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                              By Dr. Wesley A. Swift---6-9-68


            This afternoon we turn into II Chronicles, and we read this word: --"If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I WILL hear from heaven, and forgive their sins and heal their land.  My people who are in trouble, and are called by my name, and if they realize that they are in trouble and they want to get their nation out of trouble, and want to be delivered, if they will humble themselves.

Oh, I know that you think, oh, we can work it out for ourselves, and militarily. So you want to do it all by yourself while the majority of the people in the world are against you.  For you are only 1/6th of the worlds population. The Kingdom of God which is only one sixth of the world's population is going to need a lot of help before it gets thru. You are being disarmed while the enemy builds up its arms while he masses his troops and his people, and runs test wars against you.

            Now if My people called by My name---Israel --issue ruling with God, if you will just humble yourself and pray, and seek my face---then turn from any of your wicked ways.

Now listen.  HE says if you will do this, I will hear you from the heavens and I will forgive you and heal your land, and deliver my people.

HEAR this now:--If my people will just humble themselves, and pray---come on Father we need help.  Come on Father for we need you to avenge your land. And if you will do this then startling things will commence to happen.

            We said several weeks ago that if just this one congregation would call for God to start removing men and he would do just that. And if this then catches on and all of our people start to pray then don't be surprised at how fast this would start happening. 'If my people will humble themselves if they are afraid, then appeal to me and I will answer them from heaven, for I will deliver this people.

            We turn over to the book of Joel and we find that he says that it will come to pass, that who shall ever call on My name shall be delivered. For in all of Mount Zion, and in all of Jerusalem, the people shall be delivered.  Therefore the people must learn to pray and to turn to HIM for guidance -- and THEY SHALL BE DELIVERED.

What does deliverance mean?  It means that these shackles of Communism shall be broken. It means that this most covered up plot against you will be discovered.  It means that a nation will rise and awaken in a day.

            Now If my people who are called by my name---God makes a statement concerning this; that they shall be delivered, and all that remains is for the LORD to call for deliverance. Thus it shall come to pass that 'who so ever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered.'  I am not too proud, to say we are not as strong as we think we are, please give us some help. And the Most High then tells you how this must be done.

            Then over in the book of Jeremiah he starts telling Jeremiah that he wants him to start telling the people, about the rascals in government.  I want you to start telling them about the transgressions going on in your nation. I want you to start calling the people together. And do you know what Jeremiah said? “Oh, LORD how can I do this?”  But the LORD said, ‘know this, I formed thee from the belly, before thou even came forth out of the womb. And before the foundation of the world I wrote your name Down in the Lamb's book of life. I knew you the moment then that you were born.

Some people do not know this, that they were begotten in the heavens even before the world was framed. And HE said, I know you and I set you apart to be a prophet so go out and prophecy.  Tell the people about the rascals that have moved into positions of government, that this is the whole situation, I tell you to get out and speak. But Jeremiah said, Oh, YAHWEH, I am but a child before these great and powerful men. But the LORD said, what are you saying?--you are a child?  But if I command you to speak out then you will speak. You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free, and we shall wake my people up and we will get rid of this northern army. Therefore, Jeremiah be not afraid of their faces, or their power. It does not make any difference who they are, or what their jobs are, or what kind of chariots they roll around in. Don't be afraid of them just because they have big wheels. You get out there and awaken the people, you tell them the truth and I will back you up.

Notice this then.  “I demand that you declare the truth and, therefore be not afraid for I will be with you, and I will deliver thee, saith YAHWEH.”

            Do you know that there are many people who are afraid for they worry about their jobs and about the power of this person, who spreads out like a green bay tree?  He spreads out his branches, and everybody bows down, and when he dies everyone rushed to his funeral. And the LORD then says, just remember this-- I am going to bring down all those that rise up like a green bay tree, and I will make this like the trees of Lebanon. (No more).  So HE says to Jeremiah---I tell you to speak out, and not to cover up but to tell the truth. Ye he may be above thee, but I am YAHWEH, and I will take thee by the hand, and I will deliver you.

            Within this same concept then, we turn back unto Daniel in which God again speaks to the House of Israel. And he tells the house of Israel again concerning these things. And HE says not only will I deliver thee in that day but you shall stand up and ye shall speak. So what does God have in store for the days of that Time. (Daniel 12:1) AT that time shall Michael that great Prince that stood for my people in the ancient days of yesterday.  I called Michael out and he took over the great space fleets.  I called on Michael and he threw Lucifer out of the heavens, and it is described like a star falling in the morning. Michael who fought for the children of the Most High, for the entire Universe --under YAHWEH (God). And it says that in these latter days, in this time of trouble that there has never been such, since we were a nation. And I want you to know that we are in that kind of trouble right now.

  Therefore: "at that time shall Michael that great Prince stand up, the great Prince that stood for my people, and there shall be a time of trouble such as there has never been since you were a nation. And at that time YOUR PEOPLE SHALL BE DELIVERED, EVERYONE FOUND WRITTEN IN THE BOOK.

Let me point out to you that ever since America has been a nation you have never been in the kind of trouble you find yourself in today. They are trying to pin on you this guilt complex. You have never been in the kind of trouble which finds that altho you have a Constitution so strong and sound that it has been circumvented.  And that men you have elected to represent you are instead representing the whole world. For they have you now in a constant hypnotic phase where you are for every thing that is evil. I want you to know that the ones who run T.V. today praise the evil, praise those who run your government, and that they are the pagans that God said you should come out from among, and be separated from, and never to join yourselves to.  They come out to say but this is great these mixed marriages, and this scattering of your goods over the nation. And even the rich are now scattering their goods. Thus, the whole policy is one of great and tremendous evil. Thus, you are in a time of trouble.

            You are surrounded by enemies and the storm is growing closer. Don't you think it is about time that you called on God for HE said, I will answer from heaven, and I will send Michael in? And he said of this nation which is in so much trouble, since they became a nation that every last one of them will be delivered, whose name is written in the book.

What does that mean? It means my friend, the white race, the people that are in the structure of that race, are the people in the kingdom of God. And everyone written in that book are going to be delivered. For your name has been written in that book before the foundation of the world. So the Almighty said that he will send Michael in, and yes, you can be participant in it. For the children of the kingdom are going to rise up and take the kingdom, and hold it forever and forever.

He said, ‘I shall see that they are not overpowered for their deliverance is assured, so you will not be able to cut them down.   For the power of God will be in your midst.  This will be a tremendous catalytic force. Yes, the forces of heaven will come in. And everyone whose name is written in the book will be delivered. And you can have that deliverance just as quick as you will acknowledge that you have done wickedly, and permitted these people to move into power when you permitted these people to come into your land.  When you permitted them to enter into negotiations with the pagans.  When you joined yourself with the world. You have to come out from the world, our of the United Nations, and God will do the rest. HE will answer from heaven and send Michael My Prince for the great and final victory of God's kingdom.

            And when that kingdom moves into its ultimate goals, with God and His household, and they bring forth the royal diadem and crown Christ King of Kings and LORD of LORD's you will be joining an administration that world without end, and forever and ever will take possession of the earth. And there will be no more violence. And there will be no more crime and no more criminals, for all will walk as they are supposed to walk in a perfect kingdom.

I think of this as I read the reports out of the police department.  87% of the crime in the United States today is committed by Negroes.  That leaves only 13% for the rest of the people. And if you take out all of the other minorities then the white man is only a small majority of this if you are fighting crime.

            Thus, my friends, you turn to the program of God and see what He commands. Make no covenants, shut the doors on the enemy. And at the same time if you want power then pray. Denounce the enemy, speak the truth and others will have the courage to come out. Be not afraid for HE says,---I will deliver you.

Some of you then say, how do I know that God will do this? ---Because HE said he would do this. I have seen more people hurt by trying to protect themselves, than those who come out and blast the enemy Sunday after Sunday. And I can tell you this, that in this day when you ask Christian Americans about this blessing of Greatness, and the capacity of God to hold this nation up, then look on this nation and how it has deteriorated in the last few years.  Then it is time to say that we have had enough of this. As we hear the military say they do not have the capacity to defend us right now then I think it is time we said enough. For the enemy may not wait much longer to attack our nation You better have Michaels fleets coming in for I am afraid that you are going to need them. But never forget that we have the assurance of the Most High God that HE will deliver, every last one whose name is written in the book.


End of message.