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                               WHAT SHALL BE MADE MANIFEST....3‑13‑66                           

                                                By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift


   As we turn in our thinking to this subject we turn to the Book of  Corinthians, chapter 3 and verse 13.

   'Every man's work shall be made manifest for that day shall declare it,  because it shall be revealed by fire, and fire shall try every man's work  of what sort it is.'

   This is only a small portion of this passage but we will contemplate the  rest of it. But it is most significant for us to realize that there is a  period of history, a period of time when 'All things'..not just some, but  all things shall be made manifest. And that the manifestation of such  things, and the concepts and thoughts which men may have thought they had  concealed unto themselves shall be open to the public gaze, of course there  are certain thing which we must understand about the revelation of every  secret thought, for we know that as far as thought, knowledge, and wisdom  are concerned that you who constitute the Household of God came out of the  Heavens unto earth. You were with the Father before the world was framed,  and He taught you all things.

   Of course there are many people today who have no recollection or little  realization of what they know. But stored up in the entity of your spirit‑  ual retention is not only a knowledge and a wisdom which relates to all  things, because YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA said:...'Seek and ye shall find...knock and  it shall be opened unto you'. The Mystery of having something unveiled and  brought to your knowledge is the work of God's Spirit. This spirit which is  of God can quicken your consciousness, can unveil unto you the great wisdom  and the Mysteries of the things you want to know. Why? Because you have  participated, you have witnessed, and you have experienced the things which  God has done, the things He has created, the things He has used, and He has  also made known unto you these things you desire to know. In fact there are  so many things which He talked about and which He told you and yet you say:  ..I don't remember. No, that is why HE in the Book of Hebrews reminds you  that He covered up your remembrance when you came into the world. You re‑  member virtually nothing as far as your consciousness was able to record.  If you turn to the passage of the Scriptures you will discover that it  talks about you as being strangers and pilgrims of whom the earth was not  worthy.

   Do not for one moment think that God does not have a people who He  thinks are above the World Order, and the people of the World Order above  the races of the world, and above their philosophies and their doctrines.  Because there is nothing in the program of Gods Kingdom which is not super‑  ior to the World Order. This World Order is made up of all those people who  are against God, and are supporting the Luciferian policies in the earth.    Now:...Lucifer has a plan, a master plan and it is well designed for the  taking over of the earth. But there are some things that he does not  perceive, there is even somethings that Lucifer has forgotten. But in this  design he is very determined in his drive to take over the earth. He be‑  lieves he will take over the earth therefore he is trying in every way he  can to do just that. In fact if you do not believe Lucifer is trying to  take over the earth then you would be at a loss to try to explain as to why  he has even captured men of your race, people who have no common background  or origin with him. But by deception he has moved in to make them feel that  his objectives are good objectives, for they do not know what the design  really is. For instance there are many situations and developments even in  the last few weeks which have been brought up to a high level of thinking.  They are talking about the necessity of carrying out Americas security and  destiny by fusing America with many, many other countries. They are talking  about fusing America with Nato (Atlantic Union) but this would be terrible  because you would be tied in with the Jews as well, and they also control  those nations to a large extent as well. But they are picking up this line  of thought as an absolute necessity. We must immediately enter into a pro‑  gram of Union now with the Nato nations. In fact the names leading this  thinking are:..Goldwater, Nixon, Romney, and Scranton of Pennsylvania.  These are leaders of the Republican Party and there are leaders of the  Democrat Party as well who are advancing this line of thinking. Added to  this we see this great wave of pressure which is spreading out over all the  nations, thru small organizations and large ones, even moving thru the  womens clubs, and especially is this line of thought now being pushed that  we the United States of America cannot walk alone. We must go in with these  other organizations....we cannot walk alone. This operation alone is one  that shows you that the Satanic design can be made to 'look good' to some  of these individuals, and yet they are guilty of treason and what they are  advocating is the work of a traitor.

   They may have been able to obscure their leaning in this particular  situation up to now, but in this particular period of time, in this latter  day, in this last hour they are coming out to say:...this is the only and  last hope, the only way to save the people and the nation. There is no  question of the fact that all of this is following thru on a well prepared  strategy of the darkness, and Lucifer has been able to persuade individuals  into his line of thought. Oh, he is not standing before them dressed in the  garb of man, or appearing as an Archangel, or any of these areas, but he  has skillfully done this thru his own children, thru his own household. He  effects and directs their thinking and their consciousness and he has this  effinity, even as you have an effinity with your God. This is one of the  reasons why we tell you once again that those who constitute the House of  God must learn to discipline their thinking, they must discipline their  actions as well. Thus it is that we have been told that:...Every mans work  shall be made manifest...for that day shall declare it. For it shall be  revealed by fire, and fire shall try every mans work for what sort it is.    Now; as far as the manifestation of these Satanic designs which come  thru temptation, which come thru pouring these concepts thru the minds of  men, it follows the same course as the Radio, the T.V., the communications  all follow the same pattern of error. It was even not to long ago when we  watched areas of error being carried into the church by ministers who  supposidly would be upholding the standards of the church and the standards  of The Christ. But these men have been given such a brain washing by the  enemies of the Kingdom and by those who have no capacity to understand the  spiritual truths of the Kingdom until they themselves fell for this same  area of operation. Of course there were a great many of these renegades who  were renegrades before they became ministers, and they went into the church  under the guiding influence of the very forces of darkness, communism and  socialism. And a great number of people have been deceived in this process.  But when we come up to the leadership of this country, to these men who we  just spoke of, then these individuals with the possible exception of Gold‑  water who we might look to follow thru on the 50% Jewish side, yet we find  these other men on the wrong side as well. Even this week we found David  Lawrence to be 50% wrong as well, the Editorial policy in the United States  news called for us to stop being selfish, stop trying to hold back, go  right ahead with a world Union with all the Nato member nations. He sugg‑  ested 18 men from this country and others to bring us into a new Federal  Union. To dissolve these United States, and to take away our soverignty,  and place us in such an organization. In this declaration when discussing  this we are told that we were the ones who folded up the League of Nations,  we were the ones who folded up the opportunity of mans best, and first  chance for bringing about world peace, and the end of wars and then 15  years later came war because America did not support the League of Nations  as a participant. The Congress was not in any position to make any state‑  ments as to foreign policy, so they say, because the United States Senate  had refused to endorce that program of Peace. Thus they sited that the  whole process of war was because the United States had failed to support  the League of Nations. And now...the Senate would have to move to im‑  plement the Atlantic Union to save America because earlier Americans did  not go along with mans great hope.

   Now; back to the Scripture...if any mans works abide he hath built  thereon, and he shall receive a reward. If any mans work shall be burned he  shall suffer loss; but he himself shall be saved by the fire (I Corinthian  3:14‑15.  The salvation factor here outlined is entirely different than  other people may have been thinking about. In fact those who have been  taught that perdition and flames of fire, and the tremendous punishment  that comes after a man is supposed to have died for his misconduct...this  (salvation) would be of no value whatsoever because he could never get out  of it, he is totally destroyed by it. This is not what is being talked  about here in the Scriptures because this is the only passage which is as  clearly marked as to the use of FIRE. It says that if all mans works there‑  fore shall be burned, still he...the man...shall be saved...cleansed by  fire (Shekinah Glory). Thus this is a saving kind of fire, a better kind of  fire than these individuals are seeking to apply and what Priestcraft has  tried to put upon the Gospels. What we are concerned about is .. what every  secret thing?  What is this that is to be made manifest that is secret? And  so in this manifestation it says the DAY shall manifest it. And as the  manifestation is going on a lot of people will not even realize how deeply  and how completely over to the areas of the enemy they have gone.    I tell you that those who would dissolve this nation have gone a long  ways without their realization that they have become so wrapped up in these  policies of Satanism that they do not understand or do not retain any  longer in their minds the true picture as protrayed by the Scripture.    Now;..we have an assurance given unto us that even a fire shall destroy  all in opposition to the Kingdom. This fire is Shekinah Glory. This fire is  the kind of fire wherein the LIGHT of YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA once more envelopes an  individual. And everything that he thought was right turns out to be wrong,  and will be taken out of the individual.

   The reason I site this is that many people talk about these officials  and others who are doing wrong, who belong to our race. They wonder what is  going to happen to these people, what is God going to do with them, what  will be the end results of this situation? Where will they go when they  die, what will happen to these individuals who have made this area of  error?  Well! They will not have much to show for the area they have been  working on if they have done all of their work for something not in coor‑  dination with the Mind of God. If you cannot synchronize your mind with the  Mind of God then you of all people will have nothing much to show for your  work. Because when it comes to the climax of the end of the Age, we are  told that every mans works shall be tried by fire...the DAY shall reveal  it. In fact it shall be made manifest, for this manifestation is the de‑  claration of the things of man, those who are a part of or are partici‑  pant, or are showing their strength for these things not in coordination  with the Plan of God.

   Never has there been a period of history when the people of God have  been putting their hands to do the work of the enemy without a realization  of what they are doing. They are thinking this is a utopian idea, and  always these utopian ideas and these perfect operations as the people have  been led to believe will develope...never come. Never in all the patterns  of history has it been so significant within the structure of our race that  the economy of your nation has been permitted to pass into the hands of the  enemy as now. In fact this year and especially the last three weeks has  been an eye opener to some of our race especially in the last fourteen days  as we have watched the market go down, and down. And with this falling  market people are becoming disturbed, and one man said:..if if had listened  to you at the first of the year I would have saved several thousands of  dollars. Already it is costing me by this market going down. And I said:..  well get out of it. Oh, you might have some change and there is always some  hope that you can recoup on a rising market, but I want you to realize that  in these days you are not secure with the substance of today because the  enemy manipulates and handles your markets. How does he do that? He does it  because people did not take a stand with God, did not take a stand for that  which is right. The Scripture told you about Usuary, it told you about  these economic pattern of error, and when these individuals thru out  history of your nation...congressmen...those elected to public office,  these who were responsible for the regulation of your money, and were never  to allow it to get out of your hands...yet they turned it over to the  enemy. In the days of Carter Glass they turned over the financial system to  the Federal Reserve System. Actually these were some of the things which  were done in error but now it is all to be made manifest. The real reason  was of course deception, and on the basis of deception there came the great  and tremendous power of these people of affluence who were a part of this  worlds master conspiracy.

   Thus we have had a chance to witness just some of these things which  have taken place in this hour. But when the Scripture tells you that these  things shall be made manifest, it means that there shall be a complete and  absolute revelation as far as the reason is concerned, and the motives, and  as far as the discernment or whether without discernment still these things  were done. We point out to you therefore that the transgression of the in‑  dividuals themselves were serious enough because the laws of God take care  of all the areas of punishment on the basis of the law as it exists. Not  because God is angry, not because God wants to punish, but because the law  is in itself the enforcer of those who would read it, or study the things  of truth. But the fact remains that the law is still the LAW.    Some say that we are under Grace, we are not under the law. But as far  as God is concerned, it is Grace which has carried you here. It is Grace  which preserved you, it is Grace that causes the children of God to recog‑  nize that HE says:...I will forgive your transgressions. I will remove them  from you as far as the east is from the west. I will remember them against  you no more, all these facits, all these problems are the results of the  promises of the MOST HIGH, and it is without question that HE will perform  in carrying out this removal of the guilt complex. But let me site to you  that the individual transgressions are not nearly as tremendous as the ones  that effect many people, and then moves out over nations and societies.  Thus when God talks to the individual and tells him what to do and he does  not do it, or does not pay any attention to Biblical responsibility, and  then moves out into an area which produces enslavement for the many people  he will soon discover that it will be unveiled, and he won't get away with  it very long. Thus it is not the business of God to see that every individ‑  ual is always caught in everything they do. People in the moment they are  thinking about this, think they do things in private, but God is going to  make it known, for all these secret things shall be made known. There is  not anything to be known concerning you or the things you have done as long  as you the individual have accepted the atonong work of Christ. There is a  Mystery concerning how this can be done, how it is that it cannot be remem‑  bered. Because the great area of the Book keeping of transgression, and the  violation of Divine Law takes place in the seat of the consciousness. It  takes place where you have recorded..like a tape recorder where it records  with electrons, and stores them on the tape and you store those remembran‑  ces on the patterns of the nerve tissue of the brain. Whenever you remember  something it erects a picture, an image, and you catch a clear picture of  it. But the time has come when the whole pattern of this thinking of the  revelation of all the mistakes of individuals is due to be revealed. The  world is sordid enough, there are enough sordid situations around about  that you cannot help but behold them. In fact there never was a period of  time in all our history such as this, for This DAY is unveiling everything  and with it is coming out the strangest pattern of human behaviour in all  history. You never saw anything in your past as strange as Hollywood  Boulevard, or the streets of San Francisco. In fact you cannot tell whether  they are boys or girls and they don't seem to even care whether they are  bodys or girls. In otherwords you have homosexuality and a pattern of de‑  generation, a depravity which is being paraded on the streets of your  cities. But there is a peculiar philosophy concerning the 'Latter Days', if  its tied into the revolution or tied into this world sweeping design of  Luciferianism to take over the Kingdom. Then...they come out and they  manifest this situation, they make no attempt to cover it up. They move  with abandon, they stand unabashed before all society, they seem to take  delight in thus parading. In fact you not only have this situation devel‑  oping here but you have it also developing in the nations of Europe and in  Britain, in Scandanavia and all Christian nations, and it is coming from  only one area, only one source.

   Do not think when you are told that you must fight communism to the end  that you must fight everything which goes along with it, that we are trying  to stir people against something that is just a political philosophy, for  this is not true, we disagree with it because it is the philosophy of Hell.  And those who worry about the ultimate destiny of man do not worry about  the present destiny of man. In otherwords they are worrying as to what will  happen to men when they die. I am not worrying about what happens to men  when they die, for God is perfectly capable of taking care of everybody  that dies. And if that individual moves back into the dimension from which  he came then God can put him in order. If he moves into the netherworld  then this is because he went back where his father is, where his own kind  are. When Judas Iscariot went out and hanged himself it says:..'He went  back to his own place.' The utilization of these words...own place is most  significant for this is talking about the Netherworld. This is where he  came from and where he went back to. Now for those who constitute the House  of God the same thing is true, they go back where they came from. Some of  them it is true will go back with a pretty poor record, for they will not  take back any remembrance of any achievements they may have thought they  had made if those so called achievements were made in error. Because those  achievements will be tried by the Shekinah Glory of the 'LIGHT' of YAHWEH.  The fact remains that this 'LIGHT' will correct as easy as the erasing of  this tape, the error that you have done. and there may not be much left if  you have been putting all effort into that area of conduct which has been  in opposition to the program of God. If you have been tricked and taken  over by this error then the last are going to be first and the first last.  Thus they will have very little to show in the plane of spirit as accom‑  plishment while occupying in the flesh. For only those things which are  permenant and only those things done for Christ, only those facits of  operation done for the kingdom of God shall be able to survive.    Now;..when the Scripture tells us that...'They shall be saved by fire',  this is what it is talking about, and it is all that it is talking about,  but it is very vital that we recognize what God said:...I have predestined  my sons and daughters to conform to my image. He said:...All Israel shall  be saved, as it is written' And I am going to tell you that God will save  Israelites, and He will bring a transition in thier thinking. And those who  think they have gotten out of all this...their responsibilities while in  earth. But they are going to find out that they will be brought right back,  and they will stand in earth, in the image of God. They will be placed back  here where they will do the task they were sent here to do. And no one will  get out of doing what he has to do. No one is going to get out of carrying  forward the program of God, the standards of righteousness, the works of  HIS Kingdom. No one will get out of this, so don't anyone think this is  something which is going to be bypassed. They shall all perform in the  earth for God said:...All Israel shall be saved. We are told both in the  Old Testament in the Book of Isaiah, and in the New Testament in the Book  of Romans, that all Israel shall be saved, and because of this, there is no  way to abridge what God has purposed.     

   Now; let us point this out lest any man defile this temple of God..  'Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, that the spirit of God dwells  in you? Thus if any man defile the temple of God then him would God destroy  for the Temple of God is Holy.....which you are.

   Now; this is a translative pattern and in otherwords when God talks  about the physical body as the temple of God, then Violations of the Law of  God destroys the physical body. Violations of Divine Law bring judgment  upon the physical body, because this is where the spirit dwells. Many have  been taken out of the general pattern of human affairs, and we have watched  this pattern...there are tares being taken out and they will all be taken  out before this pattern is finished but as far as the children of God are  concerned, many of them have not applied themselves, and because of the  policies they are associated with which are harmful thus they have also  defiled this temple of God. These of your race who have become mongrelizers  today are defiling the temple of God. They are seeking to bring into the  structure of the Household of God the force which will destory it, wipe it  out...take it away, leave it without any ability to ever come back.    I want you to realize that the Kingdom of God is of Divine quality, it  possesses Eternal Life, and shall never perish. God says I give my sheep  Eternal Life. I call them by name, I lead them out, I will see that they  possess Life forever. Thus there is no design the enemy can use upon the  people of God, the House of God, the race of God, or your Faith that can be  triumphant. There are strategies which are being developed today for the  taking over of your nation, strategies which are for the taking over of  your life, your welfare. Now; it has been one of those most significant of  developments, that in seeking to gain control of the individual that they  have utalized even the processes and proceedures which have not been used  for hundreds of years. There is a Satanic process of witchcraft being used  today. And this witchcraft comes under a number of names and thru a number  of activities, and people do not even realize that it is witchcraft. They  think they have just accepted this but they use Radio and T.V. which is of  course scientific and do not consider that witchcraft can not be used in  this field. But what is being done is that people are being fed under  careful and well arranged principals, ideas and programs to set up their  thinking in cooperation with the enemy. Thus it is that all of this is  coming to its fullness so....the DAY will reveal it.

   Truely we are in the Latter period of time, a time of perilous problems  and trouble. A time when many are disturbed but who do not know how to get  out of their disturbances. And they do not know what is wrong and they are  unhappy, but never have they been as unhappy as they are today. Because  even in the midst of this they live in fear, with no hope, no assurance.  They have nothing they can understand because they have already been so  brain washed. But the Scripture tell us very, very clearly that as far as  God is concerned, as to His Household, His sons and daughters that He will  not leave them in this statis, but will restore them and make them alive.    We have had some strange developments even here, we do not know how or  what it was, but someone tried to gas us in the place we were holding our  meeting this morning. In fact it was so subtlety done that when we smelled  this amonia like gas we kept on preaching until the congregation almost  faded out. In fact several other people felt rather faint as well. The gas  was defusing itself as it moved to the back of the auditorium, and this is  just a little portion to show that they are trying to stop us. We are still  fighting this tonite and if my delivery is a little slow at this moment it  is because we are still fighting this attempt to gas us. And it makes us  grope where normally we do not have to grope for thoughts or words. This is  just a demonstration that there are forces today who would like to silence  us. Someone slipped in and definitely turned on some type of gas from a  canister...we heard it, we smelled it and knew something was wrong and so  did other people, but they didn't know just what until the service was  over. This is just one of those situations, for once before we were hit  when someone here in this auditorium was laying for us in the back of the  auditorium who thought violence was the answer. But they didn't accomplish  their purpose although they came closer today than then.

   I point out to you that this is just a little of the design of the enemy  to silence truth, to try to stop the work of the program of God's Kingdom.    We are going to shorten our address tonight so as to save the voice, and  the thinking, for we are still fighting thru the fog which came from that  gas. This is just one of those situations that we face today, so just re‑  member that they would kill you if they could. As I was talking I could  feel the effects of the gas, I could smell it, and I knew it must be some‑  thing of this nature, for it was kind of a blocking out of my thinking.  There was an intensity by which this Ammonia gas kept coming forth, and it  wasn't visible, but it was there.

   We tell you again that you cannot be to alert, to careful, and you must  remember that this is a struggle to the end. There is no question in our  mind that Luciferianism and those who are involved in carrying out the pro‑  gram of Lucifer are fighting an all out battle to take over the world. In  fact Satan walks to and fro...upon the earth seeking who he may devour. He  knows his time is short, and this is the only thing he realizes. He knows  that if he does not work fast, move fast, he is going to lose the whole  thing. Thus he thinks that with speed and with the stepping up of the tempo  he can win.

   But God says:...for the Elects sake this time will be shortened lest  there be no people left on the face of the earth. Remember...they cannot  stop a person before his time, they can warn you however by a proceedure  like this. And since nothing like this had been anticipated it was not  until after the morning service and people were told what had happened that  they were able to understand what they were also feeling. There were  various people in the forepart of the church as well who smelt this strange  and unusual odor.

   Along with this we just want to make this clear...that as far as God is  concerned, He is not going to lose men, He is not going to lose people, He  is not going to lose His Kingdom. But people will lose the regard for func‑  tions where they have participated in something which they were supporting,  which was wrong. When it is gone they will have nothing to show for their  time, for their living. This is why it says:...they will be saved by fire  even if they do not have anything left, because there is no other founda‑  tion you can build on other than CHRIST. Thus on this foundation the only  thing you can build are good things. We have this statement made by the  Apostle Paul:...Gold, silver, and precious stones, wood, hay or stubble...  and the wood, will not take the fire, and that type of building leaves the  individual with nothing but their Faith which God is able to bring them  back to, and thru the fire too.



   Thus many who today are considered as among the first of the people,  will be the last in the Kingdom. Therefore let us remember THAT ALL WILL BE     MADE MANIFEST.






                               (End of Message)