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                        THE LIGHT IN A DARK PLACE......7‑2‑67                                                                                       By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift    

We have noticed in the past weeks an ever increasing number of Clergy  that are giving in to the idea that Prophecy is literally fulfilled as the  Jews have retaken the old part of the city of Jerusalem. This is true....but they have not expressed it with points of truth. They tell all the  nations that these are the chosen people of God, and that God is smiling on  these people. If face one Clergyman came out and said:..In fact these  people can do no wrong, for these are the chosen people, the righteous of  God.   

I thought this was going a long way from the interpretation of the  Scriptures, for as these Clergy speak out on all these things, they shut  their eyes against all these strategies of the workers of Darkness, they  pay little attention to the powers and forces that have brought forth the  8th., horn of the beast.  'Five are fallen, one is and one is yet to come,  and the 8th., is out of the 7th.'   

The power that actually brought upon the world today, this 8th., horn  out of the 7th., comes from those whom they are heralding as God's chosen  people. We felt this is going along way according to the interpretation of  the Scriptures. We can well be assured that what ever God had declared will  come to pass for there will never be any confusion in God's plan.   

We are told in the second chapter of II Peter in the 19th verse:..'We  have a more sure word of Prophecy, where unto ye would do well to take heed  for it shall be as a light that shineth in a dark place.'   Truly we are in a dark place today when the ministers of the Gospel  turn to the children of the Anti‑Christ and say:..Behold! the children of  God. Now some of you may not be aware that these are the children of Anti‑Christ, but we can well establish this. Let us point again to this passage  of Scripture:..'We have also a more sure word of Prophecy:"Where unto ye do  well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until  the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts.'    Here Peter was talking to this household of living stones, quickly  framed together and to grow into a great Temple unto God. He talked about  the day star...which of course is the Sun, as it is the brightest of all  the stars and planets surrounding it. The sun lightens up the sky and puts  out the light of all the others in the sky.   

So we turn to the Book of Malachi and we see one of the Ancient symbols  of Ancient Israel which is the Winged Orb. It was a symbol worn by the  Priests of Israel, and it was on a panel across their forehead as they wore  the symbol the winged orb. Malachi 4:2‑3.-- 'But unto you that love My Name, shall the sun of righteousness arise  with healing in his wings, and ye shall go forth and grow as the light, He  has protected His household...and ye shall tread down the wicked; for they  shall be ashes under the soles of your feet...in the day that I shall do  this, saith the LORD of Hosts.'   The day star of righteousness rising with healing in his wings. The  winged orb, belonged of course to the House of Israel, and it was of great  significance back in the days of Enoch. It was the symbol that they belonged to the only...One True God. The God who filled the heavens with Majesty  and Light, and who would arise with healing in His Wings. Therefore we have  a more sure word of Prophecy wherein you would do well to take heed. And  the Prophecies and the declarations of God....about the things that shall  come to pass are absolute, there shall not be any areas of change in His  policy.   

In the Book of Isaiah, the Almighty speaks out:...'I have not spoken in  secret, and in the dark places of the earth. I said not unto the seed of  Jacob...seek me not in vain, for I AM Yahweh, thy God, and I speak righteousness and I declare the things that are right. Assemble yourselves and  draw near together, and ye who are out of the nations; they have no knowledge that set up wood of their graven image, and pray unto a god that  cannot save. Tell ye and bring near, yet let them take counsel together;  who hath declared this from ancient times? Who hath told it from that time?  Have I not told you? For there is no God beside me. I am a just God and a  Savior, there is none beside me. Look unto me, all the ends of the earth  and be saved, for I AM Yahweh...God and there is no other.' In Ancient  times He has spoken out and He said:...Come do my will, My counsel will  stand, I will do My will, come unto me from the east and the west and the  north, and the south, and I will declare unto thee the things that have not  come to pass.'   

We deal with the Word of God, we deal with the words of God to His  Children, and to His Household. Tho there are only 66 Books in our Bible  out of the 163 available...there may have been 10 of the 163 which were  spurious thus leaving 153 which was the actual displacement factor and  number. But there were 153 Books or Scrolls and Records of Divine records  and the canonizing of the Scriptures took away from the Children of the  Kingdom these other Scriptures. Still they are once more emerging with  their great truths. Some of these are the volumes of Enoch and others of  which are vital Scriptures. And in these sacred Scriptures we find constantly, 'Thus saith the LORD,'  for God spoke constantly to Holy Men.   

When we turn to the Book of Peter's writing we find these words:..'Prophecies came not in olden times by the will of man, but Holy men of God  spake as they were moved.....by the Holy Spirit.'   

Thus it is that all of the volumes that God has inspired and declared  shall say:...'Thus saith the LORD.' God's words have been written down by  the inspiration of Holy men, and over 45% of all things that have been  spoken and declared by Holy men were Prophecy. There are areas of established laws of God and the conduct of man, but the pattern is that the laws  of God are prophetic and they reached out into many generations, and they  reached far ahead of the time of the author who was writing down the  Scriptures. Therefore, we have a sure word of Prophecy.    When Prophecy is spoken, it will come to pass, and when it has come to  pass then Ministers can say...'Thus saith the LORD.' The true minister  knows that these things will come to pass. Actually we have many ministers  today who do not believe in Prophecy. They say that no one believes in  tradition and the prophecy of the Scriptures any more so we disallow this.  The N.C.C.'s and the W.C.C.'s doesn't believe in prophecy, but they also  don't believe any longer in the Deity of Jesus The Christ. They don't feel  any longer that this must be a part of their ministerial position. All that  they feel that is essential is that all religions have the same God, and He  is out there somewhere...or man gods make up one God. The U.N. has the  assembly called the United Nations Temple of all Religions, but do you know  that you aren't allowed to come into that assembly and present your position that Yahweh‑God came in the flesh as Yahshua...Jesus The Christ, and  that this one alone is God? They will not permit that inside the United  Nations Chapel. So we are not insisting that our declaration of Faith in  Christ even be heard inside the U.N. Chapel, even where they tell us that  all men can come in to pray.   

Over in the Epistle of John he tells us:...Beloved, believe not every  spirit, rather try the spirits and see if they are of God; because there  are false prophets which have gone out into the world. Hereby know ye the    spirits....every spirit that confesses that Jesus The Christ has come in    the flesh is of God.'    But this is not all of this:.... 'Every spirit that confesses..not..that Jesus the Christ has come in the  flesh, is of Anti‑Christ and is already in the world. Ye are of God little  children, and ye shall overcome them, for greater is He that is in you than  he that is in the world.'    They who are in the world do the things of the world, but we who are of  God knoweth that God heareth us and that God speaks to us. As John continues to speak out he says:..It is a victory to overcometh the world. Even  our Faith. He who is of God overcometh the world.    I John 3:11‑12.  'For this is the message that ye have heard from the  beginning, that we should love one another. Not as Cain who is of that  wicked one and slew his brother.'  Why did Cain slay his brother? Because  his brothers works were righteous and Cain's were evil. So Cain is established as the son of Lucifer and most of the problems of the world today  are coming from the Cainanites. Jesus in the Book of Matthew, when talking  about these people said they were like white washed sepulchers...graves  ready for men to fall into. And as He spoke out He said to them:..'Who told  you to flee from the wrath to come? Ye serpents, and ye vipers, ye children  of the serpent.'   

In the Book of Deuteronomy we can well establish the fact that the  children of God have no part nor lot with the children of the Serpent.  Their vine is the vine of Sodom and of the fields of Gomorrah, and their  grapes are grapes of gall, their clusters are bitter (Deut. 32:32). Their  vine is the poison of dragons and the cruel venom of asps. Then He tells  you to ask your father and your elders and they will tell you that this is  perverse and crooked lineage. Remember the days of old, remember that their  rock is not of our Rock, remember that they sacrifice to devils and not to  God. Remember how the LORD abhorred them, because they provoked His sons  and His daughters to error.    Even in the Mysteries as Moses writes he talks about the sons and daughters of God, about His sons and His daughters...HIS Issue ruling with HIM,  HIS Israel. And God speaks out against this Household of Lucifer as He  says:...'Unto you (Israel) it is given to know the Mysteries of the Kingdom  of God, unto them (Luciferians) it is not given.' He talks abut sowing His  children in the field and the field is the World. The children of the Kingdom were the seed sown by the Father, and the children of the wicked one  were the evil seed. Satan's children walk through the world today, and God  has made this very clear, and there is no way for those who hear His voice  or is guided by His words of Prophecy to misunderstand, that the children  of Lucifer are in the world today, and are seeking to overthrow the program  of the Kingdom of God.   

Thus Jesus spoke out, and He said:..who warned you to flee the wrath to  come? Ye are the seed of the serpent, ye are guilty of all the blood of the  righteous ones from Able to Zachariah who was killed between the horns of  the Altar. Thus Jesus described Jewry as Cainanites, and as Cainanites  they were no part of the House of Israel.    When Jesus said:..'Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you  free', He was addressing a great company of Israelites, and the Jews who  stood by said:...how could you make us free? We have never been in bondage  to anyone.  Thus it was very well established that they were the descendants of Cain.    I John 4:3...'Every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus is come in the  flesh is of that spirit of Anti‑Christ....then He ties this back to Cain  who was of the Evil one.   

Do you realize that Jesus Himself is the one who ties the Jews back to  Cain the wicked one? And if Christ didn't know what He was talking about,  then there isn't anything in this Book that we can count on. Think about  it. Remember...this was the fullness of God dwelling bodily, here in Yahshua The Christ. If He doesn't know what He is talking about then who is  going to help us?  Someone said:..oh, there must be some good Jews. Well if  there is I haven't found any.   

Let me remind you of this...even tho some may pass as doing good.... but  the nature of man will remain desperately wicked, if he denies that YAHWEH‑God paid for the earth to redeem His treasure hid in that field. So we have  this pattern and we see this Mystery of Prophecy. The whole Bible is a  pattern of history, from Adam on down to our time, and carries great prophetic significance in things coming to pass, for God spoke to Holy men of  History and declared these words as evidence of Prophecy that comes to  pass.           We turn to these words of Jesus to His disciples and He told them of the  things that would come to pass, and that they were to understand these  things. He not only told them of the time of the end that was due, but He  told them that when the Desolator moved into the Holy Place when Israeli  took old Jerusalem in 1967, this is true, and it is prophetic, but it is  not true concerning identity as the Clergy have taught it.   

One of the first things that ministers will have to do is go back and  restudy their Scriptures. One of the things we are finally seeing today is  that ministers are going back and researching their Scriptures. They are  even playing these tapes in their churches, and some of them are beginning  to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. We find it is the most noisy of the  Clergy...those who deny Christ, are the ones saying that Prophecy is being  fulfilled as the Jews return to Palestine and that they are the Chosen  People. Jesus told you different:...He said, when you see the Abomination  of the Desolator stand in the Holy Place, then Christians and Arabs better  get out of that area of Palestine, or any other area where the Cainanites  congregate.   

As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the son  of man.  In the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking and  making merry and, marrying and giving in marriage, and the day that Noah  entered the Ark, they knew not. So shall be the coming of the son of man.  Here it is talking about the program to destroy the white race, the Adamic  Seed. To integrate that race, to mongrelize and reduce it to nothing. This  is a part of the Prophecy for our time. As the church is led now by leaders  who are not the ministers of God, they put forth the children of the Anti-Christ as the chosen and many confused people follow this leadership. So  also they turn in their confusion toward the condition which is the most  grievous of sins to be found in the Scripture. God gave His law to Israel  and we come to this one transgression that cannot be forgiven. This is the  mongrelization of the Seed of Israel. This is the one transgression of the  Father's which descends onto the children. This is what Ezra called the  confusion of face. And Ezra called for God to intervene and there was a  famine in their land until they sent away the men, women, and children who  were not of Israel...those of mixed blood. This is one area of a transgression that cannot be corrected. There is no place for the children in  the Kingdom.   

Genesis 6.  God is speaking.....and then when the Adamic race began to multiply...  the fallen Angels saw the daughters of the Adamic race and that they were  fair, so they took these daughters and children were born of this union.  God said:...My spirit will not always strive with men. The word here for  man is ENOSH...for they hath become flesh...yet their days shall be 120  years. And there were giants in the land. And the people worshiped these  great giants.  The Asiatics even changed Buddha into a giant Buddha. These  giants became 26 to 40 feet., tall and the people worshiped these monsters.  We are told that cannibalism became the custom in this area as their Priests  were called Canabail. Baal was the name for Lucifer, so these were Baal  Priests. Thus the great evil of this place when the daughters of Adam intermingled with these fallen Angels. There were other races in this part of  the world and all races mixed. Thus the LORD said:...I will destroy this  evil from off the earth.   

Now the Negroid is the head of the animal world. You say, oh..Dr. Swift  I can't accept that...well God calls him ENOSH...beast of the field. More  than this...this race came in the flag ships of Lucifer and they fought  with Lucifer as he was driven to earth. Lucifer was the Dragon of Revelation 12...the Serpent. The Book of Enoch says the Negroid were the axmen  and swordsmen with Lucifer and they were the Enosh of those days. This was  long before the Adamic race was put on the earth. They were soulish people  and we discover thru the Books of Enoch and Job as you understand the translation that they were the black race. We want to point out that they did  not have a spirit such as you have, for when God begat children in the  heavens they were begotten in Spirit, they had spiritual capacities, and  they could move under the discernment of God. The Negroid spread out over  the earth and there was intermingling, and mongrelizing on the earth under  the influence of Lucifer long before the coming to earth of the Adamic  race. When Lemuria sank in the area of what is now the Pacific Ocean, and  Atlantis sank into what is now the Atlantic Ocean, the attempt to intermingle Negroes had been going on and it had been partially successful. Even  in Ancient India the population was partially Negroid and semi‑Negroid.  These were a people who had no knowledge of God, they were brutish.   

There are two words for man in Hebrew. One is Au‑daum..Adam the man who  can flush in the face, the white man, the offspring of the Most High God.  The other is the Enosh for the created man, and when you come to the Enosh  of the field, you have the listing of the beast of the field (world)....the Negroid. They were used for servants and beasts of burden. In fact when  the Israelites came out of Egypt they had a number of the Negroid with  them, for you remember when God was to give the law to Moses He said:...Do  not let any touch this mountain. There shall not one hand touch this  mountain whether it be a beast or a man. Here it should say whether it be  an Adam‑man or an Enosh‑beast...for four legged beasts do not have hands.   

Another example is in the Book of Jonah when God said:...the people were  to cover themselves with sackcloth and ashes,....'Let all men and beasts  be covered with sack clothes, and cry mightily to God.' Now four legged  beasts do not cry to the Lord, so these were Enosh. They lack spirit, but  under the control of white men they can be taught to obey God.   

One thing God has forbidden is the intermingling of races. When He says:  'As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of  the son of man...then this means that there will be present in the world  this same travesty in the areas of morality and ethics. There will be this  confusion of races which is the results of this attempt to intermingle the  children of God with the blood and seed of beasts.   

The one area where this great mixing went on was the great basin where  Noah and his family lived, and this area was destroyed by a flood. Out of  that area only Noah and his wife, and his sons and their wives were saved  out of that flood, for they were the only ones of the Adamic race in that  area who had not mixed their blood.    (The children of Adam and Eve that were born to cleanse the womb and   the two girls born with Cain and Able, if that story be true...lived in  that area and those would not be Israel altho from Adam and Eve in the  beginning before Seth and the start of the generations of Adam. But it took  a long time for this great mixing to be so bad that the flood came...didn't  it?)    The voice of the Prophecy is a continuing voice..thus Jesus later would  say:...In the latter days it will be as it was in the days of Noah. There  will be eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage as it was in  the days of Noah.  So..Alright, in those days there was a tremendous evil  being practiced by integration, mongrelization, and corruption...all following the will of Lucifer. Only Noah and his family followed the instructions of Yahweh. Never forget that corruption of this sort is a tremendous  disgrace in the Household of God's Kingdom. Today we find the Church is  even turning to embrace a facet of this great corruption, as they turn to  the policy of bringing into the church the homosexuals and they are not  asking them to change this vicious criminal pattern, just accepting them as  they are. God speaks out against this with the voice of prophecy, and He  speaks out about the hour of His return, saying...that hour will be as the  days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Well..Sodomy was one of the worst of all transgressions, and it started with the intermingling of the fallen Angels with  the daughters of men. This was one of the great curses, and God was against  this practice and the people that carried it on. The people of Sodom and  Gomorrah were depraved by their sexual practices, and Lot trying to live in  the edge of one of these evil cities was trembling because of the evil perpetrated there. Now God had plans to bring His people into this land to  dwell so He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and these evil people and took  them out of the way with their perverse and evil ways of transgression.   

I would like to read a note I received from England while we are on this  subject:...People there are disturbed because their Clergy did not come out  and take a stand against the bill that was making its way through the  Parliament. This was called a Sexual Offense Bill, and the vote in the House  of Commons was 164 for this measure, and 107 against, so this Bill became a  law in England. This law says that homosexual acts and any perversion between consulting adults is no longer an offense. This says that as soon as  the vote became known that clapping broke out in the Gallery as the results  were announced. What about the Church? Truly this is the Laodicean age of  the Church, for the basic spokesman of the Church of England said not a  word against this Bill. Some churches actually supported this bad legislation. You have the Church advocating the policy of integration, and you  have the nations following that pattern of integration.   

Of course our Civil Rights Act was conceived 100% by the Luciferian  forces, make no mistake about that. Take a look at our major cities tonight  if you don't believe that, take a look at Buffalo in particular. Last week  Negroes roamed the streets shooting people and police with shotguns loaded  with buckshot, and the reason?....they said they hated their jobs. This is simply that they follow leadership that is trying to mongrelize..degenerate  a society and finally end that society. One Jewish educator said that by  the year 2000 that this country will be all one race, even tho  they will  all be a light tan color. And he said:..what we must do is remove those who  speak out against this policy of integration. We must be sure that the  United States has removed from it...these people who speak out against this  great program of equality. This would remove the ministers who spoke the  Gospel of the Kingdom, this would remove the minister who spoke out against  depravity and degeneration.   

Now in this country we notice that when the anti‑riot bill came up for  consideration...a bill that would make it a federal offense of up to ten  years to be an instigator of these riots...that the President said:..NO. we  don't want this bill, these people have a right to protect the abuse of  their civil rights. Well then came a bill to protect the rights of the marchers who protested this bill and the President said:..oh, no we don't want  this bill...but they came up behind the bill to protect the rights of the  marchers of the riots. The south stood up like men and helped defeat this  bill and that took care of that matter.   

While you are in church this afternoon, the Negroes are taking over  Oakland, California. They are holding big meetings in a conference hall in  Oakland. Here is a core of Black power advocates holding this meeting, and  Nat Brown has taken over Stokley Carmicle's place. (Stokely Carmicle fled  this country, but his white girl friend of that time is now high in the  organization of Jimmy Carter).  Then came Cassias Clay...alias Ali the  fighter, and he is up there in San Francisco telling the Negroes why they  should refuse to fight in the Viet Cong war, why they should refuse to  fight in the United States Army. Now they are calling the places in the  cities where the Negroes live...ghettoes. Those areas of the cities were  not ghettoes until the Negroes moved in and they became ghettoes when they  didn't take care of that part of the city, but Clay is telling the Negroes  how to get out of their ghettoes. The meetings have been getting more violent and they are screaming this is war against man. Well..what man if not  the white man? They are saying...you must rise and strike the man who has  his foot on your neck, so says the headlines from those meetings.    (now the violence did break out and the cities burned in 68‑69)   

You say but why don't we do something? Well, the local officials stand  back so as not to offend the federal officials who say:..we are sorry for  these people, we must find jobs for them. So they say we will give you  jobs, we will give you swimming pools, we will put you on a perpetual dole  but please don't riot for that disturbs us.   

Do you realize that you can never give the Negro enough to satisfy him?  Turn to Psalm 2., and see what is said about this situation.    'Why do the heathen tumultuously assemble, and meditate on a vain thing?  The Kings of earth take counsel together against the Lord and His House of  Israel saying; let us break their bands asunder and cast away their cord  from us.'   

They don't want the re-struction of the Laws of God, they don't want the  bands of civilization or the areas of culture. They want power and sorcery.   

Verse 4:...He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: The Lord shall  hold them in derision.  Verse 5:...Then shall he speak unto them in His wrath, and say unto  them:   

Verse 6:...I have set My King (anointed) upon Zion, the Hill of my  Holiness.   

Verse 7:...I declare a decree; I will say: thou art my son this day have  I begotten thee.  Verse 8:...Ask of me and I will give thee the heathen for thy  inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.   

Verse 9:...Thou shalt break the revolters with a rod of iron, thou shalt  dash them into pieces.   

Verse 10:...Thou shall judge them with a rod of iron.   

I want to point out that the heathen of today are fulfilling this  prophecy, and they are imagining a vain thing. World Communism today is  directed by International Jewry. It has organized itself to bring its  forces down on Western Christian Civilization in the Western world. They  are planning the total destruction of the Western world. Understand this...that is their goal. The reports that come out of Washington establish  this. Nakolavitch has been sent to North Korea, and sometime in July the  Korean War is to be reopened. Thousands of miles of rail lines have been  fed into north Korea and tons of equipment has been fed into North Korea  and their army has been built up for this strike. Now they are equipped with  the most modern of equipments, including planes. Nakolavitch left North  Korea the day that President Johnson closed his last meeting with the head  man of Russia, Kosegin. They plan to start up the Korean war which will  call back the Korean army that is helping us in Viet Nam thus causing  America to replace those fighters with more from this country, and then  also plan to wipe out our troops in South Korea.    (Now this didn't happen because the tunnels were discovered under the  D.M.Z. and were destroyed. Those tunnels were equipped with underground  trains to carry supplies. We didn't learn this until much later because the  press of this country never carried that story of finding those tunnels.)   

While this was going on, miles of shipping from the Soviet Union is  arriving in Cuba, and on those ships were thousands of Mongol soldiers, and  some of them have been infiltrated into Mexico and Central America. They  have set up missile launchers with the missiles aimed at Washington D.C.  Trouble is supposed to break out sometime between September and October, in  eastern Europe, where the Soviets have doubled their equipment and man  power for all out war. They are getting ready to strike Western Germany and  sweep all the way to the coast. We can establish this because the Intelligence forces of our country have reported this....an all out war is to  break out against Western Germany and the countries from there to the coast...and the Russian plan to stand back and say...her satellite countries are  doing this because of some grievance. (that would put white men fighting  against white men once again). Russia is going to stay out of the Korean  war, out of the war in Western Europe, out of the Viet Nam war until she  has destroyed your strength then she will hit the U.S. to destroy you. The  Intelligence reports just brought this out this week.   

Let me point this out to you...you have a commitment with Korea, and  you have a commitment with Western Germany before anyone else. You promised to contain Castro after you didn't destroy him and now he is about ready  to break out. Mexico is about ready for a Red Revolution and doesn't even  know it. All these things fulfill these areas of prophecy.   

In the Book of Jeremiah...God speaks out and He says:...'You are my  battle ax and my weapons of war, and with thee...I will break in pieces  these nations, and with thee will I destroy Kingdoms. I will break in  pieces the horse and his rider, and with thee will I break in pieces the  Chariot and his rider.' Jeremiah 51:20‑21.    Israel was a scattered sheep. The lions drove him one way and the King  of Assyria devoured him and Nebuchadnezzar broke his bones. Jeremiah 50:17.  This was when Israel had done wickedly, Assyria carried away the ten  tribes, and Babylon the two tribes. But then the Lord speaks out:...'I am  going to punish the King of Babylon and the King of Assyria. For Israel in  these days hath no iniquity.... here He is speaking of your time. 

Now:...  'He says they shall seek for the iniquities of Israel and of Judah in those  days and shall not find, for I have pardoned them, who are my household, my  people, who I have reserved. I will fulfill this prophecy and 'All Israel  shall be saved.' I will remove their transgression and then no more will  they be remembered.'  Here God is speaking of the Christian people of the  Western Nations of the Western World. He has lifted the curse of their  transgression, He has saved Israel.   

Now...He says that in this day...the latter day...they shall go against  the land of Merathaim, and Pekod, because they shall seek to surround them.  And the sons of Lucifer...the children of Babylon, shall stir up the people  of Pekod, and Merathaim. What do we have here? Jeremiah 50:20‑23. The  people of Merathaim are the people of Africa, the Negroid, and Pekod are  the peoples of Asia...who are being stirred up to come against His Kingdom.  A sound of battle is in the land and a great destruction...Here is the  hammer of the whole earth. The hammer and the sickle of the U.S.S.R., this  symbol of power is to be broken with you His battle ax, His weapons of war.    Verse 24‑25:...I have laid a snare for thee, and tho art also taken O  Babylon and broken, and the Lord hath opened His armory and hath brought  forth, the weapons of His indignation.'   

Now God speaks here and He makes it very clear that the ones He has  warned you against shall gather Africa and Asia..to come against you... His  children. You are in the hour when great confrontations will break out in  the world, and the hand of God will rest upon His people Israel, and He  shall save them with a great and tremendous salvation.  (And they probably won't even know the danger was there in the first  place...that is the most of them who are not in the army, or the places of  like danger).   

We haven't the time to talk more about this, but I want you to know that  you have a more sure word of prophecy. The Books of the Bible are full of  prophecy. The Books of Ezekiel and Jeremiah and all the prophets are talking about the struggle and battles as the enemy stirs up the world against  you. About 40% of their prophecy is about this time of the end.   

You have arrived at the climax of this hour, for the abomination of the  desolator is in the Holy place and we can look at this, and know that God's  words are true, and also those words hold a great deliverance for you...who  are the Household of His Kingdom.                                (End of this message)      .