then come make a last minute commitment. I said:...that just  goes to prove that you need...what that man has just received. Because if  you were to live like you pleased then apparently you wouldn't have been  living like you do now.  

I want you to understand this:..the best thing which could happen to you  would be to be in the circle of being...found...being at the Fathers table,  being in the area where things are right. Sometimes we talk about rewards,  but this is your reward, that you live according to the success of God's  Kingdom. This is your reward, that you feast at your fathers table, that  you live with the serenity of spirit, that you live without the catastrophe, in human emotions which affects those who are lost.   Let us make this clear in your understanding. Eternal Life is predicated  on the Spirit, and the spirit of the son was always right, but the soul  consciousness was the area of error where there was discrepancies, and the  physical body the decisions of the soul. I want you to know that in the  process of Sonship, and Eternal Life, that Eternal Life was the process of  having been begotten of the Spirit to begin with. This was true because he  was a son even when outside the family circle, even when he was lost he was  still a lost son, but he became a found son. It is important that we realize that the most important thing that can develop in a man's life is to  be in the center of Divine consciousness, and Divine Will. And be able to  understand the pattern of his Father's thinking, and to adjust himself to  the programs of the Kingdom.  

I know a lot of people who are right in the middle of the Church and they  are LOST. But I also want you to know that being LOST isn't talking about  something which happens when you die. You don't get lost in the world and  found in the plane of spirit when you die. Because the spirit isn't the  thing which gets lost. You don't get lost in the physical world, and then  get punished by being lost in the spirit world. If you get lost in a physical world you are away from your fathers table. A person who is lost knows  he is off course, but he doesn't know hot to get back on course.   MY SON THAT WAS LOST, IS FOUND, HE IS BACK...I want you to know that one  of the most important objectives of the sons and daughters of God's Kingdom  is to find the children of God who are out of adjustment...or lost.  

You say:...how could you be lost in Church? Some Churches are already  lost as to the purpose of the Father, and are actually following the Will  of the Ruler of this world. And as they follow his Will they even support  his policies. The reason I say that they are lost is because their minds  are out of adjustment to the Most High God. And because of this..until they  discover the knowledge of the MOST HIGH...until the spirit illuminates the  course..until they find the program of the Kingdom, and its life and existence they are not...Found. There are a lot of people today who may belong  to the Church, and they are eating swine husks because the place where they  are devouring them, is in the seat of their intellect, and you feed your  intellect just as you feed your body. Some people are even eating swine  husks, for their body as well. But many, many are feeding their mind with  'World Order' thinking. Today if you are trying to live as the World Order  and trying to feed yourself upon the philosophy of the World Order wrapped  up with One Worldism, mongrelization, and all those patterns of today being  supported by the World, then my friends you have a starved soul.   It is for this cause therefore that sooner or later there comes a hunger  in the heart consciousness of men, and they say:...why do I have to dwell  with this? Why don't I go back to my Fathers House?  

Now:...we point out once again that the most significant thing which you  can understand is that you are not robbed of anything while you are in your  fathers house, but people out there are living like the World Order...in  trespass and sickness, which is violation of Divine Law. If you are living  within the law which they are violating then you are the happier person.  Some people have one foot in the philosophy of the Kingdom, and the other  foot out in the World Order. Remember now, we are not talking about the  harmless patterns of enjoyment which belong to anyone with the intelligence  to participate. We are not condemning any normal or natural process, but  there is a force in the World Order that gives accent to darkness, there is  a policy that seeks to destroy the morality and ethics of society. There is  a program that aligns itself with the darkness, and some people think they  are missing something because they are not in the midst of that. Generally  it moves out of the licentious pattern that is presented to the World as a  program of through enjoyment.   Remember the man who wanted to get his crop in and he went out and hired  some workers at the beginning of the day, to bring in the crop? Then along  about noon he realized these workers wouldn't get the crop all in so he  went out and hired some workers. And he said:...If you will come to work I  will pay you just as much as I paid those who started this morning, because  I want to get this crop in. Then later when there was only two or three  hours of daylight left, again he went out and brought in more workers. And  he said:...now, listen, if you help me get this crop in before nightfall,  before the storm strikes, I will give you just as much as anyone who worked  for me all day. Thus everyone went to work, and then came the end of the  day, and the crop was in, and the Master paid off the workers. Along came  those workers who had started early in the morning and they belonged to the  Harvesters Union (ha), and they said:...there is something here which isn't  fair. The Master said:...oh! what isn't fair? They said:...we worked all  day and this is what we received, and those who started at noon got the  same 20 pieces of silver. Then those who came to work late in the afternoon  got the same 20 pieces of silver. Then those who came to work late in the  afternoon got the same pieces of silver. That isn't fair.   The Master said:..what is the matter, didn't I pay you what I told you I  would pay? Do you think it is a disservice if it is my desire to gather  people in that I shouldn't pay them the same amount? What is it to you, if  I gather people at the end of the day and pay them the same amount that you  received, which is what you bargained for?  

If GOD ALMIGHTY blesses and bestows Eternal Life, and the Blessings of  God ..to conform to His Image..to everyone of his sons, irrespective of  what part of the day He brings them in, you should be glad they received  enough to live on. I want you to know this about the Father...He will pour  into the environment the necessary ingredient to bring everything to the  destiny which He ordained from the beginning, when He pre‑destinated every  one of His sons and daughters, to eventually conform to His own Image. The  most important thing which you can know is ...Sonship.  

I know, and am sure, of the problems of translation. I find that I have  to spend as much time trying to jockey back and forth between the ecclesiastical interpretation and the truth, in almost any phase of research. I  point out to you that in the declarations of the Apostle Paul who understands..in part..the mystery of this spiritual seed, and who received great  revelations about it, then said:...'Born of incorruptible seed which lives  and abides forever.' Then in the Book of Romans he said:..'His spirit bears  witness with our spirit that we are the children of God.'   Now:...I want to point these words in the Book of Romans:...'Therefore  the many who are led by the spirit, they are the sons of God.'....'We have  not received the bondage of fear, but we have received this positioning of  Sons in which the Spirit bears witness with our Spirit that we are the sons  of God.'....'And if children then we are the heirs of God, and joint heirs  with Christ.' I want you for one moment to come over to the fourth chapter  of Galatians, and here read the first verse:...'Now this I say (remember if  you are a son, you are an heir)..as long as he is a child, the heir does  not differ (in authority) from a lot of the servants in the household',...  he was to obey. Therefore I say:...'That as long as an heir is a child he  doesn't differ from the servant, tho as a son, he is Lord of all.' Here, he  is actually the commandment, he is the Master of all the servants, all the  household, and all the kingdom, but he actually could be no different than  a servant because he is a child who hasn't obtained the ability to direct.  He is under tutors, and under governors until the time appointed by the  father..even so still children. We were in bondage to the World Order, but  it didn't change the fact that we are all children, we just cannot make the  proper evaluation until the spirit of God takes hold of us, and the proper  reaction re‑activates our thinking, and renews our minds. And we also were  under the bondage of a law, for the law was given unto 'Israel', and only  unto 'Israel'. So when the Apostle Paul was writing to the people of  Galacia, then if they were not 'Israel' they were never under the law. When  he wrote to Ephesis, if those people were not 'Israel' then they were never  under the Law. And when he talked about how Grace had set them free from  what was under the law, they had to be out of the household that you are a  part of, or there wasn't any law. The law wasn't given to Africa or to  China, it was given to you. Even so, when we were children we were under  bondage of the World Order. And when the fullness of time had come, then  God sent forth His own Son. The word son, here is His own embodied spirit  ..made of a woman. Why? To redeem those who were under the law. That they  might receive this positioning of sons.  

I want you to hear this:...read in your King James Version (Galatians  4:5) 'To redeem them who were under the law so that they might receive the  adoption of sons.'  The reason why I want you to study this verse is  because to many people..they do not understand what adoption means. They  think it is this process used today of taking someone out of an Orphan's  home and putting them in the family. But Adoption in Scripture does not  mean that. The word is...'huiothesia'...meaning the timing of the birth of  a son, and even the hour when he would arrive at this adulthood to take  over this part he is to play in the Kingdom, or its administration. Therefore HE sent His own embodied revelation, to redeem them who were under the  law, so that they might receive this position of sons in full status, in  the father's house. This proves that only those under the law were to receive Sonship. Today you have been told error by some theology, that people  that were under the law, who were never children of the kingdom, who never  came forth from the Father...that these people who were created somewhere  in the world..just became adopted by the process of the religious faith.  

Now:...it is clearly stated that the people who were under the law are  those who received this adoption, or this positioning as son, because they  had been positioned by birth, and by plan of the Father, who operated according to His timing. There was no more unusual word than..huiothesia in  the Greek, this positioning of children, in fact it went so far in reinterpretation that the father and mother planned the birth of their children  so that they might cycle these numbers of children. They used to try to  have them with a complete progression thru all the months of the year, as  they numerated their family and they timed them. But listen to the Scripture:...'Wherefore to redeem them that were under the law, that we might  receive this position as sons.'....'Because ye are sons, YAHWEH has sent  the spirit of his own embodiment into your hearts, saying Our Father.'  Galatians 4:6.   I would that you understand this mystery of pre‑destination and destiny,  of the calling of the Father..because 'Ye are the sons of God, and He sent  that spirit into your hearts. He made that Prodigal Son say:..'I will go  back to my father's house.' He said:...'If I have one lost sheep (out  there), I shall search for him until I have found him.' I want you to understand this principal about this Prodigal Son. The Father said:..'Thou art  my Son', you were my son all the time, this is my son. I then point out to  you that because you are sons, then YAHWEH sent this spirit into our hearts  saying:...'Our Father', and now you are no longer a servant, you are an  adult. You are no longer a servant, you are now a son. And as a son an heir  of God.  

Now:..I point out in Galatians and in Ephesians other significant passages, but remember what the Father said:...'Thou art my son', lost then  found, dead and now alive....My Son. Someone said:...Oh, he really wasn't  dead. Yes..he was dead because there was no alive connection between the  mind and the spirit, and the mind of his soul consciousness.   In the patterns of translations semantics has given us this one problem:  we have here translated that the spirit is dead, or that the spirit was  dead in trespass and sin. But the spirit is never dead, it is the soul consciousness, taking the guidance out of the brain, and the senses...under  the world order, whose elements were directed for its temptation and defeat  which is dead to the perception of the spirit. Do not for one moment think  that it was the spirit of Adam which died in the Garden. It was the loss of  Glory which started death on his body. Let me show you this:...'Wherein in  times passed ye walked according to the course of the World Order, according to the Prince of the powers air. And the spirit of those who now works  in the children of disobedience. You had also had your conversation in  times past in the lust of our flesh, and in fulfilling the desire of the  flesh, and of the mind. And you were by nature children of wrath, like unto  these others.' Ephesians 2:2‑3. 

So who were these others? They were not  the children of God, they were not offspring. You thought and acted like  the world order, and behaved like these others, but your Father doesn't  want you to behave like these others, he wants you to behave like a son.  This son went to a far country, he was outside his fathers family, and his  fathers family didn't keep hogs either. Someday you will discover, that  what makes up the heart of God's Kingdom, are those of the family of YAHWEH  (God).  

You can go to most of Africa but you are not among your brethren. You can  go to China but you are not among your brethren. You can look on them with  the great heart of God's Love which you have the capacity for, and you want  to help them, lift them, and restore them, but my friends don't try to absorb them, for they are not your brothers.  

This my friends is not a message of hate, it is a message of Divine Law,  to the understanding of the difference in creatures and creation, in origin  and backgrounds. I want you to know that the people who constitute your  race and who make up the bulk of the Christian Church throughout the world  ...the reason why they are Christ's was because they are Abraham's seed.  'If ye be Abraham's seed ye are Christ's..and if ye are Christ's then you  are Abraham's seed.' That doesn't mean that everyone who is a Christian is  Abraham's seed. There are followers of Christ who are not His offspring,  who do not belong to Him by issue, but they have become His by conversion.  And if you do not believe this then remember that every knee shall   bow and every tongue is going to proclaim that YAHSHUA The Christ is  LORD. But the whole family in heaven and in earth is named by the Father.  You have this Name that HE has put in you, and upon you as His Son and His  Daughter, by which the whole family in heaven and earth is named. Thus when  God talks about His family in heaven and earth, you remember that there are  a lot of people who are not His family, but HE is their God.  

Listen:...Therefore having thought like the world, having had your conversation like these of the World Order..remember that the whole World  Order is in complete satisfaction with their own design, their lusts, and  their own concepts. They even want to change the whole standard of your  living.  

Of course you share in our thinking that Satan's children are behind all  vice, all corruption, and all evil. And there is nothing they touch which  they do not corrupt. There is an important Jewish Psychiatrist who wrote an  article for 'True' Magazine this week...and do you know what this article  is all about? It is about the abolishment of all moral laws, and he hopes  the Supreme Court will knock out the laws concerning polygamy. He wants to  see licentious living, he wants to see people living without any repressions. He wants to see every depravity legalized, and constitutionally directed as legal without any reprisal or without any order, or any moral  standard. Why does he want this? Because out of the background of this man,  and those like him has come the corruption and the false image. And has  come the incitation to think like they think. That is what is meant when it  says:...You think like they think, so be careful my friends, for you can  lose a great amount of spiritual power by thinking like...they...think. The  first thing you know, they make the battle of intelligent living more difficult by stimulating areas of thinking which are out of relationship of  Divine Law. I would expect this out of Jewry, and I wouldn't trust the  Supreme Court either.  

But let me show you this:...Now, God was rich in His Mercy, where He hath  quickened us by Grace, are ye saved. He has raised us up and made us to sit  together in heavenly places. I point this out to you:...'By Grace are ye  saved thru Faith.' This my friends means that in the seat of conscious  intellect...spiritually renewed.....you are saved! You note that the  Apostle Paul said that you are not to conform to the thinking of the World  Order, but you are to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. You are  not to eat swine husks, you are to eat heavenly food. You will never create  the kind of a world which you give lip service to until you THINK the kind  of life that God has ordained. You can't go out and give lip service to the  Kingdom, and be trying to live on mental food, and still digest the food of  the world on the mental level.  

Now:...Listen, Ephesians 2:1 'You hath he quickened, who were dead in  trespasses and sins.' This means that perception and consciousness which  were lost to Adam are still lost to you until he regenerated it by renewing  your mind.  

Now:..we do not say that men waling in the world cannot be subject to  temptation which is the mystery of Lucifers assault thru all the eyes, the  ears, and the senses, but he cannot tempt your spirit because he has no power to reach your spirit. The Spirit is already perfect, it has been begotten of God, and as we have told you before the spirit cannot sin...because  God's seed remains in you. But the error of thinking reaching the soul  which is resident in you, and you start to compile thru the senses without  spiritual guidance a way of operation and you are going to violate the  principals of law. Because instead of living by the spirit which belongs to  you as an inheritance you will live by the process of error received thru  the senses. Therefore this declaration is made here in the Scripture.  

Now: let us turn again to this parable..and Jesus said: Thou art my son..  ..lost, but now found. It is thus important that we recognize today that  Eternal Life is predicated upon the spirit. But God does not want a society  which is dead in error, or one sound asleep in apathy. He wants His  children to awaken, to challenge the darkness, to know who they are, to  proclaim the destiny which belongs to the earth thru the Kingdom.  

I want you to know this:...that all thru this process the parable talks  about the people in a far land. It talks about the world, about the harlots  and all of the darkness of the world. It talks about the non‑world of the  family. I want you to know that the family of God are those who are different and distinct, because His Spirit dwells in you, and thus you can be  activated by the Holy Spirit. It can be regenerated, it can be renewed, and  this is the most powerful force in your life.  

I want you as you go forth from here this afternoon to realize that there  is nothing more important for you to know...than that God will add the  essential ingredients to bring about the results he wants. This is not a  process of chance, it is a great declaration of purpose. And he has predestinated you to conform to the image of the son (his embodiment).   I think of the words of the Apostle Paul as he is talking of this process, and makes this declaration concerning your race. That they are a  great number, coming down thru all generations, and they are traveling  toward a new order, and a new destiny in the earth, and then he says:... if  they, who are strangers and pilgrims in the earth could remember how they  got here, and where they came from, they might have gone back.   Therefore  God placed that shield (veil) over them so they would not remember. But  there is no secret thing which shall not be made known. The children of  God's Spirit came forth from His presence into the world, and God is reactivating them to an awareness of it. He is restoring all they have lost,  and is empowering them. And I tell you this afternoon, that the Kingdom of  God is going to come...with great power, and great glory, and the greatest  hour which is ahead of the whole earth, is the great hour of the empowered  sons of God, adjusted by His Spirit, in a moment, in the twinkling of an  eye, adjusted to HIS purpose.  

I want to remove from mens thinking this idea that because God poured  such tremendous power of His Spirit into their environment, and climactically brings His whole family to the point where they think like He thinks,  and knowing like He knows, that they should be in opposition to that development of the World Order, on the grounds that they have been working on it  for a long time. If you have been working at the kingdom for the last 30  years then blessed are you in your knowledge of the Kingdom. If you have  put your shoulder to the wheel all your lifetime, from the hour of your  first recollection of spiritual awareness of the processes of God's Kingdom  ...happy that you have worked in it, then you should be infinitely more  happy for everyone who joins you. And you should be infinitely happy that  the Grace of God is going to bestow upon them the development which He is  bestowing on you.  

Now:..you aren't going to find just a few sons powerful, and some not so  powerful. You are going to have an all powerful family. We aren't going to  have any children we are ashamed of, or have any who do not measure up to  the standard. We are going to say:...this is how great the Grace of our God  really is.  

Someone said:...Oh! this is salvation. Yes, this is being saved, because  being saved is being brought out of error, and illuminated with Divine  knowledge and wisdom, by His Spirit...this is being saved. And therefore  when men are saved, they are saved from error, and are adjusted, for this  conscious revelation of Divine Truth...is being adjusted to know who you  are, and where you are, and what is going on.   One of these days the whole church (the Spiritual center of the Kingdom)  is going to understand that which they do not understand today, and they  will be activated as a great and powerful force.   We harbor no condemnation, nor are we passing on to you condemnations  that identify themselves....or condemnations of those who identify themselves with The Christ, and go as far as they know how.   

We point out to you that perfect knowledge as it relates to origin, and  destiny is very important, and these people will go further when they know  these things. I am going to tell you that they are all going to know....  some of these days.   I want to give you this passage again in closing because it is a passage  for this hour. It comes out of the writings of the Prophet Hosea, and most  of you have read it many times and are familiar with it:.....   'The number of the children of Israel shall be as the sands of the sea,  which cannot be numbered nor measured: and it shall come to pass; that in  the place where it was said unto them, Ye are not my people, (and they  called you Goyim, and Gentile, and even just a bunch of pagans, and tried to  give your heritage to Satan's children) but in that place where it was  said:...Ye are not my people, (where they are talking to the Israel of this  book),...In that place, it shall be said unto you...ye are the sons and the  daughters, the offspring...the progeny of the LIVING YAHWEH.'   If you know anything greater than that, which can thrill your soul any  more than that prophecy, then tell me because I want to enjoy what you know  ...SONS...DAUGHTERS OF THE LIVING YAHWEH. (God)              No one can take that from you, and even tho you wander away from the  table, still the spirit of God can bring you back to the table...and all  the time you are still a son.   Your responsibility and mine today is to wake sons out of their sleep.  Your program and mine is to bring in the Kingdom of the Father. But I am  glad to know that underneath are Everlasting Arms. I am glad to know that  The Father has the power to consummate all the things which by His Will He  has pre‑destinated. And to know also that from the beginning, He has determined that there shall be victory.  

In the course of things which are before us, America is going to need  great wisdom and knowledge, but God is going to supply all her needs. We  urge each one of you to bear witness to the Truth, and see how many you can  bring into contact with Truth. Let us take people out of darkness and  superstition, out of this idea of saved..then lost tomorrow, somewhere out  there when they die. Let us help people get found...help them find out  where home base really is.                                  End of Message.                                                                         .




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