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               IS DIVINE HEALING IN THE ATONEMENT? 1-13-65                                                                        By: Wesley A. Swift   


In our subject we are taking up the discussing of Divine Healing, is it  in the Atonement? When we move into the areas of Bible History, then this  is the history of God's people, for we are His Offspring. And this is the  volume which deals with the relationship of the House of God, and His  people. All of the things which have been said in Mystery, and all which  have been said openly, wisdom which has been hidden in allegory which can  only be understood by the guidance of the Spirit, wisdom which can be known  only by the House of God is in the Atonement.   

In the area of the records of this Book (the Bible), and in many of the  records not incorporated in it, we have the patterns of Divine History. We  have the areas which God intends to develop, and to carry forward for purposes in His Household. As we have cited to you in the past...in the days  when Adam and Eve were placed upon the face of the earth we discover they  were covered with...Shekinah Glory. We discover them as their Father who  had begotten Adam in His image, had covered them with Light and Glory. And  then put Adam into a deep sleep and formed Eve out of Adam, so that they  might both be of one flesh. We know that they were radiant and they were  glorious, and in such an hour they were perfect in their health because  they were covered with the Light of God's Spirit. We realize that the world  has seen the rise and fall of civilizations which had been involved in the  defeat of Lucifer, who was defeated in the heavens and driven into earth.  We know also from the writings in the Book of Enoch, and also from the  writings in the Book of Seth, that some of the remarkable factors recorded  were that even before our Race arrived, that Lucifer had been involved in  warfare in company with some of those who rebelled with him. That in the  course of their rebellion, and in their fighting, remember that there had  been a time when filling up the sum total of wisdom and knowledge, that  Lucifer had been highly intelligent, in the areas of his power. But he had  set aside some of his sons to work in the laboratories of darkness, and we  are told in the Book of Seth that they brought together and brewed up, in  the great kettles, the substances of earth, such as the grasses, and the  things of the wild fields. And as they let them stand and ferment an  Animalcule which was forming in them from the substances which were brought  together were bringing upon the earth the areas of darkness and despair.  Because as the protozoa, and new bacteria formed inside the cultures, and  produced new protozoa, and new bacteria, viruses, and germs. So Lucifer  brought into being, by mixing together, by forming and breeding together,  bacteria and protozoa as he seeks to destroy the structure of God's Kingdom  by wanting to integrate it.   

In fact today we have even in our laboratories in Colorado great medical  laboratories which are engaged in germ warfare. We are very carefully selecting strains of bacteria, and protozoa which we have set wild. And by  breeding and intermingling, and forming new bacteria and disease germs we  are producing diseases for which there is no area of protection against  them. There is no area which has experimented to find ways of protection  from the wild viruses we have made. Of course do not think we are the only  ones engaged in this, for the Soviet Union is also engaged in germ warfare  at this time. But note that the original germ warfare was started by  Lucifer. That when he started this germ warfare, they had mixed and brewed  together substances in the cauldrons which they referred to as sickness and  disease which they put upon the 'humors of the night', or upon the mist of  the night, and they would thus release these viruses and diseases, and thus  scatter them.    This was done before your Race was ever placed in earth, before the MOST  HIGH ever established your Household in the earth. Lucifer in his warfare  as it reached the Ancient Isles of the Sea, and the continents, in the  struggles which took place, was making disease germs. This was being done  by his sons...his loyal sons, in the laboratory of perdition.   

We of today can well see who his loyal sons are because at this time  even, they are known, but at that time they were all Asiatic, and African  and other types of Jews, but they were working on germ warfare. This type  of warfare produced diseases and sickness new in the earth. More than this  the patterns of destruction were always the ways of Lucifer. He is the god  of destruction, the god of darkness. We are told that he sends forth demon  forces to obsess men. We are told also under the doctrines revealed unto  Enoch that Satan could also send forth devils. And many of them were invisible, and many were visible. But they sought always to entrap men, to  cause injury to their bodies, and for diseases to beset them.   

Thus in the rebellion of the Archangel who became a devil, we find that  Lucifer in that rebellion became very, very busy creating havoc for the  human body. He has been behind every virus and every sickness, and every  evil disease. He has been in every area of catastrophe and trouble. And  with his gremlins of evil he has set up the conditions in which men find  themselves caught by accident or by sheer condition, in areas of pain.                Now:...when we find Adam and Eve being placed on the earth. They were  the Noble Household of THE MOST HIGH GOD, the first image of His Being, and  they walked the earth in Immortality, surrounded by Shekinah Glory, and by  the God of Light. We understand that these sons of Lucifer then came to  Lucifer and said:..we cannot stand the Light of Adam and Eve. Lucifer said:  ..I am working on that, for if I can bring about their fall, if they will  join themselves to our race, they will lose their Light and they will be  subject to our destruction, and we shall hold them prisoner forever.   

Well:..the capacity to remain immortal was dependent upon the sources of  'Immortality' which was the fact that they were spirit of God's Spirit, and  the Light and Shekinah Glory of that spirit covering their physical bodies  and this left them utterly immune to the sickness and disease provided by  Lucifer. Because the element of the Light of that radiant Aura not only  destroyed the disease germs and the sickness which came upon them, but also  the spirit which illuminated them, guided them into avoiding the areas of  catastrophe and judgment, and accident and trouble. But...Eve was seduced  by the source of the Luciferian attack, and then as she lost her Light,  Adam also chose to lose his, and sowed his seed into the Serpent woman...  Kali, the Mother of the Ganges, the wife of Lucifer, the consort of evil.   

Then God stepped back into the Garden again and called to Adam and Eve,  but Adam was hiding. Hiding because he did not want to face YAHWEH (God)  because he knew he had violated Divine Law. Finally God brought him out  from behind the trees where he was Hiding and tore off of him the tunic  covering of Lucifers Kingdom. This was a peculiar tunic, a golden tunic  like as to the tunic worn by Buddhist Priests of today, it was the woven  golden tunic of the Fig Leaf, not the typical leaves of the tree, but the  fabric was the woven golden tunic of the Fig Leaf. God, then, tore this  tunic off of Adam and covered him with skin. He killed the necessary sacrifice and covered both of them with skin...coated them with skin. But Adam  had now lost his Light. But God had said when He sent him forth in the beginning that HE would redeem him, that He would save him, that He would  carry out the activities He had intended and promised before the foundation  of the world. He had declared from the beginning that the race when they  came under the seduction of Lucifer, would fall, but that HE would redeem  the race, and set them in order. And so as He had declared that He was the  Lamb Slain before the foundation of the world, He revealed this also unto  Adam and declared it to him as well. He said:...out of the woman shall come  one who is my own embodiment who shall crush the serpent, who shall bruise  his head. I shall not let the Race be destroyed. I shall cleanse the womb.  I shall establish for me...a Household, and it shall be thru you, and thru  this Adamic Household. Thus from Adam down to Seth...7 gestations of the  womb...delivered by the Law of the Scripture as having cleansed again the  womb...we see this declaration.  And thus we see that under this declaration  that God promised the cleansing of Adam and Eve, and He promised the establishment of this His Household, His Race...the only white race upon the  face of the earth. And as we come into this Book of Genesis to where it  says:...that Adam begat Seth, it doesn't say anything about the other gestations which were between Cain and Able, and Seth because they were involved in all types of catastrophes, and none of them were sufficient for  the building of God's Kingdom.   

Now:...we have Seth, a direct descendent of Adam, and now Adam says of  Seth;...I have begat him in my own image, and after my own likeness. But we  discover that having lost the Light, now not enveloped in that 'Light'  would come constantly sickness and disease. The Scripture says:..'In the  day that thou eat, thou shall surely die'. Of course this day is like other  days, it was in error, but it was in the days of his lifetime that Adam  would know death. Whereas Adam and Eve had Immortality, now Adam would know  death, and at that he was 900+ years old before he died, but the fact remains that he was to know death, and the areas of his pain were well  marked.   

In the Ancient Book of Adam and Eve, then Adam comes to the gates of  Eden and he cries out unto God to heal his headache. Adam had a terrific  headache and he wanted to be heard, he wanted to be healed, he wanted God  to do something about it, because Adam knew that god was his Father. And  God said:..In 5400 years, I will do something about that situation, for  that is when I shall consummate the Atonement, on the Cross of Calvary....  your Atonement. 5400 years from now I shall come, embodied in the flesh,  and then I shall make the Atonement for you. Then Adam I shall heal thy  headache, and also thy sins. Of course this was in retrospect, it was but a  symbol of the problems that beset Adam.   

God who heard the prayers of His people throughout the areas of time of  the Old Testament had many times healed the sicknesses of His people. They  were told, especially in the days when God gave Moses the Law, in the hour  when there came down upon the Mount Sinai, the fullness of God with 10,000  of His Saints in judgement, and He bestowed upon His people the Law, and He  told His people:...if thou will diligently hearken to the voice of the LORD  thy God, and do that which is right in the sight, of HIM, and give ear to  His commandments and statutes, then none of the diseases which came upon  the Egyptians would come upon them. 'For I am the LORD who healeth thee.'  If you keep my Laws, and my commandments then none of the sicknesses which  came upon the Egyptians will nigh thee.   

This was a mighty declaration, and it was hinged upon the..if..of  keeping the law. But the law was only an area of substitute until the law  of the Spirit came into being. By this process we discover that the Unction  of God also provided an immunity to Israel. Remember that when the children  of Israel went out of the land of Goshen, and down to the Red Sea, that the  Shekinah Glory was over them. 3 million people without one lame, or blind  and without one single catastrophe went out. He was with them, before them,  behind them, and above them, and they went out these children of Israel in  perfect health.                If you granted that many people together for say a Basket Ball, or some  big sports even, you will probably get a few heart attacks, or something  wherein you would need a doctor. This is true even for the largest of the  Football games today. But the pattern is that three million people went out  of Goshen, and they walked to the Red Sea, and thru the wilderness, and  there wasn't a sick or a blind one in the group. Because God said:..'The  LORD thy god is here, and His presence can heal thee.' so we have the areas  of healing found in the Old Testament. In fact under the direction of the  Scriptures we discover that the 103 Psalm says:...'Bless the LORD O my  soul, and forget not all his benefits. Who forgiveth all thine iniquities,  who shall heal all thy diseases.' So again men could call upon God, and we  discover that the Psalmist and Moses as well as David cried out unto the  LORD and He healed their Diseases.   

In fact at the time when God took Moses, then Moses had passed his three  score years and ten, and was running on 4 score, but the LORD took him. Remember this now...Moses was taken...he did not die, because he was with  Elijah, and on the Mount of Transfiguration with Christ. Therefore he was  not in the Netherworld waiting for Christ, but had been taken into the  heavens as had Elijah. And it said that when he left at 82 his natural  force had not abated, he had vitality, virility, and he was strong, and he  was a vital man. God had healed him, taken care of him, and provided for  him in this matter.            

We discover that under the processes of the Atonement that many who  discussed the Atonement knew that it was the Restoration of Everything.  First the Atonement was going to place 'at one' all the House of God. It  was going to place 'at one' all the House of Israel. Some may not be conscious of it, but still it was going to be effective, for it would place  'at one' all the House of Israel. And all thru the Old Testament until that  Atonement came, they worshiped and served, thru the Tabernacle, thru sacrament, thru offerings, but they were to serve God. they served Him thru the  Priests of the Levites, and thru the Law, and thru the ordinances, and thru  the areas of the Tabernacle and the Temple. But they waited for the coming  of the MESSIAH. And Israel sang of the Greatness of Our God, to the Majesty  of His way. The Shekinah Glory of God was manifested as he showed Himself  unto His Prophets, as He appeared in the service of the Temple...'High and  lifted up' the Shekinah Glory became visible unto Israel. But under the  Prophets they were given a vertical dictation concerning the things that  were involved. The 53rd., Chapter of Isaiah said:...'Who has believed our  Report? To whom is the arm of the LORD revealed?' Then we are told:..'He  was wounded for our transgressions...bruised for our iniquity. The chastisement of our Peace was upon HIM, and by His stripes we are healed. BY HIS  STRIPES WE ARE HEALED. Therefore in the Atonement was the total coverage of  sin...sickness and death. Now this was in the Atonement, and it was anticipated as being in the Atonement, even before Christ came.                Now:..in the hour of Christ's coming we are told that the Angel spoke to  the Virgin Mary, telling her she would be with child of the Holy Spirit.  And this child would save His people from their sins. He would take the  throne of His father David, and He would rule. He would save His people  from their sins. Gabriel said as to this Messiah:...He would save his  people from their sins. And when Christ came who was God above all..because  the fullness of God (spirit) dwelt bodily in HIM, therefore as He walked  along the Sea of Galilee, as He preached the length and breadth of  Palestine. We have the facts of this case:..He went about all Galilee, He  taught in places of their assembling, He preached 'The Gospel of the  Kingdom', and He healed all manner of their diseases and sicknesses.   

Now:...this was not just an idle statement, and it isn't just placed  here in Scriptures just once. For we discover that in the Book of Matthew,  everywhere we turn inside the structure of this Book we find this same  story. For instance in the 9th chapter we read that Jesus went all about  preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom (Matthew 9:35). This then is the Gospel  we are preaching which is coming forth in the Latter Days. The Gospel of  the Kingdom is the story of the triumph of the Kingdom, of the victory of  the Kingdom over the powers of darkness.   

Thus in preaching this He healed all manners of their sickness, and  their diseases. We point out to you the records in the Book of Luke, for  here is an excellent testimony in the areas of Divine Healing. Because Luke  is a Doctor, a beloved Physician, and now not to many doctors may be called  a beloved Physician, but this man was called a beloved Physician...a good  Doctor. He applied himself to the knowledge of herbs, and to the areas of  medicine, and he was a good doctor, and he became a disciple of Christ, and  most interested in the things which occur. And he talks about the fact that  Jesus went about all Galilee, and He preached..the Gospel of the Kingdom..  and He healed all their sicknesses, and diseases, and they brought unto HIM  crowds of people who were sick, or had something wrong with them. And he  cast out demons and devils as He healed the sick, and of course, raised the  dead. In fact to show the acuteness of how HE was aware of every last individual, altho the throng crowded around him, we will give you another example. But first we do have the records of HIM healing the lepers, and we  have the story of the 10 lepers and how 9 of them never even came back to  thank Him, only one came back, and He said:...were not 10 of them cleansed,  where are the nine? But He also opened they eyes of the blind, and unstopped deaf ears, and without a question this was all within the miracle power  of God. This was no great wonder, for God, He had made the heavens and the  earth. He had put together the Universe, and put together every living  thing...or form. This was an act of the Most High which could be alone...  done in His Righteousness and His Glory. And so He healed the sick, and one  day as He was walking along, and crowds were coming up to Him then Jesus  said:..'Who touched me?' There was a woman who for 12 years had an issue of  blood, and she had spent all her livelihood, all her resources, all her  livelihood on Medical expenses, and now she came to Christ. And she came to  Christ and she said:...'O Lord, if I could only touch you..if I could only  touch the hem of your garment, I would know I would be healed. I am the one  who reached out to touch you.' And Jesus said:...'Daughter, you don't have  to be sorry, thy Faith hath made thee whole.' Luke records this, records  the fact that even the touch of His garment, as the virtue went out of Him,  that He was familiar with each, and every impact. That He knew each and  every element of energy and power that passed thru Him. But He healed the  sick, He raised the dead for this was His work.   

What was He...YAHSHUA...here for? He brought glad tidings of great joy  to the House of Israel. He was here to speak to His Household, as we speak  of what He was to do. We turn back into the Book of Matthew and we see that  He called His disciples and He gave them power to cast out unclean spirits,  and to heal all manner of sickness, all manners of diseases. He was here to  empower the establishment of the first organizational foundation of the  great new wave to rise in Israel...His Church. He was here also to carry  out the salvation of His people. He was here to redeem them, and in the  culmination of their recognition of Him, and the firmness of it, and it now  being implanted in the minds of the disciples and the people who were to  come after Him, to establish this tremendous vehicle which was His Church,  which would sweep thru the nations of His Kingdom and was to remain a most  powerful, spiritual influence. This accomplished....then He ascended into  the Heavens. For the Atonement was to transform the people in an amazing  way. Remember after His Resurrection that He talked with the many, He was  seen with 500, He talked with the disciples and they talked about the  things of the Kingdom. In fact we discover in the Book of Acts that as He  talked about the things of the Kingdom, and He talked of things that they  must do.   

Now:...as to this time we have had much in the areas of History. We have  had the development of the House of Israel, and their Prophets, and the  History unto this time. We have had the formation of His disciples, and we  have had the people who followed and who hung upon every word that He said.  And then after His Resurrection and the manifestation of His Glory, after  the disciples had witnessed this, then He said:...Now they can be trusted  to carry out my purpose. Thus we discover in the first chapter of the Book  of Acts, that this is true. And He therefore talked to them about things of  the Kingdom. And after He had showed Himself alive, and after His passion,  with the many infallible proofs which had been seen of course by all those  who had been assembled, and so forth, then He said remember this:...Ye  shall receive the Holy Spirit, and ye shall be witness unto me, both in  Jerusalem, and Judea, and Sumeria, and to the utter most parts of the  earth. But to do these they must receive the power of the Holy Spirit which  was promised unto them.   

In the 14th chapter of John., then Jesus said:..I will not leave you  comfortless, I will send upon you the Paraclete. This is actually the conscience intelligence of the knowingness of God. And He said:...when the  Spirit of Truth is come, He will bring you to the knowledge of all truth,  bring to you remembrance, and He will be the empowering force. You are the  people who can receive it,...the world cannot receive it, but you can receive it. And then He told them to go to the city of Jerusalem, and wait  there. He said:...tarry there until you (his disciples) be endowed with  this power from on high. Then we are told that a huge cloud was approaching  the Mount, and in it was the mighty craft which God rode in. He then entered the cloud, and as He entered, two men stepped out of the cloud and said:  ...Now, don't just stand there gazing at this cloud. You go back down to  Jerusalem and do exactly as He told you to do. Wait there until you will be  endowed with power from on high, because this same Jesus is going to come  back one of these days just like you saw Him go.   

Thus we read that the disciples returned to Jerusalem from the Mount of  Transfiguration...which is called Olivet, which from Jerusalem is called a  Sabbath days journey, and when they came to Jerusalem they went to the  upper room where abode Peter, James, and John and all of these others  listed, and there 70 people were gathered in that upper room. They were  praying and discussing and waiting for the power of God. And when the day  of Pentecost was fully come...and remember this happened on a Feast day,  and it has been linked with the day of Pentecost every since this acknowledgement of the power of God. But when the day of Pentecost had fully come  they were all in one accord, and all in one place. And suddenly there came  a sound from heaven as tho a rushing of a mighty wind. It filled the whole  house in which they were sitting. This was the official outpouring of God's  Holy Spirit. This was the re‑entry of Christ unto them...for He had told  them:..'I will send the Spirit...I will come unto you.'      

Now:..of course there was phenomena. There was as much phenomena in the  Shekinah Glory as it appeared..for it said:...there was the sound as of a  mighty rushing wind, and it filled the whole house, and there appeared unto  them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat on them, just like the fire  on the burning bush back in the days when Moses came to the bush. Whenever  the phenomena of the unction of Divine Spirit approaches any substance,  whether it be human flesh, or whether brush on a mountain, it glows with  the Shekinah Glory. It radiates with the energy and the power of it, be‑  cause the power of Spirit is greater, and more manifest then the substance  created. So they were reeling under the power of God. The cloven tongues  upon them, showed that they were filled with the Holy Spirit. And they  spoke in other tongues (languages) as the Spirit gave them utterance. There  were many men in Jerusalem who were of this stock of Israel, they came from  England, Germany, and all spots in the western world where Israel was now  found. And each and every one of these men spoke in the language of the  land where each man had come from, and all of them spoke Hebrew as well. If  this had been merely a matter of communications they could have listened to  the message in Hebrew. But suddenly as Peter, James, and John and these  others began to speak, they spoke in the tongue (languages) these people  were used to in the land from whence they came. And the people said:...what  a mystery, are not these men all Galileans, and yet we hear them speak in  our own tongue? It was tremendous trappings of the mighty outpouring of  God's Holy Spirit. The Atonement was consummated...the children of the Race  were not to receive the Holy Spirit of God. There was no limit as to what  the Spirit could accomplish in the program of God.   

Now:...the Apostles had the gift of healing, for Jesus had said:  ...I am going to give you the gift of healing, power over all demons, and  power to raise the dead and heal the sick. He said:...greater things than I  am doing, you are going to do when...or if you believe. But actually the  words were:...WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND. Because now was the area of the development, now of His Spirit upon them which would bring them this knowledge.  And so they had waited, and then the day of Pentecost was fully come, and  they were all in one place. And the first initial outpouring of the Holy  Spirit descended upon the New Testament Church which had been established  by Christ.   

Now:...we discover this Holy Spirit outpouring made a tremendous  difference. Peter who had been so afraid of being identified with Christ  before the Crucifixion had been so brave when he cut off the ear of the  servant of the High Priest, and then when God didn't deliver the whole situation He became fearful. But he was not the same Peter after being filled  with the Holy Spirit. Now he was a mighty and powerful orator. And thus we  see Peter and the other disciples rise to preach and everyone was amazed.  Peter said:...Ye men of Judea, and all of ye who dwell in Galilee...and all  others here today. And as he preached of the things concerning Christ and  the establishing of the Church, the Scriptures tell us that...The LORD  added to the Church daily such as should be saved. Here was a very hand  picked situation, for out of these thousands of people the Holy Spirit was  calling everyone of the Household of Israel. The Holy Spirit was calling  every one of those who were true Israelites. There wasn't a Jew among them.  Then as they proceeded later to go down to the Temple and speak, there was  a man seated outside the Temple who had been carried and placed there every  day since a youth. In fact since he had been born he had been paralysed in  his legs. And this man said:...'Alms'.  How often had he cried for Alms as  the rich scribes and Pharisees had passed by him. Oh, maybe he received a  coin now and then, but here he cried out to Peter and John. And Peter said:  ..silver and gold have I none. Yes the man had heard this before also, but  Peter then said:..'AS I have, I give to thee...In the name of YAHSHUA....  Jesus The Christ, rise up and walk'. And he took the hand of this man, and  raised him up. The man found the use of his legs and he ran into the Temple  leaping and shouting, and the people fell back in amazement. This is the  first miracle recorded in the Book of Acts. But this Book of Acts records  many, many miracles. We are told under this direction that at the hands of  the Apostles were signs and wonders following them. That they were all in  one accord on Solomon's Porch, and the believers were added to the LORD  daily as the disciples were preaching on the outside of the Temple. To the  disciples were brought, the sick, and the lame, even some brought on  couches so that even the shadow of Peter could fall on them. So great was  the power of the Church at that time...the Church..the Spiritual center of  the Kingdom.   

We are told all thru the Scriptures about this great power which came on  the Church. Why shouldn't the power be on the Church? There had been an  area of prophecy which related to this, for in the writings of the Prophet  Joel, it had been stated that God was going to restore this power the parasites had taken from us. One of those things taken which He was going to  restore was the outpouring of His Spirit when He put His life, and vitality  upon His Kingdom. He told of how, then, His young men and young women, and  his old men and old women were going to dream dreams and see visions. He  told of the power which was going to come. And as Joel prophesied of these  factors, we discover that Joel was very cognoscente of the fast and tremendous work that was going to be done by God. It says:..'Be not afraid ye  children of Zion, for HE hath given you the former rain moderately, and HE  will cause to come down, for you, the rain, the former rain and the latter  rain in the first month.'  Joel 2:23.   

As Peter arose to speak he said:..this is 'that' spoken of by the  Prophet Joel. This was the former rain alright, but it was not the latter  rain. This was the former rain alright for in His Atonement God had consummated the areas of Judgment. And had not only redeemed Israel from their  sins, but would also heal their diseases. We are to discover that under  the impact of what he had declared that the Church for 150 years had  miracle working power. This power included the raising of the dead, in fact  one man fell asleep and fell out the window while they were preaching, and  they went out and raised him from the dead. We are told of this also in the  Book of Acts. Of course the fellow didn't fall asleep after that when he  was in Church. But they healed the sick., they raised the dead, and with  Great Power...the Church performed. And the word was spread thru out the  length and breadth of the land as to the power of the Church.   

Of course the Jews were worried about this, and they tried to stop this  power, and they fought back, but they couldn't keep back the story of the  'powers' of the Church. After the first 150 years of the Church..and remember that there was no great communications system such as we have today,  nor written Bibles either. Remember also that the church in Rome became one  of the first to come into confusion because the Jews as they could not control the church, then some joined the church to destroy from the inside.  There was still in this hour areas of wisdom still with the church, but now  the Jews were standing inside and disputing the Scriptures and contending  the doctrines and were seeking to duplicate the areas of the Scriptures.  And by the time of 250 years after The Christ, the Jews were still in those  areas of trying to control and consolidate areas of doctrine. But the Holy  Scriptures as they had them in Rome were being slowly copied by men who  wanted to multiply and preserve the areas of Scripture. In fact for 600  years they were taking such Scriptures which later they canonized and  copied them, and copied them. Monks sat for hours and laboriously copied, in  their own hand writing these areas of Scripture. Just think of the hand  written Bibles of men of such devotion to the Word of God. Even tho as  little as they may have known of what they copied, still in their devotion  to it, they copied all their lives, these Scriptures so that we might have  the Scriptures which we do today.   

Still there was no doubt about the pattern of the Church, for... the  Church was alive. And in the areas of Britain where the Church was planted  on the Hides of land owned by Joseph of Arimathea, and in the Great  Abbetrys of Britain, then the Church was beginning to move out of Britain  and into Scandinavia, and into Central Europe. And even in the days of St.  Augustine, as he went up to Britain to evangelize, he was to say:...These  people are Christians, they have Churches, and the Word, we don't have  anything to bring them. The pattern of the church was that it had moved  into the areas of carrying forward the ordinances, and the areas of the  Sacrament. It was a powerful and Elite Clergy, but there was now no great  manifestation of Divine Power. In fact in the days of Martin Luther, in  areas where in the establishment of 'The Word' was maintained, then was  also heard 'The just shall live by Faith'. And they had the gift of wisdom  and the gift of discernment, and they stood fast by the Scriptures, but  there was no miracle of healing, no phenomena of prophecy, and the areas of  the Church were battling thru with Luther and with others to maintain the  areas of the doctrines. In the Time of the Wesley's, these brothers were  beginning to discover that 'The Holy Spirit'...this Abiding presence of God  wished to establish this area so that he could heal the sick and raise the  dead. John and Charles Wesley taught that a person might be healed if it  was God's Will, and they asked for His healing. And they felt that they  should lay hands on such persons and pray. The Christian missionary  alliance was then to come along and cite that healing was in the Scriptures  and in the Atonement as it well was. And that all who wanted Christ to heal  them should come forward, and they would lay hands on them, and pray for  them, and they would be healed. And of course as the various churches came  to the Light of the knowledge that healing was in the Scriptures, and they  had gotten away from the areas of disputing what was in the Scriptures, and  what had been canonized, or what they would be distributing, or circulate  then they moved forward in that area. Then from the days when the distribution of the Scriptures...as the Bible, then men everywhere were finding the  Scriptures. And peoples of Britain were then carrying the Gospel to the  ends of the earth. They carried the Gospel to their colonies, and the  nations such as Germany and Belgium were also carrying the Gospels everywhere they sent out their Evangels. All over, where ever the Western World  was located, it became Christian. It became Christian thru the love of the  Word, thru the preaching of the Word, but still there was....no Latter  Rain.   

Then we moved into the period of the 1900's and we were starting into  the Latter Days. We were coming up to the great stone of measure in the  Pyramid...The Great Step...and as we watched the measures we were to discover that people were ardently preaching the Gospel. They were sending out  the Evangel and winning people to Christ. They had the entire Race learning  about Christ...from their Mothers knee. They had read the Scriptures, and  re‑read the Scriptures, and still never came out with the whole vitality of  the Word. A few were preaching here and there that the 'healing' was in the  Scriptures, that it was in the Atonement. And many were now calling for the  Holy Spirit. And at this time there descended upon the church a great wave  of healing. As we have said:...The Christian Missionary Alliance and many  others had the great gifts of healing. There arose the areas of Pentecost  within our time, and then other movements came forward which predominated,  and they dwelt on the miracles of the Scriptures. They wanted to see the  miracles again, and then they became more concerned with the miracles than  they were with the gifts of healing, or the wisdom of the gift of Discernment, or the other gifts. But they wanted to have these gifts.   

Now:..do not think that this was alone in their areas that this had come  forward, for God has suddenly been pouring out His Spirit, the same as He  is pouring it out today on His sons and His daughters, on His young men and  women, and His old men and women, and He is now pouring out this 'Latter  Rain'. Thus we are now in the period of the Latter Rain, and it is going to  continue until the entirety of 'The Church' is filled with the Glory of  God. He bestowed upon men...gifts, and He tells us in the Book of Corinthians these things:...He said:...I want you to understand that there are a  diversity of Gifts..but the same Spirit. There are differences of Administration but the same LORD. (YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA). And then:...even tho differences of operation, still they all work for the consummation of God's Kingdom. But the manifestation of The Spirit is to give to everyone...a gift  of the Spirit, which will profit all. For to one is given by the Spirit the  word of Wisdom, to another the word of Knowledge...BY THE SAME SPIRIT. To  another...Faith, by the same Spirit, to another the gift of healing...by  the same Spirit. To another the working of Miracles, to another prophecy,  to another the discerning of spirits, to another Divers kinds of tongues,  and to another the interpretations of tongues. But these are all manifestations of the self‑same Spirit. For the Spirit dividing to every man....  severally at the Will of the Spirit. I Corinthians 12:11.   

Now:..there is no question about the fact that God has given many men  the gift of healing. I believe that every minister who believes in Divine  Healing becomes a recipient of healing. And the gift of healing moves out  of His Church as it should have, even thru the dark ages, and up thru the  Renaissance it was moving, altho it was not discerned. But it is here now  and it has been for some time. There are areas Scriptures which back this  up, for Jesus said:...if any two of you agree as to touching anything under  heaven, you can ask, and it can be done. He also gave unto His disciples...  power...but then after Pentecost they had power unlimited.   

The areas of unlimited power belonged unto His Disciples. And now here  in the Latter Days, and in this period of the 'Latter Rain' which is now  upon Israel, then God says:...I will send this upon Israel, and it will  come by the media which would be the proper place for it to come...The  Church. For the Church is the body of Christ in the world today, and there‑  fore we are of Israel, we are Israel, and the Church in the nations of  Israel is the body of Christ in the world today. We are told this in the  Scriptures:..Ye are the body of Christ, and the members in particular. And  God has set some to be ministers, and Apostles, and Prophets, and teachers  and they bring forth miracles, and healing, and help for governments in  diversities. But not all are Apostles, or Prophets, and not all have the  gift of healing, or the power of Miracles. Not all have these gifts, not  all speak in tongues (languages) of God,...no...but, each one of you have  some of these gifts.   

Now:...we may say that under this instance that the gift of healing is a  very vital gift. We have experienced many instances where we have prayed  for people, and they had Faith, and were healed. One man I remember about  20 years ago had a crushed back, and would have been permanently in a cast,  and we prayed for this man, and in three days they took the cast off, and  he was perfectly healed, and still is to this day. He was hurt working in a  mine, and this was one of the first experiences we had of Divine Healing  which went out from our praying. Altho we had witnessed cases of Divine  Healing...such as watching goiters melt away, as tho struck with a broom.  We had watched a man wo fell off the Sea Wall in Santa Barbara who had a  broken back and was in a cast, and he was healed, and they took off the  cast...and we have witnessed this. We saw a man struck by a street car, and  the blood was coming from his juggler vein, and he was prayed for, and the  blood flow stopped. When the ambulance arrived they wanted the man who had  lost the blood, but he was whole. We have witnessed all types of miraculous  healings...there has been all kinds of healing, but do not think for a  moment that we do not recognize the service of Doctors of the various  branches of healing, and the fine work that they are doing. There are many  cases in the Scriptures where people reached the areas of extremity and  there was no normal area of procedure...they were suffering, and they  wanted to be healed of there sickness, and God administered to them, and  healed them of their sickness and diseases. What happen to them? Take the  Apostle Paul, he was healed upon many occasions altho he had a blindness in  his eyes, and he kept writing bigger and bigger as he went on thru his  life. But he lived to a virtually ripe old age, and he talked about the  coming of the LORD, and the things he was going to witness, and then final‑  ly he said:...after I am gone write these things. But in his lifetime he  said:..I am fully aware, that I have a house in the heavens, a spiritual  house, and if this one be dissolved my consciousness will go into that  spiritual house not made by hands. But I don't want to die, I just want to  put on my Light. I just want to be swallowed up in Immortality, I just want  to do that.   

Then in those hours as he said:...'They are alive'...and here he thought  he would be alive as he wrote this. 'We who are alive are not going to  bring with him all the Elect who have ever been in the earth, and he is  going to raise the dead, and transform we who are alive and remain. In a  moment, in a twinkling of an eye, he is going to envelope us with Light,  and we are going to see as he sees, and knows, and we will be as Immortal  as The Christ.'   

Now:...yes, Paul died, and was laid away. Every individual healed by  Jesus with the exception of John, is dead and buried. But they were healed  during their lifetime. When they were under areas of great pain, they were  healed, when they called on the MOST HIGH GOD for assistance, in that time  and manner. But the pattern is that all thru this period, they have been  passing into the plane of spirit, and now we have arrived at the 'Latter  Days', and at the time in those Latter Days, for the 'Latter Rain' outpouring, and in this period of the Latter Rain outpouring there are now  millions living who will never die. And there is going to descend upon you  a quickening of your consciousness as well as your mortal body, because God  says:...I am going to do a short work of Righteousness, and then I am going  to come. He said:..I am going to present unto ME...a Church which doesn't  have a roof over it. A Church which doesn't have a spot, or a blemish, so  great will be the healing work of our God.   

This work will arise thru His Church, thru His Ministry, arise thru  people who call for prayer, call for activity, call for His Truth. For even  in this hour one of the greatest waves of development is that the Gospel of  the Kingdom is again being preached. It has been preached thru out all this  area of time, but now it is going thru the area of a vast expansion of  moving out. People are coming back to the consciousness of who they are,  and what they are, and they are being called to the recognition as to the  difference in the sons of God, and the rest of the world. And they will recognize in this day of the Latter Rain...this difference. He said:..the  former rain was by measure, but now I am going to pour out upon my sons and  daughters this 'Latter Rain', and there will be no measure to it. This is  the declaration of the MOST HIGH GOD.    

We turn to the Book of Malachi 4:2., and there is this statement concerning the Day of Messiah:...'Unto you that Love my name shall the sun of  righteousness arise with healing in his wings.'  'And ye shall go forth and  grow as calves of a stall, and ye shall tread down the wicked; for they  shall be as ashes under the soles of your feet...in the day that I do  this.'  Thus saith YAHWEH OF HOSTS.'   

So in this climatic hour when the triumphant hour comes..as Christ  returns...which is soon to be upon us, then He will come in as the LORD of  Righteousness with healing in His wings, and he has promised for that time  ...the perfection of His Race...His Household in that day.   

In his hour, as were the Apostles in their time, we are cognizant of the  fact that God has bestowed upon many of His ministers, the gift of healing.  He has bestowed the areas of prophecy, and the gifts of discernment, and  some have one gift and some another. God says:...I give this gift to one,  and that gift to another, but the Holy Spirit has descended upon every last  believer, and it will come upon all Israel, because God hath ordained it.  But these are the gifts of the Spirit, and therefore we can say that healing is under the Atonement. One of the things God did in that Atonement...  He made...altogether a complete and perfect sacrifice for all the transgressions. He restored back to us the right to life, and He is coming to  restore upon the entire Household the fullness of Glory, until the Scripture will be fulfilled in which He says:...arise and shine thy light has  come, and the Glory of God has risen upon you. And we shall see forever...  then no more tears, no sorrow, no pain, and no anxiety.   

As these things come to pass we may by Faith know that what was happening in the early days of the Church can be duplicated, and a whole lot  more, and it shall be done for this is the hour. We do not think that this  calls for big shows held down in the Shrine Auditorium or tremendous mass  meetings where the whole meeting is given over to mass healings. Some of  these men with gifts of healing may be alright but they also may not be  given any area of discernment in other areas of Scripture. But the fact  remains that we continue to pray for the sick, we will continue to try to  answer the cry of the person who comes, and we will pray for this one, and  we will see more manifestation of this, because now...it is the whole  Gospel which will be preached.   

It is the Gospel of the Kingdom which preaches the advocacy of the  purposes of God. In this day the demon spirits will be cast out, and no  longer will they mongrelize your Race. No longer will they integrate your  society and cause Faith to be swept away from the earth. Because God has  lifted up His voice, He has raised up His ministers and has called for His  Elect.                                    (End of Message)        .




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