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                                    THE BLOOD OF THE RIGHTEOUS                       

   By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift....3-10-68   

We are speaking on this subject of the Blood of the Righteous crying out  from the ground, and for our story we turn to the Book of Matthew for the  tremendous indictment by Jesus against these deadly, and devilish people.  Not only was Jesus creating by this indictment...Judgment, but He also  said: 'Upon you shall come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth.'  Hear this now....what a tremendous indictment out of the lips of Christ.  Matthew 23:25. 'Upon you shall come all the righteous blood shed upon the  earth. From the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias, son of  Barachias whom ye slew between the Temple and the Altar.'   'Verily I say unto you, all these things shall come upon this generation  (offspring‑people).' The indictment that Christ had just declared..that all  the righteous blood of all the children of the Most High, the children of  His Spirit, the children of His progeny, that He had placed in the earth,  and now referred to in the Scripture as The Righteous. In other places they  were known as Saints..believing offspring of the Most High God. Therefore  God said that all His believing offspring who would be murdered, put to  death on the face of the earth, that He would require all of their blood at  the hands of this certain people. A people that were blood thirsty who  would seek to kill and destroy.   

We can go further back in the Book of Matthew where Jesus was talking to  the False Pharisee's and in the translation they were 'Shama Pharisee's,  and actually we did get our word 'shame' from them. Because the house of  Shama were moving out of Jewry and moving into the positions, and practices of the true Pharisee's, but they were Sadducees, and believed in re‑incarnation, and things of that nature. But Jesus looked at the false  Pharisee's and He said in Matthew 23:24‑25., 'Ye blind guides, which strain  at a gnat and swallow a camel. Woe unto you scribes, and false Pharisee's,  ye hypocrites, for ye make clean the outside of the cup, and the platter,  but within they are full of extortion and excess.' You see, they never  change, they were doing all kinds of crooked things in those days as well.  And this was the policy of Jewry then, and it continues unto this day. And  Jesus then said to them:...'Thou false Pharisees clean first that which is  within the cup and the platter, that the outside of them may be clean also.  Woe unto you scribes, and false Pharisee's, hypocrites! for ye are like  unto whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are  within full of dead mens bones, and are unclean.'    He accused them of murder, and of secrecy, and even so He said:..'Outwardly ye appear righteous to men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy  and iniquity. Woe unto you scribes, and false Pharisees, hypocrites!  because ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchers of  the righteous.

And then you say: if we had lived in the days of our fathers  we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the Prophets. By  this ye are witness that ye are the children of them which killed the  prophets.'   

So you are not of Israel, you are not my household, but....Ye bear  witness unto yourself that ye are the children of those who killed the  prophets., so fill ye up then the measure of your father. Ye serpents, ye  generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of judgment and  perdition? Wherefore I sent unto you prophets, and wisemen, and scribes,  and some of them ye kill, and ye crucify some, and some of them ye scourge  in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city: that upon you shall  come the righteous blood shed upon the earth.   

Thus Christ clearly identifies the chicanery and the utter evil of the  children of this blood line which was organized Jewry, and in his hour  this was the false Shama which had taken positions of authority. Had  actually captured the Temple and with Annas and Caiphus and these false  Pharisees, and Sadducees, not Israelites at all, but Yehudin, Jews, and had  actually taken possession of the religious activities of Palestine and had  sowed their Synagogues throughout Palestine. Synagog by the way is a very  unique word because it means..'the city' or assembly of the Gogites, and  this is why Jesus said as He went from place to place:..some of the  prophets and scribes I have sent to earth you have scourged in your  synagogues and persecuted them from city to city.   

They still refer to their gathering places as synagogues, in your nation  and in your cities. Thus the synagogues are quite well identified. When you  go back into the Old Testament you find a very strange thing, the children  of Israel worshipped the Most High God, but in their Scriptures they talk  abut the one individual who was the progeny of Lucifer. In fact in the  records of the Ancient Scriptures,..the Septuagint..and in the teachings  also they showed very clearly that Lucifer had seduced Eve, and he had done  this in a very skillful fashion as a most beautiful person. He spoke kindly  and said that all the rulers with him were the descendants of God, and they  were the most powerful forces on the face of the earth. And truly Eve had  been deceived by a small god when she was told that she should worship him  only, and not worship any other gods or to join herself to the household of  Lucifer, or any other people. And Lucifer said:..Surely God didn't say that  you would die if you partake of the tree, for the tree is good and evil, is  the tree of my race, it is the understanding of my wisdom...surely therefore ye shall not die.' So he seduced Eve and Cain was the progeny of the  Evil One.   

Now we want to point out that over in the Epistles of John where he was  talking to the Church, he said:..Now, we are not like Cain who was the  progeny of the wicked one, that can fall back into sedition. Now, by the  same token the Scriptures prove this because the son of the wicked one was  the son of Lucifer, the progeny of Evil. Jesus said that this was incarnate  evil, and He had chosen 12 disciples, but one of them was a devil. John  6:70. Jesus understood this, and His disciples didn't, but Jesus knew this  one was a devil, and also the son of a sorceress. The fact is that Judas  Iscariot was the son of a sorceress and the son of Lucifer.   

As the embodiment of God had been immaculately conceived by the Virgin  Mary, and had emerged the embodiment of God, so also was Lucifer involved  in this devil Judas of Iscariot whom Jesus had spoken of. And He said:...'I have chosen you 12 and one of you is a devil.' Then after that Jesus had  to walk in Galilee because the Jews sought to kill Him. He couldn't walk in  Judea because always they sought to kill Him, always they had blood upon  their hands. Thus Jesus established that this was one of the great  mysteries, that the Luciferians walked the earth and sought to kill Him.   

In the 17th., chapter of John, Jesus is communing with the Great Spirit  (Father) and He says He has kept all those of The Celestial Children from  the heavens, now here born in earth, that He has kept all His disciples  except Judas of Iscariot the son of Lucifer, the son of perdition, that the  Scriptures might be fulfilled.   

We also want to point out that in the 8th., chapter of John that Jesus  said:...'I know that ye say ye are Abraham's seed, but ye seek to kill me  because my word has no place in you. I speak what I have heard out of Agra  Pneumas (out of the Spirit), and therefore ye do that which ye have learned  from your father.   FOR THE EMBODIED MAN CHRIST JESUS WAS THE FULFILLMENT OF GOD EMBODIED IN  THE FLESH...CONCEIVED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT WHICH WAS THE ETERNAL FATHER, AND  WHICH WAS ONE WITH THE SPIRIT WHICH WAS IN HIM.   

So Jesus turned to the Jews and said:..you do the work of your father,  and I am out of my father, and I do the work of my father. So what does  this mean? Jesus said:...I am out of the father (spirit), I am out of the  fulfillment of God in the flesh, but you are out of the fulfillment of the  devil. Hear this now...you progeny, the offspring, the people of the devil.  So Jesus who understood this thoroughly said:...why do you seek to kill me  just because I have told you the truth? He said, ye do the work of your  father, and they said:..we were not born of fornication, we have one  father, even God. John 8:41. Even in the Talmud of today they tell you that  they have one God who is Lucifer and that Jesus is the devil. We know that  Jesus is the embodiment of God, and that they do lie.                Jesus said:..If God were your father ye would love me; for I proceeded  forth from the Spirit, neither came I by myself, so why do ye not understand my word? Because you cannot hear my words, since ye are the children  of blood lust, ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your  father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning.' A murderer from  the beginning and he begat murderers, he has a race of people who strangely  take joy in murder. Therefore Jesus called them the children of a murderer,  and said that they also do the work of their father who was a murderer from  the beginning, and abode not in the truth because there was not truth in  him. When he speaks, he speaks a lie, and he speaks of his own. He is a  liar and the father of it.   

Lucifer of course in his rebellion brought the first areas of error as  his mighty force came to earth. He slew people by the thousands, in his  design to mongrelize and to mutate and destroy. He was therefore a murderer  from the beginning and his son whom he begat through Eve was called Cain,  and Cain was the first murderer ever connected to your race, having killed  Abel, and Abel's blood cried to God from the ground.   

Now God said:..ye are a murdering race, but since I tell you the truth,  then you believe me not. But which of you can convict me of transgression?  Then the Jews said unto Jesus:..you are a Samaritan, and a devil. But Jesus  had already identified them as the children of the devil, and that the  lusts of their father they would do.   

We go back into the early history of Israel, and we discover that when  God brought Israel out of Egypt, and Moses was to lead Israel across the  Red Sea and out into the wilderness, that there came out of this land of  Goshen, and out of Egypt, with them a mixed multitude. Now..a mixed multitude...and the word was used..Enosh..in some of these places, in this mixed  multitude. As well as the word..strangers. The fact is that out of Egypt  with the children of Israel came others, strangers, and Enosh. Of course  Pharaoh and his army followed and were swallowed up in the waters of the  Dead Sea, but on into the wilderness came this mixed multitude, and these  strangers with the children of Israel were the Yehudin, or we would call  them Jews today. They were the evil Priests, and Satanic Powers who worshipped the god Set, the god of evil with the head of a beast, square ears,  and pointed snout, and the god Soth. Also Molech and Chemosh were worshiped  by them also.   

Let me point out to you that while Moses was on the Mountain getting the  Law, that these strange Priests surrounded Aaron and the Israel Priests,  and had made a golden calf, and tried to encourage them to turn to the  worship of the golden calf. Moses came down from the Mountain to witness  this and in his anger he broke the Law, because of the doings of this  strange and mixed multitude which came out of Egypt with the children of  Israel. This mixed multitude constantly trying to establish the worship of  Baal. They were trying to put forth the worship of Baalism over on the  Israel people. The worship of all false gods, and which would finally be  the worship of Molech, the fire god. If you were to look into your concordance, or the Bible Dictionary you would find that Molech was the supreme  god of utter evil to whom the children of righteousness were sacrificed. And  so one of the most pagan situations was that Molech and Tiamat was pagan  gods of Baalism..Luciferianism..and they would seek to secure the bodies of  the righteous children and then sacrificing them and eventually passing  their bodies through the fire to be devoured by Molech.

Now, who did this?  Organized Jewry...a mixed multitude who had been worshipers of Set and  Soth, who controlled all the pagan gods of darkness in all the Ancient  lands of Egypt.   

So we turn to the Scriptures and you find that Our Father.....  Yahweh‑God warned His Israel that they are not to do these things, they are  not to be deceived, and are not to worship these strange gods, they are not  to kill their children, and pass them through the fire to Molech. But these  Jews would stand back in delight as they would sacrifice Israel children to  Molech. This is a ritual murder, and not only is this a part of their  program, but remember that Lucifer and the fallen Angels, and the Nephilin  intermingled with people all over the world. They intermingled with the  Asiatics, with the Islanders of the Sea, with the Negroid, and they established Buddhism, and the worship of darkness. They established Hinduism in  all of its height. In fact the Temples of Kali today are one of the most  bloody of Temples on the face of the earth. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, and  Kali are the gods of India. Kali is Lilleth, the Assassin Goddess, the wife  of Lucifer, and she is the most Satanic goddess worshipped in India today.   

Strangely enough when Eisenhower made a total fool of himself, he was  over in the land of India, and they were wining and dining him and they  brought him before the Temple of Kali, and they put the Mark of Kali on his  forehead. This was the mark of the wife of Lucifer, the assassin goddess,  which the President of the United States allowed to be put on his forehead.  The fact remains that his grandmother was Lucy Stover, don't forget that,  and you see this fact, even when his secretary writes about it in,  'Eisenhower My Boss'. The fact remains that you had this peculiar situation  as this President of the U.S. takes the Mark of Kali. (In 1978 President  Carter and his wife did this same thing while in India.)   

Did you know that Kali as the Assassin Goddess is also called the blood  goddess? All those that serve her in the Temple as Priests are able to  extract or receive 1/2 of the assassins wages, and so the assassins have  for sometime been built up to attack and destroy the white man. The Aryan,  the white man, who at one time grew into a great power inside of India was  always their target. They often used a wealthy Aryan on the sacrifice altar  of Kali, and his money was split between the Yehudin Priests and the  Assassins. And then came the British Empire to her height of a great Empire  and they gained a great influence over India as that country became a  colony of Britain. The areas of this Indian colony became rather unique  because one of the practices of this area was the burying of the living  wife, with her dead husband, and with British control this practice of the  goddess Kali was then forbidden by the British Empire.   

But the assassins continued, and they were one of the most vicious and  insidious elements that the British forces had to fight. Whole expeditions  were launched into areas of India to destroy the thugs, and the  assassins of Kali. They used to say that to drink the sugar of Kali was to  participate in the drinking of the goblets of blood of the assassinated.  Not only was the assassins and evil and Satanic power, but the people that  controlled the Temples of Kali, like most of the Temples of India, but  mostly Kali Temples were Jews who had been mongrelized out of that race of  people, the colored forces of India. The fact remains that these were a  darker Jew, but they were the assassins out of this ritual...the blood  gatherers. And we note that always their blood oath was against the Aryan  or white man of India, against the British Empire, her soldiers and her  people, and any that worked for Britain.   

Now this was again this cry of strange and evil forces which was well  represented by the Jews in the time of Jesus. As well as in the days of  their Old Testament background. In fact these were the same strange and  evil Priests who came in and surrounded Solomon, and brought to Solomon the  wives from pagan races, for which he eventually built the high mounds, and  high temples where they could worship their gods..Molech and Chemosh. These  are the gods of whom they offered children. No wonder that God looked down  with great anger upon Solomon when he let himself be misguided by the Jews  of his day.   

Now we want to point out to you that back in the Book of Isaiah, that we  find that Isaiah also speaks out against these evil and Satanic people. He  says:...Isaiah 57:1..............  'The righteous perisheth, no man lays it to his own heart to  understand.' (No man understands what has happened) 'And the righteous  therefore is being taken away from the evil to come.' The children of  Molech, or the children of darkness are killing the children of righteousness. 'He shall enter into peace; they shall rest in their beds, each one  of them walking in their unrighteousness.'  'But draw near, ye sons of  sorcerers, the seed of the adulterer, and the whore.'  You see, the  Sorceress is Kali, and also was known as Isis, and in the days of Nimrod as  Symaritus who was exalted as Isis, when she was not, by the pagans who  moved in out of India and surrounded Nimrod's throne. But at this time as  Isaiah speaks out against them, these Yehudin (Jews), whether red, green,  yellow, or black, were the offspring of Lucifer sown into the earth, and no  good comes from them. There are not...good and bad Jews, there are only bad  Jews, because they are the offspring of Lucifer.   

Now:..therefore Isaiah says:...'Draw near ye sons of the Sorceress, the  seed of the adulterer, and the whore. Against who do ye sport yourselves,  against whom make ye a wide mouth, and draw out the tongue? Are ye not the  children of the transgressor, and the falsifier? Ye enflame yourselves with  idols under every green tree, slaying the children of the righteous in the  valleys, under the cliffs of the rocks?' Jewish ritual murder, my friends.   

Now let me point out to you that you can see how accurate this is when  Jesus is talking about these things and He said:..'Ye are guilty of all the  blood of all the righteous slain upon the face of the earth.' In fact as  you go back into the Apocrypha Books that describe this, you find that  there was a school of the prophets, because they studied the Word of God  and they were inspired by His Word, and they spoke concerning prophecies,  and they spoke concerning these ethics and the morality. They were a  totally righteous people observing the sacrifices, and producing the  Priesthood of the Most High God. There was also another school and this was  the school of Baal‑Peor and this was the school of the Yehudin‑Jews that  were a mixed company, and they set up their school. While they were not  tolerated when there was a good King in Israel, they would always come in  as Merchants and set up their secret Temples, and put out their doctrines  at other times, in the land of Israel. So you were to understand that they  would falsely accuse the Prophets of The Most High God. They would accuse  them to the kings, and they would denounce them to the people, and then  stir up the people by saying that these Levi Prophets were false, and evil  prophets, and were not doing the Will of God at all, but were leading the  people into areas of disrepute, and areas of evil. Then they would tell the  children of Israel how dangerous these Levi Priests were and then they  would stir the people of Israel up and try to get them to kill their own  prophets, so they might free themselves of what they called 'Divine Guilt',  which happened to be..if they didn't turn to Baalism...they were guilty of  the wrath of Baal. And all the Vestal Virgins would set up their screaming  inside of the Temple of Baal, and then they would go forth to kill those  who angered Baal. And of course it was the prophets of Israel who would be  destroyed. The Prophets were slandered, they were murdered, and the people  who served the Most High God in Israel were being put to death, and all  this at the behest of the Jews. It was the Jews who always sought to gain  control of the economy and of the land, and sought to bring a tremendous  hatred upon the people of God who sought to denounce them. And always they  were very generous with their gold and silver with...all who would help  them, or would betray into their hands...the prophets of Israel. The  Apocrypha shows over and over again how organized Jewry was killing the  prophets, and the righteous, and how they offered the human sacrifices, and  they left the blood of the children of the righteous before their pagan  gods. No wonder then as we turn to these words of Jesus here in the Book of  Matthew that He said:....'Upon you shall come all the righteous blood that  has been shed upon the face of the earth.' He declared unto them that they  were the generation (race) of the Serpent, and of course the Serpent is the  Mark of Lucifer, and they were the progeny of the Serpent. Jesus said that  in all these situations that He had sent prophets and wisemen, and even as  ye killed Abel so you killed them. So Jesus proved this, that the Jews were  Cainanites, and He said:...Ye are guilty of all the blood of the righteous  slain upon the face of the earth, starting with the blood of Abel down to  the blood of Zacharias, son of Barachias, Matthew 23:35.' He had been slain  during the period just before the ministry of Christ, and had been slain  because he was a true Prophet. He was an Essene, and he was denouncing this  program, and this strange and peculiar expulsion which was going on by  these Priests who had come into power, and who were Sadducees, and  Cainanites, and had come and taken over the House of Israel. They had  charged Zacharias, and they gathered a riotous group of their own, and  they slew him before the Altar, even as he was doing the work of God.   

Alright.....who are we dealing with there?? We are dealing with a people  whom Jesus said could not understand the truth, because their capacities  were evil, they are the murderers, and were to blame for all the righteous  blood shed upon the face of the earth.       So let us turn for a moment and look at this situation, and we are to  discover that during the ministry of Jesus, that under these false High  Priests...Annas, and Caiaphas, were gathered together all these Jews, and  they talked about how they would slay Jesus, of how they could put Him to  death. And so in this situation one of the remarkable things of this was  that while they were talking about how to do this, and the chief Priests  had held their counsel they said:...what are we going to do about this man  Yahshua‑Jesus? If we let Him go all men are going to believe on Him and the  Romans who are Israelites, and of the tribe of Gad are going to believe on  Him, and they will come and take away our place, and our nation. And  Caiaphas being the High Priest said:..You know nothing at all, for it is  necessary that we kill this man..we must take His blood, we have to drink  his blood, therefore it is necessary that we kill this man. Then from that  time on, they took council among themselves as to how they might put Him to  death, they took up stones to kill Him, and they plotted as to how to put  Him to death. Thus Jesus was quite accurate as He said in the Book of  Matthew:...I sent prophets, and you sought to kill them. I sent wisemen and  you sought to kill them, and now that the embodiment of God has come...ye  seek to kill Him. And then Jesus said:...Ye seek to kill me, because I tell  ye the truth.' And yes, they did seek constantly to kill Him.   

Finally having betrayed The Christ with the son of Lucifer guiding their  evil forces, they brought Jesus before Pilate. Now Pontius Pilate was an  Israelite, and he had been educated in the Druid Universities, and he was a  High Masonos (Mason) and as he talked to The Christ he realized that The  Christ had the right answers, and was a greater Master Mason than he was.  And Pilate said to Jesus:...I would set you free, I would let you go, I  don't find any fault in you.' Then he went out to the Jews and he said:...  I don't find any fault in this man, and therefore let this persecution of  him cease. But these same assassin children of Kali, these same children of  Baalie, these same ones that now say that Lucifer is god and that Jesus is  a devil then said:...'His blood be upon us, upon us and our children.'     Matthew 27:25. Let the blood cry out from the ground, for we are a bloody  people, we want the blood of this one. Let His blood be upon us and our  children.'  No design was every more complete than this to demonstrate this  design for the blood of the prophets, and now the blood of the embodiment  of God...for they wanted HIS BLOOD. And their father Lucifer wanted this  One's Blood, for now that the embodiment of God had become a man, and here  now that God was in the body of flesh, now He could die, and they though  that if they could kill God here in this body of flesh then they could  control the world forever. And thus they said:...if we can just raise up  our ancient people, (the Jews), and we are told this in the Gospel of  Nicodemus, if they can slay this man, slay this body of God, then if we can  just hold the body of God in the Netherworld, then Lucifer will be the God  of the world forever. Thus they said:...'His blood be upon us and upon our  children.'   

We turn then to the Book of Revelation and we are told that one of the  great last situations will be the rise of Mystery Babylon the Great. This  is an evil system, a political system, a religious system, and an economic  system, that Jews (Zionists) control and use. This is Mystery Babylon the  Great, the Mother of Harlots. This system controls crime, vice, and everything that is evil operates out of this system. Their mysterious design is  to gain control of labor, of the money systems of the world, and to utilize  this power in their hands. This is the design of Mystery Babylon and you  can read about this in the 17th and 18th., chapters of Revelation, about  their control over all these things listed. Then God speaks out about this  Mystery Babylon, and God says:...Mystery Babylon is now the inhabitation of  all devils. And all Jews had their headquarters in the operation and  philosophy of Mystery Babylon, and this is the hold of every foul spirit,  and every hateful and unclean bird. For all nations have been made drunk  with the wine of the wrath of her evil.   

Now let me point this out to you, the Great Mystery of the Revelation of  The Christ to John is about to be fulfilled, and God makes this revelation  to John concerning who was this Mystery Babylon the Great as he said:...  'Babylon is thy merchants, these great and powerful men of the earth, for  by their sorceries were all nations of the earth deceived.' Revelation  18:23. In fact today we have the United Nations. It is actually a design of  communism and socialism and a deceiver of all nations. It operates in  violation of constitutions, and enslaves the freedom of the people of the  Kingdom. But...Babylon is thy merchants, and she is the one deceiving all  the nations, and she is going to be found with the blood of the prophets,  and of the Saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.   

Now make no mistake about this:...when God says that Mystery Babylon  with her system of world programs of socialism and world communism and  economy that the conspiracy is going to be found to be guilty of all the  blood of all righteous, the believing offspring, all the prophets, and all  those that were slain upon the earth. Revelation 18:24. Here in this Book  of Revelation The Christ proved to John that organized Jewry which He  denounced in Matthew 23., and Mystery Babylon are one and the same. That  Organized Jewry and its Priesthood control Mystery Babylon. That they are  behind world communism, they are behind the International Monetary design  to confiscate the money of the world. They are behind the complete conspiracy of utter evil, utter immorality, of other depravities, and their  design is to destroy the nations of this world.   

One of the strange situations that transpired was back in the time just  before World War I when the Zionists were trying to play up to Britain, and  demanded that Britain turn Palestine over to them.

`           Now:...Britain could not  legally turn Palestine over to the Jews, but Professor Odland appeared before the British Parliament, and it was recognized that Britain represented  the Dynasty of Ephraim, of the House of Joseph, and therefore had no right  to turn Palestine over to the Jews. They even declared that there was no  question but that the throne of Britain, and the background of Britain  proved that she was Israel. Let me point out to you that as the Jews denounced this that one of the things that transpired there was very revealing. A powerful Jew by the name of Sassons was connected with the House of  Warburg which was doing business in Germany, and the House of Rothchild was  doing business in Jewish Banks in Britain. They held a great conference  together and Byron Rothchild said:...'All we need to do is fan the flames  until we engulf the entire Christian world in battle, and they shall give  us Palestine, or they will pick it up out of the pieces, as we sacrifice  their sons. This will be Purim Festes 1917.'   

Now....what is Purim Festes??  Did you know that there is a phoney book  in the Bible? Did you know that the Book of Esther is a fraudulent Book,  that the Name of God is not in the Book of Esther, not once? Did you know  that King Ahasuerus was an Aryan King, and was dealing very friendly with  Israel, and then came this Jewish woman by the name of Esther, and she  seduced the King and took him away from his wife? She made him pledge to  give her anything she wanted. They hated a man, and they had him hung, and  they...not Israel..but these Jews in the land had a feast to celebrate this  murder, and the blood let from all their enemy. From that day to this the  Jews celebrate Purim Festes. They wrote the phoney Book of Esther and tried  to make an Israelite out of her, but she is not an Israelite, but instead  represents the children of darkness.   

Now..they cite that they have been assured by God, but they don't use  His name or anything else to prove this, but they have a Purim Festes every  year. And they worship on this day, and they are happy on this day and they  look forward to the day when they are going to kill all white men, all  Christians who oppose them. Every year they have Purim Festes day and on  that day they shout and sing their praise. You can take the 'Jewish Voice'  and every Jewish Newspaper, and the Jews as they have Purim Festes day are  boasting about the day when they say they are going to kill all the people  who they say are anti‑Semitic.   

Now an intelligent person who loves God and believes in Jesus The Christ  are going to be against organized Jewry, but oh, how they look for the day  when they are going to kill you. Remember here that they have been involved  in every basic war which you have been in when you were fighting your own  people. When you have been engaged in fighting world communism, or the  Witchdoctors of Africa they don't have near as much to say, as when white  men fight the white men, and then the Jews set back and say Purim Festes  1917...Purim Festes 1939‑40. They are getting wealthy and fat off the great  weapons you make to kill yourselves with.   

I want to point out one of the great Mysteries behind the Vietnam war.  did you know that the real power behind the scenes, and which is guiding  the destiny of the U.S. is organized Jewry? It is the Rothchild's, it is  the Isaacs, it is the Goldbergs, the Rockefellers that have been setting up  the policies, and at the same time it is the Jewish manufacturers who are  getting rich. Did you know that Saigon was a city of manufacturers? It is a  city getting wealthy on war. And these people in all the major houses in  Saigon are Jewish.   

Now the other day a man connected with the government and who happens to  be my friend, was in the Philippines and the Communist Newspapers as well  as non‑Communist papers are published, and every Jewish House of it took in  almost 80% of the houses in the area of Vietnam around Saigon, and these  houses were advertising in the communist newspapers, and they showed how  they are making the money, and were actually on the side of the reds, and  doing some of their work with their profits to help encourage the reds so  they would never give up. Here were these newspapers advertising in Manila  while they are supposed to be on your side opposing the Viet Cong. But  strangely they hire all kinds of Vietnamese to work for them in the day  time, and then they fight with the Viet‑Cong at night against you. So then  they say again..Purim Festes 1968. And when they sing their Purim Festes  songs this year they are singing because white Christian men are dying. The  cauldron of this massive design is to destroy, and to...let...the blood of  all of this white society. Your sons by the thousands are fighting and  dying in an Asian war while those making all those profits are laughing as  they are murdering your sons.   

I think it is time that the Christians of the Kingdom wake up and listen  to the words of Isaiah, and listen to the words of Jesus The Christ and  listen to the Holy Scriptures, and stay away from every one of these murdering dogs. Separate them from our society, separate them from our  government. We should un‑employ the powers of darkness seeking to kill our  children.   

Now did you know that Ritual Murder has been going on for many years? It  was a constant policy inside of Britain for many years. I happen to have  the dates as to when..they..where driven out of Britain, it was back in the  11th., century, and again in the 15th., century that they were driven out  again...because they were found guilty of ritual murder. That was the  letting of blood of children, that they had kidnapped and taken, and always  this was at Purim Festes time. And they would split the throats of these  children, and they crucified them, and this happened also in Spain, and in  Italy as well. In fact the Catholic Church 'Sainted' some of these  children. Not only were the Jews caught with these children with the 'blood  let', but they admitted their guilt because they were caught, but they said  it was their Sacred Ritual, under their god. Their god, Kali, the wife of  Lucifer, and Baal, who was in the background in this move out in all their  strange rituals, and back unto to Molech.   

I want to point out that you have a lot of children who disappear here  in your country every time Purim Festes comes around. They just say we  don't know where this child has gone, he has just disappeared, but this  year he is a part of Purim Festes...1968.         In the face of all this we can show you much about Jewish Ritual Murder,  however this is nothing compared with the murder of yours sons which is  going on today. If you want to fight a war against communism then bomb it,  and destroy it, because you are eventually going to bring all the pagan  powers before the throne of the Most High God. You are going to have to  recognize that communism is the enemy of the Church. It has killed millions  and millions of Christians, and one of these days as that blood which cries  out from the ground, then organized Jewry is going to have to assume the  responsibility of it. And so we find that in this God says:...the blood of  the righteous cries up from the ground, and the righteous then suddenly  become aware and realize that those evil children of the sorcerer, and  Lucifer are actually conspiring to kill and to destroy as many of them as  possible of those who cannot be a part of their faith, are they target,  while..they..enhance themselves on the money of the people. As we see this  situation then we can say with Jesus, for we know He is accurate, we know  He is right, and we know that there is nothing more right then the words of  God embodied in the flesh as He turned to Jewry and said:...'Upon you  shall come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from Abel to  Zacharias, the son of Barachais, whom ye slew between the horns of the  altar.'

Then in the Book of Revelations it says:...Mystery Babylon, the  program of world communism, the economic conspiracy, the plot against your  race and society...all this which is wrong is Mystery Babylon, which Jesus  had just identified as Organized Jewry.              Oh! if the Church would only wake up, if it would get its eyes open  wide, and challenge Christianity to make sure that these people were never  elected to any responsible job in this country. These people were removed  from the teaching positions of your schools where they have taken out the  recognition of the Scripture, and prayer, and all that goes with it. Now  they are totally in control of your foreign policy, and there will never be  a victory in America, until all the Jews are removed from any control of  your foreign policy and the destiny of your nation. When they said:..'His  blood be upon us and upon our children,' they proved beyond a doubt that  their utter hatred of all righteousness is great and even to the most  righteous of all righteousness, the embodiment of God Himself.   

Now if you go to Church they tell you, Oh my!, you have to bless these  people, these devils. You have to call them the chosen people or trouble is  going to come on you. Trouble is coming alright..but what did the Most High  have to say? Am I supposed to hate the enemies of My God, or am I supposed  to hate them? Yes..I am supposed to hate the enemies of My God with a  perfect hatred. And God said:..I am going to pour out such a blessing on  you of my house that you will dance in the streets, you will sing the  glories of our God, as God delivers you from the powers of darkness, and  wipes them off the face of the earth.'   

So as we see these situations let us open our eyes, let us see the  mysteries hidden in the Scriptures and know that the sons of Lucifer are  behind all the problems, and all the trouble of the world.     And one of these times there won't be many of them around because 'tare'  time will have been completed, and the 'tares' will have been destroyed.                                   (End of this message)                                                  .