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                                                WHAT THE FATHER HAS PLANTED  1-16-65

                                                By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift


            We turn to the words of Jesus in the 15th., chapter of the Book of  Matthew, and we point out this factor which Jesus addressed His to:...  Verse 13., 'Every plant which my heavenly Father hath not planted shall be  rooted up.' The actual translation is:...Every plant that the heavenly Spirit has not  planted shall be rooted up.

Now: Jesus was not talking to the people blindly he was simply stating an accurate fact. For he had already told the disciples concerning the magnitude, the purposes of God's plan, and of the  strength of His Kingdom. And He cited that every good seed that had been  planted was planted by The Father, and He had told them of 'tare' time, and  of the great Mysteries that were involved in 'tare' time. He had cited when  talking about this that the field was the world, and His planting was the  embodiment of God, and of the Eternal Father (FATHER). He explained to them  how He had sown His seed into the world, and that they were the good seed,  the children of the Kingdom. And He also tells of how the Angels, and Administering Spirits came to the Father and said:...There are tares in the  field..Behold! there are tares in the field. Then Jesus said:..I did not  plant this seed, for they are the children of the wicked one. They are the  offspring, the progeny of Evil.

            Today there are many, many ministers who disallow that there is any possibility that there is any progeny of Lucifer. That there is any capacity  for Lucifer or fallen Angels to have any progeny because Angels were without sex or gender. I don't know where they hatched this concept for there  is no value to this. Besides it doesn't make any difference anyhow because  the Angels didn't keep their first estate according to the Book of Jude.  Not only did they not keep their first estate, but they co‑mingled with  children of men and women, and in the Book of Genesis it tells us that  these Nephilin co‑mingled with women of earth, and produced great giants  ...monsters before there was any segregation of their mutations. The Most  High speaks about these progeny of the wicked ones, and says: 'Every thought  out of them was evil continually.'

            Thus we are to note that God speaks about this matter and talking to His  disciples He says:..The enemy planted the tares. And the Angels said:...  then lets take the tares out right now. But when the wheat is coming up,  and tares are in the wheat they look green as well as the wheat, and you  would destroy most of the wheat trying to get the tares out. So the Father  says:...No, let them grow with the wheat, until the time of the end, for  they will turn red, and then we can pluck up the tares. The wheat will turn  golden, and the tares will turn red, and there will be a great difference.  Then we can gather out the tares, and then gather the wheat unto us.  

Jesus wanted to emphasize this so to the disciples standing there as well  as others He said:..Every plant which the Celestial Spirit did not plant,  shall be plucked up..by the roots. Today we have a strange area of pacifism  moving out of the Church. This peculiar policy of pacifism is not of God,  for God is not a pacifist. Did you know that God is not a pacifist? People  say: yes, but...we have the Scripture that God is the Prince of Peace, but  also you find that God is a man of war. He wants peace with righteousness,  and with justice. He wants the peace which passes over men when they become adjusted to the pattern of His laws, and to His purposes. But we have  today a strange policy of Peace...we have the World Council of Churches and  the National Council of Churches and they want us to join with all people  of all religions and all races, and have Peace. They made a great call the  other day, and one thing they said was:...that we must recognize that we  are all brothers..all races, all colors, all creeds are all the children  from one father. Even tho each religion approaches God differently, they  may have many gods, and many fathers, but in the general fatherhood of  Deity, all men are brothers, and all concepts of religion are from a common  set of fathers...or father.

So:...there the great church organization which  had held that mighty pattern that Jesus Christ was the embodiment of God,  and that God thus came in the flesh for redemption, and for the purpose of  the creation, and for the patterns of His greatness have now turned to tell  us:...accept Buddhism, Hinduism, Bramah, Vishnu, Siva, and Kali, and cite  that these are all of the gods men worship, and all of these are reaching  back to the fatherhood of God, therefore we are all brothers with one  father.

            I want you to know that Jesus didn't say this, Jesus said:...'I am of the  father (the great spirit) and you are of your father.' I am out of Agra‑Pneumas, the great creative spirit of the Most High, that is My Spirit. And  He said: Ye are of your father, and the lusts of your father ye will do.  But He said that to the Jews.

            One of the most amazing patterns of History is that Jews have created so  much of this trouble we see coming upon the white Christian world. They  have gobbled up economics, they have moved into nations to become the  economic masters as they swindle the people out of their money. They are  behind socialism and world communism, and they are behind the mongrelization, and integration of all the races. And people then look at them, and  the churches say:..these are the chosen people so bless them no matter what  they do.  But God said:..I didn't choose them, for how could I choose them?  they didn't move out of My Kingdom, they are not a people that I planted.  But every last one of the Adamic people, every child of Israel is a child  of God. He was begotten in the spiritual plane, and he was begotten in the  Adamic race, and has come out of the Father.  As for..they..they have one  father, the same as you have one Father..and your Father is YAHWEH, the  ALMIGHTY ONE. Then of these Jews He was speaking to, this was not true of  them for He said:..'Ye are of your father the devil.7

            Now: the moment you say this then the whole group of churches will come  out and say: Oh! No! these are the chosen people of God. Why do they say  this? Because God said: I have chosen Israel, and I have set Israel above  everyone on the face of the earth. They are the Holy Seed which emerged out  of me, and people do not know the difference in Israel and Jew. Now:... The  Holy Seed..the children of His Kingdom..His race have emerged out of the  House of God. They are the seed of His planting before the foundation of  the world. But this other force which was a monstrosity at best, was the  Luciferian sowing of the fallen Angels and Lucifers house, sown among the  nations of the world. They sowed them among the Asiatics and among the  Islanders of the earth. They tried in all ways to sow them among your race,  and the seduction of Eve produced Cain, but the Scriptures say that Cain is  the progeny of the Wicked One (I John 3:12). How many are there even inside  The Gospel of the Kingdom who don't realize this as they read that Cain was  the progeny of The Wicked One. They don't understand the Mysteries that  Jesus spoke about when in His humanity He said when praying unto the Spirit  that filled the heavens and the earth, and that was His Spirit also. But He  said:..Father (Great Spirit) I have kept all those thou has given me, none  is lost except the son of Perdition...the son of Lucifer, so that the  Scripture might be fulfilled. He was talking about Judas of Iscariot who  was one of his followers. Jesus said of them:...'I have chosen you 12 and  one of you is a devil.'

            So we hear of Pacifism, and we hear ministers who are preaching pacifism,  but God is not inciting His people to pacifism. The Pope is demonstrating  what a fraud he is also. There have been popes inside of that church who  have been white and Christian, and I think one of the first Popes they ever  had was Pope Pius who died. I think Pope John was a sort of a peasant in  that position, but this Pope (Paul VI) is 1/2 Jew, and he is the last man  who should ever be the head of any church. Did you hear what he said:...I  am in great grief, my heart is flowing with tears, I can't hardly bear to  hear how Rhodesia has executed about 6 million.

Now, you say, but this was  terrible, what about humanity...humanism? Well these Mau Mau's, these  Negroes had fought with the settlers, and with the natives and they were  all guilty of murder. We didn't have to worry about the socialist government using its influence, and this demonstrated that Rhodesia is still under  control of the British Empire, and they said:...we are going to free these  Negroes and give them pardons, and the Queen therefore wrote a pardon for  all these Negro murderers. But Rhodesia said:..now look we have already  said that we are going to be independent, we recognize the Queen, but we  are going to have the Queen step in here and free these Negroes...so they  took them out and hung them. Then along comes the Pope and we are filled  with tears of grief...why? Because Rhodesia hung these murderers.   This again just demonstrated that these people are not of the proper seed  line. This Pope can't trace his seed line back to the seed of God. Did you  know that the Catholic Church likes to trace its seed line of the ministry  especially back to God, and they say they only had one church, and one of  Apostles from the day that Christ ordained the Apostles to preach the Word.  They say that the Catholic Church was the start of the Church, but that  isn't exactly the start. As every Christian minister on the face of the  earth was ordained by someone, who was ordained by someone, who started out  as disciples of the original church. Thus the Catholics have no corner on  the ordination. But at no time did God ordain Satan's children..at no time.   Everyone of the disciples were Galileans, and men of Judea, except one  whom Jesus made quite clear as to who he was..pointing out that he was the  progeny of Satan.

            Now: we have a Pope who is 1/2 the progeny of Lucifer, and I want you to  know that he is a Mongrel, for his mother was a Jewess, and he doesn't belong in his job. In fact it would take 10 generations of absolute pure  breeding back before anyone could qualify to stand in the Holy Temple as a  Priest of God, who had his Jewish connection. Again God speaks out, but  then the enemy also speaks out, always against the things of God, and so it  is again that we have the National Council of Churches speaking out:...We  will have one God, one Father, for all gods are from the one father, and of  course this is the same type of fallacy which we are getting at this time.  

Now; I want to point out to you that God said: we would have strange developments transpire, then He said:...I am going to pour out my Spirit upon  my sons and my daughters, and upon my ministering spirits, and we will take  a look at the field (world). Because it is getting close to harvest time.  We are getting close to the time when the Kingdom is going to develop. One  thing we are going to do is remove out of the Kingdom every plant not  planted by YAHWEH, as He planted His seed in the earth. As far as the timing is concerned...of the original creation of the earth as God created  them..male and female, this is not what He is talking about, this is His  creation. He is talking about plants which were not planted at all, by the  hand of the Father. This means organized Jewry, which is a mongrel offspring of fallen Angels which produced unusual and unassimmatable people on  the face of the earth. God say:..this is the evil plant, that I am going to  pluck up by its roots from the face of the earth. So we have to face the  fact that people are walking up as God calls people on the right, and they  are speaking out about this evil plant. The right wing is stirring up and  the Jewish newspapers are saying:...we must strike out, for there is a  revolution brewing. We must move the Hippies, the Negroes, and stop this  movement of the right wing. And did you notice that now there is something  else going on, the Mexicans are being united...the Mexican peasants are  being united with the Negro for a violent revolution and overthrow of your  country. They cited that just this week, that the Mexicans are being united  with the Negro for this purpose.

            Now: there may be lots of Mexicans who will not go in for this because a  lot of the Mexicans don't have any great love for the Negro, or the Negro  for the Mexicans. But now the Jews are moving in to stir up the Mexicans  and tell them they have to join with the Nero to rise up and come against  this great nation of God's Kingdom. So now, we note this minority people  are being used to join with the Negro to rise up for war, and for trouble.   Then God speaks out and He said:..'Every plant that was not planted by  the Spirit is going to be plucked up.'...So, there was not one Negro planted in the earth, did you know that? The Negroes came on the ships of  Lucifer, during their battle against God, and they were taken out of the  Milky Way, and according to Enoch these were the dark and curly headed  ones who came in on the ships of Lucifer, as his axmen and swordsmen. Then  Lucifer started the mongrelization of the world, as he sought to violate  the Laws of God. But we have God saying:...this plant will be plucked up  ...so one of these days there will not be a Negro, not only in the U.S. but  also on the whole face of the earth. They will go back to their area of the  Milky Way where they came from. They will be separated from you. God said:  ...every plant not planted by the Father is to be rooted up..and rooted  out. Thus the Jews and Negroes have a lot in common, for one is mongrelized  into existence in the earth, and the other was transplanted in a war which  was against God. When we see these situation we can assure you that when  God begins to stir His people...then His people begin to say:..this thing  has got to stop.

            Even Mr. Nixon came out this week and he said:...I am against this report  by the Presidents commission. We are not going to accept the blame for the  Negro riots. They tell us that it will be a long hot summer, with lots of  riots, and lots of force. He said:..there is just one thing to do with this  kind of force...if they rise up with force, we will meet them with force.   Thus it is that this rolling of the minorities together for mischief is  being set back.

            This design to mongrelize the world is being repudiated by the children  of the Kingdom. That is the reason why as they repudiate this, comes the  rising of the standard, and it gathers together the people in your cities  as well as in Britain, as they stand against the mongrelization of your  race. This is the world program of the Anti‑Christ, the world program of  the United Nations. And this world program of mongrelization and integration has confused the white race, and caused it to reduce its standards.  This is the one thing that God has cursed.

            He said: I will bring this to an end..to truition. I will pour out My  Spirit, I will challenge my people until they will feel a tremendous  working desire to do the Will of their Father, and the work of the Kingdom.   When I call they will hear My voice, and then He says:...'My sheep hear  my voice, I give them Eternal Life, and they shall never fall.'   So remember that God is not calling for Pacifism, He is calling for a  firm hand, in the Kingdom. And what He did not plant must be plucked up...  out of the Kingdom. It must be sent away, it must be deported from America  or if it seeks to destroy...if it seeks the destruction of America it must  be destroyed...in the ground which it seeks to destroy.

            So as we see these situations, again, we can say:...Thanks be unto God as  He say:..I have segregated, and separated you from all the peoples on the  face of the earth, so that out of you can come the progress, and the great  cultures, and the great civilizations of tomorrow. So that you arise a  benefit to the rest of the world, when you are geared to the inspiration of  God and to the Power of His Holy Spirit.

            Every plant...all of Satan's sowing in the earth, all of his mongrelization, and mutations shall be lifted away from earth, and into the  hands of  the Most High.

            So as they seek to destroy you, then you should battle until victory for  the program of God's Kingdom.



                                End of Message.







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