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                         TREASURES IN EARTHEN VESSELS

                             by Dr. Wesley Swift 4-26-70   


Do we have treasures in Earthen Vessels?   II Corinthians 4:7.... 'And God who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our  hearts to give the light of knowledge of the glory of God in the face of  Jesus Christ. But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the  excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.'   This means that the Eternal YAHWEH hath shined in your heart, and places  upon your countenance an area of aura. God has ordained and predestinated  that you are going to conform to his own image, that the Light and the  Glory of the MOST HIGH GOD is going to be seen upon your race, and upon  your household. And we have this treasure in earthen vessels, which makes  it a most unique situation because when we talk about this Light we are  talking about the Light of Life. We are talking about the vitality of God's  own Light and His own Life, as he transfers it into the household of his  own sons and daughters.    The Apostle Paul tells us that his spirit bears witness with our spirit  that we are the children of God.   

Now:...there is no question about the pattern of God's Household and his  children. There is no question about the fact that the Adamic race is the  household of the MOST HIGH GOD. But when God begat Adam in his own image, and separated Eve from Adam so that they might be of one flesh, they were still HIS offspring, and this was his household...spirit of His spirit, and life of his life. They were different from the Enosh, or the other people of the earth, for they were Adamites, they were the children of the MOST  HIGH. But God had placed them here for the betterment of all the Enosh peoples as well. For his kingdom is for the improvement of every structure  of society, and when every knee shall bow, and every tongue proclaim that  YAHSHUA (Christ) is YAHWEH (God), then in that day we will discover that human betterment will have been achieved all over the world. But that my  friends, does not bring you down to their level, or them up to your level,  in the purposes of the MOST HIGH who ordained that out of the patterns of  the planes of Spirit and out of the heavens above, HE was transferring His Kingdom from heaven to earth. A spiritual people was this Kingdom...a  spiritual people begotten into the world, a 'Twice Born' generation... a  twice born people. You have been begotten by the Spirit of God in the planes of heaven, as a spirit entity. You have been begotten in earth in a  physical body, and thus you are 'Twice Born'. The Enosh people are not 'twice born' because they were never begotten in the planes of spirit as  the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD.   We point out to you that when it refers to The Christ, it refers to HIM  as the second Adam, and the first Adam was the offspring of the MOST HIGH,  and thus the second Adam was a 'life giving spirit'.  So God refers to  himself as the second Adam.  We turn to the book of John once more:...'In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was God.' The great  understanding intelligence, the intelligent capacity, the tremendous wisdom  of the MOST HIGH, this is the brain intelligence of YAHWEH. Now this is with God, a part of God, and it is God, and this WORD became flesh and  dwelt among us. In other words God became embodied in human form, in His Messiahship, and dwelt among us. And 'All things were made by HIM, without  HIM was not anything made.' And 'He was before all things, and by HIM all  things exist.' Therefore HE who is the Eternal Majesty of all power, HE who has the wisdom and understanding is also the light that lighteth every man who cometh into the world. Therefore again when it says that he caused the light to shine out of darkness, HE caused it also to shine in your heart.  To place this Light and Glory which shown on the face of The Christ...in  you. After all as we find the entrance of God into the world, we find that he comes as YAHSHUA the Christ, and the word Christ is a Greek word for  embodiment. The Greek YAH‑Zeus has been used and other languages had their  words, but we have retained the name Jesus Christ. However the WORD is  YAHSHUA...Christ or Christos means the embodiment of God. Therefore when God came to earth he came as YAHSHUA. 'I YAHWEH am thy YAHSHUA', as he said  in the book of Isaiah. Or in other words:...I God am thy Savior and am  embodied. And you also therefore are embodied as his household.    Turning to the record we find that we are told that the Christ in you is  your hope of Glory.  Your hope of brightness of intelligence, of brilliance is Christ (embodied) in you.  I Corinthians 2:16...we are told here that we have the mind of Christ, so what does this mean?..it means that you are children of the spirit, now embodied in the earth. In the 82nd., Psalm, this is also the meaning as it says:...'Ye are Gods (Elohim) and all of you  are the children of God. (YAHWEH). This is the declaration of the  scriptures, and when He says you are going to Arise and build His Kingdom, then you will have the capacity to understand the wisdom of His mind.   This is because HE has purposed it, and HE is the one who shines in your  heart. He is the one who breaks thru with these great powers and  principles.   

We read in the book of Romans in the 8th., chapter:...'The whole creation is groaning and waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God.'  Not only does the whole creation vibrate with us...waiting, but we also are waiting to wit:...for the redemption of our body. But we  are the first fruits of God's Spirit, who are waiting, and they...the  Enosh, are the creation. We are the spiritual sons of the Adamic Race, and we are hu‑man, and we are the children of the MOST HIGH GOD and we are  waiting for the redemption of our Body, while they...the Enosh, or creation  are waiting the Salvation, or the light and illumination which God's Grace will pour out on them. For God speaking of this matter talks about the  great triumph which will come in the days of the victory of His kingdom.  For 'All Israel shall be saved as it is written, and then all Flesh is to  be saved'....because God is Great, and in the magnitude of his program He  says:..'I can lose nothing.'    You have been begotten in the planes of spirit, have been begotten of  incorruptible seed which lives and abides forever, so, can you corrupt something which is incorruptible?  No...you cannot. Oh, you say, look out  on our race and see....men are doing things which are of corruption. They may do these things in their minds, in their physical bodies, but the spirit is incorruptible...it is still perfect. And thus the Mighty charge  of the power of God, and the light of the mighty charge of His spirit is  one of these days going to bring our people to their senses.   

You say,--but suppose some of them have already passed away before they came to their senses? Then YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA will bring them back and  make them do the job they volunteered to do, because as the sons and  daughters of God, the triumphant part is that God's WORD is true.   When he says that you were begotten of incorruptible seed that lives and abides forever, then this is true. And it is The Christ in you which is  your hope of Glory. It is the mind of Christ in you that is the power of  greatness, and the magnitude of a society. You look out over all the people of the world, and you think that men may be made somewhat in the same stature, there are big men and little men, brown men, and yellow men, and  black men and other men, and you look over these people and then someone tells you that they are all the same, the only difference is the color of  the skin. That you must mix them all up, mongrelize them so they will all  be the same....integrate them. But this is not the program of God's  Kingdom.   Under the program of God's Kingdom his sons and daughters are going to  take the kingdom, and they are going to rule and reign in that kingdom. And  the power of the mind of God, this pattern of wisdom and of understanding,  and of knowledge which made all things, and made it good, is going to be in perfect control of the problems of the earth. You can go into a grocery  store and you will see cans all over the shelves, big cans, little cans, so don't pay any attention to the labels, because they are all the same?? You  say, Oh, Dr.. Swift we have to pay attention to the label so we will know what is on the inside. Well! you better pay attention to the label on the race as well. Because this Adamic‑white race are the children of the spirit of the MOST HIGH GOD. And the MOST HIGH GOD hath declared that the Adamites  are the household of His spirit.   I Peter....here Peter says:...'Ye are a Royal Household, a chosen  people, a chosen nation, therefore under these policies you are lively  stones built up into a spiritual house unto the MOST HIGH GOD.'   

Now: go back to the writings of Malachi 4:2 and we read:...'The sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings.' The light of consciousness, wisdom and intelligence is the light of the person,  in the presence of the MOST HIGH GOD. The winged Orb has been a mark on  your race for many, many ages. It was one of the symbols carried by Enoch  and Job, carried by many of your great forbearers. It was the cartouche  mark of Joseph when he was one of the leaders of Israel of Egypt. It...  this sun of righteousness...the Winged Orb was used everywhere the Aryans  went, for they carried it with them. You find it up in the Scandinavian  country, for they had the Winged Orb, and in Anglo‑Saxon lands you find  the Winged Orb, as well as in Germany and even way back in Druidry.  'The  sun of righteousness rises with healing in its wings.' Menthos who was the  pagan writer‑historian in Ancient Egypt who worshiped Set and Soth, which  is Satan, and the gods of darkness was very angry because, he said:...' the  Khufu's or Pharaoh's of his land have been influenced by the white race who  built this great Temple and altar down in the land of Egypt. And he said  that even Pharaoh had been converted by the light which came out of these  children who are the children of Osiris, and the Ka of Ra.

Now:...Ka means  soul, and Ra means God of light and understanding and Osiris is Lord of  Life and the Resurrection. So they believed in Set and Soth, and called you  an ignoble people. Always the powers of darkness have called you an ignoble  people, but the pattern remains that you are even acknowledged by the  patterns of the ancients...as the children of Light.    Even Horus the original prophet of ancient Egypt the prophet of the  people who migrated from the sinking continent of Atlantis and from the  ancient Temple there said that God had promised that one day HE would place  his children in bodies of flesh, and they would be the children of Light,  and that their spiritual entity would be the very Light and power of his  own spirit. They would be spirit of his spirit, light of His Light.    Thus we turn back to the book of I Corinthians again, to the second  chapter, and we cite to you that by the light of his spirit he brings unto  our attention the knowledge of the wisdom of all the things which are in  the mind of God. The natural man cannot understand these things, but we of  the spirit can understand because we have the spirit which is of God, and  the mind which is of Christ. (the embodiment of God).    One of the strange things I heard from a minister the other day who was  continuing in the same pattern which I have heard for so many years, is  that they must destroy the powers which would destroy them. This is of  course this same old idea, that if you have an aversion to something or  someone, then you must learn to accept it, or them and not be against  anything. You have to learn to love anything and everybody, and this then  will cause a great transition in their minds, and they will be triumphant  in all this, and will then like everybody. And this will be a great program  for the development of the Church and the world, and of all things.                      Now:....When YAHWEH talks about the light of Christ in your face, he is  talking about the light of the spirit which is the Aura which comes off of  all people. You may not see this Aura, but it is there. It has a wave  length of energy from those who are quite illuminated, because of their  knowledge of the wisdom of God, and because they have translated the  concepts of spiritual truths into their mental concepts, and it is a part  of their life. Others do not spend much time as they should, in this  pattern of communion and worship. The more a person becomes aware of the  mind of God, and the knowledge of God, the brighter that Aura shines. That  is one of the reasons you are told not to leave off the assembling of  yourselves together, because you catalyze this power of spiritual  emanation. So as we point this out to you we also call your attention to  the words of Jesus:...If I be lifted up I draw all men unto me.'

Now:..this is hu‑men...spirit men and all Adamites, and this is those that came  from the spirit, and they did come to Christ, but the Asiatic or Negroes  did not all come...only the white men...Adamites have come to HIM.... all  come.   

Now:...I want to point this out to you again:...you may be drawn to some  people, and turned away from others. There may be a deep affinity between  you and Christian people everywhere because they have the same concepts of  the knowledge of the worship of God. But they do not have the same concepts  as the pagans of the world, or the Jews who are their father the devil.  Jesus said:...'Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your  father ye will do.' But this minister I was mentioning would have you turn  away from one of the great gifts of the spirit, which is this gift of  discernment. This gift is a strange understanding, a know how which dawns  upon your countenance, which you do not have anything to do with, and you  do not permit any areas of power, or anything which relates to the  structure of administration, education or government to fall into the hands  of the enemies of God. Through your program of the Kingdom which God by the  power of His spirit, and by the light of his illumination, has already  given you....as well as the gift of the spirit which has been given you as  an internal sense to avoid this very thing.  We tell you that the power of the light of God and the power of the Aura  of God which shines forth upon the countenance of God's children is going  to be one of the most remarkable conditions the world has yet to see.....'Arise and shine thy light is come, and the Glory of God hath risen upon  thee.'    God who hath shined in darkness hath shined in your heart with the Glory  of YAHWEH which was upon the face of Christ (Yahshua), and this comes also  out of the countenance of the children of God, and out of the background of  their spiritual communion. For you are spirit of His spirit, Light of His  light, and life of His Life...children of the MOST HIGH. And God who  created the heavens and the earth hath ordained the success of His Kingdom,  that righteousness shall triumph, and the overthrowing of the darkness will  take place. The enemy then comes in and seeks by the patterns of darkness  to capture the mind of a society, and even to destroy testimony of a  church. To place the church at the disposal of all people, without any  identity of your Father, and thus to take over your society. He wants you  not as an independent nation, not as a great nation, but subordinate to his  power, in the patterns of darkness. So therefore let the light shine, let  the Aura come forth, let the power of righteousness, and discernment  function. Let the children of God be as discerning as their Father. And  therefore look at the label on the can, look at the background of the race,  and remember what God has called...remember that God has ordained that you  are to take possession of the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH. The saints are  going to take the Kingdom, and rule over the Kingdom forever and forever.    This is not only the declaration in the Book of Daniel and in other  places in scripture, but it is the prophecies of the MOST HIGH GOD. So we  look out over these facets of truth, and see that HE is the light of the  life of men. He is the Winged Orb of the Majesty of Greatness which shines  out over the heart of His people, and he shall come with righteousness in  His Wings.   

And so as we turn to these patterns of darkness working in our midst we  must recognize that the Enosh people are not the offspring of the MOST HIGH  GOD. They are created people, and they were created good and they were  good, until the hours of deception of the Archangel Lucifer. They lacked  the spiritual capacities of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding which God  has bestowed upon your race, and which he has promised to bring forth with  absolute victory. Thus all flesh shall be saved thru the work of the  children of God. He said:....'All Israel shall be saved'. and...'I shall  take away all the ungodliness of the House of Jacob.'...And we pray, Oh  YAHWEH, do this quickly for we would like to get rid of the ungodliness in  leadership in our nation. We would like to see the powers of righteousness  reign, we would like to see the forces of truth move into power in this  nation. But God has promised this and it will transpire, and actually we  will see tremendous conditions in the near future when Michael the Great  Archangel is going to have to defend us in a most unique way. We will have  to have a quick arising among the children of spirit, against communism,  and socialism, which desires to liquidate, and to destroy you from the face  of the earth. So as we look into the sky and see their satellites passing  overhead, and realizing that they have nuclear warheads, we again tell our  leaders that they better wake up, because it is much later than they think.  Thus as we say these things again we say:. 'Arise and shine, thy light has come, and the Glory of God is risen upon  thee.'                                                         ( end of message )                                    .