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                      CHILDREN  OF  LIGHT ........9‑25‑66

                           By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift


            As we turn into an area of philosophy which was introduced by The Christ  as He unveils tremendous areas of truth, then in this pattern we turn to  read:...'Ye are the LIGHT of the world'. Turn to the Book of Matthew chapter 5., where He made this statement, and you find that HE had been up on  the mountain speaking to the people, as He brought forth the areas of the  'Sermon on the Mount'. Here He had brought forth the pattern of truth concerning the origin of people. He said:...'Ye are the LIGHT of the world  (order)...like a city that is set on a hill...and cannot be hid.' He went  on to say:..'neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but  on a candlestick; and it giveth light for the house. Let you LIGHT shine  before men, so they may see your good works, and Glorify your Father which  is in Heaven.'

            Here YAHSHUA (Jesus) was talking in this 'Sermon on the Mount' strictly  to the people of the Kingdom. But today many are trying to apply the  'Sermon on the Mount' to the way that we teat all the rest of the world  (order) around about us. They want us of course to turn the other cheek,  and do all these things which were expressly given by The Christ for the  children of the Kingdom...give the to the world. Yet The Christ proves this  is only for the children of the kingdom as HE stated:..'Ye are the light of  the world...therefore a city set on a hill cannot be hid.'    Turn to the Book of James 1:17., and we have some explanation of this  pattern:...'For every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of  Light. There is no variableness in the Father of Light, there was within HI  no shadow of turning.' Thus He who is the MOST HIGH, THE ETERNAL YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA is the Father of all Spirit which is referred to as Light from this  plane of Spirit, and the plane of Spirit is a plane of LIGHT. As we look  forth on the areas of creation we are well aware of the creation of the  flesh, and we are aware that this is important thing also, because we who  are of the flesh of God are concerned about the flesh also, and for this  cause He came in Atonement that HE might bring to it immortality. He was  not worried about the planes of Spirit, but in this instance God who is God  of Light comes out of the dimension of Spirit, and the Planes of Spirit are  synthesized out of Light even as the earth is synthesized out of the patterns of the Atom.

            We have a body which is 'in Light'. The Apostle Paul tells us about this  body which is a tabernacle not made by hands...'eternally in the heavens.'  If our physical body is dissolved then our consciousness moves into this  Tabernacle. Now; this does not mean that it is far removed from us..rather   it is close by, but not visible to the natural eye except on exceptional  occasions, but the Apostle Paul made this declaration:...'God who therefore  said; I am the Father of Light, and I have determined what I am going to do  because I am the author and creator of everything. I have created all the  heavens and the earth. I have established the patterns of the Sidereal  immensity around you, and all of those things, I have ordained. Therefore  remember this that whatsoever I have determined, whatsoever I have accomplished, I will bring to pass in accordance with the view of my intellect  and my mind. I will do the thing I have determined I will do and no one is  going to stop me, no one is going to stay or hold back the things I have  determined to do. Therefore there is no variableness in my plan, I intend to  bring them to pass, I do not have to plan on putting my plan on a shelf or  hold back the things I have determined to do.' All of this concept that God  has had to change His plans because someone rejected Hi, that He had to  make a new or alternate plan, all of this is folly. For God is the Father  of all Spirit...all LIGHT, in whom there is no variableness, and no shadow  turning, and without question is the SOVEREIGN MAJESTY OF THE UNIVERSE, and  by His Own WILL 'begat He us' with the Word of Truth that we should be the  kind of 'First Fruits' of all His creatures, having been begotten by the  spirit before the world began. 'OF HIS OWN WILL BEGAT HE US'. He is thus  our Father and He decided to have children, and He had Spiritual children  who were thus begotten by the God of Light and they are also of LIGHT.    Here on the mountain as Jesus referred to this same company of people as  He talked to them in 'The Sermon on the Mount' He said:..YE ARE THE LIGHT  OF THE WORLD...and by this declaration He again confirms His own relationship with us. Because He begat us before the foundation of the world,  we thus have a two fold operation in this God of Light. It not only talks  about the dimension of Spirit which is Light, and the synthesis of the  spiritual attention of His people...begotten in the Light and these spirits  which are Light, but talks about the functions of LIGHT even in the areas  of knowledge. Because as we deal with this we discover that he who is a  child of the Father who has been begotten in the spiritual backgrounds of  yesterday and now finds himself dwelling in a body of flesh, even as God  has established thus...His family..we discover that out of the mind of the  Spirit moves the wisdom and the intellect of the MOST HIGH GOD into the  soul consciousness of the individual where his reasoning mind exists.  Therefore we see...that we are the Children of Light, and God sees that a  function of this Light moves through His children, and begats a function  known as FAITH. And now FAITH is the great vital believing in the things  which God has said.

            It is strictly true that you are the LIGHT of the world (order). In this  instance when He uses the word world...the Greek word is COSMOS which means  the defining of the order of things. Therefore 'Ye are the LIGHT of all  arrangement of human order.' The orders of tribes and of nations and of  men. When there is any sense to it, when there is any order in it then it  is coming out of you, because you are the Light of this Cosmos...the light  of the world order.

   When Satan was trying to tempt The Christ he took Him upon the mountain  and showed Him the entire kingdom structure of the world...the whole cosmos  ..the whole order of the organizations of Kingdoms and of men, and of  nations, and he said:...'I will give you all this if you will but worship  me.' But HE who was the embodiment of the MOST HIGH GOD said:..'Thou shalt  not tempt THE LORD THY GOD'..It is written that man shall serve only the  MOST HIGH. So under this declaration of the order of the Cosmos..'ye are  THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD'...You are the Light of the order of the Cosmos, the  world, and this Light is a special concept of a spiritual combination which  has its relationship with all which God has created.

            In the Book of John we find:..All things were made by Him and without  Him was not anything made. In Him was life and He is the light of men. The  Light shined in darkness, and the darkness comprehends it not. Nor can they  comprehend the Light.' Again  referring to the embodiment of the MOST HIGH..YAHSHUA (Jesus) He said:...'All things were made by Him and without Him  was not anything made. He is the Light and in Him was Life, and He was the  Light of men (Adamites). The Light shineth in the darkness and the darkness  comprehends it not. There was a man sent from God (the spirit), and his  name was John...he was not the Light which he bore testimony to, but he  bore testimony to....THE LIGHT.

            Now; what is this discussion about THE LIGHT? It is a superlative  perfect comprehension which moves out of the dimension of spirit, in the  presence of Light, and into the soul consciousness of man. And we discover  here that there is a true Light which lighteth every man that cometh into  the world. The entire Adamic Race has been illuminated by the Spirit, and  the spirit illuminates the soul consciousness to make its righteous and  just decisions. This is the LIGHT then that lighteth every man (Adamic) who  comes into the world.

            Now; embodied HE was in this cosmos order, but those of the cosmos  (World Order) did not perceive that this was the God who created the whole  thing. The LIGHT therefore did not penetrate the Darkness. Here we see that  in HIM was 'THE LIGHT' and even tho He moved in the Darkness, still the  darkness did not comprehend. We are to note that in Corinthians we have a  unique declaration concerning this. There are also false prophets and  deceitful workers who seek to transform themselves into Apostles of Christ,  in the outer work. Do not marvel for Satan himself was transformed as an  angel of Light. But there is no great thing then that his ministers also be  transformed into apparent ministers of righteousness whose end is according  to their works. And they set at odds the program of the Kingdom, setting it  back temporarily by the ministers not of the true Light, but of darkness.    I had a discussion for two hours yesterday with a prominent educator who  came to talk to me. This man was a Christian, make no mistake about the  pattern of Christianity, he had then become a prominent educator. The thing  he was trying to figure out was what was happening to 10 or 15% of the  students in our nation, who raised in revolt against the standards of  righteousness? They seemed to be crying out...How do we know that Jesus is  the True God? They were in the classes of this man when he taught in  school, and also there was a kind of kinship with the patterns of religion  because they were teaching in their areas of philosophy and truth as to  what the Kingdom of God and the Gospel of The Christ taught as against the  pagan philosophies of the pagan gods. And now the students say:..How do we  know that Christ is God, and how do we know, and why should we not listen  to these others?

            This instructor was trying to understand what was getting into these  people, as he saw them revolting against the convention of clothing, and  even the way you cut your hair, and against our politics. They seem to be  supported so much by leaders who move in and out of the areas of government. For instance by those who want to integrate our society. This educator said:...I don't know why but the Negro seems to have no capacity or  initiative. He has a listlessness and never comes up to the standard of the  white man. And this prominent educator then said:...'I do not know why we  should hold back the white students. I think we should put the Negro in a  school of his own. He said:..I do not understand any of this, so if you  could help me to perceive why this is..I would appreciate it.    I said:...I think the blame belongs in the church, for the church has  not been as circumspect as it should be in the selection of their ministers. And Satans ministers have been transformed into Angels of Light, and   they have moved into the areas of the church which was established as a  Great Light and Truth out in all conduct of the nation. The church was to  be the influence on the nation. Many people will talk about the separation  of Church and State, and they well might site that the State was to have no  control over the Church, but the influence of the Church is a mighty influence over the structure of all Christian nations. Most all of these  patterns reflect therefore concepts which have emerged. As we have watched  Politicians emerge who are scalawags, so also we have had Satan's ministers  move into the church, and we can well tell them. And when the church reassumes its responsibility it shall cleanse itself of every false minister,  and keep only the ministers of Light who have built the structure of our  civilization and our culture. This church has carried forward the impact of  its magnitude and greatness into the body temples of God's Household, and  sent the Gospel of God's Kingdom to the ends of the earth.   

Now; men approach and they teach that it is very nice that we are  Christian, and that we will follow the worlds of Jesus, we will follow Him  in a revolutionary sense, but we will not accept naturally that He is  Deity. We will not accept such an outdated philosophy but we accept...that  He was a great teacher, a good man, and His revolutionary processes of  thought were great, but we do not accept Him as The Christ. And then  suddenly they want to integrate all of society. And you then discover that  the modern Church of today has a tremendous impact on the youth of today.  They come out of that church with a non‑descript image of The Christ, come  out without a challenging dynamic, and then therefore they are able to  embrace anything. If they are willing to embrace all men and to show honor  to all men, then you find the results in Washington D.C...in the Temple of  all faiths, all religions. Do you know that the people who belonged to  Methodist, Baptist, Christian churches of all denominations, as well as  Catholic churches thought this was a great way for them to show that they  respected all men's Faiths.

            But if you are a Child of Light, and functioning in the Light, and  walking in the Light and seeing the Light, then you are going to denounce  all the policies of paganism and everything it stands for. Therefore it is  because we have had error out of the areas of our pulpits that we have  found that is has had influence on our nation. Then we permitted the entrance into our nation, and the moving into positions of influence of the  sons and daughters of Lucifers own minions. And as we have permitted them  to come in, and to establish their areas of culture, we find that they are  not in the Light, but are in total darkness. Thus they battle against the  Children of Light.

            The Children of Light, and the Children of Darkness are in an internal  battle, but the program of God will triumph with the Children of Light, the  children of the Kingdom ruling the world. Thus we have pointed out to this  educator that when our nation was ruled was governed by the true church  then we were in better shape.

            Now; the early church did not have all areas of truth, very few of them  knew we were the Israel of God, or many of these majestic truths of the  Scripture, but they did know who their God was. They knew who The Christ  was, and they recognized The Christ. It made very little difference if they  were Presbyterian, or Baptist, Puritan, or Quaker, they knew that the embodiment of God was the man Christ Jesus who had died on the Cross to redeem  His people, and they thought this and they taught this, and they worshiped  HIM.

            Now; again HE said:..'Ye are the Light of the world'..or the order of  the world. If you do not put forward this Light in the world there will be  no order anywhere inside its government or activity. As we point this out  again, as the white man moved into Africa and Asia he brought this pattern  of order. Oh, they were not willing to accept this order and they fought  back, at times coming in sea and waves of darkness. But HIS soldiers enforced the Law, and His soldiers courts put it forth, and behind it all was  the declaration that YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA..Jesus was God. More than this they  established quite firmly the patterns of God. When we went into India or  Africa, it was as a Christian society with the belief that Our God was big  enough to put us in power, and we were to put the world in order. This is  the thing we used to teach; this used to be Colonialism, this used to be  advancement. Without that order which comes from spiritually identifying  you through the thought waves of God there is no order, there is nothing  but catastrophe. And as I explained this to this educator he said:..I think  it is fortunate for us that only 11% of our students are in revolt, because we have taken away from them the great principals of saying:..'There  is no other God'. This is truth, and the demanding of this He understood.  Our ministers should never have said...we accept any mans faith whether he  worships at the throne of Buddha or Brahma, Vishnu, or Kali or all manifestations of god in some strange or unusual manner. My Scripture tells me  that...'Beside me there is no God'...'I alone am Light'...I Am the Father  of Light', and because you are the children of Light then MY LIGHT fills  your consciousness in the earth. Out of the plain of spirit must come this  area of wisdom.

            I took about two hours to explain to this educator the patterns of  truth, that the Adamic race was different from the other races, that it had  a different origin. And that the program of God was to transfer His Celestial Children from heaven to earth. And as I spoke he saw this and he said:  ..'I can see this..isn't it strange..I have been a minister as well as an  educator but I never caught this pattern before.

            Now; we did not put a title on this, and say this is Identity, or  British Israel, this is simply the Living Word of God, this is the Light  which moves into men of Light. And as we talked this educator saw the difference between the Negro body hulk and the body of the white man because  one does not possess the spirit of the Father, and the other does possess  that spirit. One does not have the capacity to give him initiative, and is  therefore the reason why he must be a subservient race, and be held under  the control of the kingdom, since he lacks the capacity in his own makeup.    These Negroes are not the begotten of the Father, and we showed this  educator quite clearly that this is not a matter of segregation, as to why  these others are not so smart. It is not a matter of segregation on the  basis of when you think they should be separated for progress. But God  said:..'Your are a Holy seed...You are my offspring' and in order for me to  rule the world, to build my kingdom, I have to keep you separate, and segregated lest you loose the avenue of spiritual intellect which is so tremendously important for the world. Therefore God speaks out in Leviticus  and in Deuteronomy and again in Corinthians in the New Testament for the  permanent separation and segregation of His sons and daughters, His offspring. You are thus the Children of Light and there it is quite clear that  you must understand this, for we are filled with the pattern of growing  truth. We point out to you that as we think on this area of truth and the  knowledge of this truth, that we remember Jesus speaks constantly in this  area of truth...'Ye are the Light of the World.'

            In the Book of John he said:..this is the condemnation..the Light has  come into the world (order), and men love the darkness rather than the  Light because their deeds are evil. They were under the influence of  Luciferianism and could not see the Light. Everyone that doeth evil and  hates the Light neither does he come to the Light lest his deeds should be  reproved. This is not the only spot where this is brought forth, but as He  speaks against Jesus said:..'these people are of the darkness, and their way  is of darkness.'

            Over in the Book of Corinthians it says:..'If our Gospel be hid, it be  hid to those who are lost.' Now; what does that mean? If a person does not  know where he is then he is lost. He does not know of his relationship with  the creation or with God. For thousands of years Asiatics have been worshiping devils. For thousands of years Witchdoctors of Africa have filled  the capacity of what intellect the Negro has with the worship of doctrines  of devils. 'If our doctrine be hid it is hid to those who are lost....In  whom the god of this world hath also blinded the minds of them who believe  not......II Corinthians 4:3‑4..Lest the mind of the Glorious Gospel of  Christ, who is the image (embodiment) of God should shine unto them.'   

Now; the Apostle Paul says:..'we do not preach ourselves we only preach  Jesus the Christ. We preach that He is YAHWEH, that He commanded the Light  to shine out of darkness, and embodied Himself in order that He might project this Light into the areas of darkness. And as this Light comes, it  illuminates His own sons and daughters, and the darkness revolts against  it. Therefore if this Light be hid unto those who are lost, then it is hid  to people in the darkness.'

            Now; we are not talking about the eternal destiny of those people. When  they are lost they are lost in their present condition. They are lost as  they are now, and when lost a person does....not know where he came from,  or where he is going. Some of them may think they know where they came from  but being lost they have no understanding of this. And today the Luciferian  Kingdom must keep people in darkness, or keep them lost or they cannot control them. But...you the Children of Light...as such, you are not the  children of darkness.

            Therefore we note again...in these patterns of distinctions, we can well  see that we moved forth, we were aware, but people did not stop to think  about the pattern of Light, but they had standards, and they had ethics and  you moved out with them. You had statesmen instead of some of the cheap  politicians of today who are influencing your society with out thought. And  in these areas of demonstration we can see that our race moved out to the  ends of the earth, it colonized, it built, it established the laws of THE  MOST HIGH GOD. I think that it is quite plain that we can see an area of  confusion moving over the minds of our people, even the nation. We have  been told that this 'Day of the Lord' would not come until a falling away  came first. And the falling away has moved over your society because we  have so many of these people now saying:...we do not know if Christ is  Deity, we do not understand these patterns. And we are willing to accept  all religions and move into ecumenical conferences without any question of  these things. This is in itself a very denial of the truth of the MOST HIGH  GOD. This is not the Words of Life, but the words of darkness.    We note that God has spoken forth in times past and said that He is the  only Potentate...KING OF KINGS, LORD OF LORDS..He is the only author of  immortality. He dwells in the Light and puts forth the Light upon Him many  sons. The Light from the MOST HIGH GOD moves forth, it is a tremendous  pattern of Wisdom that moves upon your society and breeds FAITH. This function of Faith is a natural thing with you. We point out to you this function, and how it works, for in the structure of your society you can carry  this all the way back to the time of The Christ. Still as the church spread  its gospel and it became a part of it we knew that we live by the Gospel of  God, and we understand that this is an area of truth. In the course of the  periods of time the church has held to the tremendous clarities of the  identity of God and of His thinking and of His works.

            We who are the children of the MOST HIGH GOD understand that there is  coming a day, it is a blessed hope, an important day, and we call this the  'Day of the Lord'. We know that when this day arrives with triumph and with  tremendous power from heaven that it shall be exerted in human affairs. You  say how do you prove it? ...You do not have to prove it you just know it,  because this function has moved out of the Light which fills you consciousness and has created an area of FAITH.

            In the Book of Hebrews the Apostle Paul explains the Mystery of how the  spiritual though waves can fill men, that they then live by it. He refers  to Noah, Abraham, and his sons and Moses...all lived by Faith. How it was a  living, abiding Faith and was imputed to them as righteousness..that they  believed God (obeyed God). It was a growing, pulsing, living Faith with  these Patriarchs. He talks in this Book of Hebrews about these great Patriarchs, these leaders of our race who were strangers and Pilgrims in the  earth, and how the world (order) was not worthy of them. But they had come  down out of the Heavens and were performing as they were supposed to do,  and they stopped the mouth of Lions, they had turned to fight the armies of  the aliens. Some died, some were martyred because they would not give up  their faith which was a part of them. But it was also a continuing work.   

We are asked today:..What does Christianity believe? Christianity believes the WORD, every part of the Word of God...true Christianity believes  God. Believes God resurrected from the grave, and imparted unto us the  promise of Life. God who in all things is God, and no one is going to  conflict with His Purpose or His way.

            Now; in this course again...He has called for this Household of His to  fulfill the patterns of His Law. In fact we used to make sure that the law  went out of Zion. (Spiritual center of His Kingdom) And we are going to  make sure that it goes forth once again from Zion. The Law of God has de‑  parted from the teaching of these Apostles who said:...yes, we are ministers of Light. Today we say, my how we love, how we want all together, how  we want to reduce all society to the pattern of worshiping all gods completely, and the moving together for prosperity. We are going to war on  poverty, this is the important thing. But the program of God's Kingdom is  not...War on Poverty...it is a war of sin and darkness. Then my friends,  poverty will be dispersed when sin and darkness are phased out.    Then within this course of events therefore we can see that God is a God  of Light, and that under this operation we have lived through the Church  age, we are a part of the church age. But what have we thought about? We  have thought about the promises of God. We have sought to conform to the  standards of Good Conduct, the law is a part of us. As we realize this we  know that God said:..I will make the Law a part of you. I will write it in  your flesh. I will make you give ascent to patterns of the Law, and we do.  The policies of temptation may at times make a person seem to yield in one  part of the law or another, but in repentance He comes back because the Law  is a part of him. The world order does not turn this way...people of Asia  or Africa, the people under the Witchdoctors or pagan gods rejoice in the  darkness. They love the darkness, there is no reproach in the darkness. They do not come to the Light because the Light will reprove them.   By this same pattern therefore it is important that we remove these  ministers of Light who are false apostles and establish therefore in the  churches of America and in the churches of Gods Kingdom ministers who are  the Children of Light, even as you are, and who will speak with Light upon  the Truths of THE MOST HIGH GOD.

            Now; of course you realize that you believe in the second coming of The  Christ. Almost everyone of the Christians of the world believes in the  second coming of The Christ, but this is because they have never heard it  in their church. They never had anyone bring it to their attention, they do  not read the Scriptures themselves to know anything about this. But this is  a minority in the heart of Christianity. Thus since these number only a  minority in Christianity then we are working toward the day when Christ  triumphant will come in, and with the Hosts of Heaven will come in, and  join us in putting things in order.

            How then do we put things in order? We knock down the powers of Darkness, we raise up the powers of THE LIGHT. We put races which have been in  darkness back under 'The Light'. And we see that they are ruled by areas of  'Light', and we see therefore that we are a part of a blessed hope.    We are not disturbed because we see the rising up of the hand of the  enemy. We are told that there will be a war with Amalek and the Cainanites  through all and every generation. Everything we are advocating at this  moment is a part of the Scriptures, just as you are a part of it. You believe it, you are sensitive to it,  you do not think upon it at all times,  and yet it fills your thoughts and adjusts the patterns of your life. How  many people are thinking about survival and why are they thinking about  survival....because we are living in perilous times and they want to carry  out the processes of which they are so much a part of. They want to see the  world transformed, and they think this is a good thing. But I want you to  know that to surrender to the thought waves of the darkness is not good.    Therefore we turn to this pattern of the Scripture, again we note that  in HIM is LIGHT, and without HIM there is no LIGHT...none at all. 'Now of  the times and the seasons brethren, you do not have need that I write unto  you, for you know perfectly that the 'Day of the Lord' is coming like a  thief in the night, as far as the world is concerned however it comes  quickly. However you know that the day is coming but when they say 'Peace  and Safety' then suddenly destruction cometh upon them.'

            You hear this cry as the voices support the United Nations, and I will  say also that the derelict church is supporting the program of the United  Nations. In fact the Secretary General was just promoted to the position of  under Secretary of State because of this area of Racial discrimination.  This may seem a good thing, but this declaration has two provisions in it  alone which show that this could never be accepted. And now Mr. Rusk gets  ready to step down, and they move this man in as under Secretary of State,  they take him out of the Attorney Generals office because he is for integration.

            Now; listen...they are siting that any citizen in the world is a citizen  of every nation of the United Nations simultaneously. And you can therefore  move from nation to nation at will. Thus the hoards of areas of Asia and  Africa can flood into the United States, or the State of California at  will, and it will be legal. And they have perfect autonomy for any issue  which effects the residents of a country, they can vote on any issue. You  can vote on the leaders, the governors, and you do not have to qualify.  There is to be no standards of election, this is what is in that treaty in  the United Nations...it is a trap.

            Now you can flood the country with aliens and you could even elect Mr.  Brown again if you bring in enough Negroes or Asiatics who will just put  down a stamp where they are told. This is the kind of pattern that they  want to follow so they moved the Attorney General to this post because  they think that he will be more computable with their foreign policy. We  are already told by Mr. Rusk that the foreign policy of the United States  is the same as the preamble of the Constitution, but the Children of God  should stand against this thing. As we stand for Truth you are going to be  against the works of darkness. It makes no difference whether the works of  darkness are influencing the men in Government, you therefore oppose men  who are in power in Government because you stand for the truth, then when  the truth rises, it will spread over the earth, and it shall be victorious.    Again we see the program of the Kingdom, we see order, we can see civilizations, we can see the civilizations that made the United States, or  the hundred parts of it from whence we have discovered the avenues of the  families of the nations of the earth. But we want you to recognize that the  Light was filtering in all the time. The Light was coming out of the Spirit  into the soul consciousness of your race wherever the white men went. They  had standards, they had virtues, they had truth, because the knowledge of  the Light came upon them,...'YE ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD', and when that  Light is hid then the world also plunges into areas of darkness.  Thus the MOST HIGH says:...these times when they say...Peace and Safety  ...and today they are even telling us to admit Red China to the United  Nations and then we can control her, and all will be peaceful. If we establish a World United Nations this will be fine, it is the coming thing.  If we move our economy under the World Monetary fund, and then deposit all  that we have left in the areas of this find then that will also be fine.  They will divide an equal amount among all the people of the world,  and this is the only place money will be available. Thus you will go to a  world bank for a world monetary program and this is a great thing....so  they say. But the Scripture says:...'Come out from among them and be ye  separate, and segregated, and touch not this unclean thing.'    I tell you again that the area of catastrophe...total dissolution of the  nation lies in the pattern of darkness, and moves out of the areas of the  darkness and says:...We will have Peace. We are going to have peace and  security through the United Nations. But I tell you that we are on the edge  of one of the most important, unpleasant, surprise attacks in the History  of the World. In fact the hoards of the enemy are preparing for a sudden  attack against the United States which will make Pearl Harbor look as tho  it was but a simple program concerning the plans they have ahead. But Peace  will only emerge out of HIS Program. Therefore when they say:..'Peace and  Safety'...you Children of the Kingdom know that this is not true. You perceive it, and now you say, but I do not understand it, I can't explain it,  but I tell you that it is already moving through you. And you are already  thinking this, you are not trusting in the United Nations, but you are  getting ready to defend yourselves from an invasion of United Nations  troops who would police you to make you bow to their will.   

Now; Scripture says:...'ye brethren are not in darkness'. This is the  Apostle Paul, he is telling the true church..'ye are not in darkness.' Ye  are not in darkness as to that 'Day of the Lord' so that it overtake you as  a thief in the night. We are well aware that in this hour of tremendous  travesty, in this hour of great danger, that God is going to re‑enter the  program of Human affairs, with a limitless vast naval fleet of the skies  and the limitless Hosts of the skies. Your relatives will join you, and the  Hosts of the skies will join you and you will be suddenly transformed into  a powerful Kingdom.

            Now; you say:..How do I know? But you also know because FAITH has been  born out of Light which moves into the seat of your intellect to let you  know that this Bible which is the WORD of God is continually showing you  what God is going to do. It is continually stating what God is going to do  and it stores up as to what God is going to do. And His is giving you the  signs of the times so you will know when these things come to pass. And as  we see these things come to pass we know that 'The Day of the LORD' is upon  us. Why?  Because 'ye brethren are not in darkness that this day should  overtake you as a thief for YE ARE THE CHILDREN OF LIGHT.'    Jesus said:...'YE ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD' and later the Apostle Paul  said:...'YE ARE THE CHILDREN OF LIGHT.' You were begotten by the LIGHT, and  they who be drunken are in the night. I Thessalonians 5:7. But let us who  are of the Day be sober, putting on the Breastplate of Faith and Hope for  we know that the Lord is our Salvation and is very, very close.    As these procedures are taught, as the things of God's Truth are taught  your whole society envelopes it. In fact it is a working program. It is  only the dispersion of the ministers of darkness, who have no right to  stand in a pulpit today that has thrown or created this backlog of ten or  twelve percent of the people who do not see the things of truth, and do not  respond but go into the areas of negativeness. And again many of them are  of minorities who have no right in your society as well. And Satan has  truly blinded those who has lost...LOST to the Glorious Gospel of The  Christ. The Christian Nations are but 1/6 of the worlds population in the  world order, but out of them has emerged all order, all truth in the hours  of their rising. And you can well see that chaos follows in the areas of  their removal, as it has in the Congo and other areas of the world.   We can well see that where truth is proclaimed it is the truth which  comes out of the Gospel of The Christ. It is the heart of your culture, the   heart of your society, it is the illumination of your mind. There is no  problem which besets your society that is not solved by the truth of God.  We think for instance of a President who went over to India, and this  President (Eisenhower) went over to this pagan country of darkness, a land  which has their temples on display in every city, and they are set to the  gods of Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, and Kali and on hundred sub gods of Hinduism.  The President sees into the vastness of their Priesthood, for the size of  their Priesthood outnumbers any provincial area of ministry.  For you will  discover that better than 1/5 of all the people of India are priests in the  temples of Idolatry. You will discover that their rulers have been in  league with this pattern of idolatry and have thus filled their coffers  with gold, silver, and great jewels. You will say how can such an impoverished country have such vast riches? But it has them just the same. They  have washed them out of the soil, out of the banks of the earth and have  deposited in the Temples and in the coffers of their rulers. But when they  brought the President of the United States there where they would do him  honor, they took him first to the Temple of Kali, Brahama, Vishnu, and Siva.  And as he approached the Temple with a company of their Statesmen they  reached out and put a CAST Mark on his forehead. They said he was now becoming a part of Hinduism, and was subservient to those Hindu Gods...this  was the honor they were to bestow upon our President. (Jimmy Carter and  wife also took this Cast Mark when they visited India.)

            The President of the United States had he been a man of integrity and  virtue had he been so informed by his Church of his position, would have  ben so positive that he would have replied:...Gentlemen I know you want to  honor me, but I cannot accept this Cast Mark. I cannot do homage to your  gods, for there is only ONE GOD IN HEAVEN AND HE IS YAHWEH...we call HIM  Jesus The Christ. Had he done this he would have been President unto this  day. I do not doubt. But he did not have that capacity for leadership. We  have not had a President with that type of leadership since the days of  Teddy Roosevelt or before. But in this hour Eisenhower accepted that Cast  Mark and bowed before those Idols. He was brought in to address the  assembly of India with a Cast Mark upon his forehead. This my friends is  also to be laid as a charge of responsibility against the Church which  should have so clearly established the pattern:...THERE SHALL BE NO OTHER  GODS BEFORE ME. No one representing our nation, no one should have arrived  at the point of the Presidency who would have allowed them to stamp him  with the stamp of pagan gods. Strangely as we see the patterns of God's  prosperity resting upon the nations which serve him and love him, we see  that they have enough to eat, and enough to clothe themselves, and they can  manufacture anything they want. In this country it seems like your technology can move out and produce more food than you know what to do with  and the pagans can never get enough to eat. This is just a little bit of  the program of the make up of the Universe. God created the heavens and the  earth, and as he sends the sun down and the rain down upon all people still  they do not know how to make use of it, they do not know how to establish  things. But God knew that Adam had a green thumb, there was no man to till  the soil so he sent Adam down. And when these people are in adjustment with  God and they ways of truth then they can absorb the teaching that you give  them and they will produce enough to eat. But in your time you have even  turned from the teaching of truth and have let this ten or twelve percent  move into areas of influence in our Government with entirely to much influence. Because the Children of Darkness instead of the Children of Light are  holding entirely to many seats in your Government.

            We gave India millions and millions of bushels of wheat from along the  railroad tracks where it was piled and from out of our granaries where we  had it stored. But God said for you to Sell it not give it away. 'Do not  bestow my blessings upon the pagans, and the heathens.' If they will accept  HIM and acknowledge HIM...unless they are ready to let the LIGHT shine. But  our people did not even think of that and our Government even unloaded the  ships for them. God then says:...Alright, you are my people but I will show  you...I will curse their blessings. And we have droughts and in many states  they will continue or we will have to much rain in other places.    I want you to recognize that a nation is to be guided by THE LIGHT and  they who are in the LIGHT should let that LIGHT shine before men so that  they are influenced by it. This is the declaration of the MOST HIGH GOD...  He who is the Father of LIGHT said:...ye are my children of Light, you are  not as the children of darkness. You may mark well the influence of our  Faith, for our Faith dwells within us, it lies within us. We do not have to  think of every passage in the Book, but you can't help but think on it as  you think of these things. We know the course of time, we know that God  transferred His Kingdom from Heaven to earth. We know His children are now  in the flesh. We know He redeemed them from their fall, we know He has promised us Eternal Life. We know He has given us Truth and we have built our  civilization to the ends of the earth....ON TRUTH!  But we also know we  have gone retrograde over the last thirty or forty years, in this TIME OF  JACOB'S TROUBLE.  But we know we will push it again as we push the program  of God's Kingdom in the LIGHT. And the LIGHT is going out to the ends of  the earth until every knee is going to bow, and every tongue is going to  proclaim that the Christ if LORD. We accept no half way measure, as God did  not send Peace to the world, Jesus said:...'I did not come to bring Peace,  I came to bring a sword.' Why? Because the Darkness was devouring His  people, and waging war against the Kingdom.

            Again He point out:...'I did not put this city under a basket, I put it  upon a hill for the world is going to see MY Kingdom, and they are going to  fulfill the declarations which come out of the Children of LIGHT, because  they shall be triumphant.'

            In this hour we urge you to understand that this peculiar thing is a  part of you......it is FAITH. You find yourself believing the words of God,  you believe the things which are in the Words of God. All of these things  fit and make you a close portion of it, because  you are ONE with the  Father. You are Spirit of His Spirit, the Light which fills your consciousness gives assent to these things which have emerged because your  spirit is out of His Spirit, and His Spirit abides with you forever. Therefore out of the soul consciousness of men moves the patterns of statesmanship of God's Kingdom, because they are children of Light. We do not expect  the children of darkness to reflect the LIGHT but we do expect the Children  of LIGHT to release that LIGHT. And as many now turn they will begin to  catch the glimmer, they will become as interested as you are in the things  of God, and very very soon they who are asleep will be awakened by the  LIGHT.

Awake thou who sleepeth, and The Christ will give thee LIGHT. As we  accept this pattern of Truth, then we will walk in the LIGHT as HE is in  the LIGHT, and we will certainly for no other cause have fellowship one  with the other.





                             End of this Message.