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                               SOUND THE ALARM

                                  by Dr. Wesley Swift---6-11-67


As we turn to our subject, we remember the voice of Haggai, the Prophet thru whom God sounded HIS voice and called attention to an exact day--and the 24th day of the 9th month, the 1335 day of the Algerian Calendar, or in our 1917, when the British took over the mandate of Palestine, as supported by the League of Nations.  This was an important event because it was 2520 years to the day from the time when the city of Jerusalem fell before the power of Nebuchadnezzar.  Now you have advanced into the period which we call the time of ‘Jacob’s trouble.’  And we again see that the hand of God is measuring time.  And now we see that the abomination of the desolator is not standing in the Holy Place.  This is most significant because within 1290 days, most of these things should be fulfilled which were spoken of by the Prophet which from this hour should be consequential as the naming of the Holy place, as the absorption of the Jews.  Remember Jesus, in the book of Matthew, warned the true people of Israel, that they should then get out of that land.  Get out of the Middle East and stay far away whenever they see the abomination in the Holy place, because judgements are going to fall on Old Jerusalem.

  I want you to know that this is not the Jerusalem of God’s Israel, for long ago, God moved HIS Israel into the Islands of the sea and on far Westward to the United States, as well as into Europe where they are today the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Nordic, Lombard, Germanic, and kindred people of the earth.  And as God moved HIS people, HE talked of a Jerusalem---a New Jerusalem.  And this is the Jerusalem that the enemy is planning to attack.  As far as God is concerned, it is not that old city of Jerusalem which HE, Himself, as HE comes is going to totally decimate.  HE is going to roll it out as a flat land, and eventually, make it a part for you to go back to some day.  But this, my friends, is not the city of God.  It is going to take a place big enough to set a city 1500 square miles.  And it is hard to take USA out of the heart of JerUSAlem as well.  Actually, you are closer than you realize to the Great Jerusalem of God and to HIS purpose.  But for that old city, HE warns HIS Israel, people to get out of that old city and far away from it when we see the abominations of the desolator stand in the Holy place.  The abomination of the desolator are the sons and daughters of Lucifer.  They are leading the anti-forces against the Kingdom of God.  More than this, they are the people who hated Christ, and continue to hate HIM even to the end of the age.  When Christ refers to them, HE said, ‘Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do.’  HE was talking to the Jews of Jerusalem at that time and pointing out that HE was from above, and they were from below.

You say, ‘What is the significance of this?’  I will show you how much they hate the name of God, or the purposes of God or the atonement.  For instance in ‘The Jewish Heritage,’ which also points out dual allegiance.  But here was an article-- ‘Blood packs for Israel--the American Red Mogan David for Israel besieged at their offices are not only seeking blood donors, but are seeking thousands of ‘blood packs’ which are a mechanical pack for infusions.------

They say that the ‘Red Mogan David’ is the Red Star of David, because Israeli will not use the Red Cross.  It despises all things associated with the cross.  So they don’t have a ‘Red Cross’ in Israeli.  They have a Mogan David Red Star.  And along with this, they say that the call for blood packs is issued by Congressmen, by Emmanuel Cellar who is the natural chairman of Red Mogan David of Israeli, which happens to be, my friends, a government institution in Israeli.  So again, we see this policy of Dual Allegiance.

This afternoon one of the most evil of all assemblies, one of the most un-American assembles ever held in the United States was held in the Hollywood Bowl this afternoon.  And as these ugly Kikes held their meeting, they, with their pressure and power, drew the Governor there.  And Senator Murphy was also there.  These men don’t know anything about the Jews.  They are as naive as babes in the woods.  But the fact remains, that we had to listen, as over the air, they were broadcasting the meeting, and Senator Murphy said, ‘We will do everything for Israeli. We will send men, all kinds of help.  We will do anything for Israeli.’

Well, he has a lot to learn.  The Jews were cursing their opposition.  They were cursing the pressure they had to apply, and were using four letter words of obscenity because their filthy minds run in this channel.  In this design, Israeli, will get millions of dollars that they raised this afternoon.  Here they had three $500,000.00 donations given.  And they had many $100,000.00 and many $50,000.00 donations.  And a lot of it is coming from Christian widows conned into believing ‘I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curse thee.’  And they are giving their money to carry forward ‘God’s chosen people.’  Little realizing that they are devils against the Kingdom of God.  Did you know that when this meeting was held here, that there was one in San Francisco, one in St. Louis, one in Detroit, and one in New York City, and one in London, in Paris, and in Berlin.  And out of those meetings, have come multiple millions of shake downs, and the drawing of money out of Christian society.

I want to tell you another thing which is mighty interesting.  Just a few minutes ago, other news was coming out with the fact that a special session is called tonight in the United Nations.  And this special session is because Congressmen and the State Department have discovered that Israeli ‘KNOWINGLY’ ORDERED THE FIRING ON THE AMERICAN SHIP.  They not only did this because they saw the United States flag, but they did this because this communications ship--they felt--was sending the information back to the United Nations that Israeli was carrying on this war in the face of the decision to cease fire.  And they felt that the reports of this aggression by Israeli had been transmitted by this ship.  So they ordered its destruction.  I don’t at this time know if the ship transmitted this information or not.  But if it did, it told the truth.

Now, this is rousing a strange condition for Congressmen, and some of them are furious.  And there are leaders in our nation who are also furious.  And they are talking of stopping this aggression and not going along with Israeli in this matter.  If Israeli thinks she can shoot and kill Americans, it is about time we called a stop to this program of anti-Christ.  Israeli came against our Liberty ship with six waves of attack by aircraft.  And his the ship again and again.  And then a torpedo boat sent a torpedo into the hull of the Liberty and closed the hull against as many as forty Americans who are probably dead imprisoned in the hull.  This for a ship sailing on the Mediterranean outside of any conceivable Israeli waters.  It was an act of piracy by pirates who are better at being pirates than in other areas where they put out their propaganda.

Now, God warned the children of Israel that they would have to get out of the land of Israel when this time of trouble would come.  And one of the things we can say, whereas the Arab defeat was one of those great surprises, it was done because Israeli had control of the air power.  Remember this.  The Arab States waited because the United States had warned them that she would side with Israeli if they committed an act of aggression, or if they invaded the land, and because of some trust in the United Nations, which of course deceives all nations.  In fact, we have a total report here from Jordan on this matter.  And Israeli was of course talking thru the lips of their representative at the United Nations, and saying that the Arabs were always the aggressors.  But the fact was that the Israeli were always the aggressor even to the hour of the war.  The Arab States were depending on the United Nations since they knew the United States and these other countries were coming in.  Therefore, they wanted to hold back the war because they were told they would have to wait for the meeting of the General Assembly which had postponed its time until 10 o’clock on Monday morning.

Now, as the United Nations was to meet at 10 o’clock, then Israeli moved at 4 o’clock and struck the Arab States.  They went over the airports of Jordan and Egypt and destroyed their air force.  They quickly destroyed 387 planes on the ground and virtually took away from the Arab States any cover from the air. And if you want to fight a war today, you better keep air cover because if you lose air cover, you have lost the war.  So they not only moved in quickly in the air, but at 8 o’clock in the morning, they started shelling with rockets and brought in their tanks to mop up.  There 17,000 of the Egyptian Tank Corp. was destroyed in the first two days of battle.

Now, you can say, ‘this is just war and Israeli jumped the gun.’  But Israeli not only had manpower of 300,000 stretched out along Jordan’s border and along the Negiv where they could rush into the Gaza Strip, as well as marching in when the Arabs said that Israeli was marshaling their forces---and they called for assistance. When the Arabs said they were facing acts of aggression, this was true.  Remember that only a month ago, Israeli invaded the old city of Jerusalem, or the edge of it and in the areas of Jordan.  They blew up houses, killing people.  And this was talked about in the United Nations.  And they told Israeli to go back, and not do this again.  Thus, we are to discover tat as far as aggression is concerned, it came from the Jews to begin with.  And we can see that the entire war before it started, and even after it started,--and confirmed by the report from the Jordan Ambassador, was that Israeli was probing their lines and was getting ready to attack.  But at no time did Arab forces get into Israeli territory.

Thus, Israeli forces not only invaded Arab territory, but did it with great speed.  Israeli didn’t call up a bunch of doctors, dentists, and lawyers and merchants to make up their army.  This army was made up and in the field at the time Nassar gathered his troops and warned that Israeli was getting ready for an all out attack against Arab society.

Now, we have no particular feeling for Mr. Nassar.  But the fact remains, that he saw that the time was---as the Arab States were gathering around him, that Israeli was getting ready to strike.  And the Arabs then began getting ready to strike back.  But we warned him that if he did not wait for the United Nations decision, that our weight would be thrown against him.  So the Jordan Ambassador pointed this out, and I think they were very naive.  I have very little appreciation for the military ability of Mr. Nassar at this point, for the Arab States should never have been taken unawares.  The destruction of their Air Force lost them all opportunity to carry out a successful war.  If their Air Force had remained in tact, it would have been an entirely different proposition.  But without an Air Force, they were all subject to harassment and mass murder which was perpetrated by Jewry.

Now, the Arabs had confidence in the United Nations.  They also believed that Israeli would wait for a United Nations decision.  But anyone who would ever trust a Jew is going to come out second best.  There is something else that we want you to know.  Israeli had 83,000 of the French Foreign Legion troops from Algeria in her first line army, out of 125,000 men.  And one of the things Baron Rothchild did just last week, was to sent $250,000,000.00 to Israeli to pay the mercenary troops so they would be there in case of further need.  Israelis mercenary army was as big as her recruited army.  Not only was this true, but on the Arab side, there were less than 180,000 troops which were thrust into the fray.  And these came in after it was too late.  125,000 Syrian and Egyptian men rushed to the front, and about 25,000 of their 87,000 troops in Jordan were on the front line.  But the others had not arrived from the capitol of Jordan when the Israeli’s struck.  So as this matter comes to your attention, don’t let anyone tell you that a small country--Israeli--surrounded by massive manpower, had a victory which was phenomenal because they were outnumbered.  They would have been outnumbered if all Arabs could have gathered.  But some of these countries like Pakistan were thousands of miles away.  Some of these countries like Algeria never had any men moved as yet because of hostility of the United States, and they were waiting for the decision of the United Nations.

What we actually want to point out is that Israeli has 2,700,000 citizens in that country.  But it was---and don’t you forget it---Israeli has 40 million citizens.  You say, ‘Where are they?’  Well they are in the United States, in Germany, in France, in England.  In fact, they are in the White nations of the Christian world.  And everyone of the Jews of the world are citizens of Israeli.  Oh, you say, ‘You can’t prove that.’  Yes, I can prove it by the mistake we have in the United Nations.  But since the whole United Nations is going to fold up by the prophecy of what God has promised, then maybe he is in the right place.  But just last week, Mr. Goldberg our representative to the United Nations came out to say, ‘ the nations of the world do not understand us.’  The Arabs were complaining about the fact that American citizens were carrying the flag of Israeli and the flag of the United States, as they marched down Broadway and were talking about their dual allegiance.  Mr. Goldberg said, ‘Oh, I want you to know that if there comes a crisis in the United States, I think these people will be loyal only to the Israeli flag.’  Well, I think this is right, because Mr. Goldberg also said, ‘People don’t understand us.  We are a people of dual allegiance.’  He said, ‘We have our homeland, and then we have this land unto which we are dedicated, because we are citizens of this land, but we have a dual allegiance to our homeland.  I am a Jew and our homeland is Israel.  The Anglo-Saxons like Britain and the Swedes like Sweden, and the Germans like Germany.  So they all have a dual allegiance just like we Jews.’

Now, I want to say that Mr. Goldberg is a liar.  We do to have a dual allegiance.  We have an allegiance to the United States and to the Stars and Stripes, our Flag.  We may be sympathetic, we may feel emotions as we look back to the lands in the background of our race, but the nation of these United States, has a single citizenship, which came by our Constitution, and upheld by our Supreme Court---until, strangely enough--just last week. 

Now, this is a very strange circumstance.  But I tell you that the Supreme Court just last week also upheld dual allegiance.  Here this now.  We could have, according to procedures deported any citizen for voting in the affairs of another nation, or for fighting for another nation.  We could have done this up until last week.  I am quoting from Time Magazine of June 9.  Which explains this very well.

Under a law passed in 1940, Polish born painter, Bey Affrien, forfeited his United States citizenship by voting in the 1950 Israeli election.  Not so---argued a lawyer--all the way up to the Supreme Court.  Last week the court upheld him.  And therefore, made it possible for Americans to hold dual citizenship.

I tell you that the judge on that court should be impeached. And we should have a court of American citizens who are faithful to their responsibilities, under the Constitution of these United States.  It is time we removed these men from the Supreme Court.  Until recently, Americans would lose their citizenship for anything from treason to revolution, to serving in a foreign army or government.  In 1963, on a procedural ground, the Supreme Court threw out a provision withdrawing citizenship from those who flee the country in wartime to escape the draft.  So that was the first inroad.  In 1964, it exempted naturalized Americans who returned to their native country for three or more years.  But in 1958, the Court upheld the law against foreign voting as a reasonable exercise of the power of Congress over foreign affairs.  Last week we could have taken away the citizenship of anyone who voted in another country or fought in their armies.  We upheld this in 1958 in the Supreme Court.  Then last week, the Court changed it mind and took the rare step of over-ruling itself, and voiding of an act of Congress by this same decision.  We are faced with traitors on the Supreme Bench.

Now, wrote Justice Hugo Black:-- ‘The Constitution limits the government to those powers specifically granted, or those that are necessary and proper to carry out the specifically granted ones.  (The 14th Amendment Citizenship clause says that all native born or naturalized Americans are United States citizens--period.)  But Justice Black says, ‘The government is without power to take a citizenship away from a citizen even if a citizen joins the North Viet Cong Army.’  Here this now!!--An American may join the North Viet Cong Army and fight against the troops of your nation in an open act of treason, as has ever been committed, and the Supreme Court Justice says we will be unable to take away his American citizenship unless he voluntarily renounces it.   What a period of total deterioration that High Court has plunged our great nation into.    

Now, under the process of this, the Jews can now vote in Israeli which they have been doing for years anyway.  But we had one opportunity and we had this established that we could deport these Jews in mass.  And now the Supreme Court says they can vote in that country and in this country.  And the one people in all the world that can do this is the Jews.  And they are the abomination of the desolator.  Never has anything like this ever transpired before in the history of our nation.  Thus, it is that under this situation, the Jews feel they have won a great victory.  And had now a great power in these United States.  The opportunity to hear the words coming out of Emmanuel Cellar and Senator Javits, tells us that they are strutting bold.  And they say they will make America like it.  I am going to tell you one of these strange situations is that the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches are praising the Israeli victory, altho their pulpits denounce our battle against Communism in South East Asia.  They say that Communism is no reason to be battling, that Communism is alright.  A man could be a Communist and be a Christian at the same time.  And they are denouncing our war against the Viet Cong, while praising the Israeli war against their Arab neighbors.  This again shows the power, and the organized Jewry financial power over the church itself.  Not only do we see that here in the United States, but the Lutheran Church of Sweden has also removed ‘His blood shall be upon us and our children,’ from their scripture, by stating they would remove from their scriptures anything that is anti-Semantic, since the Jews are now being established as the chosen people---since they won the war.’  (This then in 1967)

I am going to prophecy that those people who are upholding the Jews in America, and doing it from the pulpits, are going to have empty churches.  And I am going to prophecy that those of us who point out the abomination of the desolator will pick up the other half of America which has no where to go.   And the most popular Gospel will be ‘The Gospel of the Kingdom’---and the denunciation of the Jews as the chosen people.

Strange in origin as its policies are, there has been a slip--however--in firing on our ship.   But now the secrets are out.  They didn’t say that this was a mistake.  They just said the orders were confused.  Therefore they apologize without making any apology as to why they did it.  Now, that the secret is out, and some of the Jews have spoken out of turn, the nations will be very angry about this Jewish aggression.  We have been hoodwinked by the biggest propaganda program on the face of the earth.  And as we well can see that since, they, in 1947, drew the partition line in the United Nations of Palestine, and in 1948, Mr. Truman recognized Israeli under Jewish pressure---until this hour when Israeli is taken to be a triumphant nation--under this instance, her victories are taken to be alright on the supposedly all right basis of religion.

Little do you realize the importance of this.  For instance, in the Los Angeles Times, which has become a very Biblical newspaper, in the last few days, it would never have been Biblical in supporting the people of the United States in anything else.  But it was in this instance, it says, ‘Dayan and Rabin will join Moses and Joshua among Israelis fold heroes.  Dayan and Rabin will take their places alongside of the greatest generals of Israel’s history, the sudden two-pronged attack, the surprise movement which caught the Arabs unawares.  The denuding of the air, the masterful sweeping out of their tanks, the liquidation of Arabs---15,000 people and troops of Jordan died when the Jews took the rest of the old city of Jerusalem.  17,000 Egyptian tank corp. Men were murdered from the air.  There was of course the same continued pattern along all of the fronts of Jordan, the Gaza Strip and into Haifa.  Thus, the L.A. Times says that Dayan and Rabin will join Moses and Joshua as Israel’s folklore heroes.

I want you to know that God Almighty says that the Abomination of the Desolator stands in the Holy place and these people who call themselves Judah (of Israel) and are not, to hoodwink the Christian people are not even going to be remembered in history when this thing is all over.

Now, I want to point out another article from the newspaper on June 10.  It talks about how the Moslems, Jews and Christians stem from ancient soil in their background.  But strangely, those who fought this week, traced their ancestors racially and religiously in kindred stock.  Then it talks about how the Jews of ancient Israel were homeless for 1400 years.  And have now taken back their ancient homeland.  And at one time the Jews had all this land, they have not taken---they will hold it forever.   For they are saying they have taken back their own homeland.

These Jews had no homeland there.  And God never made a covenant with the Jews.  HE made it with the House of Israel, of which these people, are not.  In fact that old land belongs to the Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Basque, Lombard, Germanic and Scandinavian people.  And every Jew is a usurper.  The scripture says, ‘Woe unto those who say they are Jews---(MEN OF JUDAH IS THE CORRECT WORDING)--and are not, for they are of the synagogue of Satan.’  In this strange hour, we can look back to the Prophet Ezekiel, when he says, ‘Behold, they say peace, they build the wall of untempered mortar.  They daubed it with untempered mortar that has fallen---there shall be an overflowing shower, ye a great hailstone shall fall; and a stormy wind shall rend it.----Lo, when the wall is fallen, shall it not be said unto you, where is the daubing, wherewith ye have daubed it?’ (Ezekiel 13:1-12).

This is the United Nations with its wall around nations promising Peace, but there is no Peace there.  It was a program organized by Jewry and world Communism, and put over o the world which was taken in by it.   Our ministers continually talk about it as a way of Peace.  But God says, ‘I am going to destroy it by fire and by stormy winds.’ 

I want you to know that it helped with the hoodwinking, but it also has proved to be powerless.  It has taken tremendous financial aide, especially from the United States.  And we are one of the few nations which has accepted sovereignty over their nation, or its decision over the decisions of our Courts and our Constitution.  So we are in sad shape with the present Supreme Court operating as treacherously as it does with the principles of the American Constitutional Liberty.  Because of our Constitution, we never had a right to enter into the United Nations organization.  We never had any procedure wherein we could participate in this world government.  The Declaration of Independence was never made to be abridged.  But we have had our Supreme Court uphold this and say that the United Nations laws supersede our laws, and the affairs of this nation.  And this was one thing it was never designed to do.

So, since this was the plot and the conspiracy, this is what Algers Hiss wrote into the plot and what the Soviet Union wrote into the plot.  And in all, this is the design of World Jewry.  But I tell you that God Almighty says that this will be rent with a tremendous amount of catastrophe.  I want you to know that it is world war against you that is planned.  Not world war against world Jewry, but remember that God says HE will deal with these people at the hour of HIS coming.

I want to point out to you that the Soviet Union with its clauses that made it an ally with the Arabs, was not quite finished in playing this game.  For they are also a secret ally of Israeli.  They want Israeli to destroy the Arabs, to take the Suez and also Jerusalem.  And then Russia would take the rest of the Middle East and control the oil of that area.  There is anger in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries because they thought the unmarked planes the Israeli were using along with hers, against Syria, were American.  They attacked our embassy and destroyed part of an air field in Libya.  But as all this tension mounted last week, Russia never came into the war, altho she continued to praise the Arabs, and did a lot of mouthing in the United Nations to cover up.  But she gained all the oil of Kuwait, and Europe is temporarily cut off from the oil.  America then has to pickup and carry oil for Western Europe, and carry the oil to our Sixth Fleet, as well as carry the oil to our Fleet in the China Sea.

We must carry the entire weight of supplying the oil for the war with the Vietcong.  Even tho we may be fighting American citizens there if we listen to the Supreme Court of the United States.  The strange policies are therefore calling for all the petroleum experts to go to Washington.  They are taking off the restrictions against drilling.  They say we must take all restrictions off production and find some way to transport it because Russia won the oil in that war.

At the same time, last weekend, from sundown Friday night until sundown Saturday night, the supposedly Jewish false Sabbath, the head Rabbis came in and spoke in Israeli, and they said, ‘We have taken back the site of our ancient temple and in three months we will start the destruction of the Mosque of Omar.’  But when you start to destroy the Mosque of Omar, the second most precious site of the Moslem people, Mecca being the first--then you are going to start a Jihad (Holy War) and the Jews won’t know how to turn it off.

The Jews say they are at the Wailing Wall.  And they boast that they have a part of Solomon’s Temple.  But the Wailing wall was not a part of Solomon’s Temple.  The Wailing Wall was a part of Herod’s temple.  And Herod turned it into a Wailing Wall when he turned his animosity against the Christ.  One Herod tried to destroy the Christ at HIS birth, the other Herod carried his masterful control over Jewry right up to the crucifixion when they said, ‘HIS blood be upon us and upon our children.’  And well it will be.

Now, we want to point out that they were the enemies of the Christ and Christianity, this embodiment of God, from the very hour of the beginning of HIS Ministry.  From the hour of HIS birth and on, they controlled this land.  And now the Abomination of the Desolator--the seed of anti-Christ--has taken this land again.  And God tells your people to get out of this land.  But also to be ready.  HE speaks in the book of Joel and says one of the things HE is going to do is ‘Sound the alarm in all My Holy Mountain.  For they shall know that the day of THE LORD is nigh at hand.’  It wall be a day of darkness and gloominess.  A day of storms and clouds for those against the LORD of Hosts.  But a fire devoureth before His armies, for a great people who HE shall bring forth.  And the land shall be for them like a Garden of Eden.  It shall be like a land burned and left for many generations behind them.  God talks about how HE is going to raise up a mighty army among the nations of Israel.  HE said, ‘I will start sounding My voice and awaken MY people because we are in the time of the end.’  And the powers of the Soviet Russia--the forces of Magog--are going to descend upon the great Christian nations of HIS Kingdom.  But in HIS highest nation of Israel, HE is to sound HIS voice, and call for a great and a mighty army, and that army will rise up from among HIS people.  This is what God declares concerning the significance of this hour.

‘A fire devoureth before them; and behind them a flame burneth.  The appearance of horses and as horsemen they shall run.’  The noise behind our jets in the day of battle shall be as a strong people set in battle array.  Before they face the people, their faces shall be pained; all faces shall gather darkness, but HE tells us that before this is all thru, they will seek to thrust you thru.  But God will have placed an immunity upon your household so that you cannot be destroyed.

Someone said, ‘I don’t believe that.’  Well, just wait and see.  God has promised us a lot of things.  If the 1290 days applies to this end, or to the hour when they establish their temple, we cannot say with accuracy.  But we can say that one of the things which is going to happen is that we will see the tares taken out.  There will be a time of the removal of the tares.  And there will not be a tare left in the House of God.

Alright.  God said, ‘I will sound the alarm in My Holy Mountain (nation).  And I shall raise a mighty army.’  Let me point out to you that as the Arabs were caught short, they depended upon the Soviet Union.  But the Soviet Union will fight only for Communist nations and Communist causes, and will never keep her commitments with anyone else.  In fact, in World War II which incidentally, the Jews got us into, we had the Soviet Union for an ally.  And we note she never did anything for us.  She acquired property in Eastern Europe for herself and the moment peace came, she was engaged in espionage in the United States, as no other nation was ever engaged.  In just a matter of a few months time, we realized we had a Cold War, and a Hot War going on between us and the Soviet Union who was supposed to be our ally.  But was actually working for its Satanic masters.

I want you to realize that world Communism is the political and economical program of the anti-Christ.  And we are soon going to have Red China against us as well as the Soviet Union.  They are still trying to play the game of the United Nations.  But God says HE is going to destroy that evil thing and set you free.  I think, my friends, that before we get thru with all of this, that there may be a lot of other things destroyed which has been carrying the ball for Communism.

Tonight we see that the war in the Mid-East is not over.  We discover that Israeli is still bombarding Damascus.  They are at the gates of Damascus fighting for the city even tho there was supposed to be a cease fire in progress.  We find that there is still fighting and the people of Syria are well aware of this and they are fighting furiously.  Remember again, that the Ishmaelites are your brothers----half brothers.  You do not have to recognize them as being equipped to handle the Kingdom of God administration, for HE said, ‘Out of Isaac shall thy seed be called.’  Out of the pure White race shall come those who will be equipped to rule the world.  But HE does say that the Ishmaelites will have a right to dwell amongst the tents of HIS half-brothers, and have a right to your administration, a right to life with freedom and without pressure from the anti-Christ.  Today, the Ishmaelites are fighting this battle as you should have fought this battle ages ago.  While the hand of the administration which is behind the program of organized Jewry moved in to capture your gold and your silver, to control your economy, to make you the slave of organized world Jewry.

One of the things which is about to emerge is that after two attempts to break your economy, break your markets with this war crisis, they now want you to know that they control the International Banks of the world.   Let me tell you this.  Congressmen are disturbed.  They are talking about a United States Bank and new currency, and freeing us from a gold or silver, or any other medium of exchange controlled by the Jews who have hauled out of Switzerland and other countries this tremendous amount of gold and silver, taking it to Tele Viv.  There they are putting it into great vaults where at least one-third of the gold of the world may well be at this moment.

So they think that for them this will be an hour of history.  But God Almighty said HE was coming to the Mount of Olives and HE would split that Mount of Olives and lay the land flat.  HE said, ‘I am going to roll thousands of them beneath this land and dump thousands into the Mediterranean Sea.  HE said, ‘I am going to bring the greatest earthquake, the greatest judgement that ever hit the world at any time, upon the head of modern Jewry.

So as we watch these things transpire, remember we have watched the hand of aggression.  Someone said, ‘Why is this allowed?’  Prophecy is being fulfilled.  They were permitted to take the spot in the old city of Jerusalem where the old Temple sat, and God said that it would be the Abomination of the Desolator that would take it.

This is a moment by those who took this land after the British in 1917, removed it from other hands.  The British mandate took Palestine after 2520 years were fulfilled, after the Green Tree became the Dry Tree, and the Dry Tree became the Green Tree of prophecy.  That land was rightly taken, and rightly held and manned by the Anglo-Saxon people until 1947, when they were forced out.  The time of Jacob’s trouble had descended in this land.  And from that time on to this hour, the Abomination of the Desolator have been moving into the land.  And today they stand in the Holy place.  So to this degree, the Arabs could never have defended this place against the whole program of the anti-Christ.  But from now on, you can watch the culmination of the time of the end.  And great judgements will fall and mighty battles will be fought.

Do not then think that this is going to be an hour of Peace.  But to the praying Christian, to the army of God raised up, it is going to be an hour of victory.  We have moved into the last part of ‘the Latter Days.’

We are watching this peculiar situation as the sons of Lucifer move into the old Holy place.  Don’t think of Israeli as a little nation.  Think of her as a nation with at least 13 million spies right here in these United States.  Now, they have the permission of ‘dual allegiance’ to move ever more forcefully into your affairs.

Think of Israeli as 40 million people who are scattered out in the Christian world.  And we know not how many Jews there are in Oriental lands, and in Negro societies, because almost half of the citizenship of Israeli today, are Oriental Jews and Zen Buddhists.  But we can lift up our faces to HE who sounds forth HIS call.  Who calls forth for HIS great army from among the Great House of Israel, to awaken, to stand for the Kingdom of God.  And we can say ‘LORD JESUS, come quickly, even so come LORD JESUS.’  But we wouldn’t miss a minute of it for anything in the world.

(End of sermon)