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THE WOMAN CLOTHED WITH THE SUN  4-24-66                    

                                    By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift.....1966   


            In the course of the patterns of time Yahweh set the Constellations in  their positions, and at that time established the Majesty of the messages  they would speak, day by day, and night by night. In fact this great potential environment was made for His.....Israel.  When we look for Israel we find her in HIS Scriptures in the Book of  Revelations, Chapter 12 and verse 1 & 2.  'And there appeared a great  wonder (sign) in the heavens: a woman clothed with the sun and the moon  under her feet, and upon her head a crown of 12 stars: And she being with  child, cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.'    The twelve stars identify the Woman of Israel. This woman is the Bride  of Christ, this woman is the one for whom Yahweh made the world. In fact in  the course of human events the development of this great potential environment was for this woman who is a symbol of HIS people. In the beginning she  was in the heavens with the sun and moon under her feet. The child she is  to produce out of her race is to be Yahshua‑Jesus, The MESSIAH.   

As we continue reading the twelfth chapter of Revelations we find there  is another wonder in the heavens and this is a great Red Dragon, and then  there is war in the heavens and what a Majesty of performance..for there is  war in the heavens as Michael and his Angels fought with the Dragon and his  Angels, and the Dragon prevailed not. There was found no place for the  Dragon in the heavens and he was cast out, and this old Serpent, called the  Devil, Satan, and the Dragon is now to deceive the whole world. He is cast  unto the earth and his Angels were cast out of the heavens with him. Then  John heard a loud voice saying in Heaven: 'Now is come Salvation and  strength to the Kingdom of God.'  The old Dragon..Satan..was cast out of heaven because he refused to  recognize the Eternal Sons of God, or the eventual emplacement of the  Eternal Sons of God in the bodies which God was preparing for them. In the  vastness of God's creations throughout the course of time, He had created  peoples and races, but this was a Household of His own, out of His own  Seed, and out of His own Life. A people from the heavens, a people of  greatness making this a racial message. I would suggest that you search the  Scriptures and see if God is not in love with this race, see if God does  not speak to this race, see if the race is not the one for which God has  prepared this announcement...of The Woman Clothed with the Sun.   

In the instance of placing the race in the 7th., time period (Day), we  find: Behold! there is no man to till the soil. Genesis 2:5. This means  that there was no Adamite, no man on earth with the ability to master  Agriculture. When God brought forth Adam He said to the Elohim, (Elohim  meaning..God's...plural) which are His children and He alone is Yahweh, and  He said to the Elohim, lets make Adam the physical body, in our own image.  And He made Adam...the Woman...in His own image, for His Bride. Thus....the  Woman clothed with the Sun and the Moon under her feet and upon her head a  crown of 12 stars...was fitted into the earth. In her fall through the  seduction of Lucifer, and in the violation of Divine Law..in the contamination by the Tree of Knowledge of both Good and Evil, Yahweh in all of  these instances came down and walked with Adam and Eve. He did this before  their fall, and He did this after their fall. He covered them with a coat  of skins in the development of His purpose and He drove them out of the  Garden of Eden, but He stayed with them. Then after the 7 gestations of the  womb, and it had cleansed the womb, then Seth was born and Yahweh told Seth...thou art MY ISRAEL. Then He told this to Enoch and to Jacob and He  changed the name of Jacob to Israel.       Going into the background of the philosophy that we find brought forth  in the message of the Woman Clothed with the Sun, we find that all the  Glory of the sun and all the light of the moon was made for her, and in  this Majesty then Yahweh intended to protect and prevail. We see in this  instance the powers of Lucifer and his offspring as they sought to constantly destroy...Israel. Even in the High Tarim Basin the area of the flood  of Noah's time, the people of Lucifer's Household literally tried to eat  the people who were of the Household of Yahweh, and there were great  giants in that land. Thus we find that Yahweh sent forth the flood to  destroy them and to save ISRAEL. The Ark was provided for the salvation of  Israel, and there He again gathers His people and God spoke to Noah and  then gave the Gospel Message as the Rainbow in the sky. In the instance of  this Yahweh is continually hovering over and covering with His protection,  His Israel, the Woman Clothed with the Sun, and the Moon under her feet,...His Bride. This is a direct personal relationship with Israel, and  throughout the Old Testament you find that He is continually speaking to  personalities and telling them what He would have them do. He did not have  this direct, personal, relationship with the people of Asia, or Africa....  only with HIS ISRAEL. Always we find that it is to Israel, and only to  Israel that He makes His proclamations and His announcements.   

In the time when Israel was in Egypt we find that Yahweh raised up  Moses, one of His many sons to carry out the work He had ordained. You  remember how Moses as a babe was put in the basket in the Bulrushes and  then was taken into Pharaoh's's house as God had ordained. When the time came  for Moses to lead the Children of Israel out of bondage then God told Moses  that He would be with him. With that Eternal backing then Moses stood  before Pharaoh's and challenged him to let God's people go. At that time  judgment descended upon Egypt and the power of a comets tail was used by  the Almighty for His purposes. The comet was caught in Venus at that time  and the whipping of earth came about, for the conditions of Judgment  descended upon Egypt at that time. Finally the Death Angel appeared and  stood against the House of Pharaoh's and then Pharaoh's said:..I will let His  people go. In this instance you will note that when the Children of Israel  left Egypt, that Yahweh was present. The Scripture says that He was there  in a Cloud by day and a Pillar of Fire by night. He was in the Schkekinah  Glory (fire) and it hid the great ship that He traveled in.   

Then Moses led 3 million of the Children of Israel out of that land and  through their wilderness wandering and there wasn't a sick person in that  group of Israelites. There wasn't a blind or lame person in that group. Now  today you couldn't get 3 million people together anywhere in the world and  not find blind, sick, or lame people, but here Yahweh had prepared His  people for their exit from Egypt. As they came to the Red Sea the Angel of  the Lord stood behind them and that great light was behind them and between  them and the Egyptian Army of Pharaoh's. As the Army came into the passageway  through the waters that Moses, with his rod, had prepared, then the waters  came together and the Army of Pharaoh's was destroyed. Here in this instance  Yahweh was hovering over His people, He was with them, he was the one above  them and He was all they needed.            Through the development period of Israel when Joshua was to assume his  role as the Leader of the Children of Israel, God's Household, then we find  that Yahweh appeared to him and He stood before Joshua in shining Armor...as a Warrior for the Bride which He loved. At first Joshua said: 'Who are  you, are you for us or against us?' Joshua 5:13. Then in the declaration of  Yahweh He said:...'Behold, I am the God of your Fathers. I am Yahweh.' The  reason that Joshua asked his question was because he had beheld the land of  the Giants, the land of the Cainanites, and after beholding this land of  the powers of darkness then Joshua thought that God's people didn't need  anymore against them. In this instance once again, God was there and He was  with Joshua as he led the Children of Israel. He was there when the city  of Jericho fell, He was the Almighty and He was the Eternal Yahweh, He was  enough for all situations. This was not the God of the Egyptians or the  Cainanites, this was Yahweh...the Holy One of Israel.    

We find in the Scriptures the passages as God spake to Holy men of the  Adamic race and told them what He had on His mind. God said: Ye are a Holy  people unto Himself, above all the people on the face of the whole earth.  This is a RACIAL message. Then He goes ahead and speaks these words to His  people:...Therefore the Lord thy God is a faithful God, and He will have  mercy upon those that keep His covenants, and those that love him, and  those who keep His commandments to a thousand generations. And the Lord  shall take away all sickness, and not put upon thee the evils that He put  upon the Egyptians and thou shalt not be afraid. And with great temptations  in thy eyes...I shall deliver thee with the mighty hand of the outstretched  arm of Yahweh...thy God. So shall the Lord do unto all the people, of whom  you are afraid. He shall send the hornets among them, and they that are  left shall hide themselves from Him. And the Lord thy God shall throw out  those nations before thee...little by little, so that thou shall not be  consumed by the beasts of the field. And the Lord God shall deliver them  unto thee, and destroy them in a might destruction.  This declaration is to  the Woman Clothed with the Sun, and the Moon under her feet. The Woman  Clothed with the Sun is the Bride of the Eternal Yahweh...the Father...The  Eternal Yahweh‑God, of the Bible.   

In the Book of Isaiah we are again made aware of this people..Israel.  Therefore as thou art the children of the married wife, saith Yahweh, I  shall break forth my right hand, and on my left, and thy seed shall inherit  the nations and the desolate cities. Fear not, neither be ashamed for thou  shall not be confounded, neither shall thou be put to shame, for thou shall  forget the shame of thy youth, and thou shall not remember thy reproach  anymore for thy maker is thy husband. The Lord of Hosts is His Name. He is  the Holy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel, the God of the whole earth, Thy  maker is thy husband.  Then in a strict scene the Adamic race is the Bride  of God, and we are the children out of the race, so we make up the race  married to Yahweh. This is a marriage that He has undertaken and it is a  strange and significant thing, but Yahweh says it is a marriage and He  says:..I will provide, I will watch, and I will protect, for I am the Lord  thy God, and I therefore have declared that I am married to Israel.   

In the Book of Jeremiah in the third chapter again Yahweh says:..I am  married to you, and I shall take you, one of a city and two of a family and  I will give you pastors according to my heart, who will feed you with  knowledge and understanding. And it shall come to pass that you shall be  multiplied and increased in the land in those days, and they shall say no  more...The Ark of the Covenant of the Lord. Neither shall it come to mind,  neither shall they remember it because of these things.  

            In the vastness of this Mystery in Revelations, chapter 12., as John  beheld this Woman Clothed with the Sun, we remember that Yahweh had said:..I am married to you...O Israel. Jeremiah 3:14. And John beheld that in the  Mystery of this Woman Clothed with the Sun, that Yahweh was wooing her and  He was speaking to her. In the instance of this He was to behold the  greatness which was to be made manifest as we passed from stage in the Old  Testament to a new stage in the New Testament. But in the age of the  declaration, Yahweh said:..I will provide for thee, for I am the provider  for Israel.   

In the Book of Psalms He said:..I satisfy thy mouth with good things so  that thy youth is renewed like the young of the eagles, and the children    of thy servant shall continue, and their seed shall be established before  me. I will fill thy mouth with good things..I will please you.  So under  the instance of all these things we note that Yahweh was the Hovering....  the passing over...ONE.   

In the days when He brought forth that Law upon the Mountain and gave it  to Moses to deliver to His people..you will remember that in the Book of  Deuteronomy He stated that He came forth with Majesty and Great Power. The  Mount Lord came from Sinai and He arose from Mount Seir and He shown forth  from Mount Paran, and He came with 10,000 of His Saints and from His right  hand went a fiery Law, yes He loved all the people...all of His Saints  which are in His hand, and every one shall receive of His words. So in this  instance He brought forth His Saints who were to pass forth into the environment, from heaven, and He brought thousands and thousands of them when He  came to bestow the Law to the Woman Clothed with the Sun..who is Israel,  for she was to rise in greatness. In those days when He spake unto Moses,  and as he spoke of The Children of Israel He said: He loved all of His  Saints, because they were the Woman who was His Wife and His Bride. We find  in the Scriptures that He said of this woman...His wife, Therefore know ye  that I am your Yahweh...thy redeemer. Isaiah 48:17...Isaiah 54:5.      Now what did He say would give for this Woman..His Israel? He said: I  will give Egypt for thee, I will give Africa for thee, for thou art  precious in My sight. I have loved thee, therefore will I give men for  thee, and people for thy life.  Don't you think that it is high time that  the Church again discovered that there are great mysteries in the  Scriptures, don't you think it is time that the Church discovers that  Yahweh selected a race, that He had a chosen Race, He had suffered with  that race, and prepared that race for this great achievement. And in the  development of this race, He is developing His race, He is developing the  race who...is His Bride, the Household which produces His Family?   

In the writings of the prophet Isaiah it says:  Unto us a child is born,  and the government shall be upon His shoulders. His name shall be called  Wonderful, Councilor, the Mighty Yahweh, the Everlasting Father, and the  Prince of Peace.' Here he was talking about the one who he said: was  Immanuel...meaning, Yahweh with us. Thus when the fullness of Yahweh came  to earth, He came as the man...Yahshua The Messiah, the one we call Jesus  The Christ. And under the development of this the Eternal One is YAHWEH-YAHSHUA...'I am Yahweh...Thy Yahshua.'   

Let us turn to Revelations Chapter 12., to the Woman Clothed with the  Sun and the Moon under her feet and the crown on her head with the 12  stars. She being with child, cried travailing in birth and pained to be  delivered. In the development of this issue we will then go back to the  Virgin Mary, and we find that an Angel appeared to the Virgin Mary and  said: thou shall call His name...Yahshua, for He shall save His people from  their sins. He shall take the throne of His father David, and thus in the  involvement of the transition in the Scriptures...the Eternal Yahweh came  forth out of the race which He was married to. And He consummates the symbol  of this marriage in the Virgin Mary. We find that she brought forth the  body of Yahshua and in Him the fullness of Yahweh dwelt bodily. When she  brought forth this one who was the Majestic Eternal Father...in the Majesty  of this she said:..'Yahweh hath done a wonderful thing, He hath remembered  His people Israel and has now come forth out of Israel.'   

Now: with the above declaration then remember that Herod was King of the  Jews at this time and Herod was the very representative of Lucifer in this  instance:  'And there appeared another wonder in the heavens. Behold, a  great red dragon, having 7 heads and 10 horns and 7 crowns upon his head,  and his tail drew 1/3 of the stars of heaven and did cast them to earth.'  Remember here that in the rebellion of the red dragon or Lucifer in the  heavens, that 1/3 of the beings of the Milky Way rebelled and part of that  host was still aligned against the Children of Israel, and the world was  filled with the seed of the dragon.

Now the man Herod tried to destroy the  baby Yahshua...The Christ, for remember that he (Herod) told the wisemen to  go find the babe and then return so that he could go worship Him. Now the  wisemen of Israel did not return to Herod for they knew that he did not  speak the truth. So Herod sent the soldiers to Bethlehem to kill the babies  at the time of Christ. Mary and Joseph took the baby Jesus to Egypt and  there they stayed until the death of Herod. But in this instance the dragon  stood before the Woman who was waiting to be delivered..to devour her child  as soon as it was born. But she brought forth a man child who was to rule  all nations with a rod of iron, and this child was caught up unto Yahweh  and unto His throne, and the Woman fled into the wilderness and there she  has remained until this time of the end. So under this declaration, again  we see the Magnitude of the pattern of this development.   

In the Book of Ephesians there is a Mystery to be made known and that  Mystery is concerning Christ and His Church. I want you to know that if you  look for the Church, the place you will find it is where Israel resides.  You will find it where the white Christian nations reside, where the  Kingdom of Yahweh resides, is where the true Church is found. Now you may  gather into the Church, under the processes of Evangelism, a people out of  other tongues and other places, but they do not make up the True Church,  for the True Church is Israel.    Ephesians 5:21:.......'Submitting yourselves one to another in the love of God.  Wives submit yourselves unto your husband, as unto the Lord. For the  husband is the Savior of the body. Therefore as the Church is subject unto  Christ, so the wives to their own husbands in everything be subject.  Husband love your wives, even as Christ also loved the Church and gave  himself for it, that he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of  water..by the Word. That he might present it to himself a glorious Church,  not having spot or wrinkle, or any such thing: but that it should be Holy  and without blemish.'  This is a strange and unusual passage of Scripture.  When He is talking about His Church, and presenting that Church to Himself  without spot or blemish, He is talking about a great and mighty work which  is about to take place, and even now is pending, this will be a work for  the True Church of Christ. Remember, my friends, that Yahweh will restore  that Church to HIMSELF, in the hour of His return, to participate and to  finish the affairs of this age and to bring in the great new age. Then  remember that He is YAHWEH..thy YAHSHUA..who is married to Israel. So the  Spirit goes out and it seeks and it calls and it teaches. Remember that  Jesus said:..All that the father hath given me shall come to me, and he  that comes to me, I will in no wise cast out. No man comes to me except the  Father giveth it to him, and him I will raise up in the last days.'  And  thus in this declaration the children who have descended out of the heavens  into the earth...out of the Spirit into the flesh and have come by this  route, these are His Bride, and He thus will acknowledge.   'So ought men to love their wives, as their own bodies. He that loveth  his wife loveth himself. For no man ever yet hateth his own flesh: but  nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord...His Church.' Here the Lord  has declared that He loveth and cherisheth His Church, it is His flesh, as  it is His Household, His offspring, and in this instance...the Church is  His Bride.  'We are members of His body..of His flesh, and His bone; for this cause  shall a man leave His father and mother and shall be joined unto his wife  and they two shall become one flesh. 

This is a great Mystery, but I speak  concerning Christ and the Church.'   No wonder the church is filled with  Mystery. No wonder it is an Eternal Institution, no wonder...for it is the  Household that God made His Covenants with in the Old Testament and in the  New, for the Church is Israel, the Church is the Spiritual Center of Israel  and the Scripture says that all Israel shall be saved, as it is written.  For He says:...I shall take away the ungodliness of Jacob, and I shall  remove from them their transgressions, and thus therefore let everyone of  you so love his wife even as himself. For this is the Mystery of Christ and  His Church.'   

There is no doubt that the development of this Mystery was:...'The woman  clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet and a crown upon her head  of twelve stars.'  Each and everyone of these identifications, such as the  12 stars are a Mark, or given as a Seal.   

Therefore there existed also...the Serpent or Dragon and Michael cast  him to earth when he first refused to acknowledge the Family of Yahweh in  the Heavens. And in this purpose remember that Yahweh had ante‑dated this  by His creation, by the preparation of the Star message, by the timing of  these events that would take place. By the placing of the peoples upon the  face of the earth. All were to become subject to Israel, for Yahweh said:  'I have filled thy mouth with good things, and I have placed you upon the  earth and I have gone before thee to plant the lands of thy migrations.' In  fact it says that He prepared the earth for Israel, and divided the peoples  of the earth according to the numbers of Israel that were yet to come, for  He was going to so locate them and settle them upon the earth, and He knew  before hand where they would be located.   

In the Book of Isaiah He says: 'Fear not O thee men of Jacob, for I will  help thee, saith Yahweh thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel.' In the Old  Testament He is always marking Himself as Yahweh..of Israel. Then He comes  to this instance and He says:..I make thee sharp threshing instruments,  and I give you weapons and I shall raise up these instruments and thou  shall dress the mountains as these nations come against thee, and I shall  beat them small as these nations come against thee, and the wind shall  carry them away. Thou shall rejoice in Yahweh thy Redeemer, and thou shall  rejoice because you are married to the Holy One of Israel..Yahweh thy  Yahshua. I shall open up rivers in high places, fountains in valleys, I  shall make the wilderness a pool of water, and I shall plant in the  wilderness, the Cedar tree and the Myrtle and the Oil tree, and I will set  in the desert the Pine tree, and the Box tree together. I will give unto  thee of my blessings, and produce your strong reasons sayeth the King of  Israel.   

There is one thing about this declaration that stands out especially,  and that fact is that the only place where you find the Myrtle tree is in  the United States. It grows as a shrub in Palestine but as a great tree in  the Northwestern United States. God says to His Israel:..I go before you, I  open up the place, and I plant and prepare for you..the blessed things of  the earth for I am Yahweh thy Yahshua.' You see that God was preparing the  earth for His children...The Woman Clothed with the Sun.   

It is of Joseph that He said:..'Blessed of the Lord be his land, for the  precious things of heaven and for the deep and the things beneath. For the  precious things brought forth by the sun and by the moon. Therefore the  chief things of the ancient mountains and the precious things of the  lasting hills: of mineral wealth and oil. The Lord says: I will plant and I  will prepare, I will see the places that I lead you into, and they shall  have all these things.'  Why would He do this for Israel? 'For I am thy  Husband. Therefore from the precious things of the earth and the fullness  thereof, to the good will of Him that is in the bush, let the blessings  come upon the head of Joseph that was separated from his brothers.' This it  is that we find all this is from the direction of the Most High God. The  Psalmist continually talks about the good things we shall have, and that  God is our refuge, HE is our Rock, He is our fortress, He is our Yahweh.   

So with this declaration we turn again to the Book of Revelations to the  12th., chapter and in the instance of the developments which we are now  seeing...they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb and by His Testimony.  For some of them loved not their lives unto death.  'Therefore rejoice Ye heavens and ye that dwell within, but Woe to the  inhabiters of earth, and of the sea! For the devil is come down among you  having great wrath because he knoweth that he hath a short time.'

Now the  Devil moves among you and among the Beast System. God refers to the Beast  System, for the Beast System is made up of those who are not of His Household or of His offspring. Thus therefore when the Dragon was cast to earth  he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child. Then the Woman  Crowned with the 12 stars was given the last great and magnificent gift of  God's purpose. She was given a great Nation, and then she was given two  Wings of a Great Eagle for the gathering of Israel. Here in our great  nation..we are one people out of many tribes of Israel. And we are one  nation in the Household of Yahweh's Kingdom. We carry the Eagle symbol of  Manasseh, we are a token of the Household of Yahweh. There is something  significant about this for your race and in your history. We discover that  even in this Bible that when Yahweh is talking to the Prophets and to us  that with HIM reaching out..then to...we are people reaching out, and we  don't have to worry about that remark that God is dead, for we know that He  is alive as we reach out to HIM.   

Yahweh says:..'I make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with  the house of Judah, and I am going to put my laws in their hearts and I  have a place for meeting thee.' In your inner consciousness you of the  house of Israel reach out and pray to your Father, and when we think of  Yahweh we think differently than does the Hindu or the earth devil worshipers with their strange and fantastic gods. Rather we think of the one  creator of the Universe. And how the vastness of that creation was in His  hands. Then we get into a very close relationship with HIM, for we see Him  as married to us, and we see Him as our Father. We see that He brings forth  His many children through His race and the race brings forth His many sons. 

So we have a Father and He is a personal Redeemer. When He became a personal redeemer He came in the flesh and He came as one man but in the fullness  of Yahweh. So we have a Father who is a personal Father, and when Yahweh  became a personal Father, to the point that He manifested Himself as one  man, His body was in the fullness of Yahweh, and His body was His forever.  Jesus The Christ is the same today, yesterday, and forever. No wonder Jesus  said:..'I do not pray for the world, I pray for those that thou hast given  me, for thine they are.' In the Majesty of our calling we behold..Christ as  the fulfillment, incarnate Majesty of Yahweh. We behold Him crucified as he  purchased Israel, because Israel was the precious treasure hidden in the  field. He bought the whole world so that He might redeem that treasure  hidden in the field (world). And He holds up that treasure and says: I  would give Africa for you, I would give the world for you...because you are  MY people. Now if this is not a message of Race, and if this is not the  calling to a race of people of God who will fulfill all of His desires,  then my friends, I am afraid that we have the wrong Book..the wrong Bible,  because Yahweh is not separated in this Book from His people who are called  by His Name.   

The Woman was given the two wings of a great eagle, and the serpent cast  out of his mouth a great flood so that he might over take the Woman and  cause her to be carried away by the flood. Now the flood is symbolic of  Racial Streams...and into our country has come the strangers with no understanding of their place in the purposes of God. They have come in as a  flood of immigrants because the children of the bond woman will be more  than the free. But let me point out to you that as they come, they will  come to destroy and to take away and to devour you if that be possible. But  God says:...'I will deliver you.'   

When the program of Yahweh is actually carried out it will send every  man back to his proper country and some of them from the earth, and some  will be eliminated, but everyone and everything will be in proper order  according to the Will of The Most High. As to the nations of God's Kingdom  then God has a great and tremendous plan for their place in His purposes.  He tells us that the world will be blessed by Israel. When they are hungry  we have fed them, and when they are thirsty we have given them drink. We  have gone to the ends of the earth to meet the needs of the world, but we  are not anymore to continue to put out our blessings to the enemy of our  God. We are making great mistakes now as we back up from the Hindu, and the  Buddhist. We sent our armies in to fight the hoards of Lucifer in his  Satanic design, then at the same time we backed up from their gods. We  shall proclaim OUR God, and they shall acknowledge our God, or they shall  be destroyed off the land. In the instance of this:...the serpent cast out  of his mouth the waters like a flood, but the earth helped the Woman, and  the Mighty God has used the earth many times to bring destruction. An  example of this is found in the days of Sennacherib as he placed in his  writings that he would not attack Israel at night, for God hovered over  Israel, and there was a great illumination around their camp, so no one  could approach the camp of Israel because they could be seen for miles.  These are the words of Sennecherib as he said:..I can come in the day time  easier than I can at night when the movement would be seen.   

God said:...for you I will make the mountains move, I will make the  small mountains tremble before thee.' (Mountains are nations) So in this  instance we see how the earth helps the Woman, and the earth opened up its  mouth and swallowed up the seed of the dragon. We have seen this prophecy  being fulfilled through the years..out in the Ural Mountains they have had  great quakes and the earth swallowed up their war factories which they were  preparing to use on you. They have had many great quakes in China and there  will be more as the population used against you is diminished. There will be  more and more judgments coming, for the Dragon is angry with the Woman and  goes to make war with the remains of her seed, who have the commandments of  God and the Testimony of Jesus The Christ. Here it is not talking of the  Jews because they do not have the Testimony of Jesus the Christ, or the  Commandments of God. Rather their Bible, the Talmud, is filled with evil,  and they talk about Lucifer as their God, and that Christ is a devil. They  know not the truth for they are the enemy of God's Kingdom.    But God said: I am married unto Israel, forever. The Lord thy Maker is  thy husband.' With this declaration, the embodiment of God as the man  Christ Jesus gathers a people for His Name and He calls them His Church.   

Now I want to make this clear:...ALL Israel shall be saved, as it is  written, and ALL shall know the great teachings and the mighty development of His Church, even if He has to bring them back to consummate it, this  He will do. So by this token again in Revelation 20., He makes this statement:..'Come hither and I will show thee the bride...the Lambs wife.' When  John heard this he wanted to know more about this Mystery so he was carried  away in the Spirit to a great mountain, and the great city, the Holy  Jerusalem descending out of the heavens from God. This Great City...a race  of people...has been descending from the days of Adam through Seth and  through Noah and through Abraham and through Isaac and Jacob and through  the Children of Israel. It is a continuing, occupying, growing city, it is  the Woman Clothed with the Sun and the Moon under her feet and upon her  head a Crown of 12 stars.   

In the magnitude of this...Yahweh had declared that this is the Apple of  His Eye, and this city is the one who He desires, and the one it pleases  Him to Bless. So we see here again the development of His new society...  His New Order.     We who are His children can say.....Our Father which art in Heaven....                                    (End of this message)              .