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                  YE THAT HAVE KILLED FOR GOLD

                               by Wesley A. Swift---6-8-68


            We are going to talk tonight on this subject --the people who have killed for gold.  Turn to the 5th chapter of James, and it says:--Go ye rich men and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

            Now; it does not say that all rich men are evil. God is talking now to the wicked rich men. "Ye have heaped up your treasures in the latter day."  And he is talking about now. Behold your fraud, you have taken from the laborer and it has reached the ears of the LORD of the Sabbath.  You have been seeking after gold in this day of slaughter, Ye have condemned and killed the just, and they have not resisted you. And God has more to say but we will come back to that.

            Now; He is talking about a certain people, he is talking about how they raised their fortunes and raised their power, in the days of war and they do this on the bodies of men. I want you to know that one of the strangest things that you have to deal within revelations is that Lucifer who is 'son of the morning', and overseer over one quarter of the Universe, who would not then accept the concept that God was going to have a family, sons and daughters, that would be greater than he was. Actually went so far into the areas of perversion that he turned from the truth and refused to accept the light. He thus became the most twisted person in the Universe.  He who was a light, bright, shinning like the sun became so enamored by material things, that he lusted after gold and after silver, and after jewels, and then he only had one tenth of the glory he used to have.

            It may be hard for you to realize this but turn over into the book of Isaiah 14:13--"How art thy fallen oh, Lucifer, oh, thou son of the morning?"  How thou art cut down to the ground, that hath weakened the nations.--"How art thou fallen from the heavens, O’ Lucifer, son of the morning. How art thou cut clown to the ground, which did weaken the nations.  For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the throne of God, I will also sit upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north. I will ascend above the height of the clouds. I will be like the Most High."  Thus Lucifer the Archangel became known as the devil, and Satan, according to the book of Revelation.  And declared that he would exalt himself above the Most High YAHWEH, WHO IS ALPHA AND OMEGA, THE ETERNAL POTENTATE, WHO HAS ALWAYS EXISTED AND CREATED ALL OF THE HEAVENS AND THE UNIVERSE. And here we have an archangel declaring that he is going to sit in the seat of Almighty God.

            Now; we want you to notice this (Isa. 14:15)----"Thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.”  And now they that see thee are going to say, is this the man that caused the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms. Is this the man who could shake whole kingdoms, that caused the world to end?  This, my friends, is the one that Michael cast into earth and he has sowed his evil doctrines, and sowed the Negroes who made up his evil doctrines, and were the fighting forces with the people of earth.  Went into every portion of divine law to mutate, and toppled kingdoms in Asia.  Then started mongrelizations that caused continents to sink, and whole portions of the world went into transitions. Mountains rose up and continents fell, all because of he peculiar perfidy, and the imperialistic design of this one fallen Archangel--Lucifer. "Art thou the man who made the world a wilderness, where great cities existed, and where now oceans sweep with waters?"

            In fact so much is this true that inside of the book of Jeremiah, it talks about the capacity of men to understand as to what transpired in that day. The earth became as without form and void, and there was no light. I beheld the mountains, and behold they trembled, and the hills moved lightly. I beheld there were no men for the birds of the heavens had fled, and all of the cities were broken down. This was before your recreation, in which he again established the second creation, and then eventually Adam.

Go back into the book of Genesis chapter one, and it says that the earth was without form and void. Why? Because after being created by the Most High God, who created all of these things for a greater good, the Lucifer rebelled. And now therefore, you read that the cities were gone, the whole land was desolate, but God says that he did not make a full end to all of this.  But for this the whole earth shall mourn and the heavens above be black, because I have spoken it, I have proposed it and I shall not repent, neither shall I turn back from it.

            Therefore the whole city shall flee from the noise of the bowman, and the horseman, they shall go into the thickets, and climb upon the rocks and the whole city shall be taken, for not a man is worthy. Thus the continents and society as a whole has left their remnants.  Go down to Africa and you find ancient civilizations, and continents that are sunk beneath the mire, some of them almost out of sight. Go down to South America, and you find the dilapidation and the destruction of their cities. Go into the Andes mountains at the northern end. And up in the mountains is 1/2 of a city, and on the jungle floor beneath at the foot of this 11,000 peak is the other half of a city. We know that this was 11,000 years ago that this happened because of the use of radio carbon which checked the age of furniture and other things found. Thus 11,000 year ago that mountain raised up and caused a great catastrophe, until even parts of the coastline broke off as this came up. We have TIME in geology, and archaeology, and now with this scientific knowledge at this time, to see that they all bear testimony. Why? Because of Lucifer this rebellious fallen Archangel, in his battle to mutate the program of Almighty God.

            Now; turn over to the book of Ezekiel, and it says, "Thus saith YAHWEH, because thine heart is lifted up, and thou hath said, "I am God," I sit in the seat of God.  I will be in the midst of the seas.  You have left your first estate and you cannot climb back into it.  You have put the program of God to scorn, and have mongrelized the races you seduced. Race after race. You seduced my son Adam and Eve his wife, for your evil. Therefore know this, altho you say there is one wiser than Daniel, that you sit in the seat of God, and have set thine heart to be God.  Therefore, with thine wisdom and thine understanding thou hast gotten thee riches. And thy riches has brought gold and silver into thy treasuries.

            Now; the LORD says: ‘Ye may be wiser than Daniel, and have increased thy gold and silver, and thy heart is lifted up because of thy riches.  Therefore saith the LORD thy God, because thou hath set thyself as the heart of God, I shall bring thee down.  I shall bring strangers upon thee, powerful nations shall come against thee, and they shall draw their swords against thee, and they shall bring you down to the pit and thou shalt die. And now when all of these things come to pass, thus 'Son of man' take up this lamentation:--Thus saith YAHWEH, thou sealeth up the sum total of wisdom and every precious stone was thy covering. (Ezekiel 28:12)  Thou hast been even in the Garden of the Gods.

            This, my friends, proves that in the days of Lucifer that in the time of the king of Tyrus that God says to Lucifer, ‘Yes, I know that you were the son of the morning. I know how you sought to find gold and silver

and great jewels to cover yourself.’  And then the Most High speaks out against Lucifer saying,--'Thou art the Anointed Cherub that covereth.  Thou was upon the mountain of God and I set you there. Thou walked up and down in the midst of the 'stones of fire.'  Thou wast perfect in thy days, when you were a created Archangel.’  And when God speaks about this recreation that was now being formed, as Lucifer, son of the morning was being talked to. God said, now, I am against thee and all of your begotten household. For these are a people who shall suffer judgment. And then over in the book of Isaiah, it says: 'I shall prepare a slaughter for thy children, for the iniquity of their father and for them.  They shall not rise, nor possess the land, nor shall they be able to scare the world and their cities.

Hear this now:--thus God brings judgment upon Lucifer, this son of the morning. Therefore as thou has filled the midst of the world with violence and thou hath sinned. Therefore, I shall destroy thee from the mountain of God. I will destroy thee o’ covering Cherub, from the midst of the Stones of Fire. (His people) Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty, and thou hath corrupted they wisdom by reason of thy darkness, but I shall cast thee, and I will lay hold upon thy kings as they behold thee.

            A strange and peculiar situation therefore was that as Lucifer mongrelized the people of earth, and he also sowed forth the sons of Lucifer these sons of Satan. Jesus identified them in his days as the Canaanite Jews that were around . . .  And he said, Ye are of your father the devil and the lust of your father ye will do.'  And as brought out in the books of Enoch--'Ye are the sons of Belial, the sons of the devil'.

            Now; I want to point out that same strange perfidy, the same strange lust to gather gold and silver and riches has followed and identified the children of Lucifer. In fact if you want evidence of this then go back in the scripture to the days of Abraham, and this when God reestablished his covenant with the Adamic race. This covenant that he had established with Seth and with Enoch, and then with Noah and with Shem, he established them as Israel, and with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob he said, This is my Israel, my issue ruling with me. This was the kingdom that was to emerge and eventually overthrow Lucifer.

            Let me point this out to you. When God called Abraham out of Ur of the Chaldeas, then took him out of the Land of Egypt, that he said, As the dust of the earth so shalt thy seed be numbered.  Thou shalt walk thru the land, the length and breadth of it, and I will bestow it upon thee.

And it says that it came to pass that Amraphel was the king of Shinar.  And do you know who Amraphel was? He had rebelled with Lucifer and had been cast to earth, and he therefore was a king over a portion of Atlantas when that continent was sunk.

            Now; Amraphel was thus a king in this time of Abraham, but also a fallen Angel. And another was Arioch, king of Ellasar, and Chedorlamer, king of Elam.  And then there was Tidal, king of the Nations that sunk below the waters.  So here they were, fallen Angels yet at the time of Abraham, all pre-Adamic.  And these were making war with the king of Sodom and the king of Gomorrah, and the king of Admah, and the king of Zeboiim, and the king of Bela, which is Zoar. All of these kings were then engaged in battle, and the Horites also who were from Mount Seir.  And thus this was a tremendous battle. But Chedorlamer and Tidal the king of the nations, and Amraphel were the fallen hosts of Lucifer, and that is why you call them tide lands now for this was Tidal the king of the land washed by the waters.

            Now; what were all of these battling for? All of these kings had a lust for gold and silver, and now they learned that Chedorlamer had now found the gold of Ophir. And here they were battling for these billions and billions of gold of Ophir.  And we discover thus, the lust for gold and that even devils fall out over gold. In fact they fell out over gold when Voodoos rebelled against Lucifer. And he was put in control of the Negroes and moved them into Africa and he also declared that he was God. So he had fallen out over the lust of gold.  But Lucifer had won and he was banished into the Netherworld with Beelzebub the prince of hell. And today Voodooism is the religion that holds its sway over the Negroes even today.

            Now; let me point this out that at this time they took Lot, a nephew of Abraham, captive as they were fighting with the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah. And the king of Sodom saw that Abraham took back his Nephew and all of those with him and his goods, for God was with Abraham. And this king saw all of that, as these 318 men took back all that had been taken with Lot. He saw that with just 318 men that Abraham whipped all of these kings and took back everyone and all their goods.  And in the process they had a lot of the treasure.

            Now what happens? The king of Sodom comes out to meet Abraham. Do you know how many men fought in that slaughter with Chedorlamer? ---5 Million men. And then some will tell you that everyone on the face of the earth drown in the flood of Noah's time.  But here were five million warriors on that field that didn't drown.  Just Arat--or all of that land drowned in the flood.  But that was not the condition here on the plains of Shinar.  And the King of Sodom comes out on the plains, and he saw someone else out there. And this was Melchizedek, the embodied YAHWEH himself.  And he came to bring to Abraham, the bread and the wine. For HE had been here in this battle and he had given power to some small group of men with Abraham. And now he came out to bless Abraham.  And he broke with Abraham the first communion---the bread and the wine. And he identified himself with Abraham for Abraham was HIS son.

            Now; it says that HE blessed Abraham the son of the Most High God.  And then "Blessed be the Most High God which hath delivered thine enemies into thy hand.  Blessed be the Most High God possessor of the heavens and the earth. And Abraham gave HIM tithe of all.

            Over in the book of Hebrews, it says: ‘Without father, without mother, without end of days, or the beginning of days abides a Priest forever.’  Thus it talks about who Melchizedek was when Abraham met him on the plains of Shinar.

            Now; the king of Sodom comes riding out and says to Abraham:---Look here, Abraham, give me all of the people that you have captured and take the good unto thyself.  But Abraham said, 'I have lifted up my hand unto YAHWEH, my God, the king of heaven and earth. And I will not take from you one thing from you lest you should say--I have made Abraham rich. I want you to know that I do not want the gold or the silver, but I will keep Lot and his possessions. For I am not going to be taken in by the sons of Lucifer, the children of darkness, and have them say, 'I bought Abraham.'

Thus it is that these strange kings had fought such a battle for gold and silver and then they tried to make a deal with Abraham, to see if they could not get some of the gold.

            Yes, my friends, the children of Lucifer are bewitched by gold and silver.  But God did not speak out against gold and silver. He just called for just weights and measures. He calls for a sound economy, and he calls the silver coin solid weights and measures. And one of these days the streets will be paved with gold and silver, more than you every dreamed of before.  There is nothing wrong with gold and silver, but the strange lust for the two by the children of Lucifer is strange indeed.

            Now come over into the book of Daniel and we find Daniel standing to speak to Nebuchadnezzar, and he says: Oh, king of Babylon, thou art this head of gold. And your Babylonian Empire is the place where Satan's seat is. And Baal is Lucifer embodied, and their temples with their vestal Virgins, and their patterns of evil, you who desires to control all of the Empires, ye are this head of gold. The word of God speaks against Babylon as the symbol of Luciferian evil. And in these latter days he says, 'come out of her my people, lest ye be partakers of her evil deeds.'  Strange as it may seem as the king of Babylon fell, these children of Lucifer, went over to the island in the sea called Pergamos.  And then Jesus said that was where Satan's seat was.  Why?--Because that was where Satan's children were. 

They bought and moved their gold and then they began to try to influence Rome the next great Empire to rise at the time of the Christ.  They bought the power for Herod king of the Jews, who sought the life of Christ.  And so it was that they used their gold and their silver.  In fact they tried to by the man Christ Jesus from on of their own people. And for 30 pieces of silver he sold the Great God of the heavens, and the earth. Their strange and peculiar lust for gold and for silver, and this marks their pattern of evil.

            History talks about the eight Empires, the eighth coming out of the seventh. And Jesus talks about this strange and satanic design. He talks about the sons of Lucifer, who bought man after man, of Greeks and Romans and tried to turn them to their own end.  And they bought as long as they could, and when they had stupid men like Nero, they persecuted Christians whenever they could, and finally a Christian Emperor conquered Rome and brought the freedom of Empire. No longer could they buy Christians.  So they joined the church and began this corruption of Christians inside of the church. But this was not the only situation. As they went out on their money lending expedition, they gathered their gold and their silver. They made Venice their capital and they set out a design to conquer Christendom that they might take its gold and its silver, and reduce them to slaves, and set pagan power over them. They found the Chinese Jew to help them, and to contact the man from the Mongolian Steppes that had been somewhat successful. And they said, you join with us and we will buy you crossbows and weapons. And we will deliver the Christian walls that keep you out.  And we will open up the gates of the cities, and we will release unto you the hoards of the Christians. Only if you will divide with us the spoils, the gold and the silver. And our people will wear the golden arm bands to distinguish us. And in fact this is the way that the Chinese Jew took the money and went to Genghis Khan, and then hurled him against Christian civilization.

            And Christ had said that there would be an eighth beast power and it would come out of the seventh.  And so it did. And the hoards of Genghis Khan then came and everywhere the Jews opened the gates of the cities at night and then they pointed out the places where the successful Christians lay. God's blessings had been upon his household, upon the Christians. He blessed their crops, their mines, and every thing about them. He had opened to them the treasures of the earth, and they had made great but honest riches for themselves. But these forces of darkness had to destroy Christianity for they had acquired the favor of the Most High God.

So the Jew, after jew came into Christendom so as to find out just where the spoil might be.  These hordes came and swept over Europe.  They took the Christian homes and they took their gold, and their silver and divided it with the Jews. Tourquamada who headed the Spanish inquisition was a Jew.  And Catholicism and Protestantism was split and divided.  And this was actually run by Jews who split the money so that it went into their own coffers.  Thus the children of Lucifer were after gold and silver which they were stealing.  This is why Martin Luther said,-- ‘Gentlemen, never let these Jews enter the church, because they are only heretics outside and they will be heretics inside, and will only be looting you and betraying you.  I say---Princes of Germany take away from them their ill gotten goods and drive them from the land.’ These were the words of Martin Luther who realized how Luciferian their forces really are.

            Their design was to get control of nations. And in England where they were never allowed to come they eventually were able to buy their way in and immediately started to buy and sell the souls of men. They not only loaned money to individuals but they ground them down with their pattern of usuary.  Sometimes the Christians woke up and they took the gold and the silver and the Jews cried out--Persecution-- when they could not get away with their ill gotten gains. This is especially true in the tale of Ivanhoe, --the problem with Isaac and Rebecca which is not always told correctly. Still, this was the pattern thru out Europe.

            I want you to know that when our nation came to light then God gave great spiritual blessings to America, and this nation was to rise to its greatness, the Jew designed to take this nation and to control it thru the financial structure. And they appealed to Britain for they were getting control of that finance. And they were scattering their forces were scattered abroad, and it took money to maintain them or to bring them home. They were scattered into Egypt, and other places. And then the Jews came to King George and they said,--We will finance this for you if you will let us handle the finance of all of the colonies. And if you do not win then we want control of the bank of England. So they did their work and they lost the war but they took over the Bank of England. And with their gold and silver. And they then turned to your nation, and they took money from you which was being brought by Benjamin Franklin to America to pay for the Revolution, this money without interest. And in place of this, they loaned money to you with exorbitant interest which has never been paid back. And the Warburgs still hold over you as a debt more money than the debt that was acquired clear back there in the beginning. They have collected this with interest payments. Yes, for gold and silver, they instigated the wars between the Colonies and Britain.  They turned the mother nation against the colonies. Yes they did this.  And the men who have died because of this, their blood is upon organized Jewry. All for their lust of gold and silver.

Yes, for this lust of gold and silver, they threw America into the civil war, for they wanted to break the south and take control completely of the south. And therefore they utilized this system which they had no heart in. Actually the Jews have used the Negroes many times in these issues, but the fact remains, that the Jews care not for the Negroes, but they do it for the love of gold and silver.

            When Abraham Lincoln turned down their design, saying listen, if you men would loan the money at tremendous interest, I will issue U.S. money and pay off the debt, and we will honor this debt with the goods of the nation.’  And you know what happened?  They assassinated President Lincoln. It was not Wilkes Booth that assassinated Lincoln. It was a Jewish banking family, who hired this young man, one of their offsprings.

I want you to know, that in the days when they brought forth the Federal Reserve System, and Carter Glass was taken in . . .  and Col. House was a strange friend of President Wilson . . . and in that time, they took over the financial system of the U.S. with this Federal Reserve program, which was one-hundred percent pulled off with Jewish fraud. And they brought on the Civil War.  They were working both sides of that war and heaping to themselves the treasures in the latter days. This was the case for the world wars as well.

            Not only was this their pattern of chicanery, but they had taken over all of Russia as well, and they became the men on the bench the commissars and the men of power in all of Russia.  They liquidated 17 million Christians as they took that country over and they used their gold and their silver to bring this about. And they looted Russia until today those who rule Russia live like kings where the rest of the people are serfs.

            Not only is this true, but as they spread out over the world but today, even this continues to be their pattern. Today you have in your nation in power a tremendous amount of communists.  This is why you are in such a bad situation.  For the Jews who come into your country supposedly fleeing from Communism become those who support it. Their program is to take from you the gold, and they out in the world are guiding as to where it goes. They come into your country saying that you must give the world the gold, and you should support any and all whether they want to work or not, and whether from pagan lands that God does not bless.  So they take from you supposedly to build these people up but the money never reaches the people. They looted the banks of France of their gold and silver, and they have done this in America and they moved the gold and silver to Tel Aviv.  But first they stored it in Switzerland and then after that they flew it to Israeli. And they are filling their vaults with the gold and silver they have been taking from you.

The Korean War and the present Vietnam War is on the same pattern. They are filled the city of Saigon with gold so as to control this situation. And they will sacrifice your sons all day long while forbidding you a victory.  And in Israeli they want you to come over and destroy the Arabs so as to make their position clear. And some silly people support the Jews and they reap what they sow. The strange peculiar pattern of the darkness still moves. And all of the time they have been looting your treasure and taking the gold and the silver. And they are hiding it away in Tel Aviv.  I want you to know that every Christian soldier who died in WWI and WWII and in Korea, and in Vietnam, is the responsibility of the Jews. And Jesus said to them--- ‘I am going to hold you responsible for all of the blood of My people from Abel to Zacharias who was killed between the horns of the Altar.’  And then in the book of Revelations, it says that they are responsible for all of the blood of the slain upon the earth.---For what?---Gold and Silver.----which they cannot eat and they are not going to keep.

            What does Jesus then say about this in the end time?--- ‘Go now, for your gold and silver is cankered and rusts. And it shall become a witness against you who have heaped up treasure in the latter days. You are a fraud.  You have lived like a treasure in earth, but you have been wanton in your collecting of the gold and the silver. And then you have to corrupt everything that you touch.’ 

They demonstrated this as they took over the Entertainment industry.  And it then became a propaganda field such as the world had never witnessed.  I tell you that if this industry collapses and crumbles it will be because of Eternal judgment.

Let me point this out to you. They have murdered and they have killed, and brought judgment upon the Just.  Then God says:--I am going to pour out my judgment upon you.  And he talks about this gold and silver and how he will put it in the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea as his feet touch the Mount of Olives.  When he dumps Tel Aviv and all of their vaults into the Sea. And then, my friends, they will have a hard time recapturing it again.

            But do not worry about the gold and silver.  For there is more in the ground in America than we ever took out in all of our mining industry. But they will not get their hands on this, for God has called for a TIME on this and time is about up. There are a great many of them right now that are collecting all this, and running their fingers thru the jewels that they also collect, and for this they would buy and sell the bodies and souls of men.

            Now I want you to know that the Most High said ‘they shall not keep any of this from my children.’  I want you to know that HE says that you shall have it all back.  And he has promised the blessings of the everlasting hills.  And HE said, ‘I shall give you, my children, food and the gold of the hills and prosperity. And in that hour I am going to restore to you everything these people have taken, everything they have stolen from you. And I am going to heap the riches of the world upon you.’

But in this hour, don’t worry about the silver and the gold, for in all of these things our Father has ordained as to what shall happen, and all of the works of darkness shall pass away. We as His people do not buy and sell the souls of men. But these people who help along this process and partake of this buying and selling for gold, will take part in the judgment, for God says-- ‘we have had enough.’ ---'Go now ye rich men weep and howl for the judgment of God has come upon you. Thus will they cry as they see their gold and silver plunge into the Mediterranean Sea.  And in that day when God calls for judgment upon the fraud of the earth, you will see these things come to pass.


End of message.