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                                                              THE ELECT OF GOD     1-18-65



As we consider our subject, I want you to know that we have had areas of  ecclesiastical error, and much of this error has been tied of course back  into the various institutions inside the Christian church who have thought  to interpret the content of the Scripture according to the desire of some  of those in their areas of leadership who wanted Priestly authority or  ministerial authority, and wanted concept of God and the program of God,  which was not in keeping with the word of God itself, but in their  interest. Because of this we have had a lot of strange conclusions which  have taken place within areas of our Faith. We are in the climactic period,  at the end of an age. We are in the period of time when every secret thing  shall be made known. We are in the hour when the spirit of God is going to  bring out a greater understanding of the pattern of the past, and of the  tomorrows than at any time in all our history. And in the course of these  patterns the Truths of God will not only emerge, but they are emerging for  the understanding of God's people beyond anything which has happened in the  past. And God has raised up ministers for this purpose, and he is unveiling  the content of His Word for this purpose.  

We are therefore concerned with only one thing and that is that we  coordinate our thinking with the knowledge of God, the purposes of God, and  the works of God. We are not concerned as to whether we are in agreement  with the enemies of God, and his kingdom. In fact if we have their friend‑  ship while they are in hostility to our God we should be ashamed of ourselves.   This idea that we have a great ecumenical responsibility that we must  join together all facts or philosophy, and all Faiths, and find some least  common denominator for men to follow is a fallacy. I have found that which  I will follow, and we will not amalgamate it with error. We will follow not  only the Truth of God, and the identity of God, and carry out our responsibilities as children of God until we come to the conclusion which God has  ordained.  

There will never be friendship between the Church of Jesus Christ and  Buddhism, or Hinduism. There will never be friendship between the followers  of Light and the Witchdoctors of the Swami. There will never be a coordination between righteousness and evil. There will be a triumph of righteousness over the darkness, a triumph of Truth over error, and there shall be  the supreme authority of Gods Kingdom over ever lesser force, and every  area of power which exists in the earth and thru out this solar system as  it is in the Universe outside. For this we pray...'Thy Kingdom come, Thy  will be done in earth as it is in heaven'. In earth as it is thru out the  vastness of the sidereal system beyond....and so shall it be.  

Never have we witnessed a more vicious period, more opposition, more  actual hatred against the things of God than we see today. The world owes  all its progress and all its advancement out of darkness and superstition,  to the leadership of the sons of God who have placed it in the earth  because of their areas and capacities of reception, and understanding. When  we talk about the ELECT OF GOD it is because this is a Biblical word of  semantics scattered thru out the Scriptures. We point out to you that the  Apostle Peter makes the statement that he was an Apostle of YAHSHUA, Jesus,  and he wrote to strangers scattered thru out Pontus, Galatic, Cappadocia,  Asia, and Bithyna, ELECT according to the foreknowledge of God the Father.  I Peter 1:2.  When the Apostle says strangers he is referring to them as  strangers in the earth.  

In the Book of Hebrews, the Apostle Paul after his trip into the heavens  talks about your race. He talks about the Patriarchs of our race and their  Faith, and he says:...these are strangers and pilgrims on the earth, but of  whom the earth was not worthy. And if they could have remembered from  whence they came they would have gone back. But for this purpose God had  clothed them in flesh and brought a forgetfulness on their past, until they  had developed sufficiently in their new environment, so that they would  finish the task he had sent them to do. It isn't any problem for a person  to get back into the Celestial plane, so no wonder the procedure was by  death. No wonder then that God placed such a determination in men to stay  as long as they can, because if he didn't have this determination to live,  and to stay here then he would go back where he came from, because there  are a lot of things unsatisfactory here when compared to the pattern of  Celestial planes and the program of spirit.   If the Celestial areas and the Universe on the outside, even in its  physical contribution, and in the sidereal systems beyond were not in  better coordination than this one you wouldn't have been taught to pray:...   'Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven'.   Panoramas of the future are expanding unto what we have known before and  what we will know once again. But it is bringing a portion of the Universe  back into its proper relationship with God, and then is moving into that  great development which eye hath not seen or ear heard, to those who love  HIM. It is the vistas of yesterday which the Spirit of God can bring back  to our remembrance. One of the things that the Holy Spirit brings back with  its energy is this Knowledge and Wisdom of the Father. This Paraclete, this  creative wisdom and understanding unto the consciousness of His children.  He  said it will bring all things to your remembrance as well as lead you to  the knowledge of all Truth. And even 'The spirit of truth that the world  cannot receive.'  

All the Evangelists of the world out of all the Evangelistic systems of  the world, with all the concepts they may have had in the religious  foundations of their organizations, cannot go out and bring to the consciousness of the world, that which they cannot absorb. All the preachers of  the world cannot send the spirit of the Living God upon that which has no  capacity to receive it, or has no ability to understand.  

You say:...anybody can understand...No! Jesus said:...the spirit which  the world cannot receive, and you cannot make the world order receive it.  But there is one thing that you can do...you can rule that world order in  righteousness...you can instruct it, and you can train it, and develop it.  

When you talk about these strangers....we are the strangers in earth whom  the earth was not worthy of. But we are to occupy this earth, for it is Our  Fathers world, and he has given it unto you, as an area of responsibility,  and He has given you the authority to carry out His words. He says I have  given the power, and even the keys of the kingdom. So what ever things ye  bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and what so ever loose on earth  shall be loosed in heaven. Matthew 1:18.  He said: I have give ye the  power, and I have given ye even the keys to the kingdom, so what so ever ye  bind shall be bound, and I shall bind them in the heavenlies as ye bind  them in earth.  

We are not a bit disturbed as to whether God can lick the devil. A lot of  people are inclined to think that it is a tug of war, and in the meantime  there are a lot of casualties, with God losing souls and the devil is  capturing them and getting more souls than God. The other day I heard a  minister moaning over the radio and he was saying that most of the people  were going the wrong way, and God was going to lose most of them. And God  would only get a few of them back, and that would be the little tiny flock.  See....poor God, He can run a Universe and hold it together but He can't  carry out His own whims, and He can't do the things He desires and especially He can't have the people that He loves...His own family, because He  just can't beat the devil. If people would stop exalting the devil and  start occupying the earth we would make some changes. Because I am going to  tell you that the devil has been defeated in space, and thrown out by  Michael the Archangel. He has been defeated in the Netherworld by Christ  after His Crucifixion, and with the power of His Resurrection. And we are  going to run him off the earth.   ELECT OF GOD...The Apostle Paul writing in the Book of Romans refers to  God's Elect. In fact he said:...who can lay any charge to God's Elect? For  ...'those He did foreknow, He did predetermine, or predestinate, that they  were going to conform in earth to the image of His own embodiment. Romans  8:29. That they were going to rise to the very status of God when He walked  the earth, as far as this image of power and ability. The Elect of God,  according to His foreknowledge. The Apostle Paul said:...those he did  foreknow, he did predetermine. When were you foreknown? Someone said:..but  this is just in the plan of God. NO. Because He didn't just talk to His  plan. He said:..those He did foreknow...those with whom He had made  covenants, and promises with and those whom He told you of these things, and  then told you He could bring it all back to your remembrance. There isn't  anyone in this audience, unless there is a Cainite here in sheeps clothing,  who was not with the Father before the world was framed. We sometimes have  limited our thinking to the areas of concept concerning the antiquities of  earth. It is not important for you to make your theology match up to ignorance. But it is important that you make your theology, or philosophy of  your whole way of living, match up to the expansion of absolute wisdom and  knowledge.  

We aren't going to try to compress the world into six thousand years...  six thousand days. This is for idiots. We aren't going to say that the  world is just that old. This Bible wasn't designed and put together just to  make you think in error. The Scriptures we have here of the Old Testament  is only a compilation of Books, each one inspired as God inspired the     writer to put them together. And if we had all the Books God inspired men  to write we would be smarter than we are today. We call these Books bound  together the Scriptures, and they were Scriptures while they were in  scrolls. And I believe every word that comes out of the mouth of God, which  these Scriptures contain. But I don't believe anything which God didn't say  and men try to twist and say that He said. You say what do you mean by  this? Well every time they make a pass at this Bible they try to translate  it and make it different, so that it comes out the way they want it to. You  say:...but they intend well. But they intend well out of ignorance, or out  of some fetish and development. But there is ONE uncontestable area of  truth contained in this Book...and that is:......   A people sent from heaven to earth to build a Kingdom. Who were to occupy  an old world, an ancient world, a world which had catastrophes and falls  and civilizations which had been rocked and torn and twisted by a fallen  Archangel and all his degenerating hosts which were once with Him. But God  was so Great a God that He would not let any parts of His Universe remain  in that condition. And He selected the toughest part of the Universe, for a  training spot for HIS Children, and this was the occupation of the earth,  for the triumph over evil.  

I want you to know that there is not a one of the family of God who is  unknown to the Father, whose name is not written in the records of the  Kingdom of God with a fiery stencil of the Spirit. And today I want you to  know that those names are in the Lambs Book of Life. For in their physical  occupancy of the earth where they had violated the principals of Law, and  in the areas of the casualties of Satanic struggle. But the Lamb was the  identity by which God made Himself the symbol of His sacrifice. He was  going to set all of His children free, and guarantee the perpetuity of  Eternal Life, and the power of Resurrection, and the synthesis of all  spiritual forces. And so every last one of His Celestial children to be  born in the cycles of earth, and to dwell in the earth itself, out of the  very household of the Adamic race, their names had been written in the  Lambs Book of Life, from before the foundation of the world.   There is one thing we are forced to understand, and if we are to  understand anything in this area of developing a philosophy of truth and a  knowledge that will penetrate our consciousness until it adjusts out  thinking in relationship to every process of living...that our Father was  the Eternal, Indestructible, always existent, ever creating, ever forming,  ever making...YAHWEH‑God. That we haven't the capacity in our minds to see  for instance the numerals, or even name the numbers, and to find some area  to name them. If we were to number them by the cycles of time..by years..  you could go on into the billions, and the trillions, and you couldn't find  enough words in mathematics to name the time elements of the periods over  which MY Father has been creating. And when you got back to that farthest  perimeter, you discover that if you could stack all these numbers over  again that it was just a cycle on the passing of events, because MY Father  has always existed, and always been creating, and always will be creating,  and always will determine tomorrows destiny.   And that...in these plane of spirit out of these very areas of light from  which the very substance of a physical Universe has been ordained and  governed, that out of that very area of Spirit, just as tangible as this  one is, and just as solid as this one is in its wave length. The Eternal  Father who is Eternal Spirit in form and personality, and being....had  begotten a household of his own sons and daughters.  

Everyone of you seated in this room today can say:...'Our Father which  art in that plane of spirit, hallowed be thy name.' Then say:..'Thy Kingdom  come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven'. How to few of His  race ever say:..How did I get Here? How is it then that I am down here, and  He is up there? It is then quite obvious that this being true...you were in  spirit before you were in flesh...you were begotten in spirit before you  were in flesh. You are a 'TWICE BORN' people, you were begotten from above  and begotten on earth.   if some one wants to know how you can participate in the kingdom of  heaven, that is it, you must be 'Twice Born'...born from above and born in  earth...born of the spirit, and of the breaking of the water thru natural  birth. All the mental gymnastics of the world can't change this. You were  the Elect of God, and this means that God determined which of you would  dwell in earth, He elected and selected you for this task. And your  entrance into this world is by the process of birth, into the Adamic race,  and was known to the Father from the beginning. Thus under the instances of  His foreknowledge you were His Elect. No wonder the Apostle Paul over here  in Romans says:...who shall lay any charge to God's Elect. It is God that  justifies for those He did predetermine, predestinated. Those are the ones  He called and those he called He justified and the ones He justified He is  going to glorify.  

Then the Apostle Paul goes on to say:...what shall we then say...if God  be for us who can be against us? Devils, and enemies of the Kingdom. But He  spared not his own embodiment that He might do all these things, and freely  give unto us our liberties, and our freedom...so who is he that condemns?   The only power that can condemn you would be God himself, and he would  have to do that in his embodied form, in this physical area. Because he  came down and triumphed over all areas in which men would err. He alone the  Embodied God, the Eternal Christ would be the only one who could make condemnation on the areas of error performed by his own children on this  earth. What does the Scripture say:...therefore the only one who could  condemn would be THE CHRIST, who dies, yet rather who has risen, and has  the scepter hand of authority again in the heavens. And in His humanity is  in constant intercession...for you. SO HE IS NOT CONDEMNING. 'who could  separate us from the love of God? Neither the tribulations you go thru, or  the distress, or the persecutions, nor natural  conditions, nor famine, nor  nakedness, nor peril, nor sword.' For it is written that we could be slain  in the battles of the Kingdom just like sheep are slain in the slaughter.  But it doesn't change the fact that we are a child of the spirit. It does  not change the fact that we are still the Elect of God.   Now; what does the Apostle Paul say in Romans 8:37...'In all these things  we are more than conquerors.' Thru this Eternal God who loves us. And then  the Apostle Paul said that he was persuaded that neither death, or life,  nor angels, or principalities, nor powers can separate us. Here the great  theologian Paul is speaking, and he was a semantics who talked virtually  every language of his time in a civilized world. He had been taken into the  heavens and given special training and education by God. Then sent back to  earth to write to the church and to the nation. Then the Apostle Paul said:  Now I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things past, nor things to come, nor any other thing  would ever be able to separate us from the love of the Mighty God which was  made manifest in His own embodiment. Because we are not only the children  of God but His spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are offspring  of God, thus says the Apostle Paul. And he also makes it clear that we are  God's Elect, according to His foreknowledge.   I note that ever once in a while that as Paul writes he writes to Israel,  to the Elect of God. That this area of God's foreknowledge is referred to  also by Peter, as well as the Apostle Paul. It was very vital in the  thinking of the early church. Because they said that since God had known  them from the beginning he had selected them, had empowered them, has  already redeemed HIS race.  

The Elect of God are the Issue of God, and if we hunt for the race that  is God's Issue, then you have to go back to the beginning and this takes  you back to the Old Testament and from the Book of Genesis...on. And we  discover that the Princes, the issue that rules with God in earth is  'Israel'.   Again then you are in a battle of semantics. Some people don't know who  'Israel' is. Some people think it is the land of Palestine where Israeli is  now. Some people think of Jews when you say Israel. Some people have a sort  of illusion when they think of Israel, and they think it is the church.  They do not realize that this is God's Issue thru the Adamic race. That  this word Israel was used in the days of Enoch, and in the days of Joel.  That it was known to Seth, as the identity of a household, and a people.  They operate under the strange delusion which is being used today for  trying to conquer the kingdom. That Adam, who was the Issue of God, the  establishment of his own household in the earth...was also the father of  all the races, and all the people which was biologically impossible. The  attempt to conquer the Kingdom of God today is to absorb it. The design is  to suppress the content of its theology, and get it to embrace all  religions, and all races. They are trying to sell it to you on every level.  They are trying to sell integration as the idea that all the peoples of the  Universe were of different species.  

Lets point this out:...I often find that to keep this revolution going  they work it into every facet of your thinking, and communication. You  can't even put out a Dick Tracy comic book today without them trying to  sell children of today the idea that people who live on the moon have  horns, but it is alright to integrate with them. They even try to make this  weeks edition to say that at last we have come into a real thanksgiving,  that all the earth and all the Universe can be mixed together into one  happy family, and our offspring can be mixed with or without horns...it is  alright. Now, I don't know who is on the moon and I'll be honest on that,  but I don't think the Russians are there yet. But I'm going to tell you  that there is no one up there running around with horns.  

Whenever you meet the Celestial children of the Most High, whenever meet  the people of the rest of the Universe, they will have one thing in common  with you...they will have bodies just like you have, and some are not going  to come out one hue and some another. Anytime something comes out in a  different package it has a different label on it, and it has a different  content so don't forget it. We will understand that the sociologist says  that everybody is the same, and it is just a matter of their environment, as  to what they develop into. Then they tell us that we are all the same. I  always tell them that if we are all the same, then there isn't any problem  of everybody getting equality. The whole fact is that there is an awareness  of differences, and an attempt to destroy that which God created, and to  separate it from its area of separation.   It would be very foolish of us to want to argue about the equality of  horses and dogs wouldn't it? You say but we must establish some area here  of equality. How can you make a horse and a dog equal? The Dachshund may be  very affectionate, and a good watchman, but you wouldn't want to try to  ride one. On the other hand we don't expect a horse to act like a dog, and  we don't expect him to be a watchdog, and we sure don't want him in the  house. And this isn't any hatred of some creature God created, it is just  that he is different, and has different capacities, and made for a  different purpose. Both the horse and the dog may share equal places in  your affection if they are yours and you like them, but the fact remains  that to try to find some equilibrium in the areas of thinking to talk about  on equality, that must be established between these two species, would be  lunacy.            We don't care how well you could train an ape or take any of the  divisions of they monkey clan, you might even learn to like some of those,  but I wouldn't want to turn them loose in my house. I wouldn't want any of  these creatures from watts in it either.   But I point out that by no stretch of the imagination will you be able to  develop this specie into a companion society for your race. The program of  God was to send his own household, a people he had Elected to come into  earth. They are His ELECT. He had to foreknow every one of his Elect, so  where did he foreknow you? It is not that he just knew that you were going  to come along. He knew you before you came along. He talked to you before  you came along, and he told you what you would do before you arrived.      Someone said: I don't believe in reincarnation. Well don't talk about  reincarnation before you even learn you are incarnate. Don't start talking  about re‑incarnation before you start asking what am I doing here? Where  did you come from?....You are right now incarnate in this body. And the  thinking consciousness of a child of God is not some involved area of  protoplasm that is discovered by irritation, that it needs some more  appendage, and it finally develops into a human being.   We have often cited to you that similarity in structure by no means  determine the content. And it is the label on the can that denotes what is  inside. All the cans on the super market more or less look alike except as  for size. But you read the labels, in fact you have almost reached the  point where labels even have some relation to the content as you expect  some red on a tomato can. And I expect to see this type of pattern in  compared of intelligence, and in similarity. We anticipate things because  we know what they look like, and how they are to be identified. It isn't a  matter of hostility or hatred just because you know something. Hatred only  develops when a force seeks to destroy you, or wages war against you as an  entity, or that which you are aware of and to which you are synchronized.  The word hatred must be analyzed, it is only the extremities of emotion,  stirring the fibers of an individual as he resists something which is an  anti‑body to him.        

Someone said...you believe in hatred? I believe in all the energies in  any living organism which can be coordinated against that which would  destroy us. I am not only Pro‑white man...Pro‑Israel, Pro‑Kingdom of God  and Pro‑church, but I would fight for it in any area in which we had the  capacity to carry out such a battle, against its enemy. And I am so  identified in my thinking, and in my feeling with my Father which is in  heaven, that I would battle for this point for now, and from now on.  

Someone said...we would never get anywhere that way? Well we have gotten  this far that way. I point out to you that knowing The Eternal plan of My  Father was to take back the earth for His Kingdom, to put His Elect in  charge. To reign over it, to educate it, to develop it, to proclaim truth,  to conquer darkness, to take away the strongholds of superstition. This is  what we are here for. And in it we not only have the facets of emotion that  goes along with the occupancy of this body, but all the related areas of  feeling and senses. We love our families, we love our friends, we feel an  area of responsibility unto the earth because it is born within us. There  moves within our society the desire to correct, to reconstruct, to change,  the areas of the earth which do not measure up to the standards that our  Faith produces,  and our thinking that our race has created for the status  of the well being of our society.   I want you to know that in these instances, our past history shows that  we have grown and developed under this great spiritual awareness. When we  start with the history of our race in this Bible, we are forced to realize  that there races of far greater antiquity who came under Luciferian  revolution, and catastrophe. That the semantics of their languages, many of  whom are forgotten, but forms of their worship are to be found in the  artifacts of our times. There is one thing that we do discover, that people  possess certain skills to reproduce certain images that they saw. They put  it on pottery and then glazed it, and they wrote it on walls of caves, and  they put it on implements that they used. And you go into formations six  thousand years old, and then on into those one million years old, and find  artifacts, and you can go into caves occupied thousands and thousands and  thousands of years before Adam and when they started to draw a mammoth,  it looked like a mammouth. And when they drew a Saber toothed tiger it  looked like one. And when they made some drawings of the wheat that they  ate, it looked like wheat. After this barbarian degeneration of our time,  you can go down here to Laguna Beach to an art festival and you can't tell  what you are looking at. Someone said...you just don't appreciate art. Well  I always thought that when you could express by vision and inspiration upon  a piece of canvas, or upon any other piece of material, the thing you  wanted to convey, or when you wanted to make something look like something,  and you were able to do it, so you could look at it over thousands and  thousands of years and know what it was......then that was art. We today  are trying to enhance a delusion where minds twisted and gone into lunacy  express with all the wildness of their lunacy, the strange twist of their  minds. Because we have enough people moving on that vibration by the tones,  and by the patterns of the Luciferian revolt against God, then other people  come along and say...My...isn't' that wonderful, and they are looking at  lunacy.  

It is time the Elect...the children of God established standards by  things which are right. We must select the street called straight. We must  establish their values upon their ability and upon their relationship to  the laws of God which are indestructible. There is no doubt but that this  struggle for equality is to pull the kingdom of God somewhere down to the  level of Lucifers own mishappened creatures, under the guilt and under his  own revolt against Truth. I tell you that the twisted, gnarled souls of  lost civilizations, and broken people are not for the kingdom of God, but  they are trying to capture your soul...capture you where you think. The  conquest of Christ over the Netherworld should have for all times taken  away the fear of complexes and perplexities, and fears that come from the  darkness to the children of the Kingdom. You will note that as we think  higher, we move faster and we advance in the areas of technology and in  technique that surpasses anything which exists. The enemy may steal your  wisdom, but it only seeks and applies it for your enslavement.   There is no question of the fact that we go thru cycles which look like  temporary victories for the darkness. We have gone thru cycles of our race  when this happened before. When Ahab was king, or whenever these situations  effected our background, but I want you to know that always the triumph of  spiritual wisdom and the laws of god and the purposes of God always make  themselves manifest, and the kingdom surmounts it, and survives and goes  on. And this lunacy of mongrelization and integration, and acceptance of  the darkness is going to be swept away by an empowered march of the sons of  God.  

The day is going to come in your history when they will look on what was  the greatest time for America as far as the clarity of its thinking, or the  structure of its economy, or its spiritual or moral responsibility, and  they are going to start measuring that decay from the days of Roosevelt.  They are going to end that decay with the days of Johnson, and people are  going to start wondering, how did the Satanic powers ever capture  leadership as it did in those days. And they are going to wonder what ever  happened to a people whose statesmanship could be so suppressed that in the  institutions of their government that they passed so many fallacious bills,  and so many derogatory processes which have no relationship to the children  of God. I tell you that these are all captive minds.  

It is important for you to know this, that the semantics of the Scripture  convey the ONE great truth that stands out for your race. That thou art a  Holy people, unto YAHWEH thy God. Who hath chosen thee to be a special  people unto himself, above all the people on the face of the earth.  

Now; you can go out of here and deny white supremacy, you can deny the  spiritual capacity of the children of God, you can deny your inheritance,  you can embrace the darkness, but you do not deny the fact that this people  and this race...your race has been selected of God, chosen of God, Elect of  God, begotten of God, as a Holy people unto Himself, above all the people  on the face of the earth. He isn't talking about the Jews, they are running  around shouting about equality and civil rights and so forth. I listened to  a fundamentalists minister the other day, and he said he was being  persecuted, and he couldn't assure the enemy enough as to how he liked them,  and they shouldn't be against him. And he said he was against all these  people who didn't think like he did, and before he was thru he talked about  all these Eternal, and flaming tortures of tomorrow, for these people who  did not accept all the things, he said that they must accept. And when he  got thru telling people how God was going to roast them someday I realized  that he hadn't learned yet about Christ and the Kingdom. He hadn't learned  that you don't sow in one field and reap in another. That God isn't going  to vent some strange vengeance on some individuals thru out the Eternities  of tomorrow. That he is even going to chastise Lucifer and make him bow the  knee, but then he is HIS Archangel.   I can understand the savage who listens to the missionary and then  says... is there no end to HIS cruelty? With me when you are dead...you are  dead, and that is as far as My God tortures.   I want you to know this tonight that the program of God's purpose is to  set the world free from error, ignorance, darkness and sin. To rule it with  a people of righteousness by a people whom he sent into the world to do it  with because they were his household, and because he has determined they  shall conform to this destiny.   We have cited to you before that if you thrust your hand into the fire it  will be burned. If you understand the law of rapid oxidation then you do  not put living tissue into it and if you put it in the second time you are  as crazy as the present administration. And you wouldn't feel that burn  when you die. If you do violate the laws of God whether in your fields or  in your accounting, and you do this, then you have violated either the laws  of agriculture, or the laws of mathematics. But every one of these procedures...you don't take it with you, but you leave it here where you sow it.  And the earth thus has become the area of the entrapment of the violations  of Divine Law, which has effected the people who dwell upon it. Societies  have been swept from the earth by catastrophes. The pent up energies which  destroyed them were also brewed by them in their evil. But the Kingdom of  God survived for it was sustained by spirit, which had the capacity to  think the thoughts of God, and to translate them into occupation, and it  procreates and changes and makes, and works, in these areas of development.    I point out to you that you are in the time of 'Jacob's Troubles', you  are Gods Elect...he has known from the beginning that you would go thru  periods of these kind of trials, and he has ordained that with spiritual  illumination, you would triumph over it, rise above it, and that you would  rule.  

The Elect of God...found today...wherever the Anglo‑Saxon, Nordic,  Basque, Lombarde, Scandinavian, and Germanic people are located, and you  can't pass this on to anyone else because God is the determiner. I point  out now that by the magnitude of HIS Grace...you have been given Eternal  Life, and shall never perish.   It is going to be rather hard to pass new civil rights legislation to  legislate your thoughts. But they want to make it totally against the law  to even suggest any opposition to discuss or seek to win people to a point  of opposition, against their own areas of race deteriation. They are so  desirous of doing this that they will put you in jeopardy the second or  third time. They want to war on juries who now know what is going on, and  who have made decisions which...they...now want to destroy. When I look out  over the lists of names of the people who continually want to destroy the  strongholds of Our Faith, and our race, I realize that they don't even  belong here. It is the Churches responsibility to make this clear...it is  the churches responsibility...make no mistake about this..to end this  melting pot philosophy, and re‑direct the greatness of our Nation, to move  again toward the direction of that purity we had in our colonial  foundations. George Washington today would be as ostracized as is Smith of  Rhodesia, and thru out the great former days of our civilization and  culture, our relationship with subordinate and lesser societies was clearly  marked as the difference between the creator, the master, the ruler, and  that which needs guidance and ruling. All these doctrines they are pushing  are not a solution of progress, but are an attempt to deteriorate and  destroy a people...where they think.  

When we talk about the Eternal Absolute, the Eternal nature of God, the  Eternal purpose of God, the power of God to have his way...we know he is  the Eternal Omnipotent, Omniscient all wise Father. That we are His  children, that he did select us, that he did ordain us, that he has  ordained his Kingdom. He has ordained his kingdom...a White kingdom...to  rule over every other color of society on the face of the earth..to rule in  the name of YAHWEH‑God, with righteousness, and with justice. To teach, to  train them, but to administer and to rule...lest they revolt under Luciferianism. This is what God Wills...and HE says:..I am going to bring this  thing to fruition.  

Now; all the revolutionaries, all the socialists, all the communists, all  the new Dealers, all the Great Society designers, with all their energies  and all their areas of communication, and all their powers are doomed to  total defeat. Because we have a blue print by which God inspires you to  become the activator which will be successful, because God has willed it,  and there is going to be sufficient leadership, and power, and vision, and  inspiration granted to your race to bring it to pass. And the church is  still going to be the worshiping oracle, the spiritual center in those  nations, to accomplish it.          Surely Lucifer was very smart when he invaded the church and sought to  sell the doctrine of his revolution. But the ministers in the pulpit who  supports the social revolution of Lucifer is not very smart, because God is  going to sweep him out of the way.           

Someone said:..we might get down to like it was in the days of Elijah and  there would only be one or two ministers in the land. No...we will not get  down that low as it was in the days of Elijah, but....we are going to do as  it was in the days of Elijah...we are going to face the people with the  facts, and the people will respond to the facts and the enemy will move.  

Someone said: Oh, if we only had a great spiritual revival...I said, what  do you think it would do? He said:..Oh, it would make everybody love every‑  body. I said:..it would make the brothers lover their brothers, and make  them love their fathers, and their mothers, and love their God, and then  they would go out and cleanse their land. A Great Holy Spirit revival today  would sweep the whole smutty motion picture industry into oblivion and put  it into the authority of white men with vision. A Holy Spirit revival today  would drive every Cainite out of the house of God. A Holy Spirit revival  would not only move thru out all Scandinavia, thru out Germany, and the  lowlands, and thru out Britain and thru out America, but we would be  serving notice on the United Nations tomorrow that they are all thru, and  we would stop paying their bills. A Holy Spirit revival would sweep out a  government which deteriorates.   Instead of talking about finding a way to create sanctions there would be  plane loads of volunteers flying to Rhodesia to help stand off those black  columns.  

Someone said: you cannot preach against government policy. But I say that  you must preach against policy which is evil, no matter who ordains it.   I have a blueprint here of a Kingdom, we have the deed to it, and it  cannot be destroyed, for it was ordained of God, and the strange thing is  that they are trying to stamp out the word of God today with all kinds of  misnomers as they tried to do in the past. But there is more of it, and it  is more actively spread today. We can tell you by actual experience that we  hear from ministers from every branch of the Christian Faith. That we hear  from people all over the world, and I am convinced that the greatest wave  of return to coordinating our thinking with God, on race, on nation, on  destiny, on obligation and on responsibility is moving on our nation. And  people are becoming hungry for Truth, and they can't get enough of it. And  I think there will be such spontaneity in its proclamation that it will be  impossible to suppress it. In fact I think it is time we folded up the  democratic party, and the republican party and just had Deity and the  Luciferian. I think it would be just so much more simplified.  

I am going to tell you that it will be just white men, verses the world  very soon. The white man will not destroy, he will construct, expand and  deliver. Only that which seeks to destroy as it moved against the great  Rock of God's Kingdom is destroyed upon it. And let me tell you that we are  not defeated in any facet of thinking even tho we look not with perplexity  tho sometimes with amazement, at how people will relinquish their God given  liberties, and their responsibilities. But we have a continual vision which  God keeps constantly new, of the triumph of the victory and of the achievement of God's kingdom which is ahead. There is no defeat which stands ahead  of you which will wipe out the Kingdom. Tho there are victories ahead of  you which will wipe out the enemies of the kingdom. As to knowledge and  wisdom, God is going to unlock every channel from the skies above to the  areas of revelation, and vision, from the knowledge of His Word, from the  documents which he is bringing to light, and bringing to the areas of  cognition, the vast areas of coordination, the vast areas of wisdom and  truth. He has promised that the spirit will bring all this to your remembrance...why? Because He said:..You are my children, My Elect, and I have  loved you. Because I chose you before the foundation of the world, because  you are a Holy seed..out of me. And over you there will be no victory...all  Israel..all my Issue shall be saved, as it is written. And as this rises to  the magnitude of their reflected glory moving out over the world, all flesh  also shall be saved, as it is written, for this is the Kingdom work. We  don't have time to finish the pattern involved but I want you to know that  whenever you see that word...The Elect of God...God has already decided it,  and he is talking about you his people as he calls you that. This little  word...Elect..that is in the sovereignty of God, he has willed to throw into  every condition of environment, every necessary condition to bring the  necessary changes and decisions. And to roll back the powers of darkness  with natural catastrophe or sheer force. He has Elected that this shall be,  and neither principalities, nor forces, nor all the things that are against  can stop God from bringing this thing to completion. For with this you  possess your soul. He says: I am going to impute my righteousness because I  take pleasure in you, and in this kind of Faith. So you say:...'Our Father  which art in Heaven, hallowed be thy Name.'                                       End of this message




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