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                               NATIONAL RESTORATION......2-5-65

            by Dr. Wesley Swift.      

After we take a look at what is being reported to us today that we  see we need a restoring. Thus we turn over into the book of Joel, and  God says this about His nation:.....Fear not O land of mine, be glad   and rejoice for YAHWEH will do great things...... We surely need some  great things done, and there is no question about that. We are surely  inviting ourselves to be looted, at every turn.   Be glad then, ye  children of Zion, and rejoice in YAHWEH thy YAHSHUA for He hath given  you the former rain moderately.  But the MOST HIGH is not only going to  bring you a former rain, but a latter rain as well, and it will be  sufficient to bring forth the crop.    

 Now:  of course God talks in symbolism, and he speaks in the book  of Isaiah and says he will pour out his spirit upon his people like  rain upon a dry ground. He talks about strange invaders, in the book of  Joel, about armies of strangers who have come into the countries of the  lands of Israel, and the United States of America, one of the strong  nations of God's Kingdom has seen this army of strangers come in. And  God likens these strangers to insects, but says that he will pour out  his spirit upon the people of his land. That he is going to pour his  spirit out upon all of his people, and his old men and his young sons  and daughters, and they are going to see visions, and they are going to  understand that something is wrong, for an invasion has taken place,  strangers have come into the land. God calls these strangers...insects.                                                          God likens his nation to a tree, a great fruit tree about to bear  fruit, and then the insects came in. So God said:...for National  Restoration... I am going to drive off this army of strangers who act  like insects, and remove them from your land. Then God speaks out and  says:...I am going to restore unto you, all that you lost as this  invasion transpired. First came the locust on to your national tree, and the Locust came as only tiny buds were coming out on your National  tree. God spoke out in a most unique manner and he said:...a second  crop of buds will come on the tree but the locust took off the first  crop of buds, setting back the growth of the tree. Then God  said:...after that came the caterpillars, and as the second buds and  leaves came out, the caterpillars ate every thing green on the tree.     

I can tell you that you have had an army of strangers come into  your land, and they have invaded your church and your government. And  at first they said:...it really doesn't make any difference who you  call on, so they took the name of God away from you and said:... just  call on someone for you are a person, and just so you worship, and  demand something.     

Thus they moved in onto the buds of the National (race) tree. But  YAHWEH had spoken of the budding of Israel, and how Israel was to make  known HIS name before the nations of the world. God had told Israel.."There is no God before me"...."I am YAHWEH, there is none other."   But the new church under the influence of the insects was accepting the  theory that you could accept all religions for they were all good, and  all had the same results. This my friends is not true. But you  see....the caterpillars had started devouring all the green leaves,  which are the symbol of photo‑synthesis..of life which comes from  light. It is the symbol of the WORD of God, it is the symbol of his  prophecies which they were removing. You were a nation which used to  believe the word of God, a nation built around the WORD of God. Your  schools read the Word of God and prayed unto the MOST HIGH GOD. But as  the insects came in, and the caterpillars crawled into the pulpits,  there they would say:....we don't believe in the inspiration of the  scriptures any more, we are more interested in humanism. We don't  believe in the declarations of the WORD of God, and we are going to  take it out of the land of Israel. And thus they denuded the photo  synthesis of the tree, for life came from light.   "The WORD became flesh, and dwelt among us," but it was the light  of the world and light of every man who cometh into the world. And as  the caterpillars denuded the tree they left the National tree without  any guidance for life, and the National tree was thus in bad shape.     

But the second set of buds did come out like they do after a bad  winter or when something attacks a tree. And now we discover a new area  of invasion comes out of these strangers who came into the land. As  they come they are like Cankerworms, and they attack all the fruit on  the tree. All of the blessings, all of the crops, all of the liberty  and freedom, you have produced on your tree. Jesus said:..."I am the  root and ye are the branches. But if you are going to bear any fruit  you must abide in me."  But the Cankerworm bores into the heart of the  fruit, when it is small, and it starts eating the seeds and turns the  fruit a muddy brown. So God says:....these cankerworms have denuded you  National tree until you are an impoverished people, because these worms  are destroying the fruit of the Kingdom of God.     

Then God goes a little further in this discussion, and describes  still another insect. This is the Palmer worm and this worm goes right  into the heart of the tree, and tries to tap the sap line. This sap  line is like unto the spirit of God coming up the tree, and this  Palmer worm wants to cut it off, for he is an agnostic, and atheist.  This is the operation of communism, and socialism, rolled into one. It is....organized Jewry which has a lot of religions, but none of God.      

Thus you have the locust, the caterpillar, the cankerworm and the  palmer worm, all working on your national tree until there is nothing  left. There isn't enough fruit on it to sustain life. But this is God's  great Israel nation and he says:....I am going to restore unto you  everything that the palmer worm was able to take out of the trunk of the  tree. I am going to restore to you all that the cankerworm was able to  take from you out of the fruit of the Tree. I will restore the  photo‑synthesis, the light of life taken from you. I will wipe out the  caterpillars and then we will go after the locust. We will drive any  remaining of these insects out of the land, and far from you. In fact  what God is telling you is to get out your flit guns, for if you are  going to save America, if you are going to control your nation, then  you are going to have to stand and say, they are not going to control  your nation. You are going to have to start ridding your nation of  these rascals at the top, who come in and say:...this nation is for  every one on the face of the world, and we are going to make it an  integrated, mongrelized nation.     

But God says:....no....you are to return the Bible to the schools  and prayer to the schools, and to your national life, and your people.  Because it is the WORD of God, the light of life of God, and you are to  have the controlling influence over your nation. If you don't do this  you don't have any tree left. All you have is a part of a tree now,  thus while you have anything left then God says he will pour out his  spirit upon his people, and they will start speaking out, and  say:...away with this, for it is not the program of God's Kingdom, and  we are not going to have it under any circumstance.     

You say:...oh, but we separate Church and State, but there is  nothing concerning the separation of Church and State in your Bible,  and it cannot be separated in your nation. The Church is one Church  even tho there are many denominations. And it is Christian, and you are  a Christian nation, for even the Supreme court couldn't separate  Christianity from your nation.     

So the worms have been boring into your national tree to destroy  it, to take away all the patterns and values of your philosophy, to  take away all the standards which made you a great nation, a separate  nation. All the nations of the Adamic race could be amalgamated here,  but you can't mix up anything which God separated you from, which is  nations and races of the world, which are not of your decent and not of  your God. Therefore God says:... we are going to drive this people from  off your land. And you are told that in...that day....all who call upon  the name of YAHWEH are going to be delivered with a great deliverance.     

He says:...my new world order is going to be delivered as I have  said. All are going to be delivered who remain, and they are going to  rise up and bring down the enemy. The restoration of a nation, and the  restoration of a people is one of the Major projects of the  MOST HIGH GOD. He says:..my people shall rise and shine, and the Glory  of God shall come upon them. And I with my spirit am going to enlighten  my people, and they are going to shine forth with the Glory they had  before the fall of the Adamic race. And he talks about how his people  would rule with him in His Kingdom.     

In the book of Revelations he said all of my people will sit in  the seat of authority and rule with him....in the earth. Someone  said:...but that won't appeal to the enemy of Christ. Well, I don't  care what the enemy thinks about the gospel of the kingdom. I am just  interested in waking up the children of the Kingdom with...The Gospel  of the Kingdom.     

Now:  we see these situations, and we hear God say:...Therefore I  will pour out my spirit upon my sons and my daughters and they will be  so disturbed that they, seeing and hearing all these things, will start  acting, and when they act...the Kingdom of God will come to life in a  day. Thus we see that he said he would deliver his people.     

As we turn to the book of Revelation it says:...and I beheld a  tree, and I saw a stream of the water of life, of the Household of God,  the race of God.....coming down thru the ages, growing and increasing.  And the tree is in the midst of this stream, and the stream of life  makes this tree grow. The leaves of the Tree are for the healing of the  nations, and thus the tree has fruit, but now there are no worms or  insects on this tree, for God has restored the pattern of life to His  Kingdom, and out of this the nations of the earth will be governed, and  thus the leaves are truly for the healing of the nations.          As we look on this picture of our nation, and the nations of God's  Israel, we see that all that you have lost, everything taken from you  is now to be restored unto you. All the problems of America have been  resolved when everything they have lost to the invasion of insects has  been restored.     

You hear people say, lets go back to the good ole days. They mean  lets go back to the days before the insects came in and denuded the  National Tree. For our nation has had an invasion of insects, and they  bred just as fast as insects on a tree, as the Roosevelt Administration  came into power.   At this point some people say:....we don't want to get into  politics, but, my friends, you are getting devils into control of your  land, and they become as insects as they move on to your heritage and  National Tree. But today as we look back to Roosevelts day, you might  say he was a conservative compared to Johnson. For in this day they  have been boring at the very root of the tree.     

But God says:.....away with it, and we better make it a clean  sweep. God says I am going to restore my people Israel....Restore them  as a nation, and the nations of the whole world are going to look at  them and say:...."Behold! God is in thee."       

Taken from the book of Joel....End of DR. Swift's message.      .