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               THE PROMISE HE HATH PROMISED US.....11-9-68                                                             BY DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT                                 


As we turn into the Epistles of John...I John 2:25., we are reading  concerning this area of Mystery and he says:..'The promise HE hath promised us, even Eternal Life. Therefore that ye might be able to abide that  'this' is what ye heard from the beginning. If that which ye have heard  from the beginning shall remain in you, ye also shall continue in embodiment as a son, and in the Father'. And this is the promise which He hath  promised us...yes...even Eternal Life.   

Alright:..we have heard this since Ancient times.., from the beginning,  and HE wants us to understand this. Then it begins to dawn on us that as we  are embodied sons of God, elect of the Most High, therefore it dawns on us  in our embodiment, and it also unifies us again with the Mind or Will of  the Father.   

Now; perhaps we should go back into a quick review of what we had to say  on this subject..'the Oracles of God'..so that you can catch the theme of  the connection with this promise. The Oracles of God are the deep and abiding truths of God which are known only unto the race which is begotten of  HIM, who are spirit of His Spirit and life of His Life. The Oracles of  YAHWEH (God) are never perceived by anyone else.   

When the Jews were attacking and denying Christ, Jesus said:..You cannot  understand my speech because you cannot hear my words. He said:..'Ye are of  your father, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer and  a liar from the beginning'. Thus He was saying that they had no spiritual  capacity to understand the Mysteries of God. On the other hand as He spoke  unto His own Household. He has promised, spoken, and revealed to them these  things since before the foundation of the world. The Apostle Paul therefore  in the experiences which he had as he was taken into the heavens and  returned again, was told of many of these Mysteries. He said in his  writings, then repeated in his Epistles that you and I were with HIM before  the foundation of the world. That we were 'With HIM' in Love before the  foundation of the world. That HE predestinated many of the things which  have come to pass, and told us about them even before they happened.  Thus in all these things we turn to the Book of Ephesians and it tells  us that we have already been blessed with all spiritual blessings in high  places before the foundation of the world.   

Now;...in the basic pattern of Divine Oracles, one of the most important  ones was this fact of Pre‑existence as the sons and daughters of the MOST  HIGH YAHWEH, as a Race which was to build His Kingdom. This race...the  Adamic Race were the ones who would understand and receive the instructions  and wisdoms of the MOST HIGH, and there has never been any thought or controversy concerning this face, for this was one of the most basic of the  first Oracles of the MOST HIGH. This...being that His children, His Household, His race were pre‑existent with HIM before the foundation of the  world. And now embodied in earth, they succumbed to the temptations of  Lucifer.

Thus they lost their immortality, but only temporarily because HE  hath promised us...Eternal Life. And thus this (Eternal Life) is the second  of the most important Oracles of the MOST HIGH, but not understood by the  races denying the atonement, not understood by the idol worshipers, the  pagans. But this is the promise which HE hath promised us...'even Eternal  Life'. And not only that but He told us about these things from the very  beginning, even before the foundation of the world. And now that you are an  embodied, descending race coming down thru the descendants of the House of  Adam, you are thus a descending race in the earth. You are the offspring of  Adam and therefore the children of YAHWEH...after the spirit, and the children of Adam after the flesh. Adam is the offspring of the MOST HIGH,  therefore he is referred to as the FIRST Adam. The second embodiment of  YAHWEH is referred to as the SECOND Adam. The first Adam is a life giving  soul, the second Adam is a life giving spirit.   

Now; lets go back into the pattern of Divine Oracles, for they make  clear the fact of pre‑existence, and unto us here as a race embodied in  earth..to us then has been promised immortality, and everlasting or  Eternal Life. Therefore this is the promise HE hath promised us even before  the foundation of the world..what?...Eternal Life. He had written our names  in the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world. Therefore  the constant promise and declaration is revelation to His Household. As HE  said unto John:..He is the Light which Lighted every Adamite that cometh  into the world. He is known as the Light of the World, and 'The Light'  which shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not.   

Now; after the loss of mortality which descended upon your race from the  violation of Divine Law, which came from the seduction of Eve which Adam  also joined with Lilth, the Serpent Woman, the mother of the Ganges and so  forth. We want you to know that by this act Adam also lost the Light of  Immortality. God's Word was:...'My Glory I will not give to another.' He  would not cohabit with another race, another household, not a household  which was not of His offspring. This Household of Lucifer was the Tree of  Knowledge of Good and Evil because it was a race which had known evil in  the rebellion of Lucifer. Therefore it was considered the household of this  racial tree knowing good and evil. And it was for this cause that Adam had  not been able to select a housemate..a homemaker from any of these other  races because their race trees had been contaminated. This is why Eve was  formed out of Audaum so that she also was the offspring of the MOST HIGH.  Therefore their participation with this tree of good and evil was basically a violation of Divine Law, and immortality was lost to the physical  embodiment of the daughters and sons of God. The children of God were children of Spirit because they were begotten in the Image of God, as the  Scripture tells us....bara...was to be begotten, and in the Image of God  thus Spirit, Soul, and Body. As God is 'One'..spirit, soul, and body so  also you are spirit, soul, and body. Your spirit is Eternal, it is perfect  and the body or the mind can be in error, it can transgress, and immortality can be lost to it until the times of its redemption which again will be  accomplished by the Redeemer.   

Now; with the loss of cognition and the areas of wisdom which would descend upon the household of the MOST HIGH GOD then YAHWEH had to activate  Patriarchs, He had to activate Prophets, He had to raise up Leaders like  Moses and then High Priests as He established with the Levitical household.  And then they taught the people the wisdom of God for HE was a special conversation for His people. HE brought the concept of wisdom upon them, and  as they perceived this the Priests spake the truth.   

However for the great and abiding patterns of the Oracles of God, these  Oracles were not heard as clearly as they had been when He spoke to us before the foundation of the world. Then we knew no transgression, no clouding of the mind, for the purposes of God were clear and full.  Therefore we understand that when God established Moses on Mount Sinai  to give you the law, and as when Stephen tells you in the Book of Acts when  talking to those who Crucified Christ, he is talking about Moses...who said  that a Prophet would come out of their own flesh, but it was HE who sat as  an Angel upon Mt. Sinai, and HE declared and gave unto them a Lively Oracle  of God. Acts 7:37‑38. This Lively Oracle also known as the vibrating  Oracles of God.   

Now; I will give a quick synopsis of the Vibrating Oracles of God. When  the Breastplate was made for the High Priest of Israel, and the 12 stones  were placed on the golden breastplate the names of the 12 tribes of Israel  were placed under the stones. Then it was said:..'Thou shalt put a Urim and  a Thummim above the heart of the High Priest of Israel.' And now the Urim  and a Thummim was the area of Divine Interpretation, knowledge and wisdom  and understanding. Thus we are told in the Book of Exodus that they placed  the Urim and a Thummim in the breastplate above the heart of the High  Priest, and again in the Book of Leviticus it tells of this Urim and  Thummim also. Then we are told of the days of Joshua when he was to move  against the enemy and how he consulted the Urim and the Thummim with the  High Priest. And how the High Priest was able to tell Joshua when to attack  and how to do this, as word by word the voice of God came forth.  In this quick synopsis we want you to understand that the jewels being  placed in the breastplate were also put in the Urim..Light, and the Thummim  ...Understanding and Revelation. The Urim and Thummim were set on a golden  plate inside a vibrating box for it was covered with Opal, and this Opal  was known as the Stone of Fire and Color. So as the LIGHT of God descended  upon this stone of fire, the vibration would start. The High Priest would  go into the Holy of Holies and the Shekinah Light of God, more brilliant  than the sun light, sometimes not seen by the eye however even of those  accustomed to worship of the true God, but as the High Priest entered the  Holy of Holies he would ask a direct question.

Now; the Priest could enter  the Holy of Holies at any time with a question thru the Urim and Thummim  altho only one time a year for atonement was necessary. Thus as he then entered the Holy of Holies he would ask the question, and the Shekinah Light  of God was all around, and as he placed his hand over the Urim, the Light  thru the jewels on the breastplate would strike the Opal and the Urim would  start to vibrate with the answer. He would place his hand over the Urim and  Thummim for a yes or no answer...over the Urim for a yes answer and over  the Thummim for a no. And the rays coming out of the Opal and into the Urim  and Thummim...this strange Celestial Light was as tho he had tuned in on  lets say a Crystal set. Tho a crystal as we use it in radio made out of the  ingredients of crystal, this my friends was out of the Light and impact of  the stones of the Opal, and as it hit the inside of the Thummim which was  coated and lined with Opal then the whole consciousness of the High Priest  became in tune with God, and the instructions and answers came from God to  the High Priest as tho he was talking on the telephone. And he would get an  answer pertaining to the Children of Israel as to what they were to do.  Thus this was called the vibrating Oracles of God, or the Lively Oracles.  And this instrument was carried by the High Priest over his heart, on his  breastplate.   

Now; again I want to point out to you that we today as we experiment  with the laser beam have brought the laser beam or the cosmic beam down  thru and produced the laser beam thru the Ruby, thru the Sapphire, thru the  Emerald, and thru the Diamond, and we get different results. One is a high  disintegrating pattern, another can bore holes thru rock and crush them  like powder, some can perform delicate types of surgery, another would be  of a disintegrating pattern more deadly than the atom explosion altho not  in as big an area as the explosion covered, but wherever that beam falls  there is disintegration. There are a multitude of things which have not yet  been discussed that the laser beam contains. The scientists understand well  that it is a cosmic light coming out of the Universe which has been created  by God. 'Everything was made by HIM, and without HIM is not anything made  which was made. HE is the LIGHT which is the Light of the world..and the  Light of Men...HE lighteth every man (Adamite) who comes into the world.'   

Now; the Opal is quite a factor in this, but they are not mentioning  much about it because they are trying to interpret it. As we bring cosmic  light as a laser beam, as we bring it thru the diamond, then thru the fire  Opal you get an intense vibration, and it vibrates so fast that they have  to turn it off, and have not been able to completely analyze this area of  mystery. Thus what was it called so long ago? A vibrating Oracle of the  MOST HIGH. They have not as yet caught the factor that by this pattern of  spiritual vibration, that a soul or spirit true to its capacity could understand even the forces of cosmic unity coming out of the very brain, mind  and heart of God. But we can see this, and I want to point this out to you...this is the promise that HE has promised you. Not only are HIS Oracles  promising that we were pre‑existent with HIM, but also that we are the inheritors of Eternal Life, and Immortality, and then more than this that we  are to be put back into immortality and then death will be swallowed up in  victory. And it will come thru the LIGHT of LIFE. In fact we are told:....  'Arise and shine thy light has come, and the Glory of God has risen upon  thee.'   

The Apostle Paul said:..I don't want to die, but I do want to be  reformed into my Light which I existed in...which I had from before the  foundation of the world..I want to put this back on. He said:..I don't want  to die, I just want to put this Light back on.       Now; I want you to know that at the return of the Christ that all of the  family, all His Household..all Israel will rejoin the cosmic patterns of  Light. The aura of Light will shine forth from their beings. A quickening  or a higher vibrating pattern occurs as the electrons flow faster, and as  they move faster it says...the spirit of Christ which dwells in you..it  shall quicken thy mortal body speeding up the electrons, making them impervious to sickness, disease, germs and so forth until the molecular masses  will resist all patters of destruction of the body, and immortality will be  dawning even on the physical body by this process. At the same time I want  to point out that transgression (sin) is violation of Divine Law which  means that great truths emanate out of the mind of God, and in this sin  irrespective of whether other people would call it sin or not, still it is  a violation of the patterns of Divine Law, a maladjustment of the thinking  and of the knowledge and truth of God.   

Therefore we want to point out that in the Mysteries known to the  Ancients who were once called Master Builders as well as the Ancient  Masters of the Rose Cross, way back in the days of Enoch and Job, there  were two great pillars of wisdom which were set up in the Temple square in  Ancient Egypt. These Master Builders went there to set up the Sphinx and  the Pyramid as well, but these two pillars were to symbolize two things....one was the Master Builders, and the other was the spiritual wisdom, to be  known as...Masters of the Rose Cross. In the development of time the great  mysteries were to be carried down throughout the course of history among  the worshipers of the True God, and those who were of HIS Household...HIS  descendants. In fact the Master Builders were known as the Masonos or  Master Masons, and the Apostle Paul was a Master Mason or builder. He said:...I am a wise Master Builder, none other foundations can any man lay than  that which is laid in YAHSHUA embodied, or Jesus the Christ. Then he makes  the statement concerning this as he said:...All those of the household of  God...every man's (Adamites) works are builded on the foundation of  YAHSHUA'S. If a man's works be good they will be buried on this foundation.  They will thus be builded as of gold or silver or precious stones. And he  said:...Every man's works will be tried by fire. But the word for fire here  is different than that for flames or fires as one consumes material on the  outside on the rubbish heap or anything like that. This my friends, is a  radiant, a vibrating fire, a pulsing fire much like Emerald fire, and it is  called a VIBRATING FIRE.   

Now; all of man's works shall be tried by fire, yet that man shall be  saved by fire. Hear this now:..no loss of the children of the MOST HIGH, no  loss of the children of the Kingdom...'they shall be saved as by fire'. Then we go back into the pattern of this understanding and the Apostle  Paul says:..your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. One of the great  patterns of Ancient wisdom was that God set up this mechanical contrivance  known as the Urim and Thummim in which the rays of Light of the mind and  presence of the MOST HIGH would activate the answer of yes, bringing Light  thru the crystal of the stone itself, bringing the answer...so it could be  received by the spirit of man, until as God said in Jeremiah 31..that HE  would make a new heart of flesh instead of a heart of stone. Once more He  put His words in their heart, and in their mouths. You know, as God speaks  concerning the area of this mystery, in the Book of Deuteronomy HE said:...  Know therefore that YAHWEH is God, and HE is a faithful God, He keepeth His  covenants, and has mercy on those who love Him and keep His commandments  thru a thousand generations. Therefore thou art a Holy people unto YAHWEH  thy God. For YAHWEH thy God hath chosen you to be a special people unto HIM  above all the people on the face of the earth. The white race is spiritually discerned by the MOST HIGH as being possessors of the spirit of the  Living God. They are the household of His covenant, the heirs of His Kingdom, the builders of civilization and culture throughout the earth.   

Then in the Book of Isaiah the MOST HIGH SPEAKS OUT again and says of  YAHWEH...there is no God beside me. Therefore I girded thee tho thou  thought thou had not known me. As the MOST HIGH speaks in the declarations  of the Scriptures He says:..'Look unto me all the ends of the earth for I  am God and there is none else. I have sworn by myself, the word that hath  gone out of my mouth and shall not return unto me void. That unto me every  knee shall bow, and every tongue shall swear, but now this...that in YAHWEH  shall all the seed of Israel be justified, and shall Glory'. Isaiah 45:25.    Israel..the issue ruling with YAHWEH, the household of the Adamic or  white race, and there is not a Jew on the face of the earth who has descended from Jacob‑Israel. But the white race is the descendants of Israel.  The Jews even refer to themselves as Asiatics, and don't come under the  category of the white race, as they deny Christ. More than this..one of the  marks of Israel would be that..'I will place My name upon My people, and  they will follow ME'.   

Over in the Book of Revelation the Satanic Power, and the Dragon force  moves out against the race which produces the Manchild. Israelites were to  have the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus the Christ. All one  needs to do is turn to the authority of the Word of God, and the answer is  there.    As we see this we turn again to the Book of Isaiah and God speaks of  these things, He speaks of the great and mighty pattern which is upon HIS  mind. He says:..I am HE...Hear now O Jacob my servant, and Israel whom I  have chosen'. Isaiah 44:1. Then He said:...I will be a father unto you and  unto thy seed after you throughout all your generations.   

Now; lets take another look at this. For in the day when the consciousness of God's Spirit would descend upon the race, when this  happened back  in history, at the day of Pentecost, this was 50 days after the Resurrection and Atonement of The Christ. It came as HE poured His Spirit out upon  His disciples and reactivating their spiritual consciousness. No longer did  they need a High Priest to stand between them and God to interpreted the  facts of God. The reception of the Spirit by man now begin to dawn, to  accept the inspiration and the instruction, the intuition, the gift of discernment and the knowledge of the Thummim. Thus it is that since your  bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit you therefore can receive..first  the discernment of God concerning yes or no as to what to do, and you can  receive the guidance of God even as clear as a telephone conversation like  the High Priest used to receive by artificial means. Those who truly seek  after the Wisdom and Knowledge of God under the Church Age would be equipped to handle the answers and the process of guidance. Thus it was that the  early church did possess a great discernment, and the Apostles possessed it  also. They had mighty power and miracles were performed by them. But I want  to point out to you that the climax of this age will see a more tremendous  pattern of this than ever before.   

Now; your bodies therefore are the Temple of the Holy Spirit and as the  Light came into the Urim and Thummim, again, it is the same kind of cosmic  light and glowing vibrating fire which vibrates out of the consciousness of  man. All the areas of transgression, all the things he has misunderstood,  all the areas of his error is wiped out cleansing him. Thus all of his  works are cleansed by FIRE, and all this area for the concept of error is  gone. The Master Builder, or man, is then saved as by fire, by this vibrating LIGHT. As the Urim and Thummim came into being in the Old Testament,  so also the revelation of Light and Glory coming out of the presence, the  mind of the MOST HIGH and shining upon His sons and daughters will cleanse  and reveal them as upholders of His Law, and the standards of righteousness.   

I want to point out again as we turn over to the Book of Corinthians,  when the Apostle Paul speaks saying to the Corinthians who were also Israelites:..'All our fathers passed thru the water, all partook of the same  blessings as did Moses'. He said:..'I want you not to be unequally yoked  together, for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness, or  what communion hath light with darkness? There is here no mixture of race,  no mixture of religious thought, therefore I want you to know that there is  to be no mixture of...all togetherness. What accord hath Christ with Belial, what agreement hath the temple of God with Idols? Ye are the temple of  the Living God, who hath said:...I will dwell in them, I will walk in  them, I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Therefore come out  from among them and be ye separate and segregated saith YAHWEH, and touch  not the unclean things, so that I can receive you and be a father unto you.  Ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Almighty.' The Scripture  teaches segregation, you are not to join with the darkness, not to join  with the Negroes, not to join with the pagans, with the idol worshipers because there is nothing in common. The Spirit of God cannot cohabit with  other races, or with the soul consciousness which has no spirit. Therefore  by this method you cut off the seed, and the blessings of God's Spirit, and  the culture of His Israel...issue ruling with HIM is cut off.   

Now; as God speaks out He reminds you that your body is the Temple of  the Holy Spirit of God, and as you approach the Holy of Holies where once  the Shekinah Glory of God came down in the Tabernacle Holy of Holies, now  it shines forth upon the Life of the believer who seeks HIS face and the  promise HE hath promised us before the foundation of the world in HIS  Eternal Oracles is assured unto us that we will have and possess Eternal  Life, this is the promise of the Father. Errors are burned out, destroyed  as the Light of the Spiritual vibrations of the Spirit of the Living God  cleanses HIS Household, and redeems them as His people. As this comes to  pass therefore what then is meant by the declaration that we are the household of THE MOST HIGH? As we are this household He hath promised us Eternal  Life. More than this we are told in the Book of Isaiah:...'The portion of  Jacob is not like unto them, for he is before all things, and Israel is the  rod of His inheritance, and YAHWEH of Hosts is HIS Name.'   

Yes, Israel is the 'Rod of His inheritance', because Israel is not like  others, Israel is before all things having existed with the Father before  the world was framed, as His children, His offspring. His the Rod of the  offspring, the line from which the genealogy of God's Kingdom comes.  Altho God saves in the ultimate pattern of time as all flesh shall be  saved, as salvation goes out to the ends of the earth. When He says this,  He wants you to understand that the kingdom belongs to Israel, the Administration, the culture, the civilization, the laws of God will go out of  Zion. With this God also declares...You are my battle axe and my weapons of  war, with thee I will break in pieces these nations. With thee I shall destroy these kingdoms, with thee I shall break in pieces the horse and his  rider, with thee I will break in pieces the man and the woman, the young  and the old, because they have resisted me. Therefore I will bring my judgment upon Babylon, upon the orders of Babylon. The mighty men of Babylon  will prepare to fight but remain in their holes because of fear. God has  declared that the land shall tremble, and every purpose of the LORD shall  be performed against Mystery Babylon and the land shall be desolate.'  With Israel, Will I not only establish the powers of righteousness, over  throw the powers of darkness, and with thee I shall conquer the powers of  evil in the midst of the earth. You have been told over in the Book of  Revelation about the Mystery Babylon being the symbol today of Satanic  power, it is also the symbol of International Bankers that operate out of  its significant background. These men of Mystery Babylon financed world  Communism, and here you find organized World Jewry as well, because as  Mystery Babylon they are responsible for all the blood of the Saints from  Able to Zacharias who killed between the horns of the Altar. This is according to the words of Christ, designating these as Cainanites, this also  continues until the present time according to Revelation because they are  also guilty of all the Christian Martyrs on the face of the earth since the  days of Christ. Thus that takes you from Able to now, but Cain was a Luciferian offspring.   

Once again, I want to bring this out, God said:...I will give you  (Israel) the victory. With you (Israel) I will bring forth the areas of  victory upon the nations of the world.   Today (1968) we are in an unusual and significant situation. Mr. Nixon  is to be elected, and he may not know a lot of things which you know. He is  not perfect and a lot of time he is influenced and deceived as others  before him, but at least he is for the American people, doesn't want to  give anything away. He wanted to oppose the programs of socialism and communism and didn't want them dominating our society as in the past. But the  International Bankers said:...if he is elected we would have a terrible depression as we had in the day of Hoover, and would have this within six  months...so remember that. And actually Hoover would have taken us out of  the depression but an opposing Congress wouldn't pass his laws of establishing currency to create a U.S. Bank to operate this cycle of revolving capital and labor costs and then repay it, and get on with the business of the  nation. And they talked about...that we would have a terrible depression...  did you know that? The International Bankers met yesterday over in Geneva,  and they called them over T.V. and Radio...the International Bankers, so  they were telling you who they are. So these International Bankers got together to plan how to withhold their credit in order to get back at the  U.S., and to reduce us under what they now consider a more conservative administration, to move us into an area of catastrophe. So you see what they  are attempting to do? They are now buying up the gold in France, the silver  in England, so who is buying it? The Government of England or France  doesn't have the money so they aren't buying it. We don't have the money in  this country either, so it is Organized Jewry which is buying up the gold  and silver, and Mystery Babylon is bringing on another crash. They want to  pull the rug out from under America and then pick up 23% of your industry  as they did last time, and thus reduce you to a status of servitude. This  is Mystery Babylon, with their economic power. The Mother of harlots with  their abominations of the earth which God speaks about. We told you that  they would do this...before the election...and now today they started in.  the money markets started their process of trouble, because they must  topple these basic outskirts of the economy before they get to us.   

But I want you to know that one of these days you will be surprised to  note that Babylon is going to fall. And you may have your part in it because America is not going to take another depression, she is not going to  take their patterns of evil they have designed...not anymore. God says:...  you are my battle axe and weapons of war, and you are going to have to  bring down this whole program of Babylon. You shall see...'with violence  shall Babylon be cast down'. And they will even rejoice in heaven, Angels  shall rejoice, the Martyrs of time shall rejoice as Babylon crumbles and  falls, this is an area of great mystery. This is also a part of the program, of the Everlasting sons and their victory as they bring forth the  program of their Father.   

I want you to turn to the fifth chapter of Revelation, there are several  significant things found there. But first I want to call to your attention  to something in the Book of Matthew 25:34...before we move on. It tells you  here 'come ye blessed of the Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you  before the foundation of the world'. So the Son of Man shall come in all  his Glory and shall gather the nations before him, and you are told that  the flagships of space and the hoards by the millions will come with HIM at  that hour to demonstrate their power in the midst of the earth. And He said  to His household, to this race, to those who were spiritually discerning  here in the regeneration, the reactivation of Life...'Come..fear not little  flock it is your Fathers pleasure to give you the kingdom. Come..sit upon  the right hand ye sheep, and the goat nations will sit on the left. But to  the sheep...come receive this kingdom prepared from before the foundation  of the world.'   

Now; turn back to that fifth chapter of Revelation and there we read  again that they are singing a New Song. Four and twenty elders, patriarchs  and apostles from the Old and the New Testament, out of the Ecclesia, the  spiritual church of all times, they fall down to worship HIM. And they  praise HIM from their hearts as the incense rising...which is the prayers  of the Saints, and they all together sang a New Song. 'Thou art worthy to  take the book, to open the seals thereof, for thou hast redeemed us unto  our God by thy blood, out of the kindred...with different tongues, but  people of thy household on the earth. Thou hast made us unto our God as  kings and priests, and we shall reign upon the earth. Moreover, eye hath  not seen nor ear heard all the things which God hath prepared for them that  love HIM. But into time immortal we shall continue for this is the promise  that HE hath promised us...even Eternal Life.  

So the patterns of Eternal Life are positive, they are the patterns  which emerge out of the planes of spirit. They are the patterns out of the  vitality of the Light of Life. And of course the Universe is held together  by its laws of the spiritual planes, and in His fashion all things consist.   

Thus we turn to the promise of 'Even Eternal Life', this is the inheritance of the House of Israel, the children of THE MOST HIGH GOD. It is the  inheritance of your race. And it doesn't make any difference what Mr.  Fortes says from the Supreme Court bench, for former courts have ruled this  is a Christian Nation. It doesn't make any difference that Mr. Fortes last  week came out with the theory of evolution, the monkey series as he called  it, he said they had to teach in Arkansas and four other states that men  came from monkeys, he says this they have to teach or it is against freedom  of religion. Well, it may be against his pagan religion but then he is Abe  Fortes...rotten, immoral, full of every evil they have put out. He may be  able to tell the courts what to do but one of these days we will put every  one of these Cainanites out of the House of God.   

Now; as I want you to consider this declaration that comes, I want you  to know that this Light of Life once more descends, and the nations of the  world shall be ruled over by the House of Israel, this white race. And this...once again the world will see an area of progress, and a civilization  and culture such as the world has never before witnessed. And the Negroes,  the animal rebels of the human species are going to be taught the areas of  instruction, and they will start to make some improvement once again. but  as they rise up and do the work of the Anti‑Christ they only bring upon  themselves their own destruction at this time.  They who push this racial pattern of integration after God says for you  to come out from among them and be separate because you cannot be the  temple of God's Spirit and join with them...those who seek to do the program for the destruction of God's kingdom will be swept away in the destruction which will come. This is the promise He hath promised us, the second most important of  the Oracles of God..even Eternal Life. For we had pre‑existed, we also have  the Eternal patterns of existence in the tomorrows. We are just not only  here for 3 score years and ten, but we possess in our intelligence, in our  education and understanding immortality and Eternal Life.   

This Eternal Life will dawn upon our physical bodies as it already had  upon our spirits. And again we are those who have rejoined and who followed  HIM in regeneration.                              (End of this message)